Get A FREE .MP3 Angel Message
Get A FREE .MP3 Angel Message

Golden Light Energy Cleanse

Sweep away stress, tension, heavy emotions and past trauma with brilliant golden light and angelic energy!

Golden Light Energy Cleanse The timing now is perfect… To cleanse your energy and open up to the current of love, joy, bliss and blessings that are possible for you.

Are you willing? 

Simply relax and breathe as you listen and lift in this profound Golden Light Energy Cleanse with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Uriel.

Simply press play and listen to effortlessly: 

  • Lift in the Divine frequency Golden Solar Light.
  • Experience A Profound Energy Clearing
  • Bring Healing and Blessings to your Physical Body.
  • Receive Cellular Healing
  • Empower your Will Center.
  • Raise Your Vibration.
  • Cleanse and rejuvenate your aura.
  • Embody peace, blessings, and light.
  • Harmonize and Rejuvenate Your Entire Being
  • Manifest Blessings In Your Life

As you listen you will experience a profoundly beautiful transmission of Golden Solar Light to uplift your energy and cleanse your being on every level.

Open to feel, know and experience first hand how loved, guided and supported you really are.

You'll LOVE returning to this powerful angel meditation and frequency transmission time and time again.

It's the perfect way to powerfully reset your energy, cleanse your aura and realign with your Highest Soul Light!

Now Available for only $17

As always your purchase is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler





About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Hi i dont know if you do thwae kinds of things but something. really starnge is happening to me . an evil eye curse or some other bad bad thing . i know i truly know in my heart and soul that something is not right with me everything had fallrn apstt in my life i cant get a break . my family just says im crazy . no i had a psych evaluation and they say im nit even close to being crazy. My mom told me im a lightworker a true lightworker 18 months ago thats around the time things went really weird for me i was hanging at a place i shouldnt have been . anither thing happened at a love loud concert im pretty sure something bad happened i woke up on the railing next to the loud loud speakers. Alone . im scared to say anythin or do much about it cause i feel like someone cursef me to be quiet . im terified of everything everuthing i do i hear “its cursed” when it all started so ive always had abilitys naturally and it seemed lime when tbey were getting good . bam evil swooped in an is tirmenting me witchcraft or psychic attack… Im deffinatly a empath it seend like i suck the pain from everything abd make it my own. So when tjis all started i heard a man say “i wont stop until her and her while family and everyone she has known suffers . i dont kniw what i did. I have the angels sending me signs but theres do much going on that im getting to many signs every single double digit number weird occurances something is wrong very wrong my fiance left me ibgot kicked out my car taken away . i ferl like tbe little kid pulling on her moms shirt saying mom mom listen listen its imporyant and noone ever listens or believes me. They think im crazy. No whats crazy is having my jewelry break on my wrist kbife holes in all my clothes am i haunted or is this a curse . this is tbe first time ive reached out to anyone if you could pass the word i teally need help psychcially and now i thibk mentally to its like with this curse i hear everyone and it makes me think they can hear me but i dobt kbow its lime a whirlwind under my left ear i close my eyes and see spiders abd scary thibgs im going tbrough otsd and postpartum depression from a terminated pregnancy. I keep hearingbmy third eye is open no way im not spiritual right now havent been for a tear and hslf how could it open unless someone used me for an expierment or something .i think the evil eye might be tbe third eye but evil. Someobe cast thst on me my eye of fatima was missing out my bathroom and so eas the evil rye out my laundry badket ive accused people said horrible things but noone will admit. Is this some weird spirit thing . i feel horrible ive said hotrible things pushed my family all away live in a hotel by myself with noone and nothibg now noone calls or anything i feel like im dead honestly. Am i a ghost . jk…feel like it sometimes . but i was gona see if there was anything that came to your mind or anyone you know i need to know mayve a carx reading i do t have money right now i dobt hsve anything im bately hsnging on tnis has gitten so bad im about ready to commit suicide. I mean can you imagine hearing evety though you think repeated or commented on thsts whst this is i think theybknow my family but i call and its not them. They are clueless. Whay us happening to me did Someone make a mistakeke and do this to the wrong person orvid it just bezzys hating on me . jealous people msybe i even stsryef using dtugs agsin csuse of this its 24/7 . keep hearing its curse.these days with curse hrxes and jinxes on tbe ruše i wouldnt be surprisef on u tube iz showa u how. Not for me on a lightwkrker well turing but the confusion od if im resllx odgovorila abelrf to tek ectrnt i tko k i am i do t know anymore im being tormented so bad . i k iw you xant so much but i was holing may e uf i get it out there someone will eventually help me or tell me what this all is . whiever this us theybhate me i can hear them above me like tbey are using witchcraft to see me i cant even pee ir shower without hearingbim disgusting and commentary to everuthing its nit vouces out one ear …something bad has happened ad i have to figure out whodid tjis horrible thing to me..pass the word your guidance would be greatly appreciated…thanksm

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