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Take It One Step At A Time

Keep Taking Things One Step At A Time

We've all heard the inspirational quote about taking life on one step at a time... But sometimes its not clear what your next step in life should be... Learn how to see and know your path ahead so you can take your very next step with confidence and love. #onestep #keeptakingsteps #progress #onestepatatime #nextstep I have a simple reminder for you today, and here it is:

When you're consciously progressing towards a goal…

Whether that goal is fully opening your spiritual gifts..

Or if you're aiming for something that's more physically tangible like manifesting a new job or house, paying off debt, starting a business, or losing weight…

Whatever your goal may be, there comes a point in the manifestation process where the voice of doubt and worry tend to set in.

This could take the form of negative self-talk, a general feeling of unease and anticipating the worst, or there could simply be some anxiety and fear arising as to whether what you're striving for will really work out for you in a positive way.

If you find yourself experiencing this type of doubt, negative self-talk or worry …

Know that you do not have to buy into it!

Breathe, return your awareness to the present moment, and consciously ask your team of guides and angels for help in manifesting the highest and most benevolent outcome for your situation.

Then shift…

What can you actually do about it right here and now?

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Is there actually something you know you should be doing, and yet have been putting off? Take that step!

Are you really unsure as to what else you can do to positive affect the situation?

Then, shift your focus towards simply raising your vibration, and bringing your energy to a place where you are in alignment with the highest possibilities for your life.

A great way to do this is to start taking steps towards bringing positive spiritual and physical practices in your life.

Here are 10 Ideas for Practical Spiritual Practices to get you started >> 

The key here is that rather than buying into doubt, fear, or worry…

You take some small action step that actually brings you closer to what you want.

Take a Step and trust that your next step will appear. The path truly unfolds one step at a time. Take a step, and then the next will follow. #steps #onestepatatime This could just be cultivating a sense of gratitude, pulling your energy back into the present, or consciously reconnecting with the power of love.

There is always some step you can take to support you in reaching your goals.

And when you take it…

The next step will appear.

One step at a time you really can climb a mountain, cross a continent…

And you really can create the most wonderful possibilities for your life.

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Remember that you have so much support available to you as you journey through your life.

Ask your angels to help you. Ask for assistance clearing your energy of doubt and uncertainty so you can clearly see, know and progress towards the highest possibilities for your life.

An incredible high vibrational life awaits.

You've got this!

…Breathe, stay present, and take your very next step! ​​

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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