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Visitation Dreams — How to Tell If They Are Real…

How to tell the difference between true visitation dreams and regular dreams!

Visitation Dreams Have you dreamt of a deceased loved one? If so, you are not alone. When my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, she shortly thereafter contacted me through a dream visitation. Going back further, my grandfather contacted me through a dream when I was in college and he too reassured me that he was proud of me, he urged me to keep working hard, and he let me know that he was ok.

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This type of experience with my loved ones is not out of the ordinary, and it doesn’t make me special; in fact, visitation dreams are one of the most common ways for spirits to reach out to their loved ones after they have died.

Dream visitations offer proof that even after death, souls live on and through dreams they have a way to communicate with their loved ones still alive in the physical.

Not every dream about a dead loved one is a direct communication from them though, so how can you tell if your dream means your loved one has actually reached out, or whether it is just a creation from your subconscious mind?

The good news is there are some simple ways to tell.

Lets look first at “regular dreams”.

Most of your dreams are creations of your subconscious mind, when your conscious mind is asleep. An easy way to understand how regular dreams work is by thinking of them as movies, and your subconscious mind as the director.

In a dream, your subconscious mind has a general theme, lesson, or idea to communicate and so it selects dream characters to play out the scenario. Your subconscious selects the dream characters based on all the people you have met in your life or in past lives, (whether you consciously remember them or not doesn’t matter).

Sometimes deceased loved ones do play roles as dream characters… These are not visitation dreams. Your subconscious mind needs a loving grandmotherly figure, and so your grandmother, although deceased, plays the dream character role because her personality and how you perceive her helps your subconscious mind to depict the story through your dream.

Many people are quick to brush off visitation dreams, as something similar to the above. Or they think the dream is a result of that person being on the top of mind, and a result of grieving, and not a direct and real communication from beyond the physical.

I know in my heart, that my visitation dreams from both my grandparents were very real, and I’m excited to share some characteristics of real visitation dreams which you can look for to determine if your dreams about lost loved ones were actually a real after death communication.

What Is A Visitation Dream?

A visitation dream is not a creation from your subconscious mind… Visitation dreams are when a non physical being communicates with you while you are sleeping. There are many reasons why they communicate while you’re sleeping rather than awake… The main one is that your ego mind doesn’t block the communication, and so it is much easier for your loved one to get past the filters of your mind which are always working on some level to keep you focused in the physical, and as a result block out activity from the spiritual realms.

Dreams of dead loved ones are the most common type of visitation dreams, though I have also had visitation dreams from angels and spirit guides, which means you can too.

True visitation dreams are much different from regular dreams, for starters they are usually very real, vivid and you will feel that you have been visited by your deceased loved one.

Also, with true visitations from spirit through dreams, you will feel and know in your heart that the dream was a real communication.

When it comes to regular dreams, they’re easy to forget, but with a true dream visitation it will be vivid and real, and you’ll probably remember it for the rest of your life.

When my grandparents contacted me through the dream state, I saw them as completely healed, vibrantly well, and perfect. If your loved one appears to you through a dream in this way, this is a key sign of a true visitation. They are now fully reconnected with Source, and the light of God, so any anger, fear energy, or disease will be gone when they contact you through the dream state.

True visitation dreams involve a clear communication from beyond the physical. It doesn’t have to be in words, and often will be completely telepathic… But when beings in spirit visit you in your dreams, they will clearly and to the point convey their message.

Visitation dreams aren’t long and drawn out… They are usually simple, to the point, incredibly real, powerful, and then they are gone.

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Most often, based on my experience and on the visitation dreams other people I know have had, the communication is focused on reassurance, forgiveness, healing, and to let you know they are ok. If there is some warning your loved one has for you, it too will be too the point, and then backed with reassurance and a feeling of love and support through their presence.

Finally, when you wake up from a visitation dream, you may be overcome with a feeling of love, peace, and gratitude. You will know you have been visited by your loved one who is now in spirit.

If this happens to you, trust that a real dream visitation has occurred; know that your loved one is well, and that even after death they offer their love, reassurance, and support from beyond the physical.

If you do feel like you’re being visited in your dreams by a lower vibrational entity, this too is possible, but does not serve you and can easily be prevented through psychic protection! Call upon Archangel Michael and your guardian angels to surround you with light while you sleep to keep any unwanted and negative beings away.

You can learn more about psychic protection here.

With love, light, and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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  1. 11-17-20
    I had a Dream lastnight.
    I was walking out from my job to go home, and my Deceased Mother was walking towards me, I turned away so I could surprise her, and she walked right by me. 2 co workers were standing by a truck in the parking lot, and one of them asked her if she needed help she replied and said she thinks she needs a Battery for her car. I then turned around and told the guys to take care of her because she was my Mom, I then approached her and told her Hi Mom, at this time she was standing by the curb but 2 small kids 1 boy 1 girl in white. My Mom was wearing regular clothes but the 2 kids, one on each side of her looked Antique looking, like Cherubs both were smiling but not sound. When I told my Mom hi she said nothing she just stared at me and smiled. I then woke up and started to cry with happiness. I have a 8 month granddaughter and my sister has a 1 year old grandson which Our Mom never got to see. But many times when I see my granddaughter making progress as she grows I tell myself “wish Mom was here to see you grow up” so my thought is were they 2 Angel’s protecting my Mom in Heaven or is my Mom telling me that she is watching over our grandkids? Either way I feel Happiness through out my body, and feel like I finally got closure.

  2. My current boyfriend has a daughter. Her mother recently passed away and I never met her only heard her voice on the phone. A few nights ago I got a call in my dream from her and she told me to not let the her mom keep the baby. Her mom has recently said she is going to take my boyfriend to court for custody. This dream reassured me that both he and I will make sure his daughter stays with him. I was so confused about my dream because I never met her but she made me feel like her call was a normal call from a friend. This was the first time I have ever experienced a visitation dream. I never had those not even about loved ones that have passed but this one felt so real.

  3. I really like your analogy of typical dreams and movies. A lot of my normal dreams often feel like it’s a movie or even a role playing game sometimes.

    I’ve had a few ‘odd’ dreams though, 2 that stick out the most:

    One night I was having a ‘typical’ dream and all of sudden the scene changed as if it were a swipe transition in a movie. It was sunny and I see a grassy hill with a dirt path and 2 people ridding bikes down it coming closer to me.

    Here it turns out it’s my deceased grandparents from 25 years ago. As they ride past me, my grandfather waves and in a spunky happy voice says “Hey {my name}, how are you?!?!”. I’m pretty sure I woke up instantly and I had tears rolling down my face…which I thought was really odd.
    I miss them but was really happy to see them as I never dreamt of them before.

    Growing up as a kid we had 2 dogs (1 older, 1 younger). The oldest dog had died a while back and the youngest lived on another 6 years or so after that. Well eventually the youngest one was finally nearing her end of life.

    Around that time one night, I had a dream of the older dog who had passed many years ago. It was very vivid with just me and her. No background, no room, nothing except for me and her – 1 on 1.

    She was on her back and I was petting her belly, which she never liked, but for some reason she was just so damn happy about it in our dream. I woke up happy and the dream stuck with me. I get a call later that day from my parents telling me they had to put down the younger dog the night before (the night of my dream)… I’ve never dreamt of pets before so it makes me think sometimes…

  4. Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep, It almost felt like I was awake, as eb I was in this state, my ex sister in law was standing right there, near me, near my buffet, we were standing there talking and I said to her I can’t believe my ex husband her brother got remarried. She said to me there was someone at the reception that wanted to meet you, then she wrote his name on an envelope in cursive, she wrote the name walt. Walter is the name of my x boyfriend who is sick, who I’ve been trying to help, but I’ve also been so angry with because he cheated and got someone pregnant twice, and now I’m the one taking are of him, I know he’s sick, I’m trying to forgive him for b what he did, he was the love of my life, many years ago. Even though he is sick, I still have not been able to forgive him, still after all these years.

  5. In my youth I was visited by all types of spirits while I was awake and asleep. I was blessed to have a mother that brought me to a spiritualist that taught me how to “white light” myself to protect myself before sleep and wake myself from dreams that felt threatening. I had a dream yesterday morning at around 5 am where I awoke to a nude man in my bed I do not know that had the clear intention of having sex with me. It was extremely vivid. More like a visitation in retrospect. I actually told him he might have made a mistake and come to the wrong house before I realized I was dreaming, it was very accurate to my room in surroundings and lighting, he told me he knew exactly where he was and I freaked and woke myself up. I know not to go right back to sleep so I got up, white lighted, checked my emails and went back asleep and he immediately was there again so I woke up and got up. I just had it happen again. Of course it’s time to ask the Arch Angel Michael for an assist but I also am curious about this. Like, what the heck? I’m married very happily, my husband travels. It was so real the first time that before I opened my eyes I questioned what day it was because my husband was gone. I literally remember it extremely vividly. So it’s got me rattled.

  6. I woke up to somone calling my name I heard it the first time but didn’t open my eyes till the third time.noone was there but my room was completely lit up light blue but I couldn’t tell we’re all the light was coming from.i looked out the window but it was pitch black outside.the light in my room was like dancing lights and it was very comforting I watched it for a minute and then payed back down in my bed and went back to sleep.i am now a very spiritual person but was struggling with it at the time.was just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences

  7. For over 10 years ..I keep having this reoccurring dream with the same subject line but different scenarios and people involved. The subject line is my grandmother died and none of my family told me . I find out and I’m so upset and mad . My grandmother has been gone for 20 years. What could I possibly be holding on to ?

