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Support Your Ascension Path With the Ascension Angel Card Reading

The focus for this free Angel Card Reading reading is the ascension path!

Tune into the angels messages for you right now regarding your ascension path, the ascension of humanity, and the ascension of earth as a whole in 2017!

Join me in tuning into the angels messages for us each right here and now in the Ascension 2017 Angel Card Reading!

Tune In for the Ascension 2017 Angel Card Reading!


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For this reading I'm using the Ascension Angel Cards that are available as an IOS App in the iTunes App Store. The printed cards are just a prototype and still a work in progress, but felt like the perfect card choice for this reading.

Prefer to Read the Ascension 2017 Angel Card Reading? 

First, take a deep breath and shift your awareness inside.

At this time, I ask that we each be surrounded with light, with 100 thousand Angels, and with each of our teams of guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters who can most support us here and now on our ascension path.

Angels, guides, Ascended Masters, I ask that you connect with me through these cards during this ascension reading – for the highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will.

I'm now surrounding light all around me and you as I loosely shuffle these cards. I’m looking for the cards that stand out, and just letting the right cards for this reading appear.

The First Card: Call on Your Guardian Angels

Invite Angels to Support Your Ascension Our first card represents the energies leading up until this point.

This card is “Call on Your Guardian Angels.”

This card brings the reminder that you have support in spirit. You have an entire team of guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and Archangels who are ready and willing to support you in every moment.

They’ll assist with whatever you ask them for help with, but this card brings the reminder that you do need to directly call them in.

Angels, guides, and Ascended Masters honor your free will and want to give you the opportunity to choose the ascension path. So, they’ll only help you with ascension if you literally ask them to do so.

That’s a core theme I’m receiving about ascension right now – it’s not a mass event that happens independently of your free will.

Rather, it’s an energy that you can choose to tap into.

Choose to Ascend

The ascension energy is here, giving you an opportunity to ascend, to reach a heightened level of consciousness, and to embody the crystalline light.

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You have the opportunity to fully merge with your higher self and to step into your true power as a multidimensional being.

Then you can experience the higher realms, experience your higher truth, and of course, all of the many gifts, abilities, and blessings that come from this expanded state of consciousness.

However, in order to ascend and experience these things, you have to choose to do the work.

You have to choose to release your limiting beliefs and emotions so that you can become a clear vessel to embody your highest light and ascend.

So this year, embody a higher level of your Divine truth and light than you ever have before.

Make ascension your core intention and call upon your Guardian Angels to help you stay focused with this.

Then, keep moving in the direction of expanded consciousness, of your total awakening, of your vibrant beingness as you embody your higher self.

If you do this, you’ll lift to experience the new earth – the light, love, abundance, and bliss that is possible for you on this planet.

Release Old Energy Into The Light

An important part of the ascension process and experiencing the new earth is detoxing from the lower levels of vibration.

This was a huge theme for the past few weeks and really, for a lot of 2016.

Letting go, or spiritual surrender , means purging the old – releasing past experiences, lower vibrations, toxic emotions, and toxic patterns.

When you do this, you will bring your mind, your emotions, and your body into a clear state so that you can embody the higher levels of being.

Heart Light Illumination

On this card, I notice that the woman who is calling on the Angel has a vibrant light in her heart.

This perfectly fits in with what I’ve been receiving from the Angels recently about heart light illumination.

Heart light illumination means opening your heart and letting your heart chakra be filled with golden crystalline light.

From there, you can tune into your ascension column, your light body, and the expanded states of consciousness. You can progress on your ascension path with love as your guide.

Remember: the ascension path, the master path, is the path of love.

This is what all of the Ascended Masters who have walked on this earth before taught – the path of love in the present moment.

And this path starts with self lovewhich includes taking care of your physical body and your life experience.

Balance On The Ascension Path

The necessity for self-love is why being balanced is a hugely important part of ascension.

Balance means that you're not entirely focused on the material plane and you're not entirely focused on “out there” spirituality either, which can lead to being ungrounded.

This middle path is the ascension path. It's about raising your vibration to experience the light, power, and bliss of the higher dimensions, but it’s also about grounding, being present, and being a bridge between heaven and earth.

