Signs from Heaven… Top 10 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Signs From HeavenHow Do Your Deceased Loved Ones Reach Out?

After death, your deceased loved ones are usually very eager to let you know they are okay, and still a part of your life.

Signs from spirit are usually personally significant, and really can come in a number of ways which may be easy to overlook…

The key to noticing signs from your deceased loved ones is to pay attention.

Be on the lookout for meaningful occurrences and anything out of the ordinary, and be open to communication from beyond the physical. There are also some more commonly experienced signs from Heaven to be on the lookout for…

If you have experienced any of these, it’s highly likely you have indeed received a sign from Heaven.

Top 10 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

1. Visitation Dreams.

Dreams are one of the most common ways in which your deceased loved ones in spirit will reach out to connect with you.

Visitation dreams from your loved ones in Heaven are much different than normal dreams. For starters they are incredibly vivid, and real! When you wake up from a true visitation dream you will know you were contacted by your loved one in Heaven.

In addition, the main focus of visitation dreams is communication… Your loved one will likely relay a message, and let you know that they are ok. They will appear healthy, and vibrant (regardless of their state when they died) and after sharing their love with you, and communicating a message, the dream will end.

2.    Strange Electrical Occurrences.

An underlying energy flows throughout all of existence. Your loved ones in Heaven, who are now pure energy, are able to easily tap into this energetic flow to get your attention. For this reason, one of the most common signs from spirit happens when they, from beyond the physical play with electricity.

There are a number of ways they can do this, like causing the lights to flicker, turning the TV, radio, or lights on or off. They can also cause appliances, phones, devices or kids toys to beep for no known reason, or turn on without being touched. They may even call you on the phone from an unknown number… And then when you answer there is only static, or nothing on the other end at all.

Signs from HeavenWhy does this happen? It’s a sign that even after death your loved one lives on.
Most of the time electrical signs are just your loved ones wanting you to know they are with you… Pay attention. What show is on when the TV mysteriously turns on? What were you thinking about when the light flickered? Were you thinking about your loved one? Your thoughts can offer additional insight into the message from your loved one, or even offer confirmation that the flickering of your lights really is your loved one in heaven.

3.    Feeling Their Presence.

Do you feel like your loved one in Heaven is looking out for you? That they are still with you and watching over you from spirit?

Feeling the presence of your dead loved one is one of the top signs that they really are with you, and visiting you from beyond the physical.

How might you feel their presence? There are quite a few ways…. You may sense a shift in the air, feel like you’re being watched (in a non-creepy way) or you just get a strong feeling of their presence which lets you know that they are with you.

You may also feel your loved one lay down next to you at night, or you get the sense they’re sitting next to you, holding your hand, or gently rubbing your back, touching your cheek, or brushing your hair.

4.    Smelling their Signature Scent.

Did your loved one smoke, wear a certain fragrance, make the best chocolate chip cookies, or enjoy preparing you a certain type of food?

Scent is common sign from Heaven.

If your deceased father smoked, and you’re sitting in the couch watching a movie, and you smell smoke despite no one smoking anywhere in proximity, this is likely a sign from Heaven that your father is with you.

Or maybe you smell your deceased mothers perfume, or the scent of your grandmothers famous chocolate chip cookies when there is no physical evidence as to why this scent would be near. When this happens, you’re experiencing a sign from Heaven that your loved one is with you.

5.    Showing Up As an Insect or Animal.

Your loved one in Heaven is now pure energy… They are able to channel their energy into an insect or animal, for a brief period of time to bring you a sign that their spirit lives on.

They may appear to you in this way as a butterfly, dove, rabbit, dragonfly, or any other number of insects or animals… When this happens, the animal or insect will usually do something that is out of character that catches your attention. They may land on your hand, come into your home, or appear closely, right in front of you as if they are communicating.

This is a common type of communication from spirit. If something like this happens to you, trust that your loved one is with you, and letting you know that they are okay, and that you are not alone.

6.    Moving Objects or Placing Objects on Your Path.

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Even from beyond the physical, your loved one is able to move objects to get your attention.

This sign from spirit may take a couple of forms. Either they move objects of yours, like flipping over a picture, moving a piece of clothing into an odd location, or causing something to fall as a way of getting your attention.

They may also move objects onto your path.

Dimes and pennies, crystals or stones, feathers, flowers and keys are common examples of the types of objects deceased loved ones may move onto your path.

You may receive objects other than these that are somehow significant to your loved one like seashells (if they loved the beach), paintbrushes (if they were an artist), or even screws and nails (if they were a builder).

When this happens, say hello, and know that your loved one is sending you a sign from spirit.

6.    They Communicate A Message…

While your loved one can’t audibly speak to you, because they are a spiritual and not a physical being now, they are able to communicate with you telepathically, and they very well may directly communicate a message to you.

Pay attention to the thoughts which just pop into your head when you’re doing something else as this is a common way in which you loved one in Heaven may reach out. Especially if it sounds like something your loved one would say, or brings you a message of love, encouragement, or answers a question in a voice which does not sound like your own.

You may also find yourself having a conversation in your mind with your deceased mother, grandmother, or friend. When you as them a question, and then receive a response, it’s highly likely that this is actually a message from them…

Another slight variation of this is when a certain song seems to start playing in your mind out of nowhere. Listen to the lyrics to tune into the message from spirit. The song may even play on the radio at just the right time.

Your loved ones can use other people to deliver their messages too. You may overhear a bit of someone’s conversation, or someone in your life may be inspired (from beyond the physical) with a message of guidance or reassurance that is actually a message from your loved one in spirit. You could even be thinking of your loved one right before noticing a bumper sticker on a car, which brings you a message.

9.    Synchronicity

Have you experienced an increased number of coincidences and synchronicities after your loved ones death? They very well may be pulling some strings from the realms of spirit to help things line up for you in your life.

Your loved ones in heaven can assist you in aligning with chance meetings, new opportunities, and with attracting new friends, teachers, and life partners.

A slight variation of this is synchronicity in the forms of signs… Are you thinking of your deceased aunt Emma while driving, and suddenly a huge sign for Emma’s Shoe Shop appears?

Or maybe your grandfather was always encouraging you to follow your dream and travel to Italy… And then after his death, you receive an offer you can’t resist for a discounted Italian vacation…

When something synchronistic happens in your life and you just get the feeling your loved one in Heaven was somehow involved, they likely were!

10. Visions

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Seeing a full on vison of your deceased loved one is one of the least likely ways to receive a sign from them in spirit… But if it does happen, which it occasionally does for people, it will be a sign that you cannot dispute.

I think the main reason more people don’t see their dead loved ones as apparitions, is because your loved ones intention is to comfort you, and let you know they’re ok… Not to freak you out and scare you with a ghostly appearance.

There are other ways in which you can receive a vision from a loved one though, and it is very common to see them through a vivid memory, or as a vision in your mind’s eye. This type of mental vision of your loved one will almost like you’re imagining them… but will appear seemingly out of no where, and usually accompanying one of several of the signs from spirit listed above.

Orbs are another common way in which your loved ones may appear visually through photographs. Keep in mind taking a picture into direct sunlight, or in a dusty atmosphere can also cause orbs to appear… But in many cases of orbs captured (especially those which seem to be solid), this is a powerful sign from spirit.

Love Lives On…

While life in the physical does end for individuals, love and energy continues, so do not be surprised if your loved one in Heaven reaches out to let you know they are okay.

Signs from spirit bring the comfort of knowing we are not alone, and that the soul lives on…

Your loved ones in Heaven know you, and so the signs that they are with you will often be specific to your life experience. They may also reach out and attempt to connect with you in ways and at times that are different than you may expect.

If you feel like you’ve gotten a sign from your loved one, trust your gut feeling and take it as a validation that their soul and love lives on.

With love and light, 


PS. Have you received any of these or any other signs from your deceased loved ones?  Be sure to comment below so others can learn and have hope from your experience as well.


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ReRe says January 21, 2017

I just lost my niece a couple days ago so I’m still in shock, grief, disbelief, you name it. Yesterday, I woke up, and just lost it. Pouring tears!! All of sudden in my head I heard her voice say ” Stop crying auntie, I’m ok, I’m fine now, I’m in a really nice place.” It was so clear. We talked. In the end, I told her, “I love you so much, please be with your mom and your sister, and your brother, they really need you right now.” And I stopped crying. She told me she loved me too. And than I didn’t hear her voice anymore. I went to visit my sister and my other niece told me she heard her voice that morning. It’s day 2 of her passing, and I have been comforted by her message. It’s funny because me and my niece believed in spirits. So I think she’s been using me to convey messages to her mom lol. Because I can pick up messages really easy. I’ve gotten messages from her on how she wants her funeral and I’ve relayed them to my sister. We miss her soooooo much but I feel that she is definitely still here.

Heidi says January 21, 2017

I am far from home this weekend … I live in the US …I was staying in a small beautiful bed & breakfast in Vincenza Italy with my husband. When we arrived back to our room in the evening after dinner there on the headboard on this cold winter night was a little lady bug. I noticed it and gave it a drop of water… not until I woke in the middle of the night and checked my phone did I realize the date was the 4 year anniversary of my dads passing. I remembered the ladybug! Yes he was still there on the head board above me. I felt happy, sad and peaceful all at the same time …. the next morning when I awoke my passing visitor was gone…but the connection will last in my heart forever.❣️

Judy says January 20, 2017

My mother passed in 2009, my grandson at the time was 4-5 , he seen her several times, once I was laid up in bed with my back an he was looking in the dresser mirror an said, its happening again, I said what? he said mawmaw is laying in the bed with you, I reached over to try to feel her hand, another time he was going in my room an stopped, I asked what was wrong, he said, mawmaw is holding your house coat, I went in there an he said she laid it on your bed, I looked an there it laid on my bed, once I was fixing my hair in the bathroom an out of my side vision, I seen my mother walk down the hall,, he had seen her a lot through his life, we foreclosed on our home last yr2016, we moved here in April 2016 , in December he hollered for me, my other grandson was there, they are 10 an 11 now, I have a glass dish that has earnings in, it has a lid, a piece of the lid broke n dropped in the floor, the lid was rattling, I said its mawmaw,, when he was 5, he an his parents were on the freeway, missed their turn an had to get back on the interstate, they were going over a bridge,in Chattanooga TN. He said that little boy didn’t make it, his parents said what? He said the man an little boy were in a boat an the little boy didn’t make it, he fell in the water, his parents kinda freaked out. He has seen my dad a few times, although he never met my dad, it scared him, but I assured him it was his pop pop checking on him, I had to ask my dad not to scare him, he didn’t see him for a while, then he appeared one night while he was in bed with his parents, he said that man is back, he pointed at my picture on the wall, it was a picture he had drawled in headstart.. Children see more than we do, because they are innocent,, I had a butterfly land on my finger several years ago an I could move my hand an the butterfly stayed for about 3 minutes, I had it recorded on my phone somewhere. I will always remember seeing my mom walking down the hall that day, just like she always did. When my dad died, I was alone in the house one day vacuuming, I felt something hit me in the back, it scared me, because I was the only one there, I turned to look an it was a Hershey’s Kiss, i picked it up an smiled, dad always bought Hershey’s Kisses.

Mamta pandey says January 19, 2017

my mom passed away due to heart attact. I want to talk to her and want to know if she can see me

Tammy says January 16, 2017

My dad was tragically killed in a vehicle accident almost 3 weeks ago… my heart hurts horribly but he has been here to see us .. we actually got him on photo… we can hear him walking around the house also… he was an amazing person💗

    Jane says January 18, 2017

    I’m so, so sorry Tammy; you’re grief must feel overwhelming. I have lost both my parents now and I have to always remember to go forward, go forward because every day is a day closer to when I will see them again. My mother comes to me if I need her; I feel intense love. We did not have a good relationship here but she is healed and in the light now and pure love comes from her. It is so beautiful. I don’t doubt your Dad is close to you. God bless you and your family and look forward to when you will be together again.

Linda says January 16, 2017

When my mom passed in March of 2016 dragonflies were all around me everywhere I went they were near me also repeating numbers kept showing up my lights would flicker I went out of town and walked into the spiritual shop the lady was very nervous I thought she was sick she asked me if someone close to me passed and said yes she said your mom is with you she very persistent she wants me to tell u the lights that are flickering is her I started to cry this lady didn’t know me she was a medium but had gotten breast cancer and stop doing readings I wasn’t there for a reading she just told me this I believe your loved one are around us all the time so if u feel some thing it is them ❤ my dad passed also in 2016 songs will start playing I know they are from my mom and dad I love and miss them so much

Kimmi says January 16, 2017

My dad passed away 12/11/2015 it absolutely crushed me.. we were estranged, he suffered depression and would get dark and disappear.. I noticed a lot of pregnancies popping up around me my sister, my sons gf and I started to worry we had lost 3 family members last time there was an influx of pregnancies but I honestly was shocked that it was my dad.. I thought it was going to be his mum… anyway as soon as I found out I was inundated with messages from him…first the apparition behind me I turned and there he was, I shrieked and he disappeared, next the toys – ones that says I love you.. your my best friend.. then the music messages he loved music.. so the ELO song my shangrila ” the lyrics ” I will return to my shangrila ” would loop over and over, then there were dreams, the smell of toast.. the telepathic messages like I miss toast or I miss pizza.. then the kettle lid popping open.. at first it was over and over again now it’s occasionally when I’m sad.. the most definitive message was 3 days after the first anniversary of him passing.. my dad was a practical joker, he had Peter Pan syndrome never grew up.. so I had just finished texting my daughter and I had left my phone open on the bench a few feet away from me.. my hubby was cuddling me when I looked over at my phone and this icon popped up right in front of my eyes 😬.. my dad’s signature smiley face, the cheesy grin.. I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen.. I screenshot it to keep forever.. I’m so comforted by this.. on the anniversary of his death I put my playlist on in my phone and when it had finished it usually just stops, not this time it started playing a John Lennon song called How.. as I was listening to the lyrics of my fathers favorute singer I started to cry.. the lyrics were describing how he felt when he was alive.. I walked over to my phone to see a picture of John Lennon in the clouds on the cover of the Imagine album.. the song I played for his slide show at his funeral – imagine.. I can’t make this stuff up.. it’s all true.. got told off yesterday for leaving the fridge door open.. was messing with me while was changing songs in my phone… and the array of famous people he loved who started passing a few weeks after he passed.. the first being David Bowie.. that was a shock, then prince went, then George Michael i joked ok dad that’s enough leave us some entertainers please.. thank you for letting me crap on for so long.. I guess I’m really lucky actually 😁 So much contact.. I really miss him

Joel W says January 12, 2017

I had two visitation dreams that contained a message each time. A couple months after my mom died, I had a dream that mom, dad & I were cleaning up the house after a party. My dad was taking some chairs down the steps and I said, watch it dad, as I knew he had very bad knees towards the end of his life. He bolted down the steps with a chair under each arm, displaying no affliction whatsoever. I said…”wow, look at him go!” (there are no afflictions in heaven, so I’m told). Then I turned to mom and said…”And how are you mom?” She smiled to me and said…”Good, I’m good.” Then I woke up.

In the second dream which happened just before Christmas, I was telling mom in my dream that I didn’t know how much longer I wanted to live, since both she and dad were gone. They were my two best friends in life. She responded adamantly and repeatedly that I have to keep going, that I have to go on! I told her that it was 5 years since I last saw dad and how long it would be before the three of us would be reunited. However, I couldn’t get a response from her on that all important question. Then I woke up.

When I told my cousins and friends who knew my mom of these dreams, they were convinced I indeed had visitations from my mom. They said that sounds so much like your mom.

Tell me what you think. Maybe our loved ones ARE still watching out for us and watching over us after all!

Kat says January 12, 2017

I have a voicemail my mom left me on my birthday before she passed. An one day it just started playing an the volume on my phone was off. I hadn’t even dialed voicemail. So I thought okay my phone acting weird then it played 3 times back to back almost minutes apart

Frank says January 11, 2017

My Dad passed last week. I was very upset last night and told my dog I missed him. This morning, my dog jumped up on my bed, on my side of the bed (which she NEVER does..on my side), curled up and started kissing me. This went on for at least 15 minutes. She couldn’the get close enough and wanted to lick my face. I knew it was my Dad. I am very open to the unusual, so I keep my eye out for things. This was definitely supernaturally influenced.

Leah Kennedy says January 10, 2017

I lost my best friend to suicide. He was 19 in uni had a boyfriend and he hung himself. It was his funeral last Friday and I still can’t accept it. I can’t really believe him out of everyone is dead. He was full of life. Dramatic, funny wild. Honestly does it sound bad but if it was another friend I think I would be more accepting because it’s more likely for them to do it than him. I’m starting to feel angry at him. Why didn’t you just come to me. I need to talk to him. All I want to do is text him. I read I’ve messages and my heart breaks. It is broken 🙁 I want to hold him so tight. He was cremated .. he was right there in a box. I touched his coffin.. he was right there yet still felt so far away.. I miss him so much 🙁

MARIA says January 9, 2017

My mom passed away 3 1/2 years ago and I miss her so much. I lost my dad over 20 years ago and still miss him also like it was yesterday he passed. I also have lost 3 sisters and a number of other relatives. I have experienced signs from my Mom, Dad, and 1 of my sisters who I was very close to.
The day my mom passed away, my daughter and I were driving in the car and she was crying in the back seat over my mom’s passing. As we were driving a license plate on the car in front of me had the letters of GLU. I told my daughter that was a sign from Grandma and it stood for “Grandma Loves U” but I actually didn’t think anything of it at the time because I just wanted her to feel better. Then I saw another license plate that said GLU then another and another. I saw 4 license plates within a 15 minute time frame with those same letters in the license plate. At that point I knew it was a sign from my Mom. Both me and my daughter will never forget that.
I have had vivid dreams of my Dad and one of my sisters. They were just sitting down in the dining room where the family always gathered and they were just smiling at me. It was so real.
Another incident I asked my mom out loud to let me know she was ok by giving me a sign. I specifically said to leave a feather or something that I would definitely know was from her. The next morning there was a white
feather at the side of my bed. I don’t tell too many people of these incidents but I know in my heart these are all signs that they are still with me.

Laura says January 9, 2017

Wow … Long story short my boyfriend has passed away about 2 years ago . I think about him everyday . And lately something has been on my mind that I always ask for forgiveness … With my insomnia and me constantly thinking about him this picture / story I happened to read as I was reading this …. ( the other day I found my BF favorite Yankee drink holder ) I had cleaned it out and it has been in the sink up straight … As I was reading this and thinking about him in my head ….. I heard something fall in the Sink .. It scared me at fist … Not even realizing what it could be … I walked to the sink it was his Yankee glass that tipped and fell .. I truly believe that , was his sign for the night to me .. That he loves me ❤️😘 Love you & miss you

I hope my story helps others xo

Christine says January 6, 2017

I lost my 85 yr old grandma Sept 15, I then lost my Best Friend / mother Dec 13 2016 65 years old. I loved her so much…. I think it’s interesting all of us want to know they are “ok”
The most significant sign I have seen thus far
Are 2 ordering slips for music boxes that read I love you my daughter. I was cleaning paperwork out and ran across these 2 clipped as if she was one day going to buy one for me.
I had been sobbing out loud – did she know how much I loved her when I found these. It was perfect timing – too perfect ❤️

Tracey says January 6, 2017

My signs and experiences are a little different than most here. Mine started over 10 years ago and I hadn’t lost anyone to my knowledge. I used to have vivid dreams of someone. More like a nightmare or a violation. I wanted to know who it was that was with me as I felt this presence a lot. Years went by and the nightmare turned into a comfort. I hadn’t known anyone that had passed that would visit me like this. For years I wondered who it could be. I went through a stressful time and that presence got stronger and stronger and I felt a need for it. Like it was there comforting me through a hard time. I was convinced that my soul mate had passed and I never got a chance to meet him. About 6 years later, I connected with an old friend and stared asking him about some of our old friends and what they’ve been up to. I asked about one particular guy that I always loved. We dated briefly but he ended up moving away. I wrote him letters and visited him and he visited me a few times and then we drifted apart. But he was always on my mind. We had a great connection. Our common friend had informed me that he had taken his life six years ago. My heart dropped. I then knew exactly who was with me. But like most people I felt sceptical and that it was all in my head. Within the last 6 years I have seen on the clock 10:33 constantly. Sometime 2 times a day. I always tried to figure out why but I had no idea i and never linked it to him as his presence wasn’t around as much after I found out about his death. I never knew much about his death as I couldn’t find any information. Just this November that passed (13 year later) I found his sister. I wrote her a message. Then I looked at her Facebook profile picture and it was a plaque in his memory with the dates of his birth and death. November 3, 2003. 10.03.03 (10:33). Since then I feel like he’s with me everywhere I go. I sometimes feel like I’m going crazy. Last night I said aloud “show me a sign now”. For 5 minutes nothing. Something made me look at my pictures on my phone. Still nothing. I said aloud again ” I guess it’s all in my head, I’m letting you go” I then get a message from his sister to join a group on Facebook in his memory and take a look at his pictures. It was also his birthday. I feel like I can hear his voice when I read, as if he’s behind me reading to me. He’s back in full force and it seems he’s confirmed that it’s him. I really just needed to write this down and tell someone as most will think I’m delusional. Or maybe I just need someone to tell me it’s not it my head, that he is here telling me he’s ok now. I don’t know for sure. I guess I never will.

Michelle says January 5, 2017

I lost my mom august 8 2016 she loved butterflies and 2 days after we buried her i was on a motorcycle ride with my boyfriend we were stoped at a light and out of no where a butterfly flew up in my face and he said that had to b ur mom the the first time my son and i went to the cemetary and he told her that now she is his monarch butterfly and while we were visiting my grandfather’s grave again out of nowhere a huge monarch flew right up to us i know it was her…..i also had a visitation where she was standing in the hosp room she died in laughing and smiling and i was not yet asleep just had closed my eyes and there she was………im still javing such a hard time i miss her so much the holiday were horrible theres such a horrible hurt that i cant even begin to describe but i know she is with me

    joseph says January 12, 2017

    I know how you exactly feel. I lost my dad Oct 17 2016 and I’m still struggling with this so much. This past holidays have been so difficult but im trying to be the strong one for my mother.

