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Archangel Michael Transmission – Recharge Your Light!

Recharge Your Light

Simply relax, listen and allow as Archangel Michael steps forward to support you in recharging your light and uncovering your inner brilliance.

Ignite the soul wisdom and brilliance you've always carried within.

Open to allow the Light of Love to circulate through your being, illuminating your divine essence and empowering you to stand in the truth and light of Divine I Am.

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Recharge Your Light: 24:42 Min

The meditation music for this session is created by Frederic Jean-Yves Perez – Sounds Of Light. Archangel Michael channeled by Melanie Beckler

“Welcome your soul brilliance, allow the Divine in you to rise, to emerge from within, to descend from above, to rise from below, to be revealed to you from within and all around.” -Archangel Michael 

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Prefer to read? This transmission with Archangel Michael has been transcribed for you here: 

Recharge Your Light

At this time, I invite you to join me in finding a comfortable and relaxed position where you can close your eyes and direct your awareness away from the external …

Away from whatever has been happening so far today …

Away from whatever is happening in the world around …

And directing your awareness within – tuning into your breath, the rhythm of your breath growing steady, calm, and slow …

Your awareness tuning into the area at the center of your chest, your heart chakra that, when tuned into, is able to soften, relax, and open. 

And now, at this time, I call in and forth, beloved Source of all, solar logos, Christ, guardian angels, guides, ascended masters of the highest, most benevolent light. 

Enter in, our teams of guides, angels, ascended masters in Spirit. 

Enter into this present point in time. 

Surround us with your frequency of love, your transmission of light, with divine presence, light, and life force frequency. 

Connect with us together, as individuals, and as one with whatever will most serve here and now, according to divine will, in the highest interest of all. 

And so, it is…


Greetings from Archangel Michael. 

Archangel Michael Transmission

Indeed, we are here. We, your team, your guides, your allies in Spirit, stepping in from all around, stepping in from above, from below, from behind, moving in within and around you. 

And we invite you to become aware of our presence, the presence of Spirit, the presence of guidance, the presence of Source present within you. 

Begin to allow your awareness to soften, relax, and open, tuning into a point of light, a spark of divine light, divine presence, God light within you – the spark of the Divine within your heart. 

Tune into this now. 

Your awareness empowers this spark. 

This – your divine essence that we are a part of, that is one with all – is able to emerge, to rise, to expand from within your open heart, to fill the space around your heart chakra. 

The envelope of energy around your heart center is beginning to glow, to shine, to radiate light. 

Tune into this warmth, this presence of light within. You are this light that is one with the Divine and one with all.

As you breathe into the light within your open heart, let your awareness effortlessly and naturally begin to move in and expand around, allowing your heart to grow larger, allowing your heart energy to expand around … 

The vortex of your heart circulating life force energy around your entire body, circulating the light of love out into your etheric energy, out into your mental and emotional fields, out into the realms of Spirit.

Tuning into the light of love within and all around you now, become aware of your heart light as a part of one pillar of light along your core, along your spine …

A pillar of light – building, increasing in radiance, glowing in vibrancy in this light of love, in this power of the Infinite that you are. 

The pillar of light along your spine is spanning from your heart …

Down your spinal column, down your lower chakras, all the way down through the layers of earth below your feet, to the crystalline core of Gaia, Mother Earth.

You’re able to gently and effortlessly tune into the presence of Mother Earth, of Gaia, who is here for you now, who’s so grateful you’re here, who blesses you with earth healing energy, with gratitude, with presence, with divine motherly love.

Tune into the very core of Mother Earth, the crystalline core below you, below your feet, allowing yourself to anchor to the core of the earth now, to anchor your central column of light, this pillar of light that you are, anchoring to the earth below your feet. 

And now, allow the crystalline light, the divine light presence, the one light stream that is the stream of archangels, of angels, of ascended masters, of the Divine that you are, that you are a part of …

Allow it to stream up, igniting the pillar of light along your core, uniting all chakras within your physical body as one pillar, one column of light that you are able to now lift up in from your open heart …

Through your throat, the center of your mind, the top of your head, and – lifting up above your head now – into the higher energy centers above. 

Allow your awareness to effortlessly be pulled up, pulled up along this central thread, this central column … 

Your awareness pulled up above your head to experience yourself as a divine being, to experience yourself as divine intelligence, to experience you as a light being. 

