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How to Open Your Third Eye – Powerful Step-By-Step Method!

The third eye is the energetic center located in your head that acts like a doorway into your inner space of consciousness.

It is the gate that allows access to the inner worlds. When the third eye is open, clairvoyant perception, psychic impressions, and extrasensory experiences can naturally open as well.

Knowledge about the third eye is present in many different cultures, traditions and lineages around the world and it has been called many names ranging from the third eye chakra, pineal gland, minds eye, Ajna, brow chakra, Cave of Brahma, Cave of Christos and more…

Opening the third eye is not only about opening clairvoyant perception. It is about opening to clearly see in the realms of love and the higher realms of spirit so you can receive intuitive guidance, inspiration and love from spirit. Its also about unlocking higher consciousness.

Opening your third eye is absolutely possible for you, and I have several techniques to share with you today to encourage your third eye opening.

However, before I share these things I want to make it clear that there is really no substitute for meditation when it comes to awakening the third eye chakra.

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The #1 Way to Open The Third Eye Chakra

How to Open Your Third Eye

The most effective method I've found to open the third eye is a simple meditation practice I learned from Samuel Sagan (founder of the Clairvision school), in his book called Awakening The Third Eye.

I've modified the practice Sagan shares slightly for my own personal use and based on guidance from the angels.

This practice works!

I know… Because I've used it, and while my third eye has already been turned on for some time, now that I’ve been doing this practice , it's really brought about my own third eye opening to the next level with very vivid, colorful, and almost psychedelic visions.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of third eye opening, whether your third eye is always open, if you’re just starting to see little flickers or light in your meditations, or you feel like your third eye is completely closed… This practice will be very helpful for you.

Opening your 3rd eye empowers you to not only clearly see in the realms of spirit and see beyond the veil into the higher dimensions, but also to receive clear guidance, insight and intuitive impressions.

Practice For Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your 3rd Eye!

Find a place where you can sit comfortably and relax. I highly recommend you do this practice sitting up rather than laying down, and when you do it you want to have your spine aligned upright, straight and vertical (so don’t lean back in your chair… But rather sit on the edge with your back perfectly straight).

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  • Sit in an upright position, close your eyes, and shift your awareness within, focusing on your heart center.
  • Allow your heart to open, filling with golden light.
  • Allow your inner divine solar light to brightly shine within your heart center, and as you tune into this just take a few minutes to breathe, relax and become fully present in this moment now.
  • As you allow your heart to open, by focusing your attention within it’s center… Tune into the tingling, warmth and glowing light within.
  • Allow your awareness to enter into the center of your heart, moving deeper and deeper within with your awareness until you feel your heart light begin to naturally expand around you. When this happens naturally (you’re not trying to visualize, rather just observe) …
  • Then… Let the heart light rise up.

Opening Your Third Eye So your heart light begins to rise up in a column of light, at the very center of your being, up from your heart, all the way into the center of your mind and into the center of your mind's eye.

  • Let the light enter into the center of your mind's eye and when it does it will begin to expand around your head… Glowing with warmth and light.
  • Shift your focus slightly so that you’re focused on the front area of your third eye, which is between your eyebrows and up a little bit.

Don't try to find your third eye’s location logically…. Rather, allow your attention to focus in the middle of your forehead, and just look for a tingling sensation. Look for any sensation really, look for some energetic indication as to where your third eye is.

  • When you find the sensation of your third eye… Tune into that tingling, glowing, warmth, slight pressure, or whatever it is you feel in the center of your third eye.
  • Tune into that sensation.

It's important to relax when you're doing this. You're not trying to strain your physical eyes, and you don't even need to look up with your physical eyes…. It's rather a matter of bringing your attention and awareness up into your mind's eye, into your third eye, looking for and feeling the glowing sensation, pressure, tingling, warmth, and once you find it…

Once you feel the energy, focus on it entirely.

  • Imagine that you're moving your awareness to the center of that sensation.
  • Continue moving your awareness deeper and deeper into the center of your third eye.

I experience this moving into the center as a sort of feeling like going in and back, and opening up. So look for and feel this continuous pull into the center of your third eye.

