Signs from Heaven… Top 10 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Signs From HeavenHow Do Your Deceased Loved Ones Reach Out?

After death, your deceased loved ones are usually very eager to let you know they are okay, and still a part of your life.

Signs from spirit are usually personally significant, and really can come in a number of ways which may be easy to overlook…

The key to noticing signs from your deceased loved ones is to pay attention.

Be on the lookout for meaningful occurrences and anything out of the ordinary, and be open to communication from beyond the physical. There are also some more commonly experienced signs from Heaven to be on the lookout for…

If you have experienced any of these, it’s highly likely you have indeed received a sign from Heaven.

Top 10 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

1. Visitation Dreams.

Dreams are one of the most common ways in which your deceased loved ones in spirit will reach out to connect with you.

Visitation dreams from your loved ones in Heaven are much different than normal dreams. For starters they are incredibly vivid, and real! When you wake up from a true visitation dream you will know you were contacted by your loved one in Heaven.

In addition, the main focus of visitation dreams is communication… Your loved one will likely relay a message, and let you know that they are ok. They will appear healthy, and vibrant (regardless of their state when they died) and after sharing their love with you, and communicating a message, the dream will end.

2.    Strange Electrical Occurrences.

An underlying energy flows throughout all of existence. Your loved ones in Heaven, who are now pure energy, are able to easily tap into this energetic flow to get your attention. For this reason, one of the most common signs from spirit happens when they, from beyond the physical play with electricity.

There are a number of ways they can do this, like causing the lights to flicker, turning the TV, radio, or lights on or off. They can also cause appliances, phones, devices or kids toys to beep for no known reason, or turn on without being touched. They may even call you on the phone from an unknown number… And then when you answer there is only static, or nothing on the other end at all.

Why does this happen? It’s a sign that even after death your loved one lives on.

Most of the time electrical signs are just your loved ones wanting you to know they are with you… Pay attention. What show is on when the TV mysteriously turns on? What were you thinking about when the light flickered? Were you thinking about your loved one? Your thoughts can offer additional insight into the message from your loved one, or even offer confirmation that the flickering of your lights really is your loved one in heaven.

3.    Feeling Their Presence.

Do you feel like your loved one in Heaven is looking out for you? That they are still with you and watching over you from spirit?

Feeling the presence of your dead loved one is one of the top signs that they really are with you, and visiting you from beyond the physical.

How might you feel their presence? There are quite a few ways…. You may sense a shift in the air, feel like you’re being watched (in a non-creepy way) or you just get a strong feeling of their presence which lets you know that they are with you.

You may also feel your loved one lay down next to you at night, or you get the sense they’re sitting next to you, holding your hand, or gently rubbing your back, touching your cheek, or brushing your hair.

4.    Smelling their Signature Scent.

Did your loved one smoke, wear a certain fragrance, make the best chocolate chip cookies, or enjoy preparing you a certain type of food?

Scent is common sign from Heaven.

If your deceased father smoked, and you’re sitting in the couch watching a movie, and you smell smoke despite no one smoking anywhere in proximity, this is likely a sign from Heaven that your father is with you.

Or maybe you smell your deceased mothers perfume, or the scent of your grandmothers famous chocolate chip cookies when there is no physical evidence as to why this scent would be near. When this happens, you’re experiencing a sign from Heaven that your loved one is with you.

5.    Showing Up As an Insect or Animal.

Your loved one in Heaven is now pure energy… They are able to channel their energy into an insect or animal, for a brief period of time to bring you a sign that their spirit lives on.

They may appear to you in this way as a butterfly, dove, rabbit, dragonfly, or any other number of insects or animals… When this happens, the animal or insect will usually do something that is out of character that catches your attention. They may land on your hand, come into your home, or appear closely, right in front of you as if they are communicating.

This is a common type of communication from spirit. If something like this happens to you, trust that your loved one is with you, and letting you know that they are okay, and that you are not alone.

6.    Moving Objects or Placing Objects on Your Path.

Even from beyond the physical, your loved one is able to move objects to get your attention.

This sign from spirit may take a couple of forms. Either they move objects of yours, like flipping over a picture, moving a piece of clothing into an odd location, or causing something to fall as a way of getting your attention.

They may also move objects onto your path.

