Finding White Feathers

Angel Feathers. What Is The Meaning of Finding Feathers?

A Look At The Meaning of Feathers

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Angels are spiritual beings with an incredibly high and light vibration who serve according to Divine will. Angels are the pure energy of love and light, and so while they're always near us, their energy is so light and fine that from the

density of the physical realm that it's easy to overlook their presence or miss it entirely. So they send signs to let us know they're near and offering their love, guidance and support.

You can learn about more of the signs from angels here…

In this post I'm going to look at what very well may be the ultimate angelic sign, which is finding feathers. I'm always finding feathers on my path. I love seeing them, and when I do I just thank the angels for their presence, and use the feather as a reminder to be present in the moment, tuned into gratitude, and aware of the angels which are all around.

Have you heard the quote “When angels are near feathers appear”? It's really quite true.

Although angels don't need wings to fly, wings represent their ability to swiftly carry out Divine will. Angels are also quite aware that they've been believed to have wings, and have been represented with wings in paintings, stories, and sculptures for thousands of years. Due to this, when they do show themselves, they often do so with wings so we will recognize them. And since most people aren't regularly in a high enough vibration to see angels (yet), angels love leaving feathers, as a sign and signal that they are near.

Angel Feathers… What Finding Feathers Really Means

Finding Feathers

The Symbolic Meaning of Feathers

In addition to representing the actual feathers from angels' wings, the spiritual symbolic meaning of feathers can be seen in many different cultures, each referring to spiritual communication, and ascension to the higher realms.

Feather ImageThe Egyptians believed feathers to be a symbol of Ma'at, the goddess of truth, justice, and order. Native American Chiefs wore feathers in their head-dresses to represent their communication with the spirit world, and believed finding feathers was a sign of new beginnings and rebirth from spirit. Celtic Druids wore ornately feathered robes to transcend the physical plane and gain celestial knowledge from the realms of spirit. In the Bible, feathers metaphorically represent loving care and protection and as a common dream symbol, feathers signify the ability to freely move throughout life. Feathers can also represent a fresh start in a spiritual sense, as well as truth, speed, love, lightness, and flight.

Feathers clearly have a strong connection to the spiritual realms.

There is quite a bit of information out there about white feathers, but really angels will use feathers of all shapes, colors and sizes to get your attention. The cool thing about finding feathers, is the angels will align them on your path at just the right time to offer validation, comfort, or clue to in as to the answer of a question you've asked, or encourage you that you're on the right path.

For me, feathers are a beautiful reminder to pay attention. When you find a feather and increase your awareness, it's usually pretty easy to tune into the knowing of what it means. You may find it right when you're thinking about making a change, worrying about something, or you may simply associate the feather with something when you find it.

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Feathers can also be a simple reminder that your angels are near, and they want you to know it, and ask for their help. Angels are always near, but as I mentioned earlier, they're easy to overlook, and they deeply honor your free will and will not interfere unless asked. So ask for help when you need it! There is no request too big or too small, and you can't ask for help too often. As long as your request is in alignment with Divine will, and for the highest and greatest good of all involved, the angels will work behind the scenes to help.

Next time you find a feather, use it as a reminder that your angels are with you. If you're not finding feathers, don't worry your angels may prefer another sign… Just pay attention. Want to find feathers?

Just think or say: “Angels I'd love a sign of your presence. Would you help me to find a feather?”

Colors of Feathers

7 Colors of Angel Feathers and What It Means When You Find ThemI mentioned above that white feathers are the most commonly discussed ‘angel feather' which makes sense as white is a common symbol for purity, which is very much in alignment with the meaning of angels. White feathers can also be a sign from the angels that your loved ones in Heaven are well, and have successfully crossed over into the spirit realms. White is also a symbol of faith and protection, and when you find white feathers in peculiar locations the message is especially significant.

Although white feathers are the most commonly recognized ‘angel feathers', the angels may use feathers of any color and size. Just pay attention and increase your present moment awareness to tune into the specific meaning the angel feather holds for you at the time.

In addition, here is a quick look at some of the additional meaning certain colored feathers may have.

Pink Feathers are a reminder of the unconditional love of your angels, and a reminder of the infinite inspiration available when you're tuned into love.

Red Feathers signify life force energy, physical vitality, stability, strength, passion, and courage.

Orange Feathers carry messages of creativity, listening to your inner voice, and staying positive to attract success.

Yellow Feathers are often a reminder to be cheerful and light-hearted, to be present, alert, and to stay focused on what you desire to magnetize these blessings into your life.

Green Feathers signify abundance and money, a fertile opportunity, as well as vibrant well-being, health, and love.

Blue Feathers bring a calming and peaceful energy, and are connected to communication, awareness, and are often a reminder to listen.

Gray feathers are a call to return to peace within to create it without. Gray is also neutral, and can be a sign that the answer to your question is not yes/no or black/white.

Brown Feathers signify grounding, home life, and stability. There is an energy of respect, grounded positivity, and balance between the physical and spiritual.

Black Feathers are a reminder of the protection of your angels, and a signal that spiritual wisdom, and magic are accessible by you within.

Feathers with purple on them carry messages of deep spirituality, transmutation of negativity, as well as the opening of psychic and spiritual sight.

Meaning of FeathersThis is of course a general look at what finding colored feathers may mean, and the deeper meaning of the angel message present within the feathers can be found by being aware and looking within.

Don't worry too much about the specific meaning though, just be open and if there is something specific the angels want you to know, it will appear. The good thing about angel messages is they are repetitive until you ‘get it' so if you miss it the first time, they'll send you the message in another way.

Finding feathers in and of itself is a blessing and a signal that your angels are with you, ask for help! Use the moment when you find a feather as a reminder to return to presence yourself, and to thank the angels for their presence and assistance in your life.

Do you find feathers? Leave me a comment below let me know about your experience.

With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

About the Author Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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jerry says April 25, 2017

I was going through a difficult time, with a relationship… I came into work one day early, and I open my briefcase, a soft side with one pocket usually open… and laying in that pocket was a grey and white feather… this case is never outdoors longer than the walk to my car of less than 30’…. I appreciate the sign from the angel, and I keep hope for the white… but the grey is neither a yes or no, a black or white… doesn’t help in my direction much, but comforting to know I have support from higher powers…

Lora says April 23, 2017

For the last couple weeks we have been dealing with my brother’s death and we still don’t know a cause.
Then when I woke up this morning there was a tiny brown and gray feather on my pillow.

Emma fox says April 19, 2017

Feeling so angry an stressed today an looked down in my garden an found huge Brown an white feather

Cindy says April 17, 2017

I found a perfect blue feather, but not sure what I need to be aware of, but I loved the gift!

Patricia Papson says April 16, 2017

I found a feather..I miss my husband so much..Walking our dog today i found a perfect feather

Sandra C says April 13, 2017

What do we do wi these feathers. Keep or dispose of them?

    Melanie Beckler says April 13, 2017

    I usually just leave them where they are… Some people like to collect them and turn them into dream catchers or other decorations.

Denise Bove says April 8, 2017

Hi Melanie, last Saturday I wasn’t feeling well and I was outside when I noticed a small branch by the door and decided to throw it in the woods that back up to my house. I also found some other branches and picked them up. As I walked back I saw a feather then I saw another feather, and another…..I walked around the yard and I counted 7 feathers. I was very excited because 7 is God’s number. So felt I was being blessed and maybe something I was praying for might get answered. What are your thoughts. oh and it has been very windy here and so for sure I thought a week later they would be gone. but today (Sat) I walked around and they were still there. two were blown a little further in the woods but they were still there. please respond. God Bless. Denise

Careu says April 6, 2017

My husband of 19 years died by suicide 3 months ago. For weeks now I keep finding white feathers.

Michelle says April 3, 2017

A black & white feather floated in my car & landed at my feet not sure what it means .

Addie says April 3, 2017

I thought I’d go out for a walk one day and went to an old swimming hole I used to go to as a teen. This is set on a bush walk. Whilst reminiscing of the good old days of how my friends and I loved hanging out there, and just loving being in the open. As I was staring at a pipe we used to use to cross the creek and stood wondering how much everything had grown around it, a small black, blue and white feather floated down in front of me. I felt lucky, peaceful and excited at the same time. I felt it meant something but I didn’t know what. I had to have the feather for some reason but didn’t know why. It’s my lucky feather.

Christine howell says March 29, 2017

I have had about 17 or so feathers left in my bedroom and car and bag over the last 12 months, I am going through a court case with my grandchildren and they always appear when ive been court, or had a social worker at my home, put some of them seem damaged or feather missing. Just wounded if this means anything

emily says March 23, 2017

I was at work today in mid conversation with a colleague when a tiny white feather came down from no where and landed on my desk. I brushed it off as nothing but realised no windows were open. I’d say I’m quite spiritual but not religious in any way. I don’t understand why I’ve received it as I’ve not lost anyone or going through anything. But I am concerned about going to London this weekend due to these terror attacks. Not sure if it’s their way of saying it will be fine perhaps. Anyone have any thoughts on this? This has never happened to me before.

Rondell Boozer says March 23, 2017

I was sitting on my couch at home and a white feather was floating and landed on my table it was small but it was a feather

Taylor Loran says March 22, 2017

I found two colored feathers in my dream state the first one I found was orange my second one was light blue same dream

Laurie Cameron says March 18, 2017

My Nephew was in a motorcylcle accident. he had a brain bleed everything was done to help but he lost brain funtion. he was taken off life support last night and is with God now. I found a feather directly placed under my clothes i am going to wear after my shower today. It is soft white, soft brown and a little black. No way we had a feather like that anywhere in the house. what is he trying to tellme?

Z says March 18, 2017

I found a peacock feather on my doorstep. House is in a built up area. What does this mean pls. Thank you

emma says March 10, 2017

I lost my 1 1/2 year old precious dog, Freckles, about 3 weeks ago due to a snake bite. When she took her last breath, my world ended. I have been struggling since her death. About 3 days ago I noticed a white feather floating down in the backyard. I just instantly knew that is was her telling me to be at peace because she was fine and without pain.

Petra says March 6, 2017

I just lost my Mom in October and i went walking with my dog yesterday and saw a big black feather.

Debbie says March 4, 2017

I found a small feather on my pillow this morning. We don’t have feather pillows and they are encased in pillow protectors.
Its a very small off white with brown stripe down center.
My friend said I had a visitor last night. I had never heard this before. My son died 11 years ago this month and last night I cried about losing him.
I’m keeping this feather now.

Joanne says March 2, 2017

I have just list my Daugther and I have find 3 feathers so far .

Schandra says February 23, 2017

I just came home from work and seen a black and white feather on my stairs I don’t have a bird and my son was at school

Miranda says February 21, 2017

I had a dream about my deceased Grandmother last night. We hugged in the dream & remember feeling comforted by feeling her hair brush my face. She didn’t speak to me but I got the feeling that she was OK. I’ve been feeling very down & sometimes alone lately so I think she may have visited me as a form of comfort. I was wondering all day if it was a visitation dream & when I got home from work, I walked into the kitchen & there was a single white feather on the floor right in front of me. I have been feeling very emotional since (not in a bad way) & think this may be a sign to confirm to me that yes, my Grandmother did visit me.

Mike says February 13, 2017

I found a small white feather right in the centre of the front passenger seat of my car. I totally wondered where it could have come from since all the windows and doors were closed. After much thought I remembered that the last person who was sitting there was my wife, we were at a park and she was sitting on the grass, so I took it that she might have picked it from there. Iam going through spiritual challenges at the moment in that I think Iam not living as Heavenly Father expects me to. Do you think there is any significant meaning to this feather? What could it be, if there is? Thanks.

Jules says February 12, 2017

My beloved dog & best friend Sasha passed away 25th Jan.
The last 2+ years of her life she couldn’t walk well enough so I would push her around in a child’s jogger pram.
I went outside today and was very teary looking at her jogger and noticing cob webs forming around the wheels as we obviously went using it anymore. I couldn’t bare the thought of this so I went up to the pram to clear the cob webs. As I did I noticed a brown feather sticking upright amongst Sasha’s blankets like it had been placed there on purpose. So purpose like that I asked anyone in the household if they had done it. I even took a photo as it wasn’t just laying in the middle of her pram but standing upright. I then looked up this web sight. .. Feeling so comforted now….

Denise says February 8, 2017

Yesterday I had my very beloved dog, Scruffy euthanized in my home, as he was old and sick. I loved his little spirit and am devastated over the loss. Today I cried and prayed to any spirit angels that could hear me, including Scruffy himself, to send me a sign that he’s ok. Even though I know everyone says it’s a gift to end their suffering I still struggled with a fear that he would feel I let him down. I just wanted to know that he was at peace. So hours later I went outside and sat by my pond where I spent much time with Scruffy. I was crying and again telling him I was hoping he was at peace and could play in heaven. Just then I noticed a feather rustling in front of me as the wind blew….a white feather. I instantly knew it was a sign and immediately looked up its meaning. Behold it’s a sign that loved ones have crossed peacefully into the spirit realm and they’re ok…I thanked my angels for this profound gift! I immediately was filled with a sense of peace. Thank you for further clarifying here the meaning of feathers. I will now be more aware and look for them….thank you!

Nancy says February 8, 2017

I have so many feather stories to share sometime I think I could write a book… i started finding feathers or noticed it more in 2004 after the murder of my aunt and uncle tragically.. the past 5/6 years I have started to piece things together… this finding of feathers and now my understanding of it.. makes me feel wonderful and blessed when I find one… a very best friend of mine died while I was on holidays during Christmas and i was unable to return back to the furneral… I was very distraught about the lose… then… I started finding dimes/coins from other countries AND feathers… it’s given me a sense of peace knowing that my relatives… and best friend are watching over me… xoxo

Glenys patterson says February 7, 2017

This morning I found a brown mottled feather on top of my bed, I lost my dearest most loving best friend last year who was my husband, I miss him desperately but was lifted when I found the feather

Pollyanna Moore says February 6, 2017

Found white feather on car door handle – Monday morning – best mate died of sudden heart attack following Wednesday pm (01 Feb 2017) confused – have a angel pendant on my bracelet which I always wear – can anyone explain. Do believe in angels. Taken the white feather and put in car, will never get rid of it, have to remember when having car cleaned!,

Sara Gutierrez says February 1, 2017

My name is Sara Gutierrez. I have a collection of feathers….I have been blessed with visions from GOD also. I was walking with my daughter’s and it was like time stopped..Feathers appeared and me and my daughter’s caught them. I have the feathers they are of a baby bird. I know the Angels are protecting me.And I want the world to know about my visions.

Bem says February 1, 2017

Glory be to God I already find and recieved feather…Thank you for sharing symbolic meaning of Feather.God bless

Tee says January 29, 2017

Fantastic post – thank you!

I just had this experience…

So…just had to share this.

