Three Minute Meditation with Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael Meditation

Three Minute Meditation with Archangel Michael

Free 3 Minute Meditation with Archangel Michael


Whether you are journeying towards spiritual awakening or simply trying to improve your quality of life, you will find that integrating a meditation practice into your daily routine is one of the most effective steps you can take.

Meditation empowers you to connect with the light of your soul and helps you to realize your true purpose. It also benefits your health and well-being by reducing stress, slowing down the aging process and improving your concentration.
And yet, with all these benefits and more, many people are overwhelmed by the idea of meditating.

Most people don’t feel like they have the time on a regular basis to sit back, relax, and meditate. Or if they do have the time, they don’t know how to do it, they build it up in their mind as something complex, and just get frustrated, instead of relaxed when trying to tune in.

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There’s also a common misconception that for meditation to really work you need to sit on the top of a hill like a monk and completely quiet your mind for hours. This however, is simply not true.

Yes, long meditations have a time and place, and really can be lovely. However, the real benefits of meditation come from consistent and regular meditation practice, not from meditating once for a long time and then going a long time before you quiet your mind again.

To help… I’ve channeled a short three minute meditation with Archangel Michael…
In just minutes you will relax, ground your energy, and connect with the incredible light of the angelic realm and love of the Divine.

You can download this onto your phone or computer… Stream it from this website, or tune in via YouTube below.

3 Minute Meditation with Archangel Michael 

With love, light and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler




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About the Author Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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Mike says January 9, 2019

Hi Melanie, I lost my link to the Vesica Course you recommended in one of your videos. Could you please email me the name again? I want to get the correct course you mentioned. Thanks, Mike Kiser

d@p says May 25, 2018

Thank you, With Love and Light. From the root to the crown and to the Divine. Namaste.

LeAndra says May 23, 2018

These wonderful meditations helped me get through two difficult times in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

anita labate formica says April 20, 2018

whenever i hear prayers of angels it touches my heart and soul then i start to cry

Roy says December 26, 2017

Thank you

D!v!n3_1 says November 25, 2017

Thank You!

Angely Goerdin says August 31, 2017

love light guidance divine will connection with God through Michael

Queila says August 30, 2017

Thank you 😇Archangel Michael for Powerful healing ❤️

Eric Richards says July 21, 2017

Thank you, Melanie. Yes, I have heard it is good to pray to our guardian angels, and ask them for help and guidance.

Terryn nealon says April 9, 2017

I wish to hear from you as I am interested in angels

Alisa kennett says March 22, 2017

I would like to know if I am a angel messager.

Alisa kennett says March 20, 2017

Thank you very much dear friend love you always.

SONNIA says February 13, 2017


Miriam leitzinger says February 10, 2017

Thank you Melanie love and light

eugene richard says February 1, 2017

Thank you so very much Melanie

    Melanie Beckler says February 1, 2017

    You’re welcome!

Julie Burrows says January 26, 2017

Thank you Melanie for your inspirational Angel messages and meditations ❤️️

Adrew Theodore Groepies says January 17, 2017

From the last meditation, I must say thank you to you and this just started to change my complete world around things are so much lighter and everything seems so much better and people no aske me what I have done because I look so different… I just tell them how to go about and send them to your site. Once again I want to thank you I will stay on this path now.

Beatriz says December 27, 2016

Is. Just Beautiful❤️❤️

Donna says November 7, 2016

Hello Melanie and all of her precious friends. I can never tell anyone about how your messages help me. I swear by them. I just sat here on my couch to listen to the archangel Michael and feel into a deep trance. Unbelievable, it’s amazing. All of them do me this way. Thank you!!!! God bless you!!!!!!

Rani Agarthe Kumara says October 28, 2016

The most Wonderful, shortest meditation, ever?❤️? BLISS❤️

    Melanie Beckler says October 29, 2016

    Yay! Glad to hear you enjoyed… 🙂

Sarah says September 26, 2016

I like it.thank you very much!

Alex Akor says September 23, 2016

Am very grateful for the work you are doing. Thanks.

Neela says September 23, 2016

Hi, I love Angel messages.Feels good and protected and you are Divine channel.I l look forward to your mails.

Thank you!! God bless you for your work!!

Bernadette says July 1, 2016

Thank you for this Archangel Michael meditation. I will be using this. Was good to meet you at the World Angel Summit in London.

