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Are You A Healer? 16 Signs You Are!

16 Signs You Are A Spiritual Healer

Healing takes many different shapes, colors, and forms.

Really, there are healers all around you. A healer, I'm loosely defining here as someone who helps themselves, another, or even the planet move closer into alignment with Divine truth, authentic light, and with greater peace, love, balance, and harmony.

Healing's not only about making the journey from sickness to health, or disease to wellness… Healing is about these things, but it is also so much more. Healing involves moving along the path of aligning with purpose, freedom, and your highest potential.

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Could you be a healer?

When it comes to healers, many of these are aware of their gifts and healing abilities. They've “woken up” to a sense of understanding their purpose and are actively helping other people and the planet. Sometimes healers work in healthcare; as activists, mediums, massage therapists, energy healers, intuitives, shamans, counselors, and more.

Other-times, they're not fully aware of their abilities as a healer. They may sense something different about themselves, or that something is missing from their life, but aren’t able to recognize it or open to it.

In my experience there are many signs that point people toward their true callings.

And being a healer is, without doubt, a calling.

Those who are healers but don’t yet know it are often the people who end up dedicating their lives to a cause and to helping to end the suffering of others.

Our society does not have a tradition of recognizing and honoring healers, and we all suffer because of this.  For those who are healers, but have not recognized their calling, they may feel like they’re in the wrong job – sometimes even on the wrong planet!

If you're a healer, recognizing and acknowledging your spiritual healing abilities will move you closer to your highest and true self. When you move toward your highest self, you will be able to live your full potential in healing others. But how do you know your highest purpose?

How do you know if you are a healer? 

Sometimes healers are recognized by other healers and given a nudge in the right direction.

Are You A Healer? Right around the time I was awakening, and really getting into spirituality, metaphysics, and meditation, I kept attracting people who would tell me I was a healer.

It wasn't until I began channeling that I started to recognize my own healing abilities, as immense healing light would flow through me alongside every channeled message. Over time, as I began to trust myself and my angels more, the amount of light I could channel increased, the power of the energy healing I flowed increased, and I aligned with an energy healing process, called Angel Energy Healing that I now share and teach to others today.

Really, the healing light and love of the Divine and angelic realms was always available and always a part of me. I was always a healer, even before other people began to see and notice this in me, but I had to learn to live with an open heart and be willing to receive the blessings, messages, and light energies that were coming to me.

Waking up to the calling of a healer is different for everyone.

Since you're reading this article, you likely already have some inkling that you have healing capabilities, but don’t yet have the confidence to own what you know.

The simple truth is that you don’t need anyone else to awaken you, label you, or anoint you as a healer for it to be so. You must simply take an honest look at your life. The answers are right in front of you.

Here's 16 Signs That You Are Indeed A Healer 

I’ve put together a list of 16 signs that you’re a healer.  Take a look to see how many resonate with you.

1. You work in a traditional healing field or have a family history of healing work in your family. This can include physical therapists, veterinarians, massage therapists, doctors and nurses, psychologists, social workers, and counselors, community activists, environmentalists, teachers, botanists, and horticulturalists.

2. You’ve been through a fair share of struggles and challenges in your life that have prepared you to help others with similar problems. Perhaps you’ve suffered great loss, abuse, or trauma that has shaped the direction of your life.

3. Your energy affects other people and other things. Your presence can calm people and your energy is infectious. Sometimes electronics have a tendency to get wonky or stop working altogether when you’re around.

4. You’re sensitive to other peoples moods and you can “read” others thoughts. You often walk into a room and can immediately sense the energetic vibration – people have been arguing, people are excited, someone is upset or angry. When talking with others you can tell what they are thinking or what they want – without them telling you.

5. You have vivid dreams that either closely connects to past or future events, or which seem to deliver a message either for you or someone close to you. Perhaps you dream of animal totems, angels, or spirit guides that seem to be trying to communicate.

6. You feel a strong pull toward a global shift in consciousness and to helping others embrace this shift. You see that your life events have been building, place you in a position to teach or guide people to embrace a new perspective.

7. You love nature and feel most comfortable when you are able to be outside for long periods of time. Your energy levels soar and you sense that nature is communicating with you and revealing herself to you.

8. You prefer being alone and are introverted in large groups. Your energy is often drained after social gatherings. There are so many energy patterns in the room that it’s easily confusing and overwhelming.

