Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones -

Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

How Do Your Deceased Loved Ones Reach Out?

Signs From HeavenAfter death, your deceased loved ones are usually very eager to let you know they are okay, and still a part of your life.

Signs from spirit are usually personally significant, and really can come in a number of ways which may be easy to overlook…

The key to noticing signs from your deceased loved ones is to pay attention.

Be on the lookout for meaningful occurrences and anything out of the ordinary, and be open to communication from beyond the physical. There are also some more commonly experienced signs from Heaven to be on the lookout for…

If you have experienced any of these, it’s highly likely you have indeed received a sign from Heaven.

Top 9 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

1. Visitation Dreams

Dreams are one of the most common ways in which your deceased loved ones in spirit will reach out to connect with you.

Visitation dreams from your loved ones in Heaven are much different than normal dreams. For starters they are incredibly vivid, and real! When you wake up from a true visitation dream you will know you were contacted by your loved one in Heaven.

The main focus of visitation dreams is communication…

Your loved one will likely relay a message, and let you know that they are okay. They will appear healthy, and vibrant (regardless of their state when they died) and after sharing their love with you, and communicating a message, the dream will end.

2.    Strange Electrical Occurrences.

An underlying energy flows throughout all of existence. Your loved ones in Heaven, who are now pure energy, are able to easily tap into this energetic flow to get your attention. For this reason, one of the most common signs from spirit happens when they, from beyond the physical play with electricity.

There are a number of ways they can do this, like causing the lights to flicker, turning the TV, radio, or lights on or off. They can also cause appliances, phones, devices or kids toys to beep for no known reason, or turn on without being touched. They may even call you on the phone from an unknown number… And then when you answer there is only static, or nothing on the other end at all.

Signs from HeavenWhy does this happen? It’s a sign that even after death your loved one lives on.

Most of the time electrical signs are just your loved ones wanting you to know they are with you… Pay attention.

What show is on when the TV mysteriously turns on? What were you thinking about when the light flickered? Were you thinking about your loved one?

Your thoughts can offer additional insight into the message from your loved one, or even offer confirmation that the flickering of your lights really is your loved one in heaven.

3.    Feeling Their Presence.

Do you feel like your loved one in Heaven is looking out for you? That they are still with you and watching over you from spirit?

Feeling the presence of your dead loved one is one of the top signs that they really are with you, and visiting you from beyond the physical.

How might you feel their presence? There are quite a few ways…. You may sense a shift in the air, feel like you’re being watched (in a non-creepy way) or you just get a strong feeling of their presence which lets you know that they are with you.

You may also feel your loved one lay down next to you at night, or you get the sense they’re sitting next to you, holding your hand, or gently rubbing your back, touching your cheek, or brushing your hair.

4.    Smelling their Signature Scent.

Did your loved one smoke, wear a certain fragrance, make the best chocolate chip cookies, or enjoy preparing you a certain type of food?

Scent is common sign from Heaven.

If your deceased father smoked, and you’re sitting in the couch watching a movie, and you smell smoke despite no one smoking anywhere in proximity, this is likely a sign from Heaven that your father is with you.

Or maybe you smell your deceased mothers perfume, or the scent of your grandmothers famous chocolate chip cookies when there is no physical evidence as to why this scent would be near. When this happens, you’re experiencing a sign from Heaven that your loved one is with you.

5.    Showing Up As an Insect or Animal.

Your loved one in Heaven is now pure energy… They are able to channel their energy into an insect or animal, for a brief period of time to bring you a sign that their spirit lives on.

They may appear to you in this way as a butterfly, dove, rabbit, dragonfly, or any other number of insects or animals… When this happens, the animal or insect will usually do something that is out of character that catches your attention. They may land on your hand, come into your home, or appear closely, right in front of you as if they are communicating.

This is a common type of communication from spirit. If something like this happens to you, trust that your loved one is with you, and letting you know that they are okay, and that you are not alone.

6.    Moving Objects or Placing Objects on Your Path.

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Even from beyond the physical, your loved one is able to move objects to get your attention.

This sign from spirit may take a couple of forms. Either they move objects of yours, like flipping over a picture, moving a piece of clothing into an odd location, or causing something to fall as a way of getting your attention.

They may also move objects onto your path.

Dimes and pennies, crystals or stones, feathers, flowers and keys are common examples of the types of objects deceased loved ones may move onto your path.

You may receive objects other than these that are somehow significant to your loved one like seashells (if they loved the beach), paintbrushes (if they were an artist), or even screws and nails (if they were a builder).

When this happens, say hello, and know that your loved one is sending you a sign from spirit.

7.    They Communicate A Message…

While your loved one can’t audibly speak to you, because they are a spiritual and not a physical being now, they are able to communicate with you telepathically, and they very well may directly communicate a message to you.

Pay attention to the thoughts which just pop into your head when you’re doing something else as this is a common way in which you loved one in Heaven may reach out. Especially if it sounds like something your loved one would say, or brings you a message of love, encouragement, or answers a question in a voice which does not sound like your own.

You may also find yourself having a conversation in your mind with your deceased mother, grandmother, or friend. When you as them a question, and then receive a response, it’s highly likely that this is actually a message from them…

Another slight variation of this is when a certain song seems to start playing in your mind out of nowhere. Listen to the lyrics to tune into the message from spirit. The song may even play on the radio at just the right time.

Your loved ones can use other people to deliver their messages too. You may overhear a bit of someone’s conversation, or someone in your life may be inspired (from beyond the physical) with a message of guidance or reassurance that is actually a message from your loved one in spirit. You could even be thinking of your loved one right before noticing a bumper sticker on a car, which brings you a message.

8.    Synchronicity

Have you experienced an increased number of coincidences and synchronicities after your loved ones death? They very well may be pulling some strings from the realms of spirit to help things line up for you in your life.

Your loved ones in heaven can assist you in aligning with chance meetings, new opportunities, and with attracting new friends, teachers, and life partners.

A slight variation of this is synchronicity in the forms of signs… Are you thinking of your deceased aunt Emma while driving, and suddenly a huge sign for Emma’s Shoe Shop appears?

Or maybe your grandfather was always encouraging you to follow your dream and travel to Italy… And then after his death, you receive an offer you can’t resist for a discounted Italian vacation…

When something synchronistic happens in your life and you just get the feeling your loved one in Heaven was somehow involved, they likely were!

9. Visions

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Seeing a full on vision of your deceased loved one is one of the least likely ways to receive a sign from them in spirit… But if it does happen, which it occasionally does for people, it will be a sign that you cannot dispute.

I think the main reason more people don’t see their dead loved ones as apparitions, is because your loved ones intention is to comfort you, and let you know they’re ok… Not to freak you out and scare you with a ghostly appearance.

There are other ways in which you can receive a vision from a loved one though, and it is very common to see them through a vivid memory, or as a vision in your mind’s eye. This type of mental vision of your loved one will almost like you’re imagining them… but will appear seemingly out of no where, and usually accompanying one of several of the signs from spirit listed above.

Orbs are another common way in which your loved ones may appear visually through photographs. Keep in mind taking a picture into direct sunlight, or in a dusty atmosphere can also cause orbs to appear… But in many cases of orbs captured (especially those which seem to be solid), this is a powerful sign from spirit.

Love Lives On…

While life in the physical does end for individuals, love and energy continues, so do not be surprised if your loved one in Heaven reaches out to let you know they are okay.

Signs from spirit bring the comfort of knowing we are not alone, and that the soul lives on…

Your loved ones in Heaven know you, and so the signs that they are with you will often be specific to your life experience. They may also reach out and attempt to connect with you in ways and at times that are different than you may expect.

If you feel like you’ve gotten a sign from your loved one, trust your gut feeling and take it as a validation that their soul and love lives on.

With love and light, 


PS. Have you received any of these or any other signs from your deceased loved ones?  Be sure to comment below so others can learn and have hope from your experience as well.


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cody pauley says March 23, 2018

My friend Damian has showned up in my dream multiple time since he passed away in 2016 for an unknown reason he has shown me wording saying im ok im happy an gaclve me a huge hug like he has always done throughout high school he didn’t get to graduate in 2017 with us as soon as i walked up i got super cold is this a sign

Kelley says March 21, 2018

My dad was in respite for 6 weeks before he passed away. The first week he was there his gold chain and cross came up missing. He never took it off. The administrator interviewed the entire staff everyone stated they saw my dad wearing it but no one knew where it had gone. The suspected that it may have gotten lost in the laundry or thrown away. My mom searched her house also. We were all devasted. I had several conversations with dad about what we thought heaven was like and who he would see when he got there. I made him promise he would send me a sign when he got there so I knew he was ok. The day after he passed away I went to my moms. I wandered into his room and was looking at his things on his dresser. The necklace was sitting in a trinket dish in plain view.

JANET ENSMINGER says March 20, 2018

My husband passed away almost 10 months ago and I have been heart broken ever since–one night I was just laying in bed–not sleeping–because I have had a problem sleeping since he passed away. all of a sudden, all the lights in the whole house went on except where I was in the bedroom—they were flickering on for a few seconds and I sat straight up in bed expecting someone to come in the bedroom. I sat there for a few minutes and then decided to get up and look through the house. For some reason I walked through the house unafraid—I thought about my husband in the house. He always took care of me and I thought maybe he was still there taking care of me—I feel as though he is still in the house keeping me safe and he knows how much I miss him.

viola yoiung says March 16, 2018

month before my uncle die, i felt that he were dying, because he body had chance and his eye looking glassy he final were hospice . while i m there visit , a women about 70’s appear at the door , there were something that remind me of my dead aunt that die about 10yr. ago. i felt that my surround were very silent and frozen in time , i try to ask her, who she were but i could not speak nor move. i felt that she read my soul , in my heart crying so hard , yet it were like it clean my soul. when my favored aunt pass year ago ,i did not find out until after her death and that hurting me , that my family did not tell me, i forgive them that day and was able to except death . the 70 yr. old lady turn to my uncle and grasp his chin, and look into his eye, i felt that my aunt were saying to my uncle that , even thou none of his children came to see him , which i did not know , but i were here and love him and it were enough . when the lady left, i said to my uncle even thou he could not talk . ” that i m going to find out who she was, as i got to the door the lady were in another room , she came to that door and look at me ,again i felt , that i could not say any thing and again it were silent. i understanding about the cry that i felt . not some much about seeing my dies aunt . my uncle die that next morning around 3 am.. i ask around to see if any 70’s yr. old work there . there were none .

Sara says March 10, 2018

I was really sad all day. I recently prayed that Papa would give me signs that he exists. I listened to that song Papa Can You Hear Me, and watched another video that reminded me of him. Looked at pictures. Started crying again. So I looked up articles about grief.on my phone.

The first one I saw talked about contacting a deceased loved one. Then I read several more ab
out chronic grief.

Then I decided to look up articles about contacting the dead. But first I.had to put something away (pants that Disney peed on). So I put my phone on the bed and put the pants in a laundry basket and returned to the bed.

So I brought up the Internet so I could look up how to contact the dead and low and behold, what was on the screen shocked me..

It was a door. Above it said, “Mr. Boston: Are you 21 or older. I almost hit the back button to go to Google but then I saw the words Mr. Boston, my father’s favorite drink and I said, “Papa?: I enthusiastically pressed a yes button which lead to another page. On this page was the poem I read at Papa’s funeral and put in his coffin. I got the pioem from Mr. Bostons website.

I suddenly broke out in tears and happiness. This poem showed up at exactly the moment I was going to look up how to contact him. Like he saved me the trouble and contacted me. I got goosebumps. I was never expecting such a clear sign that is so obviously him.

I prayed that day asking for a very clear sign from him because I’m not that observant and wouldn’t notice birds or butterflies and such.

I Here is the poem that reminds me of Papa…

.He is a jolly fellow, one of those rare individuals, everlastingly young, a distinct personality and famous throughout the land for his sterling qualities and genuine good fellowship. His friends number in the millions those who are great and those who are near great even as you and I. He is jovial and ever ready to accept the difficult role of “Life of the Party,” a sympathetic friend who may be relied upon in any emergency. Follow his advice and there will be many pleasant times in store for you.

Debbie Miller says March 7, 2018

My mother passed away over 10 years ago. I had given her a music box that played a song she sang to be as a child. After she passed, I kept it on my night stand.
I have been estranged from my adult daughter & grandsons, which has been extremely difficult. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen them. My oldest grandson’s birthday is this month & Ive been having recurring dreams about him. This morning the music box played a few notes, all by itself. I never touched it. Could this be a message from my mom??

Dyan says March 7, 2018

My father passed away 6 years ago and I never got to tell him how I really felt about my childhood and growing up. I know I’ve come from a dysfunctional family and I slowly disconnected myself for my health. But one day a few months back I had a situation and became angry at my father and started telling him that I hated him with every fiber of my being for standing by my mother and allowing her to do the hurtful things she did. It resulted in my sadness in life and I no longer wanted to live that way. So as I threw my anger at my father, my phone rang and I let it go to missed call. I called it back and they said they never called. My phone rang again and I missed it but called it back, it was a card of some kind telling me I have zero balance. Ok now I was beginning to ask what was going on here. The third call came through and I answered it, I heard static and what appeared to be my fathers voice saying my name. I said hello again and it hung up. All my hairs stood on end. The whole time my father was telling me to go see my mother and I just couldn’t from the hurt she caused me growing up. But I finally went to see her and of course she is still the same. I asked her a couple questions that I needed answers to and I got them so that now I can let them go. As well as my mother. So you see there are signs all around if you just pay attention. I may not have made up with my mother but my father guided me to heal myself. I took some pain in the little picture when I visited my mother but the release was that much more fulfilling.

Ana says February 28, 2018

My parents died suddenly when I was 8 years old, and for me has been extremely hard to even believe that both of them were gone in the blink of an eye. The complete silence that I felt followed by their deaths was sometimes broken by estrange dreams where if I turned my eyes away from my mom or my dad(I’ve never dreamed of them together), they disappear in that moment. I had about 6 or 7 of those dreams throughout 20 years. But about 25 years after their death, I had the most realistic dream about my mom: she came to me and told me that God finally had allowed her to visit me. I was so real that I still cry every time I remember it. It was the first time in my life that I was really aware that she has been gone all those years, and I heard her voice… her real voice! the one I have forgotten; and she hugged me, and with that embrace I noticed that I have completely forgotten how that felt too. It was so warm, and real! Imagine embracing your mom one more time after all those years! In my dream we spoke of so many things, and after some time together, she told me that she needed to go and visit my sisters. That was the last time I dreamed about her, but this bittersweet dream allowed me to have an unforgettable moment with her.

    LeAnn says March 14, 2018

    Did she visit your sisters? Did you ask them if they had any dreams or visits?

    crystal says March 17, 2018

    this is very beautiful to hear and touched my heart reading. I to lost my father at the age of 15. He meant so much to me. It has been 8 years now that he has passed away. I think of him all the time. He has visited me not much but sometimes earlier when he passed and said that he was in heaven that he was ok he gave a kiss and a hug and disappeared into a bright light. I woke up instantly crying missing him. But knowing he was ok. We will see them again as you will to.

Deanna says February 27, 2018

It was early in the morning and my husband left for work. My mom had been in the nursing home and in her last days. My husband had let our dogs in when he went out the door. It was still dark and I was sitting on my bed. My dog had jumped up on the bed and had something in her mouth. She laid it down next to me. It was a dead bird. I said real funny suzy (my dog). –Thinking about my mom. It was 15 minutes later the nursing home had called and had told me my mom had passed. What strange timing.

Whitney says February 24, 2018

My stepdad died in my first year of university. Before he died he came to me in my dreams, sat on my bed and told me so many things. I woke up to the phone ringing saying he was gone. The weeks following things intensified. I lived in a 2 story house at the time. When no one else was home he would walk the second floor. I knew it was him because he would switch my phone on to play Johnny Cash, walk around and it would sound just like him. And the cats my roommates owned at the time were very aware of this as well.

Two years ago my cousin died in a horrific car accident. I was devestated. Since his death. I’ve had a rabbit follow me around. On cold nights when I am feeling down or I feel scared. A rabbit will appear out of nowhere outside my house. When it appears i feel this warmth that feels as if I’m being hugged. Its when I feel the most comfort.

These are things people don’t know about me but are linked.

Faye cassidy says February 22, 2018

I got woke up this morning the back of 3 am with a noise on the floor I looked down and my plastic cup that was on my bedside cabinet had fell and had landed upside down does this have a meaning

fran says February 21, 2018

I keep seeing a recurrent number constantly for years which happens to be the house number of the house I lived as a child with my family . I believe this is a sign from my mother

Toni says February 19, 2018

My mum passed sudden 8 months ago, my daughter and I were very close to her. Recently we’ve noticed ladybirds (even one on my daughters birthday card yesterday) , one randomly landing on her while inside a shop. It crawled up her arm arm stayed with us for Half an hour, orbs in the house and today we smelt her perfume.

jolanta says February 17, 2018

my partner was Jamaican and they have a belief on the ninth night after passing the spirit of the person passes onto the afterlife. On the 8th night after him passing, bearing in mind it was now November and very cold, a butterfly came fluttering around me, the butterfly got some spider webbing caught on it, I was very conscious of this as it was distressing the butterfly, it was attached to its leg. I felt i couldn’t tamper with it as I may damage it!. It came closer resting on a light right by me and became at times annoying!. I was lost in grief and eventually went to bed thinking not much more of it!. The next morning I was in the same room, sitting where my partner used to sit and the butterfly re-emerged!. It flew about me and then rested on the door handle that opened into the garden. I realised I had good opportunity to release this butterfly. As i gently opened the door for it to leave, this seemed like a very natural reaction, The butterfly without hesitation flew out and straight up to the heavens 💗🙏. I felt even though feeling a bit sceptical as I was fresh in the throws of grief, that this was a sign that it was time for him to journey home, to the afterlife. That evening to celebrate his life i went on my own to places we may have visited, we used to love sharing a sunset, it was a lonely time. When i returned home, I went to my room to be alone as family were downstairs. As i approached his side of the bed, I smelt the distinct smell of his skin, something very subtle and something you take for granted when loved ones are alive…. it didn’t remain for long, but very distinct it was! …. I felt he had come to visit me before he left on his spiritual journey to our Heavenly home 💗🙏

a says February 13, 2018

How have your visitation dreams ended? Mine ended as if the person was melting away, anyone else?

Kelli Christian says February 8, 2018

My ceiling fan blades were spinning today while the electric switch was in the off position. I felt like my Mom was in the room with me so I had a conversation with her. I am sure had anyone seen me they would have thought I was crazy but I felt so calm but excited at the same time. I decided to look this up & imagine my surprise when I read this article about signs from a loved one.

Visitor says February 2, 2018

Many years ago, I was having breakfast with a friend who had just lost someone very close to him. The jukebox (it was an old-fashioned diner) started playing “You Are So Beautiful” and all of a sudden I felt her presence – she was inside of me, and I was looking at him with her eyes. She wanted to tell him that he should never feel guilty about anything he’d done to her. In her eyes, he was perfect and beautiful, and all she ever wanted. If you listen to the words of the song, it says exactly what she was feeling. In life, she was jealous and resentful. In death, she was pure love and joy. It was an unbelievable experience.

She visited him too – several times. But I think she visited me 1) to let him know he wasn’t imagining it, that somebody else knew what she was feeling, and 2) to let ME know about life after death.

