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5 Psychic Empath Types… Which Are You?

How Does Your Gift As A Psychic Empath Manifest?

5 Empath Types Being a psychic empath, essentially means you have the strong ability to feel the emotions, energy, feelings, and even mental state or thoughts of others.

While being an empath has somewhat of a bad rap, as untrained or unskilled empaths can find their gift to be overwhelming or even debilitating…

When embraced, honed and developed, the psychic gift of being an empath can be powerful and rewarding as it allows you to receive psychic intuitions about other people and places which can be a powerful asset for avoiding pitfalls and staying in alignment with their highest path.

Regardless of the specific focus or flavor of your empathic ability takes, being empathic is a type of clairsentience or clear feeling.

Clairsentience, however, is quite broad in its scope, while empathic ability is centered around feeling the thoughts, feelings, and vibrational energy signature of others without any outside stimulus from the physical senses.

There are different types of empathic ability which we're going to look at in this article.

If you're still not sure what being an empath even is, you might want to read my article on “The Definition of An Empath – Signs You’re Empathic & What to Do If You Are!” first.


Another way of looking at being an empath is that it allows you to feel, and experience life through the lens of another.

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The main difference between empathy and being an empath… Both of which relate to “walking in someone else's shoes” and feeling into the experience of another… Is that empaths tune into the experience of others intuitively without any external stimulus.

Being an empath is a psychic gift that many intuitive and gifted people have … Often without even recognizing it! One reason is that there are different empath types.

So… What Kind of Empath Are You?

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5 Types Of Psychic Empathic Ability

Empath Types 1. Emotional Empath

Being an emotional empath is the most common empath type, and most understood empathic ability. Here you easily pick up on the emotions, and energy of others and feel them as if they were your own. You may not be aware that you're feeling and processing the emotions of others at first…

Especially when this ability is developing you may simply feel drained or sad in the presence of those who are struggling without consciously knowing they are.

The drained, sad, or tired feeling comes from taking on their emotions, which actually leak into your aura as you take them on.

Spiritual cleansing is recommended to clear your energy of all that does not serve or belong to you.

2. Medical Empath

While you may not have heard the term “Medical Empath” before… “Medical Intuitive” is a common term that is used.

While medical intuitives naturally receive insight into the physical body in the way that is natural for them, Medical empaths do so through feeling.

They may simply “feel” into the body and experience an awareness of where someone is experiencing pain, a blockage, or state of dis-ease.

Medical empaths are quite common. Have you ever found yourself sympathizing with an ill friend only to find yourself taking on their same symptoms?

Medical empaths can do this without even knowing the other person is ill, or without even being in the same country or location.

If you do this and think you might be a medical empath, keeping your energy clear is key…

Also, its important to learn boundaries and what belongs to you and what is that of another. This can help you to avoid taking on the health issues of others while still being aware of them, so that you can share intuitive insight and guidance to help.

3. Nature Empath

Nature empaths are those who can naturally feel the needs, state of being and vibrational signature of the natural world.

If you're a nature empath, you likely have a green thumb and natural connection with plants and a way of feeling what plants need to thrive and be happy.

You may also be able to feel the energy of certain geographical location and know through your gut feeling when earth changes, shifts or even natural disasters are about to happen. You may feel sadness as the Earth goes through changes…

Nature empathy can remotely tune into locations on the Earth by looking at photographs, maps, or when developed, by simply focusing inward.

Nature empaths tend to have a deep love for Gaia Mother Earth, because you can truly feel and experience her magic. You're likely drawn to plants, animals, crystals, the forest, mountains and all natural landscapes.

When developed, nature empaths can use this healing ability to send love to Gaia, and promote the causes and changes most in alignment with bringing a greater sense of peace, balance and harmony to the natural world.

4. Knowing Empath

Being a knowing or claircognizant empath is a blend of emotional empathic ability and clear knowing or claircognizance.

If you have this ability, you naturally tap into the thoughts and perspectives of those around you, or even remotely when focused and developed.

With the combination of feeling and knowing, you're able to get a deep sense of understanding about people at first glance, or just by hearing their voice vibration.

You can also model the consciousness and attributes you see in others, that you would like to emulate.

Crystal children (and adults) often have this flavor of empathic ability, and can quickly tell whether they are in resonance with people, places, and locations… or not!

Learning boundaries, as is the case with most empathic gifts is key to avoid taking on limiting thought patterns, beliefs, and feelings from others.

5. Spiritual Empath

Spiritual empaths are those who can feel the core essence or spirit of others, as well as feeling into the realms of spirit.

Spiritual empaths may also feel the spirit of the land in locations around the world, as well deeply connect with the spirits of animals, as well as the spirits of those who have crossed over.