  8. My husband passed away just over two years ago. We had been very close for over 25 years and I miss him so much. My grief is profound as I am working in a job I don’t like and in a different country which is not to my taste and I cannot figure out how to get out of my situation as I need the money my salary offers. Before waking this morning I had the following dream: I was in an empty bedroom with a friend and as I stood near the bed my husband’s spirit (I couldn’t see him but I knew it was him) suddenly held and we began to levitate. I felt so safe in his arms that I didn’t feel afraid and we went up and up – above the ceiling in the room and then we were in heaven. Just bathed in the brightest light with a feeling of peace and calm. Then he let me go and I was back in the room again. My friend was looking for me and I told her it was okay and that I was here. She showed me the bed which was slightly broken after the impact of the ascent.

    Would you be able to tell me what the dream means? I feel peaceful though maybe a bit puzzled …

  9. my older sister recently passed away, it was sudden and frightening for my other sister and me
    last night she came to me and was holding both my hands in a cheerful way and told me she was ok
    that she felt better, I can’t remember much more than this but I she was smiling and it seemed more like us when we were younger

  10. I had a dream of my grandfather. He passed away 10 years ago. In the dream we were all sitting around talking and I heard his voice. I stood up and he stood raised me up and hugged me and said everything will be ok. When I first looked at him he was a vibrant blue but as time passed the blue wasn’t as bright. But he was smiling. He was happy. He unfortunately had a painful passing 10 years ago. But he was back to himself and happy in the dream.

  11. I have constant dreams of my deceased partner saying he wants to come bk here to this world . What’s the meaning

  12. In February of this year, I had a dream about my grandma falling asleep and waking up saying, its okay, I’m okay. My dad, in the dream, was pulling me away to protect me from seeing my grandma die. This was at 4 in the morning. I woke up saying, its fine this is just a dream. Well, later that morning, my dad woke me up saying she had passed away at 4 in the morning. I don’t know what to think anymore. She’s on my mind every day. I just need answers.

  13. I lost my husband on March 12, 2019. He was my best friend and the one true love of my life. It took a whole month before I felt that he was coming to visit me in my dreams but the scenario is always the same. I am always in bed but very restless. It seems so real and I have this vibration feeling in my lower back that feels like a ball of energy. It then vibrates through my hand and he appears in the bed with my arm under his head. He says very little but I always kiss him and touch him to see if he’s real. I feel like I’m losing my mind but the next morning, I’m always so at peace and happy (that is the only time). Am I crazy?

  14. Hi Melanie,

    I have a question about a possible visitation dream? A few years ago a close friend of mine passed away from a sudden illness at 26. About six months after her death I had a wonderful dream where she came by my apartment early in the morning and we had coffee, went out for brunch, messed around, and mixed our own cocktails and watched Project Runway. It wasn’t heavy or short or to the point at all – it was just like having my friend back. No real message or communication.

    One thing I thought was strange – my friend was wearing the same floral print dress that she had on in her open casket at her funeral but no shoes. In the dream I asked her why she was barefoot and she just said she didn’t have any and didn’t need them anyway. Later on I was seeing my friends mother and I asked her what shoes she had been buried wearing. She said that she had been laid to rest barefoot, hating the idea of having her lying in her casket lined as it is with fluffy, plush silk wearing shoes. I had no way of knowing this. What are your thoughts?

  15. I had a dream that my ex boyfriend was very ill in bed and his mother and father were looking after him. His Mother passed away nearly 10 years ago and her birthday is 16th April. In my dream I knocked on their home to visit my ex boyfriend and his father was reluctant to let me in so and i remained persistent. In the end the Mother came and brought me in and led me to the bedroom that he was resting in. In the dream it was as if she knew that we both wanted to see each other. in the dream my ex boyfriends health deteriorated and i was comforting him and telling him that i loved him.

  16. Hello! Today I had a very strange dream, a vivid and lucid one, I can not move, and I could speak… but with difficulty. First I felt a strong energy passing by my corpse, from head to foot, and then again, but from foot to head. Then I heard: “My love!”, with a strong voice, and I tried to say “yes”. After that he said “leave me”. What does this mean? Every time I think about this I cry…

    Please, help me to understand.

  17. In the last few months, I feel as if I’ve been visited twice in my dreams. The first time involved my best friend and bandmate of 20 years. I remember crying almost uncontrollably but feeling intense happiness when I woke up. I don’t remember what was said or if anything was said. Literally 30 min ago, I had another intense visitation dream. My great-grandfather was in my dream. I remember dreaming inside my dream of him and my family together. When I woke up in my dream, I was near family and told them about how real the dream. When I got home from the party, my great-grandfather was at my house. I asked him if he was alive because the dream in my dream felt so real. He told me he was a spirit. I don’t remember what we talked about after that but we did talk and he showed my something but I can’t remember because he disappeared when family showed up. I remember crying intensely at some point in the dream but don’t know when. I woke up feeling intensely happy. Am I being visited by them? The dreams were so vivid and real and intense. I have also never cried in a dream that I can remember.

  18. I worked with a pharmacist for 18 years on the cardiac unit of a hospital. When I found out I was going to have open heart surgery for mitral valve prolapse I also got a message that my wonderful friend and coworker had died from cardiac arrest Two days later I had a vivid bright dream of him with friends and flowers( his favorite). He walked up to me and we talked. He asked to see the obit his daughter had written
    Then the next day I was outside on my way to deliver meds to another unit. The wind changed and I felt a huge rush of energy. I literally wanted to run. Visitations????

  19. I don’t know what this was, but I swear I was awake when it occurred. It was morning and yet still dark out. I was awake laying in my bed. I looked over to the back of my bedroom door and I saw what looked to be a movie playing. I saw my deceased husband with his long beautiful hair dress in the purest of white pants and shirt with the sleeves rolled up and no shoes on the beach with his arms open waiting for me to run to him. I was standing across from him, I was wearing the purest of white long flowing dress and no shoes. I ran to him and he held me so tight. I thought what is going on. So I closed my eyes and opened them and yet again that same “movie” played again. I opened and closed my eyes again and it was gone. We had a profound, not of this earth love and everyone keeps telling me I won’t be his wife in heaven, which is my only and greatest fear of my passing. But, this felt extremely real. I felt that he was telling me that he loved me and I will be his wife in heaven. I felt reassured. I felt he wanted me to know that we will be together. It was the only thing like that that has happened to me since he passed 5 1/2 months ago.

  20. Hi, I dreamt I was making a cup of tea in my kitchen. I turned around and my deseased grandad was stood there. The look on his face was disappointment. I walked up to him and touched his face to see if he was solid and really there…he was. No words spoken. Then I woke up

  21. I had a strange dream i wondered if you could help with. I was somewhere strange i could look out and see my home with my son there. Where i was i saw my deceased baby girl run up to me and hug me and then she left with her grandmother. Then i was with my deceased husband and his face was kind of blurred. He didn’t speak. He removed his shirt and tried you get me to lay down next to him and as i began to lay down i could hear my new husband’s voice saying come here, though i could not see him. And i got scared because i couldn’t see my new husband but also felt so comfortable by my late husband. So strange?? I haven’t dreamed of my late husband for years.

  22. In my dream, my loved one lifts me up. Literally grabs my upper waist/ lower rib area and lifts me up. I have had 2 in 5 months, what does thos mean?

  23. My Ex boyfriend passed away 3 months ago to cancer ( June 21st) and i wasn’t in town, 2 weeks after his funeral I had a visitation and i know it wasn’t just a dream he came to say goodbye and hugged me and it felt so real he said he had to go his dad was calling him and his father already passed away …I had another visitation last night it was so real life like i felt his hand every hug he gave me the kisses .. i’m still in shock of how real it was I remember every detail of both visitations and i’m such in a good mood today I fee happy that i saw him and that he reached out to me I just missed him so much

  24. I dreamt last night of a late aunt I wasn’t close to for several reasons. It was INCREDIBLY real. Down to the smells. But unfortunatley I woke up and fell back to sleep immediately and some of the message was blurred. How do I remember everything she said?

  25. I had a visit from my husband 2 days after he passed 1/2018. My son passed in June 2018 and have not felt him. What’s the difference?

  26. I had visits here n there from my parents, and brother. and my granny. Sometimes I get visits for when some close to me passes, before my parents passed dec2014, my late granny came to me[3weeks before they got sick] I was happy to see her, but then I started to cry like crazy to her, and seen my mother pass by behind her in a hospital like place. she kept pushing me away. so my parents got sick and were hospitalized for 2 weeks, got worse. and we ended up unplugging their life support.

    Since they passed, my mom became my visitor. 3 or 4 weeks before my brother passed, my mom came to visit, and I started to crazy crying to her, really hugging her and telling her i missed her. but she had to leave. And my brother passed Aug2017. Only get visits or ordinary dreams as if their still around like. sometimes I do get those communications with them.

  27. I had a dream about my 32 yr old son who passed a couple years back in a horrible wreck. I dreamt he was at my door and when I opened it, we hugged and cried. I have great guilt about being so hard on him when he was younger. What do you suppose the dream meant?

  28. my grandmother came to me in a dream saying she had been looking for me for such a long time.. help me please. I need to understand this. she died when I was 6 months old

  29. I’ve been having dreams for a couple of weeks of my kids dad that passed away in 2012. I hadn’t dreamt of him in probably a year. But these dreams have been different. When I wake up from these recent dreams, I’m freezing cold when I wake up. So cold that I’m shivering and my teeth are chattering. It take about 20 minutes covered from head to toe to warm myself.

  30. I awoke early this morning today after a dream of my dearest husnand; he passed away February 10th 2018. He would come & go in the dream wearing a brown long sleave button shirt which i recall this sbirt tnat he would always wear. He would appear and then sneak away not knowing if he’ll return. He showed up again not saying anything & sneak away again. When i did wake ul from my dream i said to myself, why could I not touch, give him a hug or a kiss. There is not a day I never tnink of him, cry & miss him so much. What does my dream mean?

