Overcoming Resistance

Angel Messages- Overcoming Resistance & Maintaining Balance

Overcoming ResistanceAngel Messages with Raziel and Orion

These two new messages from Archangel Raziel and the Angel Guide Orion will inspire you to continue forward on your path of spiritual awakening and uniting with your full spiritual self. Angelic wisdom continues to teach that amidst every challenge, hardship, or obstacle, there are hidden blessings. We have entered into a new paradigm of love of Earth (post 12-21-12). Now more than ever with intention, focus, and love we can create blessings for ourselves and for the Earth.

The first message is with Archangel Raziel, and is about uniting with Divine Love to overcome obstacles and resistance. This is the first time I have channeled Archangel Raziel, who is said to reveal the secrets and mysteries of the universe. Raziel came through with a powerful message and frequency of healing and love. This Message is 31 Minutes long and mixed down to a beautiful audio track from Thaddeus.

The second message with Angel Guide Orion is on balance. Orion illustrates how to tune into and maintain balance in this new paradigm we are experiencing in this 14:20 Minute Angel Message, which is set to beautiful meditative music from Thaddeus as well.

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  1. Thank you so very much your insight has helped me tremendously.

    may god continue to bless you with love, wisdom, health, abundance, and prosperity.


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