Dimes and pennies, crystals or stones, feathers, flowers and keys are common examples of the types of objects deceased loved ones may move onto your path.

You may receive objects other than these that are somehow significant to your loved one like seashells (if they loved the beach), paintbrushes (if they were an artist), or even screws and nails (if they were a builder).

When this happens, say hello, and know that your loved one is sending you a sign from spirit.

6.    They Communicate A Message…

While your loved one can’t audibly speak to you, because they are a spiritual and not a physical being now, they are able to communicate with you telepathically, and they very well may directly communicate a message to you.

Pay attention to the thoughts which just pop into your head when you’re doing something else as this is a common way in which you loved one in Heaven may reach out. Especially if it sounds like something your loved one would say, or brings you a message of love, encouragement, or answers a question in a voice which does not sound like your own.

You may also find yourself having a conversation in your mind with your deceased mother, grandmother, or friend. When you as them a question, and then receive a response, it’s highly likely that this is actually a message from them…

Another slight variation of this is when a certain song seems to start playing in your mind out of nowhere. Listen to the lyrics to tune into the message from spirit. The song may even play on the radio at just the right time.

Your loved ones can use other people to deliver their messages too. You may overhear a bit of someone’s conversation, or someone in your life may be inspired (from beyond the physical) with a message of guidance or reassurance that is actually a message from your loved one in spirit. You could even be thinking of your loved one right before noticing a bumper sticker on a car, which brings you a message.

9.    Synchronicity

Have you experienced an increased number of coincidences and synchronicities after your loved ones death? They very well may be pulling some strings from the realms of spirit to help things line up for you in your life.

Your loved ones in heaven can assist you in aligning with chance meetings, new opportunities, and with attracting new friends, teachers, and life partners.

A slight variation of this is synchronicity in the forms of signs… Are you thinking of your deceased aunt Emma while driving, and suddenly a huge sign for Emma’s Shoe Shop appears?

Or maybe your grandfather was always encouraging you to follow your dream and travel to Italy… And then after his death, you receive an offer you can’t resist for a discounted Italian vacation…

When something synchronistic happens in your life and you just get the feeling your loved one in Heaven was somehow involved, they likely were!

10. Visions

Seeing a full on vison of your deceased loved one is one of the least likely ways to receive a sign from them in spirit… But if it does happen, which it occasionally does for people, it will be a sign that you cannot dispute.

I think the main reason more people don’t see their dead loved ones as apparitions, is because your loved ones intention is to comfort you, and let you know they’re ok… Not to freak you out and scare you with a ghostly appearance.

There are other ways in which you can receive a vision from a loved one though, and it is very common to see them through a vivid memory, or as a vision in your mind’s eye. This type of mental vision of your loved one will almost like you’re imagining them… but will appear seemingly out of no where, and usually accompanying one of several of the signs from spirit listed above.

Orbs are another common way in which your loved ones may appear visually through photographs. Keep in mind taking a picture into direct sunlight, or in a dusty atmosphere can also cause orbs to appear… But in many cases of orbs captured (especially those which seem to be solid), this is a powerful sign from spirit.

Love Lives On…

While life in the physical does end for individuals, love and energy continues, so do not be surprised if your loved one in Heaven reaches out to let you know they are okay.

Signs from spirit bring the comfort of knowing we are not alone, and that the soul lives on…

Your loved ones in Heaven know you, and so the signs that they are with you will often be specific to your life experience. They may also reach out and attempt to connect with you in ways and at times that are different than you may expect.

If you feel like you’ve gotten a sign from your loved one, trust your gut feeling and take it as a validation that their soul and love lives on.

With love and light, 


PS. Have you received any of these or any other signs from your deceased loved ones?  Be sure to comment below so others can learn and have hope from your experience as well.



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Author: Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.
Are you searching for a way to make a positive difference in the world? Click here & learn how we can work together!
Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! If you would like a one-on-one reading... Simply Click Here!
Prefer a guided .mp3 meditation by Melanie? Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie! 