Monique says January 5, 2017

2 months ago I lost the love of my life. My fiancé, who was also my first love at the age of 14, we had met in high school and stayed in and out of each other’s lives till we were 22 then reconnected Jan of 2016 and it was like no time had passed between us. I found out for him, he was quite the old fashioned thinker and only believed in loving one woman, giving his heart to one person and that was me. He loved only me his whole life and never knew if he would cross paths with me again but hoped and kept me in his dreams his entire life.
Well we had most of last year together until October 27th when I got the call, (he was a truck driver) that he had suffered a heart attack and died. He was 46. I was completely devastated as we had just finished our plans for our Vegas wedding on New Years 2017. We had just moved into our new place a month earlier and so my best friend and her husband came to help me pack and move and the last night of sleeping there I climbed in bed, grabbed the pillow that I slipped the last shirt he wore over and cried and asked him to please let me know he was okay with my decisions I was making and that he was with me…I immediately felt his arms around me like always had spooning me till I felt asleep then came to me in a dream and we had the most amazing walk n talk hand in hand together.
Everyday is hard but the nights are the most difficult..last night I was crying and talking to him and asking him to please come see me in my dreams because it has been a long time and I haven’t felt him lately and I really need him. We would have been on our honeymoon this week so I have been very emotional. I relate a lot to music and he knows that. Well today as I was driving I was playing radio roulette and every song that came on was one he dedicated to me or related to I was talking to him my entire road trip while looking at our pictures I have in my car. I am a true believer in all the signs and that just because his physical body is dead our love is not not. He loved me is whole life and I will love him mine, he was and is my soulmate.

Doodie says January 5, 2017

My beautiful & wonderful 25 year old daughter died on October 25th, 2016 after a long & courageous battle with Cystic Fibrosis. What an amazing person she was. I’ m grieving of course & have asked her for signs but I am such a ambivalent person, It would actually take a sign like a hammer between my eyes to understand! Have you come across people like me who are so hard to convince. I was extremely close to my girl & she knew this too! What can you give me as an example besides getting a big thump on the head? God Bless all who have lost a loved one! What a path to overcome.

    Melanie Beckler says January 5, 2017


    So sorry to hear about your loss… Even subtle shifts and changes of feeling can be signs from loved ones. A subtle change in temp or scent when you comes into your mind can be a small but true sign she’s with you.

Margie says January 4, 2017

My mother died August 16, 2016, and I miss her so very much. She had Alzheimer’s dementia and lived in a nursing home. The morning she died, I sat by her bed waiting for her body to be taken to the funeral home. As I stared out her window, I noticed for the very first time ever a morning glory vine with beautiful blue flowers. It gave me a sense of peace. Getting through the Christmas holidays was tough, but I constantly found pennies where and when I least expected them. I had read that this was often a sign from a deceased loved one and I felt that Mom was telling me she is fine and not to be sad. Just this morning as I made the bed, I heard something drop on the floor, and there was another penny. I smiled and thanked her. My father died over 20 years ago, but when my parents would come to visit before he got sick, my dad always loved going to our local flea mall. My husband asked me to go there with him a few weeks ago, and I spotted a vender that was the spitting image of Dad right down to his mannerisms and glasses. All I could do was stare at him, and that image is still stuck in my mind. Coincidental or not, I felt like I had had an opportunity to see him again, and that, too, was comforting.

Vanessa says January 4, 2017

I lost my 9 month old son almost a year ago. After his passing he came to me many times in the form of a white butterfly. They would appear in unusual circumstances. They became very present if I was having a stressful day. Once I saw 4 white butterflies (or the same one following my path,) when I was having a rough time getting to work. After he passed away, hospice made a teddy bear out of his blanket. I sleep with it ever night. Once when I woke up I saw the teddy bear was moved. Instead of it lying down right next to me, it was moved to an upright position on the top of all my pillows. Last night, I purposely slept with the teddy next to me and told myself if it moves again, it’s for sure Kamden. Sure enough, when I woke up, to my surprise the teddy bear was in an upright position again the same way as before. It’s so weird! I know I’m not moving the teddy bear in my sleep. If anything, I would be moving it closer to me.

Nicole says January 4, 2017

My dad passed away a little over a year ago.. I was at my moms house last week to visit & my brother & her were cleaning out the basement, so I went to see what they were doing & my brother started organizing boxes & old things that have been passed down. I found a box of old pictures that my grandma had in her nursing home & decided to go through them.. I found 3 pictures of my dad & I when I was a baby. What’s crazy is I have never seen a picture of my dad & I when I was a baby! He was always the one taking pictures of everybody else. I saw the picture & freaked out & instantly started to cry. I never told anyone that I never saw pictures of the two of us. I always thought it in my head though. I’d like to think that was my dad letting me know they were pictures of us! ❤️

Cathi says January 4, 2017

I lost my dad in July 2013. I knew a week before his death he was be gone soon, it was an impeding doom feeling. The morning he passed I was sleeping and dreaming that I was riding my motorcycle when a bird flew in to my helmet. In the it was an instant shot of pain, I suddenly woke up and looked at the clock, it was 6:30am (I was living in New Mexico at the time). A few hours later I got the call that my father passed in his sleep. The time of death on the death certificate was 7:30am (Arkansas time, where he lived). Lost my dad was earth shattering and devastating for me. There were times when I would be in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready for work and one light bulb would flicker, it only did it when I got ready for work. I FIRMLY believe it was my dad. I miss & love him more than anything, and I know he is close by.

Liz says January 4, 2017

My young adult daughter recently passed away after a long illness. We discussed this subject of signs before her passing and I had shared with her a sign I had received from my father a few years after his his passing which I hoped might help to ease her fears and perhaps bring her comfort to know that her soul would go on to another place. For many years I didn’t talk about this to anyone for fear of ridicule. But I felt it important to share it with her now.
She and I never got the opportunity to discuss it at length after our first conversation as she became very ill. I wish we had.

As the sadness overwhelmed me to think she was gone, leaving behind three small children and a loving husband, I readied for her viewing, recalling our conversation, and asked her for a sign if possible. As I was alone in my hotel room dressing for the service that evening I noticed a ladybug on my nightstand. I found it odd that a single ladybug could find its way to a fourth floor hotel room and specifically to mine, and quickly realized this was the sign I had asked for. I have received a few additional signs from her as well since then that have convinced me that she is still with us. I feel honored and blessed.

It was just like her to not waste time in comforting me and letting me know that she was still around.

Angela says January 2, 2017

I literally just had the most powerful dream! My Dad had passed 3 soon to be 4 years in April due to his 4th heart attack in his sleep. I was 27. My world came crashing down as me and him were so very close. He was my world. Anyways I’ve had dreams in my past after Grandpa’s passing (his dad in which I was very very close too.) He came to me smiling thanking me and letting me know he was OK in a very sharp and clear dream it felt so real that I woke up crying. After Dads passing I’ve had many signs from him from kissing me on the cheek like he always did est. But no dream like Grandpa til tonight. Out of nowhere I had a dream that I was at Mom’s house and that in the dream Dad was sick and went away to be in the hospital but hadn’t been back(Dad was always in and out of the hospital). I remember wanting to ask mom had she her from him or where he was (anytime he was in hospital we never left his side). However, I remember very clearly I scared to was afraid to ask because I was afraid of the answer because it seemed he had been gone for such along time. I remember finally getting the courage to ask when I seen my mom carrying shopping bags of stuff in her bathroom. It struck me funny because my mom has never drove Dad took her everywhere for over 44 years. I looked in the shopping bag and seen Dads old spice deodorant. Again found/felt that was odd be Dad hadn’t been home so long. I asked mom who took her to the store? She very clearly looked at me and smile and said your Dad, calmly. I felt the feeling of excitement come over me and jumped up and ran into the kitchen to find him. There he stood! In a new button down shirt as he always wore. He smiled, didn’t speak. He looked so good, so healthy. I instantly upon rounding the corner in the kitchen practically jumped in his arms. I stood on my toes to wrap my arms tightly around him and laid my head on his shoulder(as I’ve done 99% of my life and cried my heart out.i felt him hug me so tight just like he always did.I can’t explain how real it felt. Like no different from when he was living! I told him in the middle of hugging him how much I’ve missed him. While tears just poured. I remember him releasing from the hug to half hug still not speaking but he looked directly at me with a tear starting down his right eye like signifying he missed me too. When he stepped back complete where neither of us was touching so I could calm my crying is when I woke up. When I woke up I could still feel where he hugged me and real tears pouring down my face. I woke up crying and still crying almost a hour later because it felt 100% real and I miss him so badly. This is the first dream like this I’ve had of him. So I googled looking for dream meanings and I found your page and decided to reach out. Everything mentioned in articles above have been dead on your signs. I’ve experienced all of it. Please help

    Nicole says January 4, 2017

    Omg that is so crazy but beautiful!! My dad passed away a little over a year ago & I had a dream just like this! So crazy!!

Angela Robinson says January 2, 2017

I literally just woke up from the most powerful dream. Three years almost 4 this April my Dad Passed Away From A Heart Attack in his sleep when I was 27.

Charlie says January 1, 2017

My Dad passed away as a result of being attacked by two unknown men. He was in a vegetative state then woke up for about 36 hours of lucidity. He didn’t want to die, but he’d suffered so much. When he first awoke he thanked us children for not giving up on him. He said that if it happened again that we were to let him go. I still don’t know if the withdrawal of medical care was the right thing to do. Naturally the medics said that it was because of the damage he suffered to his brain but I’m not so sure. I’ve found two white feathers since he’s gone but I can’t allow myself to believe that they’re from him. He left his Estate in a mess and its heartbreaking to administer. I just feel the need to hear from him.

    Melanie Beckler says January 1, 2017

    So sorry to hear about your loss… It sounds like you did the right thing honoring his wishes… Ask your angels to help bring you a sign from him in Heaven.

Julia says December 31, 2016

Husband passed away 3years ago of 3rd January, after a long Illness with Alzheimer’s.
I’m a quilter, and woke one morning to find a sewing machine bobbin on the floor in front of the refrigerator, where I was sure to see.
Just today, New Year’s Day in Australia, I found his favourite cap that was outside hanging on a hook, perched on the back of a garden chair. Is this he’s way of letting me know he’s ok….or is he lost and not passed to the light. Can you please help me.

    Melanie Beckler says January 1, 2017

    Hi Julia,

    These are signs from him in Heaven letting you know that although he’s no longer in the physical he still loves you dearly and is looking out for you from the realms of Spirit.

susan elizabeth says December 30, 2016

my sister passed away nov 22 (1)she had a favorite musical card it was in my purse nov 25 i never touched my purse after leaving the funeral home and as soon as i walked out the door the card began to play. (2) we put photos together in seattle to place with her body for cremation i couldn’t find one of her and my favorites i flew home to detroit a few day s later i decided to swifter my floor under my bed and the picture we were looking for in seattle was under my bed in detroit 2 weeks to the day she had passed (3) i opened my computer in the morning, you usually have to sign in on your screensaver to log in when i opened the lid there was a website named SHEHEALTHYand a heart attached. i have never seen nor gone to this site nor have i ever had a page left on my screen so that i cannot log in when i have not been on the computer for hours, I called my sister SHE ….i brought home her snow village and set it up on my mantle for the holidays, we loved going to tea rooms, there is a tea room house in the village, it stayed lit even after i unplugged it completely …i asked for a sign from her today and our favorite episode from will and grace came on ….we loved tom jones and another morning without logging in there was a trip advisor alert to take a trip to Wales thats where tom jones was from…..i am amazed and saddened and just full of tears with these signs and that i still wish i could hear her voice……

Chuck Leichliter says December 30, 2016

Hi, my name is chuck and my 53 yr old brother passed away Sunday December 25th, 2016 Christmas, in which is my birthday. I turned 46. Me and Dale were very close, we drank together did lots of talking,and we were just better friends than our younger brothers. I kind of feel his presence, feel that he is ok and I have a strong feeling that Im going to see him again.he was sick for 3 weeks, and he had a room. He was getting ready to take a shower Christmas morning but he laid down on his bed and passed away. My question, that I don’t know if anyone can answer is, why would he pass away on Christmas and my birthday? Thank you

    Melanie Beckler says January 1, 2017

    It really comes down to the soul choice… It’s quite symbolic to pass on Christmas actually, leaving the physical body behind and ascending into oneness with the Divine and Christ Light.

    So sorry to hear about your loss… But really, he’s still with you, just in Spirit.

Lauren says December 29, 2016

My son’s father passed away from end stage renal failure July 31, 2016 which was a Sunday. The Sunday before we had a argument when picking our 7 year old son from his house a week later he died. One week after his death he came to me in a dream a bright warm light was surrounding him and he looked like he did when he was healthy. He touched my hand I said I love you he said I know and looked an me and said I’m going to live a healthy lifestyle. I said it’s too late I was at your funeral. He looked at and smiled and let go of my hand. I woke up happy but sad because I wanted the dream to continue. I will say after the dream I was more at peace with his death, although I have days I wish he was here. Our son says he has come to him in dreams and just smiles. His sister said he came in her mirror and she was freaked out and told him do not return. We have struggled with the death as a family and I sometimes am upset that I can’t see him more because I miss my friend. I still remember my dream as if it just happened.

Connie Allen says December 29, 2016

Yesterday a very strange thing happened. After my boyfriend left the bathroom and I went in I saw a piece of paper on the back of the toilet picked it up thought he had dropped it out of his shirt pocket,it was a check that looked as if it had been in a wallet for a long time.I opened it and could not believe my eyes it was a check written by my ex husband and best friend the day before he died to a finance company for $125 he died on February 11, 2015 check dated February 10. We were married then divorced then his wife died and started calling each other every day checking on us. He told me he never stopped loving me and he showed it I was always his special honey we even had plans for later that day because it would have been my mothers birthday. He knew I was with him when he died holding his head in my lap coroner told me he opened his eyes looked at me then closed them. He had a heart attack and his aorta ruptured. We loved each other so much. I just want to see a meaning to finding that check especially since I am living in Nicaragua and we were living inUS when it happened. Can you help me?

stephanie says December 29, 2016

i lost my dad on 16th December 2016 i am only 23 i have never lost someone so close to me as he was i seen him everyday and when i wasnt with him i always spoke on the phone to him he was only 54 years old, i dont know why am wrighting on here maybe its a call for help i dont know, but i cant smell him hear him feel him i just want to know he is ok and i miss him so much i havnt even dreamed of him yet in my dreams i am looking for him and cant find him anywhere its heartbreaking how long does it take for him to come back to me am so lost without him

    Donna says December 29, 2016

    Stephanie , my heart goes out to you as I just lost my mom suddenly this year as well and it’s very hard navigating things afterwards . I must tell u though just know that the more you’re yearning for a message you’re not likely to be able to receive it .many of my family said they saw signs here and there and things but I was so close to mom yet didn’t feel her and didn’t know why . Once I could relax and process things a bit I was able to then notice the things like the words that just happen be in the song on the car radio as I turn it on . Or pics of things they love on s store sign or truck advertisement . When I’d be stressed driving I’d hear the dj say things like well it is what it is which was her saying to me . They do come to speak to you just in odd ways

    Courtney says December 30, 2016

    Stephanie, I wanted to comment to say you aren’t alone. I lost my brother on Oct. 24 and everyone else seemed to be having dreams about him. It made me more sad and jealous. Last night for whatever reason he showed up in my dream. I saw him and heard his voice. It felt so real. I don’t remember the message but it brought on peace and more love. I hope you get a sign soon of your dad.

    Justin says December 31, 2016

    Time will heal the pain. I lost both parents at a young age and I have yet to have them come to me in a dream but I have seen signs. Just be alert and always keep him in your heart.

    Christine says January 6, 2017

    Stephanie, there is no greater pain. It’s like the heart physically aches. I struggle too with signs and am trying think the way she did… honoring her legacy whenever possible, praying the signs will come for us.

shelly says December 25, 2016

I lost my husband on November 12, 2016. It has been so devastating for me. We had been best friends since we were 18. 11 years ago we got married and always did everything together. I always knew he was my soul mate and now that he has passed I can’t get over the fact that he is never coming back. I love him so much and still go and see him at his gravesite everyday. I would love to know that he is okay because it would make me feel so much better. I still cry everyday. I was there when he passed away and it was sudden. After 10 minutes of trying to bring him back I finally had to tell them to let him go. It was the most horrific decision I ever had to make. I wish I knew that he didn’t suffer. It really bothers me and he hasn’t came to me in my dreams yet. I swear he yelled my name while I was sleeping the other night and it woke me up and I just started to cry. I wish he would tell me he is alright. I would feel so much better but yet nothing. It’s so painful not knowing. My heart feels like it has been ripped out of my chest. He was the love of my life. He was only 48 years old. I am sitting here on Christmas day thinking of him and I hope he knows how much he is missed. I hope he comes to me in my dreams soon. I love you my dear husband. Merry Christmas my love.

Tonya Wilson says December 25, 2016

My father passed away March 10, 2015. I was there when he passed. There are visions and sounds I can’t get out of my head😢. I have prayed for a sign, just something to let me know he is ok. I would give anything to see him, hear him, or hug him…just 1 more time….Here it is Christmas Day. After just telling my husband that if you see a cardinal in your yard, that it is an angel sent from Heaven. I sit here at my desk, and something out of the corner of my eye catches my attention, there was a cardinal right out my back sliding door!! The minute I looked, another one flew over and landed right in front of the glass door, a feeling came over me like never before!! I knew it was daddy letting me know he was ok!!! Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I look out again about a half an hour later and see 4 in the trees in the backyard! As 3 flew away, 1 stayed in the tree as I got as close as I could. He stayed until I started to feel cold, as if he knew, and he flew away!! Thank you God and daddy for answering my payers…Merry Christmas to everyone😇

    Melanie Beckler says December 25, 2016

    How beautiful Tonya! I love the way the Spirit world works… Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful sign and confirmation that you’re fathers still with you! xo

Esterina says December 21, 2016

It’s been a very stressful and crazy year for me and my family. My father passed away three years ago, and miss him so much. Especially during the holidays. I have been struggling financially and now for Christmas it’s even harder. Last night December 20th I had a dream. He looked just as healthy as he can be and he didn’t say a word but hugged me as tight as we could. I began to cry in my dream and just like that my dream ended. I woke up sobbing. I know he’s my angel and his message was to let me know everything will be ok. I’m happy to know he is in a better place and still my angel watching over me.

Brenda says December 20, 2016

My Father passed away Dec 6th suddenly. On Nov 28th i was visited by a spirit while sleeping giving me names, street name and said he has been deceased for 300yrs? I immediately awoke feeling anxious. I grabbed my cell phone it said 4am, suddenly my youngest daughter sent me a text. I asked why she was awake at this time..her response was something woke her up. I do believe that this visit from a spirit on Nov 28th was meant to be as a forewarning of my dads passing to prepare me with the comfort of knowing he was going to be met by this spirit. On the day of his passing i felt a sense of warmth and comfort come over me like i knew he was alright and that where he was going he was not going to be by himself.That night my cell phone battery was at 100%, when i woke in the morning it was completely drained. My watch stopped the next morning at 510am. I went to Mom’s place her lights flickered and her kitchen cupboard opened 3x’s. I do believe it was my father letting us know he was there. I miss him everyday, but i do know he is at peace now. I keep a journal to note all the dreams i have. I am hoping he presents himself to me in one soon so i can see him one more time and tell him how much he was loved and missed and that it is ok, we are ok and he can move on to his spiritual mission.

F. Jones says December 18, 2016

Omg!!! This is so beautiful & comforting. Reading this is just a conformation for me. Always knew it. Thank you.

Nicole Mccray says December 17, 2016

My kids father was killed April 2016 and it’s been very difficult to deal with… but about 3 weeks ago I had a dream and he was in my kitchen and seemed to be alive and healthy I cried and hugged him… he told me he came to check on me and he will be back in a month then he walked off into a bright light and was gone!!! I’m really having a hard time dealing with his death and I just wanna feel his close to me😢

Jason says December 14, 2016

My Father passed on Sunday, I’m still having a tough time realizing he’s no longer here physically. He was in hospice for about a week and I visited him before and after work to let him know every time that I love him and to know how much he means to me. I wrote a letter to him in advanced to placed in his casket because I wanted him to know that I cherished him after he left. In it I wrote about the fear of being alone. I felt empty until the night after his funeral. I dreamt of him holding my hand. I didn’t see his face but I just remember seeing brightness everywhere and seeing the outline of his hand and feeling warmth throughout my body. During the day I was in my garage cleaning up just trying to occupy myself when my iPhone in my pocket made a weird notification sound which I’ve never heard. I unlocked it to see it was on sound settings clicked on the text notification “hello”. And just a half hour ago (12:30AM) I was sleeping when my smoke alarm went off for no reason in my bedroom. It woke me up and it took me several minutes to turn it off. I think he wanted to say hi and let me know he’s here with me.

    Dody Orona says December 15, 2016

    Hi Jason, I’m so sorry for the loss of you DAD. I’m sure that he was a wonderful Dad/ person. I lost me MOM on 10/01/1989. She will always be with me in spirit, like your Dad will always be with you. It will be a tough time, but you will survive. We just need to grateful for the time that we had with them, and that they were a part of our lives. Just keep busy buddy. Dad is always by your side spiritually. May GOD give you the strength and faith to believe that our loved ones never leave us, their job is just done on this earth and they will always watch over us. Keep an eye out for pennies from Heaven, that’s Dads way of letting you know that he is with you and watching over you spiritually . We will all be together again soon. Dody at:
    Hang in the bud. Dody Orona, from Lake Havasu City, AZ

Jerry Ennis says December 14, 2016

My beautiful wife Jacque passed away about 10 years ago. I have wonderful vivid dreams with her on a regular basis. Sometimes I confuse her with another and then realize who it is. They really are vivid compared to the other crazy dreams that I have and she’s always beautiful and healthy.

