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Seeing Faces at Night? No Need to Fear!

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seeing facesWhat Does Seeing Faces at Night Mean?

Do you ever close your eyes to meditate or fall asleep, and you start seeing faces flashing across your minds eye?

Seeing faces at night like this is something that used to happen to me when I was a kid, and then it started up again in college, and to be honest it really freaked me out! Before going to sleep I would see faces flashing before me, one after another like a slideshow of ghosts mysteriously appearing before me in the dark. I thought they were the faces of actual ghosts, which at the time scared me, but as I've continued to open my third eye, and learned to tune into the realms of spirit, I now understand these faces to be something else entirely.

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What Is The Meaning of Seeing Faces?

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There's actually a scientific term for the phenomenon of seeing faces, whether they are in clouds, trees, texture on a wall, the shower curtain, or even a piece of toast. 🙂 It's called pareidolia, and is the result of the brain processing visual information like random lines, light, color, and texture. The brain is constantly seeking to understand reality, and so it works to assign meaning to what you see. In the case of pareidolia, indistinguishable patterns shapes, and textures are mentally matched up with concepts we can easily understand, like faces.

So with this in mind, lets look a bit deeper into seeing faces when you close your eyes to meditate or sleep.

Third Eye Opening

As you develop spiritually a natural part of this development is the opening of your clairvoyant sight through your third eye. When you're relaxed, like right before bed, or during a meditation, it's easier for you to receive clairvoyant information, and to become aware of it.

Usually, your first clairvoyant visions will be colors, flashes of light, shapes, and geometric forms… This can all be pretty abstract, and so your brain may try to associate these random stimulus like light flashes, energetic signatures, and vague visual imagry into something tangible and meaningful, like a face. 🙂

The opening of your third eye may happen completely out of the blue, or it may come about as a result of spiritual and intuitive development, including deliberate attempts to open to clairvoyant sight. For me, my third eye started opening completely out of the blue, as I mentioned above it really freaked me out, but after some time I finally put into the effort to develop my clairvoyance, and then my psychic visions and impressions (and nighttime faces) began to make a bit more sense.

So When Seeing Faces at Night… Are They Ghosts?

While I first worried these nighttime faces were ghosts, and you may be wondering about this too, they usually aren't. If you keep seeing the exact same face, there is a chance this may be a spirit with a message for you. But, if you're seeing the ‘show of faces' flashing across your minds eye, this is much much more often the reflections of your inner thoughts and impressions which you're starting to tune into clairvoyantly, somewhat like gazing into a mirror. When this happens, your brain works to assign characteristics to the vague patterns of light and energy you're receiving, and you start seeing a string of faces in the dark.

In addition, seeing faces with your eyes closed can be the beginning of receiving visions of future possibilities, people you will meet, histories you have lived, and ancestors you are connected with. You may be catching a clairvoyant glimpse into parallel realities, alternate dimensions, the Akashic records, or you may simply be receiving psychic information regarding the various stages of the human experience. You are after all one with everyone and everything, and as you open spiritually you will begin to tune into and experience this in your own unique way.

As I mentioned above, rarely is seeing faces at night the result of spirits visiting you… So don't worry! If you do find yourself responding with fear, know that you can call upon Divine white light, and on Archangel Michael for protection.

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You can also call on the angels for help opening your third eye more fully so you can better understand what you're seeing, and to decipher the information you do visually receive. By staying focused on responding to life with love and compassion, developing spiritually, and raising your vibration, you will naturally open your third eye.

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With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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  1. Hey, so this has happened to me since I was a child. They terrified me when I was little as the shapes seemed to approach me in a threatening way. They stopped as I got older and now in my 30’s have came back. I’ve been watching them every night for months. Shapes in bright pink, bright white lights that move as if I have a torch being shone in my face. Last night was the first night I saw something real. (I don’t have the ability normally to envision anything, if someone said imagine a forest, I couldn’t do that) so when I saw something last night, it physically made me jump out of my skin. It was a man, I could tell by the face shape, I could see a quarter of his face, but I mainly remember his big blue beautiful eye. It was as clear as day, not an image that developed like normal, but a flash and he was there for only a few seconds. Just looking at me. What happened? It was incredible I could see every beautiful colour and shape of his eye. It was honestly like someone just peered into my head and looked as shocked to be there as I was to see him.

  2. Yeah Idk about that. I started experiencing them after I got slammed in a fight while I was blackout drunk aswell as some weed in me. I think it is a serious ilness

  3. Thank you for sharing that. This has been happening to me for months and I wondered if I was going crazy or what was going on. This article was very helpful.

  4. Hi I’m chris i feel like the odd one out long story ex took son im on my own i was depressed still am 8 years on i started building technology energy tech built so much stuff to name started having dreams of ufos energy tech for it one on 2 nights i was on a stream liner i woke up got on the internet it means train or ship floating on air then 1 dream of a ufo landing i talked to the guy in the craft i said I know how this works he said i know you built it im far off i know it’s sound and high voltage electrostatic energy field not antigravity thats just a made up word its ion force i see faces b4 i go to bed some of my dreams are so far out there its having effect on my life its not easy trying to build a device that dose not exist the maths of vortex energy and lots of the puzzles fit but just dont match if you understand any way cheers

  5. Hi, I saw part of a face the other night when I was having problems sleeping. I remember looking at the face and it looking back at me. I thought I’m totally awake this is not a dream, I looked at the clock for the time and looked back and the face had vanished. I was scared but I didn’t ask it to leave me alone this time. As I have before. What does this mean? Was it a ghost or my guardian angel checking on me and didn’t think I would see them. I have seen other things before but this scared me at the time. I’m less scared now but curious too. How do I find out? It was 4:50 am.

  6. I started seeing faces in my mind when I laid down to sleep, It was so detailed and clear. I was able to focus in real close, and I try to hold the visions, but they disapear fast. not any face I have seen before. I can actually most times bring my self in that state of mind often. The detail was so amazing. Also, Ive been searching for an answer, the other night about 2 oclock am, there was a bright blue flash in 2 windows of my bed room, not the side near the road. Just a fraction of a second. sent my husband outside and there was nothing. What was that?

  7. I experienced the “slideshow” of faces for weeks when I tried to go to sleep. I could tell by the collars and hairstyles that they were from the 1800s or early 1900s. This was lead up to my husband passing. After that, it stopped. I’m not sure why or what that was supposed to mean.

  8. Good Insight kinda, thanks it helps me a bit with my ongoing things.
    One of my things started not to long ago. Heck it could a started back in June when my girlfriend or one of my only 2 friend I have both being girls took her own life June 2021.
    I started seeing "people" dancing, I could n can kinda see only 1 or 2 females on both side of neighbors garage at night. One time I was pulling out of driveway and saw a girl dancing in my room next to the window. Another time I saw clear as day at nighttime the grim reaper.
    What get really annoying is the voices in my head terrorizing me ever since Aug 2017 when my only sibling a year older than me took his own life.

  9. I used to see flashes so bright and incessant it almost was difficult to keep my eyes shut. Sometimes I’d open then thinking surely it was actual light I saw through my eyelids. Now I see images. Very frequently I see Christ’s face heavily shadowed. Other times it’s random images and scenes. Sometimes far away and sometimes close up. Most recently a face of a lion appeared briefly as if I were seeing him in person. Never before have I had such clarity and brilliance. Even the lighting was beautiful golden. My brain was actually making me believe I actually saw this lion.

  10. Wowowow have been experiencing this A LOT lately, along with sacred geometry right before falling asleep. It was really strong last night so I decided to google it, and I stumbled upon this super affirming article! Thank you for explaining this so well 🙂

  11. Hi Melanie – Thank you for this article – very helpful. I’ve been going thru a strong spiritual expansion in the past three weeks (good but rough at times). My dreams are starting to have meaning for future days for me. But 3 instances, when I awake, I see pictures of faces in the air.
    One night, it was 3 pp, the first man had a futuristic helmet on. Tonight, it was one man whose details changed but his eyes remained the same. I was awake and could see the face change from one to the next. At one point, he had a pig face (I know it’s strange), but it moved to long hair, short hair, colors changed, but eyes remained the same.
    Your article helped. Thank you.

  12. I am seeing many of these faces I have had faces that looked like the confederate army some where crying some smiling. Also my dad appeared as one of the faces when I kept looking at it it came out of the wall then into an orb which sped to right in front of my face and smiled. This is happening quite alot with different faces.

  13. Hi Melanie,

    How strange! I used to always see faces flash before my eyes, old young sometimes smiling sometimes angry or a bit scary! Sometimes I’d be awaken by loud voices too, as if someone (usually a man) was shouting in my ear.
    I was talking to one of my friends about it as I assumed this happened to
    everyone and she was just so blown away by it, and told me that this was really weird and it was probably ghosts, which absolutely scared the life out of me (especially as some of the faces were not nice ones!)
    They’d flash very fast before my eyes, more like a photograph and came coming closer before the next one would appear.

    I actively concentrated on turning the faces to inanimate objects, chairs or fruit as I was so scared and just worried that this was only happening to me!

    The faces had always been there for as long as as I could remember, to me it was just a sign that I was falling to sleep, nothing else!
    Its been probably 15 years since I’ve thought about it and now I no longer see chairs or anything because I always fall asleep with the telly so I can concentrate my mind on something else! Maybe after reading
    your article I’ll try and invoke them back 😬

  14. Hello Melanie. I enjoyed your article – I was at my mom’s tonight- she is 91 and my dad would have also been 91, but he died 6 years ago on this night (8th going into the 9th). Mom is waking up seeing faces she doesn’t recognize- my sister walked in to the living room to wake her from her nap and she saw two other women with her (who weren’t there). My mom is deeply spiritual and loves the mass and God above all else. She wouldn’t be open to chakras, but I am interested and want to know as much as I can to practice clairvoyance or at least intuition. My 29 year old daughter has always thought of herself as an empath and I believe that is a gift- I may or may not be, but when either of us are hurting, we usually end up calling or texting each other. I will have to look into your books- I just wanted to say Hi! and if you have any suggestions for my mom….feel free to write!

  15. Good day,
    Hope you can help me with the same situation I am feeling..actually, I just start seeing different faces being formed in any part inside my room..out of curiosity I took a video using my mobile phone and I realize that there are lots of different faces I captured..some are kind of angry and some are first glance the the image of those faces is kind of normal but in a minutes time as I focused my cam on those faces the faces changes and it become old and crumpled..
    And I think they started to bother me because whenever I lay down in my bed I can feel them like in my back I feel heavy, and having headache, I feel pain in my body, I can feel like they are pushing me whenever I sit or laying bed…

  16. I started having this issue of seeing faces and things before falling asleep many years ago. when I was 7 or 8 yrs old. Again in 1975 when I was stationed in Germany up to now. I have also experience a presence whom I don’t understand. Sometime I feel as if something just passed by me, no harm just an uneasy feeling. A noise
    just enough to get my attention. sometimes hear my name { like Raymond} no one around. I don’t get scared anymore just try to ignore.

  17. Exactly I experienced everything as you per your description it felt like I’m looking into the mirror, I see like a cinematic visions of multiple faces one by one and most of them are demons,aliens and scary eyes looking at me first it freaked me out I thought it’s some kind of paranormal but after your explanation I feel so relaxed and relieved. Thanks😀

  18. yes i need help i went threw this of the images that were very clear but what is this where is it tapping in from

  19. Yes, every moment i close my eyes i see faces, full bodies and many other objects, it could be in color or black and white, the images could be walking, dancing, kissing people, i also see black spots floating near me, i follow dots and i can see the dots turn into faces and people, i also can hear voices and feel spirits touch me and play with my necklace. I see faces in trees, in the sky and clouds and many objects things manifest. I want to work on my abilities, can you help me ?