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  1. My aunt died on the Second of August. Me and her were really close. She was my best friend. But I was at her mothers house one day. And there was a bush out on the front lawn. All of the flowers were dead, except for one flower. And that one flower happened to have been my Aunts favorite color….. Purple…. Then Tonight, I was sleep, and woke up. And started to think about her and started crying. I live with her and her husband by the way. But I woke up , to hear my uncle , on the phone with his son. (My aunts son) and he was crying because of her too. It just seemed weird that I was woken up out of my sleep, and it ended up that me and my cousin were crying over her at the same time. From different houses….. And when she passed. Weeks later. I decided to clean her room, donate her belongings. And sweep and mop. There’s no way that her scent could have been still lingering. I cleaned the whole room. It smelled fresh. And when I came back. It smelled just like her …..

  2. Today my daughter started primary school – emotional as it’s been us all the time. I lost my b/friend nearly 3 years ago and her kids went to primary & high school. The whole situation sad. However, everywhere I go there’s feathers, I’ve picked up a lot to the point I could make a quilt and 4 pillows. Today as usual the feathers I see walking the dog and out of no-where a big white butterfly. I’ve saw previous butterflies too – brown & red. The first week she past she came to me in my dream telling me she’s ok etc,and subsequently randomly, she’s appeared in the car with me and her sister. She’s dropped memories into my head so I will do act on a hunch and later I find out why. I made a video of our memories with a specific song and that night in bed, song comes on my phone. It feels good x

  3. My daughter, Taryn, a coastal biologist, passed away in April from a brain aneurysm at the age of 26. Last week, to remember her birthday, her dad and I went to the beach where she had lived and worked and loved so dearly. As we walked along the beach, I noticed my husband seemed to be searching for something in the sand. Taryn always loved finding treasures on the beach, but it was always a special joy for her when she would find a sharks tooth. I suspected that was what my husband was looking for, so I began to chat with Taryn in my mind to help “Daddy” find a sharks tooth (his eyes are bad and he did not have his glasses.). I noticed him suddenly stooping and sifting through the sand. He stood up and excitedly called me over to him. I said, “you found a sharks tooth, didn’t you?” He had indeed, and told me that he had also been asking for Taryn’s help when he was suddenly inspired to dig through the sand and there it was—a beautiful, perfect specimen. We both felt her spirit so strongly in that moment that all we could do was hold each other and cry with joy.

    That evening, we had dinner at her favorite beach grill and planned to take a sunset stroll following dinner. During dinner, I had another “mind chat” with Taryn and asked her to bless us with one more sign of her presence that evening. We began our walk in the beach and spotted in a tidal pool a beautiful Royal Starfish. It was a spectacular blue and orange starfish, larger than my husband’s hand. We admired it for a short time and tossed it back into the sea, as we knew she would want us to do. We know this was a gift from Taryn, because her dad is an avid Florida Gators fan (colors blue and orange), and Taryn and her dad always had fun ribbing each other about the team. We have asked numerous locals if they had ever seen one of these beautiful starfish, and thus far, no one has.

  4. These posts are interesting; is there anything biblical to support these signs are from the departed.

  5. Yesterday was the best “gift”. I messaged a female on FB in reference to exercise and how we should motivate each other. She had asked me if I was okay, and I didn’t quite know how to answer that random question, or why she asked. Kelly is an acquaintance, that I have known for over 20 years. Kelly happens to be a friend of a guy I dated 30 years ago (who passed away 20 years ago from cancer). She asked if she could call me, and after 10 min on the phone, we started to talk about Darryl. I told her that I had never visited his gravesite and always wanted to, she said lets do it right now. I told her I needed to put the lawnmower away and I needed to change and I would drive to her house afterwards. I love dragonflys, and as I went outside a dragonfly hovered near me. When I finally met up with Kelly, we drove 20 min away to the cemetery that he was buried ( neither one of us had been to his grave site in the past ). We placed a flower on the wall, she asked me if I was okay and I said yes that I felt a sense of peace. I then proceeded to tell her that I often wondered if he came to me in a song, there was a song that he liked to play on his guitar and sing that was released in 1970 ( when I was 2 years old ) so it was very rare to hear the song play on the radio. Kelly and I decided to have dinner at a restaurant and we chatting about random things and I mentioned to that I was never sure about our feelings for each other since I was 17 and he was 21. Kelly said ” I really think he loved you”, and at that moment the song came on the radio in the restaurant, and I said ” Omg, this is the song, can you hear it”. I then started to cry and had gotten goosebumps. It was the first time that I really felt that he was looking over me. I had gotten several signs, and the fact that Kelly and I have only seen each other about three times in the past 15 years, shows that we were meant to take this trip with each other.