Claudia says January 23, 2018

I had 4 physical signs from my father within two weeks’ of his death that he was alive in Heaven. All his life my father said there is no afterlife, no heaven, no hell no nothing. You go to sleep and you just never wake up.
Just before he died, (within 3 days of his death) he received Jesus into his heart. A day before this event Jesus appeared to my dad in a dream and said a woman would lead him to Jesus. He fully came into the glory of being born again one night. He was ready to receive. I shared with my father the vision I had when I asked Jesus to come into my life. As he lay dying I heard in my spirit I must try to bring my father to Jesus one more time. The sense of urgency conveyed to me was unmistakable. I went to the hospital with a heavy heart because I felt I’d fail again, just as I had the many times I tried before. I prayed to Jesus to give me the words to say since I was at a loss to know what to say to my father. I heard in my spirit “Tell him about your vision.” My father was eager to hear about Jesus, having had this dream recently. He confessed his love for Him and asked Him to come into his heart. Days after my dad died there were four things that happened- all physical manifestations. 1- a card I’d given to him that was left up at my parents’ farm in northern California suddenly appeared on his nightstand in southern California, days after his death. No one had brought it down from the farm or put it on his nightstand. 2-I felt a puff of air on my face while I lay in bed one morning. It felt as if someone had blown on my face. I sensed my father’s presence. 3-days later I felt the same sort of strong puff of air on my hand – while also lying in bed. 4- I was driving and I felt a finger poke me in the back. I feel it was my dad’s way of showing me he was with God in Heaven. I’d say the thanks belongs to Jesus and without Him it never would have happened. Thank you for letting me share my story on your website. Claudia

Michelle Butler says January 22, 2018

I really enjoyed reading this. Sometimes I feel desperate to get a sign from the love of my life who passed away 18 months ago suddenly. I find myself talking to him and asking him to come see me but have not received a sign. I do believe there is an afterlife and we go to e with our loved ones. I just don’t understand why he has not come to see me. We were going to be together and married before he died. Does he no longer want to be around me? Is he off with his family who passed before him? I feel like he just left me. Nothing more. I don’t know what to feel. I feel lost that’s for sure.

    Visitor says February 2, 2018

    I have a good friend who was listening to a bunch of us talk about our visits from the spirit world. She was upset because she hadn’t been visited by anybody. I told her she probably HAD been visited, several times, but didn’t recognize the signs. I told her to look for pennies and birds, and to pay attention to her dreams. So she did. She asked her grandfather to visit her in a dream – and he did! She started seeing pennies everywhere.

    I suspect he’s trying to get through to you, but maybe you aren’t noticing the right things.

    KJ says February 2, 2018

    I am so sorry for your loss. I recently lost a guy I really loved and was devastated. I kept hoping/asking for a visitation dream but kept dreaming complete rubbish for a while. I was sobbing daily and the only way I could stem the grief was to read about the near death experiences and after death communications that other people experienced. The more I read about others’ experiences the more convinced I became his soul had gone on and that he is happy now, and that he still exists, just in another dimension and I began to calm down a little. I then received a visitation dream from a mutual friend of both of ours who had passed about a year ago telling me not to worry, he would help me find my lover. About six weeks after that I received the most beautiful visitation dream from my lover. It gave me such peace and joy and I was so relieved to hear from him it really helped my grieving process. I have read many times that when people experience deep grief they understandably exude a heavy energy/vibration that makes it hard for their loved one to reach through to them even though they are very loved and when they begin to take comfort from reading about others experiences (as I did), their vibration begins to lift making it easier for their loved ones to successfully get through to them. I believe that its not that the soul doesn’t love someone, its just they have difficulty reaching through the grief and due to that it can sometimes take a while to reach a loved one. Please believe you are loved and he hasn’t deserted you and hopefully he will successfully reach through to you soon. Love and light. KJ.

Carol says January 22, 2018

We lost our daughter to cancer almost 3 years ago and have been visited by white butterflies at the oddest and most coincidental times since then. Her younger brother got married last August and during the picture taking, as he, my husband and new daughter in were starting to pose, the photographer said, “will there be any siblings joining you?”. At the moment we were tearfully shaking our heads “no”, a white butterfly (the only one we saw that day) fluttered and swirled around us for about 10 seconds. We were all so astonished at this timing and of course we all burst into tears, it was such a beautiful moment and we felt she was with us for sure. This is only one of the amazing points of contact we’ve had with her – I’ve experienced most of the things you’ve mentioned above.

Rina says January 21, 2018

My father passed away from a sudden heart attack when I was 26 years old. Being so close to him, I thought my world had ended. I had two direct visitation signs from him within a month after his death. There is no doubt in my mind. The first was when I was driving to my Mama’s (and Daddy’s) house a week or so after his passing. He was a smoker and had never smoked in my car so there was no residual smoke smell. Suddenly I could smell cigarette. Smoke so strongly and felt his presence near me.
The second visitation was through a vivid dream. I am now 51 years old and can remember the details like I had the dream yesterday. I was sitting on a park bench on a fall day. The air was very chilly. I could hear the crackling of footsteps behind me as someone approached me. When I turned ground, my Daddy was about 15 to 20 ft. away from me with his arms open to receive a hug and give one back to me!! I jumped up and ran to him but it was in such slow motion that it seemed like forever before we reached each other’s arms. When we finally did, I could feel his arms hugging me, smell him and felt at peace. He communicated with me not through words, but when he looked at me while still hugging, his hypnotic blue eyes were so loving, comforting and reassuring. His eyes in life were a dark blue-green. I felt that I was looking into the eyes of Jesus!!
Do I believe in visitation?? Absolutely!! I apologize for this long post, but please continue reading. I hope my experiences will comfort you.
I just lost my Mama (my very best friend) at the end of September due to complications from dementia. She had suffered for 6 years and although she was in a care facility, I would go feed her twice a day almost every day. She was only 77 years old and my son, brother and myself held her hands and talked with her as she drew her last breath. The weather had turned chilly and a week later, a beautiful butterfly hovered around a flower very near me. I hadn’t seen a butterfly for a month before her death, nor any after. It even stayed long enough for me to get it’s picture! Also we had (a few weeks after her passing) a few electrical flickers on different days at different times, and one morning I awoke to find the door to my china hutch wide open. That hasn’t happened ever before or since! The key in the door has to be turned in order to open it and no one had recently been around the hutch to turn the key. I have yet to have a dream, but am so looking forward to the night that I do.
Thank you for reading my long comment.

Gemma says January 14, 2018

I can’t tell you the comfort I take from this article. Today I have told myself I am imagining the smallest of things.
My Nan passed this morning just 10 minutes before I could reach her. We hadn’t left her side since Wednesday when she had a stroke, but left her in the most peaceful sleep last night to get some rest. In that time she has been predominantly unresponsive to us and her treatment, but we have had some encouraging signs and small responses that have meant the world to us. Last night we played her favourite song ‘wind beneath my wings’ Bette Midler, along with some classic glen miller where she raised her arm as you would embrace someone for a dance. She saw me, she engaged and she nodded at my questions. She was present inside the body that had failed her. Last night, I woke up to a bright light in the room, I tried to reach out to it and my only thought was “it’s not time nan, I’m not there with you” within seconds she left. I felt calm, love but sadness when the light left. I thought it was a dream until I recalled so clearly this morning. The hospital called early this morning and we had to make it to her as soon as possible. At the time she passed (we now know) the blood drained from the pit of my stomach and i just knew we were not going to make it. I asked her to wait, but I understood if she couldn’t… her discomfort of the last few days was palpable and no need to prolong for my own selfish reasons. We didn’t make it and she couldn’t wait.
I will never get over the fact I left her alone, but was told by the nursing staff she appeard not to be alone. They thought we were already with her when they went to check as she was reaching for something and trying to talk. I think my grandad came to collect her, it makes me incredibly relieved to think that is the case.
Following her death I got in my car and Bette Midler was playing on the radio, her song was on! Everyone thinks I’m mad, but I don’t care… I thanked my nan for letting me know she was still with me. I just hope she continues visit. A life without her is incomprehensible.
Thank you for making me feel more normal…

Malina Lehman says January 13, 2018

On my birthday, Sunday July 23, 2017, I had just returned to my home in Illinois after being in Wisconsin for a family wedding. I was just sitting in the passenger seat of my car convincing myself to get moving (tired from the ride and the busy weekend) when there I see sitting on the steering wheel is a dragonfly! I had recently lost both my parents, my father just one day shy of being his one year death anniversary (7/24/16) and my mothers passing just three months prior (4/15/17). Now the windows had been up all this time. So I get out of the car, shut the door, go around to the drivers door to get the dragonfly out and poof, it’s gone! I got in and searched that car with it closed up. I could not find that dragonfly at all. I knew it was my parents letting me know they were thinking of me on my birthday.

Kerry says January 6, 2018

My mom and I were very close, best friends and had been co workers for 20 years together. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in January 2017, moved in with myself, husband and son in April of 2017. I was her main care giver until her passing. She fought with every breath to make it to my birthday. She did and passed away 3 minutes after midnight on my birthday in July 2017. The following day I found out I was expecting and knew without a doubt we were having a girl which we are. My mom always hoped we would have a girl. A week after my mom had passed I went into her bedroom after it had been closed up for days. A pair of shoes sat right in front of the door, positioned heal to heal in the middle of the floor. I took a picture and sent it to my husband at work to ask if he put them there. He said no, he hadn’t been in my moms room and wouldn’t leave his shoes in there. These were not his shoes but my moms shoes she had worn everyday before she passed. I believe this was a sign from my mom to let me know she was ok. 😊

    Nancy says January 9, 2018

    Your story of your mother is sooo awesome! My brother died unexpectedly in April 2017. Here are some of the many incidences that have happened since his death. I have had several red birds and butterflies appear unexpectedly on my deck and a white dove sat next to my chair while I was at the beach. One evening I found a large multicolored brown feather at my back door when I took my dog outside before going to bed. My iPad has come on several times with Siri talking while I was watching the news. The upstairs television in the master bedroom will come on during the day and the lights downstairs in the middle of the night. My older brother always loved playing tricks on me while we were growing up, so I know this is his way of telling me he is alive and with me.

Natasha says January 5, 2018

On my birthday last year I was sad and saying to my son I wish nanny was here(my mother)she had passed the year before. When all of a sudden my kitchen lights started flickering going bright then dull. I decided to record it I did so untill it stopped. It was going on for a couple of mins. When I watched it back I saw white orbs moving all over my kitchen. I truly believe this was my mum letting me know she was there.

Lizzie says January 4, 2018

Hi there, my dad passed end of Nov 2017. Since I have had various signs, during the week after his passing, I was cleaning the front room, my oh took my 2 young boys out for a bit, I could feel dad & I knew soon as the boys were out he would communicate, I had this cold dark feeling , all hairs on end then the wall light that hasn’t worked for over a year flickered, I knew it was him I just knew. I spoke to him and said it’s ok Dad I know you’re here. He wouldn’t want to scare the children which is why he must have waited I just knew it would happen soon as the boys were out. I keep getting whiffs of stale nicotine too, the room he used to sleep in when he stayed suddenly smells of nicotine. Yesterday I was sat playing blocks with my youngest and I could feel a fresh air presence on my face, no draught just a slight coldness, I lifted my head and embraced this. I feel so so comforted by this & I don’t feel so sad as I did because I know he is with me. I’ve been using my angel cards which helps too and all the positivity & guidance I’m receiving is really helping me heal alongside having to keep strong for my children. I can feel an inner strength I never knew I had. I’ve always been strong but this is something else. I also lost my daughter in September, I was 6 months pregnant, she came too early, born & survived 5 minutes. So I feel like I should be going to pieces but I’m not…?

rita mc mahon says December 30, 2017

My father passed away in 2006. we both had the love for flowers. he knew i loved red roses. he bought me my first red rose to plant in the yard after i bought my house. after his passing, i was siting on the bench where he alway sat. in front of the pond, listening to the water fall. it was his birthday and i was talking to him out loud wishing him a happy birthday. then i noticed the rose bush he gave me opened its first rose right on his birthday. i took that as a sign that my dad heard me wishing him a happy birthday and was telling me thank you. an other time, my mom passed on jan.5, 2012….i take my dogs out late at night before going to bed. and i would look for the brightest star and talk to my parents.asking them if they were ok like i did every day when they were alive. that night i dreamed of them both. they came to me and told me not to be afraid. that they were ok. they would come at 3am and ring my door bell when ever they visit. i have had many dreams like this.

Melinda says December 23, 2017

My dad always played the number 248 in the lottery. I have been seeing it a lot lately. On license plates. Coming up in phone numbers. I got a new credit card and it’s the last three numbers on that. New checking account and last three numbers on my account. When I look at the time a lot of times it is 2:48. I’m going on an interview and I asked my dad if it is the right choice and the lady I am interviewing with has 248 in her phone number. I feel he is trying to reach out to me.

Linda says December 20, 2017

My husband passed away in 2011, I have vivid memories where he came to me in a dream to say goodbye. I was walking my dogs one day through the neighborhood and made a comment to my deceased husband that it was his turn to take the dogs…..I instantly turned around and the house in front of me has his initials on the door in a wreath RHB…..I just knew he was talking to me.

India says December 19, 2017

This happened to me several times after my dad died (he passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2015). I kept getting phone calls from an unknown number but when I answered there was static on the other line. I couldn’t figure out what was going on then I read this blog post and began to realize maybe that was a sign my dad was trying to reach out to me in spirit.

Tricia says December 17, 2017

A ladybug was in my bathroom sink this morning. A cover is over the drain so I am not sure how it got in my home, but this was the first one I had ever seen in my home. I immediately thought this was a sign or signal of some sort, and when I looked it up, it appears they are a sign of good luck or even a message from spirit. My mom may pass away today, and I think this may be my dad sending a message.

Kahli says December 17, 2017

I lost my dear Mum early this morning after a 12 month battle with cancer. It was a long few days leading up to this and we were all very tired. I prayed to God for a sign when the end was near so we could all be there with Mum at the end. The sign could not have been clearer, my sister felt it too. Two hours later my Mum passed away. During that 2 hours she managed to show us so many things through God. We saw her so happy in heaven with our brother who had passed as a newborn 30 years ago. He is 2 years old in heaven. I saw her spirit rising from her body and then returning to her body as she put in the last bit of fight. I felt her presence next to me, 10 mins after she passed, and saw my deseased brother playing on the floor at my feet.
As we were leaving the hospital I felt very unsure about leaving. As I turned and looked outside to the rooftop balcony, I saw my Mum and brother outside, walking towards us, holding hands and smiling.
15 hours later, my daughter got sick and I took her to hospital (the same one). As I walked in to emergency I heard a lady making the same pain noises that my mum had been initially making before pain relief… she had the same name as my Mum. The nurse who had been looking after my Mum then walked down the hallway towards me and gave me a big hug.

claire waites says December 15, 2017

I lost my partner Jon of 21 years in June this year. A couple of weeks as I was walking my 2 pugs a butterfly landed on a wall in front of me. I put out my finger and it sat on it. I had the most over whelming feeling as this happened. Just pure emotion running through me and I just burst out crying. As this moment touched me so much i decided to look into what it may have meant. I now know that it was Jon telling me he was ok.

Loretta says December 15, 2017

Thank you for the validation. My father passed away 19 days ago and I have been fortunate enough to encounter some of the experiences above including an apparition of footsteps while I was walking.

Danny says December 11, 2017

Today I went to shop and it’s mainly dark, as I was walking up my road I saw a person who looked exactly like my dad who pasted 4 month ago. He even had exactly same cloths as my dad same height, the cloths was a del boy type hat a black coat and bottums/trousers and trainers that I gave him on my 18th. What you think also I did use to have white feathers everywhere I went an orb on video with static and heavy breathing when headphones or in. Sorry for the ramble 🙂

Sunshine Rhodes says December 10, 2017

I found your page while searching for a meaning to my dream. I woke up this morning after having a very vivid dream of my mom who passed Dec 6, 2015. We were at her house and an old coworker came to fix my dads computer who knew my mom and all I could say was “Look PK, mama came to visit for the weekend. So I’m not crazy am I?” And all PK could do was look at mom and myself with amazement. It was wonderful to hug mama again and to see my Daddy light up. So real…she even fell going down the stairs and I flipped out but she popped right back up…she wouldn’t have been able to do that prior to her passing. Thank you for this article. I know now that my mom visited me. ❤️

Crystal Rosiere says December 9, 2017

Yes,I’ve seen my family members orbs .And I can feel their presents. And I’ve had things put In my path for odd reasons.and I can feel them in my thoughts and they answer me like they are still here ♥️♥️

Debbie says December 8, 2017

My hubby was my best friend my kindred spirit..we were only together 2 short years when he unexpectedly died. The pains been unbareable to think i have to go through this life without him..we did everything together my love for him is so deep.. I talk to him all the time.. The first two months..i kept getting feelings of someone whispering to me to take pics in our home..and i never take pics.. So i did.. I have pics of many orbs.. Esp in our hallway..i begged my hubby if he could hear me see me please please show up in a pic..2 mos passed and he did..hes ghost like u can see his facial hair his hat outkibibg of shoulders arms then the rest isnt there.. Now everytimw i take a pic in our bedroom..hes in there..everytime..its very know hes still with me..wish i could touch him hug him..hear him..he has sent me a song through his tv turns on between 2-3am most nights..i cant wait to be with him again..i miss him so much..

Chante Harri says December 8, 2017

My sister just recently passed away last month on the same day as my mother did 12 years ago. My father passed away last week. I was sitting in my room on my computer and out of no where, I have a trinket box with 3 Angels that play music when you wind up the button. I have not touched it or even moved it in about 2 years. All of a sudden it goes off for about half a minute and goes off. They all passed away in the same month and the trinket box has 3 Angel in it with a message and the title says “My Guardian Angels”. I cried and rejoiced at the same time because I knew they were all in Heaven watching over me.

    stephanie says December 10, 2017

    i know exactly how you feel- i lost my mom 8yrs ago on aug.29th My dad just past this year on aug.30 And i lost my son early october. The time between my dad and son were so quick tho, i didnt have time to mourn for my dad much. But i feel my son EVERYDAY!!!

Karen says December 8, 2017

I know my Father sends me signs because i find dimes a lot. The first dime i found was right after my Daughter & Grand Daughter moved into their own place. I lived alone and found a dime beside my bed after getting home from work. I’m a creature of habit and i know that isn’t wasnt there before I left for work because I would have found it. I find them at times I just know that it is a message grom my Dad. The day if my Daughter’s wedding i was walking out of my garage with my Grand Daughter to get pictures taken with my Daughter and 2 dimes fell frim the sky and hit me on the shoulder. One came from no where and then the second. My Grand Daughter just looked me and we smiled , because she knows the meaning of finding dimes. So I had proof I wasn’t going crazy lol Today is my Birthday and I had just got up a little later then usual and i was letting my lil Yorkie Frankie (named after my Dad) outside and there was a cardinal that flew on a branch in my back yard. Usually i make my coffee and feed my baby, but instead she wanted to go out right then. So I opened the door and there it was landing on thw branch and sat for quite awhile. Without a doubt i know by how & when I receive these signs, their from my Dad! It makes me smile for the day and longer!

Desiree Smith says December 7, 2017

I lost my brother in February he was murdered I feel he’s with me all time my lights flicker I can hear foot steps walking towards me babies toys randomly turn on and other things but I feel he is still here with me and I miss him dearly

    Melanie Beckler says December 9, 2017

    So sorry to hear about your loss, but glad to hear you have the comfort of knowing his presence.


