Psychic Dreams- Do You Have Them? Find Out Here
Psychic Dreams

The Gift of Psychic Dreams – Do You Have it?

3 Types of Psychic Dreams You Might Be Having

Psychic Dreams- The 3 TypesEveryone dreams! This is true whether you currently remember your dreams, or not!

As you may already know, it is your subconscious mind that guides you as you enter into the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep… This is the deepest level of dreaming.

Research shows that your brain is far more active during sleep than in waking hours. If you’ve ever struggled to silence your mind from the anxiety, stress, and worry of your thoughts, just imagine all that must be going on in your sleep for your brain to be even more active!

But just because your brain is active during sleep, it doesn’t mean all of your dreams are psychic ones.

Most of your dreams are just your unconscious mind processing the places, people, experience and events from your waking life.

But have you ever awoken from a dream and felt like there was more to it than meets the eye?

Have you ever felt like you just had a dream that was actually a psychic premonition?

Or a dream that was somehow that much more than just your subconscious mind sorting through the sounds and images of the day?

In many cases, you may be right.

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Psychic dreams are dream states in which you attain information or guidance psychically while you sleep rather than through your ordinary five senses.

Psychic dreams allow you to access information from beyond the physical, by connecting to a deeper, multi-dimensional spiritual realm.

Psychic dreams vary from the norm in that, instead of revolving around yourself, they tend to revolve around something or someone external like an event, an individual, situation, or place.

Psychic dreams are incredible, but they’re nothing new, and been documented for generations in all sorts of different cultures.

So how do you tell the difference between a normal dream and a psychic dream?

To start… Let’s take a look at the 3 basic categories of psychic dreams.

Which of these have you experienced?

1. Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are when you see future events before they unfold.
Thanks to Hollywood, when most people hear about precognitive dreaming, they assume it’s about forecasting tragedies, disasters or other dark scary subject matter right out of the movies. This can and does happen, but just as often as not, precognitive dreams are completely positive and tied to seeing positive future possibilities.

Psychic DreamsHave you ever seen the future in one of your dreams?

If your answer is “no” just because you’ve never solved a crime, predicted a natural disaster, or foretold a death while dreaming, that doesn’t mean that you’re not dreaming about future events…

I often have a type of precognitive dream where in my dream; I am suddenly in a new place.

The dream is really just me being there, looking around, and experiencing the new location.

This is so much different from the rest of my normal dreams, which tend to have elaborate story lines and multiple dream characters.

Now that I’ve had so many of these location based precognitive dreams validated by ending up in the exact location I’ve dreamt about, I can now recognize when this type of dream when it occurs.

Other precognitive dreams are simply about basic life events.

Have you ever had a dream about a family member that you hadn’t seen in a while only to get a call from them shortly after?

Precognitive dreams like this happen all the time and can help to illustrate how deeply connected our souls really are.

But, even so, sometimes precognitive dreams can be hard to identify from “regular dreams”.

For this reason, one of the best things you can do is to keep a dream journal. Writing down your dreams will not only help you to remember them more clearly, but it will offer you the ability to check back and see which of your dreams have indeed become a reality.

This will help you to learn your common dream types, symbols and patterns, so you can better understand and decipher your language of dreams.

Additionally, precognitive dreams may be repetitive, so if you do find you keep having the same dream, this is usually a good sign to pay attention to it!

Maybe it’s forecasting your future, or maybe it’s simply telling you something about your life in the present, either way… Don’t you want to know?

2. Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams are another form of psychic dream where direct communication takes place. Telepathic dreams are different from dreaming about talking to someone, but really you’re just talking to an aspect of your own subconscious in the form of the dream character.

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Yes, this does happen and dreaming about other people and having conversations is a completely normal way for your unconscious mind to work through something.

But telepathic dreams are where you actually telepathically communicate with your guides, angels, deceased loved ones, pets, or another person while you’re in a dream state.

Telepathic dreams are vivid, impacting, and incredibly real.

Visitation dreams are a variation of a telepathic dream where your loved one in Heaven reaches out to you during your dream time.

Click Here to Learn More About Visitation Dreams.

But for now, let’s look at telepathic dreams can that occur between two living people.

Usually telepathic dreams happen when one person telepathically reaches out (consciously or unconsciously) to call upon the other while they’re in a dream state.

In cases where both souls are very emotionally connected, they’re then able to telepathically communicate through images, emotions, and even more direct conversation.

Usually one person “pings” the other, through focused energy.

This is something that can be psychically done by certain people while they’re in a conscious state. Other times, one person may unconsciously reach out through their dream state to “ping” the other in the dream and thereby connect.

When I’ve had telepathic dreams in the past, the other person was able to verify we had communicated after the fact.

3. Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant DreamsClairvoyant dreams are another powerful kind of psychic dream. They are vivid, realistic, and captivating dreams that feature symbols, metaphors and events.

Clairvoyant dreams can offer guidance for the dreamer in the present, as well as insight into the future.

Having very vivid and active dreams is actually a strong sign that you have clairvoyant abilities in your waking life too.

And clairvoyant dreams are a passive, and natural way for your clairvoyant abilities to begin awakening.

Click here to learn more about developing your Clairvoyance.

