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Understanding Empathic Ability

Are You An Empath? Are you an emapth?

An Empath is a person who is perceptive, highly sensitive to their surroundings, and to the emotions of others. Yes, I am an emapth… And you may be too!

Empathic ability is a psychic sense through which empaths receive information through feeling. They feel the emotions of others, and they can sense the past, present, and future states of another on many levels.

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Are You An Empath? Angel Message with Archangel Muriel

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Greetings, indeed. I am Archangel Muriel here with you now. Notice my energy signature, my presence, and how you feel. Notice any color you see, any sensation you experience, and know that as you open your heart and quiet your mind, my presence will be experienced more and more for I am here with you at this time. I am here in this moment to simply love, serve, and assist you, for you are so loved and encouraged on your path in your life, which unfolds before you one step at a time. One moment at a time life unfolds before you, indeed.

I speak to you now on empathy and on being empathic.

Empathy in understanding and relating to an experience of another, being able to understand the perspective of another, to momentarily view reality through the eyes of another, to walk that mile in another’s shoes. To understand their perspective, their hardship, their life so that you may respond with love, with non judgment, and in a way which serves the other and serves all. This is similar and yet somewhat different from being an empath.

An empath relates to the feeling and experience of others with a psychic sense, with a sense that is beyond the physical. Feeling the emotion of another, feeling the joy, the love, the sorrow, the tragedy of another as if it were one’s own.

While those who are young or newly aware of their empathic ability tend to take on the emotions of others and struggle in the emotions of others, this is not needed. Boundaries established are able to prevent you from absorbing another’s emotion and rather simply being aware of it as a feeling energy alongside your own.

An important question to ask is, “Is this mine?” For as an empath you may become overwhelmed with emotion which is belonging to another. When you feel the strong emotion ask, “Is this mine?” and let your intuitive voice, your soul voice, the guidance of your angels and spirit respond.

Yes, this is your emotion or no this is the emotion of another. In either scenario, release your attachment to it. Let go of it. If the emotion is yours, which may be the case for you are a spiritual being in physical form and storms of emotion, waves of emotion pass through you often… (You are an emotional being) Let yourself feel the emotion, acknowledge it. “This is my emotion.” Notice where the feeling is held. How does it vibrate? In which direction is it moving? Become aware of the qualities of energy of the feeling, or emotion you are experiencing and ask yourself, “Could I release it? Would I release it? When?”

Release the emotion into the light.

If the emotion you are feeling belongs to another, release attachment to it.Imagine an orb or a rose of light energy between you and the emotion of the other. This enables you to maintain your energy and vibration, to be aware of the emotion of the other without taking it upon yourself, so that you can respond to the other with love and compassion.

You understand their perspective, you understand their struggle, you understand the emotion they are feeling without needing to be flooding your experience with whatever that may be. The rose or the light orb between you and the emotion of the other filters out any energy which is not yours. You’re still aware of it, however, you have this boundary so that you are able to see where what is yours ends and where what is another begins.

Now, we digress and say, indeed, you are one with All That Is.

Energetically you are connected to All That Is. This is the foundation and the basis for how your empathic ability works. You are connected to all and so you are able to feel all. However, you are manifest in a physical body, a unique physical being in the physical realm.

You are within the realm of earth, the classroom of life, a realm of illusion in which you do experience the illusion of separation and there are reasons for this, purposes for this, and benefits in this.

You are able to separate your emotion from the emotion of the other while still recognizing that you are innately one. One life force energy manifest as two separate beings. Do you see the difference?

As your empathic ability develops and expands, as you open your heart and increase your vibration beyond simply feeling the emotions of others, you are able to get a full sense and knowing of another person in their current situation.

Perhaps you’re walking down the street and you’re able to tell, to pinpoint the people who are happy or sad in any moment. Advanced empathic ability enables you to do this without taking on any of the emotion of others. Remaining uplifted, joyful, and loving towards yourself ever increasing your vibration, expanding your ability to perceive in the world around you, to experience the divine realms, to tune in through your empathic ability without being drained or brought down when you do tune in to sorrow, density, and negativity of another.

The same is true with animals. You are able to simply look at an animal and understand are they happy or sad or tired, content, or drained.

