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135 Spiritual Affirmations for Awakening and Higher Consciousness

Spiritual affirmations are a powerful tool for spiritual growth and creating lasting transformation in your life and on your spiritual path.

These positive affirmations can be used to shift your mind towards the positive, and awaken you to your true spiritual nature.

In this post, we'll explore the power of spiritual affirmations and how you can use them to manifest your desires, restore your radiance and empower yourself to align with the highest Divine Plan for your life.

You can also listen to and repeat these spiritual affirmations here:

Shift your mind towards the positive, and awaken you to your true spiritual nature. You can listen to this affirmations track as a meditation, or put this video on repeat and listen in the background while you're working, cleaning, driving or doing something else, to shift your consciousness and empower the highest possibilities for your spiritual awakening journey and life now.

What are Spiritual Affirmations?

Affirmations are short, positive statements that when written out, spoken, or repeated internally, work to reprogram the subconscious mind and create lasting changes in beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes through the power of repetition.

Spiritual Affirmations

Using affirmations can help you to stay focused on the positive aspects of life, such as gratitude and spiritual connection, while reducing the amount of negative selftalk, and negativity bias that can keep you trapped in lower vibrational energies and emotional patterns. They can also be used to increase selfawareness, heighten your spiritual connection, support a positive mindset and cultivate an open attitude towards life.

By repeating or writing out affirmations on a regular basis, you can change your life in meaningful and powerful ways as you wire in new neural pathways in the brain, which can lead to empowering new habits, beliefs, and behaviors.

The Power of “I Am” Affirmations

The Power of I Am Affirmations When it comes to spiritual affirmations, one of the most powerful phrases to repeat is “I Am”.

This two-word phrase has the power to transform your life because the moment you say “I Am”, you naturally shift into the consciousness and awareness of your “I Am Presence”.

When you say “I Am” … You activate and empower whatever words come after.

For example, if you want to become more confident, you can affirm “I am confident”. If you want to make more money, you can say “I am financially abundant”.

When it comes to spiritual affirmations, the power of “I Am” is undeniable.

“I Am” is not the only way to state affirmations through, and as you'll see here shortly, as long as affirmations are positively oriented, and focused towards what you are seeking to manifest, versus moving away from what you do not want, they will work for you.

Here's a good affirmation to start with: “I am so grateful that affirmations work for me!”

By affirming what you want to create in your life, you are setting powerful intentions and creating a space for positive change to occur.

With a consistent practice of utilizing spiritual affirmations, you can manifest your dreams and create the life of your dreams.

Begin by reading through these affirmations here. Repeat them in your mind, or speak them out loud with power and intention. Writing affirmations is also incredibly powerful, so as you read, jot down in your journal or notebook the affirmations that most resonate and speak to what you are seeking to become, cultivate and manifest.

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135 Positive Spiritual Affirmations

