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Archangel Metatron- Take Your Power Back

Angel Message from Archangel Metatron

Amethyst photo by Jon ZanderGreetings, dear ones. I am here. I am Metatron. It is my honor to connect with you now.

Yes, breathe deeply now. And open your heart by simply focusing on that area, allowing your mind to be still and calm.

As you do this you will begin to feel my presence, for I am very much with you. I am not limited by time or space or linear reality as you perceive it. So I am able to be with each and every one of you right now, wherever you may be.

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As you open your heart, you are able to feel, to see, or even just to know my presence. And even if you do not yet realize that I am with you, trust that indeed, I am.

The more you attempt to open your heart, as you practice choosing love, calling on angels, and asking for angelic assistance, the more we will make ourselves more known to you and to your world.

Keep asking for help, keep praying for assistance, keep looking inside of yourself and opening, and you will begin to remember the gift which you were born with.

For you see, you are a spiritual being. You are a divine being. And you are having a human experience.

Now this experience of being human was meant to be a joyful, abundant and inspiring experience. It was meant to provide you with opportunity to grow and learn about yourself. Now, this is still possible and this is still the highest purpose and vision of your life within you. You have a divine blueprint for your life. You have a specific map and plan of what you want to accomplish. What you want to contribute, and also the unique gifts, talents, and traits that you will use to accomplish your mission. You do have a mission. You are on a spiritual quest. You are on a journey. And know that since you are on a journey, there is never going to be a point when you have arrived or when you are finished working. But rather, it is important to know that very moment and every experience that you have, is a part of this. The channel who I speak through today had a challenging experience at a dentists office. She was emotional, and distraught, and having a rough time not realizing that this was an incredible opportunity to take her power back, to reclaim that aspect of her. Now, we share this her permission to help you see areas in your life that present you with challenges. Where are the situations? What aspects of your reality bring up a great deal of discomfort, a great deal of struggle? You all have them. They are all different, and they are powerful teachers for you. You see, the people in your life whom you have the most resistance, the people who you quarrel with, or who create strong reactions in you. These are your best teachers. The challenging circumstances, these are the big lessons. For you see, where there is challenge, there is great opportunity for you to overcome, for you to remain centered, light-filled, and love-filled despite whatever is happening around you. Despite the attitude, the intention or the beliefs of another.

Do you control your reality? The experiences that you create that are difficult have these specific purpose of elevating you above where you are currently. Challenges are opportunities for growth. For those of you who are experiencing illness, injury, or just discomfort at this time, this is a powerful, powerful teacher for you and you have the opportunity to truly learn that you are the creator. You have created this for many reasons, and many of these reasons are subconscious. You may want attention subconsciously. You may like the response you get from others, the compassion you receive when you share about your injury. Know that you are able to release this by choosing love in every situation. We have spoke of this before, and many of you wonder how this is possible and how this is true. The truth is love is the most powerful and most light-filled vibration that you can demonstrate. So when you respond with love to that person who aggravates you. When you respond with love and compassion towards yourself when you make a mistake. When you respond with love to a difficult experience, you grow. Your energy is elevated. Your vibration expands, and you truly open up to your true nature. This is why challenging experiences and people, situations, are in your life. They are blessings in disguise. They are opportunities for you to overcome, to take your power back. To release the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, guilt, self-blame whatever emotion you are experiencing, and replace that emotion with unconditional love and light.

The time you are experiencing now around the full moon is designed energetically to support you in this release and this is true with the current energetic shift that has been happening and still is. You are supported now more than ever in moving above and beyond that which no longer serves you. This is true of addictions. It is true of limiting thought, and beliefs, tendencies, illnesses. Whatever is your biggest challenge at this time. Allow yourself to feel this. Is it financial matters? Is it illness? Is it negative self-talk? Is it struggles in opening your heart? Whatever challenge is your greatest challenge now, allow yourself to face it. You see, this is the path of release. By first allowing the emotion that you have such a challenging time with, to be present with you. How does this, your biggest challenge, make you feel? What are the feelings? Allow these feelings, although they may be negative and something you do not want to experience, know that spirits do not see in terms of positive and negative. But rather, all are divine. And so know that this feeling has a lesson for you. And as you allow yourself to feel it now, you may want to ask yourself, what are we trying to learn from this feeling? Your lesson may simply be love, or compassion. Or there may be a specific message like take control. Be the change. What is this emotion trying to tell you? Allow yourself to feel it. Just be present with the emotion. And dear one, you are supported now by your own angels, by me Archangel Metatron, in releasing into the light, this emotion.