The first one that I had shortly after she died we were riding in a convertible which she always wanted but I never got her one . I was holding her little hand in mine and told her that I’d decided that she and I would finally take the dance lessons together that she had asked me to do many times over the years. She just stunned to me an sweetly told me that she’d met a doctor in heaven and they had been taking lessons for some time )

Christine says December 13, 2016

I would love to hear my sister again I miss her loads

    Dody Orona says December 15, 2016

    Hi Christine, I am so sorry for you loss, I know the pain first hand.. I recently lost my only brother and I miss him dearly. But it’s OK. He is in Heaven with our Mom and Dad. Your loving sister will visit you in your dreams soon just like my Mom, Dad and Brother did. I pray that GOD brings you peace with the loss of your loving sister soon. She will always be with you in spirit. Hang in there gal. Dody

Yolanda says December 12, 2016

My 34 year old son passed on Nov. 27, 2016. Wow. Didn’t see this coming. He had just earned his engineering degree in Dec. 2015. Got a wonderful job where he could use his engineering skills. He was also diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. He wanted to get well. He had plans that young men have. He wanted to get married and buy a house. He was found deceased in his car at a church parking . The day after he was found was a very cold morning. I saw this awesome snail on the sidewalk and again on Thursday. The same snail!? Today, I saw two ladybugs outside my window and I saw one in my bathroom on a bottle of febreze. I turned the bottle to take a better look and it was gone. Two more signs include a penny on my bedroom floor and while cooking a pot of beans today, the stove exhaust fan turned off by itself. The fan is not broken. I just turned it back on! I know these were signs from Joseph my wonderful son. This is all. Thank you. So sorry for your loss.

    trina says December 14, 2016

    my son was JAMIE was taken 4-24-00 by a drunk driver he was 11 years old DECEMBER 6 HE WOULD HAVE BEEN 28 YEARS OLD hes my oldest of my children . its been 16 years that he been gone now ….. its still very painful .But he always sends me sings first it was pennys 1988 the year he was born now its heart shaped rocks when me and my daughter are driving a car will get in front of us and never fails the last two numbers on the plates will be 88 and i know hes with us . he even came to me in a photo that i still have I LOVE AND MISS HIM SO MUCH !!!! BUT HE LETS ME KNOW HES HERE WITH ME . AND IM SO GREATFUL !!!!! thank you JESUS . TRINA T CASTANEDA

Lucy Clark says December 9, 2016

My dad passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly on the 21st of November. He and my daughter (2.5) were very close. Tonight I was eating dinner, the same dinner I always ate when he came over and I was thinking about him… a friend of mine told me whenever I think of my dad, he is with me, so I was thinking of that.

My fiancé asked me what I was thinking and I said nothing (I didn’t want to talk about it)… he asked me if I wanted a cuddle. I was about to say no, when my daughter said “grandad go near TV”. My fiancé and I both looked at each other and she said it again, very excited. I asked her what she said, and she repeated it and then said “grandad going to play golf” (my dad played once a fortnight, but we never told her…she doesn’t even know what golf is) I said, “who told you grandad play golf?” And she said, “grandad did.. he is going play golf”.

I know kids can make stuff up, but at her age, I’m inclined to think my dad really is visiting us.

Sierra says December 8, 2016

The love of my life passed away two weeks ago on thanksgiving.. it has been an incredibly difficult time.. two days after it happened, I was having a really bad panic attack and it was hard to breathe, it felt like my heart was going to fly out of my chest. I wrapped myself in his blanket and it felt like as if someone took control over my heart and lungs.. and helped me breathe again.. and my heart slowed back down.. and I just got extremely calm… I felt nothing for the rest of the day.. since then I have had breakdowns, but it’s not easy for me to cry. My anxiety is horrible….. but he visits me in my dreams as well, I haven’t seen his face yet.. but he appears as a beautiful white owl… which is comforting because I had bought him a white owl that actually looked like him, and he got me an owl necklace that I wear everyday..
I also get visions of memories of us.. I have memory loss, so little things are hard for me to remember.. but I feel like he’s planting little seeds that grow and fly through my mind.
I miss him so much, these visions are all I have left. I am so grateful that he lets me know he’s with me.. I like to say that he’s the little bird on my shoulder now. Still encouraging me to do my best.

Racheal Sweeney says December 5, 2016

My Grandma passed away November 30th 2016, her favorite type of cat for her entire life was Siamese. On December 3rd we had her funeral, I parked my car across the street from the church and me and my children got out of the car, when we did we heard this loud meowing. I walked around the car to find a beautiful Siamese cat with bright blue eyes staring at me, as I talked to it it came right up to me and began rubbing my legs with its body and rolling on the ground to be petted. The cat had not collar or identifiers and as we walked across the street, through the parking lot and up to the church doors the cat followed me and my children the whole way meowing and rubbing it’s body on our legs. As we opened the door to the church to go inside the cat ran right into the church and into the chapel where everyone was seated and waiting for the service. The church attendants had to take the cat outside and gave it to someone to find its home. I know that the cat was a way of my grandma to tell us she was ok and not to be sad by comforting us.

Michaela says December 5, 2016

My mom always gave me pretty gold rings to celebrate significant dates in my growing up; for example she gave me a prettty diamond ring when I turn 18 yo and another beautiful ring when I graduated medical school. My beloved mom passed away before I was able to say goodbye to her this year. On my first St. Michael and Gravil day celebrated by Christian orthodoxes on Nov 8th , my mom sent her love to me by sending a small gold ring with 4 tiny diamonds in the shape of a cross. I found the ring on the floor while I was doing chores. No one else lives with me in my home. I knew then that my mom is in heaven, she loves me she forgave me as she always did. I love you mom and I miss you! God bless you!

Cassandra Beach says December 5, 2016

My son was killed in a head on collision on 9-10-16, just 5 days before his 21st bierthday. The night of the funeral, I had a “dream” that Austin was standing beside my bed and he said momma, I’m ok it was so vivid, I woke up as he said ok looking for him. I could really feel him here. But it was just that quick, three words and he was gone. He was in the clothing and cap he was buried in and looked peaceful. He showed no signs from the traumatic accident that took his life instantly. That morning he called me when he was headed home and my last words to him were I love you and his to me were I love you too momma…..he was gone 22 minutes later.

    Sheri abbey says January 6, 2017

    Your story touched me in a different way. My son Ryan who had just turned 21 on August 27 also died on 9/10/16. I was on the phone with him a minute before his accident. He was in our driveway heading out to the store. Dad and I were about 3 minutes from home. We just missed his accident. I waited over 4 hours for rescue to get my son out of his car. I kept on hearing him say” I’m ok momma ” “I love you momma”. We were extremely close. Often finishing each other’s sentences , texting each other at the same time , the same thing. Very connected in odd ways. I am 45 yrs old and was diagnosed wth breast cancer in late May. Ryan moved back home shortly after to help out . He would do anything we asked of him. Dad / husband works heavy hours in the summer. It was nice having him home. . After Ryans accident I stopped chemo. Just didn’t feel right to continue trying to save my own life while he lost his. ! After 2 months my husband was having a lot of chest pain. 2 trips to hospital thinking he was having a heart attack . Nothing was ever found . He looked to be in beyond perfect health for a 44 yr old. I restarted chemo 2 weeks later and chest pain pretty much went away. My breast cancer was fast spreading, the tumor started in the milk duct spread and formed numerous small tumors in the breast tissue then to the lymph node under arm pit. I TRULY believe my son died because he wouldn’t be able to handle my struggles and death. He always said ” u jump I jump”. Which he meant ” u die I die” and here it was the opposite. He died. And I chose to stay. I feel him often talking to me . I asked him why aim still her? He said ” dad needs u still, soon momma soon. A lot of strange things have happened since his passing. A big part of me wants to believe it’s him reaching out to me but on the other hand I knew him so well that I would know exactly what he would respond to everything. And maybe some of the odd things happening is the chemo or just my mind going crazy!! I was looking for this sight , it found me. Your story felt like it was another sign. I don’t know that u will ever see my response but if u do I would love to hear from you and some stories about your son . I feel as if you and I are connected in some way. Much love to you. Kreativekrystal@rocket

Nicole says December 4, 2016

I lost my 17 year old soecisl needs son on 11-26-16. He used to get the hiccups every single day. He has given multiple family members the hiccups over the last week. We know it’s him because as soon as we say something to him and acknowledge him the hiccups instantly stop. He had also come through to my brother in law while out in the woods hunting, the same very small baby deer came up within feet of him multiple times. He has also woke me up several times to share a beautiful sunrise with him and to say good morning. Miss him way beyond words.

John Paul says December 4, 2016

My dad died august 7 of this year and it will be the first Christmas we would not be together (he was actually away most Christmas as he worked abroad for a long time.).

He retired just in time to find out he had nasopharyngeal cancer.

Anyways he died just a month before my daughter (his first grandchild) was born. a very painful experience indeed.

Earlier today was my daughter’s baptism and e few days ago when we visited dad in his grave, we told him that he is invited to the baptism and indeed he attended as a big beautiful butterfly.

Ivy says November 28, 2016

My dad passed away last April and my life has not been the same ever since. I find myself thinking of him constantly and I feel heartbroken. BUT I would have to say I have received 8 out of the 10 signs mentioned above. My kids’ toys have been turned on, a butterfly haa flown inside my house and landed on his picture, his song has been played on the radio as I’m trying to pray to him, and most recently I had a baby owl stand right by my car after I got off from work (the last picture I have of my dad is him goofing around with a fake owl). And although it still hurts tremendously, it does bring a sense of hope knowing that he is still with me.

Susan Murfin says November 28, 2016

My father passed in 2015. I have had several instances of feeling someone standing behind me. It doesnt frighten me, its so real. There is no doubt in my mind this is my dad.

Mary says November 28, 2016

Also, I forgot one more thing happened to me in the past month. I was in the car and listening to one of my mom’s favorite songs on CD and cut off the CD player and to listen to the radio and when it switched over to radio. Her other favorite song was playing. This song was the special song she always sung to me and when I got older, we use to sing together. It came out around the time I was born.

Mary says November 28, 2016

Hi, my mother passed away of breast cancer in Sept of 2015. Within 2 to 3 weeks of her death – First, I had a dream that I was in a room with my mother. I was laying in bed with her. There was beautiful light coming through. She just held me in a hugging position. I could actually feel her warm touch. She looked liked she was young and what she looked like when she was in her early 20’s. She said something to me, but I could not hear her. This was the first time I have ever had a dream in which I actually felt someone touching me. I did not want to wake up. She looked so healthy and beautiful. She had a white dress on. Next, I was under the covers about to go to sleep and I smelled cake. It smelled like someone had just taken it out of the oven. It smelled wonderful. I laid there smelling it for at least a couple of minutes. I pulled the covers from over my head and I got up to make sure no one was up cooking, but no one was. My mom use to cook homemade cakes for me. She enjoyed cooking. This happened twice. The second time, I said my I am okay and please be at peace and don’t worry about me, I will be okay. I was not okay and was still mourning her death. I was sitting at the computer one night and three books fell off the shelf behind me and startled me. There was no way they could have fell on their own. I moved to another state approximately about 5 months after my mom passed away and I felt a presence in the room. It came over and sat next to me. It felt nice. It sat right where it could see my face. I was not afraid and went to sleep. The other thing that happened to me in the past couple of months is I was laying in bed and my cable box connection kept cutting off. I saw someone standing near the TV in front of my bed just at that moment. Another time, I was downstairs cleaning out a closet, I have my mom’s stuff in a room on the other side. I heard clear as day, her say – “Hey, Moe!.” That is my brother. He sleeps in the room just next to the room with her stuff. I told him that I think that she is trying to communicate with him and maybe he should listen…A couple of nights later, he heard the same thing. I figure she is coming to visit us every so often to check in on me and my younger brother.

Ashlyn says November 27, 2016

Could you please comment how long it took you guys to get a sign. My great great aunt recently passed away and I miss her very much. I’ve asked for a sign but haven’t got one yet. Although I know there is really no certain time I just wanted examples:))

    Cheryl says November 29, 2016

    Two days before my mom passed in the hospital, I dreamed of her, full of life and in her 40s, smiling and laughing, we were at a fancy occasion, and she turned and smiled at me. I can still see it as clear as day even now months later. I think it was her way of telling me she was at peace and to let her go, that although her body was still “alive” her spirit was no longer inside it. After she passed, a few days later a cardinal sat on the fence right outside my kitchen window. I know it was her. I have received several signs from my mom, dreams, feathers, one day I was at work and she was so heavily on my mind, was not a “good” day for me, as I stood in the office kitchen waiting for my coffee to brew, I opened a drawer and saw a potholder with two cardinals on the front of it. I think it was her way of giving me a sign to let me know she was still with me. Each sign is bittersweet, as much as it’s nice to have them communicate with us, it’s bittersweet at the same time, I can’t explain it other than to say it that way. Keep your mind and heart open to signs, they are all around us, everyday, you just need to be receptive to receiving them. She will come to you …

    Kelsey says December 2, 2016

    My fiancé was killed in June of last year. I was so upset when he first passed away because I literally had no signs from him about where he was or if he was okay.. Finally after about a month and a half I had a dream of him telling me to come with him. I think it just takes them time to figure out how to connect. Some are faster than others

    Katherine says December 8, 2016

    Hi Ashlyn. I’m sorry for your loss. It hurts. A friend of mine lost her adult son from cancer 4 years ago and she says she is waiting patiently for him to come to her in a dream or show her some sign, but he has not. My mom and dad both passed 2 years ago, within a few months of each other. From what I have read (and it’s not like I’m some huge believer in psychics or anything like that), I believe my mom visited me while I was asleep to let me know that my dad was going to die but I didn’t need to worry about either of them. The reason I think this was a visit was because she merely gave me a message (without speaking to me), comforted me, let me know she was healed and joyful, and she touched my hands which gave me the most peaceful feeling (something I really shouldn’t have felt in my opinion considering she was letting me know my father was going to die). This happened 3 months after my mother died and after 2 years that has been my only dream or sign that I have been aware of. I have not heard from my dad at all. Interestingly, right after my mother died, my dad (who was devastated by her death) said he had a dream where she was standing in front of him looking like she did in high school and told him that everyone in heaven was happy and everyone on earth was unhappy. That was it. I have read that it takes some people time to figure it all out when they get to heaven and they are not on the same time schedule that we are. Who knows? Why don’t you sit quietly at bedtime and ask your aunt to give you a sign b/c you miss her?

    Katherine says December 8, 2016

    Hi Again. I told you that I had not heard from my dad but I’m not sure that is entirely true. A day or two before he was buried, I was driving somewhere and got thirsty. I stopped at a store and ran in and grabbed a soda out of the fridge. When I got back to the car and went to open it, I realized it said “Have a Coke with John” on the label. John was my dad’s name. I burst into tears, but I don’t know if this was a sign or a mere coincidence.

Jaime says November 25, 2016

My mom passed away Nov. 22nd 2016. At Thanksgiving dinner last night I was sad and thinking about her. I looked down and there was a white piece of string in a perfect cursive J on my arm. I got goosebumps as soon as I saw it. I have no idea where the string came from, but I know it was her.

Susan Fawcett says November 25, 2016

My partener committed suicide. I moved into a new house and I saw with my boxes, looking very dark and sad. I told him to go away and I didnt want to see him like that. Why didnt he look thst way.

    Shannon Coyne says December 7, 2016

    My guess is that he hasn’t fully crossed over. Sometimes spirits get stuck and confused. Especially with suicides. I am so sorry for your loss. I would try to talk to him and tell him to see the light. Help him. Then hopefully he can send you much more positive signs. All my best, Shannon

Kali says November 25, 2016

My dad passed away 25th Nov 2016 at home I told dad it’s not goodbye its see you later and come visit . I have already seen signs from dad. Six to be exact. One of the first signs from dad the day he passed away was this vinyl record I had been asking about which I said I would see for him it had been months and just last week I said dad where is this vinyl record he told me where it was just when I turned to see the name of the album it was in bold letters. “Going Home To Eternity”.I just sat back and laughed and said dad I knew it. Miss you daddy I know you are reading this. See you later.

Wade says November 23, 2016

My brother passed on Oct 8 2016 from a gun shot wound he was 48 my brother and didlove each other we didn’t talk each day but in some way we always connected.he recently came too me in a dream he looked 15 to 20 years younger he still cut his hair the same and war his goatee the same just no grey no gut just a younger version no scars .he had no worries he was the happiest iv seen him since we were kids.he just kept reassuring me he was ok and he wanted to spend as much time as he could with me in my dream he had some man with him that didn’t speak.I got no bad vibe from the man tho.I believe with all my heart it was him.because in the dream I forgot he was gone.he never brought it up but he didn’t want me to leave him but now I get a sense he couldn’t tell me he was gone I visited with him about some old pictures.but he kept telling me he was ok.I didn’t comprehend it in till I woke up.I miss you big brother and I love you.his Nick name was butchy.RIP my brother

Arla says November 23, 2016

My sister passed when she was a baby and I was one year old. My mom and dad split after that and i have half sibling. I’ve always felt a very strong bond to her even at 33 years old i feel her with me always i can even see what she would like like. I love her with all my heart. My whole life i’ve always known she was there and when i would talk to her she would listen. When i was about 11 or 12 my single mom of 3 had barred some money and asked me to ride my bike to the store for rice, bread, and milk. When i got to the store and locked my bike up i stuck my hand in my pocket and the money was gone. I started crying i got on my bike and headed home. When i got to the busy cross street i got off my bike and stood there. I said to my sister If you can hear me please please help me find that money and i looked down at my feet and there was the money. Like if she placed it at my feet. I started crying even harder thanking her and from then on i know she is always with me. She is my guardian Angel.

Katie says November 23, 2016

My 19 year old step-son died unexpectedly on November 5th 2016. Two days after his death, I went in to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my toothbrush was in another dish on the bathroom sink, and not in the toothbrush container, where I left it. The next morning I couldn’t sleep and got up around 3am and heard him say “hello” from the hallway. My husband felt his arm raise up while he was sleeping which was a comfort to him as well. Then this morning our other son, woke up after having a dream that involved his brother, his mother(passed earlier this year) and our 2 dogs which also passed this year. He said his bother and mother were sitting in chairs and the 2 dogs were with them and they all looked happy. These signs from our loved ones are comforting to a point. But not having them here is especially hard, with the holidays coming up.
May God grant all of us the strength to grieve and continue on in this beautiful life.

    Pamela says December 5, 2016

    Your last three sentences struck me, Katie.
    My treasured, beautiful thirty year old son and only child died by suicide a few months ago.
    He has sent me some wonderful, amazing communications from the other side.
    I am so grateful to him and always elated when I recognize a sign from him.
    But I am only mortal and dreadfully miss his physical presence.
    His birthday is Christmas Eve. I have had to pass through a number of memorable annual events we did together through the years. They were incredibly difficult. I am hoping that things will get easier to bear for those of us deeply grieving our loved one’s passing as time goes on. I am actively working on it. I encourage him to fly free, to learn from his spirit guide and know that I am happy for him in his peace and delivery from depression, illness & unbearable hardship. I love him forever and know he feels the same. Love is forever for all of us. And the veil between the physical & spiritual worlds cannot part us. Ever on, Nicky. Shine on! But please always fly back into my life and let me know you are there for me. Love, Mama

NeeNee Carter says November 22, 2016

My son passed away on 11/4/16 and the family was devastated of course. We asked him for a sign that he was okay. A few days later when we were on the freeway a moth flew in the window. (We had to be going about 70 mph). The moth made it a point to stop land in front of all of the family in the car and stare at as all. After making contact with us all he fluttered his wings and flew out the window. The night after my son’s passing his grandma said that someone was jumping on her bed, but when she looked she didn’t see anyone there. 3 nights ago when we were driving home 4 street lights starting flashing. My 4 year old son said he saw our angel flying outside of the car. I am a believer that our loved ones communicate with us.

Reyna Mar.tinez says November 18, 2016

My daughter passed in 2012. I received many, many signs (dragonflies and a visitation). I never received a visitation after that. No matter how badly I want it. Why? Has she moved on? I still see many dragonflies but no visitations. I miss her so and am having a really sad time lately especially with the holidays coming up.

Angi says November 18, 2016

Friday 11-11-16, my best friend suddenly passed away. The last time I had spoken with him I had told him I was pissed at him. On 11-12, I was on my way to be with his wife and I felt for me, I needed to text him and tell him that I was sorry. When I went to text him none of the text we had ever exchanged were gone. So I proceeded to type his name into “to” field and every message came back. Another sign he sent me was a penguin. He loved penguins, the animal and the hockey team. Driving to work the Monday following his death, someone had put a huge stuffed penguin out in their trash. I told him I got it. Tuesday I was telling him I needed a sign that all of us would be fine. And Wednesday morning as I was going to work, the penguin was still there put in a different position. I just laughed and said ok. I get the message.

Same friend- his mother was looking for pictures to be shown at his service. She found a poem in a drawer that was about this exact thing. They had it read at the service as well.

Jan lizotte says November 16, 2016

This summer I was at my friends cottage so there were 4 of us and I was saying how much Steve my husband would have loved their new to them but old cottage it reminded me of his grandfather’s in Balm beach although my friends is bigger and has had some upgrades suddenly a dragonfly landed in midst of our conversation and landed on my thumb and continued to stay there for quite some time while we talked I immediately said oh hi Steve I guess Steve wanted to join in to our conversation lol it was so nice and I felt his presence then the others started to talk about different signs I won’t forget it

Dominique says November 16, 2016

My dad recently passed away Oct 31, 2016 – I would talk to my dad while alone driving or just in my head. asking my dad for comfort and strength in this trying time. When I go into my room, I usually place my purse down, then smell my dads tie and get ready for bed. This time I didn’t, I cleaned around my room and sat on my bed with my roommate and talked with her for a few moments, as I got sleepy I rolled over to my side to fall asleep and got a strong smell of my dads cologne. I popped up and asked my roommate who was still on my bed watching tv, if she smelled that. she said no. I smelled around my pillows and my dads blanket that I now sleep with. She said its probably his blanket. I said no, it cant be my dad never used cologne while in the hospital. I smelled my left wrist and there it was a strong smell of his cologne..I got up to and told her to smell my wrist, then I went over my dresser to go smell my dads bottle of cologne that I keep next to his photo, I showed my roommate the bottle and she said, your dad must have held your wrist and let you know that he is ok. I felt a sense of excitement and sadness all at once. Happy to know my dad is still with me spiritually but sadness that I couldn’t physically see him anymore.

Krithika says November 15, 2016

Hey hi! i feel so nice after reading this… I miss my grand-mother so much. the incidents that happen in my life and how protected i feel, cannot explain. I sometimes think that is all my own thoughts that i am creating to myself. After reading your post, i feel so much everything is true. Thank you so much.