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Empathic ability enables you to walk into a room and feel the energy of a room. Has there been an argument recently? Or has someone been meditating and calling in the light and vibrations of love? When you are empathic, regardless of whether you are consciously aware, you feel people, places, situations, and so walking into a place where you feel uncomfortable for some reason, know that the cause and the root is in energy and the lesson and the blessing, the why behind being empathic is that you are able to make a difference.

You’re able to make a difference by simply radiating light and love yourself, which uplifts the greater whole that you’re connected with in every moment. In addition, when you walk into that building that is filled with tension, that is filled with past arguments, that is filled with density, you are able to uplift the vibration.

Advanced empathic ability allows you to simply vibrate like a tornado of light and love that spins around the room dissolving any dense energy into the light. But this is an advanced technique and if not executed properly can cause you to absorb negativity from the surrounding.

And so I recommend to begin this work that when you enter into a room or building or place in which you feel that tension or dense energy, call upon a cleansing and healing team of guides and angels to clear and uplift the energy.

Imagine the light of the divine entering in. Call in the light of the divine to cleanse and uplift, to raise the vibration, to release negativity and to invite in light and love for the highest and greatest good. And so it is.

Whatever your primary psychic sense, empathic ability can be developed as a compliment or as a primary sense in and of its own. There is an infinite supply of information that you can tune into through this empathic ability to feel emotion, feeling, state of being, and even physical vitality of another or of yourself.

Focus within, letting your heart open, as a blue orb of healing light is placed around you. Cleansing any blockages from your natural empathic ability to perceive.

Let these blockages be released, allowing this innate ability to understand to feel, to know about others, to shine through. To know when someone is telling the truth, to know when someone is in their authentic power or chasing the dreams of another. To know if someone is moving in the direction of their authentic purpose in their life path, or is stagnant or stuck in fear.

There are many benefits in this innate and empathic understanding of others, for you are by nature a social being and interacting with others is of paramount importance to your journey through life.

Empathic ability will help you to navigate relationships, and so breathe and open your heart and begin to simply be aware of others around you and notice, can you feel what they are feeling?

Are you aware of their present state? For as is the case with all psychic ability, when sensing beyond the physical… With awareness, the ability increases for the highest and greatest good.

And through empathic ability you are able to serve others, to truly understand their point of perspective, to love them anyway, to maintain your own vibration, and to serve with love and compassion.

I am Muriel. I’m here to assist you in the entire process and at any time when you need help understanding what you are feeling and whether what you are feeling is your own or belonging to another, invite me in.

And remember, you have the ability to shift your state in any moment when you are feeling bad. Feel the feeling, where is it and how is it vibrating? Then ask yourself, could you release it? Would you release it? When?

Release the feeling into the light, let go, and let your inner radiance shine through. You are loved and blessed. Goodbye for now.

~Archangel Muriel channeled by Melanie Beckler


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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. I have known that I am something that draws people to me and I am receiving their emotions. I have always had multiple pets that I can feel what they are feeling and what they would say if they could talk. Since I was a young child around 4 or 5, I was usually a loner when I played. I could feel all of the emotions, pains and problems of adults around me. I started getting migraine headaches when I was 5. I think now that it was caused by my taking on adult emotions. I know that I am an empath. Strangers would talk to me about their issues and cry, they would be with me in an elevator, in a store, in a booth by mine in a restaurant and on and on. I married young and took his emotional neglect from his family and I accepted him and all of his painful emotions and experiences in the military. We also had 2 wars under his belt. But the worst emotion that I have that is his is he’s a serial cheater. I am still processing his 30 years out of 35 years of marriage, all types of cheating. This is the one that I have been hiding from, staying in my bedroom for 2 years, trying to process the reasoning of why…..why has he done this to me? I want to live again, outside of my bedroom. I am slowly moving back into my life, my empath.
    I may need some assistance from Melanie or anyone else who can help me brighten my light.
    With Peace and Love,

