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Two Rejuvenation Meditations

Rejuvenation Meditation

rejuvenation meditationLet Your Angels Refresh & Renew Your Energy!

You are guided and supported now in washing away negative influences from your life and in renewing your energy with help from the Angelic Realm.

You have an active role to play in creating your future experiences, but you’re not alone! Right now is a powerful time to energetically materialize positive new beginnings and to manifest your heart’s calling… And your angels are here to help!

These two new angel meditations will assist you in stepping into the light and riding the wave of Divine Love and possibility before you.

Connect with the rejuvenating and refreshing energy of the Angelic Realm and with the power of Divine Love which will uplift and empower you to infuse your consciousness with the light of infinite possibility available to you through now through Love.

Mastery of Love~ Angel Message with Orion: 17 Minute .MP3
Rejuvenation Meditation with Archangel Muriel: 17 Minute .MP3

When you click through the ‘Order Now!' button below and complete your transaction, you will receive instant access to both meditations!

Originally $22 for both….


Both messages are set to the meditative music of Thaddeus. The Rejuvenation Meditation with Muriel also has the gentle sounds of Ocean waves from the Nature Music album by Gaia.

With love and gratitude, 

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