Fernando & George Bezerra says November 11, 2016

Hi Melanie,I lost my partner of 24 years,I knew him before I met him and have the connections that we knew what each other was thinking and some time we used to say the say word…I have 4 dreams with him and the last one we made love than we went to sleep in each arms,like we used to do for all those years…Some time I feel his spirit next to me,I have his ashes in my bedroom and will take it to Brazil,so when I die his ashes will go into my coffin with my body,so we will be together forever…We are soul mate,we used to think that we where together in another life…I love him and miss him more than words can say..I met him when I was 37 and he was 63,he died 6 weeks ago at the age of 86 and I am now 60….Would you be kind and tell me more about our love ones…..Some time I just breakdown…I cry every single day since God took him to heaven…I know he is in peace,no more pain or suffering…But my heart is pain 25/7…..I talk to his ashes(him) all the time and pray for him,for us,as I used to do….When he passed away..I was at his side in hospital….I just try to have a little rest and I heard him,like he want to talk to me,so I open my eyes and it was 01:00am…I stand up and look at him he was cold,so I went and got to blankes and 2 towels,I cover him and his feet with the towels than the nurse came in,I aks her if she would be kind and check his oxigennio,she ok and it 90%,she left and I said to him in his ears,My love Thank for those beautiful 24 years you gave to me,I could not have find abetter person to love and be loved by,but now my love it is time for you to be with God and your love Mather,I hug him and kiss him than I lay in the bed next to him and I pray for God to receive his soul in his hands than everything went silent,I stand up and his soul was gone…I hug him again and said my beautiful love rest in peace I love you,I miss you and I always will…One day my love we will be together forever….and I said Thank you God for received George”s soul in your Hands…..It is so hard life without him phisicaly…I know he is watching over me…because he said so….Once he said that I love him too much and I ask him…How much you love me..He reply with tears in his beautiful blue eyes..I love you at the moment I see you,so I knew every time he looks at me,he was loving me…I was so blessed to have that kind of love for 24 years..Thank you God for that….The love he gave to me will last a millions years….I love him today more than 24 years ago and our love will last to end of our time…

Jacklyn says November 10, 2016

I lost one of my brothers to suicide October 26, 2012. My son was six months old. The first words he said was Uncle Rodney about a month after. I was 13 weeks pregnant for my daughter at the time of my brothers death. He had told me the night before that he would be the first to hold my daughter after her daddy held her when she was born. And when she was born I looked vary close at her she had no marks on her. She was born c-section, my husband carried her back to my room while they finished with me. They waited till I got back to the room to weigh and measure her. Then my husband picked her up and handed her to me. I unwrapped her and started checking her out. Tears filled my eyes. Her Uncle had held her. She carries a angle kiss just above the crack of her butt, and his finger prints on her back. It looks like he pick her up just under her arms to hold her up to look at her. The first words she said was Uncle Rodney. And we had never said his name around her. All I had was pictures of him. When she started saying his name she would point at the pictures and say his name. Wow. Then May 1, 2015 we lost my other brother. We found him in the yard of his house. He had just passed from a massive heart attach. I worked on him for almost 2 hours with paramedics. I am a nurse and we were first on the seen.
I have heard his voice, I have seen him and my other brother, and I can smell their scent all the time. I went to work today opening the party store up town. And something just did not feel right. I pulled into work and a car was setting at one of the gas pumps. Someone in the car just watching me open the door. I unlocked went in shut the alarm down and locked the door. When I walked back to the door I could smell Rodney really heavy. So I quick locked the door. Then went and looked at the video leading up to the point that I locked the door, no one had came near the door. Then I proceeded to open the store. The car still setting in the same spot. I got done all but turning on the canopy lights, I walk to the back room and could smell my other brother. Then I looked at the monitor for the back room and could see him standing there in the doorway. I unlocked the door. And looked outside the car was now gone. A customer came in a couple minutes later sheet white and said how did your two brothers just walk out of here? He said he seen them as he was driving up to the store. We also have a buzzer on the door at the store and it goes off all the time when no one is around. Well no inbodied human. I love these moments. And I get phone calls all the time from their old phone numbers with no one there. We have kept their phone lines on our contracts. Their phones are just put up in a memory box.
Everytime I start to cry cause I’d do anything to have them back. I feel their arms wrap around me. I miss them so so bad. But I get comfort from knowing they are here with me. And some of the jokes they pull lets me know it is them. Thank you this site is what I needed.

Liz says November 9, 2016

My Dad passed on July 15 this year. My partner and I were sitting up in bed with a cup of tea watching the news when in the tree outside our bedroom window we suddenly heard the most unique bird sound/song. Never before had we heard anything like it and looked at each other in amazement saying what on earth is that? We looked out the window, but it flew away before I got to see it. My partner managed to see it said he’d never seen a little bird like that in our garden before (we’ve lived here for 16 years). Later that day my sister rang me and told me my Dad had passed 4 hours ago (she’s in the UK and I’m in Australia) He hadn’t been expected to die so it was a HUGE shock. About 2 days later when I thought back to what the time had been in the UK when he’d passed, it was the same time as we heard the bird outside our bedroom window. I have felt so blessed and has made me ask for more signs. Last weekend my partner and I were walking up the road. It was 11am and beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky. I looked up and saw just one tiny white cloud and across the sky to my right another one – it had formed the name Liz, which is my name. I looked to see what was coming next as I immediately thought it was an airplane sign writing in the making. We have a few of these here with people proposing marriage in grand ways, but when I realized there was no plane it was literally just a cloud I quickly said to my partner, look up there, that cloud has formed in my name. It was too late as I’d waited too long to tell him as by then the upper winds had started breaking it up and by the time he looked up it was just a wisp of a cloud. Not sure if that’s possible for a spirit to do that. I like to remain optimistic and that it was a message from my Dad letting me know he was thinking of me.
I’m finding myself asking for more validations. I wonder how the next one will come.

iris says November 8, 2016

I seen my mom in dreams

P. Swan says November 8, 2016

My husband passed Oct. 25, 2016.I saw a Black Hawk flying and perched on the roof of this house across the street from me while I was outside with my daughter Shannon and the lady who turn my gas on. it flew over to the highest lamp Pole the highest one and just watch me.. It finally flew away in the back of the house where it sat directly in front of me/us..I told my daughter there is Buddy. she was watching it mama look as it flew and circle in the back of the house come away but I noticed there was a smaller bird hawk to my left over Liz house. My daughter didn’t see that one and I did not tell her about it because the Blackhawk have my attention..

Kristi says November 7, 2016

I think my son is trying to communicate with me.

Ven says November 1, 2016


My little brother just passed away unexpectedly, before I found out a little red cardinal appeared on a fence before and let me take pictures of him…I knew that something had happened…I found out the same day!!1

Stephanie says October 30, 2016

Today my daughter and myself attended a memorial service at our church. Last week we had added to the list the names of those we wanted to be read out at the service who were my dad, my nan and grandad, my stillborn son, my three miscarried babies and my daughter’s nan on her dad’s side. When the vicar got to the part of the service where he reads all the names out we sat listening for our loved ones names. The names were in alphabetical order and immediately after the last three names which we were waiting for, which were my three miscarried babies, were read out I heard a buzz in my left ear, followed five or so minutes later by a tickle on the top of my head. I scratched my head and a ladybird fell on to my lap. I put the ladybird on my hand and my daughter handed me some paper and I put the ladybird on the paper and then on the pew shelf in front of me. After just a few seconds the ladybird took flight and was gone. I truly believe this was a sign from our loved ones and when I got home I found on the internet that spirits can return very briefly as insects and animals and ladybirds are considered to be very lucky. Also in the last few days while washing the dishes a cold breeze blew on my left cheek and there wasn’t any draughts at all in my kitchen, this too is a sign that a spirit is paying you a visit. I believe our departed loved ones are never far away from us and they do visit from time to time.

Marsha says October 27, 2016

Shortly after my husband passed away, I had three very different dreams about him that all seemed very real. In the first dream, I was pulling into the driveway of our house, and there was my husband walking out the front door looking the picture of health and wearing this turquoise baseball cap and outfit he liked to ski in. In astonishment, I asked what he was doing here, but he just smiled, waved, and then I woke up.

In the second dream, the phone rang while I was asleep. When I awoke and answered it, I heard my husband’s raspy voice on the other end. I don’t recall the conversation, but when I woke up from the dream, it seemed like it had really happened.

In the third dream, which is now kind of fuzzy, I didn’t see him, but I very much felt him come and hug me. It was enormously comforting.

I haven’t dreamed much about him at all since those first three very vivid dreams, but I have never forgotten the impact they had on me. I sometimes wonder if he’s watching over me still and what he would think about some of the choices I have made, but I’ve not experienced anything that appears to be a sign from the other side since.

    Colleen says October 27, 2016

    My boyfriend passed unexpectedly a week ago. He came to me in a dream the day following his funeral. It was vivid and he was well and happy and told me in his deep strong voice that he was great! It ended abruptly and I woke right away. I knew instantly that it was him coming to me. I felt so amazing that my grief subsided for that whole day. I have felt more at peace ever since. I pray it happens again 🙂

    Kathy says October 28, 2016

    My Dad passed away 5 months ago In my arms, I cannot seem to get that vision out of my mind, I just adored him. I have flickering of lights, I like to go sit in his chair I feel his presence, I feel his arms around me, when I visit my Mom I like to go to the back room where my Dad always was, I can feel his presence. The night of his death, we were sitting feeling numb in the room he passed, two lights when out at the same time. I felt his presence. I know he is okay and not suffering which has helped me so much to get through this terrible loss. Just know your loved one will reach out to you, be there to receive it. Kathy

    Rachelle Glazier says November 7, 2016

    I had the same thing happen when my mom passed away. I wish she was would come back and let me know she is ok and still loves me.

Imee says October 26, 2016

Three days after my sister sudden death I was inconsolable and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I went through her bedroom where her lifeless body was found, touching anything that could help me gets closer to her again. I decided to use her personal stuff such her favorite purse, make-up; eyeliner and lipstick on me. When her friends came by to pick me up for funeral arrangements, out of the blue–i thought I heard her voice calling me. Needless to say, I broke down again and all of a sudden I loss [half conscious]
consciousness. During that period I felt like my sister used my body to communicate. I remembered vividly everything what was said-but I am not a believer of this type of out of body experience so I refuses to believed it. While in trance I saw my weak body on the floor. Up until now I thought what had happened was probably because I was grieving and physically weak.
However, after reading so many stories about spirit visitations and personal accounts of several people who have had the same experiences, so maybe what happened to me was real and that my dear sister did use my physical body to communicate with us.

Julia Russell says October 18, 2016

I was half way awake and i got a flash of a movie in my mind of my future. My mother told me of her mother who lost 2 daughters that looked exactly like me. I don’t know if it’s my relatives lives that were supposed to be lived or my future. I feel like it’s my future.

Aman says October 13, 2016

I got two signs from the deceased and I am firm believer. The first is when I was asleep and at midnight I heard my grand pa’s voice calling me twice. I woke-up and felt something was up. So, i rushed to my mom and the phone started ringing and the nurse told her that her father just passed away. The second sign is when my dad passed away and this time I waited for a sign because this happened to me before. So, I waited and waited but nothing happened. So, I felt that maybe the first sign was just a fluke. Days turned to weeks after my dad’s funeral, cremation and all the mourners were gone. Even my mom went away for awhile to her relatives because it was too much for her. So, I stayed back at home and one night while asleep, I woke up and felt a cool breeze and instantly I fell into deeper sleep. Suddenly, I saw a golden light and in it were two golden figures that grew larger as I was easily drawn towards them and I saw that there faces were made up of upward golden light that had the appearance of fire. One figure sounded like my father but I couldn’t hear him. But inside that light was a golden world as far as the eyes could see. I felt like I was seeing this world through water because it was wavy. However, I was awe struck by the view it was nothing like the earth or any part of the universe. Then suddenly, I saw myself at the stairs of my earlier residence and I started walking-up the stairs, wondering physically how the hell did I get here. It was so real. And then suddenly I heard my dad call me twice and I rushed up the stairs with all my heartfelt feelings and as I reached his room the door opened and I felt an embrace which woke me up. After waking-up, I felt my lungs were grasping for air and I was totally lost. For a moment, I couldn’t figure-out where am I and who am I. It was scary at first and eventually my memory kicked-in and I felt happy that my dad is ok, now this was a BIG SIGN

KAREN says September 9, 2016

I have never been a great believer after death but felt i had to share my story, my wonderful step dad passed away suddenly at easter and my mum found him and she had a heart attack, but later was told it was her heart playing up in shock. I had to deal with all this and then mum went into meltdown, i took over everything as my brother was neither use nor ornament, was proud of mum as we scattered ashes and i have some, i have tried my best but mum doesnt live close to me but try and get down every other month. Well this month she said some nasty things to me, i seem to be her bashing board. She wants male companion and i said i understand but this is something mum that doesnt sit well with me, if you want to go down that route you will have to get your friends to help you as i am not betraying dad.. that night i went to bed quite angry at her, i said night to dads ashes as i do most nights and went to bed and then this really really weird thing happened. Mum always has lots of cushions on the bed and i stacked them up on the floor, in front were my trainers on the rug and nothing else.. That night i went into the room and right in front was a rolled up belt.. at first i thought it had fallen out of my case as i had a similar belt until i sat on the bed and noticed it had a metal buckle and on the front an intial M… never seen this before and it was rolled up, it couldnt have fallen from anywhere as it would have unravelled, now i know my step dad is with me and hes safe and hes still there for me, saying Thanks Kaz xx actually this is the first time i have cried since dads death as i write this.. just cant believe hes not here 🙁

    debra says October 1, 2016

    totally everything said above I have experienced

Rhonda says September 9, 2016

I lost my mom just over a year ago now. We were very close, like best friends. I really had a hard time when she passed with lung cancer. A couple weeks after her passing I began having signs. I will list just some of my experiences I’ve had.
– I am finding dimes all the time….even my husband and my daughter has.
– found a ladybug at an hockey arena that was beside me on a bench (strange it was winter and too cold for them)
– a text that said it was her
– my kitchen clock stopped working at the very time my mom passed away at ….I looked at the back of it and the battery seemed to be pushed out a bit.
– I saw twice soon after her passing an image of her standing by my window… was like dust in the ait but these particles we not moving or falling… and it looked about the same size and height.
My truck radio was acting up and still does
My husband and myself at a restaurant and as we spoke of my mom songs came on that she would listen to on a record player when I was a kid.
A drawer in the kitchen opened two times by itself in one day when we were speaking of my mom and how my husband said when he was at work (truck driver) he felt someone touch his shoulder.
I love getting any signs from my mom and smile every time I see a dime in strange places …im almost certain its her…

    Eve says October 26, 2016

    I lost my beloved mother recently.. She wanted to live to see her great grand daughter. One night I was putting my grand daughter to sleep, I physically saw my mother looking back at me with her pajamas… She looked at me holding the baby with sadness in her eyes, that she died before the baby was born.. I periodically feel her spirits around me.. I am not scared, I just miss her so much! Like right now, I can’t seem to get her off my mind.

Cheryl says September 3, 2016

Yes, I’ve had several “signs” over the yrs from loved ones who passed. Most recent was my Dog, Morty. He was everything to me …he was my partner after my divorce and kept me going in so many hard times. Every night around 2 am Morty would come into my bed, my younger dog couldn’t jump up on the bed so never came in. But, that night Morty died, at 2 am, my younger dog came in and made a very loud noise by my bed…woke me and I felt a strange feeling that it was Morty trying to do his nightly ritual…I quickly picked up my younger dog and put him close to me. Lately since I got another baby Boston Terrier like Morty, there has been a large black/yellow Butterfly that stays with me in the yard at times and I see it by the window more now…its come very close to me and is always alone. Part of these signs scare me, as I truly don’t understand what it means? Is he lost, is he trying to get comfort? He’s buried in my back yard and I don’t feel his presence there at all…I know he’s not in the ground as I’ve had too many signs. I could tell you some more when my Father died…through the TV and also my husband via the TV…shows, music etc I do know “signs” exist! the true meaning is what I’m confused with…?My Mom’s been gone over 20 yrs yet she still communicates by Cardinals wherever I go. I do know the spirit lives on.

Bradley says August 31, 2016

There are only 9 ways here – you have number 6 listed twice 🙂

Tammy says August 25, 2016

Thank you for the wonderful read and insight. I hve recently lost my brother and today I was visited by a hummingbird which I have not seen all summer, and just a minute ago, a little bird came down to me a foot away and looked, drinking water and watched me. Even while moving, it never flinched. My brother died last night. My Dad passed two years ago, and I have had electrical currents of flickering lights, vivid dreams, and a calmness of his presense. The radio played the same song at the same time on two different stations, on the the day I went into town to sign the final release of the inheritence. i was emotional, and the Police( I ‘ll be watching you) came on. When my mother passed 27 years ago, I will never forget being woken from bed, by the smell of her perfume in my room. It was so strong. These are my experiences, and I try to be open to them. Thanks for letting me share.

kate says August 21, 2016

I long and crave for a sign from my Mom. She was not only my Mom, but my best friend. She lived with me for the past 24 years, along with my husband and 2 daughters. She had overcome every obstacle and was a miracle for the last 10 months. A trip to the ER of what seemed to be minor, took her life 8 hours later. I feel like she vanished, disappeared….I just wasn’t ready for this. I feel like my purpose in life is over, as I was her caregiver. I feel like she still needs me and she’s gone. It’s really hard for me to live on and I can’t imagine my life in the future without her. I feel like an empty shell walking around. Life is hard….and I’m so brokenhearted.

    Charlie of Earth says September 3, 2016

    I’m so sorry for your loss and tlyour touching story. You can still talk to your mom and wish her the best. They are never truly gone. Love you and best wishes.

    Rosemary McFarland says September 4, 2016

    I have also lost my Mom, who was my best friend as well. We went through so much together, including a fire a few years ago when our community was totally destroyed. She was very strong at that time. I lost her on her 83d birthday last year. I am comforted she was at home with her 3 daughters and at peace. You will always miss her, but grief is not a place to stay. Know that her love will always be around you, and look for signs she sends you.

    Anna says December 8, 2016

    I’m so sorry for your loss.I understand completely everything you said.Im just going through motions of living.My mom who became like my child past just week before Thanksgiving.Im grieving so hard.Lost my purpose.My beloved dad died week before last xmas.this feel so like my first holiday w out both of them.I want to be with them.they were my whole life and I cannot imagine life without them,I don’t even know who or what I am.I had such a strong experience of smelling her the other day while I was in a store that I use to shop for her,I was half heartedly xmas shopping.She was on my mind, I could barely keep from tears,saying mom I miss you,etc and bam it hit me like a wall.This grief stuff is not for sissies.

      Melanie Beckler says December 8, 2016

      So sorry to hear about your loss Anna… Sending you lots of love and angels to help comfort you.

Jane Naumkin says August 15, 2016

My mum died 9 mths ago my dad four weeks ago. Experienced lots of electrical stuff. My bathroom light kept switching itself on at 3 am for three nights, their tv which I have in my bedroom – I woke up one night about 3 and it was flashing at me…(doesn’t do that). My mum’s old laptop switched itself on when it was off and closed just as I asked her to talk to me just after dad died! Finally after we buried her and Dad’s ashes last week I took photos and put the phone in my pocket. When I looked at the photos later there was one extra one taken in my pocket somehow – that is easy – except I had moved it away from the camera to home screen. But when we looked at the photo from my pocket, against the red fabric my mum is looking back at us. Somehow she’d got her image onto the photo. It is translucent but clear. It’s my mum. When alive she always said if there was a way to show me there is life after death she would find it. I think she just did….still amazed.

    Cornelia Stepps says August 16, 2016

    When my second oldest was killed in a car accident I awaken and there was a strong perfume smell in the room and I wasn’t wearing any, also I could here the door open and hear her footsteps coming up the stairs, she worked at night

Awosemo Omowumi says August 13, 2016

my dad passed away when I was just 7years,I had a close bond with him,and now am 23years,then I had an encounter with a strange man yesterday have never seen him b4 in my life, we chat for about 10minute and I felt comfortable with him,then he gave me his contact to call him at a particular time and I saved his number and I was very sure I saved it, only for me to try to call him at the time he ask me to call him I checked the name I saved the number with and his number was gone,just is name,then I discover that the name he gave me to save his number with has my dad’s name in it,I don’t know if it’s my dad,he gave me sooo much advice.

    Rosemary McFarland says September 4, 2016

    That is an amazing story! I lost my Mom last year, on her 83d birthday. A few days before she passed, I had her brought home. About a week before I brought her home, I pushed her wheelchair into the dining area at the rehab center where she had been for 6 weeks. There was a little lady at a table all alone. I had never seen her before and I was there every day. I asked her if she was there for a little rehab, as I saw a walker. She said “yes honey I am! I had blood clots in both my lungs. They lost me on the table 3 times! I was able to go up and watch the Drs working on me.” I said “You were??” She said, “Oh yes, and its beautiful up there…I am not afraid!” I had a funny feeling as I was talking to her..I believe to this day she was an Angel, sent to tell me it was OK to let Mom go.

cam says July 21, 2016

I have been finding coins in the oddest places within the last few weeks. Mostly pennies but have found dimes and nickels as well. I can not remember a time that I have found this much change in such a short amount of time. Curious I started doing research on this. July 18 was my husband’s first anniv. of his passing. I was feeling pretty bad the week of this. I decided to get away for that weekend and do a camping trip. This was something we both loved to do. When I got to the site assigned to me, I had to figure where I was putting the tent. The site was so big there could have been 5 more tents there. Found a spot, laid the tent out and started staking it out. By the time I got to the last stake, I looked to the left of me and there sat a penny. Freaked out, grabbed the cell phone and took a picture. What are the odds that spot had a penny!! Washed off the penny to check the date. Freaked out again, and sat and cried for awhile. The date on the penny was 1978, this was the first time we had camped together. Gathered thoughts after awhile and finished putting up the tent. Walked around the site after tent was up,found this cute toy dog. I found myself saying I don’t remember this here when I first got here. At work on Monday did some reasearch on this toy I found. It turned out to be a little boxer dog. My whole childhood I had a boxer pet. I am now so freaked out over all of this.

