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Cycle of Life

Greetings after that amazing Full Moon Solstice.

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Whew what a wave of energy!

I spent most of the day yesterday meditating, and tuning into what is next…

And so as a result, I am happy to share that there's lots of goodness from the angels coming up for this next phase of life and ascension that as of the Solstice Full Moon we've now stepped into.

Wait!? Next phase?

… Yes!

In many senses we've now collectively stepped over the threshold into a new phase of life.

This means, the many changes that have been slowly but steadily aligning for you will now begin to manifest…

Rewards and blessings that are in alignment with where you have been focusing your energy and awareness are going to start clicking into place.

Cycles of Life As a part of this, wrapping up this month of June is a time of both completion and new beginnings.

If it still feels like things are falling apart in your life rather than lining up…

Remember there often needs to be endings before positive beginnings can unfold. Especially when karmic issues are in hand, endings are key to completion
Completion and beginnings go hand in hand in this way as we cycle through the many changes happening in life.

I say “cycle” because your path through life isn't a straight line from here to where you want to be and are meant to be… It's a spiral, where sometimes you come back to things you thought you already knew to now see them from a new perspective with learning, growth and understanding at a new level.

Are you on the right track?

If you are… You likely feel relaxed, with an inner sense of trust that things are working out as they should. You can see the opportunities and possibilities before you, and trust that you can expand to align with them.

Trust, expansion, and adaptability are key for recreating the next best version of you in the new energy.

Feeling out of alignment?

If you are feeling stuck, tired, depressed, or stagnant after the latest energy wave…

Get moving!

Both physically and energetically, movement is key to aligning with the blessings that are in store for you.

This is a call to be more authentic. To be honest about what you really want and to let go of the things you do and think you are that are not in sync with your bright, beautiful and powerful authentic truth.

So… what can you let go of and move out of your life to make room for what will be more joyful and rewarding?

In this next phase you’ll likely be able to more clearly than ever before see where you, or society as a whole is out of alignment…

In other words seeing where you're still resisting, denying, doubting, thinking small, being negative, or holding on to the old.
Resist the urge to get stuck in judgement when you see this! Rather, remember that seeing is the first step to changing.

And so, rather than contracting into old patterns (judgement) and constructs of the old paradigm…

Let yourself breathe, trust into the process, and consciously expand into greater love and light.

Curious what you may be expanding into in this next phase?

Well, where have you been focused? This is where the changes will surely be manifesting…

Don’t worry if you have been focused on something out of alignment with what you really want… Just move your point of focus!

There's still time, and tons of support for you in letting go of the old, aligning with your highest and best path and launching into the many blessings awaiting you in the new energy.

Life is opening up to you in an exciting new way…

In a way that brings you into alignment with greater love, into more of your power, and into sync with the full light of Spirit and with your authentic truth.

Breathe, trust, and expand.

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With immense gratitude, love, and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

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