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Spiritual Blogging – A Powerful Way to Serve with Love

The Pure Magic of Spiritual Blogging

The Pure Magic of Spiritual Blogging Are you considering getting into spiritual blogging? Or just wondering what it's all about? Let me just start by saying, that I absolutely love the process of spiritual blogging.

There’s a special kind of magic in putting your spiritual ideas and concepts into writing, sharing your inner wisdom, writing about what you’re learning, or simply documenting your spiritual journey with a blog.

Spiritual Blogging as a Way of Being of Service

The very process of going from experiencing something, learning more about it, and then putting it into writing offers an incredible opportunity for integration.

In addition, as I’ve written about in my article on the Stages of Ascension

Stepping into being of service is an essential step on the Ascension path.

Here’s what I mean…

As you spiritually awaken, you begin to understand who you really are. You gain insight into how the world works and you naturally align with your own unique perspectives on life, spirituality, and the greater workings of the Divine and Universe. As this happens, it’s natural to begin to share what you’re learning, implementing and integrating with others.

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Stepping into being of service through sharing, not only takes your learning to a new level as you more deeply integrate your experiences through teaching, but it sparks the fire of learning in you as well as you strive to further grow, learn, and ascend in order to further share your experiences with others.

Through this process of service and sharing with others, the cycle of learning and teaching unfolds, and you continue to progress on your personal path.

More of your spiritual gifts, psychic abilities, and skills begin to open, and you have even more to share and support others in growing, as you too continue to reach new heights and ascend into new dimensions and levels.

You’re able to inspire others, share from your heart, and stay inspired in the process!

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Spiritual Blogging Serving Through Spiritual Blogging

Spiritual blogging is such a wonderful way to step into serving others.

Through sharing your experiences, what you’re learning about, what you’re knowledgeable about, what you’re integrating, and even what you’re feeling stuck on and still learning… You’re able to help others along on their path, as you simultaneously integrate at a deeper level by stepping into the flow of learning and teaching.

For many, the step of beginning to share their spirituality with others can be a bit tricky. I hear from so many people that they live in communities, and are surrounded by people who just aren’t open to spirituality, or even fear, judge and resist it.

Don’t let this stop you!

We live in an incredible time where the entire world is connected through the internet. So even if you don’t feel like you have people locally to share with, talk with, serve and connect with…

You’re online reading this now which means you have the ability to globally reach people, and a spiritual blog is one of the best ways to do this!

Being of service through spiritual blogging is not about trying to get anything from others.

Blogging can, of course, turn into a consistent income stream, and even a career (we can talk more about this soon) … But this takes time, and even then…

The best spiritual bloggers are those who openly give from the heart, freely share, and guide others as they continue to grow, learn, integrate and progress on their own spiritual paths.

How to Start A Spiritual Blog!

Starting your spiritual blog off right is key. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind, is that a website in its very nature is an ongoing project.

I can't tell you the number of people I have met who have paid top dollar to companies to build them a website… Promising traffic, sales and more… Only to find out, that it just doesn't work this way.

Honestly, you don't have to spend much at all to start a blog…

And now, I've actually laid out the entire process for you step-by-step here:

How to Start A Spiritual Blog

Attracting Business Through Your Spiritual Blog

Attracting Business Through Your Spiritual Blog Are you an Angel Card Reader, Psychic Medium, Channel, Energy Healer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, Crystal Healer, Astrologer, or do you offer any other type of spiritual sessions or services?

One of the best ways to market your services and promote your sessions is to start sharing your ideas, empowering beliefs, philosophies, experiences, and inspired teachings through a blog.

I don’t mean you should try to sell your services through your blog though. Just as I mentioned above, even if you do have something to sell… Allow your spiritual blogging be where and how you give back.

Let spiritual blogging be an avenue of being of service to others.

Really give, share, teach, and help others through your blog… And if people resonate with your writing, and what you’re sharing and teaching … Some of your readers will naturally want more from you, including your paid products and services!

Plus, people like to buy products and services from people they know, like and trust. A spiritual blog is a wonderful way to help people to get to know you, see if they resonate with you and if they do…

They’ll be much more likely to want to do business with you!

More Ways Spiritual Bloggers Make Money

In addition to using Spiritual Blogging as a way of promoting your readings, energy healing sessions, or services, there are more ways you can make money!

Check out the Top 11 ways Spiritual Bloggers Make Money here!

Alternatives to Spiritual Blogging

Want to promote your spiritual business and share from your heart online but you don’t feel like writing is a strength of yours?

The great news is, spiritual blogging has evolved from being a way for a select few to share their ideas through websites…  Into a completely vast and multi-media field, where we can all share, learn and grow with each other.

Know Thyself!

Do you enjoy writing?

Blogging is probably for you. Write from your heart, document your spiritual path, and share your inner inspiration with others.

Enjoy talking your ideas out? Or do you love the idea of interviewing other spiritual experts?

Consider starting a podcast!

Like the idea of blogging on video? (Also known as Vlogging)

Start a YouTube channel!

Really just want to share your inspiration on Instagram or Facebook?

This can work too! This is actually called micro-blogging and while I see it more as a way of supporting a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, it can be a great way to easily start getting your ideas and inspirations out in the world.

Consistency is Key to Spiritual Blogging Success

There are truly so many channels and opportunities available for you to get your ideas spiritual ideas out there and to serve with love.

The key for success with spiritual blogging in whatever format you choose is putting in a consistent effort over time!

Many people start a blog and then get discouraged after a few posts because no one is reading it!

Keep going!

Learn, share, grow, take steps to attract readers, and keep putting it out there.

Consistency is key.

I would recommend committing to a publishing schedule that is manageable and fits with your lifestyle, but also has you publishing to your blog as often as possible, then stick to it!

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If you’re been thinking about starting a spiritual blog, let this be a sign that now is the time!

The spiritual industry is growing as more and more people awaken to wanting to know and experience beyond the physical.

Get started, keep going, and enjoy the journey…

Because spiritual blogging really is a beautiful journey of love, service, growth, and inspiration.

I love it and hope you do too!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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