I picked up my son from school and we started driving home. We drive along about 10km of dirt road to get home. You rarely pass another car on this road. Half way down the dirt road I saw something blowing in the wind on the side of the road…I drove for a couple of hundred metres but felt a calling to turn around, go back and look…so I turned around.

It was exactly what I thought it was…a peacock feather! There are no peacocks in this area…I’ve never, ever seen a peacock anywhere near here!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my story’

JOHN says January 23, 2017


Melissa giglio says January 23, 2017

My man passed away May 15 th 2016. I walked out my door today. To look down and find a small black feather in my door mat. It was muddy. It was snowing here and I have a bird in my house also I didn’t know what to think, so I let the feather go. I came in my house looked online and found this page. I feel so sad I let my angel feather go.
I hope I am forgiven for not understanding until now. I feel blessed and I hope I get more.

Suzanne Gilbert says January 16, 2017

I began to find feathers about 20 years ago. They come to me when I am having a difficult time and I have always felt that it was a sign that I would be alright no matter what happened. I did think it was a message from my guardian angel even before knowing or reading any of this. My first feather was an eagle feather and I incorporated it into a medicine wheel. Although I often see feathers, only some of them compel me to pick them up and hold and keep them. I have quite a collection of many colored feathers but mostly grey and black ones. I have a black one with white spots, black and yellow, black and red. down feathers and tail feathers. I also have a feather tattoo over my heart which to me means I always have my guardian angel with me.

Suzi says January 16, 2017

Hi Melanie
Thankyou for your insight to finding feathers. My father passed away 2 months ago and a friend of mine who is a medium mentioned that my father will show me a white feather to let me know he is around. When my family and I were together for new years eve, I looked over to see the spare couch with a feather on it!! Since then, they have appeared on my beside table, the chair my dad used to sit on outside at home, and the other day there was one stuck on my nephews back! They have suddenly shown up everywhere and we are absolutely thrilled and comforted to know he’s around. Last night at a Tennis match, I thought of my dad only to look up and see a white feather floating my way. What a wonderful, magical thing it is to be so connected with our angels!

Aaron says January 14, 2017

Hi Melanie, I have admired your workings for sometime. Your askangel cards have been a pillar to me over the past 6 months… thank you xxx

I stumbled across this blog re:feathers today….

I was in despair this morning, worrying about money, work, and my next move whilst taking a walk – and there it was a white feather, there in front of me. Immediately I thought of you and your ask angel deck.

My spiritual awakening path began last year, I dismised signs for years and I waz forced to stop and pay attention by events that unfolded. I was a passenger in a car accident. So much has changed as a result and Im in a healthy happy relationship, which ive never had. But Im still off work and still facing struggles following on from the accident. I use your angel deck and meditations daily. And have had some amazing feelings of support and self worth as a result. I just feellike my spiritual growth has haulted! I dont have as many vivid dreams, and I dont feel like I have any direction. Ive asked my guides and angels to show me where i need to turn next to harness my gifts to help, myself and others. I get synchronicities several times daily, so I know Im on the right path, and Im not in a terrible disposition, and im greatful that im healthy and happy and that i have my family etc who I am greatful to for their love and support also.

But I just dont know where to go or what to do next. I know im supported, metaphysically and Im confident that my desires will manifest soon.
Im just struggling with where to go to next regarding my development? Ive asked for help with specific things that have worried me and they have been resolved within a matter of hours. which was amazing, but when I have asked for something that is specific in my development, I dont seem to get answers. I am totally selfless and my progress isnt just to benefit me. Ive been sharing my abilities with people I have met and have got them keenly interested which I thought is what was being asked of me to share the love and light and make the planet a better place for man kind. Any support or advice or angel messages on guidance would be greatly received.

love and light and thanks for all you and your team have done to guide me so far

Aaron xxxxx

Vicki says January 12, 2017

I left a job yesterday that was unhealthy and in some ways toxic. I started the job on 11/1, ended it on 1/11, clocked into a meeting to tell them I was resigning at 11:11 and called my boyfriend to tell him at 1:11. Today, I had to have another encounter with them and it was a very difficult conversation. When I got home I was talking to a friend on the phone and spotted something on the floor in the house. It was a beautiful black feather! I was so surprised. I’ve found white ones from time to time but this black one was special. I think I’ve had enough signs now to know that I’m going to be ok and that there is the perfect job out there for me just waiting. I am forever grateful to the angels for placing these signs in front of me.

Tayla says January 9, 2017

In October 2016 I was sitting outside with my mum just talking and having a cup of tea when all of a sudden something flew right past me and touched my leg when it went past I freaked out at first because alot of insects fly around my house. It landed in the pool and I had a closer look and realised it was a small white fluffy feather! I immediately felt it was a sign from heaven and was totally unusual how this single feather flew right past me and when it happened I didn’t see any birds flying especially not white birds. The next day I was just sitting on my bed and happened to look up and saw a single white fluffy feather just by the bin in my room I had never seen it there before and I don’t own anything that has feathers of any kind! I definitely think my angels are letting me know I am not alone as these past few years have been extremely lonely and sad for me. I have cried myself to sleep from loneliness so I am so blessed to have a higher power protecting me and making me feel hopeful.

Karen says January 8, 2017

I recently found 3 feathers a white/grey one just before I went into my work then I found a green/ yellow one on my front lawn on saturday on my way to work & tonite I found a black/grey feather when I got home from work on my driveway

lydia carstens says January 7, 2017

My daughter past away last year Sept in a motor car accident on a Wednesday. Last week Wednesday I found guinea fowl feather in her room on the floor. I kneel every morning next to her bed for prayer. So when I walk in I saw the feather. What is the meaning? Thanks!

Nic says January 5, 2017

All this week I have been wondering if I am pregnant with my 3rd child . It’s still too early to take a test but just a few minutes ago, as I walked out into my backyard a butterfly started dancing around me and my daughter,lightly touching my head and hand. A few minutes later, I went to walk back inside and a bright yellow flower was lying on the floor in front of the door.

Piedad says January 4, 2017

I started communicating with the angels recently. I have found many feathers since then. I have kept them all and find peace with each one. They show up in unexpected places at appropriate times. I know the angels listen. Sometimes I just have to stop and say ” I know it was you.” It really is incredible. Even my kids find feathers now and know that angels are near.

Cathy says January 3, 2017

I found a beautiful brown and white feather on our front door mat last week. I asked one of my daughters if she found and placed it there. She didn’t. I took it as a sign that everything will be okay soon. I’ve sensed my Dad and my dog nearby too.

Michelle Cohen says January 2, 2017

My Dog Lottie passed away on New Year’s Eve. My dog group told me I will see a feather and it is a sign she has crossed the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven . Today I just found a grey and white one. ( she was a pepper and salt schnauzer) where she sat in the sunshine by the sofa. My heart is broken but I am happy she is at peace .

Cheryle says December 31, 2016

Found a small black feather near my front door today what does it mean please

claire says December 30, 2016

My dad passed away 5 days ago, today my niece who is 3 came In and I noticed she had a small white feather tucked into her coat. When I showed her it she asked who put it there. Made me cry, I knew dad was with us and the fact he put it on Tilly made it even more special.

Sandy says December 30, 2016

I find feathers everywhere i go. I have drawers and boxes full of feathers. I’ve always said they are a gift from the bird’s. From the Angels makes more sense. Thank you for this blog/article. I love it. I hope you don’t mind my posting it on FB.

Dawn says December 29, 2016

I went to visit by beloved westie Molly today in the chapel of rest before she was cremated. While I stroked her face to say goodbye a white feather appeared and fell on the floor. I didn’t think too much of it at the time until my mother said that’s a sign from an angel. I have taken such comfort from this to know that my beautiful girl has gone to heaven.

Cynthia says December 15, 2016

Finding feathers is a great feeling for me and yes at times I will find quite a few within my path and alot of them lately are small white fluffy feathers..thought maybe cause I’m trying to get right but still spot of stress and weight on my shoulders

Dee says December 14, 2016

I find feathers all time in strange places I put milk in a microwave and as my hand came out a featger was wrapped round my finger also had one stuck in my ring I find so many, also seeing them slight as I get a flash of light in my eye also when I was at my partners a big flash came and was like a camera flash but quick and had a whisper in my ear could not understand it tho

Lorraine Finne says December 13, 2016

I lost my first post so I will try again. I was recovering from breast cancer surgery and had a “suspicious ” possibility of thyroid cancer. I was told we could keep an eye on this thru yearly ultra sounds and if it changed take action then. Two days in a row I woke up to find ALOT of crows feathers on my front yard. I was shocked by how many! Winter rolled in and I was still thinking and praying as to what to do. The snow melted and I found one lone black crows feather sticking out of the ground! That’s was it for me…….it had stayed thru the winter protecting me and was there come Spring to remind me to listen to the small voice within. I had the surgery and found it was cancer……it was contained to the thyroid and I am grateful to God and my Angels for their guidance. I have been cancer free for 4 1/2 years for breast and 3 1/2 thyroid. Angels are always with us …we just have to be open to receive them❤️

Tang says December 9, 2016

16 yrs ago on my way to school, I crossed path a white feather big one about palm length. Now I bumped into a beautiful lady with an amazing aura, add her on my fb. She’s total a stranger, I normally don’t ask people facebook or be friend people like this. After talking over messenger, I told her I have one feather not sure the meaning, she told me angel watching me. Following week, I went to work crossed another feather. I quickly picked it up because I do believe its a sign and want my angel knows that I know. I keep it in my backpacker the recent one and 16 yrs old feather in my bedroom. My late friend passed away from cancer last year so I think it could be a sign he all ready up in heaven watching down. I also believe meeting this lady like an angel in disguise. No word can describe her aura, she has gentle voice like an angel, look like one as well. Due to her privacy I cant name her.Tang

Andriana says December 6, 2016

Today I found a white feather . I’d been upset but felt relief when I saw it. I’m waiting for a new love to enter my life and perhaps I’m ready after being widow for round 12 years . A feel protected . I found a black one last week too. Love and light to you

Paul Arellano says December 4, 2016

Today I had a white feather appear out of nowhere, as I was sitting , it was on the ground I watched it worked its way towards me, and touch my foot. I put my hand down thinking it would jump in it . From when I first noticed the feather to when it touched me seems like hours but I’m sure it was only minutes.

Suzanne monty says December 1, 2016

I had taken my mum shopping when taking her to the car a black feather floated down on to the back of her head,four days later she passed away.was.
Thank you
Suzanne monty

Her says December 1, 2016

I just got an goosebump and tear flow from my eyes after i read this, cause yesterday i found white feather that catches my eyes in the middle of futsal court, yes… INDOOR FUTSAL COURT! BEHIND MEGA MALL! and i was dont know anything about this angel stuff yet

Kammy says November 29, 2016

ive recently being going through so much in my personal life, separation from my partner and now as a single parent my baby is with his dad which has been so hard for me to deal with. I became annoyed recently finding white feathers while cleaning the house all over the place, then one weekend when my baby was with me, he presented me with a beautiful white fluffy feather which made me think and as I watched him in awe of it I had to find out the significance which led me to stumble onto this page which is AMAZING, thank you for opening my eyes, I have felt so alone for so long and its so reassuring to know my angels are with me and that maybe the choices ive been struggling with where the right ones

H. N. says November 19, 2016

My Son, a 25 year old, was killed last December, trying to defend his friend in a brazen rubbery attempt. He was an organ donor, and 7 people received his organs, some were in their final stage of sickness.

My wife started seeing him with wings few days later. I can feel his presence as a wave of cold breeze air shaking me. My wife says it is caused by his wings when he goes by me.

I can debate this could be some sort of imagination, but due to the dozens of beautiful white feathers he leaves behind when he is around, as a physical evidence, I believe God rewarded him for the noble things he has done in his lifetime.

Dee Ann says November 10, 2016

I never see signs let alone feathers. Tonight after dropping off my son at the gym I found 2 brownish feathers just laying there on my welcome mat right outside my front door. I immediately remembered hearing this was a sign. I just wish I knew more.

Kelly Garcia says November 10, 2016

My husband recently passed away, his death was sudden, suicide.
I recently was on a trip and a woman who said she was a light worker made herself known to me.
The light worker proceeded to tell me that we entertain angels unknowingly all the time.
I returned from my trip and visited a friend. My friend has a farm and I went to visit with her horses, I looked down and there on the ground was a brown and white feather.
The feather means that I am grounded and the spirit and flesh realms are balanced for me.
The light worker I met told me this very thing, I suppose my Angel just wanted to validate that for me.
The light worker told me it was my husband…
You see my husband always read from the KJV Bible and he always said we entertained Angels unknowingly, I don’t believe in coincidences I have always called them “Godinstances” so you see this message was really meant for me…

Addie says October 10, 2016

I have been going through a tough time this year. This has been the worst year of my life dealing with my partner of 12 years (I found out early February that he was cheating on me with women he met online. He was living a double life and met a woman. They are still together. We have been going through some custody issues and he has turned into someone I don’t even recognize. He treats me horribly and is very angry with me, yet he was the one that cheated and left his family. Anyways, my point is this has been a life changing experience for me and I have been horribly hurt. Before this all started I would see the spirit numbers 333 everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I keep praying for more signs that everything will work out. Tonight, my 3 year old turned over her blankie and a small white feather fell out. She said “oh look, a feather. It must’ve came off my toy”. She does not have any toys with white feathers. I took the feather and held it and cried. I asked that everything will turn out ok for us and that I wish this whole mess will end soon.

Carmelle says October 9, 2016

Angels have been bombarding me with numbers, first 1111’s, then after I knew it, 222 and 333 and 444, etc. Only after the first time in my life after many hardships I finally asked for help. That’s when it began. Then as I knew it was them I thanked them and asked for another type of sign. The next day I was walking dogs in an open field under a wide blue sky and a white feather floated down in front of my foot. My dog even looked up and stared at the sky but I could see nothing. Since then, every time I ask they give me another feather. It’s always a surprise and now I keep them in a jar by my bed. They are funny too! Lots of change being found by doors and windows. After years of no change anywhere. Piles of change. The best was waking up to find a tiny sticker stuck to my stomach in the morning after sleeping under my shirt? It had four 1’s on it.

Winyan Staz Wakien says October 7, 2016

I am Native America and also a 2nd order (only 2 orders in the PNW Druids)High Priestess and Arch Mage of Smokey Point Grove and RavenWood Grove.

Feathers are gifts of the Air Spirits and the Air Element which is the Element of dissipation/movement.
We use them to untie, untangle, move energy in magic..

Native American Chiefs wear them as symbols of battles won, coup counted and of their Totem Spirit Helpers.

Thank you for your work on helping the world awaken…

    Melanie Beckler says October 7, 2016

    Thank you so much for sharing this! A beautiful addition to my post!