  20. I have been seeing faces for decades in my mind when I close my eyes sometimes when I’m trying to concentrate and think about something else all I see are faces coming at me or I will have no thought in my mind and faces will just start coming out of the Darkness at me. Sometimes more than faces I see an actual scene in which that stranger that I’ve never seen before is engaged in some type of activity I know that I remember faces very well I’ll forget your name but I will never forget your face. Faces are something that I really identify when interacting with people it feels as though I have never seen these faces before because none of them look familiar or recognizable. They don’t look like anybody I know or anybody famous or anybody celebrity they’re just people and none of them are ever the same when I see them the faces are usually with some bit of Animation whether it be the excitement and smiling or if it would be crying and sadness or just bewilderment or just someone just just looking at me staring at me there seems to usually always be some type of emotion attached to the face that’s coming through to me but it’s not my emotions it’s emotions from the face. I have tried to get answers but no one has ever heard of such a thing . I have also always seen faces in things . Tile, wood, tree, patterns , materials, coffee, food, cement everywhere . At time in life seeing the faces everywhere I looked in things would drive me nuts. I got used to it . Someone recommended I try scrying. So glad I just happened upon this article when looking for something else. Thank you for this information.

    1. After deep breathing when I try to go deep inside me I hear a noise like cricket and see trees, forest, sometimes small dwellings with red roof and many other things not seen before, leafs with delailed textures on it, but no human faces. What it is ?

    2. This happens to me too, every night just before I fall asleep, for years. I see faces exactly how you explained. One face after another like a slideshow. I can see the faces with perfect detail. Men, women, children all ages all races. Occasionally I’ll get a face that is somewhat disfigured or half human. Most of the time I don’t know who these people are, I have never seen any of them before. Occasionally, I will see someone that I know. It used to freak me out and I’d get a little spooked . Now I’m used to it and look forward to it – it doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m fascinated. I don’t understand why this happens. I can only assume. My theory is That these people do exist and are living on earth or they have died. The reason why I believe this is because the faces are so real and they instantly appear, you can see the face in full view right in front of you then immediately after you get a good look at the face then another one appears in its place.

  21. Here are my experiences:
    – as you described I see visions in my “eyelids” at night of fast moving objects or faces. I haven’t been able to slow down the visions and would love to understand how I do this. I can’t make it happen it just seems to happen randomly. Sometimes if I focus long enough they start to come through but other times nothing. This happens quite often. No one else I have spoken to has this happen to them.
    – I recently had surgery and before I went under anesthesia I asked my angels to watch over me. After my surgery in my room I closed my eyes and saw a clear vision of a family of 5 to my right, an old man and a woman with a child to my left standing by my hospital bed. I assumed these were the angels letting me know they were the ones watching over me. I’ve only told a few people of this vision.
    – my younger brother recently passed away suddenly from a blood clot in his heart. For a week after his funeral I saw a clear vision of him in my minds eye wearing the same shirt and same shorts. The only difference was sometimes his posture was different. A week later the visions disappeared. I could not recreate them. I would love to know if he gave me this vision or was it just my mind playing tricks on me.
    – years ago I would see clear visions of deceased uncles in my minds eye some of which would give me a message for their loved ones and some that just smiled

    I feel as though I have some special gifts but would like to know how to develop them. Or am I just imagining all of this?

    1. For the last few months I have been seeing faces and random ppl doing things when I close my eyes to go to sleep. For instance I constantly see an old man in an old wooden rocking chair sitting on an very old wooden porch like something from the early 1900. Well yesterday my Grandma was going thru old pictures and happened to show me a pic of her grandfather and I almost threw the pic across the room because it was the old man I was seeing when I closed my eyes. I also just the other night was closing my eyes to sleep and my grandfather’s face who passed away 10 years ago came into view. I finally said ok if this is really happening and you are really here make a train whistle. This was at 4:11am not sure why I checked my phone but I did. At 4:12 a train with its whistle going started coming down the tracks by my house. The things I am “seeing” dont scare me I just wish I knew why or what was going on. Maybe I should talk to someone and see if they can help me? Idk just thought I’d share

    2. Linda, you describe an experience whereby my eyelids also become a cinema screen showing gentle images of people. My late wife is most frequent, my younger brother has appeared once, as have several others none of whom are remotely familiar. I don’t believe the same person has appeared twice other than my wife of 47 years, in her case, possibly a dozen times?

      All of them look normal before their faces distort into gruesome box-like components (the mouth and jaw first) , their bodies extend upwards and become stick-like and then they float up and through the ceiling . Opening my eyes makes them disappear immediately so I usually concentrate on keeping my eyes shut. It feels as though I’m awake but I cannot be certain that I am.

      None of them ever says anything but my wife mimed “I love you” on her first ‘visit’ and my brother nodded after I asked him if it was him.
      I don’t know if I speak audibly or if I am just thinking the words or am I dreaming?

      I should be frightened, especially when the faces distort but I feel at ease. This weekend my wife , who is usually in her 30’s , always very attractive, and maybe happy (the images don’t last long) , was much older (she died aged 69 in Sept 2018) but she was sobbing. I was quite disturbed by that vision.

      My doctor put me on Sertraline in July 2018 to help my anxiety and I still take a daily 50mg dose. It helped from day 1 and I was able to watch horse-racing after avoiding it for fear the horses would injure themselves, same with footballers and football! 6 years of Stage 4 cancer was closing in so it was all related to my wife’s health I think.

      No panic attacks since but Sertraline may be the cause of my illusions if that is what they are. I have always been very cynical about this sort of thing but one week after she died, a robin entered the car port, went through the utilty room and kitchen into the passage, and up the stairs to the dormer bedroom where I slept with the dog (in her own bed).
      Liz died on the 20th at 3:30am , I went to bed at 2am on the 27th.
      Our dog only barks in the house and then if it hears extraneous noises. She lay peacefully in her bed while I chased the robin around the bedroom. I gave up, opened the blind and window , turned off the light and the robin hopped out of the window. The dog remain non-plussed throughout. The dog that jumps and snaps at flies if I ever try to swat one?

      The dog’s behaviour amazes me! No robin on the 28th but in the morning I opened the blind and there was a butterfly on the inside of the window? In 16 years nothing has made it into that bedroom in a 5 bedroomed bungalow – but both found the bedroom I was using? And now these visions! I cannot explain any of this with a cynical view. My cynicism is gone I think.
      If the visions stop was the sobbing the final farewell?

  22. I’ve seen a flow of faces come through maybe twice that I can remember in my life, the last time I freaked out as I jumped up in shock, I opened my eyes, lay back on the pillow thinking that will be that but it started again, so I guess it’s like 3 times, mine come through like pencil sketches, but they are so life like, they’re always old people but come through one after the other, and it’s like they’re all over trying to push through to get the front spot.
    Also I I’ve had a million times, when my eyes have been closed in the dark again, i can see l lights of circles, that get smaller and disappear but while that’s happening, other rings are closing in to form a replacement circle and then again close in to disappear.
    Also, I’m really attracted to green, especially teal colour, I can look at my towel in the bathroom that’s on the radiator, i see like energy off the top of it, its transparent, but the only way i can describe what it looks like best, is when you’re using the frying pan, and the oil is spitting up.
    Thankyou for your time x

  23. I sometimes see faces and people I dont know usually in the early hours of the morning. Some are dead lying down, lots of other faces looking at me none that I know. Very vivid quite unsettling. My mum used to have the same experiences but the faces she saw always scared her they were not nice to look at. What does this mean please.

    1. I started having visions of a couple kissing, over and over, in 2016, during a shiatsu massage. They were fully formed, white and cloud looking. I was stunned. Thereafter, I began meditation practice and the heads continued, only were now grey or black. I recognize the male, but not the female. It has somewhat subsided, although still present. I could not find any info about this, so wondered about my mental health. Glad to now learn others experience this, also.

  24. When I close my eyes,have always seen in during a video closed my eyes & only see in black & white? Is still the same after 2 hours?

  25. Whenever I try to sleep I cannot close my eyes cuz I see an image of a man ghost sitting on a chair and syaing something scary to me. It’s probably cuz of all the scary movies I have watched. Like the conjuring and all. I just Cnt get rid of those scary ghost images after watching a scary movie and then those images pop up in my head and even sleeping with turning the light on doesn’t help. I was earlier diagnosed with anxiety issues. But that was situational. Idk y these scary images dnt leave my mind. It’s like they r stuck there. And it becomes so scary soemetimes that I Cnt sleep alone and have to sleep with a parent to feel safe.

    1. Hi it looks like the scary movies have done their motives on you, You have to stop watching them and throgh away any scary movies you have at your disposal. and replace them with some gardning or planting or bird documentarys. and the most important thing is that you dwell on these types of documentaris on porpose at all time. especially before you go to sleep take refuge in Jesus and your heavenly father. and surrender your self to God almighty. But remember if those scary pictures push in do not give them one second to play in your mind. unfortunately watching scary movies does have sevier affect on people and those people making it want that.

  26. I have had more than my fair share of visions and communication with what I will call unknown entities. My question is what is the significance of an ability that has given me the future for proof. I have been told of the future in the early 2000s. Everything I was told had come true. I’m married with a child who also was named by the other side.5 years prior to my childs birth. Communication with other peoples spirit guides/Angel’s. Communication with God and Satan. Confusion of what is a lie and what is truth. I can see them and see the other side. I was taught by them how to meditate and communicate leading to seeing them. Shape shifting is common. .also eyes open or shut I can see them. Meditation in a dim lighted room with white walls and a fan to enhance communication is how I am able to see and communicate with something not of common discourse. I was told the future not by just anyone. I was told by (guides/angels as they identify as angels) who.i was in the past and proof of future events several times to know I wasnt crazy. I ask what good is it to know the future If you cannot do anything abou it.. also I prayed to God for help and when I finished the prayer that’s when I felt light a feather and no care on the world. It was very wierd. I often wondered what was real and if [the house I was in was haunted or a portal of some sort. I have seen heard and felt something. I cannot and they cannot prove anything. But the projects have come true. My daughter and wife. My job. The race wars that are starting up and will get worse. The end of stable communities. Who can I talk to and how can I help stop what I know is happening and what I know will happen. I feel I cannot do anything about it because its destiny. I dont like destiny because I want to feel if I have some control of my future.

  27. Through the years as I would try to sleep (my eyes stay closed the entire time) I’d see shapes then faces. I was instantly curious and would ask in my mind, who are you. But never a reply. Now there has been a change to these random visions. I’m getting a full on scene, I can always feel my eyes moving around to scan every detail. I’m always afraid it will disappear when I do this, but it doesn’t. The scene can include people outside. Yes it is in color and sometimes it isn’t. I generally always dream incolor. There are medical terms that I kinda fit into. But it doesn’t seem to explain my experience as a whole. I find it to be very interesting and hope it continues. Unless of course it means I’m starting to develop a serious illness.

  28. I have been seeing something weird right before I go to sleep. It looks like I’m watching something happen through a veil and the only reason I use that term is bc it looks like I can see things because of light areas and dark areas, like something playing out in smoke, but its not smoke its like a shiny light area amongst the dark areas that puts it into a visual thing for me. Ladt time it happened it looked like a figure that was fumbling with somethong in its arms like trying to carry something but then he takes this huge fall for a ways down and lands in water, I could then see the things under the water like the seaweed and rocky areas. My eyes were barely open but I was watching it all with them open. I do see faces all the time in the wall like you talked about too. Lately been,catching these lights out of the corner of the corners of my eyes. When it first started happening I thought it was me just seeing my eyelashes really but i know its not that i know its not

  29. Hey everyone, so I’d like to share the following experience: I’ve been seing faces, and even silouhettes of people in my room just before I woke up (which was wery scary) but recently I’ve decided not to fear it anymore and as I was about to wake up there was a face staring at me just next to my head so I lift my arm and punched it and it disapeard 😀 (I punched in the air). Then fell asleep again and one other face showed at my feet so I got up to look it up closely to see it was just a piece of clothing. The fear used to freeze me in my sleep but now as I am less scared I able to move at once to investigate the faces and they always turn out to be just some pattern. So yeah its just your mind playing tricks, the key is not to be afraid.

  30. My mom passed away 3 months ago. When she was able to talk, i asked her if she would come visit me after she left. She said yes. She became unresponsive as her organs all started to shut down. Eventually i decided to take her off life support and pass naturally. Anyhow, ive been waiting to see her since. Ive spoke out loud, begging her to come see me, as my heart wont rest. So, yesterday I layed down to take a nap and immediately after i closed my eyes, my mom was standing there smiling at me, it was so real, like she never left. She looked exactly like herself before she got sick. I immediately burst into tears, sqeezing my eyes tightly closed so i wouldn’t lose sight of her. Now im wondering, did i want to see her so bad that i may have imagined her up bcuz of my desire to see her or was she really standing there? My curiosity is what brought me here. Question is, will i see her more often now?

