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Archangel Metatron- Co Creation

Positive Co Creation in 2012 and Beyond

Indeed beloveds I am here, I am Archangel Metatron and I am honored to be connecting with you again this night. For it is an honor you do not realize the work you are doing right now, it may not seem like work for it is enjoyable but it is work for your very being here is raising your frequency which has a tremendous effect on the consciousness of those around you, on your planet Earth who needs more to come together and raise their energy in circles like this. As more of you wake up you move closer to consciously co creating with earth and this is huge this is powerful and this is what the shift around 2012 are all centered about. 2012 what a topic, what a buzz word. We are going to touch briefly on this and then move on. We wish for you to know that 2012 is not some date where the world ends; it is not some date where everything is suddenly fine. It takes much more than a single date to change consciousness.

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What we will say is that moving towards 2012, moving ahead the energy on earth is increasing. More and more individuals are waking up to their truth. Your being here, you are waking up to your truth. You know you are realizing you are remembering your divinity and this is so important that not only you remember but that you help others remember and then as we move towards 2012 and more wake up and more remember your world is truly shifting into a higher dimension. It is truly shifting into a world filled with peace and love, we see this now, yes of course it is simply a probable reality at this point, but we have faith in you and your race, that you are capable of overcoming fear and scarcity and limitation and embracing your truth and embracing your birth right. You deserve happiness, you deserve love, you beloveds, deserve everything that you desire. Did you know that any desire that comes into your mind is possible for you in this life? Now, you may say, well that is not so, I desire to drive a BMW and that's not happening now, but you can, it is simply a matter of allowing yourself to believe, that you truly can have everything you desire.

At times it is hard to believe because you feel so far removed from it, but begin to take steps toward whatever it is you desire. Taka a small step even if it is printing out a picture of the house with the pool that you want and looking at it daily thinking isn't that nice, I love that. That is helping you manifest what you desire to you. And as you bring what you want into your reality, you experience joy, and this is why you are on earth remember? You're here to love to be in joy and to help others remember that the turbulence the violence the sadness is not necessary; we will go as far as to say it is not even real. It is an illusion it doesn't seem fake, it seems hard, it seems scary and overwhelming heavy is a good descriptions. The energy on your earth at this time is turbulent and often heavy, but remember that this is changing and take comfort in the fact that you are assisted in changes taking place by being here yes and also being committed to yourself. Being committed to love you, self love is the most underrated aspect of life.

Many of you desire relationships, you desire to be in a healthy and happy relationship and this is great we want this for you in fact at this time many power couples are coming together because they together can accomplish much more than either could as individuals. But in order for this meeting to happen in order to meet one whom you wish to have that loving and joy filled relationship. It begins with you, looking inside quieting your mind and connecting with the truth that is your higher self, the truth that you are a divine being. As you begin to accept this for yourself, as you being to remember, that yes I am here in a physical body but I am also more than this.

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You will find yourself effortlessly attracting the things that you want. The problem is your ego never wants you to remember. And any idea that is on your path that is on track with accomplishing what you want your ego will resist. Your ego will tell you that it is not possible that you cannot have it because you are not good enough, not smart enough, or you're not attractive enough. This is simply not true. We tell you this so you will know that it is an obstacle, and as you learn to disassociate from it, as you learn to focus your thoughts on what you want, so when your ego voice steps up and tells you one thing, allow yourself not to get upset, but rather say I know that is not my truth I recognize that that is my ego. And then lay out what you really want, replace the negative thought with a positive thought.  This is the key…

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