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Clearing Blocks & Negativity So You Can Raise Your Vibration

Channeling with Archangel Michael, Metatron & Orion

Clear and release the blockages and negativity keeping you from fully standing in your Truth so you can raise your vibration and embody the brilliance of your highest Divine Light.

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This channeling with Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, and Orion guides you to clear the blocks in your mental, emotional, even physical body so you can step into embodying more of the Divine I Am Truth you are.

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Clearing Blocks and Negativity So You Can Raise Your Vibration

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Greetings from Orion, Metatron, and Michael – We remind you now that in periods of heightened light and frequency on the planet, there may be symptoms of past pain wounds, and even fears arising to the surface in your life causing a sense of intensity.

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When this happens, know that it is not the light frequency you are feeling. Feeling light is an incredibly blissful and peaceful experience. However higher frequencies of light have a way of revealing blockages in you where the light is unable to freely flow.

When these blockages are revealed by the light the intensity is felt

The good news is that there is a simple antidote available to you for clearing and releasing blockages and negativity as it arises.

When you greet a lower emotion, past pain, fear, or a surfacing shadow aspect with awareness… When you become aware of your “stuff”,  and when you become aware of the past experiences that are held within your mental, emotional, and  even physical being from a certain level of awareness, you empower these blockages to dissipate.

Clearing Blocks and Negativity. Archangel Michael, Metatron, Orion Channeling The state of awareness we refer to is one in which you are reconnected with the Divine I Am within you. When you’re reconnected with Divine Knowingness, and Divine Intelligence, the light and life force energy is able to circulate through you. It is able to flow into areas of blockage, and the light is able to rise up to meet your “stuff”.

And instead of causing challenges, painful emotions and crazy thoughts, as it can do from a state of relative unawareness, a mild sleep state, when you allow the light and life force energy to circulate from a place of complete awareness, love, presence, Divine Knowingness, the blockages have a way of resolving because the light is able to circulate through.

As light circulates through your being, it may meet a sticking point, which you notice because you’re aware. And so, you choose to acknowledge the past wound, to face the blockage, to accept the stuff that has happened to you and that’s stored somewhere in you deep down.

Blockages become stored within you, because in the past, you didn’t let it go when something challenging happened. You didn’t allow the energy to circulate. Instead, you tensed up, or resisted, causing a blockage to appear. This is normal…

But now its time to clear out these blockages and you can do so by, relaxing and allowing divine light, and life force energy to circulate through you.

This empowers you to ride the waves of light and ascension energy as they continue to stream onto the planet.

This is not to say you will necessarily get to a point where you never are emotionally challenged again, nor does it man you will never face a blockage again, because clearing happens in layers.

When you peel back layers, the stuff buried deeper down is able to be addressed and becomes possible to be resolved.

When you do this work of maintaining awareness, of facing where you have buried past wounds, and blockages tied to those certain things you don’t like to think about, don’t want to go there, and just want to stuff, bury, or hold onto out of the reach of the conscious mind, for it upsets the mind you can let them go.

When you shine the light of awareness on these places, when you reveal what’s been buried deep, when you face the shadow, not with judgment, not needing to replay and rehash out every detail, and get back into the drama or bring old dramas into the now, but just facing it with awareness, with love, with acceptance, the life force is able to circulate through.

You’re able to let it go and you’re able to lift into a new state of connection, a new state of flow and sync with the infinite.

You’re able to expand into a new place of divine knowingness, empowering more inspiration to anchor through you, empowering more of your truth and authenticity to shine forth, for you’re clearing out that which you’re not.

You’re clearing out that which has only been weighing you down.

You’re facing it, loving it, accepting it, shining a light upon it.

And through this, allowing it to be, you allow it to release and let go, allowing Divine Love, light, and peace to fill you, to illuminate your core, to clear and expand your mind, to awaken and empower your heart center, and to enliven and energize your willpower forces, so you can fully, through these three key areas, shine your soul light, and your highest truth.

To embody Divine I Am Presence, to live as a divine light being in physical form by continuing to stay awake, stay aware, stay present, face the stuff which feels heavy with the light of awareness, the intelligence of divine mind, the compassion, presence, and love of your inner most divine being, for when you do, the blockages can be resolved.

The past wounds and pains set free from being held in your body and your energetic structure, and with this, you are able to blossom.

Your structure is able to crystallize to allow more of your pure Divine I Am expression to rise up, shine forth, pour through you, receiving clear inspiration, feeling empowered, and centered, and loved, acting with integrity, being impeccable with your every thought, word, and action as you walk the mastery path of love.

And through this, you are able to lift.

Your vibration is able to rise.

Through this, the ascension codes and light waves streaming in, no longer need to be focused on clearing out the blockages from old stuff.

The light codes are then able to work on elevating you into a place of expanded divine mind, bringing you the activations of your DNA, of your key codes, of your highest divine truth. Bringing you knowledge, inspiration, and wisdom to support your unique soul work, soul path, soul journey.

You are able to step into making a difference in the world through showing up as the true you, positively impacting the lives of others through your work, through your deeds, through your actions, yes.

But perhaps the most profound of all, is through your presence, through the light of love you exude, through the light of love you shine forth through your heart, through the clarity within your mind, through your acting in alignment with your highest love with each step you take, being a way shower for how to live and thrive in the new energies.

Dancing through the unfolding changes, flowing with ease through the waves of light, receiving the upgrades, the blessings, the magic in store by simply staying alert, aware, clear, connected to your inner Divine I Am core, connected to Divine Intelligence, and divine Knowingness, and allowing Divine Life Force to circulate through you.

And when the circulation of light and life force reaches a point of constriction? When there is a pebble, a rock, a block in the flow? You face that blockage with love, acceptance and awareness.

You accept what has been. You love yourself through it now, and through love, and relaxing into the energy flow in the moment, the Divine Life Force is able to go to work for you, to clear the blockages, to raise your vibration, to expand your knowing, to connect you with what it is you most need now to replenish your energy, to live in a state of radiant joy, and bliss, and vitality here and now.

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It is your time to shine and thrive, and it all begins, and hinges on your presence.

You’re allowing light, life force, Divine Knowingness to reach you, and to circulate through.

So, clear your mind. Let go of thought. Allow your heart to relax, your energy to relax and open, and allow yourself to receive from above, a wave, a stream, an influx of light, a blessing of frequency to flow in to your very core, to empower your knowingness, to heighten your awareness, to support you in being the true you here and now.

You are free from what has been, free from worrying about what could be, becoming fully present, fully awake, centered, recharged, empowered by this light of love that you are connected with and that you are allowing to flow into you to circulate through.

Allow light and life force to flow up and down the central column of your being, grounding you to the crystalline core of the awakened earth below, and flowing up, anchoring you to the light of source, the infinite above.

Allow the energy to flow, circulating around you in a toroidal flow, cleansing your energy, elevating your vibration, attuning you to the power of love, and light, and peace that are always available, but that you are consciously tuning into, becoming one with, allowing to circulate through, and be the true you now.

Keep your heart open. Keep your mind clear. Keep shining bright, acting on your inner inspiration, and greeting what arises in your inner or outer world with awareness, with love, and with presence as you progress on this joyful awakening path, ascension journey because you are embodying your highest divine light.

We love you, we support you, we bless you. And so, it is…

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Melanie Beckler



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