Jim Harvey says December 3, 2017

Patrick, I lost my love of life one month ago. Two days later I walked down the hallway from our bedroom and was overwhelmed by the strong sense of her perfume No earthly reason, then it was gone but did return a few days later, I know she was here and is keeping me in her heart, believe

Angela says December 1, 2017

I lost my Dad in a tragic accident last year and on the day of his passing a huge butterfly flew past me hovered then flew off. At the time i was unaware my Dad had had an accident and passed. On the day of his funeral two butterflies flew over and around my brother and I. Since then a black and white butterfly will fly around and make itself known to me every couple of weeks. Today on the way to visit his wife, my step-mother, i saw one before i left home, one on the way & one half an hour after. Thats definitely no coincidence!

Judith Darucaud says December 1, 2017

So happy to read above that loved ones could show up as insects and other animals. I lost my husband three months ago and at the funeral I arranged for dove and butterflies to be released. All the butterflies flew away except one who fell at my feet. I picked it up and somehow it ended up on my chest where it remained throughout the service and the reception. Everyone took pictures and videos of it and posted it on FB. The butterfly remained motionless right above my heart and would begin gently flapping its wings each time I had a melt down. I took the butterfly home. It remained alive for a day and a half. I have now preserved it and I will keep it forever. I and everyone who witnessed it wholeheartedly believe that my darling Max’ spirit inhabited that beautiful butterfly for a time.

Maria Cossack says November 29, 2017

This was great to read, it validates everyday and everything I’ve experienced the last 20years, from many of my family members. My mom passed four years ago, and I can’t ever cry, she’s always with me, guiding me, and doing specific things…she never left…she’s in my mind, and makes me smile daily…it’s such a beautiful way to now know, you never leave your loved ones. You are always with them

Alexandra Hailey says November 28, 2017

I’ve had many psychic encounters through my entire life. I could speak endlessly about them. But reading this website about “signs” has made me want to tell this story. My partner died when my son was just 7 years old. It was unexpected and he’d been working in Saudi Arabia so we hadn’t seen him for a few months and it was a massive shock. My son has never come to terms with his father’s death. My son is a big animal lover as I am. Last year we had to stay in temporary accommodation while waiting for our new home to be renovated. We were staying in an apartment which had a fire escape at the back which lead up to the kitchen on the first floor. We would leave the back door open for the dogs to come and go (they quickly mastered the steps of the fire escape so they could go down to the back yard when they needed to). One morning in early May, (fortunately the dogs were asleep in my bedroom) my 20 year old son ran into my bedroom and told me to come quickly because there was a strange bat-like creature sitting on his computer wire. I shut the bedroom door so the dogs couldn’t follow me and sure enough, sitting on my son’s computer wire was a bird or bat. (we later googled the creature and it was a wild swift). The swift wanted my son to stroke its head because it put its head down in front of him. My son stroked the swifts head for 3 hours and if he stopped for a minute or two, the bird looked at my son as if to say, “don’t stop”. The swift also fell asleep. After 3 to 4 hours the swift wanted to leave so my son put him/her onto his finger and walked him/her along the long corridor leading from the front living room to the kitchen where the back door was open. He then released the wild swift and it flew up high into the sky where we saw that other swifts were waiting for him and they all swept around in the sky together happy to be reunited. We thought perhaps the swift had been looking for somewhere to nest because the birds come here to Britain from Africa in early May to mate and nest. Anyway, the next morning, my son came running into my bedroom (where fortunately the dogs were asleep) and told me the swift was back. I went into the front room and my son told me that it was a different swift because it didn’t have the white spot on its wing and it was slightly more nervous than the other one. Again, the bird wanted my son to stroke its head. He stayed with my son for 3 hours sleeping and wanting his head stroked. Finally, like the first bird, he asked to be released and my son held him in his hands, walked through to the kitchen and released him. He flew high up into the sky to be with his other mates. After that I told my son we must keep the door shut because we couldn’t take any risks with the dogs. We contacted the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) because swifts are an endangered species, and sent them photos of the birds sitting in the living room. As the experts, we thought they may be able to tell us something about this beautiful bird and its habits. But like us, they were completely perplexed and had no idea why the wild swifts were behaving in that way. In fact, they contacted some people who were expert on Swifts, and they also had no idea why the swifts were going to my son and asking him to stroke their heads. They’d never heard of swifts behaving in that way. I put the pics on facebook and Twitter where I am in contact with wildlife enthusiasts but no one has heard a story of swifts acting in that way before. They are wild birds, and live entirely on the wing. They mate on the wing, eat on the wing and never have contact with people. After reading your article, I’m wondering if this is a sign from John, my son’s father because it really was a mystery to us and still is. Maybe there is some other reason for it, but I’d very much like to think that it was a communication between John and my son and your article has made me believe this. Thank you so much.

Jennifer Starley says November 24, 2017

As I have been missing my brother daily but since the holidays more than usual and said yesterday I just needed o e of his hugs.. well I poured my coffee and went to turn on Hulu and as I reached for the pad Hulu was already on and this is what I seen..A documentary on the small town of muscle shoals..Needless to say I didn’t even know such a show existed…Now Muscle Shoals is where my brother was born and buried…I love you Samuel Carson Glasgow and I am so glad you stopped in to say hello….Yes I do believeDaniel

Sharon says November 24, 2017

My father-in-law passed away recently. At the time we was dying I awoke and knew he was going. Before I I could wake the rest of the family to reach the hospital. The phone rang and it was the hospital telling us he was passing. Then whilst I was rushing to get to the hospital a bug ran across my foot. My husband doesn’t believe our spirit lives on but I do. Do you think my father-in-law was teaching out to me to tell my husband his father is ok?

Louise says November 23, 2017

I also had an experience about 10 years ago, with a very dear friend who passed away while I was on vacation. I knew she had a long term chronic health condition, but had never considered that she could actually die from it – which felt foolish in hindsight.

When I learned of her death on my return, I was devastated. I drove home from my other friend’s house, who had told me, and I sat on my bed kind of half talking to her, half praying – and just grieving/crying, and taking in the loss of my beautiful friend, who I would never see or talk to again. I couldn’t take it in.

As I was crying, talking, praying, I had this overwhelming kind of vision in my mind, of her being super vibrantly healthy, happy and joyful. She was jubilant!! and she was kind of communicating to me without words that she was so happy that she now had full health again, no limitations (she had often felt too weak to do things while alive, even though she had an incredible vibrance about her as an individual, which was very frustrating for her). She was carrying ‘files’ which I had a sense of them being about individuals, kind of like personal files on people, just in brown A4ish size envelopes. She was floating, rather than walking, and transporting the files somewhere. She was just so happy! I had the sense of feeling, how can I be sad for her when she is so unbelievably jubilant and thrilled to be serving her Father in Heaven! It helped a lot. Even though I still really miss my beautiful friend, and often wished I could just pick up the phone and we could talk for hours like we used to do.

Louise says November 23, 2017

When my grandfather passed away many years ago, it was right before I left to work overseas at 18 yo. I was very close to both my grandma & grandpa, and was sitting with him on the back step of grandma & grandpa’s home, holding him while he spoke of wartime experiences, when he had a heart attack. I had gone to spend a week with them before I left, as grandfather had been quite poorly. When I arrived overseas to begin work, I was grieving deeply, feeling very sad, and very worried about grandma – they’d been married 63 years.

As I lay down to sleep and closed my eyes, I felt someone/thing sit on the end of my bed, which freaked me out, as I couldn’t figure out how someone could have gotten into my very securely locked & alarmed apartment! I pushed my leg down the bed to see if it stopped against something before the end and it did!! I was terrified but knew I had to face the intruder. So I forced myself to sit up and open my eyes. As I did, my leg gave way, there was no-one there, but I could smell the sweet cup of tea breath that my grandfather always smelled of. I lay there for a while thinking about this, and eventually drifted off to sleep. That night I dreamed of my grandfather, who came to ‘visit’ me in my dream, and told me he didn’t want me to feel sad when I thought of him, but rather wanted me to think of all the silly songs he used to sing to us grandkids. He also told me that grandma knew that he was still with her, and that she was going to be ok. I woke feeling so differently!

I also once smelled my grandma’s lavender perfume scent, and just knew she was nearby.

When my father died two years ago. I had been with him five days/nights before, but not that particular night as I needed to come back to work for the day, and was due to head back the next afternoon. So I was only away from him for one night. He was in hospital, and I don’t think I fully grasped that these were going to be his last days. I think I was in some kind of denial. In hindsight it seems so glaringly obvious. That night when my sister phoned to say he’d passed, I was absolutely beside myself that I had not been there with him. I paced the house crying and calling out, “I’m so sorry Daddy! I’m so sorry.” over and over and over. Then I knelt by my bed and cried, still saying “I’m so sorry Daddy.” I had a feeling to lift my head, and saw a very small – 1-2cm diameter, exceptionally bright light on my bed, with these incredibly bright rays/beams coming from it all around – just for about 3-4cm outwards. It was brighter than anything I’ve ever seen before – something like the sun. It was there for only about 5-10 seconds, and I had this strong feeling of my Dad, and him kind of mentally speaking to me – without words, I just had an awareness. He was communicating that he couldn’t stay, he had to go to meet someone, and it was very important, and I felt that it was a necessary part of his death experience. He seemed a little, kind of angst ridden that he couldn’t stay with me, but I also felt this sense of urgency. Almost like he wasn’t even supposed to be here doing this, or that he didn’t really have time to do so. I didn’t have a sense of him telling me it was ok or anything, just the sense of him being there but that he couldn’t stay. I think my distress was concerning him. It was very powerful, and when the light went, I sat and stared at that space for hours, willing it to come back, but it didn’t.

Karen Gentry says November 12, 2017

I’m so sorry for your loss. My mother passed 2010, and ive had a few occurrences. Ghostly orbs in her room, can only see them with a digital camera, also a butterfly landing on my cart at Walmart, out in the parking lot. These are signs also. You miss them, but you know they are okay when you see these signs.

Diana says November 11, 2017

I️ need a sign !!!!!!my mother pasted away 10/31 the same day as my grandmother passed

Elizabeth says November 11, 2017

Tonight roughly around 510-518ish am i woke up in tears from what occured in my dream. My older step brother who passed away 07-6-2017 was in my dream, i haven’t dream about him since but today i did. In the dream i had to climb upstairs and tgere he was just laying there sleeping so peaceful and everything. I woke him up & i think i kinda nudged him maybe twice but i seen him smile & he went to say something and all i could ask was “Can i please have a hug?” In my dream i was thinking as well omg marty passed this is ur dream ur seeing him lizz. You are seeing him RIGHT NOW THIS HES VISITING YOU and as soon as he hugged me. I started crying, he hugged me and i held on tight then woke up still feeling him hug me. Til this moment im still crying, my big brother was here tonight with me. Hes okay and i know he is, its crazy how life is one day your there and the next your gone. I truly believe theres life after death, i was the last one to hold a conversation with my brother and here him say i love you then tonight i got a hug. I know i will see him eventually again, and until then ill cherish that brief moment i got to spend with him tonight.

Patrick Cunningham says November 5, 2017

A cousin of mine brought a present of Lavender Scented hand Cream to my wife in hospital two days before she died. When I went to visit with her she held her hands out and asked me to smell the lovely lavender scent. On the morning she passed away I came home to our house after staying the night in the hospital with her. I opened the hall door and went into the hall. As I was taking off my coat I got an overpowering smell of lavender. There was nothing in the house to cause the smell.
I can only assume she was paying her last visit to our home before she went to heaven.

Samantha says November 5, 2017

I lost my sister last year to a terminal illness.This year, I was hospitalized for a week.One night at random I woke up to pressure on my bed as if someone had sat on it.I used to visit her frequently when she was in the hospital, so I think this was her way of telling me she was there with me.I also dream of her every now and then, healthy and smiling.

Adriane says November 1, 2017

My dad passed away last year a few months before I bought a house. The realtor and the county records show the house was built in 1945. I ordered the file on the house from the city and I found a small black and white picture of the house with the tree in the front yard newly staked. The bottom right corner read 1926 not 1945 and the bottom left corner read June.
My dad was born June 7, 1926. I feel it is my dad somehow giving me his blessing and no way a coincidence.

Abbi says October 30, 2017

I lost my brother very tragically and suddenly this year. It’s been incredibly hard to deal with, he was 27 years old and the oldest child. Since his passing on, I’ve experienced so many signs from him.
For starters, the day after he died I decided to evacuate with my husband and two year old (whom my brother loved dearly) because of hurricane Irma. I decided to use my brothers travel bag to pack my sons things. I could not find his favorite sandals anywhere. I searched and searched. We decided to leave without them. The next day as I’m unpacking, there they were sitting perfectly on top of my sons clothes. I knew it was him.
Another big sign was when I was crying and thinking about him after a bad day. I got a random text from his dentist saying “*His name*, hope you are safe and well.” Nobody else in my family received this text. I felt as if it was his way of telling me that he was safe and well. I have been lucky to experience these signs, and another very significant one being a dragonfly. I was crying in my car and a dragonfly just stopped in front of my window, flying in place. I took it as him.

Jody says October 30, 2017

I need a sign!!

Karen Lesiak says October 29, 2017

My father passed away last year and my husband this year. I have had a vision of both in a dream and a meditative state as younger men, vibrant, happy, my Dad with a glowing light around him, my husband in his youth, though I did not even now him then but I had seen photos. But it seemed so real. They never talked with me but i their presence seemed to be their presence was there for a reason. The fact that they were young and healthy was comforting.

    Carolyn Greenwood says December 15, 2017

    Karen Lesiak, your visions are so similar to my mom’s recent vision of my dad who passed in August. She saw him as a teenager,. Though she did know him then, from dancing school, she laughed when she told me her reaction to seeing the vision of him was she didn’t believe it could be him, but he said it was and then she said, “But you’re so short!” (which he was at that age). He said he didn’t understand it either but it was wonderful and he knew everything was going to be fine and he seemed to treat it like a wonderful adventure. I have been visited by my ex-husband before, reassuring me, when I didn’t even know I needed reassurance.(I wonder if something bad is about to happen.)This morning I was visited by a lion as I lay partly awake, but with eyes closed, and getting ready to get up. It was standing around and over me, seeming to check me out while I was motionless out of fear. Then I thought it must be my dog so I opened one eye and saw a lion’s tail and quickly closed my eye again. Then I felt like I was not going to be harmed. I have no idea what this means, but I clearly feel I was visited again by someone or something from the other side. I used to be quite skeptical of such things, but no more!

Tawana Bush says October 20, 2017

I am constantly feeling light breezes when there’s is no air ventilating

Juanita B Stewart says October 19, 2017

Hi I,m Reading these comments and i,m in tears,i also a family member pass away
I had a Brother (Older)Pass away at age 37- February 1997 also
I had a Brother(Younger) Pass away at age 47-December 2016 also
i had a Brother (Middle) Pass away at age 49-July 2017
i had a dream of my older brother he looked Good he had a glow about him ,i dream about him a few times
he never talk ,he died of lung cancer ,when i seen him i no for sure he was OK
my youngest brother i dream of him but he was young,and he was just smiling at me.
i dream about my middle brother he was dancing,which he loves to dance ,also when my brother (Middle)was on his sick bed (in Hospice) he had fruits on his table and there was fruit flies flying around in his room ,he never wanted me to throw away the fruits , i was in my bathroom brushing my teeth looking in the mirror and a fruit fly was flying around my face,im still grieving for my last 2 brothers my oldest brother stay on my mind also since my other 2 brothers pass away.

Anna says October 16, 2017

I’ve been seeing people that looks like a family member that passed away recently and one yesterday from my daughters aunt that passed away 20 years ago. what does that mean. I also have been seeing the numbers 444, 333, 777, 555

Steve winnie says October 15, 2017

My wife died last week and I can not cope, but I had a dream the next day very short, she just came in the front door and put two suitcases down. That’s all

    Jody says October 30, 2017

    How nice….it seems to mean she’s always home with you. I’m still waiting for a sign my daddy’s ok

Sherri Clarke says October 15, 2017

My 30 yr old son Adam passed away unexpectedly. I was having a difficult time, missing him to the point I cried daily uncontrollably. One night after my husband and I had a argument and I ask him to close the door and leave me alone, I cut the TV off and laid in bed crying out to my son Adam. During that moment my cell phone chimed 3 times , when I went to see who it was there was nothing there at that moment I knew it was Adam as that is how we communicated at night. And from that point on I am at peace.

Hattie says October 14, 2017

My grandma died when I was 12 years old and we lived in different countries. We both had the same name and I never had a dream about her until I was 28 years old. When she came into my dream, I’d left an abusive marriage with my baby and she said to me that it was going to be ok and to tell my father who was her son. It felt so real and know it was her for real and not just a regular dream. I believe she is my guardian angle and was sent from God maybe?

Maddie says October 10, 2017

My grandma passed away on July 7th, 2017. To summarize my relationship with her, she was the one who raised me and gave me unconditional love treating me like her own daughter. My grandmother death was devastating to me, I still cry everyday when I think of her. Since her death, I’ve had three strange/amazing things happen to me which was shocking because my grandma never believed in superstitions and that type of stuff.

1) After my grandmas burial, I took three roses home to dry out. They were placed in a fully enclosed tray on my kitchen table. Almost a week after the burial, I came home and noticed that all three roses were removed from the tray and lined up on my dinning room floor right at the seat that I sit in every night.

2) I was laying in bed saying a prayer to my grandmother asking her to give me a sign that she was in heaven. After I was done praying my alarm clock that I have had for 4 years randomly beeped. I have never used the alarm clock t has simply in my bedroom just for looks.

3) My Dad and I were dealing my driveway at my house. A red dragon fly circled around our heads and landed on the bed of my dads truck and simply watched us work. It was amazing. I never believed in these types of signs, but my grandma has changed that for me!

Ethel Bartoli says October 6, 2017

I need answers

    Linda says October 20, 2017

    She helped me communicate with my daughter that passed away 3/15/2017. It really brought closure and answered questions I had.

    Jody says October 30, 2017

    I do too. It seems everyone has a sense to feel their loved ones but not me.

Joann Murphy says October 5, 2017

My wife of 10 years when she passed away there was fluttering on my eyelashes. I also felt her touching my side while I slept. I freaked out and I could feel her pull away.

Billy says October 5, 2017

Hello all, my dad passed away few weeks ago. He was very reluctant and did not wish to pass away as he often spoke about it. The light in my brand new flat is flickering every night, every day. I shouted my dads name when I first saw it happening, I was not familiar with the dead communicating through this channel. I have now read this article and cannot stop smiling.. It surely is my lovely daddy, I loved him with all my heart and he was an angel from the heavens. He was true pure and my idol. I pray I physically see my dad one day I miss him terribly.

Vicki Earl says October 4, 2017

My daughter passed away on September 7, 2017 from a brief illness. A few days after her passing I walked into my house still devastated and asked my daughter to let me know that she was ok. Within 5 minutes, my lamp flickered twice and did not flicker again. My husband said the bulb was probably ready to blow, but it never did. Then, while I was having a melt down one day crying my eyes out over my daughter’s death, my wireless doorbell started ringing uncontrollably and no one was at the door. A few minutes later, I started crying again while my husband was trying to console me and the doorbell started ringing again over and over with no one at the door. We both looked at each other and knew it was my daughter trying to comfort me. Just this morning I walked into our break room at my office and turned to look at what was on out TV and the next commercial came on was about the funeral home where we held my daughter’s service. Now mind you, it sounds like a coincidence, but this funeral home is small and not well known in this area. That was the first time that I had seen it advertised and to come on right at the very moment that I walked in is just incredible. I believe my daughter is still with me in spirit and wants me to know that she is still here watching over us.

