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Invoking Angels While You Travel

Travel With Angels!

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As I'm publishing this post, it's currently mid summer in the United States which for many people means that it's a great time to travel, take a vacation, or head out on a road trip!

So, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share a couple of Angelic Lightwork practices you can easily implement during your travels.

I documented these lightwork practices on video during some of my travels, so you can either watch or read the written explanation below each of the videos.

Wherever you're traveling to, remember to ask the angels to help you, as they're always happy to help smooth out obstacles and keep you uplifted, protected and surrounded in love and joy as you go. 

In this post you'll learn How Invoke Angels On A Road Trip…

And second, I'll share a process I use to do Lightwork when passing through airports.

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How to Invoke Angels On A Road Trip


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Invoking Angels While Traveling

Invoke Angels While You Travel This process I’m sharing is explained in terms of taking a road trip, or traveling in a vehicle, but you can easily modify this to use this while traveling by train, or when you're catching a flight too.

First things first, relax. Because, as always, when calling in your angels, it helps to first let go, relax your mind and body, and focus within.

Archangel Michael and Your Guardian Angels

Next, ask your guardian angels and Archangel Michael to surround you and your entire vehicle with an orb of protective and uplifting light.

As soon as you do this by simply saying “Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael… Please (or thank you) for surrounding me, my vehicle and all passengers with an orb of uplifting and protecting light.”

As soon as you say that and ask, if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice a shift in the energy, as the angels on demand, surround you with that incredible blue, golden, and white protective and uplifting light of the divine.

Archangel Gabriel

Next, you can ask Archangel Gabriel to fly in front of your vehicle, cleansing out any lower vibrations, and paving the pathway for a smooth trip to wherever you’re headed.

Archangel Gabriel is connected with the element of fire, and can use this Divine sacred fire to transmute any lower energies you may be driving through.

Archangel Raphael

Next, ask Archangel Rafael to come in, to keep you safe, healthy, and in a high vibrational state as you travel. As you ask, Raphael will place his emerald green healing light around you.

Archangel Uriel

Next call upon Archangel Uriel to surround you with light, to help you to stay positive, tuned into inspiration, and tuned into guidance, wherever you’re headed.

Archangel Zadkiel

Finally, call in Archangel Zadkiel to surround you, your travelling companions and your vehicle, with the violet flame, transmuting lower vibrations and any tensions, keeping you uplifted and tuned in to the higher dimensions while staying present where you are in the moment, open to inspiration, open to guidance, and open to make the most of your travels.

I can assure you, when you do this, not only will your trip go better, but you’ll feel great, you’ll be uplifted, and you’ll actually be doing angelic light work wherever you go, because with all of these angels around you, invoked and invited in, you then automatically are cleansing and uplifting the places you’re traveling through and the people you’re travelling by, doing incredible light work, as you road trip across the country, or drive wherever it is you’re going.

Give this a try… and happy travels.

Flying wherever it is you're headed? An extra level of lightwork you can do, is to anchor light in the airport when you're passing through.

Lightwork In The Airport


How to do Lightwork In The Airport

How to do Lightwork In The Airport This process was recorded on location in the Lisbon airport in Portugal when my flight to Barcelona was delayed by over an hour.

So, as I was just hanging out and doing something I always do in airports, which is anchoring the light I realized that I should make a video to document my Airport Lightwork Process and share with you how to anchor light in airports or really wherever you are.

You can do this in a train station, at a rest stop, or really any place you’re inspired to do so while traveling or even at home.

The reason I call this “Airport Lightwork” is that it’s really powerful to do in the airport due to the fact that in airports you encounter so many different people and energies.

I once read that during an average hour walk through an airport, you will encounter more people than the average Native American person used to meet their entire life. And that’s just like spending an hour in an airport on an average day, not to mention how many more people you encounter when it’s busy or when your flight is delayed.

So, inside of airports there are lots of people and lots of different energies, but you don’t have to be adversely affected by them. In fact, you can do some light work, bring in the light, and create a powerful ripple that will benefit everyone you encounter, and help you to make the most of your airport experience as well.

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Anchor the Light

To anchor the light in an airport or wherever you are, invite in your angels, ask them to surround you, and then imagine an orb of light above your head. Tune into this orb of light with your imagination and awareness, just letting it lower down around your entire being, filling you with light, and surrounding you in an orb of light that protects your energy. Invoking this orb of light as an energetic shield is special because it lets Divine love and guidance and light through, but it blocks out any foreign energies or lower vibrations from others.

Once you have this orb around you, imagine the light now rippling out beyond you. The orb growing in size and shining as bright as a star, glowing immensely bright like the sun, filling the entire airport, or filling wherever you are, with infinite light of the divine, of love, and of the angels.

See this light illuminating everything, releasing negativity, cleansing the space, and shining the infinite light of the Divine throughout all that is.

This is such powerful work. It will make you feel better. It will benefit everyone you encounter, and the ripple effect is vast and large, benefiting everything in existence.

So, next time you’re in an airport, try doing this, filling yourself with light, surrounding yourself with light, and letting it ripple throughout everything.

Imagine Incredible Light Filling the Airport

In addition to surrounding yourself with this orb of light, you can quite simply imagine light filling the entire airport, flowing through you, and flowing throughout everything. There are a couple of different ways to do this.

The Star of Light

The first variation is to use the star of light. Envision (and therefore call in) a star of light in the center of the airport, glowing as brightly as the sun and shining throughout everything.

The light of this star reaches into every corner, every crevice, level and room. This light flows above and underground, along the walls, railings and floors. It surrounds every person, object and animal in the airport with unconditional love and light, dissolving negativity, and anchoring divine love.

Fly On The Wings of Angels The Tornado of Light

The next variation you can use to fill the airport with light, is the tornado of light. Here you envision a tornado of light spiraling through the airport, cleansing everyone, cleansing the space, and again, anchoring unconditional love and light of the divine in the airport, or wherever you are.
The next time that you’re in an airport, try doing this, filling yourself with light, surrounding yourself with light, and letting it ripple throughout everything.

When you’re finished, ground your energy, by feeling your connection to the earth, visualizing your energy flowing down, connecting to earth and all that is. And then, keep your heart open, keep shining bright, return to love, and know that all is well.

And of course… When it’s time to catch your flight, call in the angels and keep surrounding yourself with light…

And fly on the wings of angels!

With light and love,

Melanie Beckler



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