Predictions For The New Year

Predictions For The New Year

2014 psychic predictions

2014 Psychic Predictions

by Angelic Channel, Sheelagh Maria 

The angels aren't big on predictions.  They talk to me all of the time about realising we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe and so any and all predictions made are on the existing time line or energy surrounding a situation at this moment.  They want you to know you have complete control over the type of experiences you are going to be exposed to in 2014 by making conscious efforts to focus your thoughts and feelings in a more positive manner…
Trying to predict a certainty is like looking for a needle in a very large haystack and the ‘need to know' is within our thoughts because we are feeling scared or insecure over the ‘what if's ‘ of a situation.  Metatron says that Predictions have a way of putting fear into people if they are not as they want or not alerting people to take responsibility for making what the want come to them, it puts emphasis on inaction and also on others who if the best doesn't occur (because the focus was not on any action needed to be taken) then it was the fault of the psychic or clairvoyant who had the gall to predict this outcome in the first place.

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With knowing this, there can be some benefit in finding out what is to come in the near year. For with awareness you can learn and claim responsibility for attracting your dreams and hearts desires.
Metatron's prediction for you personally is this:  If you are prepared to take responsibility and accountability for the types of thoughts you are having
and the types of feelings you are having about your thoughts, then consistent evidence in line with the vibration you are ‘giving off' Has to come into your experience.

Metatron would like to say that his predictions for the world are as follows:

There will be more readdressing of the balance by Mother nature, this is not stated to cause fear or apprehension but rather to allow people to start to take responsibility for the waste and toxins that we all consume and put back into Gaia, Mother Nature was a soul herself once and she is doing her part to try and educate man on his choices where consumables are concerned,  it is a shame that people transition to spirit in large numbers at times because of this, yet if we can learn to each take responsibility for our own ‘footprint' both energetically and practically in our world and life, the change will start and many more readjustments will not be needed, it only takes one light.
There will be more people leaving for spirit in the show-business industry, and again here Metatron speaks of those that have recently past into spirit, this is stated with love and he is asking you to see their legacy, their lessons, and their gifts they have left us during their time on earth.
Allow those gifts to resonate within your own reality and allow their light that glows so much brighter now, to illuminate your own.  Be the beacon and behold the radiance that reflects back at you when you choose this.
There will be disruption with the banking systems and people will be ill equipped to come with this, again this ‘gift' contained inside is to dig deep and rely on your own resources rather than electronic ones.  Allow your inner computer or inner assistant to bring you what you need.
People will witness great acts of courage and service, this is not sacrifice it is a pre agreed contract to demonstrate to great numbers of souls how to take action and how to demonstrate good and honourable choice making.  It is to take great value from all that you have and to appreciate everything and everyone within your life for all of the gifts and contrasts that they bring.
More and more people will be turning to the spiritual world to receive guidance, economically there will be challenges for more families and people will want to learn how to change the tide how to manifest their own abundance rather than relying on society to bring it to them, so this too is a blessing for there is always an infinite supply of money and food and love it is the extent to which it is allowed to reach you that determines your emotional and practical wealth.

predictions for the new year

There will be more small business being set up and more and more people will be promoting a wide diversity of coaching training healing and soul nuture
and this is because new rays of healing and angelic consciousness are starting to come in.
Star energy is available to those who are working at the level of the Higher Mind.  Star energy is where our souls came from, and these fearless spiritual workers and light-bearers will shine the way with their gentle wisdom and will want to share their tools to promote healing and positive change.
More angels will be on earth in physical form and more and more people will become aware of their own connection to their Guardian Angel.  Peoples clairvoyance and clairaudience will strike them in their later years when for years they hadn't been aware they were able to hear or see or sense or know a thing.  They will teach this as the norm to their children and grandchildren thus breeding a new ‘club' of light bearers to lead and shine the way.
Light pollution will infiltrate the night sky and the western ways will invade upon indigenous tribes and the reverse is true the wisdom and healing practices of these native tribes will gather cudos and evidence and they will teach people how to survive in a changing world.
Wisdom and tools will be shared freely.  People will want to connect to their own inner guidance system and