  31. okay so idk if this was really him o not but i really do feel that my loved one was there with me in my dream..
    my uncle past away a couple years ago from cancer and i havnt dreamt about him once besides last night…this was my dream, i was walking at this place.. it was kinda like an apartment and i saw my uncle standing there.. he was healthy looking and he looked great..i ran up to him and started crying… he told me that he isnt alive and it was so different where he was… he said he could see everyone and everything but it was darker and it looked so different.. he said he couldnt even see himself… and i didnt really say anything back i just kept hugging him and crying.. then i woke up….

  32. My visitation dreams

    I was in my mid 30’s. Weeks or just a few months after my mother’s passing, I was having disturbed sleep and grieving mentally, emotionally, and physically. One night, I had a very vivid, colorful dream, like non I’ve had before. I was in a beautiful garden, and walked up to a young black girl in a dress, dancing around a fountain (one of my spirit guides?). I asked her, “do you know where my mom is?” and she pointed. I walked in that direction, and as I came around the corner of a bush, there was my Mom, as beautiful as ever, glowing with light, planting flowers. In the dream, I knew she had passed – and was so happy to see her. I said something like, “Mom, it’s you, I love you so much.” She turned around, smiled, and said “I love you too.” We then hugged, and I had an unusual sensation – I actually felt her body as we hugged – the warmth of it, her scent. I think I said to her, telepathically, oh my God, I can feel you, I can feel myself hugging you, it feels so good. Then I awoke.
    The dreams continued throughout my life after that, but don’t come often. After this first dream, I dreamed I was in a house. A black man (another spirit guide?) said, “Your Mom is that way.” I went up the stairs and …don’t remember the rest. I was thinking at the time, how much Dad wanted to have such an experience – I mentioned my previous dream to him and he was sad that he didn’t seem to have such occurrences. But then my Mom’s face turned ugly and melted away. My Dad was having a difficult time grieving the loss of my mother – visited her grave daily for 20 yrs after her death. He was angry that Mom left us so young (60), resentful that others with similar illnesses beat it, live longer. He had jealousy in that and resentment that he was not receiving “signs” of her well-being. Later, I interpreted this dream to mean that Mom was unable to connect to Dad because of this anger and jealously. He needed to let it go. I communicated this to him, and he continued the rest of his life – 20 years without any signs (that he recognized).
    Another dream of Mom…She was sitting on a couch in a nightgown, in a home/room I did not recognize. I was a little girl – 6 or 7, and I was dancing around her. I was reciting these words: “How I love God, Let me count the ways…” Then I woke up. At the time, I knew the first lines of this poem (which actually was, “how do I love thee…”) – but didn’t know the rest of it, nor who the author was. When I went to work the next day, I explained to my friend – and asked a few people who the author of that poem was. I learned it was Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I then looked up the poem, and was astounded by the message, that seems so fitting from someone on the “other side.” With the one change, How do I love God, vs How do I love thee. Made me feel like Mom was with God. Here is the poem in full, read it yourself and see if you also recognize the special messages it conveys, and I will highlight some words and add my interpretation – that I feel are especially meaningful:

    How do I love thee (God)? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul (the other side) can reach, when feeling out of sight (having passed on)
    For the ends of being and ideal grace (heaven).
    I love thee to the level of every day’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
    I love thee freely (heaven frees us), as men strive for right.
    I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
    I love thee with the passion put to use
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose (passing on)
    With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after death.

    As you could imagine, I couldn’t stop crying after first reading this. It had such meaning, I’m sure you would agree.

    Years later, I dreamed of two cousins who passed on in their midlife (50’s). One I remember, I was walking on a sidewalk – with someone (not sure who), not concentrating on the people around me. Walking past me, a woman said “HI Carol.” We continue to walk in opposite directions, but I turned to look back – and she turned and looked at me. It was my cousin Kathy, beautiful and glowing. Hair done up, with a big swooping curl on the side. Her face, so pretty and young. In the dream, I knew she had passed on, and excitedly said, “on my God, Kathy…” She smiled, but I was being pulled in the other direction – almost floating. As I pulled back, I saw in the distance behind her, my grandfather, Poppie – young and healthy looking. Even further behind him, was my grandmother. I then woke up.

  33. Good morning, I have just woken up from a dream and started researching to see if it was possible for my brother to contact me whilst sleeping.
    It was really short and quick and everything was so clear almost like it was in hd everything was very bright and vibrant and happy. I was standing in my nans front garden and my brother who passed away 7 years ago walked up her hallway kissed my nan on the cheek and walked towards me and gave me a huge cuddle. He was holding his now 8 year old daughter she looked how she is now although when he died she was not even 1 years old.
    My brother died in a car crash in 2011 Which destroyed one side of his face as we wasn’t allowed to see him it was that bad. In the dream I only remember seeing one side of my brothers face but he was so happy he had this huge grin that he always used to have.
    On New Years just after midnight me and my sister made a toast to him and all of a sudden we both had the most strange feeling go through our entire bodies from head to toe something you cannot describe. It’s like a ice cold feeling but warm at the same time it’s like i felt a spirit enter my body. My whole body was shaking and a cool wind was floating above us on the sofa. It last a min then went and immediately after I felt peace. It was like all the bad from the life and from the room was gone and cleansed.
    Did he visit me? Is he ok? Will this happen again? I am out of my depth as I don’t really know much about spirits.
    Amy x

  34. Hello, I had a dream of my deceased father in law whom Ive never met. He passed 14 years ago and i had a dream that he was in. I talked to him and it felt like ive known him forever. I asked him a question and in the end he hugged me and whispered in my ear “be careful. I’ll show you what to say” And then i woke up. My ear felt like a person had just whispered in my ear real close. I would like to know if this was a real visitation and what I should do? Also why would he choose to visit me??

    1. He chose you because he wants you to know you have his blessing and support. Likely something is going to happen that requires a decision by you which involves his daughter and when you’re at a loss for words it will suddenly come to you. I’m sure it will be something good. At least he spoke to you. I can’t remember what my sister says to me when she visits. All I remember is her always disappearing and I wake up.. We fight in my dreams like we used to as kids. It’s been over 10 years since she passed and she just started visiting me this year.. I never wake up scared. I just wake up wondering what she is trying to tell me and why we always fight before she eventually disappears and I wake up… I think we fight because of how badly my life has gone since losing her. And maybe she is trying to make things right as I wish I could because I feel guilty as I gave her the phone when the person whose house she died at called. If I didn’t pick up that phone and just hung up it would have gone differently. Oddly enough we had a fight before the person called to ask her over that evening. Usually I’d have said she wasn’t there and hung up just because but I gave her the phone…

  35. Hello,
    I have been experiencing visitation dreams lately from an ex-boyfriend 26 years ago who passed circa 4 years ago. Aftrer the break-up,we remained friends eventhough we lived in different countries.
    In my dreams, he appears healthy and at peace as you describe in your article. He looks at me, but says nothing. In the last visitation dream, I tried to reach out to him, but he disappeared. I wokeup with the strong feeling that he wanted me to contact his sister. She knows of me, and I do of her, however we have never met, however, after his death we did have contact through Facebook.
    It seems like he wants me to tell his sister he is ok, but why does he not visit her? Also, I must say that the dreams are not scary, the oppisite, I get an overwhelming feeling of power mixed with serenity.
    My next question is- what should I do? Contact her?
    I am nervous bc the feeling to do so is strong, but I am not known as really a “spiritual” person and furthermore, I do not want to give rise to perhaps unnecessary sad feelings on her part.
    A few words of advise would be appreciated, you seem to be the expert and it is difficult for me to share this experience with friends, loved ones. Kind Regards.

  36. I have been having spiritual dreams but the one today he told me I was going to die in September, I asked him if he was a messaginger from the Lord n he said yes,I said since you are from the Lord that means everyone you tell will be with him and he said yes,then I woke up,its more to the dream but I was making it brief

  37. I have had two dreams that I know were visitations from my husband. He is alive and well. In one we were having a heart to heart. I remember saying, “this is what I was afraid of that we would not have enough time together.” I also dreamed of my grandfather who is still alive, in the visitation he was from the other said and had a great pull with the lord. He has suffered from a mental illness in this life, but he is alive.

    I have had several visitations from deceased loved ones, these felt the same, but they are alive. What could it mean?

  38. Hello, my dad died in december . I have had a couple dreams about him in the past week. The first one, around a week ago, was in some sort of place in london where i am from. for some reason the trains were running on the tram lines, and i could see them being dangerous and i was thinking to myself this is going to be really dangerous and i was scared. then, for some reason the trains were wobbling off the tram line onto the edge where they fell onto the side. this was in some unknown place, almost a train junction where there was no people. the atmosphere was gloomy and grey and it was nighttime. somehow, i found out one of them fell, then my friend was on it and i somehow went there and she told me it was fun, then later on i was scared because i knew my dad was getting on one. later on finding out my dads one had fell even though he was alright. i remember the trainline he was on was virgin, and when he was around his internet provider was virgin, his mobile and so on. he also loved trains and used them frequently. i phoned him to see if he was alright and he was. next i remember him being what looked like one of his old houses, which he said was his favourite, but he looked very depressed and unhappy. he looked a bit hunched over and looked slightly older and stubbly and he in himself looked a bit deteriorated. my dad never used to smoke, only when he was young, yet he was smoking a ciggarette and i asked him why and he said he was sad. he seemed like he didnt want to talk to anyone. the next dream i had which was yesterday. i remember going or seeing the charity shop the british heart foundation, which he had died from a heart condition due to sepsis and also had strokes in the brain. i remember being in a car with him, think a taxi and he liked taxis and always used to get them. i was in the back with him and he looked normal this time as i remembered him last, yet he was going somewhere. i dont know where but i was very sad i was crying and he was also upset to leave me. i was resting on his shoulder and i was crying. then i remember getting out the car and stopping off at what seemed to be a cliffside, but it was beautiful. we were on the edge and below us was a coastline, and the su was slightly setting. lots if greenery and it looked absolutely beautiful. to the left of us looked like what seemed like the moon???? and he said to me, do you want to come to the moon with me? and it all looked very beautiful. and i wanted to but then i woke up. my grandmother and mother told me that in these sort of dreams if you go with the loved one you could possibly die? i had a very good relationship with my dad and i was the apple of his eye and he is my guardian angel. could anyone tell me what these mean? thanks

