7 Signs You’ve Had A Past Life Dream

Past Life Dreams

Have You Had A Past Life Dream?

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Memories from your past lives don’t always come when you’re awake. Some of the most vivid past life recall I’ve ever had was through dreams; some that began in childhood, and others that emerged as an adult.

If you've ever, experienced vivid dreams that feel unbelievably real, then information and symbols from past lives may be coming to through your sub-conscious.

When you sleep, your conscious mind takes a break and the sub-conscious mind, the one much more closely connected to Divinity, gets to be in the drivers seat. If you’ve ever gone to bed upset or frustrated and the woken up feeling better, that’s your sub-conscious working and making subtle changes within. Dreams are generally the sub-conscious’s attempting to communicate with you about a variety of things (like an upcoming decision) or trying to work through built-up karma from a past life.

So how can you tell the difference between normal dreaming states and dreams that are actually glimpses into past lives?

Here Are 7 Unmistakable Qualities of Past Life Dreams

1.     They Show Historical Detail

Regular dreams will generally have only places, people, and things that are familiar to you in your current life. It makes sense – you dream about what’s familiar.

You’ll know you’re starting to tap into a past life when the dreams involve historical settings or period clothing. In fact, it’s entirely possible that you’ll dream of being at significant events in history. The details will be clear and so will the sensation of having been there before.

On a few occasions, I've had past life dreams where I was vividly experiencing something in the past. Everything in the dream was clearly a specific time period, except for me! I was still dressed in clothes from present day… This is a slight shift in how a past life dream with historical details may manifest.

7 Past Life Dream Signs2. You Don’t Look or Act Like Yourself

Have you ever had a dream where you were seeing, and experiencing through the eyes of someone else? A dream where you were someone else? This is a common sign of a past life dream.

The majority of your dreams will place you as the primary point of view and you’ll look as you do in this life. Most of the time, you’re inside your body or your head, looking out and watching the dream unfold as you move through it.

In a past life dream though, you may see yourself as a different gender, age, race, religion, etc.

If you wake up saying, “I didn’t look anything like myself, but I knew it was me,” this is an excellent indication of a past life dream.

Additionally, in karmic dreams, you often exhibit behavior that’s unlike you, and you are able to do things that you can’t do in this life. This includes your thoughts, skills, and even emotional range. You might be able to speak or understand another language, or you might have the knowledge of a farmer, or the training of a soldier. You might find yourself with more readily available compassion or violence.

One of the coolest things that can start happening after karmic dreams is that these skills and talents begin to manifest in your daily life. It can feel a lot like remembering and it’s an incredibly intuitive and spontaneous occurrence.

3. They Are Repeating and Unchanging

Regular dreams jump from one scene to another.  They also have a rather fast pace and, when remembering or telling them to others, can seem a bit random.  The majority of people aren’t deeply and consistently connected with their higher selves through the sub-conscious, so chaos reigns in our dreams.

When you dream that you’re cleaning the kitchen and you walk through the door into your office where there’s a birthday party happening and the Pope is there, this is what happens with regular dreams, and it's totally normal and accepted by the subconscious without skipping a beat.

When you have a past life dream though, the events are logical and there is a sense that you aren’t in control of what’s happening. This is because your sub-conscious isn’t creating this dream, the source is higher, and so you are truly an observer here. And when the dreams recur, which they often do (another sign!) they never change.  You watch the same sequence of events each time with little or no variation and no ability to influence the dream.

4. Your Strange Quirks and Behaviors Are Explained

In your current life you’ve developed into a complete person with a fully formed personality.  But we all have those odd quirks and beliefs and superstitions that don’t seem to match anything else about us.  These are often carry-overs from past lives and the source of which can be revealed in a past life or karmic dream.

In your past life, the belief likely made perfect sense, but here in this life; it just seems out of place and has no foundation in any of your experiences.