Spiritual empaths can expand to be able to feel the presence of spirit guides, angels and ascended masters, and consciously call forth their high vibrational frequencies and insights.

Spiritual empathic ability can be used to help lost souls cross over, or to connect with loved ones in heaven.

As a spiritual empath you'll likely quickly know the vibrational frequency of people as well as locations. With practice, you'll be able to feel both the present vibration as well as the soul's truth, and highest potential.

Can You Be More Than One Empath Type?

Now that you've read the different types of empathic ability… You may be wondering;

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“Can I be more than one?”

To that, I'll answer with a resounding yes!

And actually as you develop your empathic ability to its full potential, it is likely that more of these empathic abilities will come into focus for you.

My recommendation is to practice boundaries, build up your personal energy signature, and develop whatever empathic type comes naturally to you, and through this the rest will unfold.

I hope this is helpful for you!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Hi Melanie,

    I’m so happy to have found your page. Really helping me in knowing myself. I’m so sensitive and all the above really fits well for me and I thank you for sharing what you know. I’m from Papua New Guinea just of Australia.

  2. I have been on a seeking and learning journey for over forty years. It started with delving into all Religions. I know I am an Intuitive Empath and probably a Nature Empath. I used to be able to hear my Spirit Guide and others on the other side speak to me. But then I got myself very confused. I wonder if I am just gullable and accept everything I read. I’ve lost my faith, can’t hear my Guides and Angels, feel empty. I think I’m afraid of opening myself up too much. It’s too late for that. I’m a muddle of thoughts and feelings. I have a knowing that I could develop my gifts but feel I might go to far and invite something in that would make me feel crazy. Where can a person go to sort things out. Believe me, Churches don’t help.

  3. I managed to dull this so called ability for almost a year, btw i learned I’m an empath (claircognizant&clairsentient when i got curious on how i quickly put myself on other’s shoes so fast and understand and feel what they are feeling and i searched about it). I kinda lost my way in life for almost a year but i now manage to do better and make progress. Today I’m trying to accept this so called gift and try to hone it so that i could help those silent ones who are struggling on their own, giving them that energy that someone is out here who can understand and listen to them without even saying a word.

  4. Seeking more insight..on alignment..knowledge..discerning…and how to deal with this transition. Especially when i pick up more than 2 energies/spirits at the same time.

  5. Omg! It’s like listening to myself. This all sounds exactly like me but I never before had a name for it. I have all 5 of these traits wich I embrace but I could use a break on the emotional side. My friends always joke about my phone psychic ability. If we are close friends and I haven’t talked with them in awhile I always know when they will be calling. I can’t handle funerals of people I didn’t even know. I’m so ADD and perhaps the empathic ability and the distractions go hand in hand. I am often giving friends and family members messages from their deceased loved ones because I often dream of people who have passed over. I’m glad to know I’m not alone except for I can’t really talk about it with anyone I know.

  6. I am so clearly an Emotional Empath. I’m a soloist/vocalist at a chapel and, at times, I cannot put aside the message I am singing about before I’m in tears feeling feeling FEELING. I tell everyone that as much as I’d love to sing at their loved one’s funeral/memorial service, I just can’t. My emotions grab hold of my throat and I become incapable of singing a single note. I weep so easily – as soon as I hear someone’s challenges/pain. I have fought this all my life and wished not to be so emotional. Nothing has helped. I just instantly feel someone else’s sorrow, emotional pain/hurt. Where is the positive side of this? I hate the tears that flow so easily.

  7. I have all 5. until I heard of “Empath” I thought I was nuts. It was a relief for me to know what was happening. I knew I had the ability to feel what others felt, and I knew it was on a psychic level, I didn’t know how to keep it from wearing me down so I avoided people. I still have to be careful because some people don’t want to know you have picked up on their feelings. My husband’s neck had been hurting and mine started to hurt. When his stopped hurting, so did mine.

  8. Omg I’m speechless. Thank you for your article it opened my mind to success and the way I feel , by far Amazing. Thanx u

  9. Good day.

    I am an Empath with all 5 abilities.
    I was born this way.
    I find myself totally depressed to the extend that i just want to sleep.

    1. Hi after reading the article I’m still not sure if I have all 5 but I do have a few empathic abilities. I used to get really depressed and even now I still do but I learned to manage them with meditation and preparing myself to be an elite at being an empath because we can help so many people all over the world! We have these gifts because God trusts us to be his soldiers and take our stand with helping in the universe. Don’t waste your gifts love!

