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archangel gabrielConnect With Archangel Gabriel

June is the birthday month of Gemini and Gabriel is the Archangel of Gemini. This month she brings a lighter brighter feel to peoples lives and asks us to make the most out of networking and social connections for our spiritual and personal growth. She is the perfect angel to connect with to open your senses further as she is the Professional Messenger of the zodiac and is responsible for transmitting angel messages clearly and efficiently to people.

You will notice I have called Gabriel ‘she' as she is an angel whose energy changes depending on whom she is working with. Some sense Gabriel as a strong male nurturing energy helping us to be clear about what we wish to experience, others have experienced her as the maternal figure of the Angelic realm with a ‘big sister' type energy that loves you unconditionally and wishes to nurture your sense of joy and opening.

What is clear is that Gabriel can help us in so many ways and one of the messages that she conveys is to ask for what you want, and then to work on matching your ‘tone' to align with the experience which is sought after. She advocates looking for all the freedoms you have in your life and celebrating these and embracing your ability as it is now in order that through gratitude and joy you will open to greater degrees of interaction with the guided realms.

When I work with Gabriel I use her beautiful orange and gold energy to assist people in cleansing fear from their vibration and also to open their Spiritual Psychic chakras further in a beautiful opening excercise – she opens our audiant chakras and our third eye along with our heart chakra gently and at a rate that we can flow with, she will then stand with you as you work with either oracle cards or your subtle senses to sense her presence and hear and see her beautiful loving and empowering messages for you.

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A session with Gabriel leaves people feeling reassurred and soothed, she has a gentleness which is hand in hand with the clear and accurate guidance which she imparts and I find her energy most useful in helping people to understand their gift better, how it works and how it has been blocked.

Gabriels message to you today is not to doubt that you too have this ability. What ever circumstances in your life Gabriel will help you to understand how these can be shifted and worked through easily so that new and more joyful energy can enter easily and bring wonderful new experinces and out comes to your life.

When we work with Gabriel in Development sessions she assists people in determining exactly how their gift works, she provides wonderfully clear answers to what is blocking you and will also channel individual ways of opening further to the realm of angels and guides. She can assist you in fine tuning your audiant, voyant and sentinent senses so that you are able to make the most of the messages the angelic realm and best of all she will ensure it is Only angelic energy you are attuned to if this worries you at all.

I love seeing customers beaming with confidence when they realise they can actually feel Gabriels physical presence, I won't spoil it for you because here at we are now offering these development sessions as stand alone sessions, so that you can benefit from the package that is right for you.

So if you are wanting to work with oracle cards and ensure you know what is real guidance and what isn't – if you want to know how to open your chakras that you work with psychically so you can open them more whenever you wish, and you want real time messages about Your gift then a one off ‘Opening To Receive Messages with Gabriel' session is for you!

Simply book a one hour channelled reading and specify this as your choice, she will take you from what ever level you are at to the next level in a truly joyful and clear way, paving the way for you to start getting your own guidance when ever you need it!

Gabriel's final message to you is please don;t doubt your self. People have been connecting with angels for thousands of years, and now, if your reading this, its Your turn to benefit from the support and magic that they assist you with.

With Angel Blessings for a peaceful now

Sheelagh and the angels

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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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