Archangel Gabriel Prayer ~ Invoke the Archangel of Divine Communication
Archangel Gabriel Prayer

Archangel Gabriel Prayer – Calling In the Archangel of Divine Communication

Connect with Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel of Divine Communication

Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of Divine Communication. This Archangel Gabriel Prayer will support you in tuning into the incredible strength and illumination of Gabriel. When called upon, Archangel Gabriel will assist you in directly tuning into messages of the Divine so you can step into more of your authentic truth and divine nature.

Connect with Gabriel to discover your awakened, vibrant, illuminated self as a divine being in physical form.

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Experience the Archangel Gabriel Prayer

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Archangel Gabriel Prayer

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Guidance, Support and Wisdom. Check out my full post for more tips and insight about calling archangelic guidance and support from Gabriel. To invoke Archangel Gabriel with this prayer, it's best to begin by relaxing and imagining light all around you. Imagine that you’re breathing it in and lifting your vibration. As you exhale, let go. Focus on the center of your being; your heart. Let your heart open and glow with light, then think or say something like the following:

“Archangel Gabriel, I now invoke your presence and invite you to connect with me directly.

Please step forward with your full frequency and help me to raise my vibration, so I can tune into your guidance, love and presence. Help me to directly connect with divine truth and wisdom.

Help me to illuminate my light to the highest possible level, so that I more fully stand in my truth as an awakened spiritual being in physical form.

“Help me to clearly know the next steps to take and to more fully align with divine truth. Support me in aligning with the divine will for my life, and show me the actions, habits, intentions, and steps that will bring me into closer alignment to my soul purpose.

Show me the path to my authentic truth, to the highest, best, most loving possible outcome in every area of my life.

I ask you to help me let go of any lower vibrations that are weighing me down and to more vibrantly shine with divine light, with Christ light, with crystalline light from within. Let this light fill my being and ripple out beyond me far and wide.

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“Thank you for guiding me in every area of my life, supporting me, and helping me in standing in my full divine nature and authentic truth. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

When You Ask, Archangel Gabriel Will Answer

As you are invoking the presence of Archangel Gabriel, open your heart, let your energy expand, and let your light grow more vibrant. Know that when you ask, Archangel Gabriel will answer.

The more you raise your vibration and become a match for the incredible being of light and love that is his vibrational nature, the more effortless, and the more possible it's going to be for you to tune into his messages and presence.

Learn more about how to raise your vibration here!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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Ivana says November 12, 2017

Today I was invoking archangels to see how each one of them feels to me.I got impressions on each,last one was Gabriel.I feel I have to call on him/her more to express myself in a creative ways.

Darlene says November 11, 2017

I have the worst luck in the world. Always have. I am in need of all kinds of help and guidance.

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if you have a prayer to conceive a healthy baby please do send me

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