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Sedona Vortex Energy

Sedona Vortex

Tuning Into Vortex Energy in Sedona (Or Wherever You Are)

For the past couple of months I've been living in Sedona Arizona… If you aren't familiar with Sedona, there is a incredible vortex energy here which has made it quite the popular spiritual travel destination.

Take a look at this video about the Sedona Vortexes

And for a good reason, it's truly a breathtakingly beautiful place, the energy here is lovely, and the presence of Divine Light and Awakened Earth Energy really is strong.

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This is true for all of Sedona, but there are also some special places here where the energy gets very strong

These are the vortexes, and I've been loving hiking to and meditating at both the many known and relatively unknown vortex sites in Sedona.

But the thing is, you don't have to travel to Sedona, or to the many other well known Vortex locations on the planet to tune into the healing, inspiring and rejuvenating Vortex light.

And for some people, even by being at a Vortex they're not able to tune in! In fact when I last hiked to the Cathedral Rock Vortex, there was a woman there who quite annoyed and loudly proclaimed: “It's pretty but it's just not a vortex, I don't feel anything.”

Meanwhile I'm blissing out on the Divine Light and Earth Energy of the Vortex light spiraling around us.

This doesn't mean I'm special or anything… Because anyone can tune into Vortex light.

And that's just it… Wherever you are, you can tune into Vortex energy.

So, in my new YouTube video, I share with you exactly how to tune into vortex energy right where you are!

You'll get to experience vortex energy right now…  Plus you'll know just what to do to tune in if you do find yourself in Sedona, at Mount Shasta, hiking Machu Picchu or at one of the many other vortex locations around the planet.


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