Angel Course with Metatron and Orion

Wheel of The Year Angel Course

Wheel of The Year

Your Angels Are With You In Every Season Of The Year

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere or southern, the Earth’s journey throughout the year is very symbolic of the journey of a human soul. Each season of the year is a reminder that your life is cyclical, and there is beauty to be found amidst change.

Time seems to be moving so fast, and yet amidst this acceleration, we too are taking quantum leaps forward as spiritual beings. Right now is an incredibly powerful time energetically. This is true in a physical sense through the many shifts and changes Earth is already experiencing, and in the spiritual realms, where new dimensions of access have now become available for us to access!

You have the opportunity now to recommit to walking a spiritual path centered in love, and living as an empowered spiritual being in physical form as you co create your reality. If you do choose this, don’t be surprised to receive a personal initiation from your Spirit Guides and Angels as you listen to these messages.

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This Powerful Multi-Part Angel Course includes:


Each of the messages for Autumn deliver an empowering message along with a personal energetic exercise, simultaneously. You will connect with the perfect balance that is the Autumnal Equinox… The same balance that lies deep within your open heart.

Balance which serves to assist in objectively viewing the year so far. It is important for you to take time to clear your mind, open your heart and connect with the infinite peace that lies within you. Now that the busy summer season is over and the holidays are a couple months away, this is a great time for peace and further spiritual development. This is the time to refocus your goals, to focus on peace and aspiring to experience new growth in your life.

By connecting with these messages and opening your heart, you are able to connect directly with your angels and your spiritual guides for spiritual growth.

Your energetic body will be cleansed and repaired of any damages that can occur in day to day life. 
Your chakra centers will be balanced and your energy will be grounded into Mother Earth. You will connect with the perfect balance that is the Autumnal Equinox… The same balance that lies deep within your open heart.

Archangel Michael~ Focused Intention (16.36)

Archangel Uriel~ Soul Empowerment (23.10)

Archangel Haniel~ Autumn Equinox Meditation (17.17)

Archangel Metatron~ Increasing Your Intuition (13.03)


The Winter Solstice, and the time around it has long been celebrated by cultures around the world, as a time of rebirth, and renewal. This is the time of the shortest days, and the longest nights.

This is a time of inward focus where you are supported, in examining your traditions and fundamental way of life, refreshing, and refocusing on what you love, and what you truly desire to experience in your time here in the physical. From birth we have all been conditioned by our parents, culture, education, religion, media, and country, to see reality in a certain way.  Who we think we are, and what we believe determines what we create and experience in the world.

One of the primary challenges for all humans now is to discover our true soul aspirations, and to consistently take action towards them.  Tune in, and the silence and solitude of the Winter Solstice energy can help you to tune into your true aspirations.

Physical reality reflects our choices, and as you reflect on what has been in your life, know that whatever is falling away at this time is making space for something new. You are supported by the Angels and the Universe right now in bringing more light into your life to lead and guide your way. There is great potential for you to grow and empower yourself and your reality in new exciting ways…

A Winter Solstice Message~ Archangel Michael

The Blessings of the Season~ Archangel Michael

Healing Meditation~ with Archangel Raphael

Celebrating the First Light In Winter~ Archangel Michael

Activating Your Inner Healing with Archangel Raphael

10 Minute MP3 Cleansing Meditation with Archangel Michael


Ah, spring! This season brings increased daylight, warming temperatures, and the visual rebirth of the flora and fauna of the Earth. Green buds begin to appear, birds chip and flowers bloom… growth is in the air. Astrologically, this is the beginning of the tropical new year. It is a powerful time to reconsider what goals or wishes you would like to manifest in the coming days.

The Spring Equinox is Mother Earth’s celebration of rebirth. Let the increased light bring inspiration to your spirit and your heart. Give yourself permission to celebrate this now! This is a time of balance and harmony. A moment of respite as the sun is centered between Northern and Southern Hemisphere, and centered between earth and sky. This creates a sacred cross, offering balancing and harmonizing energy for our planet and for humanity.

Now is the time to take inventory of where you have been, and where you are going. You are supported now in breaking free from any remaining chains that have hindered or blocked your growth. Spring cleaning is supported now, so let go of all that no longer serves you… spiritually, mentally, and physically! Let go, relax, and allow yourself to flow with the natural rhythm of the Earth around you.

This energy serves you. Tune into your heart… and to the awareness that you are connected to all that is. From this space, you have all that you need to heal, to grow… to witness miracles in your life.

Spring Equinox Angel Course With Archangel Metatron: 38 Min

Spring Equinox Angelic Activation with the Angels of the Light 31 Minutes

New Beginnings Angel Message with Archangel Uriel


The Sun has long been a symbol of the Divine and of Spiritual Light. This time on and around Summer Solstice, when the Sun is at its peak represents your full reunion with light and with Divinity. The Earth is alive and bursting forth with life. Every plant, tree, rock, flower and animal seems to radiate vitality.

The waves of light energy streaming onto the planet now offer you the opportunity to jump into the flow and connect with your full spiritual light and power. An incredible wave of light, love, OM, and peace energies are about to peak, just before the Sun begins its retreat.

Observing the solstice provides a powerful reminder of just how precious every day is. We celebrate the power of the light now, the abundant and fertile Earth and at the same time we acknowledge its passing, because after the 20th, the days begin to get shorter again.

Below, you will find 3 brand new messages designed to help you connect with these powerful energies to incorporate them into your life. Going with the flow is hundreds of times easier than going against the current.

Take the time to relax, connect with these channeled angelic messages and enjoy the continued growth that is available to you, right now!

Summer Solstice Angel Course With Archangel Metatron ~ 38 Min .MP3

Summer Solstice Angelic Activation with Archangel Michael~ 12 Min .MP3

Summer New Moon Angel Message with Archangel Metatron

Wheel of the Year Angel Course $97


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