  39. I have always had a bit of what Stephen King calls “the shine”, ever since I was a little kid. I just want to share and experience I had a couple years ago. My husband, son, and I befriended a single dad with 2 young children, and we became extremely close. Our friend was much older, and he was very much a father figure to all of us. We had many many fun times, sad times, crazy times together, In just the few short years we knew him. Blood wasn’t much thicker than our relationship. Although our friend had m.s., it was fairly managed, and we never expected the phone call we got one morning. He had passed away quite suddenly In front of his young kids from a heart attack. We were devastated. For more than the obvious reasons, as well. For a few weeks prior to his death, we hadn’t spoke. We made the mistake of introducing him to the evilest person I know.. My mother. She purposely caused all kinds of nasty problems between us because she was jealous of our friendship, to the point where our friend wanted to kill her. I found out that that she had manipulated her way back into his life just 2 days before he died of that unexpected heart attack. In fact, besides his kids, she was the last person to see him alive. It burned me to no end since I knew how much he hated her for purposely causing a rift In our friendship. (hell the first thing she did was take his car for joyriding and doing drugs not hours after he died.) well, a few weeks after his funereal, I had the most awesomely vivid dream. My husband and I were walking by his house, mourning him, and he comes strolling out his back door with a huuuge smile pasted on his face. I exclaimed-“hey! I thought you died! What the hell is going on!?” His response? “I had to fake it- it was the only way I could get away from your mother! ” That response was so real, so much like something he would say, something he would joke about, that I KNOW he visited me that night in my dream. 4 years later, I STILL remember every part of it, word for word, and still tear up, and feel all the sensations and feelings I did the night he came and joked one last time with me. I think it was his way of letting me know he was ok, things between us were good, and maybe even continue being wary of my black widow mother. I loved this man with all my heart, he was the best father I’ve ever known, and didn’t deserve to go out like he did. I can’t wait to see him again someday…..

  40. My mom loved to travel. When she got sick she couldn’t travel anymore.This morning I dreamed that my mother and I were on a trip. She went to pick up her suitcase and I said “mom don’t worry, I’ll get that for you.” She said “no, I’ll get it. I’m fine now.” Before she died she was weak and had trouble walking. She was in pain. In the dream she was totally fine and looked great! The key word was NOW. She said “I”m fine now.” It was a short dream. and I woke up feeling incredibly well. I’m so happy to know she is fine. My heart feels lighter. She suffered a lot before she died.

  41. My dad just recently passed we had some silly falling out that seems so trivial now, my ego got the best of me. The guilt has changed me to the point I can’t function some days. He came to me in a dream last week, he was younger (more hair lol) but he told me he was ok and he was going and he had to go now, he said “I’m living with my mom now (my grandma who just passed a few years ago) my dad was only 58. I was so worried he had everything he needed before he left, he handed me this piece of lamentated paper which I couldn’t make out no matter how hard I tried to focus. We were standing on this platform with trains buzzing by at lightening speed, he gave me this hug I will never forget, I felt every part of his body, his arms around me, no different than a hug in real life. He told me he loved me and something else which I can’t remember – I want to so bad it hurts but just in a snap I wake up albeit in tears but happy tears. I was so overcome with emotion we had company staying at our house I grabbed my keys and left, driving around aimlessly for hours just crying but they were happy. I felt so loved. Fast forward 4 days ago my husband had a dream I died. He woke up holding me for dear life making me promise I never go. Then last night I had a dream and I was in this park maybe, it’s sunny with green trees and grass, it was gorgeous and someone to my left that I couldn’t see asked if I would like to see my dad and my stepfather who passed away over a decade ago was standing there looking like a younger version of himself, black hair, tan, wearing the same old man bill blass shirts and old man glasses smiling from ear to ear and again I got the purest, truest most loving hug and he said he loved me then my husband woke me up. I told my mom today if my deceased aunt and other grandma (who again just passed away within the last 2 years) knocked on my front door to take me with them I wouldn’t be surprised. I miss my dads, my grandparents, aunt, best friend, another dear friend… but my daddy passing stings more than I could express
    .I wish I did everything so different. I’m sure they came to visit me to give me reassurance and love and they did but I just miss them more and I still hurt wanting them with me, or that stereotypical “just one more day”. These last few years I’ve lost so many people I love, guess that happens when you get older but I’m only in my 30’s. Oddly enough I usually never remember my dreams. If they thought this would give me closure I’m afraid it didn’t work, I’m wanting more time with them, more hugs, more I love you’s…….I want it all back. I want to be able to function for a whole day without crying and pain of regret…I want my daddy again he wasn’t always the best but he was to me, one of those I can complain but I’ll be damned if anyone else says a cross word about him, I just wish I could do it over and fix it

  42. Two weeks after Grandma died, I dreamt that my mom walked into my apartment and behind her was my grandma. A warm, bright light shone from outside. She was dressed up and wearing jewelry. I was so scared, thinking, “you’re supposed to be dead!” that I woke myself up.

    Hours later, I continued to dream that I was getting into my car to drive somewhere. I turned around and my grandma was in the backseat. Again, I was scared because these dreams were so lifelike. It was also bright and warm and I remember the light very clearly. Grandma was dressed up again, wearing jewelry and makeup (a far cry from how the last few years of her life went).

    Before I could wake up, she gave me a hug.

    Both dreams felt very real. The light and the fact that my grandma was healthy and dressed up make me think it must have been a visitation dream.

    I think that she wanted to communicate that she got to the “other side” okay, and since I scared myself and woke up the first time, she tried again to give me a hug the second time. This is the only dream of its kind I’ve ever had.

  43. I had a dream that a friend I’d know for 30 years came to my door, he was banging the door and calling me. .. It was a vivid realistic dream and I woke up, I really expected him to be there , shouting in my driveway. I woke up and shrugged it off, a little relieved because my new husband was a bit jealous of the guy and it would be odd for him to be at my door. But as soon as I got out of bed I had this weird voice in my head (it was in my own voice ) I heard ” My work here has ended” I was a little freaked out, I’m not suicidal, I was in the middle of an adoption, pretty happy… I remember thinking really God, my work has ended ???? Are you kidding me? It was a very strong message and I heard/thought it multiple times. It was very unsettling. There was no mistaking the message and it literally stopped me in my tracks when I heard/thought it. I’m a pretty rational person. I didn’t say anything to my husband because it would make me sound crazy. I didn’t connect the two things though. I’m not the type to be looking for signs, or at least I wasn’t at the time!
    Turned out my friend had died of a heart attack. It was completely unexpected to me. Apparently my psychic abilities are not that good , or I’m just self centered. Interestingly, of all my friends I would have said my deceased friend had the gift , I remember telling him jokingly once that I could hear him thinking of me from miles away because I would think of him , and he would call, out of the blue.
    I know that happens to a lot of people, but it can be a bit freaky . To this day I believe there Is a lot more going on that we don’t know about and the experience . It made me a believer. He came to say goodby. So now I talk to him in my head. just in case.

  44. This morning I dreamt of my mom…. it felt like a visitation but the context of the dream make me wonder. In the dream, I was at my job and things were chaotic. There were all these new people there asking me to help them get set up and I had no clue who they were. They were on manual typewriters. One guy said his hours were 7am to 6pm and he was a bit sketchy looking. I said to anyone who would listen: We are a web company, we can’t use typewriters, we need computers. I turned and saw my mom standing next to me. She was smiling and looked healthy. She was glowing as if she had an aura. She said nothing. I hugged her in silence for what seemed like a very long time. I then said “I really like my job, mom” (which I had until recent circumstances unleashed a ton of stress) and she shook her head in a way which maybe seemed like disapproval? I then woke up.

    I did feel very strongly that this was a visitation but I don’t understand the context of the dream. Any idea what this could mean?

  45. I had a dream last night that I was visited by a guy who told me he was my older brother, he looked very much like my dad but different and younger. He hugged me and I felt it and I broke down crying and I had no idea why. It was the most powerful hug I have ever received. He told me it would be okay and that he’s looking out for me. Then it was over. I woke up knowing it was real and that I had been visited. It turns out my dad got his girlfriend pregnant when he was 18 and she had an abortion. It was a boy. I don’t know how the afterlife works or if people really grow up but I know this was him.

  46. one night my mother visited me in a dream I was scared and hit her and didn’t stop the next day my brother called me and told me my poor mother was dead one of my brothers commited suicide on my birthday 1-9-1997 it has realy messed me up its not something you can talk about with a mental health counsler and I don’t think jimmy swagert can help I loved both my mother and brother and I wish I could change time but you cant you can e-mail me but everything I do with my family I mess up thank you L.G.

  47. I had a dream that I could actually feel the warmth of my dad’s arm. I remember everything about the dream which isn’t normal for me. In September of 2016 my dad shot himself. He was very depressed and he called me right before he did it but I still don’t have closure. What could my dream be telling me?

