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karma Angelic Insight Into Karma

Guest post by Sheelagh Maria

Karma, a word that often brings up fear or trepidation in many people. Karma – the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences – is something that affects us all and is something to be viewed as opportunity the Angels wish to share with you.

Right now on planet earth, there are many souls incarnating for the last time, for example if you are a soul from the group of Mintaka, you have likely been incarnating for as long as 250,000 years, if you are a ‘blueprinter ‘ soul you too are likely to be on the verge of ascension to the higher realms of heaven when you are next ‘homeward bound’ – the benefits then of understanding and utilizing Karma as a tool for growth and manifestation would benefit you and all those around you.

The old adage was that you ‘reap as you sow’ and although this is true, the Angels want you to know there should be no fear. Many of us are actually carrying karma from our Ancestral Line and unbeknown a lot of your ‘issues’ are not even ‘yours’ but rather inherited belief patterns and thought forms that have been handed down, father to son, mother to daughter.

Beliefs around money and struggle, having to work hard to be successful and having to be loyal to those who mistreat you are all outdated beliefs that do not serve you, or those that would have you think this way. In fact, the angels share with me, it actually lengthens the lessons you are here to learn and so by default creates More struggle, not joy and ease as the divine would have you experience.

We are also in the midst of a Karmic cleansing cycle, and this means that the way is clear for much ascension, growth expansion and this affects every part of your life. True, it does mean that relationships may need to be renegotiated, and efforts to ‘make’ others want what you want will not help you to make progress. In matters of soul mate love in particular it is important to understand what is being shown to you as a mirror, and what is a soul contract changing, possibly ending.

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Karma used with awareness is a wonderful tool for manifestation, simply by asking for guidance on whether this is a situation that must evolve of its own accord, or whether you are to learn some lesson or absorb more love for self, is going to help you break this cycle and be in allowance of where others are. You are also likely to see very quickly how fitting the circumstances are for you long term.

To manifest ‘through’ a karmic cycle takes commitment, yet this is not about ‘hanging on for dear life’ but rather a commitment to tend to your own needs, with love nourishment and consistency, applying the guidance you are given from your spiritual team, and allowing new levels of prosperity, contentment and success find you as you get stronger and happier being who you came here to be.

For those, that feel Karma is handing them a raw deal, sitting quietly and asking your Angels to help you to release any feelings of regret, resentment, blame of others or self, and negating your ancestral and family karma will allow the divine to step in and gently help you to release all contracts that no longer serve. Too, if you see those around you that are obviously avoiding their growth, or from your perspective ‘deserve’ what is transpiring, remember that everyone is at the perfect place on their path, and even if to the naked eye they are being given unfair advantages to you, their team has their souls plan in place.

Learning what your life lessons are at this time, and how complete they are is a effective way of moving through your lessons quickly and with ease, thus allowing the happier manifestations to find you. An akashic record reading can give you information on your life lessons, the areas where you are being challenged, your soul archetypes and even your spiritual gifts down to the percentages knowing this information helps you to be aware of what you agreed to learn prior to birth, and also helps you to understand your contracts with those around you and aids a faster karmic path.

Your connection to the divine is always in tact, however you can strengthen this connection by sitting quietly and asking the angels around you to connect you to the blessings that they have been holding for you for some time. By allowing their energy to pour in over your crown, you can melt away resistance concern and fear about money love success or any other obstacle.


With love and magic

Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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