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Activate Your Heart Light and Circulate The Healing Power of Love Through Your Being

Activate Your Heart Light The time is now! For Activating Your Heart Center to the next level.

Activating your heart empowers you to tap into the Powerful Source of Love for healing, manifestation…

And for transcending the struggle of negativity, chaos and drama in your life.

Through opening to the Force of Love through your awakened heart center, you are empowered with the strength and energy needed to align with your Soul's Mission and True purpose for being here.

And with the courage and vitality needed to take inspired action to manifest the highest possibilities for your life.

To Align with Love, Healing, Abundance, Vibrant Well-being, Joy, Success, Authentic Connection with Others… And so much more!

To support you with this, here and now…

I'm excited to share with you a truly incredible new session channeled with Archangel Raphael and with your personal team of Angel Energy Healing Guides and Angels. 

It's Called: The Healing Power of Love

The Healing Power of Love As you listen you will activate your heart center to a new level…

And Receive the Key, for accessing the higher realms of Love and Truth through your heart center, so you can manifest the highest Divine Possibilities for your life!

You will heal and transmute blockages and negativity…

And through alignment with the Force of Love, restore vibrant well-being at the level of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

As you relax and listen you will:

  • Experience a profound Heart Activation!
  • Receive and Send forth blessings of infinite love, healing, and joy to benefit All.
  • Activate fully your Heart Radiance to illuminate the highest possibilities for your life.
  • Manifest blessings in your life experience.
  • Receive healing love at the level of your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Recharge your energetic centers.
  • Open to the Source of Healing, Light and Love available to you in every moment.

You're then, of course, able to re-listen to the meditation at any time to return to the blissful love and angelic energy. Each time going deeper and more fully awakening to the infinitely powerful light of Love.

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Circulating The Light Of Love!

You'll get the $17 “Circulating the Light of Love”channeled meditation with the Council of Light as a FREE BONUS to activate your Heart's Radiance even further…

Through activating your heart light and circulating the light of love through your being, you will reignite a profound sense of peace, calm, vitality and Higher Presence…

Transformation Through Love

You'll also receive the $17 “Transformation Through Love” channeled transmission with Archangel Metatron that guides you to shift into a higher vibrational expereince of Love in your life.

Archangel Metatron connects with a powerful light transmission and empowering message that will support you in literally rewriting your paradigm with Love!

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With love, light and blessings,

Melanie Beckler


About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Hello melanie. I have been feeling strange feeling in my chest area near the heart. It has continued now over year. I have noticed that when i cry the feeling of pressure goes away in my chest area. And when week has past the feeling of pressure comes again to me and i have to cry to feel more good. Do you know what is wrong whit me and when this is gonna end? Im kind of scared😕

    1. Rasmus, just a thought, but it sounds like you may be having panic attacks. It could be your anxiety creating pressure, but seeing a medical doctor is imperative, to rule out any medical condition. Slow deep breaths can help with anxiety too, but see an MD as soon as you can. Praying for relief, take care.

      1. Thank you for your advise! I have been at doctor and they checked my heart and it was all fine. So i think this has to be spiritual thing? Maybe heart chakra opening what i have read… but i have noticed that i dont cry so much anymore than like year ago. Its strange feeling cause i dont know if the feeling at my heart is physical feeling or… very strange indeed…

    2. Hey rasmus…

      I believe i know something that may help you.

      Did you used to cry alot like, when you was young, or before a long time ago or even recently, before feeling this strange thing?

      I am not sure about this, but i believe it could be something related to a Heart Wall.

      You see, according to my studies, i believe i’ve seen people talking that, when we use to feel sadness, pain, or anything that touches directly the heart in a soul level…

      It is simply not good.

      Because, the reason that we could stop crying, or not feeling well, would be because our heart kind of like “adapts” to the pain, by creating some sort of… “barrier” or “wall” around it, kind of like the layers of a onion, where each and every layer protect the center even and even more from anything that harms on the outside world.

      These layers are created by the pain you feel…

      And, i believe, there are two alternatives from what might be happening to you:

      1- You are recieving some sort of different energies from ascended masters or any stuff like that, and your body is integrating those energies and it is trigerring your innermost emotions, and this makes you feel something you actually felt in a moment of the past.

      I believe that, to resolve that, you’d either need to look foward your past, to see if something from that moment is troubling you in the present now, or to find ways and alternatives to work on your heart chakra, or simply, shadow work. Maybe that helps, I am not sure… But i believe these are good points to start.

      Another alternative is for you to look foward more about the Heart Wall stuff, I am not sure it is your case ( i have no idea TBH…) but maybe, just like maybe, it can help you.

      Another thing i believe that may be happening to you, Is that

      2- Same as before, but Something in your current life is triggering memories of an ancient past instead of it being spirits or something weird sending you energies and your body adapting to them.

      The recommendation is exactly the same, so i also suggest to, if you desire, to see if you can look over for Reiki therapists, Bars of Acess practicioners, and anyone else who knows about spiritualized stuff. They are your best bet to change your life, currently.

      That’s all i can say.

      Good luck! =)

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