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Third Eye Meditation – Open Your 3rd Eye Now!

Third Eye Awakening Meditation

Awakening the Third Eye is an essential step on any path of spiritual development. This Powerful Third Eye Meditation I’m about to share with you guides you to open your Third Eye so you can see and perceive in the higher realms of Spirit for yourself.

What Is The Third Eye?

Third Eye Chakra The 3rd Eye is an energy center within the physical body, at the center of the head that when opened serves as a Gateway to Higher Consciousness and Perception in the higher realms of Spirit.

Awakening the third eye is not only about opening clairvoyant perception. It is about opening to clearly see in the realms of love and the higher realms of spirit so you can receive intuitive guidance, inspiration and love from Spirit.

If you'd like a little more of a mental framework before practicing this meditation to better understand how this Third Eye Awakening Meditation works and what you will experience, check out this article where I teach more about How to Open Your Third Eye and the mechanics behind this powerful meditation.

Third Eye Meditation

FREE Third Eye Awakening Meditation

This meditation guides you to relax and enter in to the journey of opening your third eye center, empowering you to see more deeply and with greater psychic perception as you return to the world around you.

This Third Eye Meditation works, but its up to you to practice it for it to really work for you. For best results listen daily for at least 7 days!

Each time you listen your 3rd Eye will open and activate more.

Relax, allow, and tune in through relaxed awareness to invite your next level of 3rd Eye Opening In!

17:27 Set to the Meditative Music by Thaddeus.


Here is the transcription of this guided Third Eye Meditation for you as well:

At this time, sit up straight, close your eyes, and relax.

Now, begin to direct your awareness within – attuning your attention to your heart center, bringing your awareness into the center of your chest, and becoming aware of any warm tingling or sensation you experience therein.

At this time, your team of guides, angels, and ascended masters of the middle path step forward to surround you with divine light and healing frequency.

The golden light of peace and divine presence supports you now in letting go – letting go of any expectation, letting go of whatever else you have on your to-do list today, letting go of the desire to try and make anything happen.

Simply relax and allow the light to enter in.

Focus your awareness upon your heart – allowing your heart open and become illuminated with the golden light of the divine that is all around.

Move your awareness into the center of your chest, the center of your heart, into the center of any tingling, warmth, pressure, or sensation you experience therein.

Move inward.

Enter in.

Open your heart.

Relax. Let go. And in the light of your awakened heart center, your energy now begins to unlock, to open, and to lift.

The light of your awakened heart center begins to shine upward up into your throat, the center of your mind, and into the energetic center between your eyebrows, into the middle of your forehead, your third eye.

At this time, allow all of your awareness to enter into your third eye center.

Allow your attention to find any sense of tingling, warmth, pressure, light, or sensation in the area between your eyebrows, that area of your third eye.

You're not trying to make anything happen. You are only drawing your awareness inward – letting go, observing, and tuning into any pressure, tingling, or sensation.

Your team in Spirit steps forward now to support in clearing your third eye, clearing any blockages or resistance.

Let go and allow your third eye to open.

Allow your awareness to enter in – moving into the center of any sensation, tingling, or pressure, simply being aware of whatever sensation you do feel.

You might or might not be feeling some pain in this area of your third eye; whatever you do or do not feel, accept this as okay.

Continue to breathe as you relax deeply.

Let go of trying.

Embrace allowing.

Embrace awareness, becoming fully aware of the quality of energy in your third eye center and moving inward – into the feeling, into the experience, into the sensation of energy that begins to appear between your eyebrows – awakening your third eye.

Move deeper and deeper into the center of your third eye.

Become aware now of the music that is playing.

Allow yourself to now feel the music rather than hear; feel the music through your third eye energy center.

Feel the sensation of the music in between your eyebrows. Tangibly feel the quality of energy, the light frequency flowing into your third eye center to unlock your clairvoyance, to open your psychic sight.

You're not trying to feel anything.

Only awareness.

Only letting go, breathing in, and being aware of your third eye center, exhaling and entering into whatever ever sensation, whatever experience is appearing between your eyebrows.

Move inward, deeper and deeper into your third eye.

As you move your awareness into your third eye, your third eye unlocks – relaxed and open – so you can feel through this energy center, so you can perceive that inner realm and move deeper and deeper into the tingling.

You may naturally – through relaxing and allowing – begin to see a backdrop of light, a movement of color.

Allow, relax, and observe.

Move your awareness into the center of any light color frequency or sensation you're experiencing, just allowing, relaxing, and letting go.

Feel the music in the area of your third eye.

Perceive the Infinite through this center of your psychic sight.

Enter inward, moving deeper, relaxing your breathing.

This inner pull – this dive within, moving into the center of your third eye – unlocks your perception on the nonphysical plane. It unlocks feeling and seeing through your third eye.

Allow whatever is appearing, whatever you are feeling, to be beyond the need to understand or define for now.

Just relax.

Unlock as you feel and experience through your awakening third eye – feeling the music through your third eye center.

Releasing attachment, embrace pure awareness as you remain simply aware of any light or color that appears – not focusing, just allowing.

Allow your third eye to open, to receive the blessing of light geometry, color, sound, and frequency.

As you move into the center of whatever it is that is arising for you, moving into your third eye energy center, this inward movement unlocks your perception and opens your awareness.

Open your psychic sight.

You are able to begin to see to the extent you are able to allow. And so, do not react to whatever arises. Release the need to judge or analyze what does not or does appear.

Feel the sensation in your third eye and relax to perceive the light and color as you now open more and more with each breath.

With each moment of clear, calm mind, you awaken your third eye more and more – activating your higher awareness and your higher psychic state.

Relax. Let go.

Feel, through your third eye center, the music. Observe any purple or golden light.

Relax and receive the love and support, the blessing and frequency of your team in Spirit, your angels and guides who have stepped forward to bless, honor, and support you now.

At this time, as you begin to return awareness to your physical body, feel your hands and your toes.

Tune into the perception of the room around you, the space around you … hearing any sounds, feeling that energy.

And when you're ready, open your eyes. Let go of this meditation state, allowing your third eye center to continue to glow.

Take a moment to thank yourself for taking this time to open your third eye.

Know that as you repeat this meditation, you will more fully open your clairvoyant perception and open your third eye to perceive beyond the physical and into the realms of Spirit, love, and light.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

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