    1. When I close .y eyes I see hundreds of people at the same time. I will wait tell I see the pers l need to talk to and tell them to come forward. And that do . Kind of like willing them forward. And usualy after that they will be in my dreams all night . Hope this helps

  31. Every once in a while I will wake up seeing a face, right in front of my face. I end up screaming and my husband usually ends up waking me up and holding me. He always chalked it up to bad dreams, which is really frustrating because I felt it wasnt. Well last night it happened and he woke up really quickly and in the split second he looked toward me he saw a ball of light in front of me. Any thoughts?

  32. Hi I had such a strange experience last night , I was asleep dreaming I was in a supermarket I think with someone no idea who , when she screamed and said ghost.. I seen what looked like white dust moving and then it touched me and I was moving behind it , I was not scared but I woke up with my leg shaking and all these black and white images going through my head ? Can you explain? Worried me all day today. Thank you x

  33. Hi, the information was very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Seeing the same face and looking through this individual’s eyes frequently happens. Are you able to give me more insight?

  34. When I wake up in the middle of the night or the morning when I my eyes are closed sometimes I see faces of strangers floating by. The faces are very detailed like a face I would see when I am awake. They dont look at me. After a while, the faces stop showing up even though I try to concentrate to keep the faces showing. I would like to know why I am seeing these detailed faces. Perhaps my mind is creating them.

    1. I have the same exact thing. They aren’t flashes. Sometimes it’s men sometimes it’s women and their usually older and very detailed.. I will see one at a time mostly or two one in one side of vision the other on the other side. Tonight it was two older men very detailed and I kept trying to understand and I just got an intuitive feeling that these were strangers that had just passed on and are trying to get a message through but can’t speak and always look very different….so strange

      1. Lainey, I have been seeing the faces for a week, it started before but I brushed it of. It is so clear that I see the transformation of my neighbor’s rooftop into multiple faces, dogs, and babies. There is an older man that I see on my wall. It is like a sketched drawing but I can see his eyes blink, his eyes shift left to right, and close. Some of the faces move their mouth as if trying to speak to me. I am frustrated because I am accepting of this because it started slowly over the last year. I get it. I just want to know why? And also is there something I should do. I go from feeling acceptance to tthinking I’m crazy!

  35. I could relate with the post, an year ago it started with few seconds of occasional images or still type motions and used to take many minutes of focus, and now it goes to a full blast movie mode in few minutes as soon as I relax and close eyes..wide mode, tunnel mode, ET mode, parallel dimension etc……and fortunately/unfortunately I can communicate with the some of the leading repeated characters though mostly I chose not to and there is a good reason for it. I used to be a seeker for most part of my life unknowingly, I think mostly it was scientific/rationale curiosity with a belief in some good energy if not higher or godly… however my near death experience which lasted over a week gave me too much revelations, informations and perspectives to process it ( like meeting our makers and the makers of those makers….the only meaningful thing i could get out from them was they were bored so they created us..and now they love us but also are jealous of our lives, i guess heaven is not as interesting as it seems)… i was tested in very tough decision making environment…..My soul was ready to leave my body and I felt it (read saw and experienced, infact I even have a video taken by my friend and all he says is lets forget it :P… however I was not allowed to die… then I decided to try doing something adventurous in real life with eyes open and in fully conscious state , however i was still stuck..then I reasoned with these characters and said kindly give me a break (read days of requesting, repenting asking and all kinds melodrama)…I would definitely not call these characters angel or demons (not the ones who come in our mind)… even though they may look or behave like one, however I have not fully ruled out possibility of them as some kind of foot soldiers or unemployed or some legacy of that big force which created us… .I will say they are mostly good, they are also like us…. i got 100 times more answers than I was initially looking for till my curiosity got bored to death….and those answers led to many more questions and answers…..however at some stage I really got sick and tired of this endless meaningless conversation and experiences…i guess what i see now is links of those broken conversations…but they know i am not keen to gain any more wisdom….what i learnt is enough and we all know it …be good/humane to yourself and kind to others, nothing more than that….. through my experiences, though i can not ruled out fully that there could be a hell type environment out there…but i have surely ruled out there is no heaven or anything heavenly about it ( what will you do there? eat apple or fornicating endlessly…come-on if you really deserve to be in a heaven you think there is, you will have the wisdom to not stay there and prove yourself more useful to real lives)…
    anyways wouldn’t drag the convo….point of everything is….if there is a heaven its here on earth with our loved ones, take care of yourself, your family and what you got to do to live the best.. the last thing you want to do is become the spirits this post is talking about and come into minds of other people through their 3rd eye 😛 and there is no harm in going to a doctor and rule out everything else like low vitamin b-12 level or any other stress factor and then enjoy your stay on earth 🙂

  36. I see them more and more. For me it is a pleasant experience and it’s much like a face peeking through mist or a fog curtain to be seen plainly. They are getting more detailed which hopefully means my “Clair’s” are developing:). Thank you for all you share it has helped me to grow so much:) blessed be! Pam

  37. When I opened my eyes because I woke up from my dream I saw a Asian women staring at me with a smirk on her face her face was black and white and her eyes was dark I then panicked and tried to call for my sister but I was only mumbling I could shout when I finally turned around I saw a slideshow of Asians just staring blankly and moving evil it was cinematic one had their face painted like a skull I was terrified are they ghosts? What I’m I seeing this happens once in a while not so often at all it was unexpected.

  38. When I close my eyes at night in my bed; sometimes I see a black eye(greyalien formshape) when I focus on it ; I start seeing a greenish Alien(Grey) face.. and sometimes when I close my eyes I see the alien face which tries to hidde from me like moving away from me.. what me got really freaked out was once his eyes blinked .. I saw also in the middel of his/her/its eyes some white shining/lightning pupil…

    I dont know but maybe some advanced races has the ability to hack into our mind/brain… but it can also be some interdemsionional beeings and/or ghosts/ demons…

    PS: srry for my bad english but it isnt my mothertongue

  39. Hi there, I found this article contradictory, you say on the one hand it’s your mind trying to make sense of images you see by supplying images of faces, that doesn’t sound right. Then you say it’s your clairvoyance awakening, then the possibility of experiencing psychic humanity, Then third eye. Why don’t you just say what you really think it is and don’t be confusing about it. if you have more experience than others speak up and share your knowledge. I would be really interested in why I often see all these faces, often very beautiful and exotic, like they have come from another time and place, but then sometimes men with beards, hunters, chiefs, all different nationalities, I don’t think that’s my mind trying to make sense out of shapes tbh?

  40. This morning was my first sight. I was awake with my eyes closed in the dark laying down. I only can explain it like a picture with the object in it that you have to cross up your eyes and stare at to see…I went there…to a dark place and a face would pop up then another and another in different areas all around. They only were lasting for a few seconds each. A bluish light was around them….like a smoke. They weren’t faced of humans but of different things…some looked like skeleton faces, some monster creature faces, some looked like they were suffering, some looked like they were wanting help. None had human eyes but black circles for eyes. Some I could feel were evil, some I could feel wanted help like they were stuck and suffering, some I felt was just there but didnt want to be bothered. Some looked at me some didnt act like they saw me. I felt the need to build up power strength to try to let them feel…know…that I call on God and that I was protected by him and he was my strength. I didnt fear even though some were scary. I could see hands reaching out in need with some of the ones that were needing help and sad. I only saw that the first time…I told my husband about it and then went to lay back down to see if I could do it again. I went back there to the same thing again but this time in addition to seeing what I had saw the first time I saw a alien head…you know the kind that’s oval with the black eyes…it turned into something that looked like that creature on the movie Alien…like a lizard dinosaur with the spiked tail….then I saw a lion head with bushy light colored hair maybe platinum blonde maybe….I have been trying to be a better me and told God that if it was his will to send me a good angel to take over or for God to take me over and use me to fight the evil on this earth. I wanted to be a part of stopping the evil deterioration of mankind. I dont know if it is coincidence or fate but I want to do positive things if I can with this new found encounter.

  41. I started seeing faces (about a year ago)when I close my eyes at night. It started with just one face, last night it was like a slideshow of faces, at one point, one particular face “pushed” another face out of the way, almost like he wanted to make sure I seen him. I have in the past have had visions that came true. Dreams of single messages. Once when I first started dating my husband a girl kept showing up and all she would say was “shouldn’t we tell her?”. Finally after 2 weeks of having this dream, I told him about it. After he explained that the child she had could possibly be his, the dreams quit. I often felt that something was different about me and now I see these faces.

  42. Thank you for the article, I keep seeing faces at night during wake time and sleep. It was scary at first, now I am being to. understand, I have had some serious health issues, and it has made me afraid.

  43. yes I’ve experienced exactly what you’re talking about flashing images that were so fast they would make me nauseous and dizzy and leave my head spinning and hearing the Roaring of a train in my ears at night this went on for weeks and weeks it was brutal, the images start the slow down I would occasionally catch a picture of a triangle or a circle and then came the multiple eyes of humans as well as animals just to the eye with a little bit of skin around it and I can tell they were of different races in a different animals, then the images became people of all Races and creeds from all over the world looking at me with signs of concern and worry as if they were pleading for help, now I see individual faces and I’m trying to find out what they are asking what this all means this is been going on for almost 2 years and the images before all of this or too horrifying to discuss here it would leave me shaking to Mike or how high the bodies were piled and they were on fire and how many people are dead those images left me living every five years 5 years I’ve been going to church talking to the Lord praying and meditating, it’s very good to know that I’m not the only one and even when I went to the Lakota Indian sweat lodges they said it was a gift and I was tapping into the spirit world it didn’t feel like a gift in the beginning it felt like a curse I’ve experienced so much pain emotionally and spiritually over this and I have no one to talk to you about it

  44. When I close my eyes I see a face that morphs into another – old, young, male, female, etc… I like it and use it as a focus to quiet down and fall asleep. I have never known why and I truly felt like this may only be happening to me. Years ago faces would be somewhat horrid looking but now they are quite normal. I believe they are alive now and not now. Each are very unique in appearance. I cannot focus on just one. I use to see individuals going about their daily lives. Example: woman hanging clothes, conductor on train, man fishing, woman curling hair, you get my drift. I cannot remember speaking about this to anyone before now.

  45. Hello Melanie,

    I found this article very helpful as I’ve recently began collecting various crystals and reading into angels and meditation.

    I’ve seen a male figure shadow at the end of my bed and not felt fear and also recently seen an image of a man flash as clear as a photo graph when closing my eyes at bed time. I’ve been trying to make sense of it all as I’ve felt calm and peaceful when both things have happened and you have just made everything much clearer for me. Thank you

  46. I liked this article except for the part about praying to Michael to be saved. Don’t push your religion. Like, what about all the other angels from any other religion? Did the author purposely leave that out to push religion onto us or just too lazy to include what I just said? They’re all the same; they’re made up. Religion was invented to control people and trick them into killing innocent people in the name of God. Would a loving god that give us free will do that? Maybe if it’s bi-polar. C’mon people… think.
    Yeah, I know, you’re probably mad now after reading that… but guess what. The truth hurts. If you want to be enlightened, you’ll have to get pass your emotional bigotry.

    As for me, I’ve seen faces. They only seem to stop when I tell them to. It’s rare, but when it happens, I just think “Okay, that’s enough, go away. I’m going to sleep now.” Then I’ll get one last image of a woman’s face, smiling. The previous faces were less than pleasant.

  47. I Have been seeing faces now their are more and some seem to be getting don’t want to say aggressive more like impatient or frustrated. And the voices are muffled to were I can’t make out what is being said. At first when I started seeing faces again i sensed that someone was trying to send a message to me but something was interfering this isn’t the first time this has happened to me everywhere I move to I’m dealing with ghosts spirits feeling of being watched some have been aggressive at one point my girls at that time they were 5 and 7 at some point I will get into that episode for now I really need to now what is it they want from me or do I need to now something I can’t focus feels like something is blocking me out. Have an answer there is so much more to say about this issue

  48. I have been seeing faces in my bedroom for years. They wake me up out of a sound sleep. They have always been men however just recently I saw a woman. I wasn’t feeling well & I laid down & took a nap. When I woke up a lady was laying next to me. I can still see her face as plain as day. She had a huge smile on her face. It’s never the same faces each time & no shadowy figures. I am so glad to find out that I am not the only one to have these visions.