Suzanne says October 4, 2017

My husband passed three and a half years ago. I tell him I love and miss him daily. Ten minutes ago I was outside, in Minnesota fall weather, telling Sam I love him and at that instant,out of nowhere, a monarch butterfly comes to me. It circles my legs five or six times and then lands on the cement patio next to me and stays there for for a good two minutes. Now I’m 65 and have always seen butterfly’s fluttering around but I have never had them circle my legs while I’m sitting and then land next to me. I am not one to believe that Sam could be that butterfly…but this happening might make me think twice about it.

Joseph a Durell says September 28, 2017

I notice after I have contact with a loved one through dreams or astral projection that tend to see hummingbirds just after. I feel like it is indicative because they always possess off behavior atleast something that stands out. You clearly noticed odd behavior with the one you saw. The last time I experienced this it looked as if it was almost staring directly at me in a playful manner. I believe this is a great sign directly indicating that you little one has successfully passed on to the other side and maybe their energy will find its way back to you by way of life again.

    Amy says November 5, 2017

    My nine year old daughter saw her uncle who passed away in September. A full solid smiling man dressed in white standing on the porch with me and my son
    She looked up and he was already there smiling at her. Then she said she saw him leave. He lifted slightly and faded.

Joey says September 28, 2017

Hi, I’ve been able to control my astral projections enough to seek my loved ones out. I recently had a visit with my mother on an astral plane that was very vivid and she conveyed her safety through telepathy. I knew it was a real visitation because there was a nearly unbearable sensation of vibration that was nearly too much to take during the communication. As of lately I’ve been flying as high as I can in search of her but all I have been seeing recently in the heavens are pictures of her. I tend to see her photos and then wake up directly after so I do believe it is real especially because of how vivid it feels butni think she may be preparing to reincarnate rejuvenate and is currently unavailable. I recently have been able to emit what feels like an electric surge into my own body through focus on command and have been doing so during meditation which helps me slip into an O.B.E. but when I roll out of bed and begin to travel towards the kaleidoscope of shapes above me I gain human awareness and sent back to my body even after asking for my guides to aid me. It’s a bummer but I’ll keep trying. One last thing, I have attempted to use the surge of energy I can shock my body with while making love to my fiance and she kinda freaked out because she felt nearly paralyzed. I did it with the intent of fratility and she mentioned having the same thoughts as it happened. Do you think it’s possible we are destined to bring life into our family by virtue of spiritual energy to possibly reincarnate my mother back into the family? When I thought of it my whole body vibrated for 30 hours.

Vickie says September 28, 2017

My mother passed away on July 31, 2013, she was a heavy smoker. I often smell cigarettes while I’m in the living room relaxing. We weren’t always on the best of terms, so I ask her to leave & not to return until she’s invited: and she departs my home every time I ask her to.

Jeanne gramsammer says September 27, 2017

My husband passed away in January, 2016. My daughter has ghostly pictures of him taken in our living room in February of this year (2017). Lately every time I turn on the TV downstairs (which was HIS television)…it is on one of the stations he watched, no matter what channel it was on when I turned off the TV. Mostly the country music station, which the rest of the family (including me) does not like, and history channel and american hero station. I now go down there to watch tv and say out loud, “ok, Harry, what station were you watching?” before I even turn the TV on. A few weeks ago, the phone rang and while it was ringing, a mail voice said “Jeanne” three times. My daughter was in the room and said “Mom…you heard that, didn’t you?” All very strange yet makes me happy that he is around and didn’t just end. We were married 44 years.

    Lekhika Bhadu says October 4, 2017

    He surely is watching over you and the kids Jeanne. My brother passed away in June this year, and just a month after the heater (I live in Australia, its winter here) in my room suddenly switched on by itself. It has a knob which has to be rotated in order to be switched off. I was actually thinking about him at that time when it happened. Our loved ones are with us 🙂

Willette Jones says September 27, 2017

Just seen a butterfly land on the porach it was brown.I hope it was my loved ones in heaven including both of my children.

Dnice3416 says September 26, 2017

My mom passed away three years ago.I was so devastated as I am the youngest out of seven,and her death was sudden and unexpected.Aftermy moms death I cried and cried.I was so depressed.My mom came to me in a dream and told me that she had to come back because crying to much.She told me she was in another world better thAn here.She told me that she still lived here(meaning in the house).It wasn’t until that dream that I was able to start functioning again and started back to work.I go back to work and I get a page.i answer and they said you have a call what’s your extension so the phone rings I state my name and dept,no one answered.I call back and said there is no one on the phone,she said yes she said she was your mother.I started shaking and was like are you serious my mother passed she said I’m sorry I didn’t know but it was your mom on the phone.My mother was such a strong women that if she could have found a way to come back that she would.I know it was my mom,and I was so happy to hear from her.There has been many more instances as well ..It’s real

Jameelah Brown says September 26, 2017

My daughter’s and I were in the living room after dinner today and smelled smoke even though no one was smoking. My eldest daughter said she was just thinking about her dad then I begin to laugh and then cry cause I instantly knew he was watching over us. He passed away nearly 10 years ago and they have very dew memories of him but remember the smoking.

Becky G Derdelinghen says September 26, 2017

I feel things a lot today a dragonfly flew in my house, I right then and there thought of my son who died May 31 2017

Jamie says September 26, 2017

I so enjoyed reading this. I have experienced alot of signs. Sometimes I shake my head and ask myself what just happened. My mother passed away a year ago we were very close. My experiences are phone calls. It happen two nights ago, I got a phone call her voice sounded so strong, swid on the phone in a firm voice, I’m coming home. I woke up remembering the dream. Two day’s later a bird landed on the patio in the morning looking in the house my friend brought the bird to my attention because it was so close to the house actually the patio is where we sat atuse to sit.

Debbie says September 25, 2017

My 10 month old grandson passed suddenly one week ago today. He lived with me and I miss him terribly. I just came back from a walk where I saw a hummingbird. I see them often and will stop to watch them. I was crying already and having a very hard time this morning. I saw a hummingbird and stopped as usual. The hummingbird flew around me, stopped in front of me, flew out a few feet and back to me several more times. This lasted many minutes and has never happened to me before. I walk that way everyday. I want to believe my baby was sending me a message that he is OK and not to cry. It made me cry more but gave me something positive, too.

Denvah says September 24, 2017

Recently my cousin died in a car accident, and at his funeral on Friday the reader said something like you can feel his presence in the wind or he is in the wind, (but it was said much more nicer) anyway the next day it what a really nice warm day and and what the reader had said I couldn’t get it out of my head, like it was something really significant that grabbed my attention, and so literally just as I was thinking about it there was this big gush of wind and it was really weird, then the rest of the day was really windy. All I could think about was if his Mum had realised this yet. ( I was out gardening which was how I realised) The next day, so it was 2 days after his funeral it was still really windy, I was going for a ride on my bike and I am catholic so I say a prayer every day or 2 and so I talk to myself or to god and I said “If you can hear me stop,” and the wind I guess you could say stopped. Then I said “If you are talking to me now, go really windy” and it did it got quite windy but then I started to some some things like “If you remember me stop” but then it just stayed the same but because he was 21 and I am 12 there is a big age difference, and he lived with his dad and I never saw him because his Mum got remarried and visited only sometimes, I never saw him I could only remember him from when I was little. But I thought it was really special how it felt like I was talking to him.

Eileen says September 22, 2017

I had a visit from my brother approximately 3 months after his passing. My phone was ringing but not the usual ring. It rang continuously without stopping in between rings. After I realized the ring was the phone I answered it. It was my brothers voice. He called me my childhood nickname. He was in a hurry and said he was in school learning new things and they wouldn’t let him talk long. He said, “you werewolf right. If I had known it was this wonderful I would have come sooner.” He said he had to go but he’d call me again.

Stephanie says September 22, 2017

i had been asking for sign people say that my grandma is with and i just kept asking for a sign to feel it for myself. she passed Sept 15th 2017 and yesterday we buried her … well anyhow i stepped out from work and i had a cigarette in my hand and a butterfly came out of nowhere and landed on my hand. a co worker proceeded to tell me those are angels from heaven that visit … without hesitation my whole heart became warm and i told them this is my grandma .. i put out my smoke as i know she wouldn’t want to see me do anyways and the butterfly flew all around me on my break… my coworkers smiled with me and stated that it was the most friendly butterfly … i told her i wanted to keep her even as a butterfly but it was time for me to go inside and just like that it flew away . i do believe this was her and shes telling me she is OK !

Megan says September 22, 2017

I just lost my dad September 20, 2017…… I was sitting outside on my back porch when I got a chill through my body…i was scrolling through FB and look up and a hummingbird was in front of me then landed on my table in front of me I said hi daddy I love you it made a weird sound as I pulled out my phone so I could try and capture a picture it made another noise and quickly flew off. My dad loved hummingbirds I needed this today

Rhonda says September 18, 2017

I had a visitation dream from my mum , In my dream I was looking out my kitchen window it was dark and I thought the image at first was my reflection , then I thought no that’s too small to be me so I looked closer and it was my mum , and she said ” I just want to tell you I love you ” and she looked over her shoulder and said I have to go back now , and I woke up with an indescribable peace and certainty that it was a visit . If I close my eyes I can still see it crystal clearly and it was over a year and a half ago , more like 2 years

Donelle says September 18, 2017

Melanie, I have a question…..I told my fiancé in a conversation that we had had that if anything happened to me I would like him to go on and meet another female and be happy, but when I told him he looked at me strangely and didn’t respond to me that if anything happened to him he would want me to move on as well. Is there any significance of this ? Can you please try to answer this for me. Or did he really didn’t want me to go on and meet another male.
Thank you, Melanie

Ben says September 15, 2017

My long time girlfriend passed Aug.21 2017.After burial,I was laying in bed and was all the sudden covered in goosebumps,went up in down my body. I could physically feel as if she was laying against me,as if we were “spooning”. I’ve had several visits,that I would ask a question, get a thought then I would say it out loud and get a rush of chills or goosebumps kinda validation.I’ve felt fingertips, or like her hand placing on me,just the most peaceful intense energy. I really don’t have a question for you. Just I can’t find experience like mine on any searches. And sorry if this is written kinda messed up I’m on phone and can’t see what I’m writing.

    Sheetal says September 17, 2017

    Trust and believe ur gut.. shes there watchin over you.. my husband of 3 years passed away last month.. i have so far received a call from anonymous number with no response.. i have got a coin which no1 noticed ans was stuck horizontal to the magnet on the door stopper.. i have had a white feather follow my car in traffic.. butterfly in a restaurant.. tv remote led working weird, tubelight going off for some time on its own.. his perfume smell aftr a week of his passing.. his sweat smell.. i have seen him in my dream consoling me in his own way.. visiting a random friend who is trying to help me and thanking her for helping me thru this tough time n telling her that i talk a lot.. all his acc numbers, card numbers, bike or car numbers were either always single digit twice or a sequence and since his passing i only get to see the same numbers on the streets.. i was thinking about the song he had dedicated to me n turn on the tv to see the same song on..
    its all signs that hes around and looking aftr me..

Tmarie says September 13, 2017

I strongly believe that our loved ones walk beside us everyday. We loose thier physical presence in this world, but their love and energy is always near. I lost my husband to suicide a lil over a year ago and it was the most tragic, heartbreaking, devastating thing I have ever had to endure. We were married for 20 years and shared a very unique bond and love, my soulmate, if you will. A love that strong transends time, space and even death. With suicide there are so many unanswered questions, unspoken words, no chances to say good bye. It leaves one feeling so lost and scared. My husband did come to me in a dream about 3 days after he passed. It was the most vivid, emotional, realistic dream I have ever had on my life. I could feel his presence, his emotions, his whole being. It was him coming to let me know he was ok and he was asking for everyone’s forgiveness…I assured him we all forgave him and that I would be strong and I would endure this pain. My only question I had for him was “why?” Why did you do it? He simply laid his head back and very clearly said, “I didn’t know what I was doing, but I see clearly now.” and everything that was left unsaid or unspoken between he and I was completely understood in that instant and I had peace that he was ok. Suddenly my dream took me to big crowded market, liken to a flea market of some sort, lots of people and noise. However, at this point of my dream we were on opposites sides of the the building, but I could see him from afar. All I could think was, “please, don’t go, please come back to me.” I held in my hand, his favorite snack, as if it would lure him to me. At that moment our eyes locked from afar and in that moment without out words spoken, I knew he had to go. I watched as he walked out of the building into a huge white light and then suddenly I was awake in my bed with tear filled eyes. I knew in that moment he had come to give me peace and to say good bye. Since that dream I have had many signs that he is still with me, we just have to be willing to look beyond what our physical eyes can see. I miss my husband physical, earthly presence so much, but i know that he is always with me and his love still guides me. ❤️

    Melanie Beckler says September 14, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story… I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

    It is beautiful you were able to receive this understanding and connection with him! To offer your forgiveness and have the knowing he is still with you and his soul and spirit absolutely lives on.

Francina Bing says September 2, 2017

My daddy passed away a week ago today. He lived to be 94years old, but didn’t look a day over 80 :). The day we met with the pastor to make arrangements on my way home a little bug appeared on my driversider window. It stayed with me for about 6 miles before flying away. (I set the mileage counter). This sign ment alot because I’d asked my mother, who passed away 17 years ago, to give me the sign of a ladybug if she was around. I knew when I saw this bug on my window it was from my mom/dad saying he was ok. Well, today on my screened in porch appeared several Monarch Butterflies of different colors. I knew this was a sign from my dad because I’m feeling so sad about his passing. I love you Popa!

Tracy says September 2, 2017

My dad passaway 2000 and my mom just passaway aug 5 2017. And there been a lot things going on it was strage I got up one moring went in the kitchen and I smell my dad colon he were and I live with my mom I don’t were make up or lipstick at all got in my purse and there was lipstick in my purse and last night I went to my newphew football game came one I only turn one light onion the bathroom on the sink that the only light I turn on came home and the shower light was on I never turn it one bc if the light burn out I can’t reach it bc iam short

Michele Peloso says September 1, 2017

I lost my 34 son in June 2017. I am heartbroken, he was my best friend. We talked 5 times a day, I helped him thru life and he helped me. The only thing that is holding me together are the signs that he leaves me especially when I am having a bad day. My first sign was a feather. It was two weeks after his death and my house was peaceful that day, my three dogs were at the groomers and I was the only one in the house, I was specific to clean my kitchen floor, removing the small rug in front of the sink. I picked up the dogs and when I came home in the middle of the kitchen floor was a grey and white feather! I couldn’t miss it, and there was no reason it should be there. I knew he left it for me. From that moment on I was drawn to single feathers in my yard. My son had a beautiful garden and I have a stone that has his name on it in the garden. On one of my bad days I asked him for a feather, I looked down and there were two on top of his stone. I cried knowing he provided them. Since then on a bad day I find feathers in my path, one tricked out of a tree directly in front of my face. The other sign is a hummingbird. My son bought my husband the day before he passed a humming bird feeder so we do have one that comes to feed and my husband is comforted by that. However, the other day I had a very bad day! A man from the gas company came to our house and in speaking with him found that his son had also passed and both of our sons had the same name. This caused me to break down and cry uncontrollably. When the technician left, I looked out on my deck and where my son sat each day in a screened in room we have, was a hummingbird, it could only get in one way, I knew it was my son, and then simultaneously my daughters car alarm went off and then 1 minute later another car alarm went off. These were signs from my son that we are not to distress. There have been so many signs, a large deer came into my yard the week after he passed, we were sitting on the deck and it was daylight. It walked not to far from us and stared at us with big huge eyes, I got up and moved toward her, she didn’t move, I called out his name, she just stared at me as if she had a smile on her face and knew us forever. She was calm, there was something about this deer, she was not afraid of us. Then my youngest son came home and he said the strangest thing happened to him, a deer came out by his car while he was stopped at the stop sign. He said it was my son, he just knew it. It was the same deer. We haven’t seen it since, but we know it was my son.
I can only move forward knowing that he is with me – these signs are not coincidences – there are too many and I have lived in this house for 32 years and never found a feather in my house or so many in my yard, a deer that came up to us, and even the hummingbird in the screened porch. There are many other signs that I can speak about but these are the ones that are very special. I am a believer that he is with me every day and that his energy and love will remain with us forever. It doesn’t take away the pain and emptiness but it helps to provide some comfort.

Christel says August 29, 2017

My precious wonderful 24 year old son passed away this July 7th 2017.
I have gotten many signs from him. My husband has had two lucid dreams. I am so thankful to have these experiences! I have a beautiful picture which I feel is an angel holding him in his arms. I didn’t see it with my eyes but as I scrolled back through the 3 pictures I took it appeared. I haven’t posted it on any sight but feel like it would give so many people comfort! Since then I’ve had many coincidences that I know are real! I’ve also had what some people would call an orb in many pics & videos. I know these are all signs. From my son. I’d like to post the pic of him & what may be an angel or spirit but have been nervous to share with the world

