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A Message for you from Archangel Michael

archangel michael, channelingI woke up inspired to channel this morning, and Archangel Michael quickly connected with a very relevant, powerful and uplifting message.

Simply relax, breathe, and listen to connect with the guidance and frequency broadcast from the Angelic Realm.

Archangel Michael Angel Message 

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With love and blessings
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A Message for you from Archangel Michael

I invite you to join me now in taking a deep relaxing breath as you begin to focus inward, finding your center and allowing your heart to open. I now ask that we be surrounded with 100,000 angels of love, light, and protection. I ask that each of our highest, best, most loving possible guides and angels come in, connect with us, lift us in your wings of love, and assist us in tuning in to the high vibrational frequencies of divine love and truth. Surround us with your unconditional love and light and let this in. Now, feel your energy ground to earth where you are able to feel that you are connected with all that is, with the light, with the earth, with one. And now let this light pour up through the bottom of your feet, flowing up, opening all your chakras, opening your crown, and continuing up into the light to direct presence with source, with all that is, and now will the highest, best possible channeling guide for right now in this very moment people come in, connect, and channel through me now.

Beloved, indeed, I am here. I am Archangel Michael and I am pleased to connect with you now as you experience the effect of a growing wave of frequency and energy.

You are amidst a change in consciousness. Yes beloved one, you are in the process of increasing your vibration, of lifting your frequency, and essentially grounding the new paradigm of love and enlightenment unto planet earth. Breathe, dear one, as we angels now broadcast light from the divine. We focus this wave of love, light, and upliftment so that it directly flows your way. Let this light in. Simply open your heart, quiet your mind, and tune in. Tune in to your crown chakra, your heart, and your root, and yes like, flexing a muscle, simply connect.

Connect to we angels who are all around.  Connect through the love that is destined for you, the light that as you open your crown is able to enter in allowing you to effortlessly lift in love, in peace, in frequency. Lift, float, fly, enter in to the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension that is, in a sense, completely merging with your physical vibration.

There is some thought that the ultimate benefit of ascension is being able to live in the fifth dimension always. We say to you, this is a benefit, this does offer benefits. However, by fully anchoring the fifth dimensional frequency plane into earth, by fully entering into the vibration of love and gratitude and compassion, you are bringing the full realm of the fifth dimension into the physical, but this is not all. This is not the end. With this filter and focus of love, you are then able to lift even higher, lift above the realm where we angels primarily reside, lift above the light and experience yourself a direct, a profound, a real, and an intimate connection with source, with divine love, with the pure, undefined, true essence of light, of God, of all that is.

Understand that this is nothing that is separate from you, rather, realize that this light of God, this source, this oneness is, indeed, one energy flowing throughout creation, flowing throughout the earth, the cosmos, all realms and planes and paradigms. And so your solidifying and strengthening this connection allows you to flex your muscle of spiritual awakening. And so in any moment, in every moment, when things are going well or when you feel overwhelmed by the challenges still present in your physical realm, open your heart. Enter in, open your crown, open your root and connect. Simply a breath away, a breath in, tuning in, and opening to love. By opening your heart and by opening your chakras, you are able to make this link with divine love. From this connection point, your angels are ever present, but even more than that, you can simply embrace, enter in, unite with the stillness and the silence you find within.