  49. We had some very odd, poltergeist things happening in one place where we lived. One night I was going to sleep and looked over at my husband. I saw above him what appeared to be a cloud of tiny faces. I didn’t know what to think of it at first then realized they were smiling and I felt calm and not afraid at all. The next morning, I’d forgotten about it when my husband said, “I saw the oddest thing last night…” Yep, he saw it too and right above him where I saw it. He agreed that it was calming and he had no fear. It was just very odd.

  50. Oh my! I finally feel normal. I woke up telling my partner I saw random faces of people I have never seen in my life moving around like a slideshow but fading out to the next face. I was wide awake looking at the walls in the dark (Yes couldn’t sleep, counting sheep didn’t work) and saw this. I’ve been laughed at all day. Crazy thing, I saw a sharman a couple of weeks ago who said he opened my third eye.

    Amazing and excited and weirded out.

    God bless you, I’m protected xxx

  51. Thank you putting this out there. I have searched for answers for years about this. My parents still laugh and joke about how I would come running into their room and jump in their bed because I had faces floating out of my closet and coming right at my face. I would close my eyes tightly thinking they would disappear when I opened them again but no, they would still be there. That started my obsession with closet doors needing to be closed all the way before I go to bed. My parents would then have to turn all my dolls and stuffed animals around to face the other way too. I have always felt that maybe I was a little more tuned into a spiritual realm of sorts. I just felt like I understood or maybe knew more and was also very mature growing up. As an adult, I did some paranormal investigating for a few years with a great team. I loved doing evp sessions and I always seemed to have intelligent recordings in a few places where there was actual activity. I seem to think about someone or something and then it happens, this happens frequently. Over the last few years, I have wondered if maybe I would be capable of learning how to tune in better, if that makes sense. Thank you again for this. I am going to definitely do some more research. One other thing…we moved away from that house when I was twelve but I have always had this reoccurring nightmare that someone is chasing me through the basement of that house. Would the two things possibly be connected in some way?

  52. Thought I would do another post. I’m now sure that the faces I am seeing (with eyes closed, eyes open in the dark and not quite dark or dark areas) are mostly the same ones and there are quite a few of them. That, as mentioned in the article may be spirit guides trying to get a message to me, which does freak me out a bit as they are very persistent and I have no idea what to do about that if that’s the case. I start to imagine all kinds of things, like something happening to family or myself.

    What I find strange, is that I get the impression that they are usually big-cat faces to start with, one at a time then more arrive – I don’t see ears/fur/patterns so I can’t tell which type, except that one is very black with shining eyes which I think has to be a black panther. There isn’t any colour except for very occasional flashes/gleams of green or red and as it’s all a bit dim it’s hard to sort out what’s what. The eyes do shine very brightly probably because of the dimness and sometimes before the faces appear, it’s just lots of sets of eyes which is a bit unsettling. They are very definitely looking directly at me and even if they turn their faces slightly, the eyes continue to look at me. They tend to morph into more human-like features and back again. One does look like an ET but again I don’t get the full face or even the nose with that one, compared with the broad and long noses of the big cats. They are usually very close up, except for the panther. I sometimes also get bright patches that are more distant and light up what seem to be moving human faces very briefly.

    I originally started meditating for relaxation but inadvertently having chosen one for opening all the chakras, which I didn’t think much about except that I loved the voice and the music, I seem to have opened my third eye as a result, which is actually having the opposite effect! I believe you can close down the third eye but am a bit reluctant to do that, I would rather have better clarity and understanding – and how/if I can control things because this is non-stop!! And if these are big cat beings, could I be seeing into higher dimensions as I believe those are big-cat-like? With this earth shift into 5D, I can’t help but feel that this might be the case. Any thoughts anybody?

  53. Hi all. i have been searching the web the last couple of days for an answar about this. I have been seeing really weired visions when i close my eyes, and they as clear as if i was there, and no i am not asleep, i even had to feel my eyelid to make sure they were closed. and all these visions starts of with black and white then all of a sudden a really intense and bright light comes in from every side and gives everything color an ddetails, and its like the people in these visions is trying to comunicate with me in some way. I apolagise for my english, im all the way from Denmark 🙂

  54. Mr third eye has been opened for a L long time now. Before it opened all the way, I was trying to astral project. While laying there relaxed I started to see visions, like a slide show. One was a picture of a pyramid, one was a gentle looking hand reaching towards something, the other was the face of Albert Einstein.also my blood type is RH negative, O- to be exact. Any thoughts on this. Also now I am happy with who I am, I’m changing for the better. What’s happening?

  55. Hi all. First of all, many thanks to Melanie for providing this platform for us to compare experiences and for the reassuring words she has written. It all must be connected to the third eye opening. (Will get on to the faces shortly.) I’ve always had pareidolia to some extent, in fact I really think that it’s normal whereas not having it, is abnormal! As one guy said in a blog about this, give me three dots and off I go … Since starting meditating towards the end of August, it has increased considerably. Only this morning I started laughing at my sink cloth behind my bathroom cabinet, it looked like a little creature peeping out at me. I took a photo! I listen to guided meditations, to music, one is on opening all the 12 chakras, another one is to meet my spirit guide. I’ve also found a wonderful drumming shamanic one, so these are my favourites which I do almost every day. Shortly after I started meditating, I went to a family wedding. I was touched twice, one was like someone brushing past my left hip and the other was like having a tennis ball pressed between my shoulder blades. There was nobody anywhere near me. Filed away under ‘high strangeness’ but I was delighted that it had happened. Proof! I don’t know who it was but assume a family member who has passed over. I have never had anything like that happen before (or since, as yet …). I’m 70 by the way.

    The faces: somewhat similar to the picture above but only – so far – in shades of grey and mostly the eyes/nose areas, sometimes a hint of the full face, no hair or other extras although I feel they are masculine. I have one or two ‘regulars’ – these are the largest/closest to me – one is an ET, so far only the huge, black, sunglasses-style eyes and a hint of the rest of the head – one is a big cat feline, which sometimes morphs into human, can’t quite determine whether lion or tiger. As yet. There are loads of them, moving around, morphing, human as well. Occasionally I get a lit-up face for a second, these ones are farther away so too difficult to see properly. I’ve also had a past life regression – the faces became pretty hyperactive throughout that! The morning after, I had a very clear human male face close to me and he blinked. 🙂

    So … eyes closed, at night, they’re there. They’re also there with my eyes open, gazing at a darker area but I can still make them out even when there is light around. I think what is happening is that the nearest ‘projector screen’ is used. With the eyes shut, it’s the inside of the eyelids. But it can be the ceiling, as in lying in bed gazing at it, the wall, the closed blinds at the end of the corridor. I tried scrying and found the faces sat over my own, makes sense since I am looking at myself in the mirror but I daresay if I looked elsewhere in the mirror (as in a large mirrored wardrobe door), they would be there. They are clearly looking at me as I look at them. The veil between the dimensions has thinned I think, if not – as yet – actually lifted, but that could happen … 🙂 Blessings to all!

    1. Thanks for your description. I agree that when this happens, our dimension is slightly overlapping another dimension. Or the past or future on our timeline is looping back and touching it at the current time you see the visions. I like how you mentioned the ‘projector screen’. That’s exactly what’s happening. These anomalies are occurring in our own 3D space but at a very small percentage of solidness, but you need a good backdrop to see them. Thanks.

  56. I hear voices whenever I wake up I saw a flash of light that surrounds me and I saw the place brightly & people freeze for a moment & I felt that moment happened before. What does it mean? In my sleep I traveled from other’s past lives…

  57. Hi..My name is hema n I am from india.
    I was looking for some kind of explanation as to what I am going through.Earlier I use to see only eyes…Coloured eyes.Then came faces , changing from one face to another they were also not typical indian faces.Now I am seeing movements people talking n other things, sometimes it looks I am not sure that they are talking to me.i use to get scared, but today after searching again n again I found your article n I am at peace.Thx

  58. I have experienced this from time. to time. It just happens. Its very scary. The first time I saw a place. There was a horizon at twilight and there was someone there with her back to me. She seemed like a strong force, waiting for me, but I resisted. It was not in between sleep and wake, I had only just closed my eyes. Some times I see swirling lights, sometimes faces, but they seem to be me. Its bright, like I am raising my face to the sun, but I am in a dark room. I’m not near sleep ever, but I still have to fight it to make it stop. Its different than me just having a visual thought or a dream. I was told by a psychic that I was suppose to be a teacher of psychic stuff, I guess, but I am afraid. what does all this really mean?

  59. For about 5 days in a row in early spring of 2012, I believe I experienced another dimension/reality/timeline in the form of normal scenes and after the 5th day, the ‘visions” slowly dissipated. I’m a mid 50’s healthy male who experienced this without the use of drugs or alcohol and while 100% conscious and awake. When experiencing this, I was not frightened but I wanted no part of it because it was around me constantly for those days.

    The best I can describe, my/our reality was slightly overlapping another reality and that reality was slightly overlapping mine. The overlapping percentage of realities was very slight but they varied in intensities of say from 0.1% to 2% and it was ‘see-through” and easily seen against a non-detailed plain background like a white wall in the house, or in the dark or behind the lids of your eyes. Slight intensities are difficult to distinguish because of the subtle variances of greys are difficult to make-out at first until you focus. But strong intensities were in full color, some sound, smell and touch. It was everywhere around me at home, work and other places. The lighter the surroundings, the harder it is to see depending on the intensity of the reality available.

    I saw roughly 6-7 “scenes” or places and they would change or alternate every so often with no pattern. But the scenes were off in terms of styles or cultures. Scenes were absolutely uncontrollable, like looking out the window or watching a movie. The scenes themselves were almost normal but like I said, slightly off. Beach scenes, city scenes, sports, etc, sitting behind the cockpit of a plain, etc. I see faces as well which I believe is the same phenomenon. I believe I experienced all humans and known animals and earth-like settings. In some “scenes” the culture and dress attire where strange and other scenes where more modern American-like. It looked like some humans where focusing their eyes on me acknowledging my “presence”, only for me to wonder, “what were they seeing in their reality when they where looking at me?” Was I seeing through someone elses eyes in that other reality? Was I in that reality in another lifetime? Was it a TV broadcast or broadcast of some sort? One thing I can tell you, the print or letters/ text I see in these visions was not English or any recognizable language. Strange.

    I don’t know if I experienced another timeline or dimension occurring at the same time as mine.
    I don’t know if I was viewing something that already occurred or had not occurred yet.
    I don’t know if I was viewing something taking place on our earth or not.

  60. just read seeing faces no need to fear, I have been seeing faces for years most of the time when I shut my eyes I see them mostly green but also other colours sometimes they change sometimes they look nice faces other times not so nice in the day also I can be sitting down or talking to friends I will see like a glowing figure of a face but cant make out who it is mal or female but deffo some sort of face they glow up and move around wherever I look they are there then they will just fade away also sometimes I see a black shadow in a box that moves around and the face is in it can anyone help me with this thanks

  61. This is just what I needed, I am understanding what I’m going through and what I need to do.
    THANK YOU xxx

  62. Hi. Thank you for your blog. It has helped to put my mind at ease somewhat. I do also see faces with glasses And something I see purple and geeen light energy leaving my face and going into an eye and other times I see this’s light coming from a single eye towards me sometimes I see faces with glasses but I don’t know who they are

  63. I also hear voices of people I know but haven’t seen from years and see a face of a man I liked a lot.i see his face almost every night.I see other scenes too like landscapes.i dream too scenes from movies and books, especially scary one.

  64. I usually see the face of my loved man…although we are not it possible he to see me too??

  65. Your article was so helpful. I have seen faces in things and at night for a long time but want sure if it was normal. I would like to learn more.

