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Creating Positive Change with Archangel Michael

angelinthecloudsThis channeled angel message with Archangel Michael contains insightful wisdom alongside a powerful healing frequency woven throughout.  Breathe, and relax as you read this message to tune into the frequency, and guidance to create positive change.

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Creating Positive Change with Archangel Michael

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“Greetings dear one. Indeed, I, Archangel Michael, am here. I greet you in this moment with love and with increased frequency from the divine. Let yourself now relax as you read these words, consciously tuning into your heart, centering your energy, and opening to receive the divine love that is, indeed broadcast your way now. Divine frequency sent on strands of light from the angelic realm into the physical plane, into your proximity, and experience. Open your heart to let love in.

Know that, indeed, great changes are stirring within your earth and your realm now. Do not be afraid, for understand that big changes are essential in this realm to bring you more into alignment with the divine, to bring all of humanity and earth into alignment with divine love. Much must shift in order for this transition, in order for the new paradigm of love on planet earth, to fully emerge. This has already entered in and, indeed, this has initiated a wave of change that touches all, that touches your life, and all beings.

Change is constant and change will continue to happen. And so do not resist the changes happening within and around you, rather recognize that that which falls away does so to make room for a new experience which will bring you into closer proximity and alignment with the divine love that is present on the planet that, indeed, connects all places, people, and things. Although divine love is present in physical form in full force, you as a conscious being with free will have the choice to embrace and allow these changes of love and inspiration into your life, to allow love to enter into your being, to ripple out beyond you, to enter into your every moment bringing love to all whom you encounter. You have this choice, but you also have the choice to turn away from love, to stay in the old paradigm. There is the option for humanity to stay in fear and struggle, ushering in more of the same for your realm: resistance, challenges, even war.

You as the individual have the power. This may not seem so at times viewing your realm, which, yes, is experiencing corruption in many forms in institutions and corporations. And yet still you, as the individual have the power, for you, dear individual, through your open heart are able to directly connect to the infinite divine love of the universe, to the infinite divine love of all. That does connect all. Love is present between all that is. You have heard from your scientists that even the most dense objects contain a great deal of empty space. We say to you this empty space is love and compassion, which operate silently unless focused upon, unless cultivated, unless given attention and awareness. And where you give attention, where you focus upon love, love will grow and build. And so do not worry if things or people or situations from your life are shifting or are fading away.

Know that love connects all and by embracing love amidst challenges, you align yourself with the highest possible outcome, the outcome centered in divine love. When something fades away from your life, focus upon the blessings that have been and remain open for as the old fades away, new opportunity will enter in. This is often the case in why things must crumble and fall. Not for shock and awe or for our entertainment in the angelic realm. Things in the physical are crumbling now to make way for a new experience.

There is a divine path and blueprint for your life, for you as a spiritual being and the goals you set out to accomplish here in the physical. To align with your blueprint, with your purpose, you are encouraged to go with the flow and so when big shifts or changes happen, do not shift into defense mode, do not shift into doubt or worrying that your entire experience has been sabotaged. Rather, embrace the changes that come your way and know that even when something falls away and no direct replacement is seen, a positive alternative will emerge.

Perhaps more shifts are required first to bring you into alignment with the true blessing. But when you trust and believe that a blessing will emerge, when you trust that there is a divine plan for your life and you keep moving in the direction of joy and love and aligning with your authentic purpose in sprit, you cannot go wrong. You will not be led astray. This is not to say that your divine path and blueprint for your life is completely effortless.

That is not why you are here. You are here to experience the physical realm, to experience overcoming challenges, to experience initiating change through your intention, through your action, and through your persistence. While there is a divine plan for your life, at every turn, at every fork in the road, you choose which direction you head. And every fork in the road, every lesson you experience, offers you the opportunity to repeat, to stay on the treadmill, to stay on the same lesson and same cycle, or to advance. And we will give you a clue: love propels you forward. Moving in the direction of joy, of adventure, of love and fulfillment moves you forward. It is when you attempt to shoot for security, for stability, for what is expected of you that you are really choosing the path of fear, which does not align positive blessings, which, indeed, aligns more challenges for you as opportunities to shift you back in the direction of love. But if you continue to choose the road most often taken, as you choose the path of fear, it becomes easier and easier to slip down, to slip into the darkness, into the decay and doubt and devastation of fear, for fear is present on your planet and when focused upon, it grows and builds and can reek all kinds of havoc.

But at every fork in the road you also have the opportunity to choose love, to be excited amongst a challenge knowing that something is falling away, making way and making room for a new blessing to emerge. Do you see this shift in perspective? Do you see the possibility that is created when you choose love? Love ushers you forward on your divine path and love aligns blessings in your life. This, however, is not to say that you can simply meditate all your days and remain in a vibration of love and truly accomplish your purpose.

Much will be aligned in this manner, but somewhere along the line, you must take action. You must take action as you are inspired to increase happiness, vitality, and love in your life. But where there is love and where there is action, an action need not be intense or extravagant, simply consistent steps in the direction of increased love and happiness and joy will be sufficient, will align you with your divine blueprint for your life, will move you in the direction of your purpose which ultimately benefits your life, but also benefits everything and everyone that is all that is, that you, indeed, are connected with, not separate from.