  10. I find I have many of these abilities and yet I get very confused. I have tried meditation umpteen times, but my mind don’t relax easy. My focus is all over the place and I lose interest easily. Something’s that happen to me can be hard to accept. I know at times there is someone with me, I know who is on the phone and when it rings, I feel at times very weird inside when I see wounds and it feels like I’m experiencing it too,my gut feeling is usually right but I don’t always listen to it, I finish other people’s sentences, I know when people are sad or happy at times, there is so much more, I feel that I’m going mad at times. How do you really know what’s going on inside? Am I an empath? How do I harness it? How do I stop feeling depressed and anxious about all these emotions that may not be my own? I’m not understood and the only way I can feel a little better is go for a walk, alone time, writing, poems, colouring but then I’m bored with myself, it’s as though I’m scared to sit with myself and don’t know how too just be and not be doing. Sorry about the essay. Rose x

  11. Before I read too much, I went and read your,
    “12 Eye Opening Traits of Psychic Empaths.”

    At first I was all like,
    “MmmHmm, yeah, right, uh-huh, okay, yes….”
    But it was like, the more line items I read, it was like, the fine hairs on my neck and ears started to rise. By the time I got to #9, my eyes started getting a bit blurry. By #11, I realized I had tears standing in my eyes and I was steadily shaking my head no.
    I came back to your main page so I could finish reading it. I have lived with these gifts the whole of my life unknowingly honing them and developing my walls and barriers based on what I’ve read from you, with thanks to my mother.
    As a little girl, my mother is the only person that shared a spirit sighting with me. He walked directly in front of me out of arms reach. When my mother & I came to the end of the hallway, we watched as he walked through our living room and out the window. My mother looked at me and asked,
    “Did you see it?”
    I nodded and replied,
    “It walked in front of me…”
    She replied,
    “Through the livingroom…”
    And we both replied,
    “And out the window.”
    We never spoke of it again.
    I’ve just turned 55 this past Labor Day. Though I’ve always “thought” and spoke of energies, I never thought it was related to being Empathic. We lived at an Indian burial site in San Antonio back then. I live at one now too. Fortunately, 3 tribes have blessed the area. That doesn’t stop me from seeing spirits from the 1800’s.
    THANK YOU for helping me understand WHY!

  12. I am getting lots of information from this. I can usually tell when people lie by looking them straight in the eye. Now I can tell when anyone is lying with this information.

  13. I got a question – re me – a heyoka /plaiedian seed it seem – i’d say with all of the above and changes as to which come up anything from sensing people’s energy to their pain or which chakra has an issue …my current issue i am faced its like poeple get off on hiding inside me as to say – so i end up with the issues – basically in love with me …is it cause i got not attachments or can form any blockages of my own (due to life experience / way of seeing / being) ….///try closing up meditation etc … it’s only temporary ..some can drain the fuck out of me …excuse my language … and then expect me to perform around some i don’t have this issue but they either latch or are inlove (same spiritual space)…. quiet annoying when it comes to day to day life – sometimes it can be 3-5 maybe six people – any suggestions..?.. cause it’s annoying them being me and i end up with their shit as one would say ….always unexpected… does reiki but only when their all alseep … and if this trade happens nothing is actually accomplished as it’s temporary and nothing accomplished in the end – not even guiding them ..the pyschology side ..tried that to maybe pretend to but only to gain my trust and then end up feeling abused / used all the time and my day to day life suffers – taking a week of work for some pranic healing / aura restoration but all is always temporary… heal back to myself each time – but a relationship with anyone is impossible cause i end up reflecting their shit that they have in their relationship against my potential one…
    meditation crystals etc..all that helps very little – needs a job i think that is orientated around the art…. but can’t even get there – getting the money up is difficult under these circumstances

  14. This message is written on my Android. Automatic correction can some time cause misspelling.
    I am 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, all of them. May be my strongest ability are number 2,1(globally I feel the entire world) and 4.
    For number 2, I see blockages, low energy layers, illnesses and know how to remove them. A gift God has given me. I have Prana, Ki and many archangels, angels and spirits as my guides.
    I see and reads people minds and energy field immediately. I distinguish between negative energy field and positive energy field among people.
    Lately I have been able to read aura to plants / flowers.
    It is now late in Europe, som I must be short. Its now time to go to bed overhere.

    Another Day I Will share my life as and empath. It has not been easy.

    Best regards Thor

  15. what if you have more then one of these? how would be the best way to shield yourself without blocking out everything?