  2. Ive known I was different since I was young but now I’m at a point where I dont want to be around people which is hard to do when you work 2 jobs I want to block out my emotions because I still have yet to learn how to deal with them which at times makes me angry sad depressed ive dealt with alot of depression and at the moment I am currently dealing with depression I am not sure what would be the best path for me to take I feel as if I want to just get away from everyone and stay to myself that includes my family I feel like the black sheep I find it hard to connect to people but I have also realized at times certain people have been able to use me I’m not so sure if I’m a empath very empathetic or just overly emotional maybe you can shine some light on this for me thanks if you can thanks even if you cant

  3. Now I can safely say,that I’m not paranoid. Talking to my animals,reassuring them,even when not actually facing them,friends thought im mad. Stray animals always follow me,and lots return for a cuddle now and then…..thankyou..glad that now also when I get that heavy,suffocating feeling,or anxious,frightened feeling ,it is what I’ve always deep down known it to be. Energy and emotions from others. Weather good or bad vibes,although it can be a struggle to concentrate on my own thoughts,i have felt most of my life,5yrs old to be the first,is that I’m here to help in dome way,without making any profit, just guiding,and easeing others around me… so grateful. For your EMPATH post. X

    1. Sammy,

      Everything you said in your post is exactly what I have experienced since the age of 5 years old. Unfortunately, I have been married for 25 years after knowing him as a friend for total of 30 years. He dated my friend for 2 years. He watched my ability to emote others people’s emotions. He broke up with my friend and one month later told me he “loved” me. My gut at the time told me no way. He chased me for two years and my friend even said, “well give it a try”, he frustrated her because he could never communicate his feelings, but said I could be good for him.
      Well beware. I gave up my own business and become a “Zombie” corporate wife. He would never be alone with me, but also had to be around his work or hobbies. After 10 years, I became very depressed and had no energy or reason to live. He would set me up to emote his emotions. It was crazy making. He also stayed controlled and calm. Luckily, I found a good mentor who could see what he was doing. I filed and took back my life and my emotions. I am extremely intuitive and now learning how to use.
      But to finish up, last week after a session, a stray cat staring coming to my door. Neighbors wanted me to adopt, however another neighbor could since it was no the time for me. WOW..great hearing I am not crazy. Working through all those emotions you talked about.

      Thank you for sharing,

      R. from CA
      Great guy, smart corporate rising star and nice family.

    1. Is there a difference between empath & medium? How did you know? Just realized the date on this post its so old no one will probably write back!!

  4. This is true. I have always had a great empathy for people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. It is easy for me to see problems, but just as easy to find one or many solutions. I see the good things and now I am also trying to listen and follow the voice of my Soul- more.In England and their scientific research they are talking about highly sensitive persons. Thank God! I am different but not crazy! One book I read as my “home work” and also to remind me is “Earth Angels” by Doreen Virtue.I can feel energies from almost everything. So i have to take a sidestep so I can rest and give me the space I need. Love and light to you all- and all Angels who are helping us! Alice

  5. Many masters many lives, follow intuition with guides spirits and angels. Thank you for this gift to be able to read and feel energies and redirect. I do not judge but feel heartache sorrow and pain of a person that has a face that smile but their eyes reveals ache. Strange enough i enjoy going to a pub where there is music laughter and happiness. Music fills my soul and spirit and has such wonderful energy. Better than going to a church and feel the negativity of people but they are the ones that puts in big mulas for pentanance – i just smile and send them good vibes and wish for them to get to a state of self understanding releasing negative energies. People would walk a circle around me because i send out a signal (unkowingly) stay clear of me. I dont need toxic people around me. Pub church shopping centres will always dwell with a negative energy its up to the empath what you allow in and take on. Empaths are put on earth to help these people and not judge repell or reject them. We are all one and each a vessel to teach or be taught lessons untill we have completed the full circle of many lives many masters. Love and light for this awesome gift and to be able to change and clear a perception. Who cares what others think of you when you are in tune and control of loving yourself and accepting your purpose… Do not blame yourself for a wonderful gift by keeping away from crowds. Remember it takes wonderful people to form a crowd and its a blessing to be part of a crowd and by channeling good vibrations just to one person is what i acknowledge and gratefull to AA murial and all our AA’s’, guardian angels, spirits and guides given to us through our spiritual connection from Jesus and God . luv luv luv my empath world as the most beautiful gift. Love and light blessings gratitude to all my angels and forces that so lovingly ripples the universe and karma effect. Mwaaah x my heart swells with love and gratitude and i was led to you Melanie and all the beautifull hearts sharing with you. Enjoy every breath every tear every smile because that is reflecting that we are human vessels that is here to enlighten and be enlightened by following show and practise LOVE energy balls and bubbles. X