    Min says October 12, 2016


BG says October 4, 2016

My son found a golden metal feather and gave it to me but it turned out that it belonged to my daughter who found it herself. Then in the same day my husband came home and gave me silver metal feathers. I was so happy when I then heard a song on the same day with
The lyrics “angel city”. Not sure what the silver and gold represent.

K GONZ says September 30, 2016

I was walking on our street and was thinking things about my life and suddenly a small white feather fell right in front me as if it was really destined for me to catch it. At first it didn’t gave meaning at all but then I realized it was a confirmation of the signs I’ve been getting, it all made sense. Recently I’ve been seeing numbers repeatedly, 111, 222, 333, 444 and all sorts as long it’s been repeated, I’ve searched the internet and it was said to be angel numbers, it did had meanings but was really puzzled what were those for until now, the small white feather was my confirmation that angels we’re communicating to me and they are around me. It sent shivers down my spine when I got it all, I then spoke to my angel and thanked everything for what I have and what I am today. Keeping my small white feather with me forever. I now officially believe in Angels! 🙂

Sheryl says September 25, 2016

When I woke up this morning, there was a brown feather lying next to my face on my pillow. I have nothing in my home with feathers and my door was closed. I was alone. I was extremely puzzled as to how it got there.

Natasha says September 23, 2016

Hello! This summer I got into an abusive relationship and I had many big black birds cross my path. I noticed them but I did not know their meaning. Then I went on a trip to Europe with my family and found several black feathers on my path, I picked them up and kept them with me thanking the angels. When I came home I ended things with the abuser and found out that the ravens in my path were messages from my spirit guide telling me to get out of that situation and reminding me of my true path. I have since noticed feathers everywhere, leaving work last night I saw one on the ground and almost go out of my vehicle to pick it up. Tonight agian, I found a gray and white one inside at work. I knew it was a sign so I had to google it and I am thankful for this article and reading everyones comments. Thank you <3 <3

Jessica says September 18, 2016

I’ve always loved the aesthetics of feathers, but recently my path has been bombarded with them… Black ones to be specific. So much so, that I was inclined to perform a Google search which resulted in this site. About five minutes ago, I walked out of my interior entrance apartment to find a small black feather perfectly centered on my welcome mat. After finding so many feathers on my path this week (despite the strong winds of hurricane season) I’m now convinced this is a spiritual message and encouragement.

Tanika says September 16, 2016

I’m so glad I found this page to help me explain what I found this morning. I leave my apartment to go to work and when I get to my car, I see about 5 white feathers. I think about 2 I found that was grey and white. I looked around to see if maybe a bird got hit or something, but when I didn’t see anything, I just smiled and looked up and said “Thank you”. I knew there was a meaning behind it but I just didn’t remember until I read your article. So Thank you as well.

Jenna says September 11, 2016

Hi, thank you for the article. I love the symbolism.

Are we able to collect them, or should they be left where we find them?

Ivy Zenith says September 10, 2016

I found the most beautiful feather outside my house today! It caught my eye, and I could not ignore it or leave it on the ground. On one side it is all black. On the other side it is a beautfil blue with black stripes. I thank my angels for their presence!

Benjamin Kerr says September 8, 2016

Hi Melanie,

Earlier this afternoon, I was about to take a nap and I asked my angels for help with some things, especially to hear from my auto insurance company regarding an open claim. I woke up later to find a small white feather stuck to the shorts I was wearing. As I took the feather over to a light for a better look, my phone rang and it was the insurance company. I have been having pennies and dimes show up for me a lot lately, but this is the first feather. I found the information you provided here to be very helpful. I believe in angels and I know they are always with us. This was a great sign today.

Joseph says September 1, 2016

I have recently been finding very small white feathers on and near my couch I mostly sit on. The other day I found the largest of these white feathers (2 inches long)in the same area.
Today Sept 1st I found at the outside of mall a 10 inch black feather.
I have been wondering of the deep meaning as I have been told they are sent by angels. I believe that.

San says August 29, 2016

I found a feather on my porch last evening. I had to look twice to be sure what it was because it was ragged looking and not pretty and full. It made me uneasy to find a feather in such poor condition, but it was a feather nonetheless… black, white and gray. Is there a particular meaning in this? Thanks, Melanie!

Sujata says August 22, 2016

I was driving the kids to school and a beautiful, delicate white feather flew in and sat on my steering wheel. I saw it and told my kids that one of their or my angels was nearby, my daughter remarked- “Mum, it has to be yours, coz you saw it first and flew close to you”. After leaving them at school, I normally drive back home but on an instinct turned to my parents home close by and my mother gave me a piece of her jewellery that she had been waiting to give me for some time as she wanted me to come home to take it. What a beautiful surprise, angels! Thankyou

    micheal says August 25, 2016

    Please reply a 9362081498. I found hole bunch of gray and feathers at the front door of my apartment . What does it mean . I’m having marriage trouble though I’ve been praying for her and myself .

Michele says August 19, 2016

Came home and a gray feather in front of my door. It was mostly gray color with a little bit of white

    jacqueline macdonald says August 21, 2016

    I lost my husband two and a half years ago. I have been finding feathers quite a bit:) I believe my first experience was when I went to his grave with a friend of ours on our anniversary and I parked my car directly in front of his grave (it’s his families plot..) and I did leave my car door open a little bit so when I returned to my car there was a small brown and black feather IN MY CAR SEAT)so my question is I guess, is when your loved one dies do THEY become your angel?? I have other stories but don’t want to bore you!:)

lYNN fISHER says August 18, 2016


Vanessa says August 15, 2016

I have never experienced finding feathers until the past 3 weeks. I was doing my clean up in my workplace and on 2 occasions about 3 days apart I found 2 grey feathers in exactly the same spot. The 3rd feather I found a week later it was a white feather, I must say when I found this one I had goosebumps all over my body.

Perry says August 9, 2016

I have been finding feathers a lot lately. I have found white, gray, black, and black and white ones. I realized it had to be messages because some of these I have found have been indoors. Each time I find one now I thank the Angels that leave it for guiding me to it. One time I found a white feather and I picked it up and said thank you to the angel and felt as if someone tapped me on my shoulder, but no one was there.

Paola says August 8, 2016

I came across a beautiful white and orange one earlier this morning, but I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I did not pick it up! Thank you angels, for putting it on my path 🙂

    Deb says August 8, 2016

    I was just in our bathroom…… I looked down & there on the throw rug was white feather!! There was nothing in there that would have caused it to be there. I picked iit up & smiled & said thank you to my angels. ?

Candace says August 6, 2016

I was on a long road trip to see some friends I haven’t seen in years, and when we were walking I found a beautiful white feather in front of me! I picked it up, and kept it. I felt it was very lucky.

karen says August 2, 2016

Want to share something with you. Yesterday was a very grumpy day for me. Could not find gratitude. Was so glad to be home. Sat down with my ritual of ice coffee and crossword puzzle. Right in front of me was a little gray feather. An angel was near.. As I started doing my puzzle, one of the answers was Eva!! (which is the name of my deceased mother) OMG! Such a sense of warmth came over me and I was at peace.

Fromious Bandersnatch says August 1, 2016

It means that you are superstitious and believe that objects hold your future in their hands. You make your own life, future and “luck” folks!

gabrielle says July 29, 2016

hi. what does it mean when you see either a white feather with a small grey circle on it or another white feather with brown tips like from a white and brown pigeon

    Meow says July 29, 2016

    I am very greatful how many I find a day! ! ! Melanie thank you so much for being one of US! ! ! MEOW

Heather says July 19, 2016

My son was killed in 2009.. tonight I was angry with my husband and my deadline son and said some pretty awful things to Conor (my dead son) called him worse than hell.. After a massive row with my partner of 22years I went to the back door and right there in front of me before I even stepped outside I picked it up and my son told me for the first time I may add.. I am with you mum I am always going to be with you.. I didn’t abandon you..don’t ever think that!! I can’t believe my son came to me..but I heard him as clear as day.. I ama medium but have always had trouble with messages from my son.. I’m so lucky not only ly has he told me he’s always with me. He’s told me I have Angelseen around me..time for some deep meditation..
My son came to me tonight by way of a white feather.. I know this in my heart.. sending love and light to everyone.. (Heather J Jukes
Using my hubby’s page)

Kimba Wiggins says July 18, 2016

I found these 2 blue feathers (with black stripes) wedged under my top step recently. In order for this to happen someone would’ve had to do this on purpose. Lately I’ve been communicating with my angels asking them for help and I’m certain that this is a sign that they’re nearby. I’ve been going through tough times with my living situation, which is a bit better (but still in need of improvement).

Now I can relax knowing my angels are right beside me. It’s ironic that I’m the only one that’s seen these feathers, when the rest of my roommates have sat on my porch steps countless times. A definite divine sign.

Addy Kataria says July 16, 2016

From past couple of years I am collecting Pennies I found them on my way ! But just from last couple of days I am seeing daily lots of double color feathers [White + Grey] into my Home Office … Please Please Please Help me how to deal with these Feathers ! ! ! For Me I always feel my self near to Angels ! ! ! Helped and always protected by my Guardian Angel !!! Thank You very much in Advance for your sure expected reply !!! !!!!

    Wren says July 28, 2016

    I would say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” and feel the love and light in my heart!

Kim says July 14, 2016

I have been having a very difficult time I have lost a lot of key people in my life ask for strength and hope everyday found what I think is a Hawks feather have also found a peacock feather at my mailbox during trying
times what does this mean

Barb says July 3, 2016

Our loving dog Choc died 3 weeks ago. After just a week I was walking her brother and out other dog and as we came back to the house I looked down and there was a Gray feather. I just knew it was from her. Then the second week I was having a rather difficult day and I was walking back from the mail box. And, there next to the gate was a white feather. This past week while I was in the Garden I looked up and there was a brown feather. Yesterday coming back from our afternoon walk as I came up on the lawn in a spot Choc often would lay was a piece of dog bone and a larger gray feather. I just know this is her angel letting me know she is alright. I collected all the feathers and keep them next to her ashes. It has been very painful for me. My husband has had a difficult time too. 11 years of just the most wonderful dog we have ever had. Her brother misses her too and we just all love on each other everyday. Thank you for the information. It just helps me know that my Angel and her Angel know we love each other and it will be okay. Until we see you again Choc we love you.

    alan rodriguez says July 9, 2016

    i have been at this life for a long time.. going throhu to much crap wihut things gettitng beter.. i dont knoww a the meaning of feathers mean.. and i have seen alot of blak featheres.. recently just one in our patio.. we ahvent lost anyone but i guess the energies that r wighin may play a role.. not sure… sorry for ur loss.. if u wanna chat anyti

Laurene Steck says July 1, 2016

I am undergoing a spiritual transformation. Archangel Raphael has been communicating with me almost daily for about 2 weeks. I have had major transformations in my personal life that he was supporting me through getting me ready for my next journey. I did not know about angel numbers, but when I became aware of them, my journey was clearly placed before me. There are times when I become fearful and a bit overwhelmed but the angels are certain to let me know that they are with me and support me through this endeavor. Since Raphael has not been “obviously” present for the last couple days, my fear and anxiety have increased even though I meditate daily now. About an hour ago, while sitting on my couch, I looked to my left and there was a white feather on the face of my cell phone. This is what brought me to your site. “Keep the faith, (I am) supported and protected by angels.” This is a message I receive daily. This is the first time it has come to me in the form of a feather. I truly appreciate your site. I appreciate how you convey information. It is true to the best of your ability and the spiritual integrity and respect is genuine.

Linda says June 29, 2016

I’m so into feathers, I even have tattoo feathers in lots of places. I keep anyone I find. Once I was standing outside and was on the phone and the hawk was over me flying andown one of its feathers fell right in front of me. I felt so blessed…..

Gunga says June 16, 2016

My daughter was tragically killed. Its been very hard. I ask her to show me a sign she is with me and I have found feathers. Do we become angels when we die or are angels already in place from the beginning of time?

    JohnBD says June 28, 2016

    2 days ago I spotted a white feather on my dressing gown hanging in the bathroom.It was a small white feather. As I looked at the feather it shrank back into the fabric and then reappeared on the inside. Given the quill end went through first I was surprised that when I looked on the other side of my dressing gown the quill end was sticking into the material so it had not only disappeared into the fabric but reversed itself. This is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced and I swear on all that is holy and sacred that this is the gospel truth..

    Laurene Steck says July 1, 2016

    i do not believe angel’s are “born” into human form. They are purely spiritual beings. When we pass we become spiritual beings, but do not become angels. As we grow and learn through our lives on earth we can ascend and become guides, but many lessons must be learned before a soul can take on this responsibility. Your daughter is a radiant spirit. She knows your pain, but one day you will know what she knows and understand the Universal Spiritual Laws and how they guide the soul. Love and light are always with you, around you and moving through you. You just have to quiet your mind to feel and know its/his/her/their presence.

      Michele says July 8, 2016

      I tragically lost my brother 3 yrs ago & it’s still a struggle without him.I have always believed in the after life.I starred finding feathers a few months after his passing not truly knowing the meaning of feathers. My mum also had said to me she’d found them also. I still find feathers, it lifts my spirit & secures my strong belief in the spiritual world.My bother is with me & the finding of the feathers is truly amazing & not just coincidence. Open up to it & tune into why you find them. I hope my comments help others.

Sandhya says June 15, 2016

Hi ,

When ever I pray to my angels ,for sure my prayers are answered but not immendiatel.
When I also pray to them i see feathers but I see a muliti coloured fethers WHite,Brown and Grey .Does it mean any thing ?


Benedikte says June 14, 2016

I made a decission but can’t see where it’s bringing me. Now I find feathers all the time. I’m on the right track.

Thank you angels

Love and blessings

Gale says June 13, 2016

When I was first contacted by my angels, I found tiny pink ones. I put it down to my cat destroying one of her toys. I had to go to the store, and found feathers under my windshield wiper and on the steering wheel. At the grocery store, I found these little pink feathers on every piece of fruit I touched and just about everywhere I looked. They were all over the house when I came back. I have a good friend who is in contact with her angels and when she came over, I said “look at this”, but ALL the feathers were gone!!!

I am pretty sure I got pink feathers because I am a healer.

One angel, a female, spoke to me one day when I had no answer to a question asked of me.

Ela says June 13, 2016

Yes! I’ve been finding and collecting feathers for years and years. They have always appeared on my path, and I always Thank the source for them. I don’t feel lucky when I find a feather, I feel connected. My love for birds are great. When my mom passed away, I was cleaning out her belongings and came across an enormous collection of Angels. She placed them in different areas of the home and I never noticed them before, and I never knew she was intrigued by Angels until she passed away. Now, I’m following the same. I love Angels. Since her passing, they have been present in my life. Thank you, Melanie for sharing your knowledge and love with me. I always look forward to hearing your messages. Blessings.