Right now feel your energy ground, feel your heart open, and let yourself anchor your presence to connect with the earth, with the planet on which you live. Ground and tune in to the light at the core of the earth. Notice that vibrationally, you are not separate from this light, you are not separate from the earth. Feel your oneness with this and as you do, notice that earth is one with all, earth is not separate from the divine and neither are you. Feel this now, your oneness with light, with earth, with divine love, with all. And through cultivating your connection, through recognizing your oneness with all, and through centering yourself with love, you stack the cards in your favor.

Feel your oneness with earth, with all, and now imagine that this light at the core of the earth flows up, in through the bottom of your feet, and up along your spinal column, centering along your spine a white pillar, cleansing you from the inside out, realigning you with divine love, and releasing the cords and the blockages of fear, of duality, of density. Let these go and continue to lift up, up above the earth, above the universe, above the lights, and into direct presence with source, which you are a part of and which flows throughout all. Feel this oneness with divine love. Feel your oneness with all. And now, once more, feel your energy center upon your heart, and ground. Now anchoring this divine love and light, which you have connected with, into physical form, into your present reality. It ends not with you, it ripples throughout all. Ground this light into the physical. Complete this linking of divine love with physical form often to assist earth in choosing the path of love and of well being. Your choices in the moment also have a tremendous impact upon your life, but upon much more than that.

The choices you make indeed matter. The growth you experience, the light you attune to, indeed, makes a difference. And so lift in vibration, remain centered in love, inspire positive blessings and changes in your life, and through doing so you inspire positive blessings throughout all, for all are connected through love. And when you focus upon love and let love build and grow, you influence all that is in a most miraculous way. You inspire blessings in the entire physical realm and, more specifically, in your own life. This energy can also be focused with your intention, and with your awareness you are able to focus in a way that will bring more happiness, more blessings, more abundance, more vitality, and more live into your own experience, when ends not there, for you are connected to all. And so choosing to bring happiness into your life does so, yes, but inspires happiness in the greater collective whole, the consciousness of all that is. Your moment is now, love is the path, the master path, to full awakening and to claiming full ability to consciously create blessings in the world. You are a powerful, spiritual being who wishes to leave a significant impact, to inspire positivity and possibility in a world plagued by negative vibrations.

You will succeed as you stay persistent and as you return to love, as you recognize your challenges and your blockages as what they are, opportunities to turn away from fear and doubt and insecurity, and to become more centered, more focused upon the divine love that is always there but requires awareness to fully tune into. Your making this link, your choosing the path of love creates a ripple throughout all of humanity, releasing soul blockages in you and inspiring others to choose the positive path, the path of love and well being. In this moment, love is all around you.

Recognize this feeling and return to it often. As challenge comes up, as emotion builds within you, as fear rises to the surface, be not afraid. Know that light is more powerful than darkness, love is more powerful than fear. And so if fear is ushering in, return to love to transform the giant monster of fear into a small kitten or mouse. To transform fear into love do not worry about change. Change is and change will continue to be. Meet the changes in your reality with an open heart and mind and with love and the benefits and blessings of the change will emerge.

It is only when you become distraught about change that the negative possibilities come into alignment. The path of love will assist you in aligning with that which serves, with your happiness, with your vitality. Bringing these positive attributes and vibrations to the forefront in the physical realm. Where your awareness and attention goes, energy is amplified. And so, look for the blessings, look for love, look for miracles, and this is what will emerge out of that which crumbles, of that which changes, and that which fades away.

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Change is essential and so do not try to hold on to the status quo, to what is or what has been, but with love and with the perspective of love, move in the direction of positive advancement, of improvement, and finally question, yes, question the way things are. Question the programs and possibilities. Question that which is accepted without a doubt for much is different than it seems. And through questioning, through seeking, through choosing to inspire love, the changes unfolding in your life can be for the greatest good, for your greatest good, in bringing a positive blessing for all.

Love, tune into love, to know your path and then take action to bring love to fruition. You are here to implement change, you are here to make a difference. Be not afraid, move forward boldly, know that you are supported in stepping into positive new beginnings in line with expressing the full love of your true hearts desire.

Joy and love offer you a shield. Joy and love propel you forward. Unlimited assistance is available. Ask, be open to receive, choose love, trust in the process, and move forward on the path of initiating positive change in your life which will benefit all. You are supported in this mission, you are immensely loved, you are cleansed, and you are lifted. Go now and inspire love in your own life.

Go now and inspire love throughout all. I leave you now with love’s blessing, with hope, with joy, and with perseverance to surround your aura, to shield your energy, to inspire you to take action and to make a difference for you are the one who can inspire these positive changes through living love, through inspiring love, through choosing love. For love is present and, when focused upon, love will grow and serve all. Goodbye for now. I am complete. ~Archangel Michael as channeled by Melanie

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