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Archangel Metatron- Open To Light

Crystal photo by Gery PerentGreetings beloved being of light. Shining brightly. Filling your room, your city, your state, your country, your world with bright light. I am Archangel Metatron and it is my honor to be here with you now. Drop into your heart. Focus inward and allow your heart to open. Know that you are safe, and you are supported in doing this. And as you open your heart feel your vibration begin to lift, for I do come with this gift of increased frequency.

Now above the top of your head, your crown chakra, see my golden flame of light and allow it now to enter in through your crown, flowing down through your spinal column, filling you with more white light, expanding your energy.  As you are expanding, allow yourself to adjust how you are sitting. You may feel the need to sit up more, or raise your head. Play with this and find the positioning of your body that works well for you, that allows you to hold the most of this energy. Remember to breathe in deep.

You are a beacon of light.

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And at this time, I wish to remind you that in your life, throughout your days and your weeks as challenges come up, as your ego chimes in, remember that really, only love is real. Love is powerful, and in reaching out towards yourself, with love, with kindness, and compassion, you offer yourself the opportunity to live your life in abundance, joy and peace. Sending love to yourself on a daily basis brings you into alignment with being able to make the choices that are for your highest good.

With being open to receive the guidance of your soul, urging you to follow your path and follow your bliss. Reconnect with your true purpose, and reason for being here. All of you are here on Earth to grow, to transcend lack, and fear, judgement, duality. As you begin on this path, it may become harder before it becomes easier. Deep seeded fears may come up for you. This is only your ego wanting you to stay in fear for this is all your ego knows. It does not understand or realize that by focusing on love, and by trusting in the supportive and loving universe, that you are able to live an abundant, joyful and love-filled life. Your ego thinks that it has to constantly be in control. So when you attempt to let your ego go, when you attempt to trust in the universal flow, and trust that you will always be provided for, when doubts do come up, remember that you do not have to listen to them. You are doing good in beginning to take the position of the observer. The part of you that is able to think that is my ego. This observer lives in the angelic realm and so when you connect with it, you connect with this angelic part of you, and believe me, it is in you. The more attention you give to it, the more you focus on quieting your ego, opening your heart, and responding with love, the easier it is to do so. Yes, doubt will come up from time to time. Yes, fear will show up in your life. Challenges will present themselves. You are human, and you are here to learn. But as you focus inside of you, on your heart, instead of on external things, instead of on your past or on your future, when you simply live in your now, you are able to connect with who you really are.

Now focus in your heart, visualize the golden path before you. This path leads to full connection with self. Full connection with divine. These are one in the same. And now feel yourself moving along this path, moving up towards your true self. Stay focused in your heart. As thoughts come up, just let them drift away. Dont judge them, or wonder why you're having them, or judge you for having them. Just let them go. Focus on your heart, and on the sound of my voice. You are moving along your highest path.

Beams of white, pink, green, blue, purple, red, and orange light, shine in your direction now. Surrounding you, and rebuilding your light body around you. You may begin to see these colors, and this is good. If you don't, just imagine them to be here. Lifting you higher. Breathe in deep. And you are here. Now. In your heart, and connected to divine, connected to your higher self.

Connected to all that is.

Be present here now. Feel yourself continue to lift and allow yourself to float, to fly. This is your true nature, this is who you are. Divine, angelic, god, goddess. And now, filled with light, visualize before you, your earth. The planet out of which your physically body was created. Out of which everything you have now, was created. Provides you food, water, shelter. Visualize this beautiful planet. And now from within your heart, take in one more deep breath, breathing in light through your crown chakra and see it leave through your heart. A beautiful pure green, and allow this love energy to leave your heart, surround your earth. Assisting her in her growth. Cleansing the areas which need to be cleansed. Lifting the areas which need to be lifted. Light surrounding the entire planet. Breathe in the white light, and allow it to leave through your heart, sending it out to earth, which you see before you now.


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And now breathe in white light. Again, in through your crown, and allow it to leave through your heart, sending to all of humanity, awaking those who are sleeping, lifting those who are down. Cleansing. Love is real, and love is powerful and as you send it to another, as you send it to your earth, you are doing great service. And you too, benefit so give of it freely, openly and willingly. And now focus again on your heart, focus your attention inward.

Know that at this time, your energy too, is cleansed and lifted. Remember this. And now as you are lowered down again, back into your physical body, remember that always you have the choice of love. Choose this in all areas, at all times. Know that you are so loved. I leave you now in one sense, but in another, I am always with you. Good bye for now.

Archangel Metatron

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