Jennie says June 8, 2016

I am a huge sceptic, at least I was until a few days ago … but now I’m not so sure.

I know what I saw and experienced and I had a witness too, who was right there with me.

My mum died at 2.50am on Sunday 5th June. I was in the room with her. She had been very ill and we had been up for nights and were running on andrenaline, and after all the arrangements were taken care off, we were all exhausted so went home and got the first sleep in days. I woke up to a beautiful bright sunny morning, and I arranged to meet my son for lunch. We chose a park which my mum had liked, and were both feeling somewhat raw and emotional.

We needed a table number to order food so I sent son out to get us a table. When I came out I realised he’d picked one with no shade and it was a hot day, so I said we should move to one under the large umbrellas that covered the patio of the restaurant. These are large 20ft square fixed umbrellas – almost like canvas roofs and we sat at a table right in the centre of one.

We were talking about my mum and suddenly a feather was literally thrown into my lap. It was like an arrow, it didn’t float or flutter, it came in at an angle like a dart, and landed on my lap. It made us both jump it came that fast and we both looked up, but of course all we saw was the huge canopy of the umbrella over us. It was just the strangest thing- a very still day – no wind – we were completely covered by canvas and yet here it was. We looked around for birds but there was no evidence of any. I’m sure there were birds around but it wasn’t a place where there were lots in nearby trees or flying overhead. I think we saw one, a few minutes after the feather had arrived

I got my son to take a photograph of the feather exactly where it landed and we have the pics to prove it. It’s not white – although parts of it are, but more greyish and it’s a good size – maybe five inches long, not a little fluffy one. The way it came down – like it was aimed and delivered with force – well I suppose that was the only way it could get to us – through the small gap between the edge of the umbrella and the next one some 10 ft away.

I came home and googled – and discovered that receiving a feather soon after death can be a message to signify the deceased has arrived at their destination.

Before this I would have dismissed this as a lot of old tosh, but having seen it and experienced it and seeing how logistically difficult it would be for a random feather to just have negotiated canvas covers and no wind – to arrive like a dart in the lap of someone whose mum had died hours earlier – well, I have to start wondering if there really is something in this.

3 Feathers Raquel says May 29, 2016

My Spirit-given name is 3 Feathers.
It took a few years to find out what this means in the Lakota tradition. Good stuff.

    Kb says May 30, 2016

    My grandpa died yesterday. It has really upset our family and I felt that I wanted to be closer to them and not live hours away. We were walking from my grandpas apartment, I collected his colognes because I knew what he smelled like. I found a feather lying right in front of the door, a perfectly shaped small brownish/gray/ reflecting white feather. At first I passed by it but then I went back outside to pick it up and I think it was meant for me because my mom and her boyfriend walked right past it. I love my angel for giving me answers and comforting me the way they can. I’m not very religious but the whole experience and with what is going on I trust that it is time for me to return home or atleast think about it, and to return to Jehovah.

      Jasonfleming says June 4, 2016

      I found four features in my home and three is white and one is gray nice size features my mom and dad passed away last year Baxter and Brenda fleming and my wife Lisa fleming pass way this year they leave me with a lot of sign and I am very happy to get to I love my family so much I miss them i

    Melanie Beckler says June 13, 2016

    Beautiful! So happy to hear the post was helpful for you…

Amru says May 21, 2016

Hi…when I met a guy to discuss matrimonial interest, I prayed to angels while on the way. When i met him it suddenly started raining though it didn’t seemed like it will rain such heavily. Also when we were talking outside his house near his building, there were white feathers all over…the source was of course pigeons under the roof…however, I feel angels were there around me. I still believe that it was a sign that my prayer was answered. I am still waiting for a ‘yes’ from the guy. Hope he is the one m searching for.

Stephanie Gonzalez says May 19, 2016

It’s been about 2 months now that I have been finding feathers in my path. They are everywhere and in odd places. I have found them in my purse, at my feet when sweeping my living room floor, stuck to my car door, sticking straight up stuck in freshly paved asphalt, floating down, in my path on my run, at work, etc.
I recently asked for verification of the meaning. I asked for 2 separate colors. I thought to myself, I’m never gonna run into these (since usually I find white, black, grey, brown, or multi white/gray/black). I asked for a red to mean something specific and blue that had my own special meaning. 2 days later, I find those two separate colors in a flower arrangement my mom had me move for her! I never thought I would see those colors. I am a believer but somehow I just needed one more validation of my finding the red and blue feather. I asked for a sign … Something that was not a feather… That didn’t belong. Something that would make me think… That’s odd?????
So I was heading on my normal route to the gym before work. It’s early…. 4:45 in the morning. It’s dark out, I’m at a stop light. No cars, no pedestrians, no traffic…. But there is a wheelchair facing me….. It’s positioned facing the angle to me, where the jack-in-the box parking lot meets the sidewalk… Who does it belong to? Where is the person? Who leaves behind a wheelchair? That was odd to me. I took it as the sign I asked for.

I’ve had other experiences before as well. One time I was in such a low point in defense to my job. I was miserable. I ran into my uncle and he sat for a moment to chit chat with me. He was talking about someone else and telling me a story… All I could think while listening to him…. Was how beautiful his blue eyes were. The words he was saying was almost like a message was being sent to me. They were words I needed to hear at the moment. But he wasn’t per say giving me advice. His story just connected to me. I remember thinking, how come I never noticed how beautiful his eyes were?
I left and didn’t think much about it. Until later… I remembered…. My uncle DOES NOT have blue eyes. His eyes are hazel. Not the type of eyes that change color when you where a certain color shirt. I ran into him another time and had to take a close look. His eyes are not blue.

bernie says May 16, 2016

I’ve had 5 white feathers appear to me today what does it mean thank u

Jo-Anne says May 14, 2016

i have been attending a spiriulist church for 7 months now and am learning a lot through lessons. for the last couple of months i have had white feathers surround my house. i have collected these feathers and placed them in my favourite place to meditate and do my mindfulness. my daughter has a mental condition and i need to keep myself strong. finging spiritualism has been my god send. i try so hard every day and pray for guidence in whatever sign the angels give. look out for them and stay strong my friends. thank you i love you.

Sandra says May 12, 2016

Hi, what does it mean when you dream about finding two pink feathers on the ground. I knew in my dream I had to keep one.

D case says May 12, 2016

Last week my two sisters had a white feather each, land at their feet. They live at separate locations
Around the same time, a robin I had been feeding hovered on its wings in front of my face and looked at me for several seconds.
On May 7th, our dad passed away at home in his sleep.

mick says May 11, 2016

my wife died last November 3 weeks ago I found a feather on the doormat inside the house doors was closed so it never come in from outside I put the feather in a small jewellery box and put the box inside my wife`s jewellery box 2 weeks later I went to show my daughter it and its gone it made my daughter and myself wonder why

David Grauman says May 9, 2016

A few minutes ago, as I went to pull the trash can back from the curb, a small gray and white down feather floated down, seeming to appear from nowhere. As there are 3 trees outside my home, it is quite amazing that only rarely do I find feathers. I believe there is a message, but I am not sure what it is. It is a calming gift, but also perplexing, as I’m not sure how to seek clarification.

Zaddy says April 30, 2016

The reason why I looked this page up again – I already did so in the past – basically just happened.

I wanted to draw a little bit, so I took my sketchbook and opened it and straight turned two pages with it… only to find a small curled feather there. It’s white with a slight tint of gold to the top. It’s just so beautiful… I’m still completely speechless, it’s an indescribable feeling. I assume it’s someone sending me clearer signs. I’ve been having a lot of very vivid and clear dreams and I feel like they want to help me? I know that I’ve been a lil psychic for a longer time now, maybe it’s getting stronger.
Or they wanted to let me know that I finally found my path? I worked hard over the last 5 years to get from my current office career apprenticeship to something that is… just more ‘me’. I’m was accepted at art school and will start there soon. I feel relieved that I’m slowly finding my way.

Whatever, though… I wonder /who/ left me this feather. <3
Hope to meeting them. Does anybody know, by chance, how to find out?

tracy stallard says April 13, 2016

i was walking passed the church were my dad and two brothers are resting, me and my friend decided to pop and see them for a little while as we walked away i turned around to say goodbye as i did a white feather floated down in front of me this made me so happy it felt like a sign that they were ok

Kevin says April 13, 2016

I was sitting on my back pouch my wife was standing behind me I seen a post I think you sent out about feathers I hit like and right after I hit like a small feather fell on my lap I told my wife look a feather floting down and she seen it land on my lap the crazy part is when i showered her the feather I seen on my I pad I Just hit like see couldn’t beleave it I know that was a sign she does to

Elizabeth Salmon says April 10, 2016

Late this afternoon, after the last viewer of my home had departed and the day before the closed tender on my home ends, I asked for guidance as to which offer to accept tomorrow now today) evening. I happened to look out at the rubber door mat after I farewelled the estate agent. Deliberately stuck vertically into the mat was a gorgeous white feather smudged at the top with faint golden brown. I recognised instantly that it must be a sign of spiritual significance as there was no way it would have been pushed into the rubber by the wind. And it was not a feather that would have come from any bird in the vicinity.
I am crying with gratitude as I write this, after reading about its meaning. My husband now lives in the hospital wing of a retirement village, so I am living alone, having to make these major decisions without his help. There have been some wonderfully kind offers made by people and this, a sign from an angel, is the most wonderful gift at this time. It is unbelievably beautiful.

    Melanie Beckler says April 10, 2016

    What a beautiful experience Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your angelic encounter with us!

PinkieKitti says April 2, 2016

Well I always feel im protected. I have never broken a single bone. or got stung be a bee, wasp or a spider, I had a great childhood, I always seem to miss a natural disaster or an accident of some sort. I have always found feathers like when I was young I was at school. I kept on thinking about what I am which is (I cant tell you cause its a little weird but anyhoo) I found a black crow feather. right in front where I was. I didn’t take much notice of it, until I read this I know now. Thankyou Angels!

Emma says March 21, 2016

On my way to work as i walk up the driveway to the building to my surprise there are lots of white ting feathers everywhere and seeing that makes me feel blessed, as i am hoping that some goods about work will come my way about work, as have been feeling down but that al changed today as soon as i saw that. Positive things started happening and feeling blessed and loved and cherished is a wonderful feeling.

TERESA says March 17, 2016

My mother passed away a couple of months ago and I have been relying on my angels for support. I have been getting many, many number sequences that have boosted my spirits immensely but I wanted to see a feather so I asked if the spirits above would give me a sign this way. I kept my eyes open and day later i found a pink feather on the floor next to the oven on the kitchen. I was thrilled, over joyed,and my faith was so validated that I feel stronger and happy that my angels, my mama, my dad are all with me and I am never alone. Had to share!

Sonia says March 17, 2016

Hi I found my experience very interesting. I was sat in work and looked out of the window to see two feathers floating in the air in a circle. They both were circling something, maybe it was the way the wind was blowing them but I found it very fascinating. What is your take on this? – Sonia J

Donna Eyers says March 14, 2016

Hello my name is Donna and I’m from Essex in the UK..Iv never been much of a believer but always kept an open mind. But over that past 2 weeks iv had 3 while feather fall in front of me from nowhere and then today 2 black ones. I don’t no who my angel is but I have been though alot this past yeah, iv lost myself abit aswell and nearly lost my dad to cancer. How would I talk to them (the angle that is) as maybe the key to finding myself again is to find them.

kencoogan says March 13, 2016

Av alwayz found feathers within my path white black red grey brown almost al the time i collect them and pin them on ma wall…recently a mad man gave me 1…

sandra says March 5, 2016

Hi! A close friend has had mainly blue/black in his path. I was wounding what blue / Black feathers mean . Thank you

Ron says March 5, 2016

I dont know what you will make of this but here is my story which is absolutely true, my mother died, and I was and still am broken hearted, however I go to check that the house is secure once a week, as it has been left to me but I still havent started to do anything with it yet, anyway I desperately asked my mother to give me a sign that she was OK, I had heard about feathers so I asked her to leave one where I could see it. I went to the house as usual a couple of weeks later and as I went into the front room, directly behind the chair in which my mother used to sit was a dead robin lying on the floor with no visible marks on it, and six to eight inches to one side was a pile of brown feathers which I initialy thought was a birds nest as they were so tightly packed together, the feathers were not from the robin which was completely untouched. The house itself is completely sealed and has no gaps in windows roof or anywhere for a bird to get in, the bird and feathers hadnt been there the previous week, I could only think as an explanation that when I had trimmed the hedge outside maybe a cat had caught a couple of birds took them in through the open front door plucked and eaten one and then been disturbed by me before eating the other or plucking it. I would desperately like to believe this was some kind of sign but I am a sceptic and cant, but I also cant find an explanation I would appreciate your view,


Crystal says February 29, 2016

Last night I went to the drug store. As I got into their mini grocery section I picked up an empty blue basket. Right after I’m done picking up the things I needed I headed to the counter to pay. As I picked up the last items I bought I saw a brown and white feather. Im immediately picked it up and kept it in my purse. I knew it is a sign – but what it mean I don’t know exactly all I know is that it is a good one. Blessings!

april says February 23, 2016

Hi Melanie, The first feather I have found which was not white (found many white ones) was brown about 2 weeks ago. Today as me & my husband were walking we found a big brown with white stipes feather,,Can;t really figure out that meaning. If you can help me that would be awesome!
Love & Light

Maria says February 19, 2016

Hello everyone! I went to the gas station this morning and went to the candy isle and as I bent down to see what was at the bottom, I seen a black feather on top of box of candy. I read on angels and their signs and thought I’d share with you all.

Patricia Buie says February 11, 2016

Iwent work this morning and came home my grandson called and wanted me to take him to look at a car he was going to buy, when I got to my car and opened the door there laid the pretties fluffly white feather in my drivers side seat.

Donna Phillips says January 28, 2016

Today marks the 4th year that my son was called home. He was 28 years old. As I was sitting in my living room looking out the window thinking of him, as I was thinking a feather blew by the window and landed in a tree in my eye sight. I got up and ran outside to collect it and thank my son for the gift he sent.

Nusrat says January 26, 2016

Hi M. I noticed I usually find feathers when I’m distracted from my spiritual life. I find them in the weirdest places too because I would be in that place and there won’t be anything there but I would leave the room and come back to find feathers there. It’s truly a magical feeling. Finding feathers to me makes me feel safe and let’s me know that all things are okay and that I am loved no matter how alone I may feel or felt at the time. It’s a genuine gesture from my Angels and I just loveee it!! Sometimes feathers appear when I’m too in the physical and need to balance out my life. It’s a great feeling nonetheless! I love them soooo much!

