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15 Warning Signs from the Universe

How Does The Universe Warn You When You're Off Track ?

warning signs The universe is conspiring with you to help you reach your goals… Even more, the universe is guiding you to help you accomplish your authentic purpose.

Most of this guidance is positive, serving to gently and consistently nudge you in the right direction, validate your good decisions, and encourage you to keep moving forward.

But what about when you make a choice which has the potential to put you in harm’s way?

What about when you’re considering doing something which is not in your highest and greatest good?

And what about when you’re heading down the wrong path?

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How does the universe warn you?

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Much of the guidance from the universe comes through the experiences of your life. So warning signs from the universe may come in the form of unwanted experiences and events.

Unwanted experiences may either bring the guidance from the universe that you’re in a low vibrational frequency, or they offer a warning that through your thoughts, and actions you’re headed that way.

The universe does also offer guidance through your positive experiences. When things just seem to effortlessly align for you, and you’re in the flow of joy, love, and positivity, this is an excellent sign that the universe is encouraging you to keep moving in the direction you’re headed…

In other words, these positive experiences are signs that you’re on the right track, and challenges, and unwanted experiences bring the guidance or warning to revaluate your direction and to bring your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions into alignment with what you DO want to create in your life experience.

When you’re clear about what you want, and when you focus your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions towards creating it… The universe will conspire with you to make your dream a reality.

The universe will also offer you guidance to keep you moving in the right direction, and issue warnings if you start to stray off course.

If you are getting some warning signs… Don’t freak out! As long as you pay attention, notice the sign, and strive to change your perspective and course of action to make it through…

Any warning signs from the universe can be quickly shifted and you can get back on track towards making your dreams and intentions reality.

Again, the guidance from the universe comes through your personal experiences… So this list is just a start.

Warning signs may be alerting you to the fact that your thoughts are out of alignment with what you want to create, or that the choices you’re making are leading you in the wrong direction… Pay attention!

With present moment awareness you can notice the subtle cues and warning signs from the universe which strive to steer you out of harms way and keep you moving in the right direction.

Warning Signs From The Universe

  1. Bumping your elbow or stubbing your toe.
  2. Getting stuck in traffic or missing your bus/ train.
  3. Encountering someone who is rude or short tempered with you.
  4. An uneasy or bad feeling in your gut.
  5. Getting in a silly argument.
  6. Getting sick or just feeling off.
  7. Losing or breaking a possession.
  8. An unpleasant taste in your mouth.
  9. A headache or injury.
  10. A flat tire or car accident.
  11. Biting or burning your tongue.
  12. Hearing a buzz or high pitched tone in your left ear.
  13. Overall just feeling “off”.
  14. Things just not aligning…
  15. Encountering roadblocks and challenges at every turn.

All of the warning signs above indicate the need to slow down, ground, center, to  take steps to realign your thoughts with what you want, and to raise your vibration.

When you do encounter a warning sign… Don’t worry, but do stop what you're doing!

Take a moment to become aware about what you were just thinking, doing or considering. Whatever it was is not in alignment with your authentic path and what you most desire to create and experience.

Where in your life are you following the goals and dreams of others instead of progressing on your authentic path?

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If you’re able to take a moment to meditate and clear your thoughts… Do it! If you can't take a few minutes to meditate… Step outside for a moment, slow your thoughts, focus on consciously breathing, and becoming aware.

Alongside a warning sign from the universe there is often additional guidance, which you can tune into if your mind is quiet and you’re present and listening for your intuitive voice.

When you pay attention to everything happening in your life… The warning signs from the Universe can be gentle, and easy to get through… It’s when you’re completely oblivious to many signs and you keep running in the wrong direction that larger, and often more painful and challenging warnings manifest.

So pay attention! Strive to be mindful and present in every moment, and it doesn’t hurt to ask the universe to be gentle with any warnings… I did this a while back and it has really helped! J

When you do notice a warning sign, do something to shift your energy… center, ground, and refocus on what you do want to shift your momentum.

Definitely don’t obsess or freak out about getting a warning sign, getting sick, or stubbing your toe… Just think of it as a sign from the universe to help you get back on track.

Notice the warning, and refocus on what you want through your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions with what you do want to create and experience.

Take a step in the direction of your highest and best possible path, a step towards restoring your authentic vibration, and living in love, joy, and in the direction of your desired manifestations.

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  1. i have been rear ended by a car this morning and when I looked at the registration number it was my surname! this has freaked me out by thinking it’s telling me it’s my destiny to be in a car crash! is this the case?

  2. when you have tiny ones, they are a Godsend in the winter mnthos, the wet weather. I have two boys, and if I don’t take them out of the house, they are bouncing off the walls. And for mnthos, the park has been a sea of mud. Our library has been a port in a storm.

  3. Thanks
    Its ok.
    What’s about who is has this 15 and other signs in all of his life?
    Does he/she must stop his/her life avoiding this eternal mistake?!!
    No solve!

  4. To know God, we, who searching for the Universal Secrets should first know Jesus!Through Matthew, Mark Luke and John, the Gospels of Jesus Christ found in the New Testament is allthe reading you need to do to know God! Amen! Read Psalms 91: 11-12 and leap up with joy for it is so true!

  5. It took 10 months to get the message my angeld were sending me. I took a dead end job to pay the bills fir which I’m grateful however, something that’s never happened before in my career took place! I was sabotaged from getting a promotion, then rejected in 2 others I applied for and for which I had all the attributes and experience. Since I still wouldn’t listen, they manifesred carpel tunnel whuch meant I couldn’t do my job but no, I insisted by buyibg a hand brace and continued to work in pain…as a last resort, I got a nuge in the back as I was going down electronic escalators! I tumbled, twisted, scraped skin off my leg and bruised just about every part of my body except my right arm and head, luckily my already hurt left hand wasn’t affected. I have been off work for 2 months seeing specialists to help me with my hsnd and have now fully recovered from the fall. What I got from this, apart from the “miracle” of not breaking a bone (according to everyone who’s treated me) is that I nèded to get back to rebuild my business I’d left behind 10 months earlier, starting with finishing the book I’ve been writing for years to get it published!For some reason, I am truly really happy, exhausted from non stop writing and I thank God I have a brother who types fast abd is currently editing the finished book to get it ready for publishing! Angels, this book better become a no. 1 best seller, I am putting my intention out there for you all to help me. All the pain and bruising has got to be worth that much. I am sorry I was such a stubborn but humble student…I am grateful for your patience, guidance and ‘nudge’ down the escalators, I am now away from that job as you wanted.

  6. I stubbed my toe and broke it. I thought it was a wake up call. I need to change certain areas in my life that are not working for me.

  7. TThank you Melanie it was like you where with me last night as a friend attacked my journey. I all I was doing was cking the vib in the room an closed my eyes so I was the one with the problem. Attack blew me away

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