  66. I’m so thankful to have found your article. I had a pretty intense experience last night.
    I was asleep and dreaming of being inside of a Victorian house. I was walking around but it was like I was looking at everything through the lens of a camera. Every room I was in and everywhere I looked with a reflective surface, a face would appear. Fade in and fade out. Every face was different…male, female. I saw many many faces throughout my walk around the house.
    About that time Son woke me up and when I closed my eyes I was right back in the house walking around again but I was awake. I opened my eyes and it stopped. I closed my eyes and I was back there again. I could tell I was going back there by the way my ‘vision’ (with closed eyes) would be cloudy until I focused through the ‘camera lens’ (that’s the best way I know to describe it) This went on for a while until I finally fell back asleep.
    As I was waking up when my alarm went off this morning, I was dreaming the same thing but in a different location. After I hit snooze, I was wide awake but closed my eyes and I went right back there again. It wasn’t necessarily scary…startling maybe because it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

    1. Amazing story! Thanks, Veronica. I think when we dream during sleep, we are actually experiencing these same visions we see when we’re awake but the brain interprets and interacts with them differently.

  67. This used to happen to me every night before bed. Only, it would occur when my eyes were open, in the dark. The faces were usually moving, drifting around the room. Some laughing and smiling and some crying. It was very scary but I eventually got used to it. Now, in my 40’s, it rarely happens.

  68. I been having expirences much like that picture on top of this article, I use to dismiss them because the were hard to make out, but one night one stood out from the rest and was big face that appeared to be trying to intimidate and it was sat up right and turned but it wouldn’t leave my vision so I prayed till it left. But I feel a lot better knowing more people share similar experiences

  69. Thank you for your insight. I have been seeing things before I fall asleep as well. Mostly during prayer but some times not. It started with dreams that seemed like warnings before I would wake up. Then I started seeing things just with my eyes closed as a kind of light that would move around but now it’s faces and pictures and scenes. But the amazing thing is it all started when I started growing spiritually. Does it grow to more?

  70. Great article.i was falling asleep last night and as I drifted off a white face came about a inch of mine and shouted boo it woke me up and unsettled me a good girlfriend said my body jerked like when you feel your falling.very strange I’m not sure if it’s a positive or negative thing.

  71. Last night I went to bed and closed my eyes and start seeing a slide show of faces . one woman’s face came up 3 times. She had kind of a stern look on her face. I try to focus on these faces while my eyes are shut, this has happened many times. It doesn’t make me nervous. I would like to talk to them if they are spirits. I don’t know who they are. I was told by a psychic before that I have the ability to be a medium or communicate…she was reading my right palm which happens to have the letter m. .please tell me what this all means and how can I advance this

  72. my eyes see faces and animals. the people I see are from different centuries. theirs one right after the other behind my lids. this don’t happen all the time. every now and then. but its fun to me. I try making a movie behind my eyelids. I thought it might happen from things store in the brain, maybe I saw during the day and got stored up in my brain. then comes out at night.

    1. Hi Sandy, I think what we see is from other realities or timelines/dimensions bleeding through or slightly overlapping our reality.That’s my gut feeling and I could be wrong. I don’t think we have any control over what we see. I think we only see what’s available because I’ve read about more than one persons seeing the same exact thing at the same time in the same space/area. Then maybe they’re photographable/recordable if bright enough which I never tried. Can you please explain why you thought they were from different centuries? Please be descriptive if possible. Have you seen different cultures recognizable or not recognizable in our world’s past history? How about other worldly stuff or non-humans? This subject fascinates me because and I have a lot of questions like the exact cause of this and what we’re seeing in the broader sense, for instance where and when the subject matter of these visions are located. I have seen a lot of strange cultures of groups of people in my visions and have done massive research and I’m convinced these cultures did not actually exist in our world’s history. That’s why I think we are seeing another reality or alternate timelines/dimensions.

      1. Hi John,

        I, too, see faces as I go to sleep and have for as long as I can remember, I am 52. It’s usually 1 to 2 faces when I see them, not a slide show as others have mentioned. I have seen faces of different nationalities, different time periods (native american, confederate soldier, etc.), children, animals, the eye of an elephant (repeatedly), houses, scenes. A few weeks back I actually saw my face as a child, that has been the most interesting, by far. The faces are most often side profile while others are from the front. They are never looking directly at me. The emotion I most sense from the faces is sadness and grief; however some are happy, pretty & handsome, and others are troubled. A few times I have seen evil and “dark” faces. Two days ago I saw a native american with her hair pulled back and she was crying very hard.
        I have recently started writing down the images I see along with the date. It bothers me when I see the sad, hopeless faces.

      2. I have just started seeing things since I moved into this apartment. I feel like there is usually something watching me, I feel it mostly at night or dark. I have seen spots of bright light almost like a lightning bug or a blink like the light on a fire alarm. Also, grey fog/clouds. About two feet in diameter that ends in a single point then disappears. Freaked out. Any suggestions? Also, flashes of pictures when I close my eyes at night. I cannot remember what they were but I do remember it wasn’t good, scary or evil feeling it gave me.

  73. I’m pregnant in my later third trimester. I’m 24 living with my grandparents. I often have to get up in the middle of the night in the dark to pee. Well I have been having nothing but baby dreams tonight and out of the blue I had a frightening vision dream of opening my shower curtain and there being a beautiful girl staring at me with long bright red hair and red lips and I literally scared myself awake and can’t go back to sleep. I’m not even having a girl I’m having a boy and I don’t understand why I saw this in my dream. Whenever I see a creepy face staring at me like that it worries me. I’ve always been told faces are ghosts. But I’ve never actually seen ghosts. But I have had dreams of dark ghost figures with red eyes but not since I was 17. I’m wondering if this is a demon. Yesterday for the first time I heard breathing that wasn’t my own. I’m starting to think this house is haunted. Or I’m really stressed out because I’m pregnant.

  74. The “slideshow” of faces before sleep is exactly what I have been experiencing for about 8 years. I am able to think, but not speak so I lay there thinking I don’t know that person, I’ve never seen that person. The faces are very detailed and each one so different. About five years ago I told someone about it as it was happening every night and right after I did, they completely stopped for about two years.

  75. The painting on this page, that is exactly what I see when I vlose my eyes. Very accurate . Could they be ghosts visiting me, telling me I will be with them soon ? Am I going to pass away soon ? I am 36 years old , have some health issues .

  76. My 12 year old grand daughter has been having trouble with sleeping & having nightmares. She states she’s been seeing “dark shadows” in the night upon waking & they are scary to her.
    I’ve always thought my grand daughter has had some kind of “psychic ability”, even though she is slightly learning disabled.
    She has ALWAYS had an extra special sense of things around her & being extremely sensitive to others feelings.
    What can I do as her grandmother to try & help her through this difficult time ??? My son & daughter in law are in dis belief of anything Taylor tells them, & this upsets & frustrates Taylor.
    Please help if you can….


    Vanessa Fellows

  77. I see flashes if my aunt that passed n my cousins n uncle n friend who died n two family members who are alive n last one I seen was me what does it mean

  78. This has happened to me. The faces I see are usually some type scary betwen of monster/clown with big nose and white skin etc. which looks at you against a sitting position on chair near table in a matter of doing. Before I see tham my environment become coldest. My heart is faster. Last time was that happening to me 3 nights. Can I have answer for this? p.s. before that I was try to make win Betting with a cross….

    1. I am so pleased to have read this!! When I was younger I always saw coloured shapes when my eyes were closed and I always remember asking my brother and others if they had that to, to which they replied they hadn’t. However through teenagehood, this ability faded and I did not encounter this experience again. It was not until I got to university, the day after a big night out, I started seeing faces and reanactments from a film I watched a couple of nights prior. The detail astonished me, I was fascinated that I could relive the moment without actually having to watch the film on my laptop. However, I started to see random faces and the side of a horses face which started to frighten me as these images were alien to my knowledge. Now I am capable of doing it whenever I close my eyes, sometimes I may need to be in a dark room. After reading this I feel so much better. Thank you.

  79. the past few weeks i started having flashes of faces. and wasnt sure exactly what i was seeing. if i was going crazy. it is very odd as i never had any of this happen before. but i know its not coming from the spot on my brain where i day dream from. when this happens is always after or during i say my prayers at night. i start to see flashes of light or shapes then at times faces. i can even see the mouths move of the people i have never met but i can hear nothing. my forehead gets cold and tingly and covers my scalp. once i realize this isnt the start of my dream it goes away. so i did find this article very helpful as it answered a few of my questions. thank you.

  80. Ever since I was small I always have fallen asleep with faces one after another before sleep .I have also experienced the old hag and continue today with that which I don’t like but I don’t think I can do much about that and it does not happen often but when it does it can be terrifying cheers Lee

  81. Hi Thanks for info, Yes I see faces and have done all my life. But recently they are a face I know we have always been a spiritual family my mum was a good medium. She died 2 years ago and it is my mum I see in black and white but recently her face was moving. I am not scared but would like to understand more.


  82. I’ve been studying and practicing witchcraft the past few months. I feel very peaceful and attuned with nature as a result. Last night as I was falling asleep I was seeing really scary faces flashing in my mind. I called to the god and goddess to protect me, and was able to fall asleep after that. I take this as a sign I’m following the right path for me, as some other entity would try and scare me away. I have to call on my faith and be strong. Thank you for the insight!

  83. Hey there, I have been working on opening up my third eye and developing clairvoyant senses for a little bit now. I started practicing reiki and getting attuned this last year as well (I teach yoga as a profession and practice wholeheartedly still and that’s opened me up a huge amount to my subtle body). I’ve recently only dabbled in opening up my akashic records and trying to channel and I’ve asked my guides to help open me up energetically to start receiving more information to guide me. Last night I was trying to fall asleep but every time I started getting relaxed I saw a flash of a very random face in my third eye and it would jolt me a bit. It kept happening every time I tried to relax and it then started to make me a bit fearful. I’ve had visions during my reiki attunements and when I work on clients sometimes but it’s minimal. As I tried to continue to fall asleep I then realized that this might be my guides helping me open up and that’s why I was seeing these faces but I didn’t understand it further than that. I was then able to relax a bit and I pictured myself being surrounded in white light and called upon archangel Michael (I’ve only recently been thinking more about him and had experienced him in another healing session that I received recently). I decided to look it up this morning and found this article first. Everything seemed to click and connect and made sense to me. I also found it interesting that what you recommended for protection is what I did instinctually. I wanted to share my experience and thank you for writing this. I feel like I’m searching for knowledge and excited to work on myself in this way so I appreciate finding help like this on the web! It helps confirm the journey and give ease to my logical mind as I allow my clairvoyant and healer self begin to blossom. Thanks again! Shanti 🙂

  84. Hi. I found this very interesting. Since I was small, I have seen what you described as ‘flashes of light’ etc. When I was in fourth grade I clearly saw my great grandparents months after they had passed and I had spent all that time crying… as I was so close to them. For 30years I never told a soul about that, until my brother 2 yr younger than me and I were talking one night about something else, and he suddenly said he had something he wanted to talk about, but I would think he was crazy. He told me that one night when he was 7… I knew what he was going to say. I let him continue.. but the same thing happened to him. Not only did we both SEE them, but they told us the same thing. ‘To not cry any longer, they were alright and we will be together again one day. They loved us’ After that we were both okay. We both felt better knowing we weren’t nuts! I don’t know about him.. but I still ‘saw’ things.. lights when I had my eyes closed, shapes etc. Dreams that didn’t make sense to me at all… and now recently, they have become very vivid.. including faces- which they have never done- of people I don’t know. before if it were a family member, I just ‘knew’. But like last night, I was with my aunt, my cousin who is a minister was there ( she doesn’t fit- but maybe because its Christmas time and she is a minister for salvation army… and the bells are everywhere… I don’t know… lol) any way= there was me, a younger girl I didn’t know, asking how old I was- I remember telling her I was between her and my aunts age.. not sure if I should say. There was also a couple there a man and woman, older than me. I didn’t recognize them. We were all in the same room… at one point, someone was taking a picture. Then I woke up at my normal time of 3am. when I did… and opened my eyes, there was a very clear image of a person, I am sure a man head and shoulders, hand under chin… almost like he would be sitting looking at me waiting for me to wake… he was looking at me. Not ghostly clear, but not solid but I could see features enough. And it wasn’t where I couldn’t move, like when you are still dreaming… I could see him and still move to get up. Only after I sat up was it gone. So strange. I have never discounted things like this… just as I never discounted ‘believing’ in what you can’t see… I guess that is why I believed in santa much longer than most kids… the air you can’t see unless it blows something to make move.. but it is there…. you can’t ‘see’ God, but he is there… people believe that. So why not these things. 🙂 Thanks for this page… I bookmarked it.