GailD says January 25, 2016

I love this . The morning after my MOM pasted away, My Dad,two of my brothers and I were sitting at the kitchen table where Mom always sat to look at the birds. Allof the sudden we saw this bird that kept landing on the same tree branch, so we went to look closer . None of us had ever seen a bird like that before and I said I think that is mom’s way of saying she was alright. We went back in the house and the next time someone went outside there was a white feather laying there on the porch. Then I cried more tears but they were happy tears that she was with God now . love Gail

Lucy says January 13, 2016

Today is the anniversary of my Mother passing over .. 13th January.
I walked into my living room and a white feather was there on the floor.
So I literally found your discussion just moments ago, and thought to share.

Nelly says January 12, 2016

For the past few months I have been seeing feathers in my path and they always seem to find me and I am always aware when I see them. First time this happened I used to find them in front of the door be it my house, the garage or even at the gym. I found it quite weird but I feel connected to them somehow…as if there is a message being sent but I have not been able to interpret it. I’m glad I read this, perhaps it’s not such a puzzle, I just need to acknowledge the presence of my ancestors/angels.

Pam says January 10, 2016

I was sitting in my office at home and a small white feather floated from somewhere into my line of sight and landed on my keyboard. This is crazy because right now I am dealing with some serious health issues of a family member for which I am responsible for making her health decisions, as well as trying to find a new job. I was looking through ideas for work from home and this feather floated in front of my face. Amazing! Now to figure out the meaning …

Veda says January 2, 2016

As i was changing my bed i found a little brown feather by my pillow. My husband passed 6/22/2014 and i have found some feathers randomly around the house. I’ve never thought twice about till i found more and do not own anything with feathers so i looked it up and came across this site. Now i can’t wait to find more feathers from him.

Liane says January 2, 2016

So interesting. I just was downstairs answering my door and talking to a couple of friends. Had breakfast and a decaf coffee and came upstairs to change to go out and walk my dogs and found an orange/brown feather sitting at the top of my stairs -the second story landing to my office and my bedroom. On Tuesday , I am starting a Shamanic Journeying course .. I already have my Reiki level 7 and Reiki Master- Teacher course. I have not had the pleasure of being sent feathers before as a message. Would love to know the meaning of the stairs…. although intuitively, I think I know the answer to this… thanks for your post.

irene says December 31, 2015

so nice to now a meaning

Little One says December 14, 2015

I saw two perfectly overlapped feathers on the ground while I was talking to Michael. Later that day I received a silver necklace with a royal blue bead on it… and the necklace was two perfectly overlapped feathers exactly like the ones on the ground.

Barbara says December 9, 2015

My father took his life on November 6th. Since then I have been very depressed. I work at a distribution facility and have come across black feathers twice. The first one I came across was a big fluffy black feather laying on top of an empty pallet, I didn’t pick it up because I was still angry and blew it off as nothing. Later on that night I had this overwhelming feeling to look up what black feathers mean on the internet. So the next day I asked for another sign/feather. A few days later I was at work and was picking an item up from behind one of the concrete beams and when I turned around to walk back to my tugger there was a black feather sticking to the beam, this time I kept the feather and will put it in a frame next to my dads picture.

Kristin says December 7, 2015

I’ve been doing a lot of deep searching and change. I have been finding feathers just everywhere. I looked out my window Sat AM briefly and saw a speck of something float thru the air and fall to the ground. I had 1 second to catch my attention. I went out to see what it was. It was the absolute tiniest whispiest feather I’ve ever seen! I always say thank you and know the ankles and my guides are sending them

Ethel says December 1, 2015

Three weeks ago I brought my stepdad home to die and it has been a very rough three weeks. On Sunday we were giving him a sponge bath to make him more comfortable and all of a sudden 2 small white feathers drifted down to the floor near his bed, we thought it was strange but went on with his care. Yesterday I went to get my sewing box to repair something and there laying right next to it on the floor was another small white feather. I was telling my son when he called about the feathers and later on in the evening he called me back and said to check my message box his wife had sent me something. The something she sent me was your article on angels, thank you for giving me a little peace.

Roger hemmimgs says November 28, 2015

I picked up a blue fether while out shopping what does it mean?

Christina says November 25, 2015

I was cleaning my bathroom, when I noticed something falling out of the corner of my eye, I though it was a cat hair. I looked closer and saw a very soft white feather. It scared me a first, I thought it was a sign that someone in my family was sick and dying. I feel better knowing it was a gift from the angels.

Robin says October 27, 2015

I’ve been struggling intensely lately with depression and a hopeless feeling. This morning as I was getting my day started, all I really wanted to do was climb back in bed, pull the covers over my head and stay there, BUT as I was going about my morning routine, I got this overwhelming sense of peace, one I haven’t felt in a long time. Out of nowhere I could FEEL like someone was trying to reach out to me in a peaceful way. Anyway, needless to say, just as I rounded the corner in my hallway, going into my kitchen, I looked down and there was a white, almost like a kind of really light pink tint to it, but it’s outer edges were white. What blew my mind is that I don’t have ANYTHING in this house that has feathers on it, but I KNEW in my heart that THAT was my guardian Angel’s way of telling me everything is going to be ok. I was SO excited when I looked down and found it. At first I just stood there looking at it, and thinking, “nuh uh, that CAN NOT be a feather” – but it was. I mean, I usually always expect to see feathers on the ground outside, but I”ve never found one in my house before. Out of the excitement I called my husband to tell him. Well, of course he’s gonna try to look for a logical explanation, but I just said, “will you please let me enjoy the fact that Angels are trying to communicate with me!” I love it when I get little signs like that, and boy did I EVER need one here recently. Oh, and your article was very interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

Dorothy says October 23, 2015

July of 2014 I received a phone call in regards to a concerning mammogram, yes it was cancer. To help myself stay busy and keep my mind of the recent diagnosis I was working in my large farm yard cleaning out old dead fall. Towards evening I was loading my last heap of branches into the bucket of the backhoe, all day I had seen feathers but had not picked any up, but as I reached into the thick underbrush I noticed a beautiful black perfect feather. I loaded the bucket without taking the feather but before I climbed into the backhoe I went back and retrieved the feather. Once in the house and preparing supper the phone rang, on the other end was my paternal cousin to which I work with at the local hospital, we are both nurses. We spoke about the results of the previous tests and what was to be in the future for me in the way of treatments, before saying goodbye she asked “Did you find the feather?” I calmly answered in return “yes I have it ” there was a long silence and she repeated the question, “Did you find the feather?” I said “yes I have it right here. She replied “Good , then she is there” Now a year later , and doing well, Im back to work. So one evening we were working together and I ask the question that I had not asked before, “who did you ask to come?” and she replied “our grandmother” Never once did I question all the feathers I found in my path and other signs that were put before me, I greeted everyone with open mind, and there were many.

Vanessa says October 23, 2015

At 1450hrs EDST Australia, My friend and I were sitting in her lounge, I was knitting and she was working on her iPad. I looked up as a small feather seem to appear from nowhere, float down and settle on her iPad. We looked at each other and we both just shiver as if a breath of cold air had been blown over us. 20 minutes later I received a phone call (one I had been expected for a couple of days) to say that my mother had finally found peace and had passed over. The feather was small, greyish in colour and seemed to be the plume of a very young bird. Am I wrong in thinking that because I was not able to be with her, nor am I able to attend her funeral, that this is a sign from her that it is okay and that she knew I was with her in spirit and prayer. My friend was also very close to my mum.

Eutano Bernard says October 15, 2015

My name is Eutano and that means my God is good. My son name is Eu’Tano and that means my God is great. I found a beat up feather a night ago and felt the erge to pick it up. When i did I realize this was put into our heads as kids… What happens when Mario picks up the feather?.. Well I did I flew home.. And threw it away when i got to my door of my shelther.. This morning when i stepped out the door. I walked down three steps I saw a white bran new feather for me.. My sun will be named Eutanu-Annu. Cause my god is here

DianeZee says October 15, 2015

I only recently became interested in angels and I had been reading that if an angel is near, you will see a feather. Well, I live in Brooklyn, NY, and not in a fancy neighborhood, so my first reaction was, “Where am I going to find a feather in Brooklyn?” Fast forward a few months later and today, when I got off the bus, I glanced down at the sidewalk and there it was, a feather! On the ground! I picked it up and put it in my bag but I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I was so excited to find a feather in Brooklyn, I just had to have it.

Tanya says October 11, 2015

I was waiting for my lift from a friend to take me up the hosptial to see my dad… My dad has cancer and has had a bad reaction from the chemo… While waiting I noticed this white feather floating down in front of me.. And it floated down to the grass in front of me… I thought for a moment was I seeing things and I thought I heard of the meanings and couldn’t remember to what they were…. Tried to call a friend but couldn’t get in touch with her to ask…. When I got to the hosptail my dad took a turn for the worse… And my sister and brother who I hadn’t seen for 15 years were on their way down to see my dad after so my years… I’ve just read as what a white feather means but worried I’ve missed my chance to talk to my angel or to whoever sent it my way

Mashal says October 9, 2015

I was driving to work this morning. It was gloomy, some fog and it was spitting rain occasionally. I was getting close to work and I stopped at a traffic light. All of a sudden, a white feather fell on my front windshield and kind of danced around on the window. I think it may have gone in the hood eventually but I found it odd because there weren’t any birds or anything around. I know my angels were present but I was wondering what else this could mean?

laura says October 8, 2015

This morning when I went down stairs to prepare breakfast, I’ve noticed there was a greyish feather on the kitchen floor.

however,I remember the previous night calling for an Angel to help me with my problems.. nevertheless I cherish this very spacial moment that came true ..

Nancy says October 7, 2015

I find feathers a lot mostly black ones (crows) but the odd bluejay & of course some white ones but today I found like 20 small white ones in one area in the woods as I was walking my dog
I am wondering if there’s a specific meaning to finding so many

Chrisi says October 6, 2015

Dear Melony, my friend & soulmate passed away 14 months ago & im finding it unbearable to carry on without him, as he became more I’ll he became obsessed with finding white feathers, now that he’s gone I find them all the time, I pick them up & save them in a little bag & carry them with me everywhere I go, I call it my little bag of angels , do you think he is sending them to me or is it me reading too much into it, I always find them outside never inside, thank you Chrisi x

Jeremy says October 5, 2015

I was thinking hard once about quitting smoking(not cigarretes) and I had been thinking for sometime then and I decided that it was for me and I would foever do it. Moments later I found a feather on the floor in my bedroom. Mind you I’ve been cleaning all day and I hadn’t seen it. After this I decided to walk to the store and along the way I offered help to an old lady pushing a cart full of clothes and other items. She began to tell me her troubles and we ended up on the religious side of life about God and his angels and then my feather and she said it was from her…i asked no questions as I’ve known God’s work for some time…she also gave me a vanilla incent and told me to burn while reading…I gave her a quartz crystal We had imteresting conversation and I prayed for her and wish her well with a hug as I departed from at a spot in which she said someone would pick her up…as I walked away some distance from her a voice told me to not look back. Just before turning the corner I stole a glance but the 60+ year old lady and her cart full seemed to have dissappeared. That day I just felt good I was able to help someone.

Linda says October 4, 2015

I find feathers quite frequently now since I have acknowledged that they are an angel sign. I found three just yesterday and even found a small one stuck to my car door a few weeks ago. I love finding them, and always say hello and thank you to my angels!

Kim says October 3, 2015

Yesterday, Oct2, I came upon a white feather. It was the 6th anniversary of my son’s overdose. He actually died but was resuscitated twice. Today, Oct3, I came upon a grey feather with a brown tip. Tomorrow, Oct4, was my son’s final day on this earth after I made the agonizing decision to remove him from life support. I had been told he would never recover. I cannot begin to express the comfort, calm and hope I have experienced as a result of being sent these feathers. Tanner, I love you and not a day goes go by that I don’t think of you, I will never stop missing you. Mom

Stacy Hamlin says September 29, 2015

My grandma is 91 and approaching her final days of not hours. I stopped on my way home to take a picture of the full moon as I was getting a powerful vibration from it! I stepped out of my car to get a clear shot and two steps from where I parked was a black feather laying in the gravel. It was the second one I’ve found in 3 days.Today is my grandma’s oldest son’s birthday whom passed away a few years ago. I have a feeling she may join him tonight! My mom passed away in 99 on her first son’s birthday which she was forced to give up for adoption. Before she passed she wrote him a poem just 21 days before she passed away from a heart attack at 51 years old! He found us 3 years ago and I was able to give it to him. I definitely believe in Angels and the signs they leave for me!

Shane says September 20, 2015

I have been finding feathers along my payh for the past couple months as i increase my spiritual awareness!! Its such a blessing!

Terri says September 18, 2015

this last year has been very stressful, Living with my sister and it is not working. I decided to take a walk in a local cemetery where my grandparents a buried, I was very depressed, no job, a sister that was unhappy. I have been to this cemetery often over the last 20yrs, Tuesday afternoon I went there walking and I spotted a feather, then as I continued I spotted several more, I even crossed to a different section and there was a feather by my grandparents headstone! Continuing my walk I came upon a beautiful stone laying in the grass, it has 3 purple stripes and 3 white and I realized it even looks like a feather! I took it with me and as I was driving home I looked in sky and spotted a cloud with a patch of rainbow beside it, there was no rain, nor was it a rain cloud. I knew all of these were my angles giving me encouragement. I feel so blessed, in all the years of walking through this cemetery I have never found feathers let alone a beautiful stone that is striped like a feather but upon reflection it kinda looks like a quiver for feathers…… meant to be. I had been very discouraged and deeply depressed. I still need a job and to get my own place but it no longer seems so hopeless. I know I will be ok… I’m so glad I decided to Google the meaning of feathers and to be truthful I even had the thought that the feathers were angle wings and the small patch of rainbow were meant to give me hope, finding this site cemented what I was feeling. Thank You

Brenda says September 14, 2015

Hi. Over the last 2 weeks many feathers have crossed my path. At first I was a little oblivious to them but did pay some attention. The most recent one I found under the hood of my car as my light bulb had blown. Certainly an angel there (as I do a lot of driving). Today I ended up at the Dr who told me I have a heart arithmetical syndrome. Little did I know I could drop dead at any time. My lifestyle to date had been detrimental to my health and all the feathers I been finding in the past few weeks have alluded me to this discovery. I knew there was something wrong but ignored all warning signs. Tonight as I was about to hop into bed what should be at my feet but another beautiful feather! I love feathers and my angels have been trying to get my attention to make healthy changes. I am grateful for the opportunity and know that they are here to help me heal, cope, gain courage and have my back in my life. I love my life enough to pay attention and change my ways. Thank you for your insight and I believe 🙂

julia says September 10, 2015

I lost my mam about 4years ago.She died of lung cancer.when I was in my back yard I saw a white feather and her memory of her being poorly flooded back to me. I feel lost still without her.Can you tell me what it means please.