  48. Recently I was visited by a spirit. I say spirit instead of loved one because I do not know who the person was but only called him (he). I don’t know it that was just a natural instinct or what. This spirit lay next to me as I was sleeping. I felt completely relaxed, like floating on a cloud, so content and loved. As (he) held me, I responded, “please don’t leave” ….After a short time the spirit rose and I heard I need to go….I then said, let me walk you to the door. So I did. On returning to my bed I noticed the clock and it was 5:26 AM ….I told my daughter and husband of my visit. My daughter ask who it was and my husband just laughed. Being a person who has several visitations I just decided I would play the number in the lottery…..I have since won (not a lot of money) but several hundred twice on this number. I am in great financial difficulty and these two little pots sort of speak have helped me a great deal. I just wish I knew who my spirit was. I always journal my dreams because it may be week, months, or maybe even a year and my dream will be coming true. I just wish I knew how to help the people in my dreams before disasters occur.
    I am so happy my daughter turned me on to this site. It gives me such comfort. Thank you…

  49. I had a dream of my ex husband and my kids father who I loved more than anything and was only divorced because I was cheated on but they say he committed suicide but thats something I have a hard timee believing cause he wasnt a selfish person and would never be selfish like that tp our children but i have had alot of dreams since he passed and i feel he is trying to tell me something amd i donjt understand and i need help he is already gone but o keep dreaming of him and in the dream he faked his death and he only done thay to better me amd the kids and to get rid of the other woman is the energy i feel from the dream amd later after years he comes back in our lives. I know i sound crazy and this is impossible and i have grive hard over him we was together 11 yrs married 7 and divorced 2 yrs he was my best friend and my life besides my kids can you help me know if they are a answer

  50. I have been reading a lot of people’s stories about their visitation dreams and I notice something that is present in both of my visitation dreams – how the spirit is always brought to you by someone, or you must go to a specific place to see the spirit. They are never really alone and just “knock on your door”. Can anyone shed light on this? Is it perhaps a spirit guide bringing them to us? In both of my dreams my dad was brought to our world ina white car. Could stay for a certain amount of time and then had to leave again.

  51. II believe Mother Mary appeared in a dream, telling me. “You will have any sorrows. But behold, Out of the ashes, shall come Blessings.
    I married a stalker who I was afraid of that had resulted in pregnancy, 2 families pressure, I lived to have more kids, & finally left. He was shot in a triple murder. All my siblings passed away, then my son (23) died (1987)because of a drunk driver. He appeared to me when I had surgery twice. & once when he was first buried, I went to the grave…aid down on it, looked up & saw him just as in live with his thumb dangling from his pressed jeans, & plaid shirt folded neatly to his arms. He spoke to me, I grieved, tears fell, & he said, “don`t cry for me, mom, I`m happy where I`m at… be happy. Last summer, I sat on my swing, when a red cardinal flew past my porch, & flew away…the came back, & sat there for about 15 minuts…then disappeared. I felt like it was watching over me. I am 83 now. He was in a coma for 6 days, & I told him it was Ok to leave us…I held his body in my arms, & felt like his spirit left him,as he went limp from being stiff. He died on Valentine`s Day morning. God Bless us all. I got ordained shortly after that. Rev. Nessie Gray

  52. Dear Madam, Hello. I hope you are doing fine. I love a very ….. nice man who passed over to the next world (i don’t want to say the common word for it) when i was 10. He was such a nice human being that even his killers i guess should be crying over what they did to him. Though i am impatiently craving to see him, he barely lets me a chance of visitation dream. I don’t think he ever came to my dreams and i think the only one single short encounter that i happened to dream to be kissing his hand as his busmate was not drawn to me out of his will but itvwas out of my own wish which was conjured up in fake by me not by him (we were riding in a bus. Both sitting at the last rows of the seats. He was sitting just behind me and i was not looking back at him but i could very clearly see him and myself. He brought his hand round my neck over my shoulder and i cherished the moment to kiss it. He was going to take my hand to kiss back but i said no you are the loved one who deserves all the kisses. He was sad, handsome, peaceful, quiet and looking nowhere out at the window to his left). So i guess that was my own made thing. He never comes to my dreams. Millions of people love him but i don’t hear ppl say they are getting visitation dreams about him. When he was alive ppl didn’t understand him and bothered him alot so he was crying most of the time until stabbed to death in exile in Bonn, Germany in 1992. Some ppl still keep on bothering so much as to call him homosexual -that he proudly was- and try to defame him to their own fame and pleasure or abuse. I always think i could be one of those bothersome friends of him were i a grownup neighbor or colleague at his time because as a child i was always selfindulgent and spoiled and used to bother my friends at school. So maybe that is why he is reluctant to pay me a visit. I also lied regularly. I was morally blind. Even now i am not nice and proud. Actually i know that i do not deserve his visit. Would you pls help me with the whole problem? It took me years to hear his name for the first time -ten years ago when i was 25- and i have been crying ever since. Only thing he did and didnt like others do was to cry. He was so peaceful. Wish i could give out his name so You could read the web about him please. He was a very peaceful “thing” or “spirit”. Thanks a lot for your time

  53. My Grandma just passed this weekend 3/18/17. Two days after my Grandma passed I had a dream that was so real. I really don’t remember the first part of my dream but the part I remember was all of a sudden there was a really bright light then there she stood. The feeling I felt when I saw her was so real I knew she was visiting……My daughter gave her a big hug but as I looked at her I had this feeling like it wasn’t her? But overwhelmed I still went to her and hugged her too. Then I grabbed her hand because it’s what I always did when she was alive was to hold her hand while we would talk. I remember looking at her hand and feeling the realness of holding her hand. But she was younger and taller? There was no words spoken in this really short encounter but as I looked up into her eyes and face I felt like it really wasn’t her and felt this presence and hearing it clearly in my mind saying this isn’t your Grandma???? And I actually didn’t recognize her…. her eyes were heavy and dark. Then the dream ended. I didn’t talk about it until tonight to my family because I felt sad and scared because my Grandma was the most sweetest and loves Jesus so much. She prays for the entire family daily. Months before she passed she kept wondering when Jesus was going to call her home because she lived a wonderful and long 93 years. I know without a doubt she’s with Him but this dream has got me tangled? And I know in my heart it wasn’t her! What does this mean???

    1. I think it was the enemy trying to scare you, he will try to fill you with doubt and fear. Don’t let him, pray to GOD and ask him to protect you and comfort you as he sees fit. Trust he will take care of it.

  54. Thank you for this article. I had a visitation dream from my Granddad. My father came to me and said that there was someone outside that wanted to see me. I remember looking through the window and seeing my Granddad and I was scared at first. I didn’t want to go outside. When I went outside he was there and I don’t remember him speaking but I guess he was communicating telepathically. He told me he was proud of me and would always be proud of me whatever I did. He then told me he had to go. I woke up with tears flowing. He told me something that I really needed to hear at the time.

  55. About 7 years ago I had a dream or visitation from from my older sister who had been dead for several years. This occurred during the middle of the day and I was in a twilight sleep with the sun in my room and me just laying across the bed. I was very surprised at seeing her because I knew she was deceased. I said what are you doing here and she handed me a piece of paper detailing a large sum of money. I was surprised and and then all of a sudden my daughter was there and I told her we need to deposit this in the bank. The dram was strange but I have never for gotten it and I have not dreamed of her since but the dream/visitation keeps popping up in my mind. I am not sure what this was. i have had several strange occurrences in my life, but this was the strangest since it happened during the middle of the day and she never spoke to me. I cannot figure out if this was a dream or a visitation

  56. My fiance died 10 months ago. We have a 7 yr old daughter together. Ive had alot of bloody dreams, dreams of him stabbing me. They were so real. I shrugged it off thinking that our thing was scary, gory movies. But i need to know if it mean something else? We were soulmates we had a love that no one could understand. Plz help.

    1. Hi, Nichole – I’m no authority on the subject, but your dreams sound like bad dreams – not visitations. I’ve had visitations and they are calm. Deceased loved ones who appear in them look unworldly in a beautiful way. I hope you can move past these terrible dreams. I think they indicate unresolved feelings.

  57. Just wondering why my mother-in-law would come to me in a dream and not to her son (my husband) or her daughter? I had the most vivid dream about her this morning just before I woke up. The details were so real down to where we were, other people around that I didn’t know (but no interaction) a building that I can describe down to the detail and her smiling, healthy and happy. When I mentioned it to my husband he said “I wonder why I haven’t dreamed about her?” and I just didn’t know what to say and his sister would probably not be so receptive of me having that dream.

  58. Can the poster or someone else please let me know is it common to feel as sad as you are happy upon physically waking form a visitation dream? I believe I had one many years ago…but the feeling I remember upon waking was like being physically ‘propelled’ from the dream back into the real world. It was a very surreal, heavy/taxing type of feeling as if I was thrown back from the dream to my bed. Upon waking however, I remember feeling a TON of emotions, but I do remember crying because I believe I was extremely sad I was not in the dream anymore.

    1. Hey 🙂

      If my visitation dream is anything to go by then yes, feeling an overwhelming amount of emotion when you wake up, including sadness is completely normal. I had a beautiful comforting dream about my father and cried before I even woke up, and cried hysterically for a while once I was fully awake. I remember the emotions being very mixed, and very intense. If I tell the story now I will shake and my heart pounds

  59. Thank you for sharing this educating, enlightening and personal experience. It’s hard to describe visits and or events that take place with spirit , especially when so many are skeptical. So to hear alike situations brings much peace and assurance, though not much is needed. I have recieved many visitations through dream from family members to even those of not much connection. I have had a close friend visit me after death to remind me he will forever be the big brother I never had and will always protect me. I had my mother in law visit me shortly after she was victim to murder suicide from her husband ( my father Inlaw) and after she sent her message she stepped aside to revel he was behind her with his head hung in Shame. He wouldn’t look at me . But she said she forgave him and instructed me to deliver her message to her daughter and son. There have been occurances that are confusing and unexplainable still to myself . But I assume that I experienced them for some sort of probable reason. I just wish I knew how to understand more about my hidden abilities. I do have a question … if I had not recieved a visit for almost a year now does that indicate that my loved one is moved on ?

