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Embody Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness Meditation

Throughout history, there have been many teachers, sages and enlightened beings who have not only shown us ‘the way' but have reinforced the idea that we can achieve the same levels of love, compassion and enlightenment too.

In this channeled message and frequency transmission, The Council Of Light connects with a powerful message and uplifting energy exercise that will help you to connect with and embody Christ Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is not only about Jesus. Yes, Jesus fully embodied Christ Consciousness as a human being, but remember that in your Truth, you too are a Christed Being.

As Jesus taught in his time: “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Let's tune into that together now!

This guided meditation supports you in attuning your mind, body and spirit with that of your Soul Truth, higher self and Divine love through connecting with the essence of Christ Consciousness within and all around.

Embody Christ Consciousness

As you simply relax and listen you will receive an empowering message of love and spiritual growth while also enjoying an uplifting energetic experience from your personal team of guides, angels, the Council of Light, Christ Consciousness and Divine Love.

You can listen to this message multiple times and receive increased benefit from the meditation and message each time you do.

If you enjoy listening or if you have a unique or interesting experience with this message, please leave a comment below… I love to hear about your experiences with these channeled angel messages.

With many blessings of love light and gratitude, 



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Embody Christ Consciousness Channeled Message With The Council of Light

At this time, I ask to be surrounded with 100,000 angels, with divine light, and with each of our highest, best, most loving possible guides and angels who can most serve now, please come in.

I ask that our angels cleanse and lift the vibration of the space, and assist us in quieting our minds, and opening our hearts, to tune in to the love, guidance and frequency which will most serve now.

I now call upon the highest, best, most loving possible channeling guide for right here and now. Please come in, connect and channel through me now.

Christ Consciousness Meditation Indeed we are here. We are the Council of Light, we are your spirit guides, angels, archangels, and ascended masters who exist now in the higher realms overseeing your plane. We are now broadcasting the vibration of divine joy, and love and oneness, to repair your energetic fields, to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, to soothe your soul, to nurture your heart and to empower you to embody Divine presence, to ignite the Christ light consciousness in you.

Indeed, you know of Jesus Christ, who sits among us now, who walked in your physical world. God, in human form, who lived and died, and rose again, returning to full presence with the Divine.

Returning the full presence of the Divine to physical form, to provide an example of what is indeed, possible for you, from within the physical.

Know now that death for full ascension is not required. Your full illuminated Christ light is already here. And so to allow this Christ light energy within you to be rekindled, we invite you to embody the Divine Christ light presence now.

Doing this offers you a multitude of benefits. Embodying Christ presence clears your energy, for the Christ light is the full embodiment of Divine love and light, which cannot occupy the same space as fear and darkness, for it is stronger and more powerful than these lower vibration energies.

And so, embodying the Full Christ light presence pushes out any lower vibrational frequencies. Embodying Christ light releases density from your mind, body, spirit energy, and emotions. Clearing you, elevating your energy, bumping your vibration up a level. Aligning you with an enlightened, awakened present moment awareness and aligning physical healing.

For as you know, the Christ light energy is that of masterful healing. And so, bringing this into your mind, body and spirit, not only cleanses and elevates vibration, but heals through replenishing your every cell with the divine energy of love, with the divine blueprint for vibrant health and well-being, which is held within the Christ consciousness light.

Let yourself now find a comfortable position. Let yourself adjust your posture as you are inspired to get comfortable, and to prepare, to receive the Christ light in your being.

Relax, breathe, and consciously enter in. As we now count down from ten to one, imagine these numbers appearing in your mind. Visualize and see the numbers as a simple relaxation technique to help you go deeper into this meditation, so that you may more fully embody Christ consciousness.

Yes, Christ consciousness exists in you already. But by downloading it energetically, you empower the seeds of Christ consciousness already within, to sprout, grow, bloom and flourish.

And so imagine a blank screen in front of your mind’s eye. A screen on which light numbers begin to appear.

See and visualize the number ten, nine, eight. Visualize these numbers in your minds eye as you consciously go deeper within. Seven, six, deeper and deeper. Five, four, entering inward, deeper into the meditative space. Three, two, entering deep within, into your inner being. See the number one, and enter in.

You've now reached a deeper meditative state of mind. Relax. You are surrounded with Divine light, in the presence of your team of guides and angels, with the energy of Divine love. You are ready, to cleanse, heal and illuminate your being through anchoring Christ consciousness into your being now.