9. You are a natural giver and helper. There is a strong desire to put others at ease and eliminate suffering. You often act on these impulses, even when it means inconvenience or a loss of resources for your own self.

10. Children and animals like you. They act differently around you, usually they calm down if excited or agitated, or they simply want to be near you at all times.

11. Everyone, particularly people you don’t know, end up telling you about their loss and heartache. Sometimes they’ll even say, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this!”

12. You have a vast amount of empathy, sympathy, and compassion. Your heart aches when you see someone in mental or physical pain, natural disasters and environmental pollution bring you anguish and you’re keenly aware of and concerned about the struggles of other humans and animals.

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13. You have inexplicable physical sensations – frequent headaches, tingly palms and feet, regular indigestion, shoulder and neck pain. Perhaps you also have a history of anxiety, depression, or panic disorder.

14. It’s easy for you to see alternative solutions to problems that others can see. You have a knack for making life easier for people and you rarely see things in just black or white; either/or.

15. You see or sense things that others can’t. You sometimes, or often, hear things, see things, smell things, or sense things, no one else does. Sometimes this perception might be clear, like a voice, someone’s aura, or a being in the room. At other times, it’s a vague sensation that you can’t quiet catch.

16. The idea and concept of being a healer is exciting to you. You have always been interested in meeting healers, trying out new modes of healing, hearing others stories of healing, and reading books on the subject. You get a sense of excitement when you allow yourself to think that you might be a healer.

If you see yourself in this list, I encourage you to continue your exploration. It’s highly possible that you have healing abilities inside that are waiting to be recognized and cultivated.

What you do with your gifts is up to you.

Not all healers have “New Age” or healing professions.  Some cultivate their gifts using them to help when and as they can.

If you’re curious about where this road might lead you, follow your inner curiosity to explore how being a healer wants to manifest through you. Explore spiritual healing practices and modalities… Maybe something will resonate more strong with you and help you to determine an initial direction.

There are also great books out there which will help you expand your knowledge and get in touch with the healer inside. Again, listen to your inner voice of guidance, practice presence and awareness, and know that you are guided. As you trust yourself and keep taking steps, your highest purpose and authentic path cannot help but appear.

With many blessings of love and light.

Melanie Beckler

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about our creator:
Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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  1. I found this just by chance or was directed to this. What I know it resonated with everything I feel and do and have done. I found that I know things before they happen, I know what is going to be before it is, I can redo people just by meeting with them. I’ve always known it’s special and yet I don’t share with anyone but my husband of 40 plus years. He knows that I’m able to do this but again I don’t share. How do I explain or perhaps I don’t need to because you I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. If you can help please let me know

  2. wow everything you have said is so so true from my experience, being a light worker and healer. I can’t thank you enough for explaining how you are born a natural healer

  3. Hello. My name is Kellie and I stumbled across this web page after performing a simple search. Did any of these 16 things resonate with me- A lot of them did. Am I excited about it- Absolutely not and I’ll tell you why.
    I’ve known for as far back as I can remember that there was something “different” about me. From things that I just “knew” that I should’ve had no way of knowing, to easily reading people without even meaning to or without even trying to. Yes I’ve had empathy my entire life which some say is a blessing- I feel that it’s a curse. I feel all of this is a curse.
    I’ve channelled without doing so purposely and with no idea what I was doing. When I channel TVs always turn on and off. When I’m angry I subconsciously do this too. Many of my dreams have played out in real life. Nothing mind-blowing but when it happens I can tell you for the next 15 seconds exactly what’s going to happen but its nothing of significant importance so I usually blow it off. I’ve unknowingly healed/removed illnesses/diseases from people- and this is where the problem comes into play- I don’t know how to get rid of it. It’s all literally killing me- Metaphorically and literally speaking. I’m never aware that I’ve channelled or healed someone until its done. I don’t understand the process and I feel like I’m cursed because of it.
    Am I happy that I’ve taken from others whats hurting them- Of course. Am I happy about what its done to me- Id be lying if I said yes.
    I guess my point in all this is that I know this “ability” wasn’t something I learned or acquired through another person, rather I was born this way and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it. Frankly, it scares the hell outta me because as I stated it’s literally killing me. There’s so much more I could tell you but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to.

