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Guided Cleansing Meditation with Archangel Michael

Cleanse and Uplift Your Energy with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Meditation

Archangel Michael connects now with a powerful cleansing meditation to help you to cleanse and restore your energy. New opportunities for growth, advancement, and healing will soon be emerging for all. This guided meditation with Archangel Michael will help to prepare you for what is to come, by clearing out past density, negative energy, or limiting beliefs that are still held in your body, mind, spirit, or experience.

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All you need to do now is breathe, relax, and listen to tune into the healing and restorative energy broadcast from the Angelic realm now. Moving into the new paradigm your heart and your soul will be your guide. Tune into this guidance now with powerful light frequency and guidance from Archangel Michael, and from your team of guides and angels who are called in to assist in a powerful healing, and then will help you to integrate Divine Qualities into your life now!

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Check out this angel message with Archangel Michael as a YouTube video slideshow at the bottom of this page or keep reading for the whole message transcribed below;

Beloved one, indeed, I, Archangel Michael, am here and I greet you in this moment with frequency and with excitement for at this time you are divinely supported in the lease, in clearing, in letting go of past residue and attachment, clearing out what has been to now begin again, to plant seeds of intention as you are about to move into a phase of rapid growth and manifestation. To prepare yourself for this next level, for the new paradigm that you are entering into, we connect with you now to assist in clearing, in centering, for the purpose of reuniting fully with the inner light and spark of your soul, for this is the hidden power in this paradigm.

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Your soul light has the power to cleanse, to heal, to inspire, and to realign you with an experience of thriving, of living radiantly, vibrantly, and joyously. Tuning into inner inspiration and taking action, to bring about blessings in the physical and spiritual realm, for both realms you are already creating in. And we will now assist you in letting go of the old and the outdated to make way for the new, vibrant, passionate, inspired life ahead. And so simply focus upon your heart now as I, Archangel Michael, broadcast light frequency your way, as your guides and angels, your team, your coaches come in to lift you further in light, lifting you up now in consciousness, into a special cleansing place, an orb, a medicine wheel, a place of frequency, of understanding, and of light. You are being lifted up into this orb of light now and as you are here relax, breathe, and let your awareness be drawn unto that which you are now ready to release, which that which will most serve you in releasing now.

Be it memories, emotions, patterns of thought or beliefs. Let your awareness and your guides and I, Archangel Michael, help in this. Be pointed and focused upon whatever will most serve you in releasing now. What is needed to release, to take advantage of the growth that is to come in the cycle ahead? Open your heart and tune in. Notice and be aware of where your attention is guided. Be aware of the vision or thought that comes up in your mind, past experience or feeling or pattern of being or expressing, a limitation that is perceived or real. Be aware. And now the process of release with awareness is simple. Let go. Think, “Yes.” Think, “Release.” I release this into the light. And whatever you had been drawn until, wherever your focus was led, the stock energy or emotion or block or belief is now lifted up and out of your being and effortlessly tossed up and released into the light. And now divine qualities of love, of compassion, and of joy are able to download into your being now where the void was made, where dense energy has been cleared out and now new levels of light may enter in.

You have the ability to continue with this clearing work, to be aware of where you are in need of healing or cleansing light. Focus your awareness therein, tune in to what will most serve you in letting go of now, thought, feeling, belief, pattern, past memory. Focus upon this now. What else is ready to go? To clear the way, to open the door, to pave the path for your powerful new beginning? Tune in to what you are ready to release now and as you do, the angels broadcast light flowing your way, strands of light now entering into your experience.

A waterfall of light begins to pour down from above you washing away that which is ready to go, washing away that which no longer serves, belief, thought, memory, pain, let it go. Think, “Release into the light.” And now as the waterfall of light continues to pour down around you, open your heart by thinking about doing this, by focusing on your heart, and your heart knows what to do, it will open as you focus your awareness therein. And now the love and joy and compassion and healing we flow your way is able to enter into the realm of the heart to lift you, to bring new levels of inspiration, for the blocks, the stagnant energy, the limiting beliefs are released now on your behalf. All you must do is be aware, notice, understand what is blocking you, what dense energy is still present in your mind, body, or spirit. Tune into this, notice, observe, and then think, “Archangel Michael, guides and angels, release this feeling, thought, emotion, belief, dense vibration into the light.” You need say no more. The release is happening and is complete. As we now flow joy, love, compassion, peace, understanding to fill the void, to take the place of whatever dense energy you’ve just let go of. Let empowerment, passion, vitality, vibrant well being, and joy set your new standard, the new baseline, experience of being. And with this cleanse you are supported now in planting the seeds of new beginnings, of honoring the individuality of your soul, and what you unique being of light are here on earth to experience.