Past lives influence your behaviors as well.  They can explain some of your compulsions and phobias, like claustrophobia or always needing to sit next to a door or facing a window. If you have no memory from this life that helps you understand why you do or don’t do certain things in certain ways, it’s likely from a past life.

If you have a sense of understanding about your previously unexplained beliefs and behaviors after a dream, it is a sign that in your dream, you were actually tapping into a past life.

5. Answers About Physical and Emotional Health Are Revealed

Some of your recurring emotional states and physical conditions can be explained by past lives.  If you tend to have arthritis in one knee but not the other and not in any other joints, a past life dream could reveal an injury or violence that happened on that side of the body or in that exact place.

A quick temper in this life, a constant sense of financial doom, or a tendency for being generous to a fault might find its origins from a dream. If you find that you understand something about your body or emotions that you didn’t know before, it’s likely that you’ve had a past life dream.

You may even have a dream about being wounded, injured, or affected in some way that directly relates to an experience in your waking life. This is an indication of tapping into a past life experience that is also tied to your present.

6. Your Spiritual Issues Are Revealed

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A lot of my clients find me because of a growing sense that “something is missing” from their lives.  They feel confused about why they can’t be happy like everyone else seems to be. If this sounds like you, it’s highly likely that a past life can explain why this anxiety, depression, and dissatisfaction are a part of your life. These are your unhealed issues, and karmic dreams are often the missing keys to this understanding. We all experience trauma in all of our lives and if this trauma is not resolved or dealt with, it can turn up in the current life as existential confusion that only a dream can explain.

7. They Just Feel Different Somehow

Finally, when all is said and done, sometimes you just know it’s a past life dream because it feels incredibly different from your other dreams.  You wake up and you know that it was important, you don’t forget any single part of it, and the symbols are distinct in your mind.  Years later, you remember them.  They’re imprinted on your mind and they don’t go away.

When past life dream comes, it’s important to dig deeper into them.  They have come for a reason and you must spend time to learn why.  Not only can they help to explain the unexplainable aspects of your life, but they can bring you comfort, peace of mind, and clear off lingering past karma. Remember, karma isn’t about punishment, it’s about learning.  When you learn the lessons, the karma clears and you move forward.

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Sara says December 5, 2017

Hello there from Rome, Italy, Melanie! 🙂 This was so great! When I was a child I used to have 3 recurrant dreams. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the small details, but I do remember the feelings and the horror. The first was about being in a concentration camp and being killed, along with my dad. The second was of drowning. I actually remember how I used to hold my breath in my sleep, while “dreaming” to be underwater and then wake up abruptly when I could no longer hold it. And last I remember the hoprror of being flung from some height and kkowning I’d be dying when I struck earth. I do carry, to this day, an intensefear of heights and hate having water on my face. Ironically, I was born a Catholic, but decided later in life to convert to Judaism.

Kodi says December 3, 2017

I have had the same dream a million times… Starting when I was 8 I’m 13 now and I still have this reacuring dream… In the dream there was this girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and she was pregnant, her and her boyfriend got in the car they were listening to music, they were driving on a bridge, and a semi truck came out of no were and rammed into the car… The car went off the bridge, and before it falls into the river below, I wake up

Kathy M. West says November 27, 2017

I had a dream about thirty years ago. I was dressed in 18th century period clothing, complete with hat, parasol and gloves. I was holding my son’s hand as we approached a very large Victoria style home, of grand quality. My son was dressed in knickers, shirt and hat – appropriate to the period. We walked toward the house, up a large and curved driveway, beneath an enormous tree with branches and leaves that shaded us. The tree was on the inside of the circular drive. I began to tell my son (age 6) about the dream when he promptly interrupted me to say he had had the same dream. He went on to explain it in detail – identical to my recollection. We are ages 63 and 36 now. We know for certain that we’ve been together in a past life (lives?).and are comforted in the belief that we will be reunited again. Neither of us has had a recurrence of this event.