So yes – meditation is great, and very useful on the spiritual path. But if you’re meditating all day everyday, you’re not necessarily honoring your humanness.

Being a human being does mean that you venture into the spiritual realms, but also that you:

  • Nurture your physical body
  • Interact with other people
  • Be present in the physical world

Bringing the light of the higher realms into your human body is part of the ascension path – not continually leaving the human body for astral “out there” experiences.

These are fine and great, but it’s all about that balance.

Remember To Ask Your Angels For Help!

As you ascend, experience your multidimensional nature, and awaken your higher senses, be aware that this process isn’t an overnight occurrence.

Ascension is a path which takes time. So remember that you have Angels who are there to help you – and keep calling them in!

Here’s a message you can use to ask for your Angels’ support:

“Angels, support me on my ascension path and support me in this moment.

Help cleanse my energy of fear-based emotions and fear-based thinking so that I can embody the highest level of my true Divine light.”

The Second Card: Infinite Possibility

Our second card in this Ascension 2017 Angel Card reading is “Infinite Possibility.” Infinite Possibility on Your Ascension Path

In terms of your ascension path, this card is talking about the infinite number of higher ascension timelines that are available to you now.

In other words: there’s not one specific future that’s predestined for you.

Rather, as a conscious creative being, you have the incredible opportunity to choose and manifest a brilliant, vibrant, and loving ascended future.

When you operate in a realm of infinite possibility, it is so key to exercise your power of intention. Return to your core intention often and make sure your choices and actions are reflecting that intention.

So a few times a day, you can ask yourself: “are my current actions in alignment with my core intention?”

What Is Your Core Intention?

If your core intention is to ascend and to embody a higher vibration, it becomes so much easier to avoid toxic substances, lower vibrational patterns, and toxic behaviors.

Again, ask yourself with each choice you make: “Is this choice in alignment with my core intention?”

Ask yourself this question and then go within, tune into your golden crystalline heart light, and let your higher self merge with you in the physical plane.

A question that can remind you of your core intention is: “What is the highest possibility for my life?”

If you’re not sure about what your core intention is, or if you feel a little confused or hazy in this area, you can simply practice the beautiful exercise of spiritual surrender .

Spiritual surrender means inviting your higher self and Divine Will into your life and handing your intention and its outcome over to the Divine.

You can practice spiritual surrender by saying:

“Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Pure Source, Divine, God, I AM presence… please guide every aspect of my ascension path.

Help me to tune into the highest possible timeline for myself, and help me step into the highest level of light available to me now and in every moment.”

A Reminder About Divine Will

I want to remind you of something important that you read earlier.

Divine Will wants humanity, the earth, and you to ascend, but you have free will and you have to choose to align with Divine Will.

So when you make a choice to surrender your ascension over to the Divine, know that you are aligning with Divine Will.

There are infinite ways your ascension can manifest. But just remember that your fully awakened Christ self, your fully awakened crystalline self, is beautiful, unique, and authentic.

Your fully awakened self supports you on so many levels and makes a tremendous difference in the earth, in this present paradigm, and in the universe at large.

Shine Your Light With Love!

And awakening starts with shining your heart light to the world.

Shining your heart light helps others and it helps you.

It creates a ripple of blessings and positivity out beyond you into the world.

So, if you feel distracted right now, if you feel like you’re maybe not on track with your ascension path, I would invite you to refocus on love.

The Angels are encouraging you to focus on love as well!

Let love be the guiding light for your ascension. Keep love in your heart, keep expanding, keep letting go of fear, and keep moving in the direction of infinite possibility.

And please remember: you are guided, supported, and so loved.

The Third Card: Transcend Duality Transcend Duality - Ascension 2017

Our third card in this Ascension 2017 reading is “Transcend Duality.”

You’re probably well aware of what duality is, but in case you’re not – it is this paradigm that operates on earth of good vs bad, light vs dark, or fear vs love.

Black and white thinking would be another way to describe duality, and it leads to judging certain things as right and other things as wrong.