  85. I’m a 30+ year old “trying to be” buddhist person, and a mechanical engineer, and I see sometimes faces when relaxing. If I’m physically sick, like having a flu, I may see demonic faces. They appear out of the blue in the mind’s eye, very clear and in color, lasting about 1 second, enough to make a scare-face. If I’m focusing on good or buddhist topics and feelings, there’s no problem, and I more often see actually happy faces, even crying tears of happiness, or smiling warmly, or laughing with tears in their eyes, so that’s ok… Right now I have a flu and when I was taking a nap, suddenly a small head of a gross older woman appeared and turning its head down it opened its mouth. It was demonic. After that even more undead face flashed, now in the middle of my view (with closed eyes), but it was very fast. After that nothing came. Before this I haven’t seen those in weeks, but have been focusing on ghost-stories and -video’s research for a week now… Listening dhamma-talks (buddhist) of monks and ajahns from YouTube makes everything okay. All disturbances cease. It’s a good source of well-being for sure!

  86. I have seen the faces since I was a child as well. I was never scared of it, just wondered what the meaning was because it seemed to be quite random to see faces I was not familiar with in my life. I often wondered if I was just crazy and found this article and it’s comforting to know this happens to others.

    I was actually looking up a meaning for something else and came across this article. This is really awesome and thanks for posting it.

    Something different happened to me this morning. And it scares me a bit. When I was waking up this morning, I seen a white skull, just a skull not a full skeleton, floating above the side of my bed and it was looking at me. It scares me because my grandmother had a similar vision when she woke up, of a single skull in the room with her and it flew into her face. Less than a year later, really 6 months later, she died. I am only 27 and I don’t see myself dying anytime soon but it scares me that maybe it’s my time. I’m not sure.

    I have however, been going through a terrible time in life though. Lots of family quarrels and I lost a job and just have had generally really bad luck over the course of about 4 years now, ever since my grandmother died, honestly. I’m hoping that maybe this means this lifestyle is about to end and it will be like a whole new life for me.

    It is also the day before my husband’s mom’s birthday and she has been going through a lot of health issues and is 71, so maybe it has something to do with her. Her health has been slowly declining and it is very possible for her to die soon.

    Another thing I thought is maybe it’s not warning of death for me, but this is a demon or evil spirit. I do pray for protection over this house every night and fill this house with bright white light and ask angels to keep this house free of evil spirits and entities. Only thing is my mother watches paranormal shows all the time and my sister has an overactive imagination and has said that she invited an evil spirit in. I started seeing shadow figures when I first moved in, in the room she used to sleep in that was now my room and she admitted to letting this spirit in, but I have not seen it since we prayed about it that night. Maybe that spirit is still here? There is a lot of chaos in this house, between my mother and step dad and my husband and I. He is always trying to fight with me lately… I just don’t know.

    I do feel however, that if life continues the way it is for me, this could very possibly put me in an early grave. I have thought this for a while, I am a very sensitive clairvoyant and enough negative energy drains me a lot more than others from what I have noticed. I also require more sleep. Most people need 6-8, I need 10-12. Actually, as I type my mother is yelling at my step dad right now.

    I just don’t know but I hope it’s not pertaining to my death because I am not ready to die and feel as though I am not finished with what I need to do here in the physical. That would be just my luck though with the way things have gone, honestly.

    I ask for prayers. I am a good person with a big heart. Sometimes too big of a heart from what people tell me. I wish nothing but the best for everyone on this earth and the entire universe for that matter. I meditate on things coming back into balance every day. I meditate on our planet surrounded by the white light and red symbolizing love and passion.

    I hope that maybe it’s just my imagination?

  87. I started seeing visions around 1990. I saw a spirit halfway in my x boyfriend. I saw my sister appear as a Angel she was beautiful. glowing white. I’ve seen good and ugly looking spirit’s. But now it’s nothing but evil. I need HELP. I pray for you all to find peace in JESUS CHRIST Name Irene

  88. Hi Melanie just read your page and it’s helped very much I’ve been having a recurring dream about a woman flashing pictures and waking up at the same time for about a week but just on a night , if I’m on night shift it doesn’t wake me only in the night I went to see a clayvoyont and she said I was a little psychic in me but didn’t no how to use it yet that was about 2 years ago, but if family members pass away like my nana about 9years ago I can still feel her presence how do you get as you call it your third eye to work sorry for prat line on but really would like to do this full time to help people when there loved ones pass over, thank you this has been really helpful could you email me back please

  89. I see the faces/animal spirits all day long, not just at night. There is a book by Barry Long, an enlightened australian spiritual teacher, called “stillness is the way” in which he talks about the world of the living dead and dying living and how there are psychic entities that want to feed on our emotional responses to them. Could be worth looking into.

    1. One night these visions started out of the blue. They were very violent and disturbing images, such as an alien grey taking out a mans eyeball or faces of different species of aliens. But since then I can always have visions of moving and shape shifting geometric patters and shapes. I would like to know how I can get visions other than these shapes. I’m 19 years old and these visions are not going away. It happened in June and I’ve had them since. Any advice?

      1. Hi Denny, I’ve seen disturbing stuff like this as well. I was trying to focus on something like you described and another grey starred at me right in front of my face and startled me and I lost focus. I guess he didn’t want me “looking in” to their business. Can you please describe other scenes you’ve witnessed? Thanks.

  90. I have been experiencing this for a while now. It usually freaks me out because it just started out as streaks of light and colors and shapes. But now it’s super distorted, creepy, demonic faces sometimes. None of them ever look the same and I never hear anything, I just see them. And they’re gone in a second and another one pops up. I am so glad I found this article because I really started to question my sanity. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  91. Today my mother told me,at 2:00 am she went to bed as she lay down she said she keep yawning about 2/3 times with her eyes closed ,when she opened her eyes she seen a bright blue eye part of a forehead and under the eye down to the cheek,she discribed the image to have deep wrinkles ,male and of white skin but also this image had a wet/damp look as well.She ducked under blanket for a second,cause the image was right like 3 inches form her face,anyway she called for the eye,saying eye were are you couple of times she said this a sparkle like dimond light came and out of that was the image again,she said when she seen it ,she felt sad,and was tearing up,all this happen when she was awake,also she said it felt like it was half hour to an hour that this was going on but in real time it was only 2/3 minutes

  92. mine experience is just like the most here.I think mine started with me hearing voices just like am in a market place or a stadium with everyone talking at the same time and i never heard a word and there is me hearing commentator on a radio and channels been changed with the static sound with it and hearing also of music over and over again and sometimes 2 or 3 songs in replay. All this i mentioned above i heard all at the same time.

    it happens when am tired or when am done praying to my father JEHOVAH then it happens and when i try to concentrate to hear what the voices are saying it begins to fade away and when i stop the concentration it comes back again.

    Seeing of people faces that i dont know and things like cars,books,chairs and other things started coming up when i close my eyes. sometimes i see short scenes of people moving around doing things and it also always distracts me when am praying because i would not be able to concentrate on my prayers.
    Like one time a saw a car moving in a desert like place with dust raising at its wake and then suddenly i started seeing it from the sky like a birds eye view.

    Few days back when i was about to sleep i saw a shape of white color just briefly with a high pitch sound which almost sound like a static sound and it was almost painful and i had to tilt my head very fast because i felt it in my ears.

    I think its happens when my mind is clear that is completely empty then i start hearing voices. Because i believe when we are tired we tend not to think just sleep. And please dont take marijuana to have a clear mind because marijuana can make you concentrate on anything,trust me it wasnt fun,it was torture because i didnt hear voices or see images just me been not in control of my thoughts which was funny because i thought of trucks moving on me or fire burning and my body was in shock the whole time like it was real,i could not sleep. And No i didnt take marijuana intentionally,it was in a birthday cake of a friend of friend so i didnt no until it was too late. But i tired a smaller quantity and it was same but wasnt that painful.

    Am curious about what this means for us.

  93. Long story short I was very lost a few years ago I prayed so hard for the truth, within a week I was rushed in to hospital with a serious illness and I almost died. Ever since that day things changed one thing that I began to experience was that I saw faces before I fell to sleep it would mostly be a different person every night. The face would be clear and the background black. They would mostly be looking at me trying to talk to me but I can never hear the words. This journey is still so new for me. During the day I get random twiches like my brain wants to shut off how can i control this?

    1. I have stumbled upon this website, as last night was the “final straw” for me and my “visions”. It happens right before bed, and I have a difficult time going to sleep. Normally, I just see people faintly, that are moving around the room. Last night, my daughter fell asleep next to me (she is 18). I saw a man, with a plaid shirt on… walk around the bed and stop at the door. He just stood there. I screamed and woke her up, as I was terrified. He just stood there, and eventually walked out (although the door was closed). I was afraid so I turned on the lights and she was afraid as well.
      Sometimes, when i see people, I am not scared…other times, it feels as though there is something in the room that is not supposed to be there.
      I am a near death experiencer and I have been through quite a “spiritual awakening” since 2011. It has been exciting, yet a bit strange at times. Sleep is something that has been difficult, as i am almost always waken up by someone or something that i can sense in the room. The last time this happened, my cat was aware as well. I just wish I didn’t get that “oh shit” feeling, but I sense at times, that there is something not very nice around..and I know my gut is right about this.

  94. Thank you for this article, and I’m glad you put in the scientifical explanation as well since every other article I’ve searched is missing this. The science aspect must not be ignored.

  95. People talk about seeing faces right before sleep. I do too, but I also see faces when I close my eyes a few minutes in the subway or during my lunch break at work, etc. And it’s not only faces. I sometimes see moving images, like a short video… And sometimes I hear a few words… Not in my head, not around me but like it is only in my ear and very far… I’ve heard my name quite a few times. All this used to happen only once in a while… But since few weeks, it happens almost everyday and sometimes several times a day. But feeling like I hear words doesn’t happen often, though…

    Sometimes, I also wake up at night and see stange things with my eyes wide open. I will always remember the day I opened my eyes to find myself in an old house. I could see my bedroom walls “behind” my vision as well as the grey brick wall. And over my head there was a cavity with junk in it, as if I was in some kind of ruin that modern humanity would have trashed. Or the other time I woke up and found myself in a room filled with so much stuff. I closed my eyes and reopened them and I was still there. So I closed my eyes again and I sat in my bed and when I opened my eyes again, I was back in my bedroom.

    Honestly, I think this is very fascinating. I used to be scared but now I look forward to these experiences. I like that a lot even if I don’t understand it….

    1. Lane, This is a fascinating post! Thank you. I think what we are seeing is actually occurring in 3D space but it’s most noticeable against the darkness or a plain background. You’ll notice when watching these scenes, your viewpoint or angle changes when you move your direction of sight. In other words, when you moved your head up saw a different part of the scene. So it was all around you in 3D. That’s how you know it’s real and not in your head. In my opinion, it’s as if two realities are occupying the same physical space. Our own reality is 100% solid but there’s another reality overlapping ours that is only for instance 1% solid but the solidness varies. Some visions are strong, full color, some sound, smell and greater than 1% solid while other visions/scenes are so faint, you can barely make out the tiny differences in shades of grey. What do you think is happening? Thx.

  96. I see faces every night when I close my eyes to go to sleep. For me, it’s like shape shifters. I see human faces that turn to animals and vice versa. The faces just keep changing from one thing to another about every second or so, and they just float in and out. I thought it was strange, so I Googled it and found this page. Glad I’m not alone.

  97. Whenever I close my eyes (especially in the dark) I can always see random shapes of different colors and if I look at them long enough they usually take form and then I start seeing random suggestion of faces or features of a face. I’ve always had this and I thought this was normal until I mentioned it, rather casually, to my mom lol. Then I started looking stuff up about it and now i’m here.