    Stephanie says August 9, 2016

    Oh don’t freakout!!! Be happy those are awesome signs that he was right there camping with you!! I lost my Brian on July 8, Im still fresh at this widow stuff and I don’t see how it could ever get any better. So happy you found those things!!

    Rosemary McFarland says September 4, 2016

    I love finding signs. I lost my Mom on her 83d birthday last year, and I am always finding pennies. I knew it was her when my sister took me car shopping. You see, she was so worried about my old car and that I was having trouble with it. She kept telling me I needed a new one. When we went to the dealer, my sister told me “Rosie, Mom’s here!” and pointed to a penny just outside the showroom door! My sisters bought me a car.

Lucy says July 20, 2016

I’ve been praying for 3 years for something. I was very upset today asking for a sign that my prayer will finally be answered as I drove to my parent’s house. The strangest thing happened. When I walked into their apartment into their kitchen, on the floor was a Scapular with the Blessed Mother medal attached to it. I know my mom always has these around, but why would it be on the kitchen floor when I walked in? My mom had foot surgery a month ago and cannot get around so she has been sitting on the couch in living room. Was it meant for me to find this “sign” today after I was asking for a sign that my prayer would be answered? I was really freaked out after I saw it, thinking MAYBE this was the sign I was looking for??

Stephanie says July 14, 2016

My husband passed in an accident 6 days ago. He was very knowledgeable of the energy that we are made of and always talked about it. Ive had a few things happen, smell his cologne, lights flicker, our dogs staring. I miss him so much and just want to make sure what I am feeling is real and that he is possibly reaching out. If it is him he can see how brokenhearted I am and how much I miss him. I long to feel him or feel something. Condolences to everyone on this page that has lost someone.

    Jean says July 20, 2016

    My grandmother had just passed some months ago. I had dreamt last night, that she spoke to me on an old rotary phone and said to me. “Am I going to see you on the 84th,”
    I really don’t understand that yet.

Chris says July 12, 2016

When my mum died in 2000 there was a power cut in our road in the evening after her funeral which lasted about an hour and a half. There had never been one before or afterwards. Also, her winter flowering cactus flowered right through till May of the following year which it had never done before or afterwards. I often sense the presence of my loved ones.

Craig says July 4, 2016

The day after my father died – Nov 2014- (at 82 year old), I slept at my parents home. I had not slept there for years. I prayed for my fathers soul as I awoke. I could feel his presence next to me – he appeared grey and frazzled. I was afraid a bit so I prayed even harder to god for his soul and then went to sleep. I awoke again to see him grey but clearer and his presence then was comforting. I think he was holing my hand the way I had held his in the hospital.
The next morning I told my mother of my dream. She said she had a dream of my father as well. She dreamed that she was in the living room in her chair and saw my father come in – he was grey and translucent – like the way I saw him. He walked past her and to the room where I was.
We were both very surprised as our dreams matched. It was comforting for both of us.
A few days later Later I flew home to my wife and dog. I was sleeping on the coach. Our dog Bailey woke me up with her barking. She was sleeping right next to me. I listened to see if I could here anything. It was morning and all was quite. Then I noticed she was looking to the next room towards the ceiling. I looked as well. I saw my Dad in color floating up by our high 14 foot ceiling. He was looking down on me and very clear. He was wearing brown and tan robes. Sunlight streamed down on his face from the ceiling, even though the shades were closed. He smiled at me and looked towards heaven. He stayed a few seconds as my dog barked at him – also looking exactly where I was then he faded away. My wife came upstairs as this was happening and I told her all about it. Then I wrote it all down and emailed it to my Mom.
My Mom says she wishes she could see him again. Since then I have seen him 3 other times twice outside my bedroom window staring up at the full moon wearing his blue jeans and white t-shirt. The last time was on a visit to my Mom’s house I slept on the coach and awoke to see him in the kitchen looking over at me like he was having a cup of coffee. he was in color and his expression was of warm approval.
My Dad meant a lot to me as I was the only boy with 3 older sisters and a Mom. I think he appreciates how much I prayed for him, and wants to let me know he is alright….

Peggy says June 27, 2016

My husband passed away Dec. 12, 2014. I had signs he was there from the start. One was a pair of lights on the wall that were hearts and then turned into circles that looked like eyes. I felt something brushing my lips one morning. We always gave each other kisses at various times of the day. Pennies and dimes have shown up when I know they weren’t there before. I have been paying attention to the dates. Lights have flickered even LED’s which my electrician tells me is not possible. He has called me when I have had something happen and to this day his number still has a busy signal.

    Monica says July 9, 2016

    That’s a beautiful story and gives me hope <3

iyonnah powe says June 13, 2016

I’ve got 3 private calls and I answered it and my phone just hung up my grandpa died in 2014 and my grandma died when I was 8 I’m only 13 now does that mean either of them are reaching out to me and last weekend a red cardinal visited me and my granny we was the only ones outside it was singing she told me that it was one of our loved ones that was visiting us

Alice Kamau says May 31, 2016

I have been receiving visions and dreams between 2pm and 3pm midnight. But i always share with my mother and my friends.

    Anne says June 13, 2016

    My son died 23/3/16, I have been struggling ever since but my phone switched off and then on again the other day, with the date he died flashing up on screen before returning to that day’s date. Has anything like that happened to anyone and do you think it’s a sign?

    Charlotte says June 21, 2016

    My daughter passed away 4:00AM on a Friday. I was sitting on my couch looking out my window with my husband beside me when an owl tried to get in our window. It was around noon that day. That was the first time I e ever seen an owl in my life

Courtney says May 27, 2016

My first born son passed away at 2 weeks old April 12, 2016. Every since he has passed a cardinal comes to visit me everyday singing, the cardinal will come look thru my living room window occasionally, and he will just sit and stare at me when I talk to him as if he knows what I’m saying, I’ve also experienced the scent of my son when I walk into my bedroom, and when I’m in the car and a song comes on it reminds me of him and gives me comfort, I also have heard my bedroom window shut on its own when it was already closed, I think my dog has seen him, and my 5 year old nephew claims he talks to my son all the time and plays cars with him, and I’ve had a dream about him and feel his presence. It is a wonderful thing and helps me get thru the hard time of losing my first born son and it helps my healing of knowing he is ok and in heaven

    Anonymus says June 7, 2016

    I’m sorry to hear about your son. 🙁 But the cardinal is a sign if you keep seeing a cardinal EVERY DAY, then it is likely your son saying he is doing good and this is also a sign of him trying to get your attention When you smell him, he is in the room with you. And about the window, maybe he had, or likely would have not like the wind.

Christina says May 9, 2016

My grandpa passed away towards the end of February 2016. In May my grandmother traveled to the family vacation home to spread his ashes, this was a last minute decision and didn’t include any other family members.Unfortunately she went with some family friends who were going out to the cabin anyway. I was very hurt and sad that I would not be there. She was many miles from home when she called sobbing wanting to come home. I left the very next day to bring her home. During my long drive I experienced some signs from my grandpa. There was a lightning bolt across the sky during the middle of the day, I wondered if it was him thanking me for going to get my grandma. I had not been to the cabin in 9 years and was unsure of exactly how to find it. I was 4 miles from the turn off when a ladybug landed on my window, I came to a T in the road and the ladybug flew off my window to the left. I followed it and came to the cabin! `I used to play with ladybugs when I was a child at my grandparents home, I have always loved them. When I got to the cabin no one was there so I decided to take some pictures to share with my mom when I got home. I found out that evening that his ashes had been spread around the cabin in various places. I had unknowingly taken pictures of most of these places, his ashes even showed up in my pictures. One of the pictures shows a bright beam of light from the sky to a spot where his ashes are. I may not have been able to be there while they spread his ashes but he lead me there and compelled me to take these pictures of where he was hiding. I believe these were gifts from him as well as communications from him. I miss him, but I know he is here.

    Nan says May 15, 2016

    My nana passed away two years ago and within that year I lost a cousin who was only 36 years old within six months of my Nana’s passing. I had a hard time dealing with both passings and especially my Nana, who was my world my everything and my life just ended at that moment when she died. I didn’t know how to pick myself up and it needed some type of verification. Then just recently in March which marked the two-year. Exactly a week after my grandma passed I had to put down my 17 and a half year old Hannah which was a cocker spaniel my life companion, it was horrible but I had to.I have been waiting for signs for a long time and then all the sudden at my grandmother’s porch appeared two doves. Again they showed up today last weekend I saw several signs as I was at a Dirty Girlin memory of mycousin, Kim. I came home and saw a butterfly and which I said to Hannah while I was putting her down when I see a butterfly I know it’s you. It’s just amazing how all of sudden since that weekend. I have been seeing multiple signs. Faith is very hard to believe what you cannot see or know really what it is going to be but I have to definitely believe these signs are sent from my loved ones and there is life after this. I hope sharing, helps someone else dealing with the difficulty of losing several loved ones. I’m still on my journey of trying to believe that we all come together when our life ends.

      Shelly says July 30, 2016

      Thank you for your words of comfort!
      My husband lost his older brother tragically, then his father suddenly 7’years later and most recently his older sister to unknown circumstances.
      I’m sure that life is here to test us and make us stronger for our next life ❤️

    Teresa says May 18, 2016


    My dad passed on Valentines Day 2016.. After he was buried I asked him for a visit. I spoke to him almost daily for a message that he was okay. I had almost given up on the thaught that he would let me know. Sometime in March of the same year he appeated to me in a dream. He was 83 when he died from terminal cancer which just took over him causing frailness. In the dream, it was summer time and he looked to be in his 50s or 60s with his shirt off and wearing a pair of khaki shorts. His graying hair was blowing a little from a light breeze. He was in my garden. Dad loved gardening. I. Just looked at him because I was not expecting to see him. I called to him and he turned his head to look at me. I ssked him if he was okay. He answered “I’m alright.” My dream was over and I woke up with a feeling of peace and a smile on my face. I hope he is visiting with my brother who passed on June 23,2000.

Farzaneh says May 8, 2016

Ella,I totally understand your experience. My Dad just passed 3weeks a go and I was lost completely since I was very close to him. I was crying all the time. One night immediately after I asked him to let me know that if he is ok, I was working on my computer, I felt a strong and an unusual heat on my hands . It was a great feeling. Than I was trying to go to sleep . I was not sleep yet. I felt a touch on my forehead . It was not similar to a human touch. Something very comforting an enjoyable.that happens to me twice. I don’t share this with everyone because people who didn’t experience this , they assume you are crazy. But who cares. I know it’s real. I feel happier now . My Dad strongly believed that sprits do communicate with their loved one.

Ella says April 29, 2016

So I had to tell you about what happened to me. My mom passed two weeks ago. I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my life, and I’ve had some weird things happen.
I sleep with my 5 month old beside me in her rock-n-play. There is a nightlight behind her so I can check on her throughout the night. She had a humidifier and noise maker going and we use a fan too, so it’s a bit noisy. We go to bed same as every night. But since my mom passed my daughter has been having dream terrors or startling herself awake, during daycare and about an hour after she falls asleep. Last night was the first night she hasn’t done that in almost 2 week. We go to bed about 10:30ish and it takes no time for me to fall asleep.I hear my name being called like 3 or 4 times and as I start to wake I realize someone is gently rubbing my right shoulder as I’m laying on my left side. As I start to open my eyes and become more aware I realize it’s my moms voice calling my name. I hear it two more times and continue to feel the rubbing on my shoulder. As my brain makes the connection with the voice and who is calling it I lean up on my left arm and I see my mom standing there. She looks amazing, her skin is blemish free, no rosacea, no psoriasis, no bruising, no sunspot, just flawless. She’s back-lit but we have no lights behind where she is standing. She has on scrubs like she always wore pale pink pants and a pink top with babies and rattles and things like that one it. Her hair is the way she always wore it but not messy just perfectly fixed. Her eyes even in the dark sparkled blue as the sky. I went mama? She smiled and nodded. She looks down at my daughter and smiles and touches her hand to her heart. I reach for her, and her hand meets mine and I can feel her like I would feel anyone else standing in that spot. I look around the room and expect to look back and her not be there but she is and she still has my hand in hers rubbing the top of my hand. I notice that her hands are smooth. Mama had eczema really bad on the palms of her hands that the doctors could never find a cure for so they were always rough. She then smiles again and slowly lets my hand go and turns and walks out of the room. I jump out of bed and chase after her, and I cant find her anywhere. She was just gone. I go to the bathroom and stare into the mirror for like 10 minutes trying to wrap my head around all of this. I washed my face and went back to bed. I woke up and the first thing out of my mouth to my husband was mama visited me last night. I can still feel the sensation of her touching my skin. I mean the more I think about it, I question if I was dreaming or hallucinating but it felt so real and I was out of bed and awake. It’s just so strange, yet it was so comforting. Almost like she stopped in to say she’s watching over us and that she’s doing just fine. I feel such peace and yet question my own sanity at the same time. I mean does this stuff really happen to people? I’ve lost 3 grandparents and the most I’ve ever had was them come to me in dreams and talk to me or at least I like to think of it as them visiting me in a dream. But this was so much different. This was physical and real and so unexpected. I didn’t go to bed depressed like the night before or crying about mama or even longing for her. So this is all just so much to take in. I know if I mentioned this to my uncle he would tell me I’m nuts that there’s no such thing as ghosts, though I’m not saying that’s what this was because from my understanding you cannot touch a ghost. I know what happened but I cant explain it, it’s not rational.

Anyways, that’s my story. Weird but true.

    Tameca says September 24, 2016

    I really enjoyed reading your story! It sounds like you had a very real visit from your mother! Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I’m learning that when our loved ones physically die, that their love for us continues on and that they’re still very much interested in checking in with us…despite how beautiful I’m sure it is on the other side. They still care. It makes me love my father who passed away 4 weeks ago even more…as if I ever thought I could love him more. I miss him so, but I feel that he’s communicated with me a few times since he transitioned. I hope that you will “hear” from your mother throughout your entire life.

Denise KRamer says April 28, 2016

My mom appeared as a deer a REAL LIVE DEER, IN FRONT OF ME….also a number of dreams of her..and signs of her love of France everywhere I go. She passed two months ago…the deer thing was truly powerful, I cannot ever forget that, the deer held my eye contact and appeared literally out of nowhere on a dark road…in a spot were I talk to her. She is with me that much is proven to me on a daily basis.

Michele says April 19, 2016

I lost my beloved brother Daryl in a canoeing accident just over three weeks ago. Absolutely devastated, I cried out to God to please send me a sign that Daryl was OK and would be let into heaven (he had lost the faith a few years ago when a friend’s little boy had drowned). I was pleading with God, Daryl was a wonderful kind, caring man who would do anything for someone in need and had a lot of friends. He was a good person, despite not believing in God, and he had been Christened as a baby, could God please accept him and show me a sign.
When we got home from my mum’s house, my partner switched on the tv, and that very second, a song that reminded me of my brother and a beautiful holiday we had shared on his canal boat came on. Too much of a coincidence I think.
My other sign was a rainbow. My lovely mum always said that a rainbow is a promise. At my grandma’s funeral a rainbow appeared, the day after my wonderful dad died a rainbow appeared and I wanted a rainbow for my brother as a sign.

I have witnesses to prove that what I’m going to tell you next is true. I had been looking out for a rainbow all day as a sign of God’s promise, but none came. I sat down on the sofa with my back to the window, when all of a sudden my son looked up from reading and said ‘Look mum, a rainbow.’ Instantly I knew that this was God’s promise and an intense feeling of peace came over me. The strange part to this experience is though, that my mobile phone, which was charging up in the same room we were all in, just feet away from me, had 3 missed calls and 2 text messages on it. To this day I can’t understand why the phone didn’t ring, it had not been silenced by me and the missed call details were seconds before the rainbow appeared. Had the phone been silenced by God, an angel, or my beloved brother in order to avoid distracting me before the rainbow appeared? The rainbow lasted for about 10 seconds before it disappeared. This is a huge sign for me that there is life after death, and that God’s promise of paradise is real.
For anyone reading this who is sceptical about the afterlife, please, please believe it, it happened and I am 100% certain. It makes death almost welcome in a way, not something to be feared. I believe that suffering is worse than death, and death and the spirit world that we enter are our greatest gift.

    Farzaneh says May 8, 2016

    My Dad passed 3 weeks a go and I lost myself completely. I was crying all the time. My Dad was a strong believer of spirit and life after death and I denied that every time that i had a conversation with him. I started to talk to him and asked him questions about how he is doing and if he is ok.There are many things that happened which i believe he was trying to communicate with me. One night i was working with my computer, i felt an unusual heat on my hands.I stopped working and i noticed that is him letting me know that he is around. Then , i went to bed and i felt a touch (not a human touch) on my forehead. That was a touch that gave me a comfort and peace. I never had any experience like this. This happened the day after as well. I shared this with my son who laughed at me and left my room .He immediately called me from his room that electricity in his room is disconnected. (only his room) this never happened before. The next day i asked my Dad that if he met his mother? one hour later i went to pick up my son from his friends house.There was a huge owl flew away across in front of the windshield , when i was driving only 20mph. Almost hit the windshield. Then, sat on the side walk. The bird turned back and stared into me and i slowed down but i did not stop.It flew away after a short moment. I collected my son and on the way back (10 min later) i saw the same bird.(i think it was the same)This time the bird was standing on the side walk as i drove by i looked again and the owl flew away. I knew that i received my answer. I was asked him that if he is alone or he is with his mom.(he was crazy about his mom) I am much happier now. I stopped being worry and sad.I don’t share my experiences with everybody. Because no matter what they don’t believe you.But who cares, I know that it was real.The proof is that i am not sad anymore and I am in peace.

Sonia Ramos-Clark says April 11, 2016

My dad passed away on 03/26/16 and that same evening after leaving the hospital I saw a bunny stop in front of me & looking directly at me as if they were looking in to my eyes & every day after that I see a bunny, it always happens at different times of the day & just a few hours ago I look outside of my patio door & there one was right in front of me looking deep within me & I was omg! It’s a sign from my daddy, that feeling just popped in my mind just like before but I wasn’t for sure I just felt it deep within me & once I read these signs I just couldn’t help but cry because I was right, I love you much daddy, love your daughter Sonia E. Ramos-Clark❤️?????

    Denise Kramer says April 28, 2016

    Mine was a deer that also held my eye contact….the deers eyes were very human. Also Dogs and me have a deep bond…like she knows my love or animals and they just run to me….my mom passed on 2/24/16 and I have had one profound dream and then this deer appearing out of thin air…holding eye contact just like your bunnies.

Kristen says April 1, 2016

You have 2 number 6’s and no number 10

Karen says March 26, 2016

My dad just passed last night, and I felt him leave the room. I felt sick and weak afterwards. As he was dying I kept telling him I loved him over and over. This morning as I was getting ready, I went outside to get a breather and just take it all in I guess, also my sister needed the bathroom so.. yea. Anyways, as I am sitting, the sun begins to shine and I notice 2 small black butterflies dancing around and as I am watching them the wind starts to blow and I see three or four large tiger swallowtails gliding to me in almost a line or sequence. They hovered near me and I called out “Dad! I love you, and I miss you!” as I am crying, the wind blew some more and flower petals from the blooming trees fluttered around me. I’ve never ever felt anything like that before. My dog even came and sat by me, being very calm not chasing the butterflies or anything when he normally would have.
I miss my dad so much.
My sister had a dream about my dad before she even knew he passed minutes before she found out. He was in his USAF uniform standing tall in an old hospital dorm, with high windows and a golden light coming through. She saidhe was young again. She called to him, and he was looking at her in a way like “What’s the matter? Are you okay?” but he turned around after smiling at her and nodding then began to walk to a door and the light coming through the windows became bright and that’s when she was woken up by the phone call that he had passed she says.

Alecia says March 20, 2016

Hi there! My 17 year old son and best friend went to heaven. My Jakey was my soul mate, we were linked, and still are. When I look back at the months before he passed, our souls knew, he was being called home, HEAVEN. I have been blessed with the gift of sensitivity at a young age, I never explored or expanded on this gift. I was touched with the knowledge that there an after life, HEAVEN, there is GOD. My son has come to me in many ways, dreams, telepathy, many signs, we have over 400 heart rock, tin foil, leaves, swiss cheese, bird poop, the list goes on. My little guy moves things, he has only made one aberration appearance, he plays with the lights, he sends eagles flying over and hawks descending close to our car while driving, numerous times, when I am so overly distraught, all of sudden a bird will fly into my path….It’s amazing! Communication from another realm is difficult and if we aren’t paying attention and are not OPEN to it, it will pass you by. Please free your mind, read on how to expand your sub conscious mind, it’s there ready to be tapped into. Please, Please, Please understand your loved ones are loved, safe and protected, they are free, they are with you always, they walk beside you, love NEVER ends…. It is difficult to understand but, GOD KNOWS BEST!!!!! My son told me on one of his visits, “Mom, we will be together longer than we are apart.” I asked him, “how are you sweetie, are you good, what happened?”, Jakey said, “Mom, I fell, I didn’t feel anything, a man appeared and said, “son are you ready to come with me?”, I said. “Yes, your not mad at me Mom?”, I said, “Nope, are you good son?”, he said, “Yes Mom, I’m good, really good.”, I said, “If your good, I’m good.” This is when I realized as difficult it is living without him physically, I realize as a mother, we want the best for our children, our loved one!!! Our loved ones, my son/best friend have the best, and that is all I want for him. Love never ends….Love is selfless….be the best person you can without them here on this physical journey and know you will be with them again. God doesn’t punish, he is the one that gave us the gift of our loved one. I am grateful for the amazing time I had with my son and I know he was needed back home for whatever reason, someday I will know, you will know, until then know your loved ones are GOOD! Blessings!

    jan says June 6, 2016

    I have just lost my life partner, my soul mate of 20 years. She was only 40. We came together against many odds and had to fight against many problems. She had been badly hurt when younger by cruel parents and then adoptive parents.and then we met. We didn’t mean to fall in love but I wanted her. I wanted to give her love she had never known. I was given love from her that I will never ever have again. It’s two days from her passing. I have no sign from her yet, but I hope it will come. She was ill for do long, yet I thought we had many yers left. I love you Bev, my Bebby. I will pray that she comes to me and that she cones for me when it’s my time. If there is a God, a greater being, please give her peace and eternal rest. My love and heart will be hers always.