Lorraine says September 9, 2015

I went to place some food into my freezer in the garage!
I noticed a hook that needed to be removed before I could fully open the lid of the freezer.
I returned from the house with a screwdriver and beside the hook was a rather large beautiful hawk feather! I don’t know where it came from!
Last night I was praying for my Husband who is a recent Cancer survivor!
We are struggling to get by as he also lost his job and his health benefits!
We sold our home so we could manage as best we could.
The bills were relentless, and the struggle is still here!
Today we rent… After owning a home for 30 yrs.
My sister…. Just diagnosed with melanoma of the nose.
My daughter…. Just recently out of an abusive relationship!
Worry is soooo much on my mind!
I just need a break! PLEASE
The explanation of the brown feather was very comforting! Thank you!

Jennifer says September 6, 2015

I got into my car to go pick up my friend for a day at the movies. When I put the key in the ignition all of a sudden a white feather just floated into my vision that I just needed to stop and have it land in my hand. I felt a sense of calm and curiosity.

Beth says September 5, 2015

Thank you for this wonderful information! I feed all sorts of creatures so I frequently find feathers in my yard but when I walked outside I saw something really unusual today. There were black feathers sticking straight out of the ground all over my front yard. I knew it had to mean something but wasn’t sure what it was. As I was sitting in my driveway waiting for the garage door to close an oak branch fell through my sunroof, letting me know that there was definitely something to this. Clearly the oak signifies strength and, coupled with the black feathers, I now know that my angels are gathered around me to give me the strength that I need to move forward during a very difficult point in my life. Thank you!!!

Bill Mac says September 5, 2015

My wife of 33 years has fought lung cancer for the last 5-6 years with surgery, much radiation, chemo, drugs, and more radiation.On a Tuesday night at 11:30pm, she was in so much pain that I had to call 911. When they got here, the door had to be opened so they could come in with their equipment, and a small, sparrow like bird flew in the open door. When we got home at 5:30am on Wednesday, the bird did not appear to be still in the house. When we woke at 10am that day, the bird was in the master bathroom, flutturing about the skylight and mirror. It flew into the bedroom , about several times, landed on my shoulder, and then into the rest of the house. I shooed it out of the house in about 5 minutes and thought nothing more about the incident. On Thursday that same week, I had to admit her to Hospice House. The next day, Friday, I found a small gray and white feather on my bed. My wife passed away several days later on Sunday. Since then, my wife’s oldest daughter has found a small feather in her car while driving to work. I live in Florida and she lives in Maine. Is this our angel speaking to us and what does it mean??? I miss her so very much. Thanks.

Cindy says August 30, 2015

I found a white feather with 3 light brown stripes going across it could you please tell me the meaning thank you love and light

ColorfulSimone says August 29, 2015

I love your post about angels and feathers! I just quoted you in my blog post…
Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary says August 18, 2015

I’ve seen white feathers in my pillow case for three times. I don’t have any idea what is the meaning of it. During the first time, I throw it because I am not aware but then the second time and the third time I keep it and it is still here. Thank you for the information: ) I know angels are need us all.

Tunisia says August 17, 2015

18 Aug 2015…this would not be my first feather my Angel has put in my path way but today i noticed the feather only cause i just finished vacuuming its very little but its white and im so glad i decided to pick it up i want to keep it the question i have do i glue it to a scrap book and write a date to it or just put it away? Thanking you Tunisia

Toni says August 14, 2015

I asked the angels for a sign by sending a feather. No feathers. I was driving and again asked for a sign through fethers. A truck drove by me and on the back top right side were angel wings. Is this my sign ?

maria says August 9, 2015

June of this year, I had to terminate my pregnancy at 15 weeks. I was devastated since this was my first pregnancy. I had three miscarriages before and after this happened, I began to question whether God wanted this for me. I have prayed to my angels for guidance and to God for strength. I have embarked on the journey to attempt pregnancy again. Deep down I am terrified and still question if I should even bother. This morning, on my lawn was a bright red feather should sitting there. I knew it was from my angels. This evening I went for a walk with my husband, there on the path a bright pink feather lay. Now I know my angels are near, I just pray that I understand what they are trying to tell me.

holly says August 4, 2015

after being away for the weekend, I came home to find white/grayish feather in various places, nobody had been into my home whilst i was away ( apart from the angels)…

I had a large fluffy white feather lay perfectly on my sofa cushion, i walked over to my picture of my nanna to place it there, as i assumed it was a visit from her,

to only then find 3 more feather around hers and my grandads pictures,

when getting ready for bed i have a shelf in my bedroom and eye level, and then noticed that there were then another 4 white and grey feather also on my shelf and one on a picture of me and my new partner,

was this a visit from my angels or maybe them having a party in my house whilst i was away.

either way it was very comforting 🙂

Beth says July 29, 2015

I have gone through a rough decade. Im a super young soul and todays world has beat me up pretty badly. My mom passed away from cancer rather quickly and was my core stabilizer, mentor, role model, hero, and friend. Her death sent me into a tail spin. My grief manifested in physical illness. I made bad choices. Gave up. One afternoon I walked into her rose garden. I was physically ill with depression and guilt over not being strong enough to deal with her passing. I had previously received a prayer Meme from a friend on FB-it called to my guardian angel for a sign of feathers.
I prayed it desperately. That morning I lost my job due to the market crash/downsizing/funding. I was almost as low as I could be.
When I walked into the garden and sat down on the bench, I saw nothing.But I chalk that up to being so sad. I sat there crying and crying…when I finally look up from the ground to the roses- I saw a white feather floating to the ground.
As I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and the yard came into focus…there they were…50-100 WHITE FEATHERS EVERYWHERE!
I know, I know…”it couldn’t be real”…I immediately started calling people and taking pictures. I even accused a friend of dumping them in the yard…who immediately reminded me that she wasn’t there and as cool as it would’ve been to do that…she honestly didn’t have the time. LOL
Now, I see them everywhere when I need to!
All I know is…ask and pay attention! They are really there!:)

murendi says July 21, 2015

When I was praying last night a feather appeared with gray and white colour ,can you please assist me with the meaning of that colour

jo says July 16, 2015

For the past few days I have been noticing dark, sometime black or brown feathers in my walking path. I have been thinking a lot about a change in my life that I believe will be sometime this year.

Robin Lee says July 16, 2015

Does it count if I found a white feather on the ground under where an Osprey nests?

Jo-Anne says July 14, 2015

My Mum passed away 10 days ago and I couldn’t feel her around me and everyone said it’s too soon. I asked for a sign she was there and today, I walked by the seafront and looked down and next to my foot was a very large feather (about a foot long). I feel comfort in this when a friend said that must have been a very big bird! I am sure it was the sign I was looking for.

Leslie says July 13, 2015

After an x boyfriend passed away suddenly in Feb 2015, at a relatively young age, I have been finding feathers in my path. This seems to happen especially on days I have been talking or thinking about him. On the day the Medical examiner finally told me the cause of death was probably cardiovascular disease – heart attack, (I and a mutual friend had been worried about a possible accidental overdose)a tiny feather flew in my house when I opened the door. I tried to catch it but missed and didn’t know where it landed. On the way out to tell my friend, I thought, that was too bad because I was going to show him the feather, and as I was going out about 10-15 feet away, another feather descended from above right in front of me. I caught that one. On the way back, the intercom turned on for a moment (not a dial tome – just a short blip). There was no one around but me and no one in the courtyard. I have found 15+ feathers, large and small. I made a peace love necklace out of three of them. When we separated, he had just lost a best friend and younger brother and was angry, and “hated” me for not reacting the way he wanted when he blurted it out about 2 a.m. (I had been confused by the anger coming at me and was going to question him about it.) I would have been totally supportive if he had told me when he came home, but his anger got in the way. I knew this was not about me, but his losses, but I reacted the next day when he again “hated me” and had him leave because I was overwhelmed by the degree of his anger. I know he was in pain and I regretted not being cooler and being there for him and then he did not ever want to talk to me again and literally ran from me when I bumped into him the next day in the store. He did not have to be with me again, but I felt if we had talked I could have explained why I reacted as I did and told him I understood his anger and was there for him if he needed me. This sudden shocking ending left me upset and frustrated and blaming myself since there was no communication or closure. I was wonderi9ng if he would forgive me in the spirit world or still hold onto that anger. I was sad for him at his untimely passing and for me at the loss of the relationship, but feel he is now better off, with no emotional or physical pain and being with the people he loved and lost. I don’t know how to interpret the feathers – I f they are signs from him or after reading your page, from my angels. I have also had two strange experiences on Facebook and Bing when his name appeared in my current message and search in the number 3 position, when I had done nothing to cause that. The message said “thank you” and was an answer to a message I sent him – this was dated 2013!!!! If I tried to find this message it was not easy. On Bing, I checked my history and there were at least 100 searches before his name. These incidences seem to be more than computer glitches. Those plus the intercom turning on seem to suggest that spirit can manipulate electronics. I saw 15 feathers the other day (just wanted to see if I was noticing them more)but when 2 were right in front of me again I did pick those up so I get that I am getting feathers. I have felt it is enough feathers now and time to let go and move on, I still have some sadness and grief over loosing this man I loved so much. Do you think the feathers are signs that he is o.k. and has forgiven me for not reacting the way he wanted, and is trying to connect with me or are these my angels saying let go and lighten up? Any clarification would be much appreciated. I would have loved to get a reading by a psychic like John Edward.
P.S. I am a spiritual person and as you can see my logo and website are the white dove, so I guess it is appropriate that my signs are feathers.

Janet says July 11, 2015

Last month I was sitting in my living room when a bird hit my front window then flew away. It startled me, I looked out and 2 other birds were sitting on my porch railing. I have heard this is a bad omen, so I felt a little freaked out. Then last week, a bird hit my side window and flew away so I’m really starting to wonder what can this mean? Today getting the mail, I happened to look down and there was a black feather! I picked it up and not initially knowing what it was (no glasses I screamed and dropped it. I thought it was maybe from a black crow, scared me as I think of them as “death” birds. Am I just being paranoid?

Wendy says July 6, 2015

While walking on the beach I meant a friend. She was wearing a gold feather around her neck, which her husband had given her. I said to her that I had heard that feathers where a message from an angel.

As I proceeded down the beach I found one feather and then another. On my way back down the beach I saw the first feather again. As I got back in my car to come home I found another one. I did think it was strange.

When I got home, I received a call from a good friend that his wife (a best friend for 45 years) had passed away. I then new what the feathers meant. That she was OK and at home.

Sharlene says July 6, 2015

Today I found a white feather on my desk at work when I returned from lunch. I am currently waiting to find out if I am pregnant, do you think this is a sign from an angel or even my dad?

Sharani says June 30, 2015

About a week back i found a small brown whitish mixed feather . I was coming out of a store and i was drawn to notice the small feather flying down. I had always been wanting to find a feather as that gives me a perfect sense of assistance from my dearest angels.

jasmine says June 25, 2015

i was walking into the kitchen yesterday to make myself a cup of tea when my mum noticed a brown feather with black dots on the back of my dressing gown 3 years ago my auntie pat past away and i seen her in a dream last week could this be her trying to contact me

manu says June 9, 2015

A purple feather fell into my hand….i have a pik but i cant upload.yea both myself and my friend looked straight up the roof.

Joy says June 2, 2015

i found a small brown feather this morning my husband died last December and my sister last Friday i found finding the brown colored feather upsetting i took it to mean bad luck so i am glad i checked it out on here

Kelly says May 20, 2015

I lost my nan yrs ago but miss her so much as she was my best friend, I found out I was pregnant which was a shock but soon to be amazing news, me and my partner was so happy, but after a scan was told we had a missed miscarage, the day after the Miscarrage, I found two feathers on my table in the garden where I sit every morning to have my morning coffee. I feel like I have received a sign and that my nan sent me two kisses. Feathers are small and white/ grey…

Violeta says May 17, 2015

I love feathers and frequently I find them when I am in walk by the river with my dog….I made a candlestick with those finded feathers , stones, shellfish… plants… and i use this candlestick when I read runes ..
few days ago I found black feather …which i did not find a long ago… I am believer….

Sean O'connor says May 17, 2015

Iv had 3/4 obvious feathers to me from my mum. The recent was Friday, hence y I’m on this website

Cleo says May 16, 2015

Few years a go I found in my flat feathers in places like, my bed (white with grey), in my pillowcase (like caramel color, they are synthetic), and last one in middle of the hall, imposibil to miss her (that one was in many colors,like a peacock eye but small size). First time I scare, I knowed was imposibel to find feathers in my flat, I thinked at something bad, not at a sign from my angels…After a while, walking I gat the thought to have a parrot to keep me company, and feel not alone, now I have 7 birds and becouse of them 30 pigeons and many sparrows came daily to eat at my windows.
The last bird I bought it because I had a thought to buy the bird if I see she want to fly in her cage. The next day surching things in a petshop a littel parot escape from his cage, losing some feathers croshinh from windows.I dont know how she escape, looks imposibel. My parrots announce me when pigeons come at windows making noises and flying looking happy see them feed. I find feeders daily in my way to the office, pigeons feeders. Now I know they are sings from my angels.

Linda says May 15, 2015

Over the course of the years I have found feathers in different locales. Some were large some were medium and I took them all to be messages of blessings from my angels, saints and loved ones who have crossed over.
Today I found a very small dark brown/gray feather on my kitchen floor. I am very curious as to what meaning there is to this aside from a blessing. I’m not sure how it got indoors except for perhaps on the bottom of my shoe.

TinaKay says May 11, 2015

I found a brown feather under my side of the bed. What does that mean?

chrissy says May 10, 2015

I found a feather on the grass in a park about 1/2 hour before my daughter was getting married there. I believe that it was my father letting us know that he was with us on the day. I immediately felt a warm sensation, I took a photo on my phone and sent it to my daughter telling her that Grandpa was here, she was so happy. I placed the feather on a table she had set up with a chalk board with the a message on stating that ” Happiness Starts Here”.

Mirela says May 10, 2015

Dear Maria,
I have never been a believer. One month ago my doughter had an accident and I am certain that the angels are the ones who saved her. Because of this I started reading about angels.
Yesterday I asked for my angel to give me a signe and today I found a white feather hidden in my flowerpot while watering. I thanked my angel for the signe. I will learn my children to be aware of their angels and to thank them for being there.

Tiffany says April 29, 2015

Yesterday, I was cleaning my mothers apartment. She passed away suddenly, three weeks ago. I was absently sweeping but thinking about afterlife. If it’s real and if my mother made it somewhere safe, if she was ok. When I looked down, my sweep pile was topped by white feathers! I searched the entire place and could not find where the feathers could have came from in the apartment. I believe it was her or an angel letting me know she is ok now.

sandra taylor says April 28, 2015

i found a small white feather on the arm of the chair i always sit on the after that i see rather white or grey feathers. i walk my daughters dog 2/3 times a day and i must see 2/3 a day on the path, i thought at first they have fell off a bird as i walk in parks but I’ve even seen them in the town centre i found one as i was walking up the steps to the bus stop. i don’t know if I’m seeing more as I’m may be looking for them now……id like to think I’m been watched over by a angel….?