  6. Ooooh God thank you for being good to me I never thought that someone will actually know about what I have been feeling in all my life I knew I had something in me a gift of empathy and I would like to know more about this emotions .thank you angles

  7. Well, you have put a name to it. I have been an empath all my life and I never knew that this love, empathy and compassion for others had a name besides love, empathy and compassion. I am happy with this gift which has enabled me to love and help when I can. This has given me so much too.

  8. Thank you so much for this. I am definitely am empath who has not yet learned how to protect myself from other peoples’ energy. I will follow the instructions suggested. Thank you, Archangel Muriel, for helping me deal with these emotions. Seeing homeless people, young children having issues, and unhappy animals are very difficult for me.

  9. I am an Empath and I think I have always been like this , so sensitive to a point that my writing is not the same , it just changes with who ever is sitting next to me , I do not mind big crowds , if I feel its too much I just look for a quiet place and speak to my guides, it frustrates me when I pick up pains in the morning and only meet the person hours later .

    Just yesterday I was on labour and this lady who had a phantom pregnancy came to the office . I used to wrk with this lady who was addicted to sex and I would get horny when I was next to her and be fine the minute she leaves my office , I told my guides I never want to feel that again but than I picked up that it was a form of a sickness / condition she was battling with , then I called her in my office and I said some prayers for her and the problem went away .

    Sometimes I pick up people’s emotions over the phone , I could be talking to someone on the phone and we laughing and stuff but feel like crying inside , in that case it could be someone else who was in the same building with the person am talking to .

    I avoid hospitals.

  10. Trude…I can identify with everything you say here. Especially about avoiding going into pubs. I sense the toxic energy just thinking about the place. Also I panic at the suggestion of being invited anywhere even with family. Now I know why I’m feeling this way and that I can protect myself from these lower enegeries . It’s nice to be called An Empath, makes me feel special and to know that I’m not alone. I’m looking forward to a new lease of life. I wish you well and thank you for your comment, it makes me feel confident that I’m on the right path.
    Blessings to you too
    Mary x

  11. I am an empath too.I can’t be in big crowds.I can’t go to church or even concerts.I can feel other peoples anger very well.I went to church then where was Easter and it was a big crowd of people.When I was in a church.I wanted to cry (I don’t really know why I wanted to cry) and felt very strong and intense emotions and had to go outside.Thank you!

    Love and Light to everyone!

  12. I find myself really enjoying what I am learning thank you what light what beautiful angel light <3 <3 shine on

  13. I am an empath and have found that I tried to almost shut myself down or be alone. I am so glad that I read this. I have had a hard time understanding who I am when I feel like I can relate to everyone else. I will literally feel their energy and love them whole heartily. I am learning to love myself and not judge myself as I do not judge another. I was having panic attacks last night and prayed a message would come to me and this was in my inbox. Thank you so much. I want to be close to others as I love them but it seemed like I would get overwhelmed if emotions were really angry, or sad. I am now understanding I am protected of that and I can see the emotion but I don’t have to absorb it. Just love them and release their emotion. Love you all!

  14. I am an empath. I have to protect myself if I go into a room or get invited to a party, because I often feel every ones’ energies and it makes me very uncomfortable. When some one tells me a heartfelt story, I feel their pain and sorrow when they explain it to me. This has backfired for me in the sense that, I cannot or do not want to go to family Christmas parties, some dinner parties and certainly I cannot go into a bar. I only recently realized that I can protect myself. Thank you, Muriel, I will call upon you to help. I am only beginning to understand this.

    I only surround myself with people who make me feel comfortable and my best friends are animals. Yes, I do communicate with them. I trailer horses and often find that when they are scared or confused, that I can touch their faces and I telepathically tell them that they are loved and I will keep them safe. It works every time.


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