Remember to stay relaxed! Be sure you keep your face relaxed, your jaw, neck and shoulders relaxed, you may have a slight tendency to try to strain or look for something … Let that go, just relax, and focus on the tingling sensation and glowing in your third eye center, allowing whatever appears to be okay and if nothing appears, let that be okay too.

Continue with this process of drawing your attention further into the center of the center of the center of the center of your third eye.

As you continue doing this, you will reach a point where your conscious awareness begins to move through the etheric body, which is indicated by the tingling, glowing sensation and warmth you feel. You’ll then move into the astral body, which presents as color, light and visuals.

So staying focused on the feeling sensation of your third eye, and moving deeper into the center of your third eye until you begin to see the light flashes of light flickering, light color geometries, or anything else.

Allow whatever you see as okay… Again, you're not trying to visualize anything, or to even decipher what you see. You're just observing and allowing light or visuals to naturally appear if they do, and if they don't, continue to focus on the tingling, the sensation, and upon whatever you feel within your 3rd eye center as you keep going deeper and deeper into that feeling.

Feeling is key, because that is what then brings the next layer into focus, which is the light and color.

Know that when visuals naturally begin to appear, your mind will have a tendency to grasp for them. You’ll naturally try to focus in on what you’re seeing, at which point, the visual may fade away completely.

When this happens… Relax. Let go of the need to grasp, and just observe. Refocus on your third eye center and observe the sensations, observe the light, observe the colors as you continue to move deeper and deeper within.

Through moving in and back with your consciousness… Containing to be pulled into the center of the center of your third eye, you naturally will reach a point in this inward movement where your third eye activates, and begins to expand out and radiate light out.

Just allow this to happen. You may begin to feel a slight spiraling energy, and you may begin seeing more colors… Just allow whatever does or does not happen to be okay.

Continue to focus on the inner screen before you, and on whatever light, color, or sensation arises as you continue moving into the center.

Know that will practice, you will likely reach a point where the light fades into sort of a diffuse background of space, of diffuse purple light, or a magenta backdrop…

Relax, allow this to be, and focus on that continuous movement deeper and deeper into the center of your mind's eye.

As you stay with this practice, visuals, guidance, imagery will come in and when it does, your mind will want to focus in on it… So know this, and let go of the minds need to grasp at whatever appears. Allow yourself to just be present observing, receiving and witnessing whatever appears.

Once you get to the screen of solid, dark purple space and light, you can then begin to expand your awareness around your body, observing your surroundings through your inner vision.

Stay relaxed, and with your inner eye, observe and notice… What do you see around you? Are there spiritual beings with you? What other light, geometries and colors are with you?

As you continue this, your guides, the divine or the higher realms of Spirit may begin to reveal something to you through your vision as you open your mind's eye.

Don’t be attached to whatever you receive… When you’re first opening your third eye much of what you see won’t make sense. Let that be okay…

Keep with the practice, and know that as you further open your third eye more will be revealed to you.

Okay, so that is the practice.

Know that opening your third eye is possible for you. This is a biological function of your body to be able to see beyond the physical, but you're simply used to focusing on the physical realm.

And so it takes practice, to calm the minds need to grasp so you can relax more fully and allow the opening to unfold.

Ready for more?

Here are 8 helpful activities to consider implementing on your third eye awakening journey.

    1. Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and products.

Your third eye chakra is located within your head, in your physical body, and its important to know that the choices you make in the physical can support you in your journey to open your third eye, or they can hinder and block your progress.

One of the biggest blockages for many people comes from toxins contained in food, home and skincare products.

Antiperspirant deodorant is an especially detrimental source of toxins for many people when it comes to opening your psychic sight. This is because your armpits are located near the same meridian energy line that goes up and into your third eye. When you rub aluminum and toxic laden “deodorants” in this area it can block your lymph nodes and block the flow of energy into your third eye chakra.

Now, this of course doesn't mean you can't wear deodorant and there are some great natural deodorant options out there. Just make sure you're using something with organic ingredients and without aluminum or other chemicals and toxins.

I like to take this a step further and use all natural skincare, shampoo and cleaning products.