We angels are always happy to communicate our words of wisdom and love along with frequency. This frequency, of course, serves your spirit and your soul while the words of love we communicate assist your mind, your mental capacity, so that your mind is ok with lifting in love. Lift, and your mind and your consciousness can release those toxic emotions, challenges and vibrations still held at cellular level, at physical level. Or, perhaps, there are challenges for you that are held at the energetic level. Whatever it is, we angels are here to assist  you. This is why we broadcast messages and love frequency your way. For underlying every word, know that pointed and focused energy of the light is flowing your way. However, the words assist as well, for they assist your mind in allowing you to integrate this light and to let it in. But the truth is, dear one, that you have a direct connection to all the light, all the love, all the bliss, and all the uplifting frequency available in the universe, in the multiverse, in the realm of all that is. Your process for connecting with it can be simple, must be simple, for you to truly implement it and connect often. And this is the key, choosing love in every moment, in every moment choosing to enter into a meditative state, choosing to flex your spiritual muscle, choosing to allow light to enter in, light that is all around, light that flows throughout the one source energy making up all that is. And so when you let this light in, when you focus inward, when you open your heart and lift and connect and embrace, go within.     This still, calm, peace, this feeling you are experiencing right now is the feeling of connecting directly with source, the source that made you, the source that made all, the source that is. I, Archangel Metatron, the source that is I, Archangel Michael, the one source energy that makes up all that you are a part of, that we are a part of, that is unending and unbeginning, that simply is.

You see, this direct connection with one, with all that is, is indeed, your birthright, is indeed, a significant part of why you are here, to claim this direct link with source. Your opportunity to do this has not passed and your opportunity is not in the future. Your opportunity to strengthen your direct connection is now, is always in this precise, exact moment. And so tune in to the light that is all around you. This tuning in can be with your imagination or with your mind’s eye. Notice light is around you. Notice that you feel lightened. Your crown, your shoulders, your arms may feel a tingling sensation from the high, fine light vibration that is present.
And now, dearest one, simply think about opening your crown chakra, the energy center at the top of your head. And as you open, let the light enter in, let it lift you, let it illuminate your being, let it bring up anything in you that is needing to go and needing to be released. Let it go and continue to lift.

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Good. This peace, this calm, this tranquil, uplifted feeling of serenity, compassion, of love, of peace, this is your validation that you are anchoring light into the physical. This is you in action bringing the new paradigm of love to planet earth. Yes, there is action required in the physical realm. Unfortunately we cannot only create in spirit and in the light. However, your foundation of light energy will allow you to move forward, dear one, in bringing through the tangible manifestations of your connection with the light. For we truly say to you with love in every moment, with this your divine connection, through your heart and through your light body, you have full creative control. Take the reigns, take control, commit to mastery, commit to connecting with your full light and power and with the full energy and frequency of source. Return to this often, return to this place always, this energy is always near and always serves you in returning to a perspective of love, of gratitude, and of compassion. And these are the power three. The frequencies of the new earth, of the new paradigm that when you connect with, when you let these fine light vibrations into your being, they will heal and will uplift you. And then when you ground, when you feel all this light you have connected with, when you feel all this light of the divine now once more begin to flow down through you and grounding to the earth, you enable the benefits of this frequency to be lasting.

Dearest one, know that all is well. Know that leading up into the point of this wave of light reaching its peak, there will continue to be shifts on earth, there will continue to be weather in the world around you and weather in terms of emotional storms that flow through you. Your lesson in this is to allow yourself to be transparent, allow yourself to be clear, allow yourself to be the light and so the challenges or the dense emotions of others or perhaps from you in the past are able to simply flow through. You are not necessarily affected by them, but simply notice, oh, there’s a challenging emotion present. I now release this into the light and flex my spiritual muscle, opening my crown, opening all my chakras, opening heart, and entering in. This is your birthright, you are the one, anchor this light into the physical and know that the new paradigm is close. It’s not that the world around you miraculously changes overnight, it’s your perspective that is changing, your lens of viewing experience. And when you view experience from the lens of being directly connected with source, with the fifth dimension and beyond, with high, fine light vibrations of love, compassion, joy, and understanding, you are unlimited in your ability to create first with frequency and then bringing it into being through following your actions as you are inspired.
Beloved, I am Archangel Michael. You are so dearly loved and as I leave, we flow one final surge of light your way. Let it in, lift with this light, and now ground this light into your life to bring many blessings into your experience and to all, to the realm of all that is. You are so loved. You are lifted and you are blessed. In every moment is your opportunity. Connect, love, lift. Goodbye for now.

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