Now, release into the light, and as this happens, feel your energy lift along with it. And now we replace this emotion, this challenge with unconditional love, with compassion, and with awareness. Take a deep breath. As love swirls around you, with your release you have been elevated. Vibrate at this level now. Just be. As thoughts come into your mind let them go, returning to focusing on your heart. Focus on opening your heart.

Within your open heart, you access your divine blueprint. You access your angels. You access infinite intelligence, spiritual gifts, psychic sight. Love and compassion towards self, and all. This is what it means, dear one, to be a light worker. To be a being on this planet earth who is committed to evolving, to sharing love, to sharing compassion, living in light. You are here because you are a light worker. And I thank you for your service, for your willingness to go against the norm. To take control, by looking within. You see, it is not easy to look within because your ego is afraid. And your ego wants you to remain in fear, to remain small. But know that the fear of your ego is not real. Its nowhere near as powerful as the deep sense of knowing you will access within your open heart. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It is not your truth. Let it go. Open your heart to access your true power. To help your Earth, to live life in joy and in love. Connected to your true path, to your true desires. Knowing clearly and passionately what you are creating in your life as you focus on this, as you focus your intentions.

Manifest, you are a powerful creator. Remember this now as the moon begins to decrease in size. You are supported in releasing anything that is not your truth and not in line with your purpose. If you are still getting in touch with what your purpose is, be patient, be loving, and take time daily to quiet your mind, to experience silence and to open your heart. If you already know what your purpose is, write it out daily. Make this your prominent thought. Focus on it often. Return to it, for as you do, as you intend, it is created.

Silently now in your mind, I give you this opportunity to set your intention. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Affirm this now.

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To support you in this creation process. Which is possible, and is valid, we raise your energy once more. Golden light surrounds you. Surrounds your physical body, emotional body, energetic body and auric body. Golden white light which dissolves any and all negativity that is latched on to you throughout your day. Throughout your life. This is now dissolved into light. Return to source energy. And it is replaced with love. Yes, the powerful vibration of love strengthening your aura, repairing this energetic field around you. Feel it expand and lift and feel yourself lift as it does. Any and all cords connecting you and others that are draining to you are now cut, and all energy that is yours, that has been drained is rewoven into your being.

Dear one, your love and your intention combined are a powerful duo. What do you want? Intend this. Back this with compassion and with love towards you and towards others. Believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve your love. Feel as though you are already vibrantly healthy. Feel as though you already have that abundance, the lifestyle, the love. Feel it. And it is yours. Trust that it is possible. Believe that you deserve it. You are a divine being. You are creating great change in your world. This great change happens from with inside your heart. The more you open, the more you inspire others to open. The more you love, the more love returns to you. Love one another, and equally as important, love yourself. Treat yourself lovingly with your thoughts, with your actions, with healthy foods and lots of water. Surround yourself with light, positive light, people, situations.

Know that you are evolving, and this is a process. Honor yourself through this process. Support yourself in these changes, and trust that all is divine. Every experience you have, positive or negative, is divine and is an opportunity to learn and for you to grow further. When challenges arise, know that you are able to raise above them, to take your power back from them, and to lift higher. You are able to open to your true self, to the divine being you are. You can and you will live and express this divine being in your life. Christ was an example. An example of how you too can be and live. Christ consciousness is not only in Jesus Christ, but Christ consciousness is within you, and you are able to open to this, and live with this by simply choosing to honor yourself, to choose love, to serve others, and to reach out in compassion towards your Earth and towards all beings. Focus your intentions. Focus on love. And know that you are supported in following and walking your highest path. Angels are with you. Light surrounds you. You are faith, and you are on a journey returning to wholeness. You will succeed. And so it is.

I am Metatron and I leave you now, but remind you that I am always with you. I am simply a thought away. I am here to assist you in designing and creating your reality. We are linked. And so as you focus your thoughts on what you want, they are created for you. Trust in this, and follow your joy. Good bye for now.

Archangel Metatron

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