  60. I had a real visitation dream from an ex boyfriend. This was in 2009. We had a relationship for about a year and a half. No one had ever made me feel the way he did. We were very passionate & cared a lot about each other. He cared so much about me as I did for him. I noticed he started hanging around some people at the gym that gave off a scary vibe. He told me about them and how they were hard drug dealers. I told him to never get involved in that and that if anything ever happened to him, it would hurt me tremendously. Well, he got so involved, he began to lose his mind. He disrespected me so bad one day that I decided to just end it. I didn’t want to be a part of his “world”. He quickly changed from a sweet guy to a selfish person committing crimes. The last time I talked to him, I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him and that it was over. About a year later, I met a guy who I fell in love with. We took our time for about a year and then things got very serious. I married him in 2014. A few months after I was married, I googled my ex boyfriend’s name. I saw “obituary”. My heart sank. The obituary didn’t say what he passed away from. He had passed a few months prior.I asked a friend of his through “Facebook” and found out that he drowned himself. He had walked over 35 miles to walk into the SF Bay. I’m thinking he was probably addicted to Meth. It’s been very hard for me to accept his passing. He was so young. I grieved very hard for about a year and felt terrible about it because I would cry so hard when my husband wasn’t around. The night I found out he passed, I had a dream where he was very skinny ( not like him because he was always in shape ) and looked at my angrily. I was unaware that he had passed and I said to him ” even though you’re skinny, you still have a cute face”. He gave me a smile and I woke up. I started to worry where his soul went. My belief as a Christian is that God can only take life. I was so worried about where he was. I talked to him in my mind all the time…BEGGING him to find a way to let me know he was ok. The next dream of him I had was about a week later after he passed ( this was BEFORE I got a hold of his friend to find out what he passed from ). I was in water – with sand at the bottom..I could breath in water. He was on the sand bottom and his body was crippled and in a deranged form. A thought entered my mind to go up to the top of the water: there was a bright light at the top..I said “come on, lets swim to the top”. I swam up but he didn’t follow. I swam back down and treaded water next to him. I said “come on, let’s go”. He replied ” I CAN’T, I CAN’T MOVE”. When I found out how he passed, that really got me scared as to where he was. I thought he was in purgatory or something worse. That’s why I kept asking him to visit me. I PRAYED AND PRAYED to God to forgive him if He was upset with him. I reminded God of what a kind hearted person he was all the time. Two months of praying/begging him to visit me somehow, I was walking with a friend and heard a RARE song that the two of us loved…btw, during these few months, I felt tremendous guilt toward my husband for thinking of my ex so much. I didn’t have any one to talk to. When I tried to talk to friends, they were like ” that’s so disrespectful to your husband”. That specific night, he visited me. In the dream, I was driving on a rainy road ( the atmosphere was like the foothills of the sierras ). I was on the phone with my mom. Something told me to get off the phone. I told her I needed to concentrate on my driving and get off the phone. I did and then something told me to get off the side of the road. I got out of my car and saw a tree. A local sheriff came up to me and told me there was a switch he needed to turn on to put the power back on for the locals. He said ” Do you want to do it?” I said “sure”. As I knelt down to turn the switch, right when I switched it on, I FELT a presence behind me and COULD SEE MYSELF CROUCHING DOWN. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I was in the dream state. Then I was back in the position of crouching down and I felt that presence behind the left. I looked behind me and saw him walk right past me. I said “Hey” ..not knowing anything about his passing. I looked to the right of me and he was crouching down next to me. The moment I looked into his blue eyes, I KNEW he had come. He just stared at me with a genuine smile. I telepathically said ” you came! I can’t believe it! thank you so much!” he telepathically said back to me ” I’m ok, you’re ok, everything will always be ok…all is well”. That’s the message he was giving me. I was overwhelmed with emotion and so happy to have that time with him. But shortly after, I knew I was going to wake up. I kept saying ” thank you, I care about you so much!” and he kept smiling. I woke up in tears. I cried and cried…not a sad cry! I was so thankful that he was ok and he let me know it! I knew that I’d never have another visitation dream from him again. I don’t know why I know that, but I just do. I have moved on from him and since then my father has passed away. I haven’t had a visitation dream from him because honestly, we were SO CLOSE and I know he went straight to Heaven that I only want to see him when it’s my time to cross over. I treated my dad very good in life and have no regrets. His passing was actually very beautiful. He lived a life of faith and integrity. I literally felt angels in the room when he transitioned to be with God. I’m very grateful to have my husband by my side. He doesn’t know what I went through and I don’t think he should. It was a very personal thing and I would never want to hurt him. He is the love of my everything. I do have a big heart and know that love lives forever. Maybe I helped him reach Heaven through prayer and that’s why we met. I’ll never know. One thing is for sure: I’ll never regret meeting him…even though I went through so much pain inside. It still hurts, but I’ve forced myself to do as my dad wants…move on with loved ones in my heart. My dad once told me before he got sick ( he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, went to the dr for years and they detected nothing…he passed away 1 week and 4 days after he found out. He told me about 3 years before he passed that one day he wouldn’t be here anymore. I said ” don’t say that daddy, I’d end up in a mental institution if you weren’t here”. He adamantly said “NO, I WOULD NEVER WANT THAT. That would kill me inside. I would want you to move on with your life like always..knowing that you’re always in my heart and I’m always in yours.” I choose to listen to my father. We are either victims or victors. I’ll never let any situation make me a bitter person. Hard times make you stronger…even more empathetic. I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Without that, I’d be lost…

    1. Hi Meghan, I have gone through a very similar situation. I lost my ex boyfriend on Oct 8, 2016 to an accidental drug overdose. We dated in high school and after, total of about 4 years. We had been broken up for 7yrs but we always remained close friends and still loved each other very much. I have been in a relationship with “the one” for a year and a half now. My ex had been dating a girl for about 6 months. When I found out about his death I just completely lost it. I was a different person for a week, extremely depressed. My current boyfriend was understanding and tried to be there for me but there isn’t much he could do. Eventually he began to get worried/frustrated with my depression so I realized I needed to figure it out and be back to my old self asap as to not negatively affect my current relationship. It has been tremendously hard dealing with this pain alone and I’m still struggling. He visited me in a dream 2 nights ago. It was amazing. He was so beautiful and looked like he did when we were 16. In the dream I just kept hugging him, I held his face in my hands and called him baby a couple times. He was smiling at me most of the time. I don’t remember any real words being said, just me hugging him A TON and wanting to just touch his skin and face. The dream only lasted about an hour and I woke up abruptly from it at 1:30am. I instantly felt overwhelmed with love and cried heavily for an hour. After reading this article I feel even more confident that it was really him. I feel better, but not 100% healed. It just made me happy to know that he loved me enough to come to me and try to help me heal. Anyways, I just wanted you to know you’re not alone in your situation. Please comment back with any advice or just to discuss further. God Bless.

  61. My brother passed away on October 25th 2016. He was drug addict, and shot up in his gfs bathroom, overdosed and died. I have had two visitation dreams from him. In one I was wearing my headphones and i felt someone was in the room. fearful i looked around, and saw my son sleeping and everyone else was sleeping. then while listening to the headphones i was hearing him talk but couldnt understand what he was saying but i knew it was him. in my mind i pictured him in his black hoodie and cargo pants. early this morning i saw him in my dream again. he was wearing a black polo and cargo pants and his friend (whose alive) brought him over to my mom to see him. I was about to ask him if he knew i was here but before i could his friend replied he knows. then she told him dont open your eyes because he couldnt see cause he was dead. i woke feeling calm and happy and not scared this time. funny thing is i was thinking about him last night before bed. i felt so happy and peaceful. i know he is ok

  62. I think I have had a visitation dream, I dream quite a lot but cannot remember much about any of them , but what I think is my visitation dream is different as I can remember it clearly even though it happened months ago. I can still feel the love and warmth from the dream. The person I was dreaming of just came over to me and held my hand , I can’t recall anything being spoken, but the message I felt was just massive love. When I woke I just knew that it was more than a dream, and I just felt overwhelming love and still do,when I think about the dream. Any comments would be appreciated.

  63. I had my first visitation last night from my nana, who passed away in January this year. Through the past months, I have been worrying about my career path and my University course, yet, I find myself asking if my nana would be proud of me.
    Yesterday, on the way home from University, I over-heard a few girls talking, and one stated she had seen her deceased grandmother during the night of Halloween. As soon as I heard this, I felt shivers shoot down my body.
    During the night, I had a feeling like my nana was around. I couldn’t see her in my dream, but I could hear her telepathically. She told me, she is proud of me, and I found myself wrapping my arms around thin air, yet, I felt a sudden coldness down me as if I was being cuddled back.
    I woke up, feeling so relaxed and over-joyed. It’s been on my mind ever since.

    1. I had a very very similar thing happen to my last night…my gran passed away in July 2015 from a very quick diagnosis of stomach cancer and I was the only one with her at the time she passed. Ever since I’ve always wanted to know that she is ok and think about her each day. Last night I heard her call my name and my sisters name out, like you I couldn’t see her I just heard her voice. I asked her if she was ok and she replied “yes I’m fine love” which she would say to me when she was alive. I heard her laugh and it felt warm and peaceful and happened so very quickly. I just read your experience and had to comment as it too has been on my mind all day!