These energetic centers above your head are activated, brought into coherence and in alignment with this pillar of light along your core that you are …

Anchored to the earth below, anchored to the great central sun above, allowing divine light and life force energy to circulate through, to stream up and down this central pillar …

Bringing the crystalline light of the earth up along your core, all the way into the heavens above.

And now, from above – retaining awareness above your head – now allow the light of the Divine, the light of the Divine being you are to move down …

To move in through the crown chakra at the top of your head, in through your mind’s eye, in through your throat, your high heart, your heart, your solar plexus, sacral, and root …

Down into your body, activating your physical body with the higher light of divine I Am, igniting divine I Am within your very core, within your every cell. 

Experience your every cell lighting up, being recharged, being illuminated with this stream of light that flows in, that flows all around – this stream of light that you are a part of, you are one with. 

And with your allowing, you are able to welcome yourself to fully embody this divine I Am presence, transmission, truth, here and now. 

A pillar of light along your core, and the energetic aura of this pillar, expands far around, charging your etheric body, your mental, emotional fields, your causal, spiritual, light body …

Activating now your crystalline template, your crystalline body, embracing the truth of you as a crystalline light being in physical form, fully here, fully present in the physical, fully present as a pillar of light …

Aware of yourself as a physical being, and aware of you on the other side of the veil, aware of you, fully present in Spirit, as Source, in light.

And by tuning into the stillness, peace, and presence within your open heart – within the clear opening at the center of your mind – you’re able to relax into, to move into embodying, experiencing, welcoming the light, the love that you are.

Welcome your soul brilliance, the Divine in you to rise, to emerge from within, to descend from above, to rise from below, to be revealed to you from within and all around …

Revealing, illuminating your brilliance, welcoming all that you are. 

And in this divine awareness and divine knowingness, we invite you to welcome any part of you that is challenged, that is stuck, that has felt small.

Fully welcome your human self, your personality self within this light of love.

Fully welcome the part of you that is fully divine, the part of you that is fully human. 

And just for a moment, for an instant, with your breath, allow these aspects of you to merge, the boundary to be dissolved, the veil to be lifted, the truth of you revealed. 

You are a divine being. 

You are divine. 

You are – in this moment and in every moment – directly connected, directly plugged into, a part of this one light stream that is divine intelligence, that we and the angelic realm, are. 

We are. You are. I Am. 

Feel into this. 

I Am divine. I Am a Christed being. I Am God, Source, Divinity.

And allow the clouds of illusion, the perceived blockages of the mind, or the emotions, or the energetic field to be burned away in this brilliant solar light, like a fog dissolving effortlessly in the light of the sun. 

Let your inner solar light shine, expand, illuminate. 

I Am. 

Illuminate all that you are …

For your benefit, and in the highest interest of all, for indeed, you’re shining in truth, in integrity, in love. 

Your allowing your soul brilliance to be revealed, to rise to the surface, creates waves of blessing, ripples of coherence out beyond you, bringing your heart and mind and body and energy field into the light of love, into the power of one, into coherence. 

It is powerfully transforming, healing, uplifting for all, across the lines of time.

It is made possible by your willingness and openness …

Opening the link through your open heart, through your central column of light …

Opening to allow your soul, the God in you to rise, to surface, to be revealed on a spiritual, on an energetic, a mental, emotional, on a physical level. 

You are so divine … 

  • Allowing this light to shine in your brain, in your body, in your bones, your blood, your every cell …
  • Receiving this light transmission from your soul, from your highest self …
  • Developing this pathway …
  • Creating this opening for you to be an embodiment of love, a pillar of light on earth, here, now, and forevermore.

Allow your heart to open even more. 

Allow your light to shine even more. 

Allow life to circulate through you, to unlock within you, the divinity yet to be revealed, the highest and best of infinite possibility opening for you and aligning through your willingness to step into this state of harmony, of coherence, of infinite love and presence within and all around. 

Feel your hands. Feel the light in your hands, this transmission of healing, of divinity, of love. 

Allow yourself to place your hands over your heart center …

To anchor love, healing, soul wisdom, presence, and truth here and now, for your benefit, and to bless and benefit all. 

We are with you in this one light stream. 

Allow the love to flow freely, the light to lift, expand, and freely shine. 

We love you. We love you. We love you. 

And so, it is… 

Thank you.

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With gratitude, love, and bright blessings,

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