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I am happy to share with you now a free .MP3 Angel Message from Archangel Metatron. This message will gently and lovingly guide you to connect with your inner spirit, power, and purpose and help you to see that you are a unique and essential part of a larger whole.

You are strongly supported now in realizing and taking steps towards your souls purpose.
Your Angels are waiting to help!

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At this time, I ask that we be surrounded with light, with one hundred thousand angels, and with each of our highest, best, most loving possible guides and angels of the light who wish to serve us and wish to assist us in connecting with the new energies of love and light from the angelic realm. Archangel Michael, I ask for your protection, and now I ask that the highest, best, most loving possible channeling guide for right now please come in, connect and channel through me now.

“Beloved one, indeed, I am here. I am Archangel Metatron, and I greet you in a vortex of love and light, all you must do to feel this loving vibration and presence is surrender, release your conscious thoughts and worries. Breathe and enter into your inner world. You are assisted in opening your heart, finding your center, resting, relaxing and being calm.

You indeed exist now, in a powerful point in time, a powerful new beginning, and as you allow yourself now to simply be, and breathe, open and relax you are able to integrate now angelic frequencies of light and love and well-being that are all around you.

Breathe in this light and feel your energy be cleansed, your aura cleansed, your vibration lifted. You are in a powerful place to re-align with your dreams and your goals and your desires. Know that you are able to create that which you most long for in this life, and when you are conciously focused on what you want, when you believe that what you want can manifest and when you begin to take action towards creating your dreams, toward creating blessings in your reality, you cannot fail, rather you will achieve your desired result.

The disconnect experienced in life is often from chasing after dreams and goals that are not really yours. Goals imposed upon you by others, by family, by marketers, by friends, but the truth of you, the truth of your spirit and your soul, the truth of who you really are as a spiritual, powerful, vibrational being can only be found, can only be discovered and can only be implemented by you.

And so as you allow yourself to relax now, and let go of tension, and stress and worry, let go of goals that are not really yours, let go of the shoulds in your life such as “I should do this because it would make someone happy, I should do this because it would look good to others”, let go of this now. And feel lighter, feel freer, feel brighter, for you are no longer affected by that which is not yours.

And beloved by opening your heart, by diving into your inner realm and by asking now: “What is my truth, what do I really want moving forward in my life? What am I here on Earth to create to share, to experience?” You are able to know.

Open your heart and open to the knowing of why you are here, of what you want as spirit, what you desire as a spiritual being in physical form. Do not worry if this answer is a bit hazy for you now. But know that as you continue to practice, quieting your mind, opening your heart and tuning in to your inner voice and light and power, the truth of you will become clear.

You are here to love, to live joyously and vibrantly, to serve, to make a difference and when you respond with love when you open your heart and let your full self shine, you will accomplish your goal.

Let go of that which no longer serves you, let go of the doubt and imagine or see in your minds eye your team of angels flying around, you know in a circular motion, the energy spiraling around your body and up up up into the light, releasing that which no longer serves you, that which weighs you down, that which is not your truth, release.

This is making room and making way for you to connect with your inner power, your spirit, your authentic self. You are supported now in achieving your purpose. You are supported now in accomplishing your goals and desires, your goals and desires, not those imposed upon you, not those you choose to follow to appease another. But the truth of what your heart desires to contribute to the physical world.

By connecting with this, by honoring this, by being bold and brave and confident and moving in the direction of your dreams, you will find that living in joy and love and peace comes much more naturally. Living in your power is possible now.

Know that to re-connect with your power, your inner light, your spirit on a daily basis is one of the most powerful things you can do. To integrate with your spiritual self to manifest blessings and changes for the highest good in your life, in your reality for the planet and for humanity, all you must do dear one, on a regular basis is breathe, quiet your mind, turn away from your doubts and your ego, and open to love.

Open your heart and feel the love that is all around you, for when you open your heart you are able to tune in to the angels who are always near. When you open your heart and think “yes”, when you open your heart and think “angels help me on my path, help me to know my truth, help me to live love” we will always respond, we will always assist you.

All you must do is relax, all you must do is open, and feel sense, hear, smell and see our presence. We are with you, and you are at a powerful point of new beginning where you can re-align with what you really want and create it.

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Create blessings of joy, of love, of abundance. Open your heart and let your light shine. Open your heart and connect with the power of your spirit as you move forward on your path, choosing love, choosing joy, choosing peace, and through this these vibrations cannot help but be interwoven throughout your entire experience.

Love and joy do help you in accomplishing your purpose and so open your heart, connect with your light, your power, your spirit. Shine, love, live and call upon your angels for assistance for we will always answer, together we can create miraculous change here on Earth, but you are an essential part of the process. You are the creator, the manifestor in the physical and your every word your every thought creates and so daily return to love, return to joy, return to peace and return your focus to that which you, as spirit, you your authentic self, what you really want.

And watch, allow, take action and create blessings in your own life, we will assist, but you must take action and you are supported in doing so now. Be bold, be brave, be confident and have fun, a new paradigm is opening, a paradigm of joy and love and prosperity, jump in. With love, with laughter and with your open heart and you will achieve that which you most desire in your heart, your purpose, your authentic truth.

Beloved one you are so loved, you are assisted, you are supported we are always near, open your heart, call upon your angels and we will answer. Know that in our brief time together now your energy has been cleansed and lifted but now it is up to you to carry this vibration out into your life and into your world, maintain this positive energy by choosing love, by choosing peace, and when a thought of doubt or anger or sadness enters, when an emotion that is not pleasant is felt, stop, breathe, feel whatever it is you are feeling and then let it go, release it into the light, hand it over to your angels and then return to love.

Love serves you in achieving your goals, the goals of your spirit and the goals of your authentic self. Your purpose and your highest possible path are waiting. Take the first step, love yourself, open your heart, bask in joy and be simply be in this energy of love, let it wash over you, let it fill you and let it encourage you to take action, for now is the time to create the life of your dreams, to create positive change, to live love. You are supported you are loved and you are blessed.

I am Archangel Metatron, I am always near call upon me for assistance at any time. I leave you now with my blessing.

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