  98. 2 years ago i started to see a boy in his 20″s , he kept on anoying me, oh i was in the half and half sleep , cut a ling story short his name is adam he is the son of my suppervisors boy friend , he died in a car accedent snaped neck, he was showing me his new truck and that he was happy and at home, i had to late alk the pictuers to words, after him i started to get faces comming real close to my face , and i thought i have to find out who they belonged to on earth, it was getting annoying and i told them to back off cause i wasnt getting sleep, i miss it and want it back, please help me.

  99. I see faces when I close my eyes at night. I have now seen faces in and amongst trees in the woods. I also have heard my name being called on two separate occasions when no one else was home. I know I have spirits in my home as I’ve caught many orbs on film. I’ve seen orbs in many different colors, with faces. I was told by a psychic that I’ve crossed over to the other side twice in this lifetime and that I’m a very old soul who’s had many past lives. I feel this is a gift and the faces (spirits) come to me to be seen. I don’t know how or if I can help them. I’m learning more and trying to strenghten my spiritual abilities.

  100. I have seen faces for some years when I am either dropping off to sleep or waking up. I never see them in colour, only black, white, grey. Sometimes only the eyes, most often the whole face quite clearly. Judging from hairstyles, spectacles and clothes, they look like they come from different eras, 1940s, even medieval. Not anymore but some used to look like gargoyles. Some are handsome, very calm and placid looking, nice to look at and they just seem to stare directly at me. None of them speak. Some want to stay a while and some go almost immediately. However, I have come to believe that they are spirits and therefore I don’t tolerate them anymore. Whilst they do not seem aggressive, spirits can cause many problems in your life, not all of them are good. Therefore when they appear I make the sign of the cross, sometimes I say “go to Jesus he will help you” but mostly I keep making the sign of the cross until they disappear. Some go straightaway but others want to linger but if you keep making the sign of the cross they will go, hopefully to a peaceful place. Saw one this morning who didn’t want to go and I had to make the sign of the cross about six times.

  101. With all due respect to everyone, with all these experiences everyone is having, has anyone considered that these are demons, or evil entities masquerading as angels of light? I know that is a far off belief for some, but all this stuff started happening to me too. All I can say is the Bible and biblical prophesy started to make sense to me, when before I thought it was all just like a fable or fairy tale. I pray to Jesus to take these experiences away from me and I have been protected and sheltered by the Lord. I have never been much of a practicing or believing Christian before, but these experiences brought me to Jesus. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle for our souls, and please know the bible says that satan masquerades as angel of light. Please be careful everyone and consider asking Jesus into your heart to aid and protect you.

  102. Hello! I see objects, and faces floating and flashing. I saw two faces floating in a portrait mirror floating in the middle of my bedroom and the man was smiling at me, the woman he was embracing was turned the other way and all I could see was her white hair. I also saw the man in the hat with a tall figure like an American Indian because it was in the form of one wearing a blanket of some sort draped all over, and had something tall from its head as if they were feathers or women’s hair pins like the Japanese women wear. They were standing in my hallway peering back and forth to my bedroom. Never did they catch eyes with me. They looked to be in a discussion and the Indian was using hand movements like he was having a discussion with the man in the suit, the suit man had his hands upon his hips as if he was upset and peering from my room to the Indian for at least five minutes or so. They looked like dark black cut outs of construction paper people but real. The next day I was under the stairwell looking for a box and as I was under with my dachshund, I heard a child and mother singing Merry Christmas and laughing, my dog heard it and started scratching the packages. I looked all through the boxes and cards and never saw anything that would make sounds. After seeing these people and hearing the singing I got a call that my niece was killed in a car crash along with her unborn child several days later. I hear sounds all through my home. But everything calmed down after the death of my niece, except the images and faces I see. My husband and I occasionally hear sounds in the house, lights turning off and I assume that the bulb has blown so I get up to turn the switch and the light is burning again. I’ve heard my dachshunds barking in the night and I heard someone say Hush Now. I was afraid at first not sleeping and my hair was turning white. After the funeral service I was never afraid again.

  103. I was really pleased to read your article. I have been experiencing this at night for a while and its been freaking me out. These faces are right up to mine staring at me. I feel like my eyes are open, Im not sure if they are?. Mine are not all the same, they are all different.

    In the last 8 years I have experienced seeing spirits, but only vaguely. I have seen them in several houses. I see them in different ways each time. My most recent one was movement in my kitchen, I can see a clear figure sort of waving at me. It started happening after a dear friend passed over 3 years ago. I never got to go to his funeral. But pretty much straight away I saw this clear thing flashing at the corner of my eye and waving at me, it went on randomly for about 3 months. I though maybe it was him?.I had a strong feeling in my gut it really was.My home also became haunted in a previous house, weird stuff happened and I just knew I had visitors, one afternoon when all the plugs flew out of the wall, and the power was flickering on and off, just like in the movies.I began to see some strange things.
    I had clairvoyants and a healer I knew come in and do a cleansing as I was scared, I participated in the ceremony, weirdly I felt cold and hot and I heard the voices of the spirits (children laughing). It was so weird. I saw ghostly figures, quite detailed, and a man in sunlight in my room at midnight, the room was full of golden rays, then he disappeared. I thought I was going crazy to be honest. The spiritualists asked the spirits who they were, they were a family from another time that has passed in a fire. They were looking for their mother, and attached themselves to me. They eventually moved on with some help. I was told by my spiritualist friends Im be starting to “see”…..I would love to know where its going?….I would love to see better??…..I saw the clear figure flashing again 2 nights ago in the kitchen?.

  104. Thank you so much for this article. This has been happening since I moved into the house I live in. It looks almost precisely like the picture at the top of the article. I have wondered if they were ghosts. The faces are distinct enough that I’m fairly certain that they are entirely strange to me. It happens fast enough that I can’t tell if they are the same faces or not. The first time it happened, I smudged the house. I was concerned about unwanted spirits. It’s like they are wanted to just take a peek at me and move on.

  105. FANTASTIC !!
    Thank You 4 taking the time to share this and putting my mind at ease, ….
    I used to just see Eyes &uman and not human but more recently its a whole face, It does not scare Me I was just curious as to why? So again FANTASTIC and THANK YOU!!

  106. yes, thank you so much for this information. I used to see faces and sets of eyes particularly when I was young all the time at night. It would frighten me to the point where I couldn’t stand having pictures or posters on my bedroom wall because I thought it must surely be what I was seeing or causing these images. Then at the age of 15 I was developing spiritually but became quite depressed (something I’ve struggled with as a hsp) and started hearing a loud booming male voice. It was like subconsciously I knew what was being said but I couldn’t make it out. I was so scared that I was having a mental break down and terrified of being labeled crazy and being medicated that I never told anyone and ended up just blocking it out.

  107. I. See faces bit it seems like the devil shapes. I wonder what that means. He is after me or I should look to change some of my ways. I don’t rem. If I see other faces but I do rem. That face.

  108. I always see faces in places like clouds, stones, trees, etc. I also see them when I close my eyes, but they never have scare me. I’m fascinated with them.

  109. I been seing those faces, color s and sometimes full body, but recently it’s a historical letter or number I can’t even identify..with white mist or white figure..I don’t know what it means?

  110. I see words, rather than faces, almost every night. The first time it happened, the word “love ” appeared. Sometimes I see a name, but mostly just random. what does this mean?

  111. I see faces in the shower tile, in the wood floor, and also as a flash in my mind. I have always been scared of them but this has made me feel more at ease. I always pray when I am scared, and the feeling goes away. I don’t want to miss a message but, I also don’t want to be scared, I just can’t help it??

  112. I started seeing various faces awhile ago and it scared me. They fade in and then they fade out and it is like a slide show. It use to scare me but now I almost look forward to it. It is as if the people that I see have some sort of significance in my life.

  113. One day I was sitting meditating and a purple light came fourth like it always does but this time a face came in she had big blue eyes. When I asked who are you she said I am you. Then I asked my higher self and she said know I am your past. All I can say is wow. How can I find out more and has it ever happen to you or anyone else. Love and blessings

  114. Ok I’m a little confused because on one hand this article explains that it is the third eye opening and on the other hand it’s saying it’s a psychological phenomenon . Pareidolia in the dictionary means ” the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not exist” it’s picking a face out of Vegemite on a piece of toast or an animal in the clouds. I have also seen faces ever since I can remember and it has never been scary to me at all, I have always found it very facinating and let them flow. I have always assumed I was seeing people on the other side as these faces are quite distinct in characteristics and I would never have thought that my brain could ever have ” imagined” such details. If these faces are reflections of myself or past lives that I am tuning into, well that’s facinating also. I guess I just need it to be explained more, but as the article says ……. I will find out as I develop more I guess

  115. As soon as I close my eyes to meditate, I have five or six faces some are in the back ground but I have one face that comes close stays a couple of seconds then floats away. I feel like this one is trying to tell me something.

  116. i see this one face, sometimes he can change his face yet hes the same spirit, he is half of me from elsewhere and we have met up.. my soulmate in a way. he gives me flowers all the time and feels very loving

  117. I see faces everywhere…in tile. On walls…so funny…i thought it was because I was meant to be a portrait artist…lol

  118. omg!! im not crazyyyy!!! in the last year as i start to go to sleep i see all these faces going by like a movie but some of the faces are creepy but i could never figure out who they were and why i was seeing them on a regular basis!! this shift has awakened many things in me but the faces i could never figure out! thank youuuu!!!

  119. Yes Melanie this describes me. I have live with Pareidolia and I have it to the tenth power as I call it, also I can see these spirits from ethereal world or something. They are like Angels trying to come close enough for me to make out their faces. I feel they are my angels and guide and from time to time a very clear face pops up then it goes just as quickly as it appeared. I get a very deep loving vibe from them. I am still learning to get the hang of maintaining it in view longer. I can also see energy in the air, holographic graphs of some sorts, I can sometimes see a grid in sky and the geometrical shape in a honeycomb format. Thank you for all you do for us Melanie. I love you. Blessings. Namaste

  120. Hi I see these faces when I try and go to sleep they are usually distorted and they don’t stay for long this opening of the 3rd eye thing is this meant to happen later on in life because I’m only 18 and it scares me a little but I feel it’s like opening my eyes by closing them and could this also be the reason i get dejavu all the time.

  121. I see faces and flashes of light. Also when I try to focus on the faces I start to see text that I can’t read. The more I focused the text seemed to be scrolling and turned into lines. I also saw a map once but it faded into blackness when I tried to figure out where it was.

  122. I’m seeing the same faces always with
    my third eye … some come and go but the majority is repeated … always the same man … approached very close and looking at me and were keeping it there for a few minutes … and see behind him and others … as if they waiting for something what does this mean ?…and this buzzing in my ears does not stoping…???

  123. I see the faces when I first wake up in the morning. It’s about 30 seconds of faces and scenes flashing like a slideshow. I see some strange stuff sometimes, like a boy with his lips sewn together. Once, it was like I was standing in front of the Mona Lisa painting. The images aren’t anything I’ve seen or read about during the day.

  124. I used to see faces as a child but more commonly voices which were just noise (I couldn’t make out words), that got louder and louder until I blocked them out somehow. This stopped happening as I grew up.

  125. I started seeing random faces as I would start to doze off beginning when I was a teenager and it continued into my middle 20’s. I havent seen them in quite sometime now. Sometimes they would bother me, but for the most part I just got used to them. I couldn’t control when was happening unless I physically get up. Good to know I’m not alone or crazy. Lol

  126. I keep seeing a woman in a blue and white long gown. Can’t figure what she wants. I’ve been seeing her for a while. Seems to be trying to say something. Your article helped me figure what may work to understand. You mentioned meditation. This may give her time with me being awake and still for a time.

  127. i see faces sometimes I feel them very close to me or I feel they are charging towards me like they know I know they are there and are excited to see me, not sure if I was imagining this. When I ask them to show themselves I start hearing noises, like my bedroom door rattling or other distance sounds this freaks me out and then I ask for it all to stop. I often ask if they can return to me during the day time as I won’t be as scared for the first time, but this hasn’t happened as yet. I will try to be brave and called on archangel Michael and a white light to help me through it. Thank you for the information it was most useful.