Kay says April 19, 2015

Found a brown feather on my kitchen floor a day or two ago. I questioned where did this come from? and inadvertently threw it in my waste can. Today I noticed the feather hanging fragile to the edge of my trash bag inside my kitchen cabinet. My husband Barry and I are in the midst of a move which will happen April process of change, de-cluttering, decisions, questioning the choice etc. I happily retrieved the feather and will keep it closeby. One side is nicely formed and the seam in the middle separates the other side to be somewhat irregular with some of the feathers missing?? Never really studied the significance of feathers, but so wonderful to have been introduced to this concept that my angels are close by. Lovingly Kay

Phil S. says April 15, 2015

Two weeks ago I arrived back home to Tampa, FL after my fathers service and passing away on March 27th, 2015. Within hours of arriving home I went to meet up with some friends at a common meeting place. I noticed a large feather on the ground, black feather and didn’t think twice other than it was one of the largest feathers I’ve ever seen. Since then, I’ve been to that same meeting place daily, seeing various size feathers all over, always black. Today, I was going to get in my car, and there was a feather by the door of the car as it was placed there for advert reasons. I wondered what the significance could be, as I am a spiritual person, but never encountered experiences with feathers or maybe just never noticed. But these feathers were not the same ones every day, in fact I went back to that meeting place after reading this to look for the feather by the door and it was no where to be found. I had no idea but something told me these weren’t coincidences, I don’t believe in those anyways. Finding this site, and reading the significance brings solace and an understanding of the “get it” notion that’s described on this site. God bless.

Sandy says April 14, 2015

I was very sad last night, and I wrote a letter to a dear person who has passed on. I asked her help and then I also asked the universe if there is anyone who knows what is in my heart. This morning as I was taking my car out of the house, I suddenly spotted a white feather on my car front mirror. Just one white feather. And it is not common near my house to see feathers around. I just took it and got into my car. I don’t know what it indicates, but if there are any angels nearby, I sure need their intervention in my case.

Lisa says April 6, 2015

Hello. I have been very ill and off of work for 8 months. Just found out I need 6 more months to recover and then surgery for something else just discovered. I have much pain and am battling for my long term disability. I am out of money and patience. Last Friday while reaching for a tray at knee level I threw out my lower back and have been in excruciating pain along with my usual pain from my other conditions. I cannot take any medication for pain due to ulcers.

I consider myself to be a very strong person, but yesterday, while alone in my room, I broke down emotionally. Tears of anguish, sadness and despair flowed like a river and I lifted my face to the ceiling and repeated the words “help me. please help me.”

I immediately felt a very warm sensation over my face that radiated throughout my body. It felt so wonderful and comforting and healing! I was afraid to open my eyes because I did not want to lose the connection, but visualized in a very clear manner a bright golden beautiful cone shaped beam of light over me entirely.

After a while I opened my eyes and felt a sense of calm and peace that I have not had in many months. I instantly smelled a faint scent of perfume or herbs to the right of me.

My husband came in a while later, unaware of my experience. He offered to refill my water and I asked for a fresh glass.

When I took my first sip of water a small white feather came with it and was on my mouth. I could not imagine how that could happen and threw it aside.

Today, in researching these unusual experiences, I now believe an Angel or Spirit came to me. I continue to feel calm and relaxed today, even with the pain. I believe I am at a turning point now and hope for great results.

I have no experience in this type of thing and found your website to be very enlightening! Thank you very much.

AYANBADEJO OLUSEGUN says April 3, 2015


emily barrett says April 3, 2015

I went to see a medium on 2.4.2015 when the medium was talking about herself I had chills and goosebumps on my left arm and then suddenly I starting crying for no reason. after the medium all day I experienced the chills and goosebumps. I went to my mums with my youngest the street had just been Tarmac by my mums drive so u remember there was nothing on it. later on I went to the car for my son as I went back there was a small white feather stuck on the Tarmac right outside my mums house. the medium told me I has strong gold Amber emerald green brown auras around me and was surprised I have not done medium. should I go to a spirituals church to channel this and also see a healer.
many thanks Emily xxxx

    Anne says April 29, 2016

    I often find white feathers , I truly believe it is a sign Angels are near, my son passed away 35 years ago, 13 years old. My husband 2 years ago. I believe in the afterlife , Angels. This evening in my home, I picked up a grey feather, I did not know what it meant. I looked at colours of feathers and meaning. At 7:47pm I picked up this grey Feather. Amazing. I was worried about what it meant. I also feel blessed Angels are near.

maria isabel says March 31, 2015

Melanie yesterday when on my way to work I find to feathers grey so beautiful I pick them and thank to the Angels , because I new they were close to me Thank you Melanie

Lyn says March 30, 2015

I am a Christian and have a strong faith, recently say the beginning of the year I was walking as I did every morning through the cemetery with my dog holly and as we were enjoying our walk not one but two white feathers came down and landed at my feet ,this made me feel very comforted but I don’t know why .I am now very sad to say that 3 weeks ago our lovely little girl holly passed over and we are very sad and miss her very much

Jimmy Chua says March 25, 2015

I was amazed this morning when I had to choose between 2 cars to drive to deliver the set-up for my new shop: “STERLING HEART BIRD NEST” and the answer from my mouth.. take both cars and go! 😀 Because my parents and brother are in the same new business!! A golden feather appear in mid air near the Toyota Wish.. on the window… it is a small one.. disappear soon after.. what an amazing sight! 😀 Cheers!!

Sharon says March 24, 2015

Thank you so much for sharing information on Feathers! The day after my Mom passed away at my home, I went out to retrieve the newspaper and right at my door was a small gray feather! I knew it was from my Mom in Heaven! I placed it in our Bible! It was the most wonderful gift she ever gave me!

wanda says March 22, 2015


Parita says March 16, 2015

Hello! I am really thankful for your article but I wanted to know what it means when you find two feather with the colors each. It was white at the tip then blended into grey and then black. Does it mean something?

Elisabeth says March 13, 2015

Hi there,

Thank you for the article. I have two daughters and my ex lives far away so its just us. I have seen feathers for a few weeks the odd one here and there, I agree with everything you wrote, when my girls and I woke up two days ago there was a large black and white feather at the bottom of our bed, nothing else. Since then my cats (I have 6, but only 2 hunt)have brought in two birds grey and yellow. They have eaten both of them and left feathers. This in the space of 8 hours.

My question is, do I read the same into it if they catch birds or is it just a random feather. The reason I ask this is because I have made a hard decision which I am trying to stick to, it is something I have failed on many times, but am feeling stronger this time. I have tried to leave an abusive man many times and over the last 3 days all I see is feathers and it gives me strength to follow through. I decided 3 days ago to leave him, And I have been surrounded by feathers.

I look forward to hearing back from you


Kevin says March 11, 2015

I have been going through some real emotional trauma. I’ve been praying continuously and asking my angels for guidance and support. I found this website about an hour ago. After reading this, I asked my Angels to help me find a feather. Not 15 minutes later I’m in my office and my co-worker suddenly said, “There’s a feather circling around your head!” It was a small goose down feather, but sure enough, my Angels answered my request. I’m nearly speechless. Simply amazing! THANKS!!!!

    Melanie Beckler says March 11, 2015

    Wow what a beautiful validation Kevin… Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful sign that the angels are with you and supporting you! Keep asking for their help!

Denise says March 9, 2015

When my mother was dying and in transition, her family was gathered in her bedroom where she lay. I looked down on the floor beside her bed and saw a white fearher. At first I thought it may have come from a pillow but there were no feather pillows in the bedroom. I picked the feather up and placed it on her dresser. About 30 minutes later there was another one on the floor. It was then that I mentioned it to my family that Angels were in the room. Before she died that evening we found 19 feathers…one for each member of mom’s family. I cannot describe to you the profound sense of protection and peace we all felt. I knew that my mother would be protected and escorted to the other side. There presence of angels and God was palpable in her room. It was truly a humbling experience and validated to me the presence of Angels when you need them.

Jenny says March 9, 2015

Hi, I found a feather in my back garden , grey, white and black . 2 days later there is 9! Altogether near a shed .. I think the angels are trying to tell me something .. But what?

Ty ,Jen .

    Shar says July 23, 2016

    No worries they are good signs have a blessed day

ShinyMoon says March 2, 2015

Hi Melanie!!! Tonight I had a significant dream about my recently departed fiancè. I knew that he had passed away, but instead He was in front of me, talking with me and happy to turn back life. And I remember seeing black feather on the ground… What does this dream mean Melanie? I so much need your guidance. Thank you for enlightening my life with all your work, I very deeply appreciate that. With Love and Light, Aycan.

mary says March 1, 2015

daughter at late husbands grave found white feather put it in pocket it changed to a dark grey now a very light grey her husband died 3yrs ago yesterday . can u tell me anything about feather plz x

Rhiannon says March 1, 2015

Hello this is a great site! I recently had a medium reading and my cousin came through and one of her messages to me was she leaves me white feathers! I had never noticed them until I got home from my reading! Sure enough I found 2 white feathers, one at the end of my drive way and one on my front door step! So I wanted to no the actual meaning of a white feather and I’m glad I found this site! Thank you so much 🙂

Terri says February 26, 2015

I was walking out to my Daughters car yesterday.I heard someone say look..As I looked down I see a beautiful blue & black feather on the ground. The color was amazing!! I am often thinking of those on the other side.. It made me extremely happy when I held it. I felt love..

Kylie says February 20, 2015

I have just woken up and my attention was drawn to find a white feather next to my hand whilst i was dreaming of someone i care alot for. I’m not sure on the meaning of this but i am very greatful for this discovery.

Jessi says February 19, 2015

I work in a fast food place and have been finding small white feathers all over the place. They are unusually small and very soft. I find them all the time, I just never thought anything about it. I did wonder where they keep coming from since we don’t have anything at work that would face any reason to have feathers at all and I don’t have a bird at home nor any birds that are whitish flying around my house.I have been trying to start a business and, in reading here, noticed that it says it could be a sign saying I’m on the right paths. But, my grandparents both have passed away, and they raised chickens for pets, my grandfather loved em. He never outright said it, but, you could tell by his attitude towards them that, to him, was like that of a pet. They write tame and would come sit on your lap and let you pretty them. Several of them.I don’t know.

Louanne says February 18, 2015

I’m 8 months pregnant I keep finding black feathers everywhere at least 2 a day I lost my only sister 10 years ago my dad 7 years ago and my mum has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has been given a year to live! Could this be them?

joshua says February 12, 2015

i usually find multicouloured feathers in odd spots yesterday i was snorkelling and on the top of the water at the end of the jetty i found a blue,grey,green and white feather that if turned on an angle reflects aqua and cyan turning the whole feather a diffrent colour

Clare says February 8, 2015

I lost my grandad 2 years ago and still find it very difficult to deal with. 2 weeks ago I attended my Aunties funeral, still constantly grieving for my grandad, I suffered my first ever panic attack. A few days before the funeral my fridge freezer broke, so the day after the funeral I ordered a brand new one, it arrived the same week – I watched the delivery men unpackage it, bring it into my kitchen, very excited I opened every drawer of the freezer. Then there was sat there a white feather, it freaked me out at first, where is the explanation? I now believe this is my grandad letting me know he is fine, and it is time a let go a little more, I now keep the feather with his picture in my hall.

Bronwyn says February 7, 2015

I am a lost soul and have been all my life (would you believe I have just turned 50)
Today my fury friend and I went cruising not knowing what to do or where to go (we are staying at my cousins and needing our space) anyways I purchased a sun shelter and we went to the beach for the day. Whilst I was doing a little reading we had two feathers fall between us (one grey one white) I knew I had company from the Angels as they responded to my prayers earlier. I smile and love these moments as it helps me to keep the faith. We are blessed

tania says January 24, 2015

i was having a talk with my friend about abortion. I was trying to convince him why it should be illegal because he didnt see it as cruel as it really is. We were arguing a little and inside my head i asked God to help me try to get my point across. Later at night i get a text from him saying how he thought about what i was saying and that he totally agreed with everything i said. As i was going to sleep, i found a white feather on my pajamas!

Amber says January 22, 2015

In the weekend when my sister, my 2 girls and i were visiting my mums memorial chair for her birthday, we came back to the car and found a small mostly white with a little blue and grey feather stuck to the side of the car, definitely a sign from mum our beautiful angel, very needed as life is very tough at the moment. Before mum passed away she told us she would leave signs for us, and this made the day so much more special knowing she was there.

Paul Melnick says January 20, 2015

The morning that my dad passed away, I found a small gray feather a few feet within the hospital room where he was lying. I had a feeling instinctively that there was no way this feather could have made it into his sterile 4th floor room except by something supernatural. I was so inspired by the feather that wrote a poem about it and read the poem at his funeral service. I appreciated your website.

Pam says January 18, 2015

I was thinking how I missed my grandmother and the special chats we use to have. I was getting in bed 10 minutes later and on my alarm clock was a tiny blue feather, I felt as though I had my response from someone watching over me.

elsie says January 18, 2015

I asked the angels too pls send me a sign that they with me , the next morning found a big brown feather right next too my bed. Itwas amazing.

Jennifer says January 14, 2015

I’ve been going through a hard time lately. Questioning many things about my life. I’ve been in a very dark, low point. I’ve been praying every night, asking what is the reason and lesson i’m to learn from what I’ve been feeling. Not giving up. Yesterday I was walking down the hall at work and turned the corner and there were 2 large yellow feathers. Due to my state of mind, I didn’t think anything of it. Till this morning when I woke up. It occured to me that the Angels left those for me to find. I’m still not sure of what they mean. Although I may have an idea. I’m an inuitive empath and feel that the message might be negitive energy attaching itself to me. I feel terrible for not regonizing the sign yesterday. I thanked them this mornig. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Melanie Beckler says January 15, 2015

    Jennifer, yes! Your angels want you to know they’re with you and to hand over those dense dark feelings. They’re happy to take them and release them into the light so you can stay focused on what you desire… To start co-creating joyful, happy, light blessings into your life.

Anthi Georgiou says January 14, 2015

Almost 2 years ago i lost my brother from cancer. During the time he was sick at the hospital ( 3 months) i was praying daily to angels to help him and all family as well. He was too young and had 3 small children . At that time i used to find feathers very often and even after he passed away kept finding. Last 3 months now i didnt find anything and im still asking for their help and guidance and also i m thanking them every day for the stranth they gave me to pass this difficult time! Do u thing that they may get tired of somebody?

    Melanie Beckler says January 15, 2015

    They never get tired of you Anthi! But the signs they’re sending may have changed… Here are some more angelic signs to be on the lookout for:

    Remember you can always ask your angels for a clear sign they are with you!