  6. I keep hearing my dad’s favourite song through my computer. It seems to happen when I have been having a hard time. The song is no-where to be found on my computer. I also see his favourite bird the Magpie almost everyone day banging into my window. And the photo I have of him as a screen saver will often freeze on my phone. I am so lucky.

  7. Three times I have felt and sensed the presence of a loved one. The first being when I was nine and we returned from my Grandfathers funeral and walked into our house, I said to my mother I could smell his pipe tobacco, she said she could too it was so strong but he hadn’t been in the house for ages. The second was at my fathers funeral, I was standing behind the hearse with his coffin when I felt the urge to turn around and when I did my father was there but when I asked him what he was doing there it turned out it was his friend….but the face and body I saw before that was my father no question. The third was my mother in law….I was sitting outside and for three days before her funeral a white dove would sit on the neighbours roof. When I told her she said the dove had been coming for a week, when she passed the day of her funeral was the last time I saw it, but I quite often find white feathers which I keep.

  8. My very best friends passed away 3 years ago & a few days after I was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband about her when our rangehood switched on…we both looked at each other & knew it was her…this has never happened again so there was no fault in rangehood

  9. My dad died last year in Feb. Mum felt him holding her hand one night. Enough to mention it. All three of my children have seen him as in a vision. Two days after the funeral he appeared to my son telling him to get up off the ground at a training run if he wanted to make his goal. Son sprung up and completed his run. Few weeks later made his first NRL game. Dad always had wanted to go back to his marae to be buried with his father down other end of island. Few weeks after death he spoke to me about these wishes. He told me through a lady I didn’t know about an item my mum had that was to be taken to cemetery. The item was a part of him. Unbeknown to me mum had cut his hair and popped it in an envelop. None of us had been back for 30 yrs to this marae. There were other things I had to take also. It was like he was with me in organising everything. Meant to be.

  10. My youngest daughter died 5 years ago at age 3 and when I was upset or down I would smell her scent. I always felt this was a way she was saying she was still around and not to be so unhappy. Now I am in a better state of mind and do now smell her often. But I know she is still here.

  11. My beloved Aunt passed away in September 2014. My Mother, her only sister was diagnosed with the early on set of alzheimer’s as well as Uteran Cancer. My Mother underwent her first surgery in November 2014 shortly after my Aunt passed. The day of her surgery I saw a rainbow while driving home from the hospital. Both my Aunt and and My Mother love tulips. It was associated with their maiden name. Frequently I will receive what I believe to be signs from my Aunt through Tulips. My Mother’s cancer has come back. Today was her first radiation treatment. While walking into the room to commence her radiation on the wall was a huge picture of a field of beautiful yellow roses. It reminded me I am not alone and I believe she watches over my Mother.

  12. My Mom, my best friend, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in January of this year. She and I talked every single day, did *everything* together, and were very close. The week before she died, we had spent several days together– just having fun, doing things that we both enjoyed, and I am so thankful for those times… Her passing came as such a shock to our family and it was so hard to let her go. One night, a few days after her death, I was having a hard time finding sleep, so I prayed that God would send me some sign that my Mom was okay, something that would give me peace. During that night, I had a very vivid dream. In that dream, my phone had rang and I answered it to hear my Mom’s voice. We talked about things, just as we always did, and then, in my dream, I remembered in anguish and said to her, “But, Mom, you’re not here anymore”. Her response was, “No, I’m not, but I’m okay, I’m happy! And I am always with you!” Her voice was filled with joy. She told me to not worry, that everything was going to be fine. I do believe that my Mom was reaching across the barrier to comfort me and give me peace. I’ve dreamed of her many times since then– just short little snippets of dreams— the two of us having fun together, doing the things that we always enjoyed doing. I believe that Mom is continuing to give me courage and peace, reminding me that she is happy.

  13. My mother passed in December 2013. I was away when she was admitted to hospital, we flew back and when we entered the room my Mum who had not spoken for two years, came out of her morphine induced state and sat upright grabbed me and said ever so clearly “I love you” and then proceeded to fling her head around in pain. We sang “You are my Sunshine” which immediately settled her (I would sing this to her everyday after her stroke). My Mum passed 3 days later and as soon as I walked in the room and held her, gave her a kiss and said everything is OK Mum, go with love she opened her eyes and looked at me for the last time.