  128. I see faces in the clouds during the day, night, in my dreams and also on trees. I have dreams that I or my family are in and they show up days, weeks, months later…that started when I was 12 years old. And I always dream in color and the dreams that show detail, I try to remember those. Thank you for your article today!

  129. I also for as long as I can remember have seen faces and different colours, I can also make the colours change to what I want them to be. I have also seen flashing images mainly in black and white, this doesn’t happen often now only when I’m relaxed, I have never been frightened just fascinated.

  130. Yes, I see them. When I close my eyes for bed. I can also see them other places, one being the tiles on the bathroom floor. I often see the face of Jesus. I do not know what it means. I can see both men and women faces and animals as well. If I point out a face to someone who is with me, they do not see the face or the same thing at all. I see flashes of bright colors. Usually white or royal blue. A beautiful blue. They all scared me as I do not know why I see them. I even told my eye doctor about the flashes of light but not the faces. I have cataracts and am a glaucoma suspect so that is why I told him, thinking it had something to do with that. He did not say anything about them. Thank you for telling about the faces and flashes of light. I feel better now. I was worried it was my eyes as well. The faces do scare me, but now I may not be as afraid. Thank you.

  131. For me it helps closing my central and governing meridians before going to sleep. One can do it using hands or just in your mind. Than I can sleep peacefully. These kind of flashes strike me as a after meditation cleans, especially after catching other peoples energies through out the day. After doing energy work I even get to see some stuck entities. Bud I give it all to light, or call upon Michael. He winks!

  132. Thanx for covering this issue. I usually see faces, among other short flashes, after meditating in the evening, just like you said – before going to sleep. For me it is helpful closing central and governing meridians, one can do it using hands or just with your mind. Than I can sleep peacefully.

  133. I Have Been Seeing Faces And Places For Years, Thank You For the Explanation Of What I Am Seeing. Often I Can See Them Talking To Me But Cannot Hear Them. Sometime I Know Things Before They Happen.

  134. Thank you for this article. I see faces every time I close my eyes and often they kiss. In the last few months I have also seen flashes of light at the corners of my eyes and recently am seeing bright flashes in the room with me. I know they are not to be feared as I believe they are part of the other realms, spirits, angels.
    I am being awakened.

    Melanie I am able to connect now to the centre of earth(down) and to the source (above). I know, feel sense and see that they are helping and at any time I can go within and receive guidance as to my next step or steps.
    I have to say though that I still don’t know what to do with this new ability of mine.
    I sense, feel and see so much in meditation now. Only thing left is to be able to hear them talking.

    Oh btw: In doing your meditations I have seen a face and this face is actually reciting what you have channeled. WI believe it is the angel, archangel who you are channeling for.

    Thank you so much, for your meditations are helping me on this new path of awakening.

    Much Love

  135. I always see a eye, it has a good energy. Any thoughts on this? Also I see beautiful shapes and scenes of another realm.

  136. I have had many of the unusual experiences that you post about, throughout my life. And, I do see abstract faces in random objects, but also, while meditating, I see what looks like black and white old portrait photos of men that flash very quickly from one to another. However, once a color pictured of my sister (who crossed-over) was in the mix. Very interesting. Glad to have some light shed on this experience. Thanks

  137. i also see faces, some human some animals, but now my husband is seeing them as well. 🙂
    When I close my eyes to meditate I see a succession of eyes, most of them looking right into mine… Although mine are closed… Maybe they are looking into my third eye? Some are children’s eyes and some are really old.
    I never thought to ask them what they are trying to tell me…..
    Thank you Melanie.

  138. I started to see faces when closing my eyes before going to bed since late September. A lot of faces I had/have never seen before. 99% of the time, not scary at all, but the small 1% left, I think I have seen scary evil ones (that’s where I pray).
    Last night, I saw a Happy skeleton kind of dancing around…?
    I sometimes see light flashes, luminous geometric shares moving.

    I have no idea what all this really means – I still wonder.

    Thank you for your posts, I really much enjoy reading them every day.

    Infinite Gratitude.

  139. Ive been seeibg faces for as long as I can remember. I also see eyes or just one. None of it scares me. The eye I usually see is mine. Dark brown and I can recognize it as mine, I believe it is my third eye showing me its open. Sometimes it appears closed, sometimes it blinks and moves and im sure tries to tell me things. I also see eagle eyes right in front of mine when my eyes are closed. I think this eagle is with me as a guide. All in all I’ve always wondered why I see the faces, sime are extremely clear others not so. They often look at me and smile..then fade to another face. Its pretty entertaining when there’s no fear. I love it.

    1. The animals could be identified in your family crest which is how families kept track of their geneolgy or which tribe they were from.

  140. I had no idea that seeing faces at night meant anything about my psychic abilities! I always pushed them away ignored them, or just thought it nothing. Thanks for the article! I asked my angels to help open my 3rd eye! This is awesomee!!! Thanks Melanie! ❤️

  141. Thank u for making this clear. I see faces in tiles, clouds, and also see the faces at night.I love you blog and look forward to all the angel sayings and verses u put on. Have been going through a rough patch and all the sayings have given me great comfort and hope for the future. God Bless and many angel blessings for u and your work.

  142. this was so helpful!! Thank you! I’ve often wondered what was going on when I shut my eyes to go to sleep and saw lots of faces!!

  143. I’ve been seeing geometric shapes/grids over the last few months and have just started seeing slideshows of faces – human, caveman, animal etc. It’s really interesting to watch and is never scary. This article has come up just at the right time as it has answered many questions for me. Thank you 🙂

  144. When I was about 26 I saw faces and images for a whole year and was dead scared. Now it is only occasionally and more like knowing somebody has trouble or hasn’t shaped up or is ill or is in town and planning to come and visit . Sometimes I know about things happening in my professional or social scene without having heard or read about it or hearing some words or numbers informing me. Sometimes I see geometric shapes I once saw the most amazing very large shining aura of a friend of mine without knowing at the time. This person communicated with me in a hilarious way from the other side after he died in a motor accident while I was reading the telegram informing me about it. Only I could have known about it. A while ago I had an experience of awe right next to me of sound and movement, and so many many syncronicitys every day which I now understand

  145. I have had full body images as well as just the faces. i had always wondered who they were. they werent familiar to me. I did have an awesome yet scarey image last month. i know i fell asleep but it felt like i was hovering below my ceiling, waiting to get threw. i looked down and seen my bed and it was empty.

  146. Dear Melanie,

    Mam your article on seeing faces is really helpful. My dad is experiencing this, so it is now clarify. Mam thanks a lot for your divine guidance.


    Girish Phanse

  147. I also see faces at the starting time of sleep. First I was not comfortable wit it, now I am at ease with these faces, and same has been reciprocated by the them, Now I see them smiling and happy being with me. I enjoy this time and perhaps they also. God Bless Them All and You for bringing this insight and clearing the mist.

  148. This makes a lot of sense to me , I cant say I see faces , I hear names and when I concentrate on the name I start hearing music and the message is in the songs that I hear .People tell me that they feel my energy healing them just by talking to them , just the other day a friend I met through face book came to visit and she just started feeling sleepy and I let her sleep a bit and when she woke up we started talking and I connected with her ancestors from back to the year 1818, best reading ever.

  149. This imformation has been very helpful.I also see faces in artwork specially pastel paintings,also at night.I can relate to all the place with faces.Thank you for sharing I appreciate it!.

  150. even i saw faces in dreams bt not much.most of the time i dream about getting married though m married bt m getting married again n every time in diffrent situation . Why do i get that kind of dreams can u tell me plz?

  151. Finally an explanation, would have been helpful 30 years ago but better late than never.

    Seeing the ‘faces’, (i even called it that) was something that happened to me at night from when i can remember. When i closed my eyes, when i had them open basically everywhere i looked there they were.

    I thought this was normal until and that everyone saw them until i was around 8 or 9, i mentioned it to my sister who was 3 years younger than me and made her afraid of the dark, poor thing. i then told my Dad who thought i was a nut job and basically told me to block it out otherwise i would need to see somebody and so thats what i did, blocked it out.

    Its still shut now and im 33 even though i realised a while ago it was a gift i had, im now afraid to allow myself to see things. I get flashes sometimes and visions when im doing treatments and meditating but nothing more. Ive tried to see the ‘faces’ like before but at the same time i block it as soon as something shows.

    Whilst this article explains a lot, it also upsets me that the knowledge wasnt as readily available all those years ago so that i could have wrote down what i saw and developed further, so that i didnt scare my sister and parents.

    Whilst some people may say it was what was meant to happen and its one of my challenges to overcome, it still does make me sad.

  152. hi Melanie ,everything u wrote about happens to me ,it’s very interesting I’d like to c more things like that ,how can I do that ,thanks

  153. I started out seeing purple and shawdows,and then faces and sometimes I will see a face and the name written beside it.I have also seen people I don’t know like a man and women in a house sitting on a couch talking to each other but cant hear what they were saying.I have seen amny faces and their mouthes are moving like they are talking but I cant hear them.Thanks for the post.

  154. Yes, Melanie. I have seen faces when I close my eyes to sleep, to meditate, and when close my eyes to wash my face or rinse my face in the shower, etc. as long as I can remember. They are not frightening however, just faces. They are of different ethnicities, both sexes, different time periods and all ages. I’ve thought of trying to sketch them but haven’t. I’ve wondered if perhaps these are previous incarnations, or people from my previous incarnations, or spiritual guides, ancient ancestors, etc. Only here, has someone addressed it. Thank you so much for this information. I am grateful to have finally found some type of explanation for this.

  155. how do i continue to recieve post on facebook or by my email? Thank you and have a great night. 🙂 oh yes are the post or emails free?only asking because im on a fixed income.

  156. yes I see faces when I closed my eyes,sometime I see people doing thing,but I don’t pay attention to that,one time I saw a lot of light in very little dots in green and the form like a person,I think they was a angel,I belive in Angels.some times I see thing,but I don’t like it because I feel a little bit scared.

  157. Thank you, this happens to me quite often. I was never afraid, just didn’t really know what it meant. The lights have happened to me for years, the faces started a few years ago!


  159. I always see faces before I go to sleep, but I was never scared, at least I know now what it means. I’m going through a lot at the moment so my third eye is pretty much redundant at the moment.

  160. I liked this very much ! I have this happen for years ! And it usually scares me . My faces are old and deformed,insane looking,or demonish like gargoyles? ?laughing at me taunting me somehow ?? I will be following up pn your suggestions.

  161. I see faces and flash of lights when I close my eyes to go to sleep. I’m awake I just see this..I always wondered what it was or meant..or if was something or someone try to connect but is just the doesn’t scare me..I even like it n it last until I fall asleep sometimes.

  162. This is something I’ve been asking myself like forever! I’ve asked other people who are in the Psychic field and they all looked at me if I was the one being crazy seeing things that were product of my imagination. Never got an answer from anyone about it. It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it did, it happened out of the blue and very crystal clear. Never knew the person who appeared and most of the times, they appeared in a not very nice way. I could see their pain, sadness and the state of how they passed. I’ve had a few where are smiling and even dancing. Thank you for posting this. Now I know I’m not crazy.

  163. This is a very interesting article! Every night when I close my eyes, I first see white light followed by colors, purple colors mostly. Once I am totally relaxed and starting to fall asleep I have experienced seeing faces, sometimes only one face appears and leaves and other times I see a few…like a slideshow as stated in the article. This sort of thing never scared me, I enjoy it and just go with it, I find it very fascinating! So, this article, I found very interesting indeed!

  164. My brother passed away 20 months ago and his face appeared on the tiles in my bathroom my sister passed soon after now I see her face then my husband passed 9 months ago and his face is there now they are dark blue tiles and their faces are so clear my mother passed one month after my brother but I cant see her face what does this mean all my family can see them too. God bless.phil.

  165. Yes I experience this all the time . Never scares me though .
    But I am hearing a voice that just calls nana , when I answer it it never says ant more .
    It has started to annoy me as I have tried to connect with it and asked who it was and assured it I wasn’t going to harm it . But no avail
    I sometimes on getting into bed , just say to it , if ur not going to answer me , then don’t call me .
    Still confused !