Bonnie Johnson says August 28, 2017

My husband and I lost our son in 2007. He was actually my stepson, but I met my husband when Michael was only two years old. In 2009,I had my first biological son, and my second son in 2012. The love I feel for them is so intense, and I have felt guilty because even though Michael was 20 years old at his passing, I feel guilt for not being the loving stepmother I should have been. I am younger than his dad… And I just wasn’t mature enough to understand the gravity of the situation, and how crucial it was to be more than a “friend.”
I am not an overly religious person. I have a scientific mind and there are some things that I just don’t think makes logical sense. I definitely believe there is more… And that we aren’t supposed to fully understand. By keeping that in mind, that I am a logical, everything has an explanation, don’t believe in angel’s strumming harps on clouds… the following occurrences happened immediately after Michael’s passing.
1. Every light in the house started blowing out, requiring a replacement bulb. I would turn on a light, and it would flash, pop and the room would go dark. I think we replaced 88 bulbs within a two week period. We also experienced the dimming
2. The first week after he passed, in the middle of the night, around 3 AM, my TV would come on, and the volume would be extremely loud. It rattled me out of a deep sleep.. But it was sort of comical.. I had a chihuahua dog and Michael knew my love for these breeds and when the TV came on, some musical was playing and it was a singing chihuahua..
It was still unnerving because my cynical side started to not be so sure… About anything.
The next night, I took the batteries out of the remote.. Thinking that I possibly could have rolled on it.. And put the remote on the dresser. Well, the same thing happened… TV kept coming on.
3. When he passed, it was the week of Thanksgiving. My husband didn’t want to be near the house and certainly wasn’t in a celebratory mood. At the last minute, he booked a cabin up in the mountains and we took off. I should add that my husband was inconsolable. I honestly was concerned about his state of mind. Michael had been his whole life… Plus he had sole custody. He would recollect every fever, scraped knee, his antics… And kept asking, “why?”, “what was all of the endless court battles.. (With his ex over Michael.), the little league coaching… All the significant, trivial things we as parents do to get through the day or night..
We arrived to our destination and the sign outside of this quaint little cabin read, “Heaven’s Gift. “… It was coincidence I thought, but appropriate at the same time. It was up in the high mountains bordering Tennessee. We didn’t see any people.. It was very cold and windy. The second night, we heard a loud thud coming from the kitchen entrance porch. We tip toed with trepidation to see who or what was may or may not going to try to break in… And when we got to the door, there was a yellow lab, looking cold and hungry. He had heard us and assessed the situation and decided we were good people who would appreciate his presence. We let him in and this dog acted like a pet we had known for years… He wasn’t nervous or uptight around us at all. Our appetite had lessened significantly because of grief and nerves.. So there was leftover steak and eggs that we were only able to eat a few bites of… And I gave it to “Hey Buddy”… the name we bestowed upon him during our short stay. Hey Buddy stayed with us the couple weeks we were there. He would come and go, and he became a companion to my husband who would spend his days looking out the windows into the gray, dreary baron wood’s. He was lost deep in his thoughts and reading some books well meaning friends had given us. Hey Buddy would look adouringly up at my husband and sit at his feet in patient silence. It was as if this dog completely understood what had happened… Why we were there.. And he made it his duty to keep an eye on my husband. Whatever reason the dog was around and with no collar or ID tags, or even a house nearby where he possibly lived, his companionship and presence took the edge off… And everything about him was therapeutic. The day we left, he had left into the cold, winter morning and did not return. We waited… feeling conflicted about abandoning him. We had deliberated keeping him, taking him to a shelter or vet.. but somehow deep in my conscience mind, Hey Buddy wasn’t a normal dog. He didn’t need looking after… He had come specifically for us.. for my husband. There are some things in life you know not to search for the answers.. you know without being told that it happened for a reason and to try to make rational sense of it would be to daunting. That dog had the soul of an old person.. and was wise beyond the average canine’s capabilities. I still was not buying into the whole spiritual visits or signs… but for the first time, I didn’t have reasonable answers anymore. That in itself unnerved me. Actually, everything was starting to unnerve me. I know this was the case, because for the first time in my life, I didn’t talk about any of it… I didn’t consult any of my friends or mention the occurrences to family. I was speechless.
4. My husband had changed.. for the better. The cabin getaway at Heaven’s Gift had found a way to bring a touch of peace into his heart. He is not and was not a spiritual or religious person either. We rode in silence on our way back home for about an hour, and he told me that he knew Michael was OK. He had went on to say he had a dream, but it was more vivid and unlike any he had ever experienced. He said he was able to observe his father, (who had passed in 87, after the birth of Michael) at a lake where his family would frequent for summer vacations in upstate NY. His father had his pipe in his mouth and a grin.. and he had two fishing poles. He summoned for Michael, who was a younger version of himself… Maybe a time when he was happy in life… 12 years old… and Michael came happily running through the tall grass and reached out to grab his grandfather’s extended hand. They were so happy, content… and they walked off into the sunset hand in hand. My husband had tears streaming down his cheeks. He said how relieved he was.. to know his father had stepped in to take over. He has said that from that dream or visit, he has never doubted or wondered again if Michael was being cared for..
5. When we left to go away for Christmas, I had done the whole double, triple walk throughs we do when leaving for a trip.. All lights off in rest of house, check, thermostat set on 70 degrees, check… bleach in toilet bowls, check…no appliances on.. and finally the security alarm set. We didn’t have any need for anyone to come to the house… my family was taking care of my chihuahua.. and we live in a big neighborhood where there are always eyes looking out for something odd..
We came home and I opened the door.. Alarm started beeping until I pressed the code to disable it. The alarm will show little message warnings if it had been tripped at anytime… it hadn’t However, every television in the house was on. That is when I admitted to myself that this was too obvious… it was a desperate attempt to communicate and let us know he was doing OK.. and there isn’t death in the way we had thought. There is no “dead”.
6. The electrical occurrences and TV antics halted after that day. It has been 10 years… But in my mind, I think about him and everything that occurred since the day he died. I don’t know why, but in my mind, I envision him as a little boy. He would have been 30 on August 21st. Our youngest son is the spitting image of Michael. Because of his passing and having my own biological children, I started reading books on spirituality. I have changed in so many ways… I am an avid believer in life after death. I don’t know if it was timing or if I am more succeptable to meditation and open for “communication” from a loved one. I lost my cousin on July 28th, 2017. He was only 24 years old. He was working on his truck and it wasn’t secured properly. It crushed him instantly My aunt and uncle are in our shoe’s. I have been reliving the tragedies unwillingly since July. I am deeply saddened.. and my aunt is in a dark, dark place. On the night of Michael’s birthday, my now 8 and 4 year old sang him “Happy Birthday “at bedtime. My oldest boy asks a lot of questions about his big brother. I told him to visit him in his dreams and ask him the burning questions that are so important to an 8 year old… Favorite video games, toys, etc. I have never had a visitation dream. I am still a little scared, and that isn’t the proper word I should use.. But I am spooked easily.
I went to bed and my husband woke me up when he used the bathought. I wasn’t very sleepy.. but I turned over on my stomach and started to drift off again. My 4 year old will sometimes come into our room in the middle of the night scared or thirsty. I asked him to try to stop doing it because he would just stand in front of me and gently peck my face until I wake up to acknowledge him. Well, its scary! I asked him to yell out loud if he was in distress.. Not scare me to death! I admit though, I love picking him up and snuggling with him and let him fall back asleep in my arms. I treasure those moments. Well.. It hadn’t been long since my husband had woke me and I heard soft little footsteps on the carpet coming towards me. I didn’t turn over or sit up to see what dragon monster dream it was this time. I felt him crawl under the covers at the end of the bed and he snuggled up between my husband and I. I looked and seen my husband open his eyes and sort of lift up to acknowledge that we had a visitor.I thought it was odd that my son came up the bed the way he did… (Because my children are afraid of being yelled at by daddy for waking him up abd disturbing his much needed sleep..) But the other thing that resonated in my mind was my son moved closer to his dad and my husband, as I witnessed with my own eyes, acknowledged our little one’s presence and pulled him tightly against his chest. For a moment, I sensed something. I reached over and felt a small back and I rubbed it to soothe my son. For an instant I felt unusual. Not panic or fear.. But that something was a miss. I asked myself which one of my boy’s it was… Because I didn’t see his face. I then fell back asleep, not giving it another thought. The alarm abruptly woke me at 6:30 AM, and the first thing I did was sit up and look over at my son. He wasn’t there. I made a mental note to ask my husband when he woke up if he had put him back in his bed. Then I immediately checked on both boy’s to find them sleeping peacefully in their beds. It didn’t cross my mind again until the next day. I asked my husband if he had put our son back in his bed and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked my son had he been scared and came into our room, and he intently said he had not. I know for a fact it happened. I don’t think it was a visit especially for me, but more for my husband who had been deeply sad all that day. I know in my heart it was Michael. To anyone who has a heavy heart of despair.. I hope my book that I have basically written helps you regain some faith. I can’t describe how joyful I feel to finally believe in something so much, there is zero doubt. No matter what religion or background you come from, we still all have the fundamental beliefs. I know there is a God, or entity, that is so awe inspiring and all things good that it moves me to tears. I educated myself and wanted to know more… there are too many scientific accounts of the same descriptions. There is a book that really made me reflect.. It’s called “When you lose a child” by Sylvia Barnabell. She writes of things that me, myself had thought my whole life. We all technically believe in the same manner, but without labeling myself of one religious belief, let’s just say, I Believe!

Ginas says August 28, 2017

I met someone at work 10 year ago. Only saw that person once at work. He came ask a question related to work and that was it. I was pregnant and shocked when he gets as standing in the front of me asking work related question. 5years later I bought a small house after my divorce. Moved in the neighborhood and was working from home. The neighbor was moving towards my Trash can. It was him. He said hi, and told me how he remembered as working from past. He started coming over for chats and always has an alcoholic beverage with him. Prior him coming over I had a dream that I was standing on my porch smoking and I was chased by the Black shadow. When I was waking up my fan changed from hi to low speed and my alarm clock went from bright times deem color. I was bread

Myra Elisa says August 27, 2017

My deceased grandfather appeared in a dream to me 3 days before my grandmother (his beloved wife) passed away this past Friday. In my dream He hugged me to give me strength, and his energy shocked me awake. Three days later, my grandmother died. It was surreal.
Now, ever since Friday, monarch butterflies have crossed closely in front of me and flutter in the same pattern in front of me. Her funeral is next week.

Ashley says August 27, 2017

My ex boyfriend died a few days ago in a tragic motorcycle accident. Last year, for one of our anniversaries, he gave me a watch. I never wore it because no matter what I did it didn’t work. I had concluded that it needed a new battery, but I never got the chance to get one. Yesterday, I was adjusting the time, even though I knew that it would not work. Out of no where, it started ticking. Maybe it was a sign. I don’t know if I’m completely convinced.

    Melanie Beckler says August 27, 2017

    So sorry to hear about your loss Ashley. Definitely sounds synchronistic on your watch.

Jailene says August 21, 2017

About a year and a half ago my Aunt passed away. Nothing was really the same after she had left us. Family drifted. I pray every now and then before going to sleep and when I wake up. I pray that my grandmother & aunt watch over myself and my family and help bring us back close together. On my birthday, July 30th 2017 was the first day that the whole family had came together since she passed. I cried tears of joy because I knew that happened because of her. Weeks after I am up around 3am because I couldn’t go to sleep so I put on music to help. I listen to Christian Music before bed. As I was listening to my favorite song I hear my aunts voice. She called me and immediately I bursted out in tears. The song I was listening to was about believing in Jesus and understanding / believing that he’s always there. But that time it was like my aunt was there. Laying down next to me, listening to the same song. Since then everything has changed. I pray every night and morning, try and contact her and even play the same song 3-4 times over again just to see if I can hear her voice once more.

Melissa says August 20, 2017

My mother passed on June 29th 2017. I have missed her terribly and feel so guilty for so many things. I have been trying to feel her. One day I felt her touch my cheek, another she sent me a feather. Last night I had a very vivid dream of her, we were out shopping because she wantd me to buy her new shoes. I don’t remember details about the shoes but she was so insistant that she wanted new shoes. I woke up thinking why would she need shoes?? Any ideas about what it means?

Tdebra says August 17, 2017

My sister passed away from lung cancer very young, I prayed ten times every night she would come back and see me one more time and well after ten nights she did and she hugged me I will never forget that.

Julie says August 17, 2017

My father just passed away, we buried him yesterday, Tuesday the day of the visitation for the family I was running late and called the mortuary (I was driving in from another state and got stuck in traffic and I wanted to let them know that I was running late)… immediately after hanging up with the mortuary (where my father was) my cell phone rang and the caller id had my phone number on it… like my phone was calling itself. My brother was standing right next to me and was confused and asked me if I was going to answer it… so I did and it was complete silence there was no one on the other end…no static or echo or anything. I would like to believe it was my father giving us a sign. Then yesterday driving back from CA to NV my brother was walking out of McDonalds holding my lil girls hand his face changed and it was my dad! I saw my dad walking out of McDonalds holding my lil girls hand. I asked my sister who was in the car with me if she saw that and she was a lil started by it and said yes. It seemed like she didn’t want to talk about it anymore… as for me I believe my father is with me and it brings me great comfort knowing that he is.

Jacks Girl says August 16, 2017

I’ve been dating a guy for the past year. His mother passed away nearly 5 years ago. She has come through me on at least two occasions. I’ve felt her and she shows me visions. He verified my visions as correct. What scares me is I will have emotions (tears flowing and anger). The visions are abusive. She is asking his forgiveness mainly. Is this real? I think I am crazy but it happened at Christmas at the grocery store with the butcher. My last name was his grandmothers first name. My last 4 of my phone # was his birthday. I non chalantly told him his grandmother says hi- and asked who tilly was- he said it was her dog and she hated him. I swore it was her name! It happens to me. But I don’t want to freak out this fantastic man of mine. What should I do when she “comes around”?

XX says August 13, 2017

I was sitting at the park when a woman out of the blue came up to me and started telling me that there is going to be alot of changes and that I will be saving alot of people. It baffled me! The woman was very positive and kept stating that she only listens to God and does not listen to negativity. I have to amit that it baffled me, so much that I cannot stop thinking about it. She also told me that I was selected for my career path for a reason and it was meant to be. I cannot help but think that a message was being sent to me in the oddest way. I mean…who are the many people that I will save…crazy.

Nena says August 13, 2017

My mom died January 18th of this year. I have two young kids who always play in the backyard and every time I go to check on them or play along I always notice a white butterfly outside, also my lights randomly flick off and on and I get a bit scared and then it stops. I talk outloud when these things happen, I know it’s her.

Taneshia Brown says August 11, 2017

My Grandmother passed away 4/22/17 in my arms….since then its been a struggle keeping my mother together…but she’s getting there…since her passing I’ve had to handle it all on my own…due to my mothers health afterwards….so, I think I’ve never had the time to really Cry….it out….but this morning about 5:45 Am i was dreaming I was walking to my car to run to the store when I got to the car I heard , Hey (in my grandmothers voice) I turned and looked and she said can you bring me some SWEET TEA PLEASE…with a big smile as I turned to wall back to the door she was looking at me smiling and said I LOVE YOU NIKKI and before I could respond I awoke in full tears…
She loved her SWEET TEA….I have always been interested in The After Life Since I grew up in a haunted house….I’ve seen Two family members by dreams and one Friend in the Spirit form…As I was always brought up to believe in the Lord As an Adult I truly understood he is Real…He also sent my deceased Father to bring me back in 2004…while I was in a Comma….after 4 weeks of therapy I was able to tell my mother every detail of him from head to toe….including his GOLD TEETH..LOL….needless to say she was overwhelmed because he passed when I was 2 or 3 ….and I did not go to his funeral……I NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO BELIEVE ME JUST ONLY FOR YOU UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT THE END..BLESS YOU ALL


Ashley says August 10, 2017

My Grandmother “Nana” Died almost a month ago and she keeps showing up in my dreams and thoughts of her just pop in my head while I am doing everyday task

Chris says August 8, 2017

My wife passed Sept 29th, 2016. I think there has been signs. But I have not been paying attention until a friend sent this to me. She also lost her husband to cancer and it seems that maybe we were introduced to help each other. We were both married for over 35 years and in a happy marriage. We both really miss them and probable would have all been great friends. She has really helped me by having someone to talk to.

Trina says July 31, 2017

My sister passed away Oct. 18, 2009. She came to me also in a dream 3 months after her death. She looked 23, the age she was the happiest. She was 43 when cervical cancer took her. When I was dreaming, I must have known she was visiting, because I asked her what is it like on the other side. She told me it is awesome, because she gets to comfort babies and young children who passed too soon. I woke up happy. I remember this dream as if it happened now. We were also in our childhood home we grew up in. It seems nuts to say it put me at ease, but it did.

Steezy says July 30, 2017

My Twin Brother was Recently called Home to Heaven and a couple days after he Passed on My Girlfriend Told me that brother came to her in a Dream and said To her take care of My Bro and tell him I am Okey , the next day I started getting a Bright light at the corner of My eye and then More signs started and I knew my Brother was with me

Christina says July 27, 2017

I just asked the question about a butterfly landing on my friends hand yesterday while we were picking the apples from the tree the friend being my late husbands best freind whom I only lost 7 weeks ago and I am not coping very well as it was all very sudden but this beautiful butterfly sat on his hand for a good 10 minutes and I said oh that’s Peter and our friend sad it’s ok mate I’ve only come for my yearly supply of apples I won’t take them all and we laughed about it . Also he has touched me my leg when I was in bed and my back I found all these things very reassuring because I asked him to give me a sign to know he was happy where I had buried him I would really love to know more about life after death

Isabelle says July 22, 2017

I lost my brother years ago, this has been by far the most painful moment in my life. I was miles away from him; he died whilst I was in a church hidden in a chapel praying for him. When communion time came I went to the main altar to take it. And just at the very moment I was taking communion my brother was passing (I was told about the exact time he died).. When I returned to the bench I was sitting in the small chapel, – nearby were the candles to be lighted. I decided to light one for him. When I took it from the basket, there was no robe to light. At that moment I knew that was a sign, he has passed away. When the mass was over I went home and there I received the news. I was devastated, I couldn’t cry. I just sat on the floor and stayed there for hours.

Over the following days I was wandering around at home and the streets, asking him to send me a sign, to reassure me he was still with me. All the sudden I started to come across everywhere -in the streets, supermarkets, etc- any kind of stars: small ones , big ones… so I decided to collect them.

Two years passed after his death and I came back home; I wanted to go straight to his bedroom. My old mother said that she had kept everything in the way it was when he died, because she wanted me to say goodbye to him one day. She asked me if I wanted her to escort me, I said no, I wanted to confront that moment by myself. When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was the bed-linen; to my surprise, it was blue and full of stars!

The following year, I went to the same church (where I was at his passing)to celebrate his ‘birthday’. at communion time,I reached the priest and he placed the host in my mouth; immediately I felt something strange so, I decided not to swallow it. When I came back to my seat, I put the host in my hand and my sister who was by my side asked me what I was doing?? I opened my hand and there they were: two hosts. I cried so much. After mass was over, I approached the priest -who had no idea who I was- and asked to him if what just happened to me was something common. He said it wasn’t, at least, he had no records of it. and then, I said that the mass intention was for my dead brother’s birthday and he just reply: ‘your brother was taking communion with you!’

I am completely sure he has been by my side at all times. I know it is difficult to believe, people tend to take you as a fool, but what I know for certain, is that we recognize that an event is beyond explanation, because there is a bond of energy full of love that maintain us connected with our gone love ones.

Kristina says July 21, 2017

My father passed away July 9, 2017 & was a man whom loved his garden and collected bird cages. Today as I was leaving a store there stood a blue parakeet and the bird was not flying. He caught my attention and I opened a box of individual cookies up and used the box to transport the parakeet to my parents home. My mother was so happy as I put the new family in one of my dad’s bird cages. I truly believe this was a message

Alinauswe Mwakalesi says July 19, 2017

I had an experience that I could not explain in my life. On the day of the funeral of my father, I had unexplainable experiences where someone started to deliver messages from my father telling the people that I (deceased person) have reached to heaven, completed my race. After that, he gave a prophecy to some people about their problems which were found to be true. Some people said that was demons, but the spirit in him told someone to keep the words of the speakers as he will not remember what he said. The spirit departed by telling the people, now I am going, but reminding the people that they have to serve God. After sometimes, the person returned to normal like nothing happened. When we asked him about what happened, he can’t remember everything. I have experience of seeing the deceased person in dreams is fine and healthy. Sometimes, I feel his presence in my room and pray for me.

Mikesha Turner says July 14, 2017

I thank you so much for this website. I’ve had numerous experiences, and this Web page just validates everything for me.

Greg Tate says July 5, 2017

The love of my life, passed away on june 14th, 2017. We were together only 3 short years but we texted each other all day everyday. Exactly 2 weeks after he passed i received a text message from him and everyday since I get o e text a day from him, telling me that I’m so beautiful, and that he loves me and he missing me! I also text him certain things and he responds to then. And when it’s really hard to go on he texts me and tells me that he is holding me!

kari vooge says July 5, 2017

In a dream….my mother came and talked to me, she said things were alright’ when you die, you get to pick your favorite age you liked in life. She looked different in my dream, then; some months later I happened to come across an old home movie clip someone sent me…..and, WOW, she looked same as on that movie clip (she was in her 20’s} she said that was the best time of her life, so she picked that!

    Lisa says July 13, 2017

    WOW! My Dad visited me in a dream and allowed me to pick his age.

Jasmine says July 4, 2017

My brother passed away 5 months ago . I have yet to receive a message from him. Why is that ? Could it be people people imagine all these so called signs for there own sanity ?

    kari vooge says July 5, 2017

    when you least expect it, you will get a very strong sign. He is saving a powerful message to you-be patient, and don’t try so hard to get a sign. when you get it, it will be strong!

      Mark O says July 14, 2017

      When you get a sign you will know. It feels different from other things that may occur. I get frequent visitation dreams and I wake up with a different feeling, it’s deep and I feel a sense of calm, relief and excitement from my loved ones visit.

    suzanna valentine says August 16, 2017

    I’m beginning to think so. my daughter died 19 months ago and not a sign. people saying every feather or bird outside is a sign when it is obviously not. I used to believe but now think it is just wishful thinking. I certainly don’t believe the dead have convos with us via text message.