  64. I was 10 when my adopted mom died from cancer. Since she has passed, I have had three visitation dreams from her. In the first one, I was at my grandma’s house and I was walking up the stairs to go and see her. It was like me and my sisters had to take our turns to go and see her. It was my turn and I went in. I was so nervous to see her because obviously I haven’t seen her in a while. This may sound funny, but she wasn’t healthy. She was like the weird grandma fish thing when Spongebob and Patrick are selling chocolate and she’s in a wheel chair… Anyways, she wasn’t healthy. I couldn’t look at her because I think I was scared (I never wanted to see her in the hospital when she was sick for the same reason). However, I do remember her telling me that she was okay. I immediately started sobbing. It was a short meeting like 2 minutes.I just remember sobbing even more because I didn’t want her to go. I didn’t want to lose her again. Before I had to go, she told me that she would see me again and that she loves me and watches over me.
    The second visitation dream I had of her was like I was watching a home video of myself when I was little. In this dream, my mom was healthy but I couldn’t see her. I knew she was there but for some reason I couldn’t see her. I was physically in the dream but I was younger than I was when I was dreaming. It was christmas and we, as well as my extended family were all together, and it was fun. I remember opening presents and eating and being happy. But then my mom told me that she had to go. In that part of my life (In the dream) she wasn’t sick. She was healthy, but for some reason I knew that she meant she had to go back to heaven and that I wouldn’t see her again for a long while. I was so sad because again I had to say goodbye to her all over again.

    The last time was last night. I was dreaming of my friends or something and I was in my kitchen. All of a sudden she walked in like “here I am, exhausted from this journey”. She was so healthy and she had her curly blonde hair like she did before she got sick the first time. She looked healthy and exactly the same. I feel bad but I immediately ran out sobbing when I saw her. Again because I didn’t want to have to watch her suffer and die all over again. It was weird because like all the visitations, I am crying in my dream. The next day, I was going through a box of my old stuff and found some letters that she had written me. After reading her notes to me, my visitation dream came flooding back. I remember being uneasy about it and crying and about how I didn’t want to see her die again. It was so real and it brought back everything.
    I have always known that I have had some deeper psychic abilities because I have had visitation dreams other times as well about other people. I also talk about things and then they happen. Or I dream about things that really happen. Its weird but super cool. Hope this wasn’t too long.

    1. Dear Lily. I wish You could make sure, Please, if my loved one is happy enough. He is not onlythe beloved one to me, but the beloved one to many……..people. He was a nice man who suffered so…………..much during life. Mayy GOD bless us all

  65. hi my name is Luaane , i had a dream of a figure (angel of death) and he came to take away people souls they were everywhere . he took so many souls, not long after the dream alot of people i knew family members past away.

    i often have dreams of people sitting next to me ,and spirits go right though me .

  66. Last year on the day before mother’s day, my auntie passed away from cancer. She was like a mother to me. After she passed away I had a terrible time and nearly lost my job and ended up in the hospital and they told me that I needed grief counseling. I did get help, but nothing really helped until one night she came to me in a dream, and she was healthy and glowing with halpiness. She was beautiful and her red hair was so bright and her blue eyes were so intense and filled with tears. She told me that I had to live and she would be there waiting for me when it was my time. She said she was doing well and she didn’t hurt and she was so happy and filled with love. She took me to Ireland in my dream where the sun was rising and we danced together and flew above the green countryside. Then my husband woke me up – he said my feet were moving so much he thought I was running in my dream and I cried and cried… but I know she is ok and she will be there for me when it’s my time to pass over. I miss her so much, but knowing she is ok makes all the difference in the world.

  67. My granddaughter recently had a dream of her granda who passed away 7 mths ago . In the cream he looked well , he remembers all the family but not the family home he told her he didn’t know he was going to die that day. He was writing a note but she couldn’t make out what it said. Can you shed any light on this as she is anoyed she couldn’t make it out. Thank you

  68. Last night I dreamt I was in a store like WalMart and walking through the pet section to get my cat her food. And there was this little kid playing with a long cat toy but couldn’t get it to work. I asked if I could try and when I got it to work, my other cat that recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge came chasing it. She looked as healthy as she did before she got sick. Was purring and when she saw me, meowed and head-booped me. My little girl is happy and OK on the other side and knows that I love her and miss her terribly. I cherish my visitations – human OR feline/canine – whenever they occur. <3

  69. I’ve had visits from two loved ones, my Mother, and my Uncle, and several visits from my spirit guide. The visit that I most vividly remember is of my Uncle. He appeared so unworldly beautiful. His skin and hair were gloriously healthy and vibrant. His eyes were a deep shade of blue that I have never seen before.
    My Uncle was gay and died of AIDS. And because he went into the light, I know that God loves homosexuals, even though my religion implies that homosexuality is a sin that precludes one from entering God’s light.
    My Mother ‘telephoned’ me and did not appear. The conversation was brief and surprising: nothing I would have imagined.
    To be honest, if I hadn’t received these visits, I would seriously question the existence of God. There is so much suffering here and I am constantly asking why.
    My spirit guide has tried to convey helpful information, but I haven’t had any visits from him or anyone since 2004.
    I try to assure people that they will see their loved ones again, but so many people don’t believe this is true.

  70. I was married for just on 40 years, an have now been widowed for 6 years…My husband passed away from a medical error …He was a lovely man,I loved him, and i miss him terribly….Every time i dream about him, hes always leaving me….for another woman , I never see the woman in my dreams……And hes always offering me flowers, an saying im so sorry….I wake up feeling awful……..wish i knew what this means….Regards Carol.

    1. Carol…first so sorry for your traumatic loss. I’m no expert but it seems that the feelings would be the same in either case. Betrayal seems to be the common factor. In losing him the way you did I can easily sense how you have felt betrayed. I think he brings this dream to you for you to be aware of these feelings and for you to see how ridiculous it would be for him to betray you intentionally. I hope this helps. God be with you. Held in prayer.

  71. I had a visitation dream last night for the first time and it was of my uncle who died last year from cancer, he was healthy in my dream sitting on the couch he had always sat on and I walked over to him and asked how he came back and I asked if the doctors found something wrong with what they did and he said yes and I’m not sure what this means.. If this really has happened because my aunt has always tried to figure out what they did but never found out .. We were happy in my dream and I was so happy to be with him and see him I really want him to visit my again

  72. Since my father died, myself and my sister, when we would mention him would always see a robin appearing, a year ago I went on a day trip with my local spiritualist group, and unfortunately found myself getting completely lost after getting separated from the group, all of a sudden a robin appeared out of nowhere after my asking my dad in spirit to help me find the group, and I felt myself compelled to follow this bird, within the next ten minutes I turned into street and there were two of the group who had been looking for me,i to this day know and believe that was my fathers spirit guiding me when I asked him for help

  73. Early in the morning I woke up and realized that just before waking my husband was standing in front of me and had his arms out as if he was going to hug me. A few days before this I saw him at the end of a hall and standing there in jean and runners and normal clothes and looking good and the same as he look before he got sick. My husband died if brain cancer after being sick for 2 years. We did and said most everything his sickness allowed for the almost 2 years. For the last few weeks he was very sick. I kept him home until the end and he died with family with him. I haven’t easily move on at all but it’d only been 6 months. We were true soul mate and I miss him terribly. Do you think even though he said not a word this was a visit from him.

  74. My husband died of pancreatic cancer last month. He died in our home on hospice. Our house felt like it was draped in a heavy veil after his death. His funeral could not be scheduled for nearly a week. The day after his funeral, the next morning, I woke up from a dream where a beautiful woman, probably in her 30’s was arm in arm with my husband, who was 68 at his death but looked to be in his 30’s, she was taking him somewhere, he turned and ran to me and held me and kissed me. She retrieved him, but he did the same thing 3 times and the third time I woke up with him hugging me. I felt afterwards that she retrieved him again and continue to their distination. She seemed like she was on a mission determined to get him somewhere. I feel she was taking him to the light. I believe the woman was his first wife which he divorced many years ago. Lots of bad feelings between them. She died last year. We had been together for 27 years. I woke up so happy and content and it felt so real, we communicated through telepathy. I still cry everyday, but it is because I am so lonely and miss him so!

  75. Ive experienced a visitation dream,so I KNOW they are VERY 2 sons Dad passed in 96,and is always dearly morning I awoke right after seeing his face close to mine,and I swear,he touched my face..his was next to mine..I woke up with the most happiest feeling,I had to call my sister,in another state,at 4:30 am ,telling her how real this dream(?)was..he touched my face,and I will never ever forget that time..he looked just the way he did with his afro and thick mustache,the day we met! It made me so happy to know he’s still around me,even tho I’ve remarried..thank you so much for the insight,every word you say is so very true..much love and light char

  76. Last night I had one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in a long time. In my late teen I met a boy that felt like love at first sight. He and I were together, and lived together thru our early twenties. Our love for each other was an imprint in the universe that grew apart faster than we were both prepared to endure. He passed away in 2012 at the young age of 27. He’s often in my dreams but like the few I have collected in memory, this one was different. It was almost 12 o’clock as I dozed off… I seemed to have just gotten to “our” home. In the dream we were still a couple and we had a little boy. Which we actually did during our time together, except that we lost our baby boy before birth. I was running late and I remember apologizing for getting there late (Its like I knew they were waiting for me). Our communication in the dream must have been telepathic because I don’t remember us having an actual verbal conversation. What we were saying was just known. He told me there was nothing to worry about and that’s when I remember my son saying “hi mommy” (i remember he was riding his bike in a residential street) as I tried to make sense of who it was or why he was there. In real life I have a five year old son, looking back, I now know, I was confusing them. I don’t remember my son’s face (which makes me sad) I just remember I was confused and told him “hi” back, but then i started telling him to get out of the street. I wanted to go take a shower and told my boyfriend I was going to shower and would soon come out so we could hang out. He told me, “okay” and that he would be waiting for me. I was on my way to take a shower when I turned back to look for him when I saw with another woman. He had his arm around her shoulder and I just remember feeling jealous. I have always hidden my jealousy in real life but not in the dream. I slightly pressed on his stomach and gave him disappointed look and began to walk away. He let her go and came after me. When he catches up to me, he gently gets my hand pulling me toward him and gives me a hug that woke me up into reality. He felt so real I realized it was a dream while dreaming. Suddenly, I wanted to actually enjoy my time with him and talk to him. However, his thoughts and feeling of genuine love for me suddenly became a farewell. It was as hard for him as it was for me to let go. I couldn’t believe how real it felt, as I was watching my dream fade I cried out and told him to wait. Neither of us could stop the dream from fading. It is a dreadful feeling to wake up and know that he was so close to me but we didn’t have the chance to converse a little longer. I only hope to visit with him again soon. I felt his essence surround for a few more minutes and it just gradually faded away.