    Tameca says September 24, 2016

    Oh my gosh! I just love this! I like when your son told you that you will both be together longer than you will be apart…that is such a powerful statement, and it does bring me comfort that I, too, will reunite with my father and be with him for a long, long time in Heaven.

    toni serpentini says December 17, 2016

    My heart hurts for you as I too have lost a child . Your story is uplifting , sweet, heartfelt. My only wish in life is the same that she is very happy and good up there .

Renee says March 13, 2016

My sweet angel was killed 4/3/15, a few week’s after the service I was in my kitchen doing what I love cooking, when he would visit he always had to sample the good’s as he put it. This day was the first time I had been completely alone at home since his death and I must admit I was a little shaky, all of a sudden I heard very clearly a soft whisper that said MOM, it stopped me in my track’s. That night as I was sleeping I felt a soft and gentle rub on my left arm( he would do that to wake me if he wasn’t feeling well or needed me) I again heard him softly say mom and I sat straight up in the bed and began crying. *I have heard over the year’s that those who die violently are not at rest or peace and will try to make their presence known*, there are time’s the hair on the arm he used to rub will stand and I feel his touch, I dream of him and hear him calling me mom in a tone I know all too well. I believe part of him is still here, he needs me to finish something ( I know what that is) and I believe God is sending him to me every so often to remind me( like I need to be lol) that his journey and mine are not finished yet!!!! There are many obstacles in my path but I’ve no doubt that the good Lord will clear it so I can complete the task set before me and so my son can move on completely. *He was shot 4 time’s by a deputy* wrong place wrong time for my heart ( son).

    Denise says April 28, 2016

    bless you so much for this. He is in a much better place and blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

    Tameca says September 24, 2016

    I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope that you will be able to finish the task ahead of you. God Bless you and your Sweet Angel.

Shantae says February 28, 2016

I am still in questioned about it about if this is my deceased love one, but it mostly happens at night when I’m ready to go to bed.. I can be laying down thinking of him and then next thing you know I get this vibration tingley feeling through my whole body and my heart gets to beating fast and hard, also I can feel a funny feeling in my stomach and feels like there is something stuck in my throat and I can feel pressure on my face like he’s rubbing me and a breeze in my room… Please I need answers is this my ex boyfriend ???

    Lisa says May 8, 2016

    Yes, it’s him. My Mom passed on the day you wrote this, and last night (Mother’s Day) my Mom came at night and brushed her hand on my hair. I got spiritual chills, heart raced a little, and I felt a lightness at the top of my head. She had also visited me in a dream to give me a hug the day after Easter. Your boyfriend is letting you know that he is still there for you, and he is at peace – where there is no pain. Just love. We’re on a journey and will meet with our loved ones soon 🙂

Sherry says February 21, 2016

While i was asleep last night, my wedding ring was moved from my left hand to my right. I lost the love of my life, my husband Leroy almost 5 yrs ago,it had to have been him, I think, to tell me it’s time to move on,at least I think so? Still shook up, loved him with all my heart and soul,I still cry each and everyday.

Natalie says February 17, 2016

My husband passed away in September 2015. At first my daughter and i would notice little signs or hear something whispered to us in dreams then it all seemed to stop. Unfortunately she lost her job and as we were sitting outside discussing her options etc a very lovely white and black pigeon appeared. As it landed on the patio roof we were almost certain it was going to fly over and land on one of us. It eventually flew over to my car walked around on the bonnet for a couple of minutes then flew to my daughters car where it stood facing us for quite some time. As it wasn’t tagged we knew it wasn’t someones pet but this bird was very relaxed around us at no time did it fear our presence. WE would both like to think it was my husband coming in to comfort my daughter and to let us know he was still around when we needed him 🙂

suzanna gentle says February 17, 2016

I used to believe but no longer do. My 33 yr old daughter died in December suddenly after i got the police to kick in her door after she hadn’t been seen for a few days. We had always both been interested in all things paranormal. She was a very strong person and would have come through if she could. Her friend dreams about her all the time. I have her ashes in my living room. I have sensed nothing since she died. Not even dreamed about her. No signs, noises, smells or even sense of her presence either where she died or in my home. Absolutely nothing even though i beg her to come to me. I have lost all faith of one day seeing her again. I am devastated and miss her so much. I feel so much guilt that i didn’t help her more. If anyone could come through it would be my daughter. I’m so scared for her now. Either there is nothing at all after death or something is stopping her from coming to me.

    Bram says May 2, 2016

    Hello Suzanna.

    Maybe it is the guilt you are feeling, which blocks you from connecting with her.
    Most of us who have lost a love are feeling guilty about some things, there a
    always things we would have done better, or words we wouldn’t have used. when we review our live with them we are super critical to ourself, and this is a good thing, it makes us learn.
    please be gentle to yourself, love yourself
    if you can do that, your daughter will have a much easier time to connect with you. and after some time it might be even possible to talk with her about the
    feelings you both have.

    warm regards

    Lisa says May 8, 2016

    They say that spirit has a difficult time contacting you through your grief. Try not to worry. She is at peace, in a place of love where there is no pain. We will see them again when our struggle is finally over – death is not the end. She’s okay <3

Brian says February 16, 2016

My dad just past away February 7th the first sign came that day we have always loved football cards since I was lil and the last card he ordered was a Von Miller autograph we are huge Broncos fans and in Super Bowl 50 Von Miller won the mvp! The next sign came when my dog who knew was grieving just kept licking me and then she would stare at something in my room for a minute and start licking me again and she kept looking at the same spot like my dad was there with us! The next sign I noticed was I was listening to see you again for my dad and my phone was about to die so I turned on my car radio and the same song was on! Finally yesterday I went to get some new pants and a shirt and found some I liked I barely ever try on clothes because I know they will atleast fit with a belt but I decided to try these on right when I got in the fitting room there was a saint Christopher protect necklace and a cross on a chain laying on the floor! I just know he had it places there there is now was these are coincidences

Rebecca says February 16, 2016

When I was a little girl my parent’s house where I lived was only a few hundred yards down the road from my grandparent’s house on their farm. Since I was only about four when our house was built, my grandfather made me a path through the woods so I wouldn’t have to walk on the road “to grandmother’s house” (like little red riding hood.) In fact, for years I’ve collected red riding hood things because of that.

I would to sit on my grandmother’s lap and admire her gold charm bracelet. Each charm was a symbol of something that happened in her life from her first car to each of her grandchildren. I loved hearing the stories of each of the charms, although I’ve forgotten now what each meant and my mother (with whom I do not have a good relationship) is now in possession of the bracelet. My grandmother died when I was 15.

Now I’m in my 30s and I live in another state. A few years ago, when I was going through a difficult time in my life, I was unpacking a box of Christmas items (that had been packed deep in storage since the Christmas prior) and I happened to find my red riding hood tin. I was surprised to hear something clinking inside. When I opened it up, I found a gold angel charm. I didn’t know where it was from but when I told my parents my mother checked my grandmother’s charm bracelet and the angel charm from it was gone.

Ian Young says February 8, 2016

My mother passed away in Februray 2000 and my father passed away on 29th December 2015. As a schoolteacher, we had our Monday morning assembly this morning and the hymn was Praise My Sould the King of Heaven. On opening the book, I found a poppy petal from the remembrance day service poppy drop we hold each November,last one being last year. The hymn was one included in my father’s funeral service and more importantly it was one of the hymns included in my parents wedding ceremony. The feeling I had, was that of a message coming through saying that they are both back together now. I found this very comforting

Romeo Sugay says February 6, 2016

i seldom dream about my wife who passed away three years ago. but most of the time when i dream, she just suddenly appears smiling at me, wearing white dress and all around her are white. i dreamt of her again last night and this time she was talking to me. we were on a trip together with some people i do not know. i was seated next to a girl but i do not know her and my wife sitting on the back just behind me. we got off the van and my wife told me we need to stay here overnight because tomorrow will be her birthday. a number 4 popped up in my dream but my wife`s birthday is on a 2nd.

Sandra says February 4, 2016

My ex-boyfriend who I loved dearly and was very close to me passed away on 8th of october 2015 suddenly in a car crash. I was devastated. Three days after he passed away I had a business trip I had to make I was alone in my car, when a radio program started, I was very sad and suddenly I realized I have to listen to the program for some reason although it was hard. It was a story about two people training for a marathon, they were having and argument because one of them didn’t want to keep up to the other and wanted to quit, however at one point it was clear that he actually died in a car crash. This was not as chilling as the fact that at that time a woman’s voice called someone by name and it was the exact two way only I called him… A man’s voice said “Yes?” and the woman continued well you said to wake you up? , and he went “Oh yes thank you, you know I had the strangest dream” …. I knew it was some form of him saying I am ok I am somewhere else and its not over. I don’t believe in ghosts and after life, he did and we always used to discuss this topic he was absolutelly sure there was something after death… I guess that was his way of winning his case 🙂 Miss him and love him forever!

Leonie says February 3, 2016

My brother passed away on 22 October 2015 in a truck accident and was killed instantly. We miss him very much. We had a family gathering a few days after his funeral and a friend of mine contacted me to say that I must look at the photo of us all above my head. You could clearly see a face, but not in colour. The eyes, nose, mouth and chin was clearly there. You could see that he was kissing me on the head. Is this a sign for him to let me know that he is ok? we really miss him terribly. We have so many questions as to know is he ok, will he always remember us and is he happy.

Melissa Weekley says February 1, 2016

when my mother passed away in April 25, 2009, everyday when I laid on my stomach, I could feel my mom rubbing my back and I knew it was her cuz she was the only one that had passed away. over a year ago my grandparents passed away and all I get is dreams that I had with them both. when I dream of my mother, we in arguments and I have no clue why. I know she loves me very much but why all the bad arguments? my mother, and my grandparents is who I miss soo much!!! I pray to God that I love them and to give me a sign that they still here with me. just can’t wait to see them again!!

day says January 28, 2016

My friend chris died and he has smoke and purple around him

Keri says January 25, 2016

My dad passed away in November. I was very close with him and was by his side every day to help him for months. This morning while I was in bed, I felt something was crawling on my head but under my skin. It was the strangest strongest feeling/sensation I’ve ever had. I put my hand on the top of my head to feel it. I asked “Dad?” and the feeling was gone. I know it was my dad.

Every day I rubbed his feet, back or neck for hours to give him comfort while he was sick. My dad knew that I enjoyed when my kids would play with or brush my hair. I know it was him giving me a sign that he is ok.

LHS says January 25, 2016

You know I have felt so many things as describe above. My decease husband has been with me in many occasions in dreams, pennies, dimes & nickels. Rainbows when it rains. Animals like butterfly’s, faires, doves, my dog sleeps on his side of bed I know his there, just by my pets being where he used to sit, watch tv etc. Yes I also says things that I would never say, but that he would say. I truly believe that since he is now in the thrown of GOD I am being used as a instrument, and both the Lord and my husband use me to continue my husband’s legacy, as he was a Rehab Counselor for so many things, and I am suppose to continue his legacy. Yes his always around me for sure. He does his couseling through me, and it is always what he used to do. He will never be forgotten, and lot’s of his messes tell me the same thing, that he speaks through me to them. reall great, cause I know it is him.

sereena says January 23, 2016

my teacher grandpa died and there was a red bird at her grandma window seal and now her grandma died and now there is two red birds at her moms house

Fran Wilson says January 22, 2016

so many of these things have happened to me!!!!!

What stands out is my night light flickering right after my son’s death and then it went out…I have kept the bulb..

Lisa says January 20, 2016

My Uncle(My Dad’s Older Brother) was with my Maternal Grandmother for 41 years from 1965 to 2006 when she passed. They were inseparable since the day My Parents were married. The other day My Uncle found a prescription bottle with My Grandmother’s name, it had one pill in it and was on her side of the bed where she used to sleep. He said it looked like someone had laid on the bed where she used to be because it was sunken in a little (Gram was a little chunky). When they slept My Uncle was always on the right side near the edge and Gram cuddled up to him and hugged him all night. This is weird, I do not know what to think of any of this! He has never seen this bottle of pills before and we have had the majority of our home packed to wait and move. I have health issues and need a ranch home.

Chandra says January 19, 2016

I lost my husband last year. we were inseparable. At night when i am upset i feel my hair moving as though he is caressing me or my sheet fluttering. Very often, around 4.30 am my phone flickers without my touching it. On two occasions my phone rang and when i looked it was from his number. Regretfully i did not answer the phone, as i was too surprised. I have also received many messages from psychics validating his presence. Although these do bring me comfort, i still miss his earthly presence

Susan says January 14, 2016

I missed a phone call on my cell phone today from 609-000-0000. No one left a message, so I called the number back. It was invalid. I looked up the phone number on, and the number is invalid. My Dad went to Heaven on May 2, 2015, and he sends me lots of signs and messages. Was this a phone call from my Dad?

Nicole says January 13, 2016

my Oldest Brother Died last year he got hit by a car caused brain trauma and few days after his funeral he came in my dream , it was weird because I never knew that spirits can really come in your dreams but I ALWAYS feel him beside me and another sign it was two birds came right in FRONT of me while I was eating outside and looked at me in my eyes for a minute then flew away . but its amazing but I still miss him a lot but I know his okay with God

Beth says January 11, 2016

My father passed 8 years ago and I continue to have dreams quite frequently of him. Some more vivid than others. Just last night I woke up around 4:30 am and had trouble falling back to sleep. I began to pray and talk to my Dad. I told him how much I missed and loved him & asked him to show me that he was still around. When I fell asleep, I dreamt he took my hand and then took my daughter’s too. He looked great. No words were spoken but I was elated my father and I were hand in hand. Pure joy! Then he walked into a room, I walked in behind him and he was gone. I remember being so upset because I hadn’t gotten to hug him.

Christian Frink says January 9, 2016

When my grandmother passed away from cancer in may of 2015 a couple of days later while i was at my sisters , a day before the funeral i had a dream that i was in my grandmothers bedroom with her sitting on the bed looking healthy and in the clothes she used to wear with everything bright and clear bright not like the light we see, as i looked outside everything was beautiful on her porch she had flowers hanging and the trees were greener than green and the colors were rich in color. Then my dream ended i felt like she was showing me something.

Jackie says January 5, 2016

My Father passed away this Thanksgiving. Exactly one month to the day, the light in my spare bedroom (where he slept when he visited) turned on, and has been turning on every day since. <3 <3

Sheesha says December 27, 2015

I am in my bath, meditating, no window open, i hear 1 ding from the windchime. I know she is here. I talk with her.

serean says December 24, 2015

My mother died July 2015 this year a week before we were due to go on holiday. While on holiday in Italy a song came on and it was my mums favourite song that was played at her funeral. Also on Christmas eve late at night a bird was on the canopy roof of my mums house out singing out loud – this was unusual as it was blowing a gale outside.

cora ridley says December 21, 2015

Thx you for the mess.for our deceased one’s, god bless you all?

marie says December 20, 2015

i am very sick and in my dream my mother was holding me but i was fighting to get back to my son that needs me. what is she trying to tell me?

Gloria Messina says December 19, 2015

My husband passed July 2. 2015, he was a smoker and did smoke on the house. About a month ago I smelled cigarette smoke like a cigarette was just lit up in the middle of the night. I thought of him immediately but then didn’t think about it again till now.

Vanessa Blanchard says December 17, 2015

I lost my greatest supporter and friend my mother 8 months ago. I was in the parking lot at the grocery store when I song came on that brought huge waves of tears because the song reminded me of all the struggles she had raising us ( yet always shined that bright gorgeous smile of hers at us as if she had not a care in the world)I know in that moment the tears were mainly over no more chances to give her all she deserved. Any way I kept my sunglasses on and got out of the car to get into the store and said to her ‘please give me a sign you can see me’ as I walked I noticed immediately a red camry just like the one I bought her and said to her ‘that’s not good enough you know that car was already there’… I got my shopping done and left the store within about 30 minutes. Got home put up the groceries and instantly felt determined to go outside to my car and clean out my car’s glovebox. Now.. let me tell you – I had so many other things pressing – this was a nutty thing to go out and do. Yet on a mission I marched outside and began to clear out this glovebox. Quickly I found the last birthday card she had given me before her stroke. At the time I had not taken the time to really read it because she put 50.00 in it and I ran in the house to fuss at her for giving me money haha. But this time I read it. She wrote out ” I am so proud you are my daughter’ among other things. I just about died. It is absolutely something momma would lead me to find if she was able to do so. Finding this – in spite of the absurdity of being drawn to clean out my glove box surely was something she lead me to do. It lifted me up for several weeks.

Andrea Mayhew says December 17, 2015

Today while preparing food in my kitchen, I suddenly felt that my uncle was with me. I was at the sink and I knew it was him. He immediately began to communicate with me through my thoughts. I feel so strange even saying that. This seems so surreal and I’ve been crying since because it just feels so strange. He wanted to let me know that he was okay now and happy.(he was very sick) He also wanted me to know that he and everyone that had gone before him, were with us always. I sat down because I felt like it was so much to handle and I wanted to go into my mind and communicate with him. I’m wondering if this was my mind just playing tricks on me?? It was so real!! Everyone was happy and together and my uncle primarily communicated with me. I wasn’t overly close with him but we did have a good relationship. Oh Gosh, this is so strange. I feel like I’m nuts. Did this really happen??? Yikes. The whole experience lasted about ten minutes. Please let me know if this ever happened to anyone else.

pearl says December 12, 2015

my mom passed away in 2006, and last week I could smell my mom in bed with me all night, she keep me up and again this week she was in bed with mew again, I wonder why is this happening/ and a month ago I had two eposides of someone passed me , I could feel a wind pass me, is she or someone trying to tell me

Ida Sivley says December 10, 2015

I’m so glad that i’m not crazy. I dated a guy in high school for several years and hadn’t seen each other in 40 yrs. Then last month we had the chance to reconnect the excitement in his voice he would call & leave me sweet text msgs everyday. and he told me I was the one who got away and he wasn’t going to let me go again. Well his younger sister passed away suddenly on 12-4-15. I spoke to him on 12-5-15 and received a text saying Goodnite Angel @ 11pm that night. Well the next day I was told he was in the hospital with stomach pains & they were doing test. I didn’t hear anything so the next morning I sent a text to his phone and received a text back that he had passed away. I was shocked,heartbroken & very upset. Since thin i’v received little msgs turning on the tv and looking at the guide there was a movie with his name on the title, Then going outside on a foggy gloomy morning a ray of sun came out through the trees for a couple of minutes and I felt a presence next to me then it disappeared. Yesterday I was taking a blanket form storage and when I did a very large feather fell (my friend was Native American) and yesterday evening I was taking my dog for a walk and I live in a very wooded area lots of oak trees. Well as I was walking my dog just stopped and I looked down and there was a heart shaped leaf right by my feet so I just stood there and cried. I know that he is with me and will forever be in my heart. And will forever cherish the last conversation & loving text I received. So glad that these things do happen.

Amanda Martineau says December 3, 2015

My sister called me to share some very interesting news this morning, which lead me to search and find this article.

Our grandmother passed away last Sunday (November 22nd), and we just returned home from her funeral the following Sunday (November 29th). Ever since we’ve been home, my sister has been experiencing strange occurrences in her home. A few nights ago, at midnight on the dot, a barstool chair fell over in her living room. She was sleeping at the time, and no one else was in her condo. The following night, she heard knocking on the front door (3 different times). Each time she went to the door, only to find no one was there. Finally, this morning, she was walking from her living room into her kitchen and heard a small clicking noise. When she returned to her living room, her gas fireplace has been turned on (which involves switching two separate switches to do). I suggested she talk to the spirit, as I do very much feel it is our grandmother. She said grandma must have known she was cold this morning!

The day after her funeral (before my sister returned home), my mother and I were staying in her (my gradnmother’s) house and also experienced some oddities. I was sleeping in a room by myself and heard footsteps quietly moving across the carpet in the middle of the night. The same night, my mom was sleeping in my deceased grandmothers room, and heard a large bang in the room, only to find nothing had been moved or dropped.

Damiana says November 29, 2015

My 3 year old granddaughter passed away this past June 2015, she was/is the most beautiful child/angel I have ever known/know . Her death was a tragic one, she had been murdered. I had not seen her since my birthday last June 2014, and everyday I have missed her more than anything. We were so very close. Our connection, although severed physically, will never ever be severed emotionally or spiritually. Two days after her death she came to me in the form of a dragonfly. I live in the Pacific Northwest and since I have been here (only since 2013) I have never seen a dragonfly, let alone one of this tremendous beauty. It was huge and the wings were a shimmery silver in the sunlight. It had landed on my rear view mirror as I sat in my car talking on the bluetooth. I took a picture of it with my camera phone, incredibly it did not flinch and stayed there for a solid 5 minutes at least. On a separate occasion I witnessed a monarch butterfly flying in circles atop the hood of my car as I was at a stoplight ( distraught and crying), it circled until I took notice and stopped crying. Another sighting this time of a harbor seal in the Puget Sound (at a marina that she and I frequented all the time). The seal appeared three times, when my ex came to town, her grandfather, and I took him to the marina. I had told him that our granddaughter had appeared as the seal, I am sure he thought I was nuts, but I told him that she may appear for him and sure enough she did. The third time was when he was leaving town, we had stopped off once more at the marina and she showed up to say goodbye. Since then I have seen her appear in dragonflies. I believe in signs, I am part Japanese and Native American and in both cultures the presence of animal spirits are significant. I know that my granddaughter is in a much better place. She is in the House of the Lord, but she visits when she can. I miss her terribly and the pain is hard to escape some days, however, knowing that she sent me these incredible signs, gives me comfort. I know one day we will be reunited. Until that day, I will continue to see her in the surrounding nature.

Terri says November 26, 2015

My grandfather died around 9am on a Friday morning. I missed being in his hospital room when he passed by mere minutes. Early Saturday morning, around 2am, I was suddenly awakened and looked to the end of my bed. There stood my grandfather, glowing as if lit from within. He had rosy cheeks, a twinkle in his eye and a small smile on his face–looking younger and healthier than I’d seen in years. I sat up and reached my arms out to him, but he disappeared and my room went from pitch black to the usual light coming in the window from a security light outside. I knew he came to reassure me he was more than okay. My grief at his death was intensified because I didn’t feel he was ready to go and didn’t feel he had strong faith. He came to me to let me know, without a word, that he was at peace. I now truly believe in a beautiful afterlife.