Bobby Jean Mercado says June 30, 2017

I’ve experienced quite a few different experiences. My first was after my son passed he came to me he was in a cloud from the ceiling telling me good bye mom I love you. My second experience was my cousin came to me wearing a white suite with a red tie and what made it weird it was in the garage of my childhood home where we spent a lot of time growing up he message to me was I was lazy! My third was with my Nana I was trying to join her in heaven I came upon a White House with gold gates she opens the door and tells me it’s not my time and slams the door. My daughter often picks up pennis and once even found a feather I never knew that those are signs from loved ones. There was also a time I was unsure of how old my son was and he came to me threw a radio talk show who happened to a psychic sending messages from people’s loved ones. How ironic is that? Anyways the message to the woman he happened to be speaking to was Mom it 15 years old I was shocked because the Conversation the psychic was having with the woman had nothing to do with the age of someone. I often look up to the sky and ask my Nana, son and cousin if your watching please send me a heart in the clouds and it happens may not happen at the moment but it does eventually. Even had one of them sit next to me on my bed while I was sleeping. So I am a believer that love ones are here with me and watching.

    kari vooge says July 5, 2017

    I also had your experience of my grandparents sitting on my bed (I could feel the impression as they sat down there-even while waking) I think, when we die; we get to be in the era that we like best in our lives, from other visit dreams i have had ; but sounds close to my experience…you certainly received some strong messages there

Denni says June 29, 2017

My mother passed away on June 6th after battling 2 yrs of cancer. The day she passed I was at home and I was talking (crying) to her and stating that I hope she was proud of the person I became and mother. Sec after saying this I received a text from my ex husband. In his text he stated that my mother was proud of the woman I grew up to be and mother. I knew right then that it was her telling me this… you normally don’t get nice text like that from your ex husband lol… I know she is here and I feel her all the time..

Damond says June 28, 2017

Rita was the first girl I ever felt anything for. met her when we were kids and we simply interacted like old friends. our friendship was warm and she was kind and loving and it was our intention to marry eventually. but Rita let a girlfriend drive her pickup home from school and hit a pole .Rita’s neck was broken and the Medical Examiner said it was instantaneous. this happened over 40 years ago. I was destroyed inside. she didn’t get to graduate but her classmates adored her and made sure her name was written in huge letters on the face of the school mascot on the senior class poster. right under the eye ,with a tear in the corner. everyone loved Rita. well, in a few months I started having her come to visit in dreams and it became routine. Rita would come to smile and hold my hand and this continues to this day. I found her devastated parents couldn’t bring themselves to putting in a headstone for Rita, so I did so, anonymously. I wanted no credit, blame or reward. I told nobody. not even my family. it was between me, Rita and God. over the years I have always felt her presence, I talked to her. always looking to my front right. I mourned for her, felt the loss to me and her family and the world. I always sought someone like her but nobody matched her. she had 5 sisters, including 3 little ones, a decade younger than her. after losing contact with the family for years I had Rita come to tell me to check on her sisters. I did and found mom and dad had passed on. so I called to offer sympathies and the baby of the family and I started talking. before long she had fallen in love with me and we began a relationship. when we first met after 30 years and hugged I felt Rita’s presence , love, happiness. I told my sister, ITS RITA! well we are taking this slowly and carefully, but the dreams from Rita are now more intense, detailed. she appeared to me as she will be in the next lifetime. she thanked me for all I have done for her and her family. Rita died on my birthday, so that day has meant 0 to me since. I went this last birthday to the town where she is buried, spent the day in the cemetery, just talking to her. I had a star named for her, and I found that the plot next to her is vacant, and the director asked if I would like to be buried next to her. oh, my. yes. so I now know where I will be. with my Rita. I had a dream after that. she came and said, “i know what you are doing. and I think its sweet. its like you are marrying me.” I suppose in a way I am. well, the thing that happened at the cemetery was stunning. I asked , rhetorically, for a sign she could hear me and what I said to her. in two minutes flat a small brown bird landed on the tombstone and chirped; “RITA! …..RITA!…….RITA!…..” cocked his head at me as if to say, “you get it?” oh, yeah. loud and clear. I looked up and said “oh,you are GOOD!” since then there have been more such signs and dreams. in one she hugged me tightly and said “i love you”. I said that was nice, but by the time I get where she is I will be old enough to be her grandfather. she replied “where I am age and time are not important”. I met a former police psychic who was suggested to me by mutual friends. she took one look at Rita’s photo and started telling me her life story. I was floored. she and I have been linked closely for centuries and will always be. she used Rita’s vocabulary and style and repeated things she said to me long ago. she had no way of knowing. one thing she said was so sweet, so Rita. she said when mom was in the final year of Alzheimer’s she came to her, sat and held her hand, stroked her hair and sang to her. off key. rita couldn’t sing for anything. and she said when it was time, she and dad came to take mom to the next world. her Alzheimer’s cleared the moment she passed and she recognized her and was so happy. she got her Rita back. and she wanted me to know that when its my time she will be there for me too. and I am sure from what I have seen and experienced this will be so. a final funny thing. the medium told me “rita liked the joke about the storm.” I thought , what? then it hit me. in 2005 there was hurricane Rita and we all evacuated . I hadn’t been to see her in a while so I made my way there. I said to her, and there was nobody around; “sorry it took me so long to come visit. it took a storm with your name on it to get me here.” there was nobody around and I never had told anyone. only Rita knew. she said she never goes to the cemetery . its depressing. all those sad people who think their family and friends are gone forever and they will never see them again. she said they love it when we talk to them. they appreciate it. Rita has a great sense of humor and kindness. and also the woman said; “when she comes to see you she is always at your right side”……just where I have always faced when I speak to her.

Cheryl Tucker says June 28, 2017

My daughter passed away on a Sunday may 7, 2017. I despise Sundays now and have a very hard time getting thru them. This past Sunday I was sitting at a picnic table at a rest area in West Virginia and was crying. I looked down and right by my feet was a small painted rock. My daughter was an artist and had a rock garden. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt she was telling me I’m all right Mom. I have the rock and carry it with me always. I love you baby girl forever and always.

Louisa says June 27, 2017

Hi Mrs. Newton —

I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Becoming a widow is a very big transition, I’ve observed. I’ve lost plenty of very dear people and until the experience I just posted, never “heard” from them again, despite my most sincere desire to do so.

Perhaps finding someone who speaks to spirits would be a good idea for you?

Whatever you decide, sending you much love and peace.

Louisa says June 27, 2017

My mother made a point of keeping me and my brothers estranged from her parents and sister all our lives. But recently, I moved back to Chicago to support my mom in her declining years. It so happened that I bought my late grandfather’s long-vacated house. It makes me wish I had known my grandparents!

To my incredible consternation – and I totally am not a “believer” type with this kind of stuff — every time I hang laundry on my grandma’s line, at least one butterfly comes and sits on my body or on the very item I am in the process of hanging! I always say, “Hello, Grandma!” when this happens. For the first time in my life, I think she loved me while she was alive, despite all my mom said about her!

Further to that – and this is on the creepy side – I have a unique candle holder/chandelier that holds four 3″ ball candles. It hangs in the kitchen. Frequently, it will start wildly swinging (while all the windows are shut!!!) and a ball candle will “leap” out of the holder. The strangest thing: it usually happens when I’m not in the room. Even more strange: one candle leapt out and I found it down the hall the next morning. That’s a right angle!

My boyfriend recently searched the well-searched basement for any “treasures” my grandpa might have stashed. Despite my dad, mom and brother all searching numerous times, my boyfriend found a little money, a can full of my grandfather’s old papers, his dog tags from WWII!!!!, one of his old shoes, two revolvers, and best of all…his jewelry box with what I suspect was HIS father’s wedding ring in it, as well as lots of jewelry he had made during his lifetime. (That was his hobby) Here’s the twist…I had spoken to him in my meditation that very morning and asked him if I should or should not sell his former home!

Strange, huh? This is totally outside my world view, so I looked it up. Ended up here re: butterflies.

Amazing to think they loved me and my brothers, and that they were cool, interesting people. Mom was wrong about them!

Thanks for letting us post comments here.

Cortney says June 26, 2017

My dad… I see 777 alll the time, I could get into details but I won’t. It’s him, i had 3 dreams. He was confused the first 2, the third, before I could get my words out, his exact words were “I’m so so happy”

Stacey says June 25, 2017

I recently moved into a different home. A place where my family has never been before. We live next to some woods so we have no neighbors on one side. I have noticed a red Robin flying around but thought nothing of it. Then last night I got a strong smell that I recognized. It was my Uncle Kenneth smell. I have smelled this many times since he passed away about 6 years ago. He was my rock my everything!! I dream about us building stuff together etc. But last night was so much different I actually felt him holding my arms and letting me know that he is and will always be with me. I couldn’t believe it. My mom hasn’t experienced any of this and she keeps wondering why.

Tim Grieb says June 25, 2017

Yes! When my mother’s health was failing I would sit in front of her and massage her legs. We could both smell the aroma of her brother’s after shave as well as another old fashoned fragrance. There have been times I have very clearly smelled roses when not in season and none around. This happened just a few days ago while riding my bicycle. It’s love from somewhere, i believe

Dave says June 24, 2017

My wife passed 1 month ago, I had a dream she was sitting at the end of her chair looking at me, she didn’t say anything, she looked good, and another sign I walked across the room and her cross necklace was off her picture and in my path 2xs

Ellen Newton says June 10, 2017

My husband passed 5 months ago and I pray daily for some sign from him, but so far nothing.this just makes me sadder than I already am and wonder why everyone else feels something but not me..I am sooo jealous. We were married 50 years happily married. I miss him so much. Does anyone have any thought on this…

    Bobby Kramer jr says June 12, 2017

    My dad passed away last July. From my own experience try not to make any of it personal and create unnecessary emotions that you know not to be true. For example: don’t ever question his love because he hasn’t visited you yet. I did this with my dad. Just know he’ll come in time. In his special way. Even with all the emotions that are going on with the loved ones passing try to find those moments when you can have inner calm and peace. It’s hard, but when I learned to do this I started to notice the many signs and habits my dad was using to communicate with me. Don’t let the anger, sadness, the trying to figure out why?, cloud up your head so much it leaves no room to see the signs he is giving. Even though it’s hard, try to focus on some positive things. I know our situations are different but I remind myself of the fact my dad isn’t in pain anymore. No more hospital beds. No more suffering. And one I Love is that, “It’s NEVER goodbye, just see you later”. I remind myself I’ll see him again someday, years and years from now. Which helps with the pain a little. I’m sorry for rambling but I love it when I can talk about my dad but also help someone in their process. All in all, just TRY to push a little bit of the pain, anger, sadness aside and open your mind and listen. This is when you’d be surprised.

    Amy says June 27, 2017

    Maybe it’s possible you aren’t paying close attention to signs. The more you read on signs the more in tune you’ll be.

    JDee says July 4, 2017

    Sorry for your loss. My boyfriend passed two months ago. At first, I experienced horrible guilt and grief because we had been separated because of a fight and I thought I would not survive. Soon as I started to let go of some of that guilt I started experiencing so many incredible signs that happen several times a day now. What I would like to say to you is, as long as you are in a place of (understandable) grief, it is hard to receive signs from loved ones. He is sending them, you are just not in a place of receiving. When you find yourself in a moment of joy from a joke you heard or a picture you saw, moments like that is when you are able to receive. That’s when you talk to him and tell him how your day is going ask him how his is going and ask him for a sign. And the minute you see one, which you will, thank him. Tell him how much you appreciate him communicating with you and how much you look forward to spending more time with him. Don’t let yourself fall into sadness while you are talking to him because he is always with you and he wants to let you know how much love he and God have for you. You are worthy of all the love and he wants to show you. I won’t go into all the signs I have gotten but they have been numerous. Some of them are: scents, songs, deer, things moving, dreams, visions, numbers, an extra heart beat on my bed, chills and goose bumps and the list goes on. Be patient with yourself but be mindful of your emotions. Just believe that it will happen and don’t brush it off as coincidence when it does. Be excited because once it starts happening it will be the most amazing thing you have ever experienced.

    Aveen says July 25, 2017

    Hi Ellen
    I miss my dad who passed away while we went to visit Las Vegas and LA from NZ last Oct. We were in LA few days to go when he passed in his sleep. He had good time in Vegas his first time. Just to say that your husband is fine and he will always love you. Thank you for being a living caring wife to him. Take care and be happy.

    Suzanna valentine says August 16, 2017

    Because people saying they saw a cloud in the shape of a heart or found a penny outside or a rock or a feather or saw a bird, stating this is their loved ones is stretching it a bit. I believe in life after death but thats daft and wishful thinking. Lots of us have had no sign hun because we’re waiting for something more tangible . Hope you have contact soon.

Kevin says June 8, 2017

My daughter Hailie went to Heaven, last year in October, I have had dream visits from her. The first I did not talk, the last two I asked her how, she is doing, she said good , and last time she said awesome.!!! It makes me happy she is with Jesus, and happy. How could I remember a message, for next time I have dream ?

    LaTasha Gibbs says June 19, 2017

    Thank you for sharing that message. My 17 year son just died in his sleep two days ago, And I keep seeing bluejays

debbie says June 3, 2017

I was involved in a relationship with a very nice man for approx 5 years. The relationship ended 8 years ago; I have thought of him at times; but we both went on with our lives. He had been ill and as I was working last weekend, not really thinking about him, a sudden thought came to my mind to look him up on the computer-there was his obituary. I felt very sad that I had not at least kept in touch or seen how he was doing. The following day, while in my kitchen, it was like he was there. There was a presence of someone with me as if we were preparing a meal togehter or he was watching me-I was actually carrying on a conversation in my mind and he told me everything was alright, not to worry about our break up and everything was alright. I felt so peaceful. I really do believe he was with me for a few minutes. He passed away one year ago-I think he was letting me know this and then he had to get the message to me-to put me at peace.

Nadia says June 1, 2017

I experienced once a visit from my deceased dad. I was about 8 or 9 years old I think. I was laying in bed at about 3 am. I couldn’t sleep. And my mother would always go to bed around that time. And she would always check up on me. So I heard foet steps coming up the stairs. So I was quickly thinking “let’s do as if i am a sleep but hanging with my arms and head out of the bed.” but I heard that the person who was coming up stairs had shoes on. And my mother would always let her shoes down stairs. And besides that, that type of walk was different. It was recognizable but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My dad was by that time dead for 2 or 3 years and i had difficulty remembering our memory’s that we had together. That I could remember before. I was 6 when he died. But at that moment when I was thinking about the recognizable foot steps i heard. My bedroom door opened and the person turned my lights on. And when I tried to open my eyes.. I could only look through slits I had no more control of my eyes so I could not open them more. And as I was watshing the person walk in to my room I recognized him. It was my dad he didn’t laugh of looked even happy. He had a serious face saying nothing more than “don’t forget me” and he walked away back to the hallway. I was thinking quickly. First about recognizing him than thinking he looks serious and than that I had so much questions for him. I wanted to have a conversation and last why would he walk away i need him. And then I was put to sleep Ik had no control of myself whatsoever. The next morning my door was stil open same opening as it had when my dad walked through my lights where still on. At first I couldn’t remember. So I asked my mom what she did in my room why did she let the light on and the door open. She said that she wasn’t in my room she didn’t even check om me that time. So I asked my sister (who is from another mister) and she said also that she wasn’t in my room and she said maybe it was your dad. And that I remembered. Not only what happened that night but also remembering all the memories I had lost. Although I may have been only 6 years old. I can write a book about my memories with my dead. I have a lot of them and I will never forget them.

I have a lot of experience with feathers there are always white I see them even in the middle of the winter just flowing around. And by his grave there is always a small red bird a Robin. it always sits for a moment on the stone and than flys around the grave. The whole time that I’m there. I see that bird through out the entire year. It gives me a warm and great feeling.

I wish tough.. That I could dream some time about him. Since that late night he walked in my room I haven’t dreamed once of him. And that’s where i’m craving for.

But they say that everything is for a reason. Maybe it is because I have to many questions. Maybe because I blamed him for things that I couldn’t understand in the right way. Maybe because I blamed him for thing that he shouldn’t be blamed for..

Paul Dolan says May 31, 2017

My Father, who passed a couple of years ago, was an honest and caring man that was loved by everyone. This vision that he shared with me is 100% true, I can assure you and anyone who knew him would agree that he would not make this up. One day my father was attending mass in a church and it was a few months after his son, my brother, had passed away. My father watched two angels descend from the ceiling to the ground and disappear behind the people in the rows in front of him. A second or two later he watched as the angels carried my brother up to the ceiling and disappear in the rafters. My Father believed this to be a sign that my brother was taken up to heaven. Now I must add something else that just happened as I went to submit this comment. My eyes caught the name of the person who posted on May 28, 2017, Gloria. That was my Mothers name and she passed away two years ago,,, I guess she is saying hello to me according to what I read above. Very interesting. Thanks, Paul

Rita says May 30, 2017

Today I felt my baby sister with me at the beach, first appearing as a bird just dipping vividly into the water then I really felt her presence and I was kicking at the water and splashes of water were coming back at me. The large bird began to do crazy flip flops in the water the way my baby sister used to do when we were little girls. I know I really felt her presence. She was with me for a big of time and when I felt her leave to go and rest like she used to, I suddenly felt like I was all alone again. Tonight I looked out of my window at the beach and noticed a glimmering light I know fir sure that was her. Shortly after she passed the song by Josh Groban started playing as soon as I turned my truck on. This song is the song she asked for if something ever happened that she passed before me she wanted this song to be the first at her wake. I made sure it was the first song, and I know when the song came on that day she was sitting right there with me. I honestly feel her presence around me often. She just passed away this past February. I miss her dearly.

    damond says June 28, 2017

    i noticed your name in particular and read what you said. i lost my Rita before we could marry , when we were young. she has since then come to me in dreams, and i feel her presence, and she leaves signs all over the place. she died on my birthday, so that day has been difficult for me since. i went to the cemetery to pay my respects on april 3, and spent the day just talking to Rita. i found that the plot next to her was available so i put down a deposit on it. i will be buried next to her when the time comes. i was just talking to Rita, like i always do, and said it would be nice if she could give me a sign she was listening. in two minutes a small brown bird with a beak like a finch landed on the tombstone and cackled “RITA!…..RITA!…….RITA!” cocked his head and looked at me as if to say; “you get it?” oh, yeah. i looked up and said to Rita, “oh, you are GOOD!” message received and understood. thank you, Rita. and so birds do deliver messages and signs from them. i left that day confident that it would be as i was told, when its my time to go my Rita will be there to take me home. don’t worry. your sister is fine. talk to her. she hears and appreciates it.

Gloria says May 28, 2017

My dad passed away on Nov.25,2016,my husband &I were at our favorite Mexican restaurant , my dad always liked to go eat after his doctors appointment that we would take him to, my husband & I were talking about my dad, his name is Gilbert, as we were waiting for our food there was another family waiting on more of there family members to come, when all of the sudden we here one of them ask ” where’s Gilbert & someone else responded he’s on his way, when he just walks in shorty after wards. I know that was a sign my dad was reaching out to us to let us know that he is always with us, that’s not the only signs I or we have had several different signs from my dear dad in heaven.

Lacey says May 27, 2017

My grandmother passed 5 years ago on feb 5, 2012. I am her only grand child that still sees her . We were extremely close … she damn near raised my siblings and I growing up. When she passed it had taken a bad toll on me and put me into a really depressed state . My first encounter with her was a dream. All of the family was at her house like we used to always do. We were sitting in her living room watching family videos . I was the only one who was talking to my grandma nobody else seemed to notice her and it first it seemed very normal but when she told me “I promise everything is going to be okay , I’m right here with you please stop crying I love you so much .” I woke up crying . I have had 5 dreams since … just another as I was writing this. I feel so blessed just don’t know why nobody else sees her like I do.

