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The Spiritual Meaning of 1111 Revealed

The Deeper Spiritual Meaning of 11:11

11:11! Are you seeing it?

The angel number 1111 represents easy access to the higher spiritual realms. But there is a deeper spiritual meaning and reason for why you are seeing 11:11.

Let's dive into it here:



Diving Deeper

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Honestly, most of the information about seeing 11:11 published online is surface level, especially as more and more sites seem to be regurgitating content about angel numbers.

That's not to discount all of information that's out there, because many of the perspectives about what it means to see 1111 remain incredibly valid. 1111 absolutely can be a sign from your angels and a validation or confirmation from spirit. It can serve as an awakening call and call to pay attention. When you see the number 1111, it can bring a reminder and trigger a realization of the inherent oneness present within all.

Seeing 11:11 can also be a signpost on the spiritual awakening path. Really any of the angel numbers can act as a call from Spirit in the present moment to dive inward, so you can reconnect with more of your core truth of who you really are, and why you're really here.

1111 is in and of itself is a spiritual awakening code, and still… There's a deeper meaning.

Like most things on the spiritual awakening journey, there are levels of depth and meaning you can unlock as you continue to progress on your path of growth.

There is deeper insight, and higher vibrational energy that you are able to connect with you in the present.

So what is the deeper meaning of seeing these numbers?

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 1111 When You Keep Seeing 11:11

11:11 happens twice a day… And so, everyone is going to see this number at one point or another. However, when you keep seeing 11:11… This is when it becomes clear that behind the number is a deeper spiritual meaning.

If you see 11:11 once on the clock, it's not that it doesn't carry this deeper meaning, it's just that when you keep seeing it, when this awakening code keeps showing up for you, that it becomes obvious that there is a call and a message from spirit to tune in.

1111 Spiritual Meaning

To understand the spiritual meaning of 1111, we can get a great deal of insight by first looking at the meaning of 1.

When you look at the actual visual look, and structure of the number one, you can see that it's like a pillar.

#1 = A Pillar of Light

11-11 Spiritual Meaning and Portal of Light The pillar of light is the most basic symbol, and archetype for your divine core, for the divine. I Am presence and core truth of you.

Your inner Divine I Am Core is the core truth of your Spirit, beneath the surface of your normal waking mind and the perspectives of your personality self.

Beneath the day in and day out activities of your daily life, lays an infinite wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, peace and Truth that is your Divine I Am Core… Your Diamond Light Presence, your Crystalline Ascension Column of Light that is all 12 chakras, of your multidimensional being united as one pillar of light and presence.

When you tune into this inner presence and core it brings incredible blessing to you and unlocks a deeper level of your soul wisdom and truth.

11-11 – 4 Pillars of Light

What this has to do with the spiritual meaning of 1111 is really quite profound.

1111 also represents four pillars of light that create a sacred portal opening to Spirit.

The four pillars of light are the four Cardinal directions.

The four pillars of light that are the four Archangelic pillars or Archangelic energies that hold the barrier of physical reality.

4 Archangelic Pillars of Light

Archangel Raphael in the East

Archangel Michael in the South

Archangel Gabriel in the West

Archangel Uriel in the North

And in the center of these 4 Archangelic Pillars, surrounded by love all around, is your Divine Self… Your I Am Core, your Ascension column, and your full awakened inner truth and divine being of light.

From this perspective, seeing 1111 is a reminder of this portal opening to Spirit, and a call to tune in.

To know that you are safe and supported, you are held in this structure of Archangelic energy so you can dive inward, through your clear mind and your open heart to reunite with Spirit from within.

11-11 The Portal of Heart and Mind

There is another layer of the 1111 meaning spirituality, and this can be seen by viewing 11 like two pillars that create a gateway.

The 11 is like a portal threshold, or doorway by which you can enter in.

The two 11's, the two doorways are the gateway of the mind and the gateway of the heart.

When you enter inward through both these doorways; clear mind and open heart…

When you dive deep within, diving into the stillness, diving into the void, peace and calm, diving into that inner state of being where pure potentiality resides, you're able to access the quantum field, the quantum realm of infinite possibility. You're able to sync and harmonize with the highest divine truth of you.

1111 Meaning for Manifestation

From this perspective, 1111 is absolutely a manifesting number, because when you connect with pure potentiality within, you open to the highest and best possibilities of the infinite.

Through this connection there is incredible manifestation that unfolds. You truly sync with the highest divine timeline for your awakening, for your path, embodiment, for your life.

You naturally attract blessings to you that are in coherence and sync with the pure potentiality of the infinite you're tuned in to. And perhaps even more powerful, you begin to remember who you really are.

There is an old saying that I really like that says: “In the beginning was the memory.”

I like this because it means that as you remember more of the truth of the divine being of diamond light that you are, you approach a bright new beginning where infinite possibility opens up for you so that you can truly co-create blessings in your life.

Spiritual awakening is not the ending.. Its the beginning.

Each time you see 1111, there is a call to awaken further, and to tune in!

This is the deeper spiritual meaning of the 11-11 gateway of light: Remember who you really are as a spiritual being and embrace the new beginnings possible through you direct connection with your highest light. .

This is the opportunity available each time you see 11:11.

However, honestly, seeing 11:11 is not even required to connect with your inner Divine Being, and to step through the portals of your clear mind and open heart to connect with your guardian angels, the ascended masters and your inner soul brilliance and radiant truth.

1111 is just the symbol…

1111 is just the calling card, the archetype, and the reminder to enter in and reconnect with the knowing and truth of who you really are.

The truth is that in every moment, the 1111 gateway is open and you have the potential to step through the doors of your clear mind and open heart to step in.

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Until next time…

So much love and bright blessings your way,

Melanie Beckler



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