As we ascend, we’re able to expand beyond this experience of “right vs wrong” to witness the underlying unity and love in all things.

Expanding your consciousness and shifting back into an observer perspective can help you to avoid closing your mind in judgement.

Then, you can instead see the underlying purpose and lessons in reality – even when the energy is incredibly dense.

But if you find yourself stuck in a lower emotion like judgement and pulled into duality, you can ask yourself: “What is my higher self trying to learn here?”

The Power of Divine Neutrality and Non-Judgement

This question will help you to release attachment and to step back from your challenge rather than being tied up in it.

Tuning into Divine neutrality is so powerful, because when you're not engaging in that ping-pong battle of duality, you’re able to expand far beyond it.

This expansion is essential as you tune into your full light and into your many facets as a multidimensional self.

Think about it: there are multidimensional aspects of yourself that, from the lens of duality, you would judge as bad.

And when you’re judging aspects of yourself as bad, it's impossible to lovingly integrate all that you are.

In other words, when you judge something, you can’t love it and you can’t integrate it.

But when you witness all that is with Divine neutrality, you can integrate the blessings, the lessons, and the growth that is present in all of experience into yourself.

This integration will help you so much to embody the golden crystalline light of your highest self!

The Final “Bonus” Card

Ascension 2017- Honor How Far You've Come I want to pull one more card to round out this ascension reading for 2017.

Angels, Ascended Masters, guides who will most serve…

What do we most need to know? What will most serve and be most supportive on our ascension path?

I drewt the card: “Honor how far you have come.”

This is a powerful card – it speaks about honoring the growth you’ve gone through and the advancement you’ve already experienced.

But even beyond that, honoring how far you’ve come is really about honoring yourself and loving yourself through your ascension process.

Self-Love Is Your Way Forward

Love truly is the way through.

Keep reaching up with love towards the higher realms, the Angelic realms, towards that butterfly symbol on the card.

Keep love in your heart and keep light in your energy field.

As you progress further on your ascension path, remember that the path will continue to unfold before you one step at a time and one moment at a time.

You now have the opportunity to return to your core intention, to ascend, to embody your higher self, and to tune into the higher levels of light.

Know that you’re so supported on this path!

You’re loved, you’re guided, you’re blessed. You have so much help available to you and honestly, you’ve already come so far.

You’ve Made So Much More Progress Than You Think!

At this moment, you may be thinking, “I really haven't made that much progress…”

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You may even be experiencing some self-judgement.

But I promise – you’re progressing far more rapidly on the ascension path than you realize.

Sometimes things take a while to integrate, but all of the light, ascension codes, and higher vibrations of consciousness are streaming into this planet.

In this year and beyond, the stage is set – the opportunity is here for you to step into the unknown, into a place you've never been before.

The opportunity is here for you to step into a place of expanded consciousness, Divine neutrality, and total awakening.

Awaken your higher levels, awaken your higher gifts, and awaken your higher perspective. Bring these higher levels of light into your body, mind, and spirit… and ascend!

More Ascension Help Is Available To You

If you would like further help on your path, I would invite you to check out The Angel Solution.

In The Angel Solution, you’ll find ongoing Angel messages, meditations, and sessions to help you connect with your Angelic team and progress on your ascension path.

Finally, I want to give thanks to all the guides and Angels who are here with us.

Who are saying they have one more message for you right now…

A Final Message From The Angels

Here’s what the Angels, guides, and Ascended Masters are telling me right now:

Focus within, let your heart light up, let your ascension column light up, and let your light expand around you.

Feel your light body awaken as your guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters broadcast the codes of awakening, ascension light, and Divine love your way.

Let your heart light glow, and open your heart to receive these codes of awakening and ascension energies. Open to receive this golden crystalline light that will support you on your path.

Breathe in and know that you are so loved!

Feel the incredible love around you and remember – loving what is and stepping back into Divine neutrality is a form of loving yourself…

And loving yourself can be your guiding light on the ascension path!

Remember… Love is the ascension path – the path of embodying your highest light.

See You Soon…

Thank you so much for reading, or watching the video! Comment below if you liked this post.

Have a beautiful, incredible now.

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler


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