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Accepting Your Spiritual Gifts From The Universe…

Spiritual Gifts

Receiving Your Next Level Activations and Spiritual Gifts

While meditating yesterday I had quite the “ah-ha” moment, about the gateway opening we're stepping into, and what is really possible for us as individuals and humanity now.

Up until yesterday, I've been getting the message that we're growing rapidly as a collective now, and that relaxation and time in nature are key for integration…

Well, yesterday in meditation I realized the huge addition that the Universe is literally handing out gifts now (and in the next couple of weeks)…

Taking the time to relax, meditate, open your heart, and raise your vibration brings you into alignment with the ability to receive them.

… To tune into the vibrational wavelength on which they're being presented to you.

Because it's not like we can just jump out of bed, and run into the living room to see what's waiting for us underneath a Christmas tree…

These gifts are on an entirely new vibrational wavelength, and so we're required to rise up and lift in order to claim them.

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How Do We “Rise Up” to Claim Our Gifts?

Opening your heart, shining your light, and vibrating as the awakened light being you authentically are allowing you to vibrationally receive new activations and codes of awakening.

Stepping into this new level of vibration literally awakens the next level of your spiritual gifts…

I'm not talking about the “psychic clairs”, or empathic ability, or heightened intuition.

I'm talking about stepping into an entirely new vibration of experience. I'm talking about YOU experiencing realigning with a higher level of TRUTH.

And with this, you can be of greater service, know your highest path, and take massive leaps along the path of aligning with and accomplishing your true soul's mission and purpose.

Your guides, angels, higher selves, and the universe are reaching out to support you in making this jump now.

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Be sure to quiet your mind, elevate your light, awaken the crystalline light of your heart and reach up… o you can “sync” with the new energies and step into the new level of your light and awakening gifts!

Elevate your light so you can “sync” with the new energies and step into the new level of your light and awakening gifts!

The brand new “Ascending With the Awakened Earth” session can help you to make the link…

Time in nature, quieting the ego mind, tuning into your light body, and more fully awakening the light of your heart are also key.

One moment at a time.

With love, light, and blessings,



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P.S. Be open to receiving and release the expectation of what's coming…

Because the gifts are beautiful, radiant, and probably quite different than you expect!

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