Tracy Y Atkinson says June 19, 2016


ThetaVaughn says May 24, 2016

The angels are making all types of changes in me and my life and I love them for not giving up on me…thank you Michael and Uriel. And Becky,

Subhash says May 15, 2016

Beautiful. Love it.

Lukman says April 30, 2016

Comment Oh My Melaine ! Thank you so much, the first free Angel message that i received is not download copleted on my phone, because my phone developed an error, when I checked my mail today and I see the ANGEL MICHEAL MEDTATION i was so worried because i havent discovered the phone error, but i called my Angels to do the downloading for me, and i started, honestiy I got everything completely, and i have using it immediately. More BLESSING from the divine to you MEL.

Ryan Timothy Spencer says April 11, 2016

Hi malanie, my name is ryan.
I feel the prayers and messages you out out to people here,I guess you coukd say im a little different to others. Im able to see places , people crimes , moments of joy in peoples lives I have not seen or met. Im asking something different from you than protection as I have many spirits ive grown uo with peotecting me through a horrific life wich I wont get into. I see things that some of ua say we csnt explain yet I understand them just fine. Im choosing to go back into healing as I have a hero of mime that is in need of removing leciumea from there few month old son I also have a deer friend with loopis. Why I write to you is not so much for help from you as ive been waiting for signs from individuals ive had visions if ling ago in my life. Basically I just wantwd to thank you as you are one of the people ive seen long ago that ive been waiting for to regain my xondidence and faith in what Ive sone for others but chose to ignore it as of the eay I was being treated in my own life. Im going to send you the feeling you gave me long ago when your face was just a vision in my eye, and the feeling you gave me again once I contacted you to remind me how I used to protect myself from what I call the (nothing) energy. Your light is strong you are an amazing person. Your beauty comes from within and i clearly see it within your eyes.
All I ask is when you do feel it dont be afraid to cry I always do when I feel will find the energy and peesence familiar. Its the turbine we all need to rise with the light… Its the closest feeling to devine love that I can bare and offer.( Ps im not your stalker lol your just someone who I have used to wait for as well as others to help awaken me up to useing this gift.)

    Melanie Beckler says April 11, 2016

    Thank you Ryan… I am honored to have been able to help you on your path. Thank you for shining your light! With love and gratitude ~

    Kristin says February 9, 2017

    That’s interesting 🙂

Paula says March 14, 2016

I always listern to your downloads on you tube they are amazing. And also help comfront me alot .as i am going throu a big change in my life .. me and my husband wasnt getting along nomore so we decided to spilt as friends and listerning and meditating to your downloads helpped im a changed person only love and light in my life .. most of all i really found something i didnt know i had 2 gifts 1st i can talk to passed love ones and help ppl who needs answers and 2nd which i was told by my angels and guides the gift of healing also . I dont change ppl has ive been given these gifts from god who has saved me .now im so happy with my life xxxx

Arjan says February 23, 2016

Feel the presence

Arjan says January 17, 2016

Would ask for guidance but it came soon. Now sort off waiting for some useful task. It came. I feel very grateful

Zalisile says December 13, 2015

Hi Melanie,Thanks for this meditation mp3 and i must say that i’m very happy with these messages that you are channeling cause each and every time i’m relaxing and listening to the tapes i feel lighter and lighter throughout my days.MUCH BLESSINGS TO YOU.

Kelvin Davis says December 12, 2015

I’m told by so many different people that im about to receive so much money like i never had before.I’m about to RECEIVE my wife and good things will always come to me.THIS WAS SAID TO ME BY PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW EACH OTHER.YET I’M GOING THROUGH HARD MONEY TIMES.

Melanie Beckler says December 6, 2015

Hi Dane,

When I connect with the Angels I do so from the direct connection with God, and with the clear intention to only channel the highest vibrational, best, most loving possible guides who serve according to Divine Will and in alignment with Christ Consciousness to serve humanity, and all beings for the highest and greatest good.

You’re right that it is important to have impeccable discretion when it comes to WHO in spirit we’re channeling and connecting with… And yes, I pay very close attention to this.

Thank you. <3

Dane says November 8, 2015

I love these messages especially the arch angel Michael ones. How do you make sure you have your protection in the energy you are,letting into your world? Re: I add only Christ cemeteries beings and ,are sure they align with true energy that is for the greatest good. I ask only because I have read where we now have beings with no souls trying to inhabit us and direct U.S. For their agendas your thoughts and teachings.

bob says October 26, 2015

need closer relationship with angels

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