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Goals, New Years Resolutions and setting score for what is to come.

angel messages The angels are with you in every way when it comes to looking forward instead of back.

Its all too easy to feel a sliding feeling when it comes to January, after the celebrations and hype of Christmas, and the angels want to reassure you that the New year doesn't have to be doom and gloom just because the tinsel has been taken down. The angels want to help motivate you to making 2014 the most productive and best year yet!

Step By Step

They would like you to not look too far ahead, how many of you have made copious promises over the way you would like it to be, only to falter the second week in?
They would like to work with you to set and step into a new way of thinking and a new way of being and manifesting this New Year. They ask you to identify how you would like your life to feel.


More abundant?

More Freedom?

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By identifying the feeling, you are admitting to yourself and setting the ‘tone' for the way it ideally would feel, a lot of the time. What is not necessary, is to get tied up in the details.

By then looking at parts of your life that echo this feeling now and feeling gratitude for those moments (even if there are not as many of those as you would like) you will start to draw more of the same ‘theme' or ‘feeling' or reasons to feel that feeling, towards you.

Here & Now

The angels also understand that there are things in your life that are not the way you would like them to be, that there is perhaps challenge in some of your relationships, or a lack in some of your financial flow. They would like you to consider at some level this is ‘old energy' playing out in front of you. The way for you to increase the flow of love or money into your life is always to focus on that which works well. Well enough for you to feel thankful for and for you to rewrite your perspective through.

They ask you rather than projecting into the past when things were ‘fine and dandy' or to project into the future when you hope things will be wonderful to look at where you are now. The past has gone, and the future is never here. Now is all and what you have. So even if your ‘now' needs some attention and focus, Now is where by feeling appreciative or positive or by releasing resistance you will draw are far more abundant ‘then' towards you!.

The angels ask you to consider what is not working, what are people doing or saying that does not feel good to you?

Understand also that our outer reality is always a reflection of our inner feelings, so by taking a step back or several and considering some TLC for the soul, whether this is releasing patterns of limiting beliefs, or bringing the angels help to you through asking and allowing it to show up, you will be actually changing the ‘signal' you are sending out to the world and therefore the Universe.

Tools & Ticks of The Trade

So the purpose of this, is for me to share with you some of the tricks I use to keep myself in the flow and how I invoke the angels to help me in many varying situations. Some of these techniques are amazingly simple and some take a little focus, all of them are adaptable and can be used very safely whatever your situation or belief system is.

Most Benevolent Outcome.

Your Guardian Angel is always with you. Your Guardian angel wants to assist and help in any and every way that they can. It is true a lot of us arent aware of the name of our Guardian Angel, and it is also true that this is not important in fostering and utilizing a working and loving relationship with instant results with your Guardian Angel… They exist to help and serve and protect you.

So spending some time getting to know their energy or simply giving them opportunities to help you, will open the pathway for even more angelic assistance in the future.

Starting your request with ‘Please may I request the most Benevolent Outcome……..' Means that whatever follows will not only be the most loving outcome for you but also for anyone and everyone else involved.

An example of how this has helped me is the following:

My day had ended up being caught in heavy traffic and I was limited to finding a parking space in a short amount of time, I was leading an angel channelling class in an inner city area, I request a parking space with the highest outcome and then saw an old man under the influence stumbling across the road, he tripped, I helped him and he asked what I was doing in a part of the city like this. When I explained and asked did he know where I could find a free car parking spot (I had left my purse at home) he said he lived in a block of flats and I would be welcome to park my car there all day – when I drove round to the flat I realized the number on the parking bay was 44, an angelic number, so this chance meeting had helped us both! Try it, you will be amazed.

If you are experiencing money problems and need more – understand the ‘need' is going to keep the flow from you as this is what the Universe thinks you are asking for, so by asking the angels to help you feel grateful for what you do have (even if its not very much) and asking them to help you feel grateful for all the bills you can pay, you will naturally attract more, not only this but you will feel less resentment and almost sooner than you can imagine within a few weeks of feeling grateful your money will start to stretch and stretch further than you can believe – this sounds too good to be true but it does work with consistent focus.

Holding The Energy

Many people have someone in their life who does not make the relationship easy. It is normal to feel that someone else should alter their behaviour to be more in line with what is fair or ‘right' for you… And even if it is very understandable that you would feel this way, the only way to actually change a relationship and the way someone interacts with you is to allow them to be whatever it is they wish to be, often the attraction for awkward behaviour subconsciously- is the attention and affect that they have.

Allowing people to be as they are, but ensuring your own energy is protected and focused on you, allows them to take responsibility for themselves. The truth is they probably do not like themselves very much if they are pushing their energy outwards. The angels would like you to know that no matter the reason or justification the way to alter someones behaviour is always to hold in your heart the highest potential that they can truly be.

We all have challenges in life, soul challenges and personally manifested challenges that can mean we ‘move away' from our souls true qualities, if you ask your team of angels to help you see the other persons soul qualities and stay centered in your heart and consistently repeat to yourself the one good quality (and it may be a very small one in comparison to the rest of the behaviour that is coming your way) by holding on to the one good quality and repeating this to yourself energetically they will see that they are not having the desired effect, they will then either vibrate out of your experience (as is their right with free will) or start to want to find out why you are okay – and they will sense that you actually are detached from their drama and they will then lose the impetus to keep on behaving badly.

In time, peoples energy will change in response to yours – so your energy can be protected with purple light or gold light and detached and yet still loving, deep down non judgement of another despite what they throw at you will eventually have to transmit outward from them.

Angel Healing

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If you are experiencing money blockages or emotional blockages or abundance blockages it can be that old patterns old paradigms of thought and even old energy circulating can inhibit what comes to you especially if they come from a karmic or ancestral line So as part of the readings I offer I do also include Angel healing and reading which helps to repair and identify the blockages the beliefs and allows you to fully step into your empowerment and move forewards. Change still takes time however it is entirely possible, if your thoughts are focused towards your highest good and self lov,e then it is the angels promise to you that good evidence is only a stones throw away.

We take this moment to wish you many happy moments of peace, many happy moments of self nurture and inner exploration, and understanding when you tend the flower bed of the soul the flower of self and all the air around it will sing with the love the angels and Universe feel for you.

Blessings for 2014


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