Through meditation, through opening your heart, and quieting your mind you are able to know, feel, understand on a deep and profound level what your next steps are, what will most bring you joy, love, and well being in the new paradigm. What sounds exciting? What is fun? What do you desire to experience here in the physical realm yet? Focus upon this, paint a picture in your mind, write the script of how amazing your life can be. Intend, dream about the future that you are creating and with your intention the future you desire is empowered, is charged up with the light of the divine that you carry within you, within your heart. And as you get real and commit to creating positive change in your life, as you intend, as you focus upon what you desire, as you release that which stands in your way and as you begin to take steps in the direction of your goals and dreams and hopes, we angels will assist for we desire you to be in the right place at the right time, to be aligned with your full purpose, the highest possible expression of self here in the physical. Much goodness, much positive energy and opening is to come in the next 7 weeks.

Know that you are a part of this. The past that you have been is simply that, past. It is done. Let it go. Let go of the good, let go of the bad, let go of the mediocre, and just be. To infuse your future with the light and with consciousness, for ascension is happening now in your personal experience and on the planet. The upliftment of frequency is happening for all people, places, beings. And so do not dwell on what has been, for everything is in a state of flux and change. Everything is in a process of realigning with the divine path, plan, blueprint, mind. And so use this energy which we flow around you now to effortlessly release and let go of the density of the past and replace this dense vibration with high vibrating energy of unconditional love and light that serves you in moving forward into the new, that serves you with aligning with the full light of the authentic spiritual being that you are. You are ascending, you are bringing more of your spirit into physical form. Let this be the foundation of your purpose increasing vibration, increasing light, shining brightly. And then be willing to dream, to meditate and tune into your true inspiration, to know what you really want and go for it, go, create, manifest the true desires of your heart, of your soul which you are able to tune into the knowingness through the sacred portal of your heart. Know your truth and create it here in physical form.

You have this ability and you are empowered with much assistance from beyond the veil now. Dream, clear, intend, plant seeds, and move forward now for you are divinely supported in creating a new beginning, in stepping into the new paradigm for yourself, letting go of the past, it is past. Focus upon the blessings you are now cocreating with the light of the divine, with the light of your heart and soul and spirit, with this power, with these divine qualities, with this light you are limited not. Anything is possible when you believe, when you intend, when you focus upon it with unwavering faith, when you ask for assistance, and when you take action small steps at first compounding to giant strides towards meeting your goal. You will succeed, you will bring blessings into your life, you will create positive change in the greater fields of all, you will align with a new level of love and joy and vibrant living that is aligning for you right now.

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Focus the energy, focus your intention. What do you really desire? Focus upon this, move towards it with unwavering faith and cocreate with the divine, for you are linked with all, with God, and with the divine, and so all the magical power, the miracle of divine love is accessible by you in every now. Being in love, being in gratitude, being in a positive vibration is how you tune into this power, how you stay in alignment with what you are ultimately trying to create. Let love be your guide. Open your heart and follow your inner inspiration, it will lead you well, it will carry you forward, it will usher in the new paradigm of ascended earth and ascended humanity into your own life.

Now is the time. We leave you now with a final influx of light, waterfall of light flowing all around you. Let this wash away any negative energy you’ve absorbed by others or through your own thinking, any negative energetic impressions upon your aura, your mind, your spirit, any cords that are draining you are now cut, any attachments or entities in your energy are now released into the light. Any doubt, fear, or frustration, let these be released and now let a new level of light enter in. Open your heart, focus upon your heart, and let this light build and grow within you. And now you are infused with love and light of the divine. You can create anything. Focus this energy by intending what you desire, by dreaming of creating positive blessings and begin, impart, take small actions, take small steps, follow your heart and your heart will lead you through the process of integrating your full soul light into the physical for blessings, for joy, and for the benefit of all. I, Archangel Michael, now leave you with one final surge of light to lift you in vibration and to banish, to release the lower vibrating energies of doubt and fear, pain, sadness, stagnant energy.

Let these go and lift through the light which is present in your heart. Quiet your mind and tune into this to know your path, to know your truth, to know your next steps, and boldly take them for you are supported by the divine, you are deeply loved and appreciated. Go now and create positive blessings in the days to come. The seeds you plant now will manifest in the next cycle and so choose wisely. Intend what you really desire, what will serve you and serve all.

On this path, in this now, ascending, uniting with your full light, joy, and vibrant well being. Now is the time, take the next steps, lift in light, know you are able to accomplish this. All is well. Support is always near. Call upon us for assistance. You are so loved, you are blessed, you are lifted. Shine your light, radiate love, share these blessings of the divine with all who you meet and they will return to you multiplied. Love serves, love guides, love heals. Let the love of your heart be your compass and you will not be led astray. Follow your heart, honor your intuition, nurture your soul. The time is now. Love is the way. I am Archangel Michael and I am now complete. Goodbye for now. ~Archangel Michael channeled message

Thank you for reading this beautiful channeled message by Archangel Michael.

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