  77. My first love passed away on January 3, 2014. It was one of the worst days of my life. We met back in 97. We broke up in 99 because he went away to college. He came back in 03, and we were together again! We could tell that our lives were going in two separate ways so we broke up in 04. We still remained friends and very much in love. Something he said always stuck out in my mind. He said that if anything ever happened to him, he’d always find his way back to me and that I’d know it was him when it happened. At the viewing, I touched his face and said, “Hello, my Love. Goodbye, my Love.” He singlehandedly changed the rhythm of my heartbeat forever. A month ago, the strangest thing happened to me. I’d taken my shower, gotten in bed, but just before drifting off to sleep, I had a really, really amazing feeling for no reason at all! When I finally went to sleep, I had a dream that my grandma (whom lives with me) brought in the mail and handed me mine. It was about the size of an index card. The address seemed very familiar. To summarize what it said, it said that my presence is highly requested but not mandatory. I was left somewhat intrigued but apprehensive because the address was a transitional care hospital. I could hardly wait until the day came for the event. I brought the invitation card with me just in case it would be needed as proof. When I exited the elevator, I saw a nurse sitting at the nurses station. I introduced myself and gave her the card. The only thing I saw was the address and the part about it being requested but not mandatory. She read something on the front and the back, but silently. She looked over her glasses at me with so much sympathy. She directed me down the hall, second door to the left. Halfway down the hall, I turned to look back and asked her if she could just tell me what this was about. She explained to me that she could not. I slowly opened the gigantic door. I softly knocked on it and said “Knock Knock! It’s Kanne (Connie)!!! The person was a man. He had his his back turned to me. He looked over his shoulder and said, “Hey, Baby! My baby came!” I froze! I was instantly overwhelmed with happiness, love, sadness, and confusion. It was Demeatrias! He said I had no reason to be afraid. I finally got up the nerve to sit at the edge of his bed. He seemed so calm. He seemed so peaceful, so healthy. He said “First, let me start by apologizing. I am so sorry that you didn’t know that I was sick. I didn’t want you to see me like that. Now I realize how much you still love me. Ain’t it cool though how I was still able to find you now?” After years of knowing this man, his voice had never been so beautiful to me. He hugged me but the embrace was absolutely unforgettable. This dream was the definition of beautiful. He then said something that made me a believer if I wasn’t already. He said in my ear, “Even though I was already physically gone, I know you caressed my face. You weren’t afraid of me. I knew you wouldn’t be afraid of me now. It sounds crazy but I heard your thoughts, too. You wished that you could’ve kissed me one last time. It was torture, I know.” My eyes were wide open! I cried and he wiped my face. It seems like we hugged and looked into each others eyes forever. I will remember that time with my Love for the rest of my days!!!!! The very next morning, I felt like someone was hovering over me. I was crying for uncontrollably. Even taking my daughters to school, I felt like someone else was in the car with us. When I walked my daughter into pre-k, I started crying again! That entire day, I felt like I’d just gotten back from a trip……like I was far away from my family but the other place felt so good. I can only hope that someone ele may experience a love so real!

  78. I have had dreams about a guys I knew a few times but none of them stuck with me like this one. I had a dream a couple months ago about him and I am confused about what it means. When I was younger I was friends with his sister and his mother was my cheerleading coach. He was two years older than me in school, but I was friends with some of the girls in his class. In high school he played football. In my dream he was teaching me to play, and just as in a movie, there was a “soundtrack” playing, The song was “If I die young” by The Band Perry. He was killed in his early 20’s so that song just seemed to “fit.” I woke up in the morning and couldn’t figure out what to do with this dream. Is this something I should tell his mother about? Will she believe me or think I’m crazy?! I’m very confused.

  79. Hi I am fairly new to this but have had some amazing experiences over the last few months. I believe I had a very real visitation from my deceased son in a dream. Firstly I saw my self carrying around a person made of stone very clearly. I asked angels to explain this to me. Then my son said very clearly Mum you have to let me go. I said but I have, and he said yes but the burden you are carrying is guilt. As he said this, I realized he was right. Over the years since his death, I would frequently ask myself if I could have saved him somehow ( he drowned aged 19 in a fishing boat accident). At this moment, the most gut-wrenching sobs shook my body for a few minutes. Then stopped abruptly, and my son had gone.All this happened in half-asleep state. Ever since that day I have seen signs of him in most delightful ways. Thank you Angels for helping me.

  80. I often get visited by my loved ones that crossed over while I sleep. I can be completely snuggled up comfy and wake up with what they call “chicken skin” or full body head to toe goosebumps. Being Native American, we are told as young ones this is how our loved ones visit. It can be startling at first. Always say hi or goodnight to your past loved ones.

  81. i dont sleep well after 8 years since there death my girls and my parents my son is up there to i still not sure why i am left behind but my dreams are so scareing me but my father and my mother show up and god even showe dup never beilved it until he came to me he watching over me with visit with my family as i am told for my visits is a setting of a farmlike in heaven any animals we ever had are there and my children all my children and my daughters friend to im not sure what they are saying but im so tired not sleeping like i should i need help !

  82. What about dreams that you have, that you know are a message but I didn’t see a spirit of a family member that has crossed over? I am talking about the dreams where they are played out in your head, like a play?

  83. Two nights ago I felt I had a visitation from my mum who passed 15mths ago. I was so real and I remember it so vividly and still do I had to share it with my boss. I was in the car park of my local supermarket about to do the shopping, when my mum came beside me and said do you want to get a coffee (we always did this especially before she passed) I said mum, I said you are visitng me arent you this is so real. She told me yes. A guy walked past and I asked him can you see my mum standing beside me? He says no the dream is so real i can describe what this stranger looks like. Then we had coffee it was short then she said she is ok and she wanted to let me know that she does love me and has always loved me despite what has been said and not to listen to anyone but my own heart (my own father told me recently my mum did not love me very cruel thing to do!). She hugged me and I felt her then she said she has to go now and remember I am loved. It was WOW…xx

  84. I have had 2 visitations from my deceased mother my first one was quite a lot of years after her sudden passing to let me know that she is okay and happy because i had wondered for so long about that, she also gave me a hug in which I definitely felt even after I awoke and the second was when some of my family members had caused me some emotional issues to deal with and I was really hurting she came again to tell me everything will be okay ! I love my mum visiting

  85. Dear angles open up my mind body and spirit to welcome dreams to help me in my daily life. Help me move forward in a positive way. Arch angle protect me family friends and bless me with health wealth happiness and love.

  86. Some weeks back ,I woke up from a dream in a wonderful state of peace. Then I remembered seeing a group of people amongst whom I saw my father and aunt whose name I have. I started wondering w here my mother was and immediately her image appeared in my minds eye. Then I heard a word which only she used towards me. I once had sent her a greeting through an angel and it made her happy..

  87. You brought a tear to my eye. My dad was murdered when I was 12, friends and family surrounded me with continual hugs and condolences. I wanted no part of it. I only wanted one last hug from my dad.. Well about two weeks after his passing I had a dream that I was lifted from my bed by an unseen force in white and taken up into the clouds to be placed in front of my dad. He asked me if we were okay and told me that he loved me and he gave me the hug I so desperately wanted. When I woke the next morning I lay at the end of my bed where the white figure had left me. I have always believed it was more then a dream and I still remember it very vividly. Thank you!

  88. True,visitationdreams are very clear, real and to the point, i’am certain when I’am visited, the feeling is so profound and I know for sure the person is right in front of me, even though it’s telepathic it’s almost physical it’s that clear, and soon after I open my eyes and I’am fully awake and this I believe is cz the loved one wants to confirm it to you and for you to remember. The night my father died he came and sat beside me to comfort me and he looked so sads cz he knew how heart broken I was. I also get very clear msgs from people I knew asking me to pass a msg to their relative. And sometimes it’s a clear premonition msg in my sleep warning me.

    1. I have had a visit from my sister. We were close growing up but have very little in common in adulthood, so we chat rarely; but I have always felt that I have a psychic connection with her for some reason. Anyway, a few months ago she appeared to me in a dream, she just walked up to me with her sheepish smile and said “I’m not going to have any kids. I’m just going to spoil yours.” Then the next time we spoke in real life she told me that her boyfriend wants kids but she wants to get married first (she is in her mid-30s)… I didn’t tell her about the dream, but I think her “higher self” has other plans.

    2. I was wondering the same thing as Melanie – can you have these visitation dreams from someone who is living? My older brother has alcohol related dementia and lives in a locked memory care center now. The last time I saw him he was basically like a zombie – wasn’t even really aware we were there, couldn’t feed himself or dress himself, etc. Two nights ago I had a dream about him and he was back to normal, just like when we were younger. He was so vibrant and real. The dream upset me because I know he will never be normal again, and usually it’s after they cross over that they are healed. It makes me wonder if he/his spirit is close to death. Is this a possibility?

  89. I had a strange occurance. Woke with a feeling of someone sitting on me and holding me down, I awoke and wrestled with it. Woke in the morning with my arm muscles hurting please explain this to me? Very confused? Many thanks .I have left my email address. I do get premanitions, and feelings of things to take place -sense vibes quickly in amongst people etc

  90. Melanie, I love your page, very rich and Inspiring. The one and only dream I had of my late Father, who died 50 years ago (I was 4 years old), was 14 years ago. He was soooo sad, tired, silent. I was sooo excited and wanted him to meet my children and husband, but he remained silent all the time. Right after this visitation, we’ve been as a family through very dificult times at all levels for a long time.I Didn’t like his visitation at all.

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