Azure4 says October 30, 2017

I’ve had a really strange thought in my mind,since when I was around 7,of a red haired woman,that kept appearing in my dreams,sometimes through the eyes of someone that met her,or,even more commonly,as if I was her,just doing some random thing,mostly some crime related things (like stealing from people in the streets and even robbing a store)but it was as if I was looking at someone’s life,like the details in the surrounding world,and the habits (she was a heavy drinker,but hardly got too drunk)eventually all of them (around thousands of stories of her) ended up with her being stabbed in clear daylight on some crowded street and dying.I still have these dreams.

David Prado says October 17, 2017

I always had a repeating dream for years now but it would almost be like a story because I was always doing something different in the same setting in my dreams. It started happening when I first heard an alarm clock song that was very soothing and it seemed to trigger something when I first heard woke up because I was trying to remember something but couldn’t figure it out until the next time I slept. I remember having a dream about me being around a village type of setting surrounded by tall trees and next to a body of water. It seemed way too real for it to even be a dream. The crazy part is that I heard the one instrument that was in my alarm clock song in my dream. It was someone playing something like the guitar and it made sense to me when I woke up that it could have been a part of my past life. This might sound weird but I somehow made a connection with someone about the same dream we had. We both described in our own ways but it was like we were in the same exact place in our dreams but in different locations if you know what I mean. I don’t know but it felt extremely real to me. He convinced me that he was telling the truth by describing the outfit I had in my dream which freaked me out a bit. I was wearing a reddish green outfit with some sort of hood or cowl. It’s a long story on how he knew what I was wearing but I soon found out I was an archer in my dream or my past life because I remember holding up a bow aiming at somebody. There’s a lot more to my dreams too because I still get them to this day. But this is just my part in being connected with my past life. And I just now looked up if anyone had any past life experiences and saw this website and thought I’ll leave my story and what I’m still going through in the comment section.

Kat says September 10, 2017

Hi Melanie

Thanks for this post, I couldn’t really confide in my friends and family about this because they don’t believe in reincarnation.

I felt like I was both watching the dream from outside, and in the dream. I knew it was me but I couldn’t really see what I looked like.

You said that it will most likely be period clothing and that most of the people would not be from my waking life. This was not true in my dream, I had work colleagues, family and friends in it but they were not behaving like their normal selves, neither was I.

This dream felt way different in comparison to my other dreams, what would trigger such dreams? I am afraid of what I will uncover about myself but I also feel like I need to remember some of it to get to that next level. Do you suggest that I actively try to remember as maybe this was a push to get me into looking deeper or will I be messing with the bigger plan?

Thanks again,

NOEL ACEVEDO says September 2, 2017

My wife had a dream abut Christina the Sweden King. When she woke up she told me the details of dream. We googled it and every detail of her dream was confirmed. What does this mean?

    Yareisy says November 3, 2017

    My brother also had the same situation and when he researched it he believed his past life was Vladimir Lennin, and Lennin is my brother’s real name and he is only 12!

Skylar Aspeitia says August 3, 2017

A few months ago not long after I turned 18, I had a dream which is odd for me considering I don’t typically dream… it looked like something out of the revolutionary war. I was seeing the war and a stand off through this persons eyes I couldn’t do anything but watch, I had no control. I saw people die all around me, I could load a musket with ease, then I ended up in a pistol dual, I felt his bullet go past me, I felt the pistol fire in my hand… Could it be possible that this is a memory, someone else’s memory maybe?

jessie may says July 16, 2017

I’ve had a recurring dream with a lot of these signs. Every time, I end up walk g at the same moment at 3am. Then once I sleep again I have a normal dream. Everything feels so real in those dreams. Is it possible that I am a reincarnated person?