    1. While reading what you wrote here I would swear it was I who had written it. The only difference is, I sense when someone is going to die, it didn’t bother me that much because I didn’t know the people but when I started dreaming about someone I love very much will die, that through me off completely and the sad part about it was I couldn’t tell him, he knew something was wrong with me and would constantly ask but when I would go to tell him, I suddenly couldn’t speak. I even know the day he would have died and the moment it happened, I was out with friends and I zoned out for a while, it felt as if I had left my own body I didn’t know where I was and then a sudden rush of sadness, hurt and pain hit my body like I had been hit by a truck. People keep saying that this “ability” is a blessing but those that don’t have it really don’t understand how draining it is and how anxious and depress it makes you.

  4. Hi…I have read the 16 signs and I have to say that im 100% positive I’m a healer…I love to love and children always stare at me. I also love to help people no matter what. I have a disease that seems to be getting better with all my positive thinking and acting. But now what….I’ve noticed I’ve always been different. In a very good sense, but now should I just continue doing what I’m doing or should I explore further and how…Thank you Melanie….Your friend and fellow healer. Sharise

  5. Ho Thank God All Mentione Is Just Refered To Me. In Process Of Spiritual Level Or Anointing,the Lord Do Used Me To Heal The Lame,difficulty In Breathing Got Normal,headache Disappeared,illness Disappeared And Kind Of Pains In Body Got Normal. But I Do Have Question To Ask About My Spiritual Energy.

  6. All 16 of them applies to me. I work with the Angles whom I refer to as The Helpers of The Light, I feel their guidance in all my ways, without their directions I would be lost and I give All Glory To The Most High God For This Grace, it’s a privilege to work with Angle Micheal, Angle Gabriel, Angle Rachel and Angle RedRose?

  7. Melanie,

    All 16 things have resonated with my heart and soul since I was about 9 or 10 yrs old. I was Blessed with the Spiritual gift of being an Empath at that age but of course did not understand any of it until 4 yrs ago. I personally am leaning towards studying shamanic healing as that is what I feel I am being called to do.I have already studied Reiki to the second degree and know I still have more to learn. I thank you so much for sharing the Angel Messages with us and the Angel Meditations. I am truly Blessed to have you in my life sharing your personal journey and the information you share with all of us via email and your website.

    Blessed Be.

  8. Melanie, thank you for compiling this list. Many times in my life other healers have said mysterious comments to me. Now I get it and it all makes sense. I love children and loved being an primary school teacher. Most of the prophetic words came from my students. Many of them would speak of my healing gifts. Wow, this came from children!

  9. This is a Wonderful article – Thank You Melanie! I relate with 15 of the 16 signs you have listed. You always provide the best information and it’s usually right at the time needed. I also love & listen to a lot of your meditations. Please never stop what you do!

  10. Thank you Melanie for this article , very helpful. Which books can I read about healing ? Pls give me (us) an exemple, Many blessings ✨

    1. Thank you Melanie, to have showed me that Ia m of those BUT I was not sure till now.
      Thank you for your help^anyway ; it is a real help.
      I’ve decided t o hel through the books Iam going to write and may be with other ways …
      Many great thanks anywaybecause I was confirmed in my purpose.

  11. Been in nursing since I was 15. But had dreams come true. My hands worked as giving energy. I’ve been a healer in past and present lives. Glad to read your article. Mine is getting stronger. Thank you and blessed be to you.

  12. Amazing ! You have described me perfectly thank you Melanie how blessed we are to have you share with us. Thank you

  13. That’s brilliant i had a reading about a year ago and was told that i am a healer which started me out on my spiritual journey and i often get pain and stiffness in my shoulders. I get feelings in my hands definitely and around my body and have signed up for a Reiki level 1 course which i am very excited about.

  14. I have been going through the growth you have learned. I knew you are special!!! God bless you. Thnking you so much for helping me too !!!

  15. Hi dear All, I always was surprised how much my neck and shoulders are prone to stiffness. I understood that this is due to the wide opening of the channel/meridian connecting the crown chakra and the laogong chakras at the palms, going throw the heart chakra. It would be very nice to hear from other’s experiences! Blessings! 🙂 <3

    1. wow you had me on that one… i knew there had to be a connection yet as a pilates instructor (and an intuitive healer! And tarot reader too…) I kept saying it had to be muscular or fascia related! Yet I work a lot with others through the chakras… just had this hard time trusting my inner guidance when it’s related to my self.

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