    The night after Mum had been buried she came to me and called my name as I was walking back from the bathroom, then the next morning the same thing, only this time both my husband and girlfriend heard her call me. The following day after having dropped our daughter at the airport I said to my husband “you have to take me to Eastgardens” where I would take my mother shopping. This was at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, I was not feeling the best and I mentioned to my husband through tears that “Mum has died and I don’t know whether she truly loved me or not”. Then we proceeded down the escalator to Telstra to have my phone adjusted and there at the end of the escalator was a sign “You are my Sunshine” which is what I would sing to my mother and I sang it at her funeral, I cried when I saw this and walked around the corner and there in front of me was the entire song on a board. The next day I had to go back to the centre and when I went past the same shop here was another sign staring straight at me saying “You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine”. That day my husband and I went to arrange for Mum’s headstone to be done. I had asked the lady to hold off as we were moving overseas and I was thinking of having Mum and Dad’s headstone changed where there was no gold writing but just etching as I would not be there to look after it. I had written out what I had wished to be put on the headstone and the lady held this until further notice from me. A few months later my husband and I were in Sydney and we visited the grave and to my amazement the headstone had been done. I contacted the person at the cemetry and she informed me that she still had the paperwork as she had not heard from me. She does not know until this day how this happened as she was still holding the paperwork. As i said to my husband “this is Mum letting me know to leave it as it is”, as both Mum and I had searched for a long time to find the appropriate look and verse for my father when he passed in 1997. I am constantly receiving signs from my Mum, even when we moved into our place here in Phuket. The owner of the villas has a boat and he had invited us out on the boat and I asked him if he had a name for the boat and he said yes “Maharani” I was so floored as this was one of my mother’s names as her mother and father had both been born in India. Again confirmation that I am on the right path and living my truth. I feel incredibly close to my mother in spirit and we communicate through meditation and I am very aware of signs from her.
    I know that we are all one and connected throughout all time and space, there is no beginning or end. Our inherent truth is love which is our higher consciousness and this has been my gift from my mother which I am truly blessed and grateful for as my life has transformed in the most incredible way.

    I love you Mum and thank you.

    Thank you for this moment in time to share this.

    With love

  14. Deborah Smith, Wow, what an amazing experience. I’ve felt a lot of things since my husband died but nothing like that. I’d sure welcome it!

  15. The day after I lost my husband in 2002 I started getting signs from him and now that our son has joined him also I get many messages and signs from both of them and I’m so grateful to know they are together and they are sending love to us.

  16. My son Ethan died from complications of Leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. Shortly after his death in 2007 at age 8), my wife was sleeping on the couch and saw him cover her with a blanket, he looked normal and healthy. I got drunk one afternoon and was acting a fool, so my wife let me sleep on the couch. Ethan’s picture (him dressed as an angel at age 2) came flying off the fireplace mantle at 2am while I was passed out and smashed a glass angel that I bought my wife. The frame was light and leaning backward, so no way this was an accident. The next morning his picture was lying face up on the floor with glass all around the floor and my wife said “Well! I guess he was mad at you”. I noticed may times when I am home on my off day by myself the tv or sound system cuts on by itself, it happened again about an hour ago. Twice the water was running in my bathroom sink downstairs when my wife was in the shower, I was upstairs the whole time,so no way this could happen. His color was orange and black and I cant tell you how many beautiful large orange and black butterflies we have seen. Once before a trip my wife and I kept noticing our left shoelaces only were untied several times before leaving on the trip. The lights flickered in the church the night a service was dedicated to his name. Many dreams, some are loving and some are me trying to find him, like he was abducted. Ethan suffered a long hard fought battle with JMML Leukemia, almost half his life. He was full of life, until he left this world. We are Christian, but some of our Christian friends believe that he is with God and these signs are not my son, but I thought all things are possible through Christ. We are not crazy and this is not wishful thinking, I believe Ethan is with us, but also with the Lord. Thanks for letting me share my story.

  17. My father died a year ago. I had two dreams of him, one shortly after he died where he was holding out his arms and I could not believe it was him. He said, “It’s me” and I ran to him and he hugged me. Another dream he was sitting at a picnic table with his back to me. He slowly turned around and was not sad at all. In fact, he was smiling and looked happy.