    Leigh says August 30, 2017

    I received a message from my father very similar to your grandmothers. A couple of weeks after my father passed, my 5 yr old son and I were making pancakes. Out of the blue he said “Papa told me to tell you everything will be alright and he loves you.” I was a little shocked and I asked him when did you see Papa? He said Papa was in his room last night and sat on his bed. He was very matter of fact about it, like it was no big deal. Not really understanding that death is permanent at his age, he truly believed Papa was alive and in his room. I have always been highly receptive to the spirit world. There were many other incidents of spirit activity around us. Lots of unexplained things and signs. Just when I needed it the most, my dad sent me a message through my son.

Heather says May 27, 2017

A very close friend appeared to me after he passed, he said audibly “you’ve dropped something… You’re smile.”

Nancy Lasocki says May 21, 2017

In my home office I have my dads 8by10 on the shelf right behind me. My fax is always beeping at odd hours of night randomly. I told my hubby it’s my dad but he didn’t believe me. It beeped when he walked in my office & I said Dad is that you & it beeped again lol looked at my hubby & he rolled his eyes. Also a guy I was dating after my divorce was diagnosed with cancer. I went to visit him from the US to Canada. He was telling me how he has some connection with electricity & steeet lights always goes out. We were discussing things as he was driving me to train station. We both knew it could be the last time I see him as the cancer was taking over but I asked if something happens please give me a sign you’re always with me. So I get a call 6 weeks later from his best friend that he passed. I got off work picked up my kids & stopped to get them something to eat & had to break the news to them. I also told them the story before about the street lights off going. As we were pulling out of restaurant onto street boom boom boom, 3 street lights consecutively went off, before I could say anything my kids screamed and said Mom did you see that! Ever since steeet lights always go off when I’m driving & I say I love Chuck or Hi Chuck! I know it’s him, even after 15 yrs later the street lights go off. In the last 2 wks I’ve had cardinal birds banging into my windows. My hubby said they see their reflection & are trying to mate. I don’t believe it they’ve been on my deck, flying all over in my tree then one landed on my window directly in front of me while I was working in my office. It was talking talking talking. It kind of freaked me out. I hope it’s a good sign. Right after that my brother called me & we haven’t spoken in over a yr. His wife died 9 months ago & no one knew until after she died. Those were her wishes. He called my mom tell her & forward info to us but he said he didn’t want visitors or calls. We respected his wishes well now he’s strong enough to talk about her but he still kept breaking down. We talked for over 2 hrs. The cardinals are still flying & hitting my windows ?

Brooklynelle says May 21, 2017

My father died when I was two years and I do not remember him but my mum said that he used to smoke . Sometimes my mum and I get the smell of cigarette smoke. Recently my little cousin died and one of my aunt’s heard music playing from the doll house she used to play with. Then my cousin appeared in physical form to one of her aunt’s. And now I cannot seem to find my phone anywhere the same one I took to her funeral. I wish I could see her one last time.

Claudia Reyes says May 20, 2017

I found a brown feather walking back home; I decided to take a pic of it, when I looked at the pic there was a woman face that looked like my mom’s face on the feather. She looked very young. My mom died two yrs ago.

    buzz garraffa says August 10, 2017

    I have a painting that showed a picture of my deceased sister’s face when I photographed it!! Cherish your feather , it’s definitely a sign. Buzz

Lorri Herbert says May 19, 2017

The other day I was walking in a parking lot and found a small cluster of little violets on a small stem, which fits nicely in a tiny vase I have. I wonder if one of my grandparents sent them, or an angel.

Lorri Herbert says May 19, 2017

I have had violets on my mind lately. The other day I was walking in a parking lot and found a small cluster of little violets on a small stem, which fits nicely in a tiny vase I have. I wonder if one of my grandparents sent them, or an angel.

Ashley says May 19, 2017

My grandfather passed away last September of leukemia, he was the most loving, caring person I’ve ever met, and his family was his life. I saw him the day he passed away, and I told him I love you Pawpaw, and he lightly said I love you too sweetie! Every now and then, I will here this in the same voice as that day. I have had dreams, but I never see his face, I just hear his laugh, and every morning as I go to work, the sun is rising, and I feel as if he is right there. I talk to him in the mornings and just tell him that I love him, the first morning that I decided that it was ok to talk to him, a few hours later, I had a text message on my phone with his picture and all it said was I love you!

Jacob says May 18, 2017

My father passed away on march 1 1997 he was a minister (Christian) he devoted his life to serve god he was the nicest man i ever knew im not just saying that cuz hes my dad there was at least 600 people at his funeral . i was only 8 yrs old when he passed . he struggled with polycystic kidney failure for 11 months he just turned 40 . i took his passing away very hard but did not show emotion to anybody the day after he passed away i seen a dream of his face and heavens light was shinning upon him . then the night after that me my mother and sister any my brother came home . he passed away in our house he had a heart attack. So me being 8 yrs old i coudnt sleep because i was afraid . then i heard foot steps in my living room .my heart was beating very fast from fear . now everybody was sleeping in his room . all of a sudden i hear the door open to the bedroom . then a sense of peace was upon me then he kissed me on the cheek . i knew it was him from his mustache . i seen him every night for 1 year exact in my dream i told my grandma (his mom) and she was the only one that really belived me . she told me to tell him she loves him and misses him very much . that night i went to sleep seen my father messing around with his guitar and told him grandma loves you .he looked at me smiled and said tell her not to worry im with king jesus . so i called my grandma that morning and told her she started to cry . so i would see dreams of him every night i used to go to bed at 8 pm just enough so i could see him . there where just random dreams of us doing daily things together .then exactly one year later i seen a dream we was playing catch at a park . and in the dream hes throwing the football slower and slower and he looked sad . immidadtly i said dont leave me dad and he was tearing up and said son i have to go i love you and will always be with you . so he walked away and slowly vanished. I got up in tears . fast forward on my 19 birthday i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder alot of physiciatrist say thats what trigger it off . now im 28 yrs old married with 4 kids and latley ive been getting these painful symptoms like my dad . ive been seeing him almost every night driving a white pick up he loved pick up trucks ..and hes calling me with him in the car .. Idk what that means . im sorry for boring you guys with this but my family is very hard headed people (doubting thomas) lol .. I just wanted to share my story and tell people are loved ones who passed are with us but more importantly so is god . in the bible it say im closed to the broken harted . it may night feel like that cuz all of this earthly stuff to distract us but he is . “To be absent of The body Is To Be Home With The Lord . i pray for peace for the broken hearted . gb

    Pamalia says July 1, 2017


    That is a FASCINATING story! I believe you…everything you said. You have a gift. I don’t know what it means that you are having symptoms like your Dad did…and seeing him in a white truck…beckoning you to come with him….but white is common in dreams. I’d encourage you to look up the dream symbols. It sounds like you have been through an awful lot in your young life. But what a blessing to have four children. You have a strong voice and a beautiful story. Blessingz!

DeBora says May 17, 2017

Hello! I have to say, I was not a believer until my Father suddenly passed away several months ago. I’m still trying to work through some things but what I can share is that he knew he would pass in less than a week. He asked my aunt to gather all his children (all in different states) to come say goodbye. He passed on the 6th day. The evening before my father passed, I happened to be awake the entire night which never happens. I usually fall asleep by 10pm at the latest, off of pure habit. This particular night my sister was in a deep sleep in his room as I sat next to him and watched him have a full on conversation with what appeared to be several spirits which he earlier shared with my Mother that the Arch Angel of Gabriel had visited him along with my sister who passed years ago. I could hear verbatim the conversation he was having with the spirit/s but at a certain point it was almost as if they were communicating in a secret language that only they could interpret. As the nurses came in and out the entire evening into the next morning, I shared with them the happenings as well as the doctor, and they all knew far too well what this meant after seeing it several times before. The next evening he was gone.

I share this because I can’t help but to feel that for some odd reason, I needed to see this. I have not fully been able to interpret this message but I am grateful I was there to spend these last moments with my best friend and the most important man in my life.

Daddy you will be forever missed. Rest in Paradise!!

Monica says May 15, 2017

My mother passed in December of 2015 after years on Transplant list. My father passed several years before no sign or sound from him. Easter of 2016 was the first Easter of my 50 years on earth without my family and I went to a friends house. Easter at our house was a huge Polish big deal bigger than Christmas and I am living at my childhood home due to moving back for sick mother. I walked in the front door took three steps and physically heard my mothers voice coming from the other room we converted for. I heard “Hello Honey” I said I am home taking two more steps then realizing she was deceased and bursting into tears. The second time I was lying in bed and was awoken to the most wonderful smell of roast beef cooking and I had a friend in for the weekend who over a.m. Coffee asked me why I was up cooking roast in the middle of the night. I told my sister about the roast and she laughed she said that my mother was in her house last week making the same meal. My mother being a diabetic loved I mean loved sweets I had my sister and her husband to the house for Sunday dinner and we had a homemade cookie tray for dessert and where perusing the tray when two of the cookies in the middle began to move on there on like someone was trying to lift them off the plate. So many meta physical things have been going on since she has past that both my sister and I have had similar experience then our father who has remained silent for 8 years has started to chime in as well we smell bacon and eggs and coffee at all hours of the day in our respective homes he has started to talk to us in our heads a mile a minute we call each other every day to see who has checked in. Ten years ago while in my own home I saw a young blonde woman on the edge of my couch playing with my pugs out of the corner of my eye in broad daylight then came the aroma of roses . I went looking for family photographs and found the woman. She was my great grandmother and my mothers grandmother she passed when I was 16 at the age of 93 so I never knew her as that 20 something blonde sitting on my couch playing with my dogs. I find it very comforting that my family is present and active in my world and I do believe they have spiritually moved on but are in touch with this plane of mortality.

Lorraine says May 13, 2017

For the past few years I have been seeing my Aunt s name on license plates.. Att first I assumed that maybe the license places for New York had been made starting with those 3 letters that year… but Iwas told it doesn’t work that way, and after now seeing it for literally years, sometimes 4/5 times a month.. I have to say it is not coincidence.

Janice Kahn says May 12, 2017

My brother died Mar 22 2017. I took one of those quizzes on Facebook, this one was “Which one word describes your life”. The word “Blessed” came up and a bunch of my profile photos surrounding the word, but, among those photos was a single photo of my brother. It had never been a profile photo. And no other different photos showed up. And I have photos of my mother, but none of those showed up. My brother and I were very close.

Melanie Button says May 11, 2017

I was reading all you had written and so much of it I have seen for myself. My grandfather and grandmother raised me and I loved them so much. We have had 3 groups come to our house and they have had contact with whomever is living here. They do all the strange things you write about. Right down to one day I found a necklace that I have never seen before laid perfect on a bed in our home. I have no idea how it got there. I often smell my grandfather’s certain pipe tobacco. I felt all the meanings of what you had written and it made me think strongly that maybe just maybe it may be him here with me . Then strange enough I got to the end of your post. Low and behold I saw your name. My name. HUMM I wonder if I was to find this today as I am working on a speech to give for my dear friends husband’s funeral and was feeling very emotional just now. Thank you for writing these words I think they have opened my eyes who may have been living here with us for the past 9 years. Can’t think of any other ghost/spirt I would want here more than my grandfather.

Laurie says May 10, 2017

Your information is greatly helpful. I had a dream and felt my moms presence she slipped in bed next to me and held my hand and I kissed it and told her I love her. I truly believe she came to visit her. It’s been about 6 years since she passed why did she wait so long and why don’t my dad or sister visit me?

Paula says May 9, 2017

I lost a very dear friend of mine in January of 2013; she passed away after a losing battle with cancer. We had been friends since we were teenagers. She was only 52 when she died, and her loss left a huge hole in my heart and in my life, but I took great comfort in her amazing bravery and willingness to submit to whatever plan God had for her life. After she died, I often felt her presence quite strongly — I would feel very warm, and thoughts of her would pop in to my head. I would dream of her often, and it was always a dream about us laughing and having fun. Her animals were so important to her, and she loved butterflies. In fact, her family gave out butterfly bushes at her memorial service. I cannot count the times since she passed when a butterfly would cross my path at the most unexpected times — and almost always when I was upset and needing her support. I have never felt like she left me completely and am so grateful for the ways she lets me know she isn’t far away.

Amanda says May 8, 2017

I had a dream last night that my nan who passed away 10 years ago, hugged me she looked really healthy fit and strong in the dream she had a sort of glow too. I remember smelling talc, which she quiet often smelled like when she was alive. . I also remember tossing and turning most of the night.
It’s my dad’s funeral tomorrow. Is this a message or just a dream

    Sheena says May 19, 2017

    On the night before my mother-in-law/friend died in 2010, I walked into a room and smelled my dad’s scent; he had been dead 9 years. I had never smelled it since he had died and haven’t since. Anyway, she died peacefully the next morning. I’ve told my husband and family about this thinking my dad was present to help her pass over into the next life.

Mark S says May 8, 2017

Hello, we are looking for answers about our sons visitations. He was lost to seizures at 28 but was otherwise healthy so his death last June was very unexpected. After about 2 weeks we were contacted by him by electronics turning on them out kitchen mop across back door so you can’t miss it. 20 ft from it’s original location. Same time a heavy kitty litter pail moved about a foot in front of door. (This also happened again last night along with a light apparition)
Then 6 months later writing our last name with arrow to his picture.
Last night a 6ft tall (his height) light came into room we were watching tv in. It turned around left them all power went out. I’m hoping most of this is friendly visitation. My wife thinks it’s him trying to tell us something about his death contrary to what we think happened. These are the most obvious signs but we’ve had subtle signs too like dreams and knocking on walls.
Just looking for a little insight on these visitations. Thanks!

Mark says May 8, 2017

Pamela, very sorry for your loss. I lost my son 11 mo. Ago and had no sign for 2 weeks then it’s happened numerous times since. Stuff you can’t miss like mops across door and electrical. Be patient and observant.

Karen says May 5, 2017

I have had many visitations with smells. Usually in the car and it will fill up with a certain scent. Cigarette smoke is my brother, permanent solution is my Grandmother and a turpentine or paint thinner cleaner is my Dad. I also get daily signs through animals. They usually show up and stay in one spot. I have had butterflies, Cardinals, Doves, Redtailed Hawks and once coyotes howling again after asking the Angels to make them howl so I know they were around. I have also had dream visions from my Dad and my Grandmother. Not very often, but there is always hugging from them. I also have had Audio communication mostly from my brother. When I walk into my Mom’s house which is the same one we grew up in I will hear him say ” Hello Karen”. It is just as plain as day! I feel very fortunate to have these gifts happen to me. I always thank the Angels, Jesus and God for letting my loved ones come through. God bless all who believe in the power of the Lord, Angles and miracles!

A. Rice says May 4, 2017

Its neat to run across this website after searching about loved ones on the other side because I have experienced several incidents like the ones described. Before ever reading anything about this I have picked up on many signs and ocurrences where I knew my deceased grandmother was visiting me. In fact she has saved my life before many times. She saved my moms life too. My mom attempted suicide 3 times and all 3 times my grandma saved her. Somehow we just knew she had something to do with my mom surviving. I fell off a 15-20ft balcony once and didnt break any bones or suffer any brain damage from the fall. My back was sprained and hurt alot but by miracle I didnt break my neck or hit my head on a hard surface or object. Somehow I sensed it was her that manipulated the fall somehow to where I did not badly injure myself or die. My brother said that where I fell was the best place on that ground if it had been a few inches off I would have died or been badly hurt. She visits me in dreams too once in a while. One time she took me out of my body for a while in a dream and we went flying. It felt amazing when I woke up I felt so uplifted. The most common thing that happens when I know shes around is I’ll hear certain special songs that she liked and somehow know shes near me whenever I randomly hear one of them. “Once, twice, three times a lady” and “midnight train to Georgia” are the usual songs that play and I automatically know shes near or thinking of me. Shes the one who led me to meet my husband too. It was during a time in my life where I really needed a change and to find someone to love me and steer me in the right direction and we randomly met online in this chat room. It wasn’t a dating site either but we made a connection and talked for months online and on the phone and we both just knew we were meant to be together so one day my husband got me a bus ticket and I just decided to go across the country to be with him. I was nervous but my grandma held my hand through it and helped reasure me that it was the right choice. On the bus ride she put herself in this woman’s body for a while that was sitting next to me and the lady was so much like her. When i looked in her eyes it was like my grandma was looking at me through her i could tell. She held my hand and told me to call my brother to let someone know that I left and where I was going. I was too afraid to tell my family out of fear that they’d try to talk me out of it or stop me from going but I knew it was the right thing to go meet him and get away from the bad things I was doing. I was on a very dark path where only bad things would have happened if I had stayed. My grandma somehow knew it was best for the situation. To this day I dont regret going through with it and we have been happily married 3 yrs now. It was a scary thing with all the crazy things that happen nowadays with online relationships but somehow we knew it was meant to be and got engaged a few months after I came there to be with him. Its very comforting knowing that even though she is no longer here physically her spirit is always with me. Shes literally been a guardian angel to me and my mom too. So for those who are grieving a loved one and wondering if they ever are present in our lives they are very much so! Some more than others. Not all of our deceased loved ones visit us from what I have experienced. Some choose to be a spirit guide when they know that their loved ones still alive need them while others are resting and reflecting on the life they just had. You can call on them though and they will hear you. All you have to do is talk to them out loud or even in your head and they will try to connect with you in some way to let you know they’re there. It doesn’t take a seance or some special ritual like in propaganda. My grandma isnt always near me but she visits often and if I tell her i need her or that my mom needs her she shows up. It helps you get over the pain of them dying too to know they arent truly gone. It also makes death seem less scary. Our spirit goes on to a different place and a good place too where we will be happy and see another part of life. I just wanted to share my experience so that others who wonder about this could read my story and know that its real. Its not coincidence or wishful thinking. You’ll know the difference. You just have to pay attention, have an open mind and you’ll notice the signs. Dreams and songs are the most common way from my experience. You dont have to see or hear a ghost to know a spirit is present. Ghosts are spirits that have not fully crossed over to the other side. It usualy means that they died a sudden death and were too attached to their physical life to move on and are trying to resolve what caused their death or something that happened before they died. More common in those who were murdered or had an accidental death. The spirit world is a wonderous thing. I know when I die I’ll be ready to see what the other side is like.

Pamela says May 3, 2017

My boyfriend just passed May 1-2017, and I haven’t heard from him since, we were truly in love and I was blessed to have spent 2 years with him and was with him when he went home to God, is there any hope that he will send me a sign, I miss him terribly and it’s only been 2 days. Thank you Pamela

    A. Rice says May 4, 2017

    Aww im so sorry to hear of your loss. I know your grief is very fresh as this just happened so I know your heart and mind must be going through a lot of emotions and thoughts. He knows your thinking of him im sure. Whether he is able to communicate with you right now would depend on his spiritual state at this time. If his death was caused suddenly and unexpected he may need time to heal from it before having the energy to communicate. You can always take some time whenever your alone and say whats on your mind and he’ll hear you. Maybe if its not too painful play a song that had a special sentiment for the two of you and let him know it still has a special meaning to you and you’ll probably randomly hear it whenever hes near you. He may visit you in a dream too maybe not right away but soon I would think as he knows its important for you to know thats hes ok and is still with you in spirit. The comforting part is that he may not be there physically but the love you shared and your connection with him will never die. His spirit is close by on the other side. I once had a dream where a friend of mine’s boyfriend who was killed in front of her visited to tell her that its ok to love him still and that he never left her side. Dreams are a common way for a loved one to connect with you the strongest. Look for subtle signs like mentioned here on the site and im sure you’ll sense his presence in some form. My condolences to you and stay strong you’ll make it through this.