Christey says November 25, 2015

I am so glad I came across this site! Here is my story that happened today (11-25-15). I had an extraordinary encounter with a ladybug today which prompted me to Google the meaning and happily find your site!
On 9-11-15 my precious Grandma passed away. She was literally suffering in the hospital (CICU) for almost two months, then she was moved into a different part of the hospital where she passed… But, that’s another story.
Today is the day before Thanksgiving. The very first family get-together since her passing. I’ve come to this realization the past few days and it hit me hard! I’ve been staying in my bedroom, crying, writing and just being upset. I am 30 years old. So this is the first time in 30 years I will be without my Grandma around the holidays. That thought has been making me sick to my stomach lately.
Today a dear friend was going to stop by, so I had to get out of bed. For personal reasons my friend could not make it over today, so we rescheduled.
While sitting in my recliner messaging her, I noticed a ladybug on the ceiling. I have been having encounters with my Grandma since her passing. Mostly in dream visits (telling me things and giving me advice on something that unexpectedly happens when I wake up), sounds, most recently something of hers that I was given from the hospital- that I noticed was not where it should of been- was found in an unexpected place and surprisingly had her scent on it. Very intense smell, more fragrant than the day I got it…. (And it should of smelled like a junk drawer… Full of pens, batteries, paper, screwdrivers, etc…BC that’s where I found it).
Anyway, today I see the ladybug and from researching all of my dream visits, I also read that seeing a ladybug was a sign from a loved one. Wow, I thought!.. So I took some pictures of it. It then disappeared in front of my eyes. I thought it fell on my ceiling fan blade (the fan was off), so I got a chair, stood on it to look and to my surprise it wasn’t there! So I thought that was going to be it. I acknowledged that it was Grandma visiting and I was going to post my pictures. All of a sudden, she reappeared! Back on the ceiling, I would take a picture, then she would fly and stop and then I’d take another picture… We did this about 5 times. Then she just started flying like she wanted out…. So I opened my door to see if she would fly out. I even kept it open and backed away. She disappeared again. All this was happening above my recliner. I walked from the door back to my recliner to see if I could locate her. I was looking everywhere, so I thought…. Once I spotted her, she was on the arm of my recliner! I took more pictures and thought to myself that she is staying there a long time… Maybe I should see if I can sit down beside her without scaring her or making her fly away. I sat down gently, and I was going to take pictures again but instead I decided to videotape what was going to happen, if anything. I proceeded to videotape and it was a very calm, peaceful experience. So I put my hand out, no hesitation- she crawled -or walked, if you will- up my palm, on my finger, on and around my thumb nail, down my thumb and onto the top part of my hand! I gave her free will to go and do whatever she wanted. I glanced at my camera screen and then looked back over at my hand and she was gone! I searched for a good while to see if she fell or was hanging on to the recliner…. I could not find her. Still cannot. I’m still looking though! Just in case.
Again, this is the afternoon before Thanksgiving day and I have been having a hard past few days realizing my Grandma will not be with us…. At least not in the physical form anyway. So, I take this special moment as her way of visiting, touching me (in different ways), knowing she is still with me, and also I am learning other meanings of the ladybug…. They resonate very well with me. When my Grandma visits, she always does so in a way that much more information is shared, or given to me by her, than what meets the eye (so to speak). So, I am taking other meanings into important consideration as well because that is how my Grandma is….. She always had (in physical life) so much knowledge and wisdom and advice ….and now, in spiritual form she has even more, when she visits alot of information is given to me. I’d have to tell you those experiences for you to truly understand. But, that is my ladybug story. Thank you for reading!!

Mercia says November 23, 2015

Last year my childhood friend Luis was murdered on Wednesday November 5, 2014. On November 4th the day before I went to bed eaeky tgat night. My dream started in a dark room, from a distance the room started to brighten up. Luis appeared I was happy to see him!,, he leane. towards me and said “I have something for you, but you have to promise me you will alwalys take care of it. I replied” I promise”. What appeared was his hands slightly closed but inside was a beautiful white rose! as he was giving it to me it fully bloomed.. He than said” This white rose is for you babygirl, I will always be here for you, don’t ever forget about me, I specifically chose this rose for you, it’s beautiful & unique just like you, I Love You and Take care of Yourself was the last he said with a big smile. The time I woke up on November 5, 2014 wa at 530 a.m. He had passed away at 3:30 that morning. I feel blessed I saw him in my dreams that morning I wasn’t aware of anything that had happen that morning until I woke up from my beautiful dream.

Sabina Ibanez says November 22, 2015

My tia Anita died on Novemeber 11, 2015 from stage 4 lung cancer/liver failure and was only 58. The funeral was this Friday and the viewing of her body was on Thursday. Last night, I think I got a dream from her. THE DREAM: I was going to eat at this restaurant that she loved, then I went to a dance class (she loved the dance), then I went to this beautiful beach where their was only her 2 daughters, her granddaughter and grandson, my sister and me. I saw her on the beach and as I was walking to her I heard her say “is Sabina here?” (Sabina is my name) and I walked up to her and said “hi Tia” I then asked my cousin “is this Tia” and no one answered. I then told her that I love her so much and I wish she never got cancer and that I will miss her so much. She then said “I love you to i will never forget you Sabina” and once she finished her sentence I woke up crying in a blink of an eye. I think she was contacting me

Tammy Cutshaw Newton says November 19, 2015

My dad died the day after fathers day 2010… Blood clot to the lungs after a previous back surgery.. fall or winter 2014 i had a very vivid dream about in standing in a field with someone i couldn’t see the other person it was like a shadow… but dad looked happy and was smiling then i woke up… but it was so real i couldn’t get it off my mind for weeks.. wondering what it meant… i consider myself dads favorite over my brother and sister.. i’ve never heard of them having dreams about him.. After reading this it makes my heart feels good that i did get to have that dream and see that he is in heaven and truly happy…

Simone says November 19, 2015

So my mom passed away Oct 2009, ever since then my whole family fell apart and I haven’t been able to cope with her death even to today. Well this morning I put my work clothes in the dryer for 15 mins and I went back because I didn’t hear the dryer going and the dryer door was open and still had 8 mins left. I don’t know what that means but maybe shes trying to tell me something.

Jennifer Lugo says November 17, 2015

I researched and found this site after an my brother just visited me from beyond. He was killed in 2004 in Iraq two weeks from coming home after serving two tours. Tonight, I came home a light I knew I had turned off was on. I suspected it was my brother. So in my head, I said if it is you, please show me another sign. When I walked back into that same room minutes later, all of the other lights I did have on were turned off, but the dimmer switches were still in the on position. I love and miss him and I am comforted to know he is with me.

John Leitze says November 16, 2015

My father passed away in July, and it’s been difficult emotionally. We shared an apartment for 22 years. Just him and me.
I’m writing about something that happened on my birthday last month.
I was not a birthday person really,so I kept it quiet for the most part. So i kept the date quiet. My family knew my birthday, but no one else. But my dad always made sure we celebrated, and would always wake-up before I left for work to wish me a happy birthday. It was important to him to make sure he got that in before my day got going. Well this year obviously he was unable.
I read somewhere online that people who have passed sometimes will communicate to a loved one through other people. Almost like a little whisper into a certain person’s ear to have them do something, wear something or say something that has a message within for the loved one.
Well I was substitute teaching on my birthday. It was an eighth grade study hall, which can be tricky considering the age level. All of a sudden an older girl, a junior who I know, walked in the classroom from the hallway, smiled at me and said “happy birthday,” turned around and left the room. Well that set off the eighth graders with all kinds of happy birthdays Mr. Leitze and “How old are you now.” All the stuff I have avoided for years by keeping my birth date to myself and my family. I finally told them that she was just fooling around and it really wasn’t my birthday, and they bought it and let it go, eventually. For the rest of the day I wondered how this girl knew.
At the end of the day, she walked by my door again and I stopped her and asked how she knew. She said “knw what?” She looked at me blankly and then her eyes widened and she said, ” Is it really your birthday? I was just … I just said that. I’m not sure why. She shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said “Well, happy birthday Mr.Leitze.”
I’m thinking that it must have been pop. There’s no other explanation. I considered if there was a reason that he chose this particular student. Then I remembered my dad had no acquaintance with anyone in that school, but this girl (Mariah), he sort of did know. When my father was having a pacemaker put in earlier this year, I decided to tell Mariah. She then proceeded make him a get well card which I gave to my dad after he was home, and I explained who she was (She was going through many very serious family issues at the time which I told my dad about). He even wrote a thank you card back to Mariah for her kind gesture.
It all seemed to make sense to me. And it have me something I needed. So thanks Pop for keeping up your tradition of telling me happy birthday on my birthday.

Kara says November 15, 2015

I truly believe the departed are capable of sending signs! Love reading articles about it. My brother has sent me and my family signs. He was 21 when he passed away and sends owls to us.
I’ve also had many extremely powerful dream visits with him that I’ve written about!

donna says November 9, 2015

I have seen quite of bit of signs recently my father passed away three yrs ago and I have been praying alot more lately and talking to my dad. I’ve seen a dove fly over me and a owl on my window when it was opened and one night I was thinking of him and asked him if he could let me know he was with me and all of a sudden my tablet turned on and then it shut off and two days ago I was outside having a cigarette and then I walked in the house and I seen a orb right in front of me it was round and all white with gold around it I did not think much about it I figured maybe it was caused by the sun so I walked away from it and went into my living room and sat down on my couch and there it was again right in front of me so I figured that my eyes were playing tricks on me so I closed my eyes and I still could see it right in front of me then I opened my eyes and the orb was right beside me at first I was stunned but realized that my father was right with me I only seen the orb for about a minute or two and then it disappears then tonight I walked into the kitchen and found a white feather on the floor. At first when I seen all the signs I did not think much about them, but the two big signs that got to me is the tablet turning on and off when I asked my father to show me he was with me and the second sign was the orb when it showed up afte I was thinking about him now I truly believe

Nancy says November 9, 2015

My only child passed away April 22, 2015. He was 54 years old. On his birthday July 8th I drove to Palm Springs to get a helium balloon to send up to heaven. When I got back home I went into my office to type a special note to attach to the balloon. As I was typing the message I noticed a little squirrel had jumped up on my window ledge and was watching me. A few minutes later the squirrel jumped down and was gone. I went outside to where my son and I use to sit and talk to let the balloon go. Just then a gust of wind came up and took the balloon across my roof. I went into the house and out the front door expecting to find the balloon in my rose garden or tree thinking it had popped. I was surprise to find the balloon was nowhere in sight. As I walked down my driveway I looked up at the roof where the balloon had gone across and there sitting up with his two little paws together was the little squirrel and he was watching me. This was six months ago, and now everyday the little squirrel comes to my window ledge and if I am in my office I see him. I now leave two nuts on the window ledge each evening before I retire and in the morning they are gone. I am not alone.

Rich’s, Mom

Kaitlin says November 9, 2015

I lost my grandmother two weeks ago. My grandparent’s had a musical angel that played Amazing Grace. Growing up, I remember learning the song with them through the musical angel. After my grandma’s funeral, I inherited the angel. While sitting on the shelf, it randomly chimed a note and then stopped. I responded “Hi Grandma” jokingly and the angel chimed about 10 more notes… what a weird experience!

hjb says November 6, 2015

My mother died suddenly two months ago when I was not with her. I was at the mortuary the next morning with a friend and during a break in the arrangements, my cell phone started playing a very annoying, perky song. I’d made a comment as we entered the mortuary about not liking the music playing on their system. My cell continued playing this song until I punched some random buttons and it stopped. I said I had no idea what that was and we continued talking. After the mortuary we went to the attorney’s office with her will. As we left that meeting, my phone went off again, playing another perky annoying song but this one was more specific. My friend said it sounded like church music. I said it sounded like mortuary music but this time I couldn’t turn it off. I started laughing and said, “It’s my Mom!” She loved to make me laugh and she would want to let me know she was OK. I’ve had this phone 2 years and it’s never played anything other than my standard ring tone when a call comes in. And nothing since. And two days ago I found a penny on the rug in my hallway, right in the middle of my path. I don’t carry change in my pockets and no one has been in my home for weeks. This morning I had a strong desire to research communications with the departed and I just read that pennies are a sign. Thank you Mom !!!

Maribeth says November 5, 2015

We lost our Mom on July 13th! I visited her grave for the first time since her funeral in September! (5 hour drive). She is buried with our Dad, right next to her sister. There, within a foot of their grave sites I found 3 beautiful feathers from doves! I knew it was a sign that they are whole once more and brought the feathers home. I gave one to my sister, one to my cousin, and kept one. We all put them with our Mom’s pictures. Our Dad has been gone since 1962, having died at 47. I know they are watching over us each and every day!!

Stacie says November 3, 2015

My brother whom I’m very close to passed away about a week ago and I’m in so much pain because I miss him so much . He died suddenly in a car accident but I was lucky to have talked to him via text just hours before he died . I have found penny after penny on the ground not just pennies but new pennies . I’ve also found a dime at my work in a place that I only have access to . I really think my beloved brother is around me .

sonyarita says October 29, 2015

i dreamt being in my late aunt house she was also with my father who passed away when i was nine they all seemed to laugh and happy then she asked me what i wanted then i ran away so she then threw my shoe to me saying you left this waht is the meaning of my dream

Sherry says October 21, 2015

Back in 2009 my mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer she lived in New York. I at the same time was going through a horrid divorce with a dangerous sociopath. I was married over 20 years with 3 children. He while married to me married a young girl in Cuba and got engaged to a young girl in the Dominic Republic. He did this for 6 years before I found out and the only reason I found out was he left his computer on. I met him back in New York while I was with my mom. We live Florida. I could not be with my mom while she was sick because I was emotionally broken by everything going on. My mom passed away 6 months later. I flew to New York the night before she died in the hospital. We stayed with our father for a few days and I went back home. A year later we had her unveiling. I flew to New York with my daughter and I was still going through my divorce. I was upstairs in the house I grew up in and went into the bathroom through my parents bedroom there was also an entrance through the hallway. I looked over and saw 3 Angels in silver outlines on the wallpaper. I immediately started freaking out. I called my sister and my mom’s friend and our kids in the bathroom and to their surprise looks they saw the exact same thing 3 Angels. I really felt the same as everyone else that was definitely a sign from my mom. I went back home to Florida and my divorce was final and I moved into my sister’s house. He lied about all our assets and since he was self employed he lied on his pay too. I being a stay at home mom received no alimony. In my sister’s house she gave me the room down on the main level. It has a walk in closet and my own bathroom. One day as I was taking my shower I looked at the wall tile and saw my mom. It was her face the complete outline and it shows her smiling. It is still there in the exact same tile. I have shown it to a some family and friends and only a few people saw what I saw and still see. In fact one of my good friends without me saying who it was said OMG its your mom. I am hoping this is a good sign and she is watching over me. Since then my dad passed away a little over a year ago but I do not see any visions or signs of him yet.

Daniela says October 12, 2015

My sister’s bofriend passed away on 25th of August,we all were and still are in great grief.Since then many things happen like finding feathers in our homes(he liked very much all kind of birds and took pictures of them every time he got the chance).My sister once dreamed about him and when she woke up she found that the hour on her phone was changed to the time from my country…he was from Italy but he died in my country,Romania.
Maybe out of our sight but never out of our hearts,we love you and we will always miss you!

Mike Cannon says October 9, 2015

There are two number 6’s in the article, and no number 7 or 8. Is that a sign for me? Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just on MY page?

kerry says October 2, 2015

I am, after years of dating a man and its like hes here with me and talking to me! Am i crazy??

anna says October 2, 2015

2 of my husbands deceased before I reached the age of 30. my first husband was an agnostic and died of cancer.In his last week he said he wanted to stay with me but he didn´t know how but he said he would find a way.He was a man of science and lived his life in a consequent and consistent way towards nature and refused to take more energy or material than he needed in the earthly life so there would be enough left for the next generation. he loved the snow in wintertime,all the pollution of left over human consumption got burried underneath a pure white surface. we had an agreement, both being agnostics, that if there was life on the other side,he would let me know. 3 days after he passed away, my sealed door flew open and it was snowing only on 1 square meter. nobody had seen snow that night except me and 2 friends who were visiting me. 2 years later we had a christmas-party. the mother in law of my sister was present that evening. she strongly believes in the afterlife and every conversation i tried to have with her ended in staring at me in a creepy way so I gave up. next day my sister told me that she asked who the indian next to me was, she pefectly described my husband but never met him in real life. my second husband died in a motorcycle accident. he worked as a computer-programmer for a telephone company.3 days after he passed away i received a telephone call from his telephone. he was crying ,i couldn’t understand a word , i felt his lonelyness and pain because he left to soon without saying goodbye. i immediatly understood that dough it is not easy for us to stay behind, it’s not easy for them to give up everything they have known in this earthly life, they are more lonely than we are because they have lost everything and everyone they have ever known. several years later i survived acute tetanos,i survived a car crash as a pedestrial and everytime i was out of conscience he was there with me.personally i am still an agnostic, i don’t know if there is an afterlife and i don’t believe it matters. what matters is that we live our life here and now to the fulliest of our capacity so that we don’t regret things we didn’t do before we my case i almost got insane by trying to understand what was happening. keys got switched,lights flikkered everywhere i was, electricity shut down in busses where i was, if i became angry people got attacked by objects shooting throug the air unable to explain by gravity, my music-boxes answered questions i asked to my lost husband without being inserted in the electrical contact,radio’s started playing without being plugged in… i my case i had no choice, i stopped wandering what it is, i will see it when my time comes,i live my live to the fulliest

Jennifer says September 26, 2015

I do Dream about my Loved Ones and wonder if they are watching over me.

Greg Phillips says September 22, 2015

I just woke up from what I KNOW was a REAL DREAM.A very pleasant visit from my wife.She didn’t say a word,just a smile and I have never had felt that much love,I was at peace.If Heaven is like that I’ll leave here tomorrow to be with her 🙂
I really miss her it has been nine months since she passed/crossed over.She knows I still and will always love her,I’m thankful she has reached out to help ease my pain/grief to let me she is OK.

Susan says September 19, 2015

I had many of the signs shortly after my husband died…

Debbie says September 18, 2015

About a week after my dad died, I had a dream he sat down in the same place on my couch that he always sat, and asked me what happened to him, I explained everything that happened and why he died, he said thank you and the dream was over. The next day I had an experience, he was standing with me and hugging me, he told me he appreciated my honesty and that he was supposed to go into a light, which I could see, he said he didn’t want to leave my brother and I. I told him to go because that was the safe place for him, and that nothing would change, he would still be here with us. He told me he loved me, I told him I loved him and he walked into the light…Immediately after he walked into the light I began seeing the faces of other loved ones that had already passed, I saw my Great Grandfather, my Grandmother and lots of other people that I love and miss very much, some of them in life like color, some were darkened silhouettes but I still knew who they were. It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I KNOW I was in another place and I was with my Daddy. Now all I have to do is sit still for a few minutes and concentrate and I can feel him hugging me, I can feel his arms around me and it makes me feel safe, just like when he was alive.

mimi furbeck says September 13, 2015

The love of my life went into liver failure in 2010. We were on our way to Mount Siani in NYC and the night before our travel I had a dream of the closest person I had every felt in my life, My grandpa who had passed away in in 1976. In the dream his back was to me but sitting in front of him was my baby sister who had passed when I was eight. She was smiling at me and appeared to be eight years old. then my grandpa spoke to me without words letting me know that the transplant would take place but there was sadness still to come and then all of a sudden I saw my mom who is alive walking from her dinning room into her bedroom. She was covered in a heavy brown leather and not form fitting more like a tent. the dream ended and I was to find out the next day my mom had been robbed in her home while she was there asleep. (my mom is the lightest sleeper I know). My Johnny did recieve his transplant but heartbreakingly passed away several months later. At first I thought that that was the sadness still to come but within six months I became so very ill and still am very sick many days but because of that dream my faith has not left me and I can see that had I not had that dream I would not have faith and most wonderful I know my Johnny is finally at peace. But there is more ,about ten years before Johnny’s death he spent a chunk of money we really didn’t have at the time on these huge wind chimes. I said to him “are you out of your mind, why would you buy this when we live on the 19th floor of a apartment building” and his response was” you said someday we would have our own home.” At the time it was just a pipe dream in my mind but eight years later it was to hapen and the chimes went up outside on the second flor of our home . When my Johnny died I would hear the chimes all the time. Everytime I sobbed which was daily and often the chimes would ring. Everytime I stepped outside the chime would ring. It was strange that the wind was seldom blowing when this happened. I miss him still so much but the sobbing is not a everyday occurance now however often while thinking of my love the chimes will play the beautiful song of love.

Ivette Vega says September 12, 2015

My dad passed 2 & 1/2 years ago and I received a Skype request from his last night.. I have a screenshot but can’t attach it..I’m in a rough part of life right now and needed him the most just then.

Jeanette says September 10, 2015

I have truly found comfort in reading some the stories here, thank you. My mom, my only and very best friend passed away on Aug. 25th, she lost a horrible fight towards cancer in a matter of one month, I neede to know my mommy was finally resting in peace, pain free. I kept asking God if she was ok, I kept asking my mommy if she was ok, soon after she passed I had a very vivid dream, she was cooking in her kitchen, something she loved to do, she was wearing a very bright teal shirt, I saw her and thought to myself, “But mom your not here anymore” my mom then looked at me, smiled and hugged me! I felt her warmth, it felt so good to hold my mom again. Then I woke up, I just wanted my mom to hold me, and she did. I’ve felt so at peace now, I miss my mom like crazy, but I know now shes not suffering anymore and shes good in heaven!

Erin says August 31, 2015

My father passed away last week and when we got back to my parents house outside the window was a Dove, the dove kept going on window with a branch and just staring at us. This dove has been back every day since he has passed when my mom is alone drinking her coffee. The Dove built a nest on the tree right outside her house to watch over her. Before my father passed my mom said she hadn’t seen birds in months.