  16. Kimi, I am right there with you. Entire world in disarray and complete frustration. I’ve only heard the word “Empath” this week from 1st visit with therapist. My world has been ROCKED. All of the feelings I’ve ALWAYS had were put into words. And I truly believed that I was crazy and unable to handle “life”. I’ve been very physically ill for over 10 years (frequent 2-4 day bouts) and have been tested, scoped & scanned profusely. Finally after 3 years,a “migraine” diagnosis. I never responded to medications, but kept being fed the next type, over & over. And to great detriment due to side effects. This continued and became ever-worse. Now divorced, penniless from med bills and lost pay, and work with the public in a very high-stress medical office. WHERE TO START! I understand completely, and remain incredibly hopeful for our futures. We’ve allowed being an Empath to work against us as we were unaware. It is ALL so obvious to me now, I’m very frustrated with myself for not opening my eyes to this sooner. I KNOW THESE THINGS INNATELY and could not look inward due to childhood abuse. Toxic relationships (1 after another…) enforced in me that I was weird/lacking something they needed and sucked every bit of my spirit out of me. I felt that I was being poisoned. 10 year marriage to a very ego-centric, manipulative & controlling man; 10 years of violent illness. Continue on your path, organize your mind and the rest will come. At least this is what I tell myself as I struggle to achieve the calm that I know I need. And I’m feeling impatient and need it NOW. I’m trying to look past the long list of what has to be done and focus on being better myself before I can do any bit of good for anyone else. Peace to you, Stacy

  17. I can feel people’s emotions, sometimes I can feel things when I walk into places (happene a lot when I was looking for a new house an ha to visit many) sometimes I kind of feel something in the air, on a bigger scale, it feels as if somewhere someone is feeling that way or maybe even a large group of people. There’s something I can do that I’m not sure has to do with empathy but when I meet people for the first time I can tell what they’re like. Not what they feel, but what they are like, personality traits, sometimes even things about their lives (if they have kids, what kind of relationship they have with their family, etc) do you know if that’s empathy or something else?

  18. I feel things, I have dreams, I pick up energies, sometimes they are so overwhelming, I have to get away, There are several things. It can be so overwhelming when around negativeness.. It can make you sick if you do not find some kind of way to clear your energies… A place you can go that we feel free and open… I’m learning this right now in my life…

  19. I am just realizing that my gifts can be helpful to myself and others, BUT I must learn where I end and others begin! I can become enmeshed in other people’s anxieties and problems (like Kimi) and I will give too much of myself and my resources in trying to fix them. I learned that behavior growing up and had no guidance about protecting myself and setting personal boundaries. Fellowship in Alanon helped me a lot besides going for counseling. I am still learning every day, and I put the life preserver on myself so I can survive and live another day to be supportive of others when appropriate. Most people just need to be LISTENED TO, not fixed or changed by me. The world just needs more love and understanding. Namaste.

  20. there are people like us ,different from others , a person without a group..strong emotions..a feeling being in locations..feeling weird in crowded places ..sort of knowing what others really think..and ofcouse feeling exsausted by negative things and a feel to recharge ourselves , be in nature alone far from people it helps

  21. I am so lost right now. I am all empaths. People, places, animals, physical ailments, our environment – I feel it all. I have never met anyone like me. In addition to being connected to literally every energy on this planet, I’m also a social worker, a single parent of three and a grandmother of two. I’m the hub of my social community. And I’m losing it all I’m in TOTAL burnout. My bank account is empty, I’m behind on bills, most of my friends/family have left, I’m on probation at work, house is a complete wreck, etc. when I try to clear my energy, all I end up doing is picking up more toxic energy. I need help to clear and unclog and access my own energy. How do I access clean energy? Is there anyone else out there like me who is impacted by all energy everywhere they go?

    1. I have been a bit confused and overwhelmed myself, highly recommend a book: “the Spiritual Power of Empathy” by Cyndi Dale. really nice information

  22. when im around people it is as if i can see right through them and i cant stand the feelings i get when im around a person that it overwhelmed or sad or any emotion and i dream about things that happen and i can see them sometimes when im awake, i dont tell anyone because sometimes i think im nuts! a tarot card reader had read me and everything she said has come true and that i have very strong psychic abilities i just dont know what to do with them.

  23. Yes, I feel connections with trees and nature in general. I know I am an empath but I still have to learn all I need to know about it.

  24. Are we not all emphatic to a certain degree? When those we care about hurt we hurt for them, when they are happy so are we. I have felt all 5 of the empathy’s listed.

    I went to look at a house an hour away and as I got close to the town I felt off. walking around the outside of it made me feel sick, we left the house and I had to find a washroom. I felt better as soon as we were outside of the towns limits. I just took it that it wasn’t the place for me.

  25. i think im emotional empath and earth. because the 1st was fists me really good. but i also draw animals to me. and i feel a more conection the to earth and forest ect. but when it comes to gaias pain. i dont think it feel it or the regional pain ether tho

  26. Great article! Several of these resonate eith me. I think I would add to this list animal empaths as well. I know I’m very in tune with the feelings (and sometimes thoughts) of animals. 🙂

  27. Please help me to get in touch with my empathies and to improve myself and to continue to grow embrace love give love and to be in love with myself. Be compassionate caring and understanding to others and help in any way.

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