Adriana says January 11, 2015

Hello! In December, I was blessed appeared me 2 beautiful white feathers in different places, and keep with affection know why these beautiful angels are always with me.

Claire says January 11, 2015

I’m a Registered nurse in South Africa. We don’t have a mortuary in the hospital I work in but we do have a cold room which is a holding area for bodies to be kept before being collected by funeral homes. The cold room is on the same floor as my unit and I know when someone has passed because without fail there are feathers in the passage outside the cold room. For me it’s a very comforting sign.

Chris says January 11, 2015

I’ve recently split from my long term partner and mother of my child. It has been an awful time. I have been doing a lot of soul searching in this difficult moment and trying to make myself the best person I can be. On my break at work today I went to the smoking shelter to be greeted by a white feather sat on top of “my seat” I instantly knew this was for me. A message or sign I’m going in the right direction or that this is the path I’m supposed to be walking. And after reading this page im now even more certain of this!

sandy procyk says January 11, 2015

what does it mean when you find a black and white feather?

Janie says January 11, 2015

My best friend lost her Dad -Ken- a short time ago, before he left they discussed knowing he was there and him leaving/ giving signs.
My friend recieves feathers all the time and she believes they are from her belved
Dad… Is this the case… Can sprit leave feathers too??

Belinda says January 9, 2015

Just like to share my story on feathers i seem to pick these feathers up at work,brown an white and white on its own,just last week i picked up a pink feather in the carpark at work strange finding it in an airport staff car park and besides we dont have pink birds in blenheim,is my angels trying to tell me something why i pick them up from work and a fluffy white feather among my grand kids clothes.

Shirley Welstead says January 7, 2015

My hubby found a small white feather on the couch last night (we have nothing with feathers in it in the house) and didn’t tell me about it until this morning after my yoga class when I was rolling up my yoga mat and found a small white feather under it and I was sharing this with him and someone else! I picked it up, said thank you, and then blew it away for someone else to find. Should I have kept it? I’m feeling truly blessed that we each found two white feathers within 12 hours! Lovely. 🙂

Tracey says January 2, 2015

Hi, my story with feathers started a year ago when I found a feather in a strange place and that’s what got me into looking at the meanings. I asked my angels from that day on to use them and boy, have they what. I find my feathers at my front door on the mat. The colours have matched the meanings at that time. My most recent, I have just moved house where I did not feel safe, on the 2nd day in my new
place I opened the front door and there was a beautiful big brown one sitting there and put a big smile on my face ..

melodie says December 29, 2014

I have lived in my house for about four months. I have nothing in my house with feathers and have never seen one. The other night my boyfriend lost a spring on the floor and as we were all crawling around looking i found a black feather pressed in a kind of corner. Nothing in my house has feathers and my first comment was we have been visited by an angel. Hoping i can figure out why.

Dan Shinde says December 28, 2014

I was wondering through a forest looking for crystals as I know they have magical powers and asked the angels for giving me some. Soon I found a small crystal rocks on my path and felt guided to find a few more. Then as I had picked up about 3 (as I was getting a thought that I have to get 3 Crystals ) I came across a white feather leading to more feathers and ultimately to a spot where there were lot of white feathers most of them damaged and under a thorny wood branch( as if the angel had a fight with something there and feathers had fallen) still I could gather a few good feathers which I am grateful for receiving.

A couple of days later I heard a big bird had killed a white pigeon in a frnds yard with feathers all over.

Also, since the day I found the feathers in the forest I am getting thoughts and feelings about an old love affair, also signs indicating marriage vows, her name on a banner, prosperity signs.

I am really grateful if you are able to decipher the code and help me with this message.

Karen Goldsmith says December 22, 2014

We lost our son in June 2013. Even though he was disabled it was very sudden and unexpected. That summer my friend took me out for a walk in a forest near our house (where I had planned to take my son and my daughter the previous year, but he was ill and we didn’t get there). I was saying to my friend how I missed him and how he would’ve loved the walk and she assured me he was there with us, even though we didn’t see him. The kids then started picking up acorns and asking about them and as they were talking an acorn in its shell fell from a tree and hit my daughter on the arm and when she picked it up it had a white feather wrapped round it in between the case and nut. I wasn’t sure about white feathers before but this was so significant to what we had been saying almost like my son was around and joining in with the other kids. It was lovely and since I’ve had them on my daughters birthday and at times when i’ve been worried i’ve found them lying around. I believe he is sending me signs

joanne says December 22, 2014

Two days running I found a black feather on my path at the front door. On the third day as I walked past the same spot I wondered to myself if I would find a third feather. As I took a few more steps there was another as if to answer my wondering. Lately I have been reminding myself and others not to lose sight of the wonder and magic in the world around us and not to let the harshness of life to harden our hearts. I have been worried about moving to a new town lately away from my elderly mother and took this as a sign that the angels are watching and looking over us and confirming the above reminder to myself.

Cindy says December 20, 2014

My mother has been gone for 33 years yesterday. I always have a hard time this time of the year. (Christmas she loved Christmas)anywas this has never happened to me before i walked into the bulk barn store and i noticed a fluffy white feather falling in front of me. It flew right in my face then drifted out the door as i was walking in. The bulk barn is a food store so there is no feathers in there. It caught me totally off guard.

Silver says December 12, 2014

This morning I found a black feather as I went to turn on the garden hose. I picked it up and added it to my feather collection. When I went to turn the hose off the was a very small grey and white feather in the same area. What are they saying to me?

Jessie says November 29, 2014

Im Finding White Feathers In My Pillow, All White & This Is The First Time 2 C A Black & Brown Feather!

Fran says November 22, 2014

I took some tissues from a newly opened tissue box and put them in a new zipper lock bag so they would not be a mess in my purse. When my nose started running I reached into the bag and pulled out a random tissue…there was a long, fine bit of a very blue feather. I have no idea what it means.

Effe says November 22, 2014

Three days ago my darling husband passed away. Yesterday afternoon I found a white feather laying on the living room floor. I’ve never taken the idea of spiritual experiences seriouly before but now I am not so sure. My husband was wonderful and deserves to be with angels.

Joan says November 21, 2014

The year my mum died she was looking forward to seeing a production of ‘Mame’ that I was involved with. She sang the songs to me from her hospital bed. She died a few weeks before it was performed. On the last curtain call I was watching from the circle as they sang Mame. A white feather drifted slowly from the rafters on to the stage. My brother also saw it from his seat in the box (my mums ticket). I’ve never seen that before and there were no feathers in the show or costumes. I just knew she was there.

Rob says November 12, 2014

I have found feathers all my life, it took 2 incident’s in Baghdad Iraq for me to fully understand the meaning of Angel Feathers, seconds after 2 near death incidents, i felt a swirling feeling,and a smell of flowers and flapping sound above me of what sounded like wings, i looked up!, each time with out explanation, a lone beautiful White Feather drifted down into my palm?, no birds in sight! devine intervention, gifts from Angels.
Thank You.

Alysia says November 9, 2014

I found a polka dot feather along with white and gray feathers. I would like to know the meaning of the black with white polka dots feather mean.

Cynthia says November 7, 2014

I find white feathers all the time, some grey, black, blue. I know my Angels are with me. I’m confused about someone and a situation, I asked my Angels to help, yesterday while in Ross, a store something told me go look at the shoes, I love shoes, there on the floor was a 6″ Phesant feather it’s Beautiful, I can’t seem to find any meaning, please help. Thank you.

SandyT Nov 2014 says November 1, 2014

In the last 2 years I have been growing in faith. I always found pennies believing it’s a sign that we should “trust in God”. Since then,I had been struggling to find work. I asked my angels for help. I’ve found pennies, dimes, smelled roses when none are in bloom. I went to pick up a pizza (big splurge) at a time I was feeling particulary low. As I walked along the sidewalk I saw a large feather RIGHT at my feel on the ground. I knew it was a sign of blessings to come. I marveled that I found this feather while it was raining and very windy, yet, when I reached to pick it up, the wind didn’t move it and it wasn’t wet from the rain. I find feathers all the time and always find comfort when I do, even letting out a giggle because I know blessings are coming and I’m being guided on the right path. I found work shortly after.

Know your never alone,

Cheryl Moses says October 31, 2014

I am a massage therapist. One of my clients told me about all the feathers she was finding @ her house. Yesterday after one very special client was here I found a brown feather in the yard right where I greeted her for her 1st appointment. She had recently lost a son to suicide and also had fallen and fractured her pelvic bone. It was such a pleasure to minister to her through touch and prayer. Finding the feather after she left was an additional blessing and conformation that I am doing what the Father wants me to at this stage in my life.

Debbie says October 28, 2014

Thank you for the great information-in 4 days I have found 3 little white feathers (like ones that would be in a down jacket). It is not of the season to be wearing down jackets. I am amazed at this meaning. I hope to keep finding feathers and definitely will be calling on them.

catherine says October 22, 2014

I found a feather on top of my saddle today it was white with brown bits on the ends of it would be intrested to know if there, s any ssignificance to this feather for me

Carol Grace says September 23, 2014

During a visit to the dentist for a dreaded root canal, I was lying in the chair of the immaculate dental office waiting for the novacain to kick in. When the dentist returned to continue the procedure, she looked down in shock. There was a large, white feather on the shiny floor. “Where did this come from”, she asked? I told her it was my angel sister, Mary Beth, letting me know she was with me…and all would go well. It did!

Greg says September 19, 2014

Two ways I have always known angels were around me: 1) Finding a coin on the sidewalk; and 2) Finding feathers.

By “Finding” I don’t mean I go looking for them; rather it is more like these signs find me!

Last week, after getting some unsettling news from my doctor stating they needed to do a lung biopsy, I found myself daydreaming while waiting for my ride. At my feet appeared a feather. I smiled and noted it was from the angels, but didn’t touch it because I got the message in my mind that it was meant for someone else as well.

I know no matter what happens, if I transition to the other side because of this health problem or it turns out to be nothing serious, I will be alright. It’s just good to know this life is not all there is in the Mind of God.

Cinde Tadlock says September 18, 2014

Good morning and thank you. Both of my parents and my only sibling passed on several years ago and my nephew passed on suddenly in 2012. After my Mom passed in 2003 I started finding pennies. And, after my nephews passing a friend posted a jpg about feathers. Since then I have found many, many feathers and pennies and have kept them. This article has a lot of meaning to me and I truly appreciate your insight and sharing. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day.

Patriciad says September 17, 2014

Dearest Melanie, Thank You for your wonderful site, the last few months has truly been a spiritual journey for me. I have always had and been in contact with my guardian angel but had never opened myself up to asking all the angels for help. I truly have been awakened . I keep finding feathers, coins, butterflies, dragonflies, heart clouds, angel clouds etc. the numbers 444 and 999 sequences. Just this past sat I had to laugh, I drove 3 hrs to visit my son, I prayed, talked to the angels, played gospel music, affirmations all the good stuff. When I got to my sons he asked if he coul drive, as I cleaned off the passenger seat, I FOUND 2 FEATHERS INSIDE MY CAR, I just laughed until I had tears in my eyes, I guess my angels took the cruise with me, my son just took it in stride as he has been witness to many of mini miracles in our lives .

Maria says September 15, 2014

Few days ago i fell from the stairs and i was injured and then i called to my angels to give me strenth and protect me and after few minutes i found on my bed a gray feather!!

Sharon says September 15, 2014

My border collie, Bess, died suddenly recently and I went to her kennel a few days later. There was a beautiful white feather beside it. The next day my son found one unexpectedly on a seat where he sits. I like to think they are signs that she is well in spirit.

Thomas McDow says September 14, 2014

I have been finding feathers guite regularly. I have been working on grounding, and guess what all but fell in my lap. A brown feather. I love messages and confirmations.

alice says September 13, 2014


maureen says September 13, 2014

You say not many people see angels,three years ago I was just sitting on the side of the bed just getting up out the corner of my eye I saw a figure that I think was an angel it was wearing a long robe covering it’s head I could not see a face because it was looking down at a baby wrapped in a white sheet,at the time my daughter had gone into hospital to have a baby I’m not sure if it was the new baby or the baby she lost five years earlier,it was a beautiful sight that I will never forget,although I was a bit scared of what message it was giving me.

virginia says September 13, 2014

i find feathers all the time! small, big, most of the times are black, i’ve seen a white and small one just once. the rest of it are black. i can say i see a feather once a day every day! Most of the times i dont know the real meaning of it. I understand more about it because of this script but i dont know exactly if it is like an answer or an advice. or do i need to ask for something in specific? hope to know the meaning pretty soon!. blessings

John Parr says September 13, 2014

A white feather drifted past my window yesterday. I thought of my dear friend Rose who passed away earlier this year. I miss her dreadfully. Just hoping it was her spirit letting me know she was nearby.

ann says September 13, 2014

I have had a few different signs over the last couple of weeks. And I know there is a message within,, which I need to figure out.. But as for white feathers could you tell me if this counts. I do have a duck feathered bed pillow and so has my husband. they both have two pillowcases on them, sealed both ways. yet my side of the bed on the floor is always loads of white feathers

Cindy B says September 12, 2014

My 14 year old grandson passed away in his sleep on August 1, 2014. It has been very difficult for our family. Today at work I found a small gray and white feather on the floor near my office door. Very unusual for it to be inside an office building. I picked it up and marveled at how perfect it was and tonight I came across your meaning of feathers, another unusual circumstance. But now I feel like he is an angel watching over me.

Joanne says September 12, 2014

I had a small grey feather fall right in front of me, and land on my vanity just last week….I’ve never had that happen before! It was amazing!!

Jimmy Chua says September 12, 2014

I find different lovely feathers often and feature them in my book HAPPY GO LUCKY! Wishing all to enjoy Angels Love n Blessings!

Mayreth Hernandez says September 12, 2014

Since I been see your blogs its been increasing the contact with angels, but still can’t hear them,I been find pennys,dimes,a lot of feathers, different sizes, specially when I go to pick up my kids,even dream some concerns about other people, and been answered, I try to pass the massage to that person but I get afraid sometimes, help me please!!! 🙂

Renee James says September 12, 2014

I find feathers all the time.Normally little fluffy white ones all the time.Everywhere I am inside / outside ,it started over a year ago.maybe longer.It happened when my fiance pasted.

Dharmesh says September 12, 2014

Have recently found several greyish feathers in back garden. I have been thinking this is because a cat sneaks into the garden and tries to attack the pigeons that come to feed the food my mother leaves out for them. In such cases do the feathers still carry such meanings?

Also, is it when we find feathers that we should put in a request, for the greater good, to the angels?

Thank you for all this.

Franny Hawkins says September 12, 2014

I found what I think is a turkey feather a few weeks back on a creek bank. It is brown with white in it

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