Apolonia says July 13, 2017

I have had my past life dream on two occurrences, once when I was about 12 and now that I’m 25. Mine have occurred in the Civil War era. Also during the time of battle, I feel the intense sense of fear for my life.
In the dream I realize it was me, but of course it didn’t look like me. I was dressed in Civil War era clothing for women, & had a small little girl with me. The past dream I had, was this woman was helping me go into hiding. I had the small child, carrying her close to me. I could hear the guns & battle all around me. When the woman took me into her home, she opened the door to reveal a dark cellar with stairs going straight down. I never made it to the secret room due to the fact that I woke up. When I did I felt a great sense of fear, and the impression on my left arm and shoulder. The one where I was carrying & holding the small child for dear life. I’ve always been fascinated of that time period. And my two dreams have confirmed that was my past life. Maybe one day I will know my fate. Since I think my dreams pick up where they leave off.

Meagan says July 13, 2017

Hello, I was still confused if a reoccurring dream that I’ve had since I was very young was in fact a past life. It never changes and I always look like my five year old self from this life.
The setting is Venice and I am on a ledge where gondola normally would be to pick someone up or drop someone off. I am in an alleyway and it is daytime, the walls are made of stone and are a tan color. I look into the murky water and take a step with my foot over the water. I fall.
This is where I wake up, but I think I may have died later on from drowning. I’ve had this dream many, many times before and I don’t know why it keeps happening throughout my life.

ANGELA says July 3, 2017

I feel drawn to this.. I’ve had the same traumatic dream for YEARS; it’s violent. IN turn, I’ve always been obsessed with traumatic deaths, serial killers, etc. I also have experienced severe trauma in THIS LIFE-things no one should experience ∧ very few have. Even worse, I am diagnosed with ;PTSD, BIPOLAR I, BPD, EXTREME ANXIETY/PANIC DISORDERS and especially intuitive of others “aura”.I DO NOT trust easily, have been suicidal and agoraphobic. EVEN worse (if possible), I obsess over “exit strategy”: ways to evacuate in the event of an intruder ∧ have heavily skilled my now near grown children in same. Point being, I CANNOT handle it any longer.. I’m 40, it’s not changing and it has and continues to profoundly affect my life. Also, the obsession with horror movies, etc.. As if “experiencing” others trauma helps me cope in some sick sense.. I need to know.

Sara says April 11, 2017

I had been having these 3 dreams all of them related to water, drowning and tsunami. I am supposed to be panicking but I am surprised that in all of them I know exactly what to do, sacrificing myself in making sure all people around me know what to do. In the first one I am in Ancient Rome or Greece I don’t know, I see mountains and a temple but it’s like I know the water is coming so I start telling people to move to higher ground towards the mountains… In the next dreams it’s almost the same but different scenarios. Fishing Mediterranean village were I start building some kind of wooden ladder to help people climb a wall as the water is coming and then a swamp area where I pull a kid from the lake and do CPR on him. Weird!!!

Angelica says March 28, 2017

This information was so helpful. I have had several past life dreams and I instinctively knew exactly what they were. For me they are like watching a movie I’ve seen a hundred times and usually I wake up startled. The dreams are so real it’s unbelievable.

Jennifer says March 26, 2017

I believe I have a reacurring dream of when I was a ghost! Its in a house I’ve never lived in this life, the lay out is always the same except different inhabitants and furnishings (from different eras) Sometimes its clean sometimes not. This one room is up some stairs Its the size of a closet but with posters and bed and its dirty and always the same I feel strongly connected and scared. I am claustrophobic in this life but sometimes strangly comfotable in a small space. Its weird to be calm and scared at the same time! I wonder if the inhabitants of the home see that “closet” the way I do.