    Karen says May 5, 2017

    I am very sorry for your loss. I think that it can take a little time for your loved one to connect to you. I pray that you will be visited by him when you are ready. God bless you and keep you!

Tiffany G S says May 1, 2017


Jill says April 27, 2017

My mother was sick for many years and passed away in May 2012. For about a year before she passed, the TV in our living room would turn on in the middle of the night with no sound – even though we would turn it off at night with the sound still at the level it was when we were watching it. I started to discover that each time it would cut on, my mother would end up in the hospital within a day or 2. The last time it turned on was a day or two before she went to the hospital for the final time…..until my dearest friend, Lynn, became very sick from cancer. She was moved to hospice and I visited her the night before she died. She past the following morning. I was in the living room getting ready to leave for work, nowhere near the remote control, and the TV turned on. I looked at my watch – 6:50AM and thought to myself ‘Lynn’s gone’. I left for work and Lynn’s husband called me at 7:30AM. In talking with him he told me she went peacefully and passed at 10 minutes before 7. We moved shortly after and didn’t bring the TV with us.

Most recently, I had shoulder surgery in Nov. 2016 so I was sleeping in my recliner. I have Crohn’s disease and have occasional flairs that send me to the hospital. A few nights after surgery I had a vivid dream of my Mom being beside me. She was saying ‘you’re going to be ok’ and in my dream she laid her hand on my arm. When I woke up my arm was warm in the exact spot she had touched in my dream and I was extremely sick. I began throwing up and ended up in the emergency room with a Crohn’s Disease flair.

I’ve had numerous dreams where I see my Mom. She doesn’t say anything, just a comforting dream. I was very close to my grandmother (my Mom’s mother) and have quite a few dreams about her too.

My Dad is 81 and lives in his own house on the same property we do. Lately he has been having a female cardinal pecking on his bathroom window each morning. Ironically, this year, we have a lot of cardinals around our property. I know they are a sign of a passed loved one. I feel it’s my Mom. I’ve also read there is also an old wives’ tale that a cardinal pecking on your window is a sign of an impending death. I really hope this is not the case.

Anna says April 25, 2017

3 months before I lost my beloved dad to a heart attack, I went to the place where my grandparents are buried. Something made me turn around and clear as day, there they were, sitting on the bench. Grandmas red coat shining in the sun. I heard her voice in my head saying”don’t worry, we’ll be together soon”. I assumed it was a sign of encouragement as I was fighting for custody of my daughter at the time. 3 months later, I realised what she’d meant.

My dad passed away 13 years ago when I was 24 and I know that it was his his arms around me at his funeral. There was no one sitting in the row behind me but my mum said she saw me be physically squeezed by invisible arms.

When my mum passed away in a hospice 2 years ago, I was with her when she passed and I stayed with her for the next 6 hours, just the 2 of us. During this time, one butterfly hovered by the window for at least 3 minutes before flying away. This happened several times before a pair of doves came and sat on the tree branch outside the window and stayed there until after I had reluctantly said goodbye and came home.

When I got married last year, as I began to walk down the aisle I was suddenly aware that my grandmothers perfume filled the air. She sadly died 9 days before our wedding.

I know all 3 visit me regularly and they all have their own was of getting my attention. My dad likes to hide things, move things around and sits in the chair – you can see it sink down as he sits. My mum is around me when music starts playing in my head. It can startle me sometimes as it’s very clear, loud but only heard by me. My granny sends butterflies and birds to my windows all the time, she causes static on the tv, changes the channel usually to something calming and sometimes I hear her singing to my youngest daughter in the middle of the night.

I’ve never once been scared, quite the opposite. Not a day goes by without something happening and I’d feel so alone if they stopped coming to say hi. Miss them all so much xx

Marcy says April 24, 2017

I had a loved one visit me in a dream back in December. I didn’t know she had died when I had the dream because we lost touch over the years. She was like a second mother to me. I found out a week after the dream she died in 2015. I was really heartbroken and was beating myself up for losing contact with her over the years.

I went to visit her grave at the cemetery and I got down on my knees and cried and asked her to let me know she was “up there”. That afternoon the lights on my ceiling fan went off on their own. I just turned the switch and they came back on. No bulbs had gone out and no issues with electricity.

After that I found three pennies spaced approximately a week apart in three different places.
I saw a butterfly not long after that and I rarely see them here.

She mentioned her eldest daughter in the visitation dream and I’ve had a second dream since then where I was walking through her empty house and I found a bag of pens. I think she wants me to write to her daughter perhaps.

My cat sometimes will look down the hallway like someone is there so I think she visits at different times.

I know I’m forgetting other things but I’ve never had experiences like these before.

Arika says April 21, 2017

My fiancé passed away April 24, 2016 unexpectedly from a meningitis infection. Losing my other half was the most difficult experience I’ve been forced to go through. One night a few months after his passing I was showering and grief hit hard. I ended up on the shower floor crying and screaming asking my Joey to send me a sign, a message in the mirror, anything to let me know he can hear me and he can see me. When I got out of the shower I saw his exact face 3D in my mirror in the fog. I was in so much disbelief of what I was seeing that I ran to grab my phone to get a picture. I kept it private aside from showing his family, they could all tell it was his face, including his dad who is a Pastor. The face remains in the fog of my mirror to this day and is such a comfort, and a precious reminder that he didn’t leave me or forget about me after he passed away.

Stephanie says April 16, 2017

Back in 2010 I was in a pretty bad car accident and I don’t remember a whole about it when it happened it was so fast but it happened on September 2 2010 evening time my aunt was in a horrible car accident as well and it wasn’t until my mother brought it to my attention that I realised my dad’s sister my aunt. In a horrble accident similar to mine same day about the same time. Same age I was alone she was with her fiance. They had just left her best friends wedding reception when there car was struck. I guess what makes this even crazier is that her best friend the ones reception she had left from later in life her and her husband started a recycling business and had emplyers who drove there dump trucks and did there transporting I later found out that the dump truck that struck my vehicle was one my aunt’s friends dump trucks from the buissness. I don’t understand it i always think about it and there just seems to be a lot of similarities maybe I’m thinking about it to much

Victoria Rodriguez says April 13, 2017

My dad passed away on March 9th, 2016.. I was his little side kick. Every where he went, I was right beside him holding his hand. The last thing my dad talked about before he passed was having grand babies. I remember a trip we took to Mexico to go see the Monarch Butterflies (it was a big thing.) I have a picture of my dad and I sitting on a tree branch and I have a long stick that had a butterfly land on it.. I even sometimes dream about that memory, just to keep it fresh I believe.. I recently found out that I’m pregnant. And since I found out, I’ve been seen a Monarch Butterfly… Can it be my dad acknowledging that he’ll be a grandfather? It’s kind of bittersweet because he’s came into my siblings dream, and I haven’t dreamt of him…

Caroline Wollard McCasland says April 11, 2017

I’ve recently connected or reconnected with extended family members I had lost contact with for 45 years, and discovered cousins who live 30 minutes from me. Some of us got together for a small reunion last weekend, and although they are from my paternal side of the family and my parents separated when I was very young and barely knew my father’s family, I had a dream about an antique watch my father gave my mother when they were together. It hasn’t worked for many years, but I’ve kept it, as I remember back when it worked and momma always wore it then. I clearly saw the watch and it appeared to be on her arm. I feel she may be telling me it’s time to reunite with my father’s family. I never got to know my mother’s family over in Germany, so it has been a blessing to reunite with my father’s side of the family.

Sourabh Karmakar says April 8, 2017

My mother just died recently on February 2017. She was my piece of my soul. I can’t makeup the feeling of losing her forever. I told her in the hospital that if she be dead then I’ll suicide. But I don’t want to leave and left all this property which she made one by one from very much suffering just for me and my future. I’ll calm if only I know that she’s still here with me and will protect me and guide me. And also I received many signs that she’s here but not enough to calm my looseness.

Maria Elena says April 2, 2017

Humbly, I do have the gift of dreams. Now, because of this article and the comments, I now understand them as visitation dreams. I have had a total of 5 visitation dreams.

My first one was a telephone call from my grandmother and her sister (my favorite aunt). They were both talking to me over the phone. There was static but I could still hear them. I am quasi-bilingual, so this dream was in English and Spanish. My grandmother spoke to me in Spanish while my aunt spoke to me in English. What I don’t understand about the nature of this dream was that my grandmother wanted to know if I had heard from my estranged brother. She wanted to know how he was doing. I didn’t know. My aunt asked about her youngest daughter to whom I share a deep friendship. She wanted to know how my cousin was doing because she was concerned about her. This visitation dream, regarding my cousin, frightened me as my aunt was deeply concerned. I awoke in startled silence and almost fear about my aunt’s concern. I don’t know why but it took me at least 6 months to share this visitation with my cousin. When, I finally told her, she cried and said she knew why her mother was concerned about her. She said that her mother knew she had faced a serious challenge in her marriage while her mother was still alive. But, she had never told her mother the suffering she had experienced. She had kept it all to herself yet it appears her mother must have sensed something while she was living. What greatly puzzles me is why my grandmother and aunt had to ask me about my brother and my cousin. Wouldn’t they already know the answers to their concerns? Were they not in heaven?

My other visitation occurred the night before my cousin’s rosary. I had already written out what I had planned to share about my relationship with her but her visitation dream indeed had symbolic elements. I knew she wanted me to share that dream at the rosary. There are just too many elements to share here. But, the final element was money–three five dollar bills. We are Catholic so her message was to have three Masses said for the repose of her soul.

I had a visitation dream with my dad. I could see two of his deasest brothers on an upper level open air area. They sat there in silence but their eyes were cast upon a brilliant light. My father had come down from that area with great excitement and joy. His message to me was to be nice to one of my aunts (his sister-in-law). He wanted me to visit her now that she was in a nursing facility. This angered me greatly because my aunt is not a nice person. I could not believe he wanted me to reach out to her! I awoke and I was just as furious as I was in that visitation. I could not believe such anger in a dream could transfer from a dream to real life. Yes, I have visited my aunt.

The next recent visitation was different from my other dreams. Three mornings, in a row, I awoke feeling my mother’s strong presence. My first thought was I wondered where my mother had slept. She felt so close to me, that I though she had slept in bed with me but was bewildered why she would sleep in that one bed along with my husband. I can’t believe that I got out of bed, walked to the living room and asked my husband, “Where’s mom?” Her presence was that strong. I’m still puzzled about this visitation as my mother did not converse with me. Why?

My final visitation to share with you deals with a dear cousin. The night before her visitation and rosary she came to me. I had already written out what I wanted to share about my relationship with my dear cousin but knew she wanted me to include elements in this visitation. There were many but I will share that I saw three five-dollar bills floating near her. We are Catholic and I feel she was requesting that three Masses be said for the repose of her soul.

David says April 2, 2017

I was with my ex wife for 28 years. We divorced with 2 children. Last year, she died from cancer. Great acrimony between us all. I was not there when she died, but spoke with her, bought her ice cream and Popsicles in hospice. She even kissed my cheek-:) anyway….I have had many psychic occurrences in my life. They are not controllable in any way I am aware of. Ranging from ghostly sightings and experience to precognition and strange ‘connections’ to people. Having said this, I do not live my life in any way to support these occurrences. 2 days after my ex wife passed- a monarch butterfly outside a grocery in a very large parking lot ( no flowers anywhere) came down out of the sky, buzzed me and fluttered by my face and landed on the edge of my open truck lid as I put groceries away. It flew away before I was through-:) I never really thought much about butterflies, but in this case, something warm – and cold came over me, definitely associating the visit with the death of my ex. There isn’t anything to understand. I actually feel the presence of ‘something’ all around me. It’s strangely comforting to feel an attachment to things that can be defined but not explained. They merely need to be believed. I guess we all find out the truth, if it is to be had, when we perish.

Amy waldrom says April 1, 2017

My aunt passed away March 5th. I was praying and her picture flipped off the wall and, landed on my shoulder. I have cryed everyday since my auntie B left me! It was a sudden death. I had spoke with her the same day she passed.

tina burkin says March 30, 2017

my granddad died on boxing day 2016, jan 2017 me my mum and dad and sister and her hubby was in avan going down to surrey for my granddads funeral, when he was alive he had a scooter and he loved john wayne, when we were on the motor way going to the funeral that was a lorry that had pictures of john wayne over it and there was a old man going over the bridge before us on his scooter we couldn’t believe our eyes it was breath taking xx

Kym says March 29, 2017

I had lost my mum and she always said I’m going to be here for my granddaughters birthday but when she had passed away it was on my daughters birthday that I lost her. The week we laid her to rest my auntie had managed to save her voice mail message and sent it to me through a txt message my mobile was sitting on the table no one had touched it and all of a sudden my mums voicemail message started playing and went off by its self it happened a couple of times with in that ten minutes my brother knocked at the fount door and it went off again by itself it was so weird but I knew it was her letting me know she was ok and around.

Dani says March 27, 2017

Omg, I have been crying while reading this article. My dad passed away march 13th. I was in Chicago (live there). That day there was 500 flights cancelled due to the snow. I left my house around 2:30pm to catch the flight at 5:20pm. The sky opened, the snow melted, my dad opened the sky so I could fly back home to Europe to say last goodbye. The day when we went to look for the grave (custom in my country), it was very sad day-moment. After we chose which one will be (I did since I was a little daddy daughter) my watch stopped working. I did understand that as Thank you for my dad. Today, after two weeks he is gone my mom, brother and I worked in the room where my dad passed away. We were somehow arguing about small things, suddenly the light in the room started to flicker!!!!! And mom and I said: omg my dad is here and listening.. I started to cry, I miss my dad so very much!!!! And yes, I do believe in all that that happened for good, my dad is with us and he is in a better place now.
I love you and miss you daddy!!!! ?

Adam says March 27, 2017

My wife and I lost our first son in March of 2015 at 38 weeks gestation; went in for our final ultrasound appointment to find that he had passed and delivered via c-section later that evening. We had daughter this past August, but every time I look at her I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness knowing that “there should be two beautiful children here with me.”

A couple of weeks ago, on what would have been a few days after his second birthday, I was working late at night in our lower level family room when one of my daughter’s toys began lighting up and talking on the other side of the room. “Two. Circle. Two. Two,” it kept saying. You have to press these buttons very firmly to get them to light up and get the toy to say this. I told my wife about the experience and we discussed its possible meanings. There’s the obvious, “two. I’m two years old,” message from who I can only presume was my son. There’s also the possibility that it was some other spirit congratulating us on the news we learned earlier that afternoon – that we were pregnant again.

I was a bit freaked out by the experience, though, and openly told my son – or whatever the spirit was – that I was kind of disturbed by it and that if they wanted to send me a sign or wanted to communicate with me, that was fine, but I only asked if they could find a more comforting way to deliver the message.

Last night, I had a dream where I entered my daughter’s room – what would have been our son’s room – and there was a large, antique baby stroller in the middle of the room. When I knelt back and pulled back the cover, there was a happy, blonde-haired child of what I thought to be two years old sitting up in the stroller. He looked at me, smiled, giggled, and said, “hi, daddy.”

Then I woke up.

Connie says March 27, 2017

I keep seeing flashes of light in my peripheral vision….. Is that a deceased loved one reaching out to me????

    Carolyn says May 4, 2017

    I have had the same thing happen to me!

    Christine says May 16, 2017

    Connie, my father passed away on 3/6/2017. I am atheist and did not believe in spirits or anything. However, after he died, I would be minding my own business at home and feel someone standing next to me. I look and I see no one there. I have been seeing flashes of light in my periphery. The funny thing is my daughter told me the same EXACT things have been happening to her, and I did not even tell her they were happening to me! I have my dad’s flannel shirt draped on my driver’s seat in my car. I was driving home from work, and I felt something on my shoulder: the arm of my dad’s shirt fell over my shoulder, as if he was putting his arm around me. I was shocked but so happy! When I was home, I asked Dad, “Dad, if you are here, please give me a sign. ” The lights immediately started flickering. I felt at peace. I may not believe in deities, but I do believe in the spirit world now.

Dan says March 26, 2017

My best friend passed away in September 2016 from Melanoma.

We worked nearby, so walked almost every day for Lunch. Frequently, she would pull a treat out of her pocket or purse and dangle it in front of me.

Five months after she died, I continue to walk the routes we did together. During a recent walk, I stopped at a small market we visited regularly to buy a drink. I placed the lone drink on an empty counter and fished in my pockets for some cash. When I looked up …. the Clerk had grabbed a ROLO candy bar sitting right next to my drink and was ringing it up. I knew right away how out-of-place that ROLO was. “I did not buy that,” I said. “But …. I love them, so please ring it up.”

The mysterious thing is ……. the night before, I had been in a grocery store checking out and mulled over in my mind whether to purchase a ROLO candy bar or not [I eat them once a year]. I put it on the cashier belt ….. then, decided not to buy … and placed it back in the box and forgot about it.

Now ….. to have that specific candy bar show up the next day while checking out at the Market is no coincidence. Do you know how many brands of candy bars are in the smallest market? My best friend, apparently, still walks lovingly beside me …. and saw to it that I still get my occasional treat.

Lisa says March 23, 2017

Twice now since my my mom (2/8/14) and dad (6/5/16) passed away I felt/heard breathing while laying in bed. Both times were when I’d be waking up for the day and I’d feel and hear a breath/breathing. What is that from? Is it a sign from one of them?

Dawn says March 22, 2017

My grandpa passed away 19 years ago when I was in 5th grade about a month after he passed I’m almost certain I got a dream visitation, the dream was I just showed up at my grandparents house and my grampa was standing there mind you he was sick for a while any ways he looked very healthy again but I ran up to him and said “grampa your alive ” I have him a hug and he told me no he was just saying good by to me. when I wrote up it felt so real and I felt so much better. My grandmother just passed away last month I would love to get a sign g from her that she’s okay I miss her so much ?

    Nancy says March 25, 2017

    You will.

    Dani says March 28, 2017

    Same thing happened to me twice. I had in two different cases my girlfriend died and I couldn’t accept that. Both of them visited me and said goodbye and showed me they were OK! Never ever had dream about but felt a relief inside of me. Really truly believe that was goodbye.

Donna says March 20, 2017

Im almost sure my mother has left me signs she ok.Coming home from work one night and the water was on in the bathtub and just this past weekend i came home from work and put my clothes i was wearing on the floor and the next day there was other clothes on top of them.

Chris king says March 17, 2017

My girlfriend and a friend are called Sun has recently passed away she left because she thought they’ve been coming to me every night it’s been wonderful seeing them but the last 4 days they told me don’t believe it he did it they said he was the only one that lived give me some signs when I woke up do a couple things they said to do I and go look for I found two letters one to me one to my son and they were exactly what she said they would then she told me reset my new phone I’m like why do that she told to do it then my friend told me to do it. Dad so I did that too reset a new phone literally a few days ago they passed away last month on the 18th we can settle this phone a few days I have an app called Virtual Voicemail do both Tommy don’t delete anything to just listen so when I restarted my phone and resync hit the reset button my phone flashed like she said it would she said she would put the message there going to flash 7 times and it did they told me you too and I don’t think it was a accident they told me no it wasn’t that’s why we’re coming to

blake says March 15, 2017

well my mum passed away some mounts ago and i have seen this thing with black hair and all white body i was not scared more like shocked of carm ive seen her/it twice in my mums bed and in my room on the of my bed