  18. my mother visits me in bed a lot. she waits until i am almost asleep then i usually feel chills strong in my thighs. she feels like a kitten on my covers and i often feel her thump against my back like she is napping with me. i work the graveyard shift so these things happen in the morning. yes a picture has been flipped and feathers, change jiggling in my car. she passed 3 years ago and after her death the cell phone ringing, my dog getting my attention and starring at me then winking each eye at me. many others too but i so love her visits and sometimes i feel like there is more than one person there.

  19. I have been finding Dimes along my path for approximately 1 year now. They show up in a lot of strange places, but always catch my attention. I thank them for their precious gift and save them. I have about $5 in dimes saved. Not sure what I’m going to do with them all but I’ll be keeping them forever.

  20. I am curious to know how you would be able to tell whether it is an angel or someone that has passed. Growing up when some dangerous was adverted, my mother used to say “you must have a guardian angel” watching over you. I used to think it would be a person like my grandmother. Also curious if angels warn you or help you when something bad is going to happen.

  21. When I lost someone close to me I was recommended a book that really reminded me of this awesome post. I would like to recommend it to you as well. “Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased” by Dr. Jamie Turndorf ( I was amazed at how deeply this book affected me and how much it helped me through the grieving process. I love the idea of my loved ones reaching out to me through spiritual means, I often see “signs” that they are with me. Dr. Turndorf explains these phenomenons and uses examples from her own loss to show us the deeper meaning behind these occurrences. Her husband passed away and came back to her many times in ways that she and her family and friends couldn’t deny! Such a nicely written and hopeful book. I highly recommend it to you and your readers!

  22. Melanie, Hello,
    I found your page about a year ago and find it comforting.
    Above you made mention that it was seldom that one would see a deceased loved one as a ‘full on vision’ , but that it can happen.
    My problem is : I have a tape that my husband & I taped with his voice on it and two of our grandchildren, for the future. I am 77 and My Dear Husband passed 13 years ago. MY Children have had a Hard time coping with the loss of their Dad -still…I Know how they would React if they came across this tape. Sunday, 29th,in my mind, thinking , & going to bed thinking & fretting–during the night I woke up & there was My Husband standing there by my bed, Looking so healthy and beautiful ,I can even tell you how he was dressed.. (My Dog sleeps in bed too..& I looked at him-he was staring where I was—when I looked back at Al he disappeared—-…. I felt so happy at seeing him……..
    ..last year I had a butterfly that wouldn’t go away…feathers…. BUT nothing in all I BEFORE I came on your site and became aware of
    how to process things .
    I still have the problem of the tape. Maybe Al was telling me to destroy it , so as not to hurt the children…
    I had been wondering why I had no sign and this was a huge one and so Beautiful.. The Angels were working over time….
    You know , its funny too, because Feenie ( puppy) had been staring at me most of the day on Sunday and whining…..
    Thank You for your wonderful site…& Blessings to all who read and express their love.

  23. I lost my Valentine to cancer in 2008,In my last home after he passed I started to notice light flicking on & off, fans turning on by themselves, my children laughed, my little granddaughter said is that really grandpa, I said yes & then when it happened we both said grandpa is still with us in spirit. Since then I moved & it took a year before he’s contacted me again, in my heart I know he’s been with me all along, I walk in the park or ride in my car alone& speak with him, I know he’s listening also when I first moved in their was a salamander perched at my window looking in every morning same spot to greet me a hello, people think did you lose your mind but I know he’s with me & so is the God, thanks for sharing.

  24. We are finding dimes from my husband Don My children also are finding them??

  25. Our 14 year old son died in February and the following Christmas I was working in the kitchen doing my usual pre-Christmas cooking and baking and looked up and there was a beautiful butterfly flying around my kitchen. We live in Illinois so butterflies are not common in December. I just knew it was him. My sister has her lights dim from time to time and thinks it’s my father dropping in to say hello. So many of your signs I’ve received. Thanks for sharing!

