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15 Spiritual Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020!

Spiritual Instagram!? Sound like two words that shouldn't go together? Well they can, and sometimes do!

Instagram is actually a hotbed for spirituality and inspiration, and depending on who you follow

Your IG feed can become a beautiful, modern age spiritual magazine filled with beautiful articles, crystal images, inspiring quotes, nature magic, oracle card readings, words of wisdom and people finding and sharing the magic, mystical and spiritual aspects of daily life.

Are you tuning into the spiritual side of Instagram?

If not… It's time to update your Instagram following list with some deeply spiritual souls and fill your feed with more mystical, magical loving, inspiring, uplifting and light filled posts!

I have some awesome recommendations for you… But first we need to talk about a couple of keys to keeping your time on Instagram high-vibe, because honestly, Instagram can totally be energetically draining for you if you let it.

2 Keys to Keeping Your Time on Instagram High Vibe

In addition to being mindful of who you follow, I really feel like there are two main keys to keeping your time on Instagram high vibe.

1. Stay Out of Judgement!

The first key to maintaining your Instagram feed as a Spiritual oasis is to stay out of self judgement! Remember that everyone on Instagram is posting a highly edited and curated version of their lives. Many Instagram influencers post highly edited photos, and even hire professional photographers to capture their “effortless selfies“.

Additionally, keep in mind that even the biggest and most spiritual Instagrammers are still facing their own challenges and dealing with their own stuff and challenges in life, even if they're not posting about it and sharing that aspect of their life with you.

Let Instagram users inspire you… But don't let them trigger you to judge yourself and compare your unique light and magic with theirs.

Your path and life is beautifully unique and where you are right here and now is bringing you the perfect opportunities for soul growth and spiritual development that are meant for you.

If you don't feel like you're in sync with who you really are and what you truly desire… Get clear about that, and come up with an action plan for how you can start taking steps and making changes.

2.Limit The Time You Spend On the Platform

The second key to keeping your time on Instagram #highvibe is to limit your time there! Instagram can honestly be a bit of a rabbit hole and a time suck. If you spend too much time there it will be energetically draining for you!

The good news is there are actually some tools within Instagram to see how much time you're spending there, and to set up alerts when you've reached.

Under your settings, find the “Your Activity” … Here you can see your daily average of time spent on Instagram.

You can also set a daily reminder once you've spent a certain amount of time in a day, say 25 minutes on the platform.

Be mindful and aware of how much time you're spending on Instagram, and make it a priority to then spend even more time OFF the platform, creating, reading, spending time in nature, meditating and doing the things that are recharging, empowering and uplifting for you.

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Top Spiritual Instagram Accounts

Okay… Now that we got that covered, I'd love to share with you some Spiritual Instagram accounts I love.

There really are so many Spiritual Instagram Accounts to choose from…

From well-known and mainstream best-selling spiritual authors like @eckharttolle, @deepakchopra, @brenebrown, @drjoedispenza, @paulocohelo

Here are some of my current favorites.

Check out the following Spiritual Instagram Accounts!

Danielle Noel is an artist, “visual alchemist” and oracle creator. I love her Starseed Oracle Cards… And really enjoy her Instagram too!

Danielle Noel


Victoria Erickson is an author and poet who truly weaves magic with her words. Her written musings and inspirations are sure to delight and inspire.

Victoria Erickson Instagram


Danielle Paige is an astrologer and spiritual teacher who shares insight into the human journey of awakening.


Jonna Jinton is a Sweedish artist, photographer and singer who posts absolutely incredible nature photos and videos along with musings and inspiration around connecting with nature and tuning into the magic, healing and spirituality therein.

Jonna Jinton Instagram



Matt Kahn is an author, spiritual teacher and empathic healer who truly has has such a beautiful way with words. Other than the occasional smiley selfie, Matt mostly posts excerpts from the transmissions on awakening and spirituality that he eloquently brings through.

Matt Kahn Instagram




Disclaimer! This is me and so I may be a bit partial… But if you're in to daily spiritual inspiration, angelic guidance, and inspiring awakening artwork and photos of the enlightened new earth … Follow @askangels on Instagram! I also share weekly LIVE angel card readings, angelic inspiration and more!

@askangels - Spiritual Instagram Account


Ready to infuse your instagram feed with beautiful crystal inspiration? @energymuse is just brimming with mystical crystal energy, crystal eye candy, and daily spiritual inspiration!

@energymuse - Spiritual Instagram Account


Mystic Mamma curates a beautiful Instagram feed filled with Earth based spirituality, Astrology and Divine Feminine Artwork.

Mystic Mamma - Spiritual Instagram Account


Soul nourishment, spiritual inspiration, and so many beautiful photos of raw vegan plant based healthy high vibrational diet goodness with Jenna Davila. These posts seriously make my mouth water and feature the most lovely assortments of raw vibrant food filled with life-force energy.

Live Pure Jenna- Spiritual Instagram Account


Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer, author and artist who magically weaves inspiration and wisdom into her Instagram posts, videos, and stories.

Bridget Nielsen


Tanaaz from @foreverconsious is an intuitive writer and astrologer who shares timely guidance on the astrological and energetic influences of the present moment.




With love light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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P.S. I love hearing from you! Comment below and let me know if you like this post or follow any of the people I listed? What are some of your favorite Spiritual Instagram Accounts below!

What are some of your favorite Spiritual Instagram Accounts?

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