Emilia Gaytandzhieva says March 3, 2017

Yes,I do have a past life dream,…or dreams.One of these was related with my daugther.We have now very strange relations.She is with diabetes ,and have had a cancer,but now have two boys.First baby boy I grew up to the 2 years and 3 months.Then she decided she is a mother and toke him from me,being with the father of the baby,who is an alcoolic,homeless etc.So,my dream-my daugther hates France,I adore it,few times in the past I asked her to remove our life there,but she totaly refused.In the dream we were sister from Nantes,France.From rich family,in the 15 century.She marriend first,but cannot have children,I got married and born my first boy,Julles.She toke him and run away from home,in Normandy,There she made a vegetables store,but when the money were finished,she became a prostitute,gave birth to two children,Paul and Marry,but Marry died from misery and hunger.My sister died from some woman`s ilness.I found her,just before she died,and she was burried in our family court in Nantes.My son and her son I toke with me.In the dream all was totaly like in a movie,with these clothes,dirty streets,yellowing people there,I was like an observer and I just felt my tears after founding my boy.Now,when he goes with her mother/because her first son now I think is my Julles/,I can cry with days feeling deep sorrow.The second son of my daugther in the reality have cerebral palsy and a lot of parasites because of her bad behavier about hs higyenic habits.I hope it was interessting example.

Anthea says December 28, 2016

I have this – what I thought was a reoccurring dream, and yes it reoccurs but now I am believing it is of my past life. it has now been the exact same dream, were in the 20s/30s – I am approx. 14/15 yrs of age, I have a younger brother is approx. 8 years and I have a mother and father. my Father is quite abusive, sexually and physically, towards me, and I can feel how frightened I am of him in my dream. he is a big man (Scottish) with bright red hair, I have tried to discuss this with my mother, however whenever I say something, she tells me I am being stupid and not to spread lies or tell anyone else.

nova says November 4, 2016

All of the signs are in there.

Sonja says June 20, 2016

This is actually an amazing find today. Just last night I had what I thought was a past life dream, and then finding this, well this is just really cool. I was wondering if I could have some help figuring out my dream though:

I was in my old house sitting on my sisters bed and I was talking to (who I thought was) Elle North. We had these special kinds of (tarot?) cards out and we were looking at them, and examining what I felt and how I should go about what to do next (ie the situation), and this was in secret of my mom, who was sleeping in her room. Either way she brought up this course (I think/thought it was a course on the internet) saying something like spiritual (something), I can’t remember the rest of the words but spiri- something, and that was a course that I should take. She also pointed to another course that was on the sight that was some kind of wa- (something like that) course, but she said that that would be more of a dangerous job because, which brings me to the second point.
After looking at the wa/wi- thing online I was flashed forward to a point in history (I now think it was a past life dream) and we were walking (I don’t know who or with) but I was behind some kind of regal person, and my job as the wa-something was to protect him/her from the dark forest spirits, and use my ‘powers’ to help ease the journey along. I remember seeing these 3-D shadow figures that would come and attack us, and I would somehow scare them away. I also was able to use my powers to clear roads (in a sense more so paths) in the forests however I did not control nature in really any way.
Flashback to Sitting with Elle (?) she said that she was glad that I said that I was Wiccan (something I told one of my grade 11 friends in their yearbooks who is also Wiccan)
I’m a bit confused, because I was shown in my dream a website that had the courses/books that explained the wa- thing, so yea…
Still I think this post is well timed in my life and is a very good fine 🙂

Lucy says June 20, 2016

I have two dreams that i feel are past lives
#1 Being a little girl hiding behind objects as air planes were shooting down at me with bullet’s. I just. Keep running to get away ~ than I wake up.
#2 Is again am a little girl~ I had on a like red velvet coat snd bonnet . I was near some railroad tracks throwing rocks. When a train comes along grabs on to my coat . Am
pulled down the tracks for miles many miles .
Again I wake up. I can in fact feel the freeze off the train and hear it so clear.
I always wanted to find out what these dream like dreams lol mean??

Harry says April 14, 2016

Past lives have been in my waking and night dreams. Often I experience dying. Nothing compares to this experience. No thing. I see people (me too) as family and friends. Loves too show up in odd situations. Wish they would just stop.

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