  26. The Bluejay Bird

    In October sometime. I was looking at the picture on the wall unite of mom and dad. I kissed my two fingers and touched dads face on the picture, and i smiled.
    I walked over to the window and looked out on the front deck, two seconds later a Bluejay flew into a plant pot that was sitting inside the deck. The bird stopped only for a few seconds. Than flew away. I knew this was a sign that dad was right there with me. My favourite bird has always been the bluejay, i have only seen 1 bluejay in Strathmore,

    About 3 weeks ago I was at Home Hardware. I saw there a wooden bluejay. I really wanted it because it reminds me of the bluejay on the deck. I didn’t have the money, so i knew i had to wait. So I hide it behind something so that i could go back and get it.

    It is now January 30, 2015, coming up to the 1 year anniversary of dads passing. We got our income tax money today, I was taking back the Hotel bottles, when i had a strong urge to go and buy that bluejay bird. I went to the store, hoping it was still there. I looking were I put it and it was gone, my heart sank. I starting looking around the area for it. And I found it. I purchased it and brought it home.

    I unwrapped it to but on the shelf by his picture. And i start to sing the song
    Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly, theres a land that I dream off, once in a lilaby by, Than I had a good cry! I felt like he was telling me that he is always near me when I see a bluejay,

  27. After I lost my dad, I found a dime so many different times and places over the past 5 years. My family thought I was crazy until it happened to them one day. I also have butterflies follow me around in the summer. After losing my mom in December, there was a cardinal perched on her bird feeder most of the morning on the day of her memorial service. It was there the morning after too. Thanks for sharing these 10 signs from heaven! I believe!

  28. I have been visited by relatives not yet passed. I was called to them and asked if it was okay for them to go. They were worried about the family being dissappointed in them. I said anything they chose was perfect and I would pass on a message or try to help heal. They weren’t ready to pass so I healed what I could and sent them back. I did ask why they contacted me, I have numerous other relatives. They said I was the only one they could reach. This was about a week before they fell and broke there hip and ended up in assisted living. I believe I was in the astral plane at the time. I saw some other things as well. If anyone has had an experience like this I would be interested in hearing. Thank you :)

  29. My late husband passed away in 2002, at the time we were living in England, I decided to travel to my home back in new Zealand as I was a young widow. It was a couple of months after I arrived home and was staying with my folks that I had a really bad night feeling really down and sad, when all of a sudden a wood carving statue that my dad carved which my husband never liked but I loved suddenly started to glow in the middle of the night… was a comfort to know he was with me at this time…. over the years he has visited in many special ways, like dreams, smells and forever sending songs… Forever missed, but blessed to have met and loved this special man. xx

  30. With my deceased father it was a dove that did not budge from my car for a long time on the day of his birthday. We both knew how doves would come into his house to die there on several occasions. My mother said a word of endearment only she ever said to me also conveying being happy. A deceased friend laughed hilariously telling me he had won me to the other side the day I got the telegram informing me of his death in a motorcar accident. I never had any doubt about these experiences and they remain very clear in my memory.

  31. Give me a sign how my mom is doing up in heaven. Hope well and her spirit is healthy she is rich in vibration positive in energy and happy. I want to know what her fav colour is music and food is. Also want to know ig she still practises her faith and uses her rosary daily. Thanks arch angles for helping me with my wishes.

  32. Hi, I have received so many wonderful signs from my son. Humming birds have flew inches from my face, and just stayed there. I could even feel the vibration of there wings. Pennies with the year of his birth, 1973. Heart shapes from flower peddles, to rocks, and cloud hearts. Songs that have come on and given me comfort or answers questions. So beautiful unbelievable things. But the one that stands out the most and I haven’t read anything about this happening to anyone is this: the day after we buried our son and all the people and funeral was over. I was home by myself and started to pray to God, and thank him for everthing that only he knows what is right for me and my son. I was crying so hard and felt such deep emotional pain. I got up and looked at my sons picture and it looked like it was vibrating. Then my electric toothbrush was beeping like I never heard it do before. As I stood up I had a feeling like I had walked into a realm of some kind to which I felt this feeling of pure love!!! Not the feeling of love I have felt on earth before. But it went inside of me and swirling around inside. I really cannot explain it with words because it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. I first thought it was my son, or God, or a angel. But now I feel it was my son. Have you ever heard of this before. I feel very very blessed. But wish it would happen again because it gave me such a wonderful feeling. But it never has. But having it happen at all is very special to me.❤️Deborah

  33. I have dreamed of my loved ones quite often

  34. Today I got two signs. Thanks for guiding me.

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