  1. I Am One with the Divine.
  2. I Am Consciousness
  3. I Am Light
  4. I embrace every experience as an opportunity to grow.
  5. I see the good, true and beautiful in every moment.
  6. I am compassionate with myself and others.
  7. I accept myself completely.
  8. I see the blessings in every moment.
  9. I recognize the underlying Divinity in All.
  10. I Am That I Am I radiate perfect health and vitality.
  11. I effortlessly let go of all that no longer serves me.
  12. My body is a temple for the Divine and I treat it as such
  13. I am open to the blessings of light and life.
  14. I am filled with vital life force energy.
  15. My life is full of miracles.
  16. I am guided and supported.
  17. I radiate peace and love in every moment.
  18. I am grounded and centered.
  19. I am meant to be here.
  20. I love and appreciate myself as I am
  21. Everything is working out for me.
  22. Life loves me, and I love my life.
  23. My energy centers are aligned and open
  24. My aura is pure and filled with light
  25. I celebrate the blessings of others.
  26. I am grounded and connected to the Earth
  27. I belong here.
  28. Creative energy flows through me freely.
  29. The Divine Blueprint for my life is unfolding perfectly.
  30. I easily forgive myself and others.
  31. I live in harmony with all of of life.
  32. I am open to the flow of inspiration.
  33. I am kind and compassionate.
  34. I easily and naturally connect with others.
  35. I am so blessed.
  36. I am in alignment with love wherever I am.
  37. I am centered and present in the moment.
  38. I honor the Divine within me and All.
  39. I am in harmony with the highest divine possibilities
  40. I speak Divine Truth with Love.
  41. I am open to new ideas, perspectives .
  42. Spiritual enlightenment is possible for me in this lifetime.
  43. I easily access the wisdom of the Universe from Within.
  44. I am open and allow blessings into my life.
  45. I easily let go and allow.
  46. I Am a being of light.
  47. My body is a beautiful temple for my radiant soul.
  48. I radiate light to everyone I meet.
  49. I am open to the highest divine possibilities for my life.
  50. I Am Centered in Love and Presence.
  51. I am awake and aware.
  52. I trust that only right action is unfolding in my life.
  53. I am present to the inner well of peace and light within me.
  54. I Am living in alignment with my highest purpose.
  55. I am aligned with the highest frequency of love.
  56. My aura is radiant, bright and filled with light.
  57. I am living in alignment with my highest Divine Timeline.
  58. I naturally magnetize love and blessings.
  59. I act in alignment with my intuition.
  60. My mind is attuned to the higher realms.
  61. My heart and mind unite as one through love.
  62. I Am Divinely inspired in all that I say and do.
  63. Every day, I feel more and connected to the Divine.
  64. I brightly shine with the light of love.
  65. I allow my soul wisdom and spiritual gifts to rise to the surface of my awareness.
  66. I have clear, bright energy and a naturally high vibration.
  67. I now claim my power
  68. I accept myself
  69. My mind is clear and positive.
  70. I am vibrantly healthy.
  71. I am joyful and optimistic.
  72. I now embody my highest Divine Light.
  73. I easily let go and return to presence.
  74. My life is truly blessed.
  75. I am unstoppable.
  76. I flow through the changes of life with grace and ease.
  77. I trust the universe and know that I am safe and supported.
  78. I am open to my spiritual gifts and abilities.
  79. I am grateful for my clear discernment
  80. I love my life.
  81. I know what is right for me.
  82. I vibrate with gratitude in every moment.
  83. In every moment, I know that I am guided and supported.
  84. I am open to the vast field of infinite possibility.
  85. I clearly receive the guidance of higher light
  86. I clearly see and know my highest and best next steps and take them.
  87. I trust that all is well.
  88. I am open to the blessings of Spirit.
  89. I am safe and secure in myself
  90. I love and accept myself fully.
  91. I am open to the bliss of light and life.
  92. I am lovable.
  93. I see the beauty within myself and others.
  94. I am patient, tolerant, loving and kind.
  95. I radiate love, warmth, and positive energy.
  96. I Am compassionate
  97. I trust myself
  98. I Am Infinite.
  99. I Am a Divine Being in Physical Form.
  100. I Am living in alignment with my highest purpose.
  101. I allow the highest Divine blessings to naturally unfold in my life.
  102. I Am now open for things to unfold in a way that's even better than I can expect.
  103. I learn my life's lessons with grace and ease.
  104. I Am serene and self confident.
  105. I Am Prosperity.
  106. I know myself in new and expansive ways.
  107. Every day my consciousnesses is expanding
  108. I Am becoming more and more aware in every moment.
  109. My body is a sacred temple for the Divine.
  110. I treat myself with the utmost care.
  111. I am kind to myself and others.
  112. I love my body.
  113. I Am an Ambassador of Love
  114. I am filled with light.
  115. I am flexible and adaptable.
  116. I love and embrace new experiences.
  117. I am positive and optimistic.
  118. Positive energy flows to me and through me.
  119. I Am Fully Present.
  120. I Am Pure and Beautiful
  121. I live in the present moment.
  122. I resonate with the light of my highest self.
  123. I am continuously attracting blessings .
  124. I am Divinely guided and supported.
  125. I am Divine.
  126. I am Blessed.
  127. I am Creative Life Force energy.
  128. I fully unlock my innate intuition.
  129. I claim the spiritual gifts within my Akash.
  130. I let go and allow myself to harmonize with the highest Divine Possibilities.
  131. I am fully here now.
  132. I surrender to the divine will for my life.
  133. I allow my natural creativity to arise and shine forth from within me.
  134. I Am now enjoyable to myself in the presence of others
  135. I know the love and guidance of my guides and angels.

How to Use Spiritual Affirmations Effectively

Unlock the Power of Spiritual Affirmations To experience the full benefit of working with affirmations, repetition is key, as is the case with most all spiritual practices.

With even the most powerful affirmations, don't expect to speak affirmations once and expect your mental state to immediately shift. Re-programing the subconscious mind and overwriting negative subjective forces in your energy takes time. Being focused, intentional and consistent with working with affirmations is important. In this sense, for affirmations to work, think of using them more as an ongoing practice rather than a one time or occasional process.

Additionally… Speaking or writing your affirmations out with clear intention and strong emotion will greatly empower your affirmation practice.

Success with an affirmation practice is about more than just reading through them like a robot!

The more you are able to evoke a sense of positive feeling, and a strong emotion of believing the affirmations to be true, or at least possible for you in your heart, the more powerful the effect will be for your life and spiritual journey.

Merely uttering affirmations without conviction can have little effect, while strong feelings of gratitude, hope, and determination and can move mountains.

Finally, one of the best ways to supercharge and empower your affirmations is through gratitude! Gratitude for the many blessings in your life now in addition to feeling gratitude in advance for what you are affirming, and the gratitude for the many blessings yet to be.

Learn more about gratitude affirmations here. >>

I hope this is helpful for you!

With love and bright blessings,



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