Check out my favorite organic Non-Toxic Skincare here!

Really, you can't go wrong embarking down this path of removing chemicals and toxins from your home, and from what you're putting on skin because it almost immediately starts to support you in bringing about a new level of vibrant wellbeing for your physical body and for your energy body because everything is connected when it comes down to it.

    1. Eliminate Fluoride.

Fluoride is a chemical that is well known to be detrimental for the third eye energy center, and yet its still commonly found in toothpastes and even in many municipalities water.

Check the reports for your municipal water supply and if it has fluoride, look into water purification systems to remove this. Check your toothpaste as well and go with something fluoride *and glycerin free while you're at it. I like EcoDent Tooth Powder.

Once you stop ingesting and accumulating fluoride, then it's all about detox. Drink lots of clean purified water to do this.

Additionally, things like psyllium husk and bentonite clay and also eating a really clean and healthy diet will support your body in detoxifying and flushing the toxins you have accumulated up until this point out of your system.

Detox is of course overall supportive for health, but its also incredibly supportive for bringing greater clarity into mind, body and spirit, which is essential for third eye awakening.

    1. Collaborate with crystals.

There are many crystals that can support the awakening of your third eye chakra.

Indigo Gabbro is my favorite third eye chakra stone due to its effective properties for clearing and centering your energy channels.

Iron rose quartz is also very activating and centering for the energy to support third eye chakra opening.

    1. Essential oils.

I love essential oils. They can be helpful in so many area including de-calcifying the pineal gland and opening the third eye.

I faves for this include sacred frankincense and sandalwood from Young Living.

Anoint your forehead, as well as the the top of the head and the back of the head to purge negativity and blockages from these centers.

These oils are also incredibly activating for the third eye chakra. For a little boost you can put a tiny dab on your upper lip so you can smell it during meditation to really reinvigorate your being an activate your pineal gland, third eye and really all your centers of subtle psychic perception.

I purchase Sacred Frankincense and Sandalwood Essential Oil (as well as many other non-toxic products) from Young Living here.

    1. Sun and Moon Gazing

The sun is incredible source of spiritual power, light and activation that can help you open your third eye.

Please be cautious with Sun Gazing! You only ever want to look directly into the sun in the first few moments, right after sunrise and right before sunset when the sun is very low on the horizon and is very orange so it's not detrimental for your eyes.

If you're not able to see the sun at these times, just being outside in the sunshine, closing your eyes and feeling the suns forces drawing into your third eye can be very cleansing and activating as well.

Gazing into the light of the moon can also help to activate your third eye chakra.

When you sun gaze or moon gaze, tune into your third eye and tune to the light of the sun or the moon simultaneously. Energetically link these centers together. Imagine bringing the light into your third eye to cleanse, activate and open for your benefit and so you may be of service in the highest interest of all.

    1. Chanting or Humming

Chanting OM, or humming and really feeling the vibration build in your third eye is very activating as well. The vibration can break up pineal calcification or energetic blockages and again is very activating.

You could do this in conjunction with the Yogic Ujjayi breath or throat friction breathing so that you're breathing in with throat friction and on your exhale, humming or own chanting and really feeling that vibration builds in your throat chakra and in your third eye.

    1. Qi Gong

Qi gong practices are a great way to open the flow of Qi, Chi, or Life Force energy through the meridians, allowing these forces to flow into and activate the third eye.

Free Qi Gong Routine here >>

    1. Working With Oracle Cards

By working with Oracle Cards, you give yourself a tool to practice tuning into information with your clairvoyance, which requires your third eye to open.

I have an entire course about how to use Oracle cards to unlock your intuition… Check it out here:

Angel Intuition Course >>

Essentially, when you use Oracle cards intuitively, you're able to create an opening. You create a framework, and a space within which you can begin to receive intuition, receive psychic impressions, and to consciously choose to observe through the vantage point of your mind's eye.

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The more you practice this, the more accurate you get, and the more your third eye is open as a result.

You can learn how to open your third eye!

Listen to a FREE Guided Third Eye Awakening Mediation here!

I hope this was helpful for you…

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With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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