If you think you might be having clairvoyant dreams but you’re not sure, the best thing you can do is to start a dream journal to track your dreams. This will help you to begin to learn and decipher your dream language.

Spirit, your guides, angels, and your higher self will often use clairvoyant dreams where they offer guidance through symbols and metaphors. By learning the nature of the symbols that appear, you can better understand, and decipher the psychic meaning of dreams.

A slight variation of a clairvoyant dream is the past life dream, where you actually tune into past life experiences through your dreams.

Click here to learn more abour Past Life Dreams. 

So have you experienced any of these psychic dream states?

As you’ve read, psychic dreams can be hard to pinpoint, even, at times for those that are highly experienced.

If you’ve ever questioned that one of your dream states was more than merely the workings of the subconscious, though, you’re probably right…

The symbols, themes, and insights from psychic dreams offer valuable insight and guidance into life.

The key, is to pay attention!

Learn more about spiritual dreams and how to remember them here here.

Or, for deeper insight into Visitation Dreams from loved ones in Heaven, click here!

And finally, learn how you can Invite Angels Into Your Dreams here!

Sweet Psychic Dreams!

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Robert Dalrymple says August 30, 2017

I’ve had quite a few weird things happen in my life I could use clarification on if you dont mind!

First of all I’ll start when I was a kid I use to have deja vu on the normal, when i was 9 i believe i heard my first spirit. Let me explain I was 9 and saying my prayers as per usual when I said “Dear God” something in me that still hits me to this very day (as im writing this im getting goose bumps) said “FUCK GOD” I was young I dont even think I knew that word back than but I felt the unease I felt like someone was watching me the whole time before I had started saying my prayers. To this day I dont have an explanation but I know what I heard and felt.

When I was about 15-16 (cant remember exact age) I was having a dream in which my uncle game me a ride to hockey. When we got to the stadium I said “thank you so much for everything” and he replied “Ill always be there for you Robert remember that” I immediatley woke up to my mom knocking on my door crying telling me that this uncle had just passed away in his sleep. Is this communicating with spirits is it a psychic ability is it both?

Flash forward to when I was 18, I was on my way to a party ( I was driving at the time) when all of a sudden I felt not only sick to my stomach but a deep depression. I looked down at my phone to see my mom was calling me this instant (I couldnt answer as I was driving). In my mind I knew what had happened, I knew my nan who was my best friend and helped raise me had passed away. Sure enough before i got to the party I called my mom to find out my nan had passed away a minute or two before she had called me.

Is there any connection there or coincidence?

Flash forward to 2 days ago (I am now 21) I had a dream of a girl I havent seen in about three years. In this dream i noticed she had a new tattoo on her neck when I asked when she got it she said today. I didn’t understand this and woke up shortly later. I found out today she got the exact same tattoo hours after I had dreamt about it.

I could really use some explaining if it sounds im psychic or if its coincidence and would also really appreciate to know if theres a connection between spirits and having psychic dreams as I have been feeling paranoid lately as I just moved into a new house I always feel like I’m being watched and just last night I thought i saw a shadow figure right beside my bed the same time I felt a coldness and had goosebumps.

If you could please explain to me what you think I have been experiencing my entire life psychic abilities or coincidence and please please let me know if I’m just extremley paranoid or if I may actually have a sense feel/communicate with the deceased I would greatly appreciate it as I am extremley concerned about if I am going crazy or not!

Thank you so much for your time and I am very sorry for my life story but I don’t know who else to ask for answers.

Sincerley, Robert Dalrymple

Shanin says August 19, 2017

I have a question. About 2 or 3 weeks ago after waking up from a nightmare I got a flash image of an illustration drawn on what looks like a papyrus. It was an illustration of a male angel. He didn’t cover his muscled torso and he wore a knight helmet. He was standing with his angelwings wide open holding a sword with his handpalms, kind of leaning on the sword. I tried to research what it meant but all I could find was a wikipedia page about archangel Michael. I feel like this flash image is a clue of finding the guidance towards the key of knowledge and a happier life. Of course, I’m not certain and I would like to ask you if this means anything or not. Was it a clue or just imagination?

Olie says February 28, 2017

The other day I had a dream something was pulling me by the feet trying to separate me from my body. Any idea what the meaning could be.

Kat says December 4, 2016

Melanie, from this article I think I have given a name to a “Telepathic” dream I had a few years ago, which I found disturbing and puzzling.
In reality I was staying over my son’s house and about 4am I dreamed that a small brown shadow figure with long skinny arms took me by my hand and was pulling me with him. I woke with a start and was quite annoyed by it. I even remarked to myself; What was that!? It was VERY real, I felt my hand being pulled. Later that morning, my DIL remarked that she had a bad dream at 4am and proceeded to tell me the exact dream I had. She had more detail, she said there was a woman in her dream that was trying to help her, but the shadow figure broke her neck and then she helped him. Later that day she told it again to her mother and said she had had that dream a few times when she lived at home with her parents.
Do you have any insight into this?

Virginia says August 8, 2016

I often have dreams where I’m jerked awake, and realize it wasn’t over yet? I can ask myself to go backwards and fall into the same dream at the exact moment ileft

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