Janae says August 25, 2015

My aunt died on the Second of August. Me and her were really close. She was my best friend. But I was at her mothers house one day. And there was a bush out on the front lawn. All of the flowers were dead, except for one flower. And that one flower happened to have been my Aunts favorite color….. Purple…. Then Tonight, I was sleep, and woke up. And started to think about her and started crying. I live with her and her husband by the way. But I woke up , to hear my uncle , on the phone with his son. (My aunts son) and he was crying because of her too. It just seemed weird that I was woken up out of my sleep, and it ended up that me and my cousin were crying over her at the same time. From different houses….. And when she passed. Weeks later. I decided to clean her room, donate her belongings. And sweep and mop. There’s no way that her scent could have been still lingering. I cleaned the whole room. It smelled fresh. And when I came back. It smelled just like her …..

Cj says August 19, 2015

Today my daughter started primary school – emotional as it’s been us all the time. I lost my b/friend nearly 3 years ago and her kids went to primary & high school. The whole situation sad. However, everywhere I go there’s feathers, I’ve picked up a lot to the point I could make a quilt and 4 pillows. Today as usual the feathers I see walking the dog and out of no-where a big white butterfly. I’ve saw previous butterflies too – brown & red. The first week she past she came to me in my dream telling me she’s ok etc,and subsequently randomly, she’s appeared in the car with me and her sister. She’s dropped memories into my head so I will do act on a hunch and later I find out why. I made a video of our memories with a specific song and that night in bed, song comes on my phone. It feels good x

Melody says August 11, 2015

My daughter, Taryn, a coastal biologist, passed away in April from a brain aneurysm at the age of 26. Last week, to remember her birthday, her dad and I went to the beach where she had lived and worked and loved so dearly. As we walked along the beach, I noticed my husband seemed to be searching for something in the sand. Taryn always loved finding treasures on the beach, but it was always a special joy for her when she would find a sharks tooth. I suspected that was what my husband was looking for, so I began to chat with Taryn in my mind to help “Daddy” find a sharks tooth (his eyes are bad and he did not have his glasses.). I noticed him suddenly stooping and sifting through the sand. He stood up and excitedly called me over to him. I said, “you found a sharks tooth, didn’t you?” He had indeed, and told me that he had also been asking for Taryn’s help when he was suddenly inspired to dig through the sand and there it was—a beautiful, perfect specimen. We both felt her spirit so strongly in that moment that all we could do was hold each other and cry with joy.

That evening, we had dinner at her favorite beach grill and planned to take a sunset stroll following dinner. During dinner, I had another “mind chat” with Taryn and asked her to bless us with one more sign of her presence that evening. We began our walk in the beach and spotted in a tidal pool a beautiful Royal Starfish. It was a spectacular blue and orange starfish, larger than my husband’s hand. We admired it for a short time and tossed it back into the sea, as we knew she would want us to do. We know this was a gift from Taryn, because her dad is an avid Florida Gators fan (colors blue and orange), and Taryn and her dad always had fun ribbing each other about the team. We have asked numerous locals if they had ever seen one of these beautiful starfish, and thus far, no one has.

PLM says August 8, 2015

These posts are interesting; is there anything biblical to support these signs are from the departed.

Adria says July 31, 2015

My Mom passed Tuesday night. Shortly after my son, niece, nephew and myself were standing around her bed. We all heard a dove. My nephew asked if it came from outside and my son replied “No it was right here” It was well after 11 pm. Please I need to know what this meant.

Lori says July 10, 2015

Yesterday was the best “gift”. I messaged a female on FB in reference to exercise and how we should motivate each other. She had asked me if I was okay, and I didn’t quite know how to answer that random question, or why she asked. Kelly is an acquaintance, that I have known for over 20 years. Kelly happens to be a friend of a guy I dated 30 years ago (who passed away 20 years ago from cancer). She asked if she could call me, and after 10 min on the phone, we started to talk about Darryl. I told her that I had never visited his gravesite and always wanted to, she said lets do it right now. I told her I needed to put the lawnmower away and I needed to change and I would drive to her house afterwards. I love dragonflys, and as I went outside a dragonfly hovered near me. When I finally met up with Kelly, we drove 20 min away to the cemetery that he was buried ( neither one of us had been to his grave site in the past ). We placed a flower on the wall, she asked me if I was okay and I said yes that I felt a sense of peace. I then proceeded to tell her that I often wondered if he came to me in a song, there was a song that he liked to play on his guitar and sing that was released in 1970 ( when I was 2 years old ) so it was very rare to hear the song play on the radio. Kelly and I decided to have dinner at a restaurant and we chatting about random things and I mentioned to that I was never sure about our feelings for each other since I was 17 and he was 21. Kelly said ” I really think he loved you”, and at that moment the song came on the radio in the restaurant, and I said ” Omg, this is the song, can you hear it”. I then started to cry and had gotten goosebumps. It was the first time that I really felt that he was looking over me. I had gotten several signs, and the fact that Kelly and I have only seen each other about three times in the past 15 years, shows that we were meant to take this trip with each other.

Ani says July 9, 2015

I keep hearing my dad’s favourite song through my computer. It seems to happen when I have been having a hard time. The song is no-where to be found on my computer. I also see his favourite bird the Magpie almost everyone day banging into my window. And the photo I have of him as a screen saver will often freeze on my phone. I am so lucky.

Janette says June 19, 2015

Three times I have felt and sensed the presence of a loved one. The first being when I was nine and we returned from my Grandfathers funeral and walked into our house, I said to my mother I could smell his pipe tobacco, she said she could too it was so strong but he hadn’t been in the house for ages. The second was at my fathers funeral, I was standing behind the hearse with his coffin when I felt the urge to turn around and when I did my father was there but when I asked him what he was doing there it turned out it was his friend….but the face and body I saw before that was my father no question. The third was my mother in law….I was sitting outside and for three days before her funeral a white dove would sit on the neighbours roof. When I told her she said the dove had been coming for a week, when she passed the day of her funeral was the last time I saw it, but I quite often find white feathers which I keep.

Lesley says June 18, 2015

My very best friends passed away 3 years ago & a few days after I was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband about her when our rangehood switched on…we both looked at each other & knew it was her…this has never happened again so there was no fault in rangehood

Takiri says June 18, 2015

My dad died last year in Feb. Mum felt him holding her hand one night. Enough to mention it. All three of my children have seen him as in a vision. Two days after the funeral he appeared to my son telling him to get up off the ground at a training run if he wanted to make his goal. Son sprung up and completed his run. Few weeks later made his first NRL game. Dad always had wanted to go back to his marae to be buried with his father down other end of island. Few weeks after death he spoke to me about these wishes. He told me through a lady I didn’t know about an item my mum had that was to be taken to cemetery. The item was a part of him. Unbeknown to me mum had cut his hair and popped it in an envelop. None of us had been back for 30 yrs to this marae. There were other things I had to take also. It was like he was with me in organising everything. Meant to be.

Ginny Vuleta says June 17, 2015

My youngest daughter died 5 years ago at age 3 and when I was upset or down I would smell her scent. I always felt this was a way she was saying she was still around and not to be so unhappy. Now I am in a better state of mind and do now smell her often. But I know she is still here.

Marie Bastas says June 10, 2015

My beloved Aunt passed away in September 2014. My Mother, her only sister was diagnosed with the early on set of alzheimer’s as well as Uteran Cancer. My Mother underwent her first surgery in November 2014 shortly after my Aunt passed. The day of her surgery I saw a rainbow while driving home from the hospital. Both my Aunt and and My Mother love tulips. It was associated with their maiden name. Frequently I will receive what I believe to be signs from my Aunt through Tulips. My Mother’s cancer has come back. Today was her first radiation treatment. While walking into the room to commence her radiation on the wall was a huge picture of a field of beautiful yellow roses. It reminded me I am not alone and I believe she watches over my Mother.

Gwen says June 7, 2015

My Mom, my best friend, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in January of this year. She and I talked every single day, did *everything* together, and were very close. The week before she died, we had spent several days together– just having fun, doing things that we both enjoyed, and I am so thankful for those times… Her passing came as such a shock to our family and it was so hard to let her go. One night, a few days after her death, I was having a hard time finding sleep, so I prayed that God would send me some sign that my Mom was okay, something that would give me peace. During that night, I had a very vivid dream. In that dream, my phone had rang and I answered it to hear my Mom’s voice. We talked about things, just as we always did, and then, in my dream, I remembered in anguish and said to her, “But, Mom, you’re not here anymore”. Her response was, “No, I’m not, but I’m okay, I’m happy! And I am always with you!” Her voice was filled with joy. She told me to not worry, that everything was going to be fine. I do believe that my Mom was reaching across the barrier to comfort me and give me peace. I’ve dreamed of her many times since then– just short little snippets of dreams— the two of us having fun together, doing the things that we always enjoyed doing. I believe that Mom is continuing to give me courage and peace, reminding me that she is happy.

Jen Reggler says June 6, 2015

My mother passed in December 2013. I was away when she was admitted to hospital, we flew back and when we entered the room my Mum who had not spoken for two years, came out of her morphine induced state and sat upright grabbed me and said ever so clearly “I love you” and then proceeded to fling her head around in pain. We sang “You are my Sunshine” which immediately settled her (I would sing this to her everyday after her stroke). My Mum passed 3 days later and as soon as I walked in the room and held her, gave her a kiss and said everything is OK Mum, go with love she opened her eyes and looked at me for the last time.

The night after Mum had been buried she came to me and called my name as I was walking back from the bathroom, then the next morning the same thing, only this time both my husband and girlfriend heard her call me. The following day after having dropped our daughter at the airport I said to my husband “you have to take me to Eastgardens” where I would take my mother shopping. This was at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, I was not feeling the best and I mentioned to my husband through tears that “Mum has died and I don’t know whether she truly loved me or not”. Then we proceeded down the escalator to Telstra to have my phone adjusted and there at the end of the escalator was a sign “You are my Sunshine” which is what I would sing to my mother and I sang it at her funeral, I cried when I saw this and walked around the corner and there in front of me was the entire song on a board. The next day I had to go back to the centre and when I went past the same shop here was another sign staring straight at me saying “You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine”. That day my husband and I went to arrange for Mum’s headstone to be done. I had asked the lady to hold off as we were moving overseas and I was thinking of having Mum and Dad’s headstone changed where there was no gold writing but just etching as I would not be there to look after it. I had written out what I had wished to be put on the headstone and the lady held this until further notice from me. A few months later my husband and I were in Sydney and we visited the grave and to my amazement the headstone had been done. I contacted the person at the cemetry and she informed me that she still had the paperwork as she had not heard from me. She does not know until this day how this happened as she was still holding the paperwork. As i said to my husband “this is Mum letting me know to leave it as it is”, as both Mum and I had searched for a long time to find the appropriate look and verse for my father when he passed in 1997. I am constantly receiving signs from my Mum, even when we moved into our place here in Phuket. The owner of the villas has a boat and he had invited us out on the boat and I asked him if he had a name for the boat and he said yes “Maharani” I was so floored as this was one of my mother’s names as her mother and father had both been born in India. Again confirmation that I am on the right path and living my truth. I feel incredibly close to my mother in spirit and we communicate through meditation and I am very aware of signs from her.
I know that we are all one and connected throughout all time and space, there is no beginning or end. Our inherent truth is love which is our higher consciousness and this has been my gift from my mother which I am truly blessed and grateful for as my life has transformed in the most incredible way.

I love you Mum and thank you.

Thank you for this moment in time to share this.

With love

Narelle says May 22, 2015

Deborah Smith, Wow, what an amazing experience. I’ve felt a lot of things since my husband died but nothing like that. I’d sure welcome it!

Dana says May 20, 2015

The day after I lost my husband in 2002 I started getting signs from him and now that our son has joined him also I get many messages and signs from both of them and I’m so grateful to know they are together and they are sending love to us.

Henry says May 4, 2015

My son Ethan died from complications of Leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. Shortly after his death in 2007 at age 8), my wife was sleeping on the couch and saw him cover her with a blanket, he looked normal and healthy. I got drunk one afternoon and was acting a fool, so my wife let me sleep on the couch. Ethan’s picture (him dressed as an angel at age 2) came flying off the fireplace mantle at 2am while I was passed out and smashed a glass angel that I bought my wife. The frame was light and leaning backward, so no way this was an accident. The next morning his picture was lying face up on the floor with glass all around the floor and my wife said “Well! I guess he was mad at you”. I noticed may times when I am home on my off day by myself the tv or sound system cuts on by itself, it happened again about an hour ago. Twice the water was running in my bathroom sink downstairs when my wife was in the shower, I was upstairs the whole time,so no way this could happen. His color was orange and black and I cant tell you how many beautiful large orange and black butterflies we have seen. Once before a trip my wife and I kept noticing our left shoelaces only were untied several times before leaving on the trip. The lights flickered in the church the night a service was dedicated to his name. Many dreams, some are loving and some are me trying to find him, like he was abducted. Ethan suffered a long hard fought battle with JMML Leukemia, almost half his life. He was full of life, until he left this world. We are Christian, but some of our Christian friends believe that he is with God and these signs are not my son, but I thought all things are possible through Christ. We are not crazy and this is not wishful thinking, I believe Ethan is with us, but also with the Lord. Thanks for letting me share my story.

Tracey says May 2, 2015

My father died a year ago. I had two dreams of him, one shortly after he died where he was holding out his arms and I could not believe it was him. He said, “It’s me” and I ran to him and he hugged me. Another dream he was sitting at a picnic table with his back to me. He slowly turned around and was not sad at all. In fact, he was smiling and looked happy.

pamela meyers says May 1, 2015

my mother visits me in bed a lot. she waits until i am almost asleep then i usually feel chills strong in my thighs. she feels like a kitten on my covers and i often feel her thump against my back like she is napping with me. i work the graveyard shift so these things happen in the morning. yes a picture has been flipped and feathers, change jiggling in my car. she passed 3 years ago and after her death the cell phone ringing, my dog getting my attention and starring at me then winking each eye at me. many others too but i so love her visits and sometimes i feel like there is more than one person there.

Louise Young says April 19, 2015

I have been finding Dimes along my path for approximately 1 year now. They show up in a lot of strange places, but always catch my attention. I thank them for their precious gift and save them. I have about $5 in dimes saved. Not sure what I’m going to do with them all but I’ll be keeping them forever.

Sue H says April 12, 2015

I am curious to know how you would be able to tell whether it is an angel or someone that has passed. Growing up when some dangerous was adverted, my mother used to say “you must have a guardian angel” watching over you. I used to think it would be a person like my grandmother. Also curious if angels warn you or help you when something bad is going to happen.

Bianca S says April 8, 2015

When I lost someone close to me I was recommended a book that really reminded me of this awesome post. I would like to recommend it to you as well. “Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased” by Dr. Jamie Turndorf ( I was amazed at how deeply this book affected me and how much it helped me through the grieving process. I love the idea of my loved ones reaching out to me through spiritual means, I often see “signs” that they are with me. Dr. Turndorf explains these phenomenons and uses examples from her own loss to show us the deeper meaning behind these occurrences. Her husband passed away and came back to her many times in ways that she and her family and friends couldn’t deny! Such a nicely written and hopeful book. I highly recommend it to you and your readers!

Shirley says March 31, 2015

Melanie, Hello,
I found your page about a year ago and find it comforting.
Above you made mention that it was seldom that one would see a deceased loved one as a ‘full on vision’ , but that it can happen.
My problem is : I have a tape that my husband & I taped with his voice on it and two of our grandchildren, for the future. I am 77 and My Dear Husband passed 13 years ago. MY Children have had a Hard time coping with the loss of their Dad -still…I Know how they would React if they came across this tape. Sunday, 29th,in my mind, thinking , & going to bed thinking & fretting–during the night I woke up & there was My Husband standing there by my bed, Looking so healthy and beautiful ,I can even tell you how he was dressed.. (My Dog sleeps in bed too..& I looked at him-he was staring where I was—when I looked back at Al he disappeared—-…. I felt so happy at seeing him……..
..last year I had a butterfly that wouldn’t go away…feathers…. BUT nothing in all I BEFORE I came on your site and became aware of
how to process things .
I still have the problem of the tape. Maybe Al was telling me to destroy it , so as not to hurt the children…
I had been wondering why I had no sign and this was a huge one and so Beautiful.. The Angels were working over time….
You know , its funny too, because Feenie ( puppy) had been staring at me most of the day on Sunday and whining…..
Thank You for your wonderful site…& Blessings to all who read and express their love.

claudette serpico says March 29, 2015

I lost my Valentine to cancer in 2008,In my last home after he passed I started to notice light flicking on & off, fans turning on by themselves, my children laughed, my little granddaughter said is that really grandpa, I said yes & then when it happened we both said grandpa is still with us in spirit. Since then I moved & it took a year before he’s contacted me again, in my heart I know he’s been with me all along, I walk in the park or ride in my car alone& speak with him, I know he’s listening also when I first moved in their was a salamander perched at my window looking in every morning same spot to greet me a hello, people think did you lose your mind but I know he’s with me & so is the God, thanks for sharing.

barbara says March 28, 2015

We are finding dimes from my husband Don My children also are finding them??

Linda Blair says March 28, 2015

Our 14 year old son died in February and the following Christmas I was working in the kitchen doing my usual pre-Christmas cooking and baking and looked up and there was a beautiful butterfly flying around my kitchen. We live in Illinois so butterflies are not common in December. I just knew it was him. My sister has her lights dim from time to time and thinks it’s my father dropping in to say hello. So many of your signs I’ve received. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy Procter says March 28, 2015

The Bluejay Bird

In October sometime. I was looking at the picture on the wall unite of mom and dad. I kissed my two fingers and touched dads face on the picture, and i smiled.
I walked over to the window and looked out on the front deck, two seconds later a Bluejay flew into a plant pot that was sitting inside the deck. The bird stopped only for a few seconds. Than flew away. I knew this was a sign that dad was right there with me. My favourite bird has always been the bluejay, i have only seen 1 bluejay in Strathmore,

About 3 weeks ago I was at Home Hardware. I saw there a wooden bluejay. I really wanted it because it reminds me of the bluejay on the deck. I didn’t have the money, so i knew i had to wait. So I hide it behind something so that i could go back and get it.

It is now January 30, 2015, coming up to the 1 year anniversary of dads passing. We got our income tax money today, I was taking back the Hotel bottles, when i had a strong urge to go and buy that bluejay bird. I went to the store, hoping it was still there. I looking were I put it and it was gone, my heart sank. I starting looking around the area for it. And I found it. I purchased it and brought it home.

I unwrapped it to but on the shelf by his picture. And i start to sing the song
Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly, theres a land that I dream off, once in a lilaby by, Than I had a good cry! I felt like he was telling me that he is always near me when I see a bluejay,

Rose says March 28, 2015

After I lost my dad, I found a dime so many different times and places over the past 5 years. My family thought I was crazy until it happened to them one day. I also have butterflies follow me around in the summer. After losing my mom in December, there was a cardinal perched on her bird feeder most of the morning on the day of her memorial service. It was there the morning after too. Thanks for sharing these 10 signs from heaven! I believe!

Liz says March 28, 2015

I have been visited by relatives not yet passed. I was called to them and asked if it was okay for them to go. They were worried about the family being dissappointed in them. I said anything they chose was perfect and I would pass on a message or try to help heal. They weren’t ready to pass so I healed what I could and sent them back. I did ask why they contacted me, I have numerous other relatives. They said I was the only one they could reach. This was about a week before they fell and broke there hip and ended up in assisted living. I believe I was in the astral plane at the time. I saw some other things as well. If anyone has had an experience like this I would be interested in hearing. Thank you 🙂

Rebecca says March 28, 2015

My late husband passed away in 2002, at the time we were living in England, I decided to travel to my home back in new Zealand as I was a young widow. It was a couple of months after I arrived home and was staying with my folks that I had a really bad night feeling really down and sad, when all of a sudden a wood carving statue that my dad carved which my husband never liked but I loved suddenly started to glow in the middle of the night… was a comfort to know he was with me at this time…. over the years he has visited in many special ways, like dreams, smells and forever sending songs… Forever missed, but blessed to have met and loved this special man. xx

MarlisPotgieter says March 28, 2015

With my deceased father it was a dove that did not budge from my car for a long time on the day of his birthday. We both knew how doves would come into his house to die there on several occasions. My mother said a word of endearment only she ever said to me also conveying being happy. A deceased friend laughed hilariously telling me he had won me to the other side the day I got the telegram informing me of his death in a motorcar accident. I never had any doubt about these experiences and they remain very clear in my memory.

michelle palmer says March 28, 2015

Give me a sign how my mom is doing up in heaven. Hope well and her spirit is healthy she is rich in vibration positive in energy and happy. I want to know what her fav colour is music and food is. Also want to know ig she still practises her faith and uses her rosary daily. Thanks arch angles for helping me with my wishes.

Deborah Smith says March 28, 2015

Hi, I have received so many wonderful signs from my son. Humming birds have flew inches from my face, and just stayed there. I could even feel the vibration of there wings. Pennies with the year of his birth, 1973. Heart shapes from flower peddles, to rocks, and cloud hearts. Songs that have come on and given me comfort or answers questions. So beautiful unbelievable things. But the one that stands out the most and I haven’t read anything about this happening to anyone is this: the day after we buried our son and all the people and funeral was over. I was home by myself and started to pray to God, and thank him for everthing that only he knows what is right for me and my son. I was crying so hard and felt such deep emotional pain. I got up and looked at my sons picture and it looked like it was vibrating. Then my electric toothbrush was beeping like I never heard it do before. As I stood up I had a feeling like I had walked into a realm of some kind to which I felt this feeling of pure love!!! Not the feeling of love I have felt on earth before. But it went inside of me and swirling around inside. I really cannot explain it with words because it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. I first thought it was my son, or God, or a angel. But now I feel it was my son. Have you ever heard of this before. I feel very very blessed. But wish it would happen again because it gave me such a wonderful feeling. But it never has. But having it happen at all is very special to me.❤️Deborah

maria says March 28, 2015

I have dreamed of my loved ones quite often

Andrea says March 28, 2015

Today I got two signs. Thanks for guiding me.

    Anita Instant says April 22, 2016

    My Mother passed away 3 years ago. Just the last few weeks, I keep finding Dimes around. At home and outside of home. I wish I could understand what it means.

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