Christ consciousness, the full presence of the ascended Christ. This energetic being, complete Divine love, presence, balanced masculine and feminine, Divine love, Christ consciousness, Christ presence, downloads into your being now.

Imagine the Christ presence lowering down upon you from above, from the Divine, entering into your energetic signature, entering into your energy. The warm glow of Divine love washes over you.

The illuminated vibration of the Christ presence, of Christ consciousness, fills out your aura, fills out your light body. Your energetic being is filled with the direct presence of Christ consciousness, which is still lowering down.

And so, as the Christ presence lowers down over your being, your vibration naturally lifts, in love, in healing, in joy, in willingness to stand in your truth and stand in your power in embodying the fullness of the Divine being that you are one with.

Through your willingness to live in alignment with Christ consciousness now, all knowing, understanding, healing, wisdom, beauty, love, enlightenment and awareness aligns with your being now.

With your mind calm it is now filled with the consciousness of Christ, with clarity and with a knowing of your ability to link with the Divine, to know you are a child of God. You are one with the source energy that is God, that is a part of all. You are able to see the underlying balance, beauty, and opportunity present for learning, growth and healing.

Opportunity present in the current climate on earth, present here and now, you are able to see that all is well, to know the blessings, the beauty, the Divine magic, the Divine love which underlies all struggle, challenge, and hardship which is birthed in illusion. See through this illusion now.

As the veils are pulled back, naturally through your increased vibration now. You are embodying Christ consciousness in your spirit, in your mind, and witness and experience now Christ light downloading into your physical body. Witness and experience the presence of Christ.

Christ consciousness bringing healing and total illumination to your every cell. The energy of Christ consciousness downloads at cellular level into your DNA, activating and awakening. Light pouring into your cellular structure, realigning your every cell with Divine love, and pushing out and releasing into the light all fear and toxicity, density, judgment and guilt.

Anchoring Divine presence, awareness, observation, and love. The full enlightened, vibrant, huge presence, which is Christ consciousness, which is present with you here in now, is in another word. Love.

Christ consciousness is Love, is Divine Love, and is present with you here and now.

Consciously imagine you are opening your heart, to allow the energy to enter in even more, to flow along your spinal column, cleansing out the old, elevating your vibration with new light, with a newness, a freshness, a clearness and a purity.

You are forgiven, you are cleansed and uplifted. The doors are open for you now.

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The full presence of Christ has returned to earth. Though, not as expected by those who walked before your time, the Christ light consciousness returns through you.

Through you, the second coming of Christ is complete. Through you, the prophecy is fulfilled. Through you, the healing, blessings, teachings, good works and service are manifested.

Through you, a difference is made. Through you, the circle is complete. Through you, the heavens and earths are united. You are, directly connected to God, at all times.

And this feeling of connection, this light, this love of Christ consciousness that you are experiencing now, which is downloaded into your presence from above is always accessible.

And so practice returning to, and embodying Christ light, for Christ is not separate from you in the quantum energy of oneness, anchored in love, indeed you are one.

And as you embody this light, all the miraculous abilities of Christ, the spiritual gifts of the Divine, are made possible for you. You are, indeed, able to transcend suffering by seeing, and knowing, and experiencing the underlying truth.

The radiant bliss, the uplifted energy, the joy, the love of viewing life through the consciousness of Christ will benefit your life, through healing and uplifting your mind, body and spirit, and then through overflowing these blessings outward unto all.

We are the Council of Light. We bow to the Christ light in you. Nurture this light through your awareness. Carry this torch, this inner flame of Divine love which brightly shines into your life, and into your experiences.

Wherever you are in life, now is your opportunity to serve, and to love and to anchor Christ consciousness into the here and now.

You are the one. Now is your time to shine as the fullness of the Christ light which you are a part of, which you are, which you embody, and so it is.

Let your energy ground, feeling your awareness returning to your physical body, feeling your awareness flowing down, feel your connection to the earth and to all that is.

And as we slowly begin to step back now, imagine a golden spiral of light around you. As your power and your light, as all positive aspects of yourself which have been lost or forgotten, are now returned to you cleansed and purified.

Empowering you with strength, with hope, with love, with the knowing of the positives, which you are able to manifest in your life, for earth and for all when you are aligned with the mind, body and spirit, that is your birthright, that is Divine, that is Christ consciousness, that is love, indeed.

As we step away now, focus within, let your light shine and enjoy. You are cleansed, balanced, rejuvenated, uplifted in energy and in Divine presence.

Repeat this process as often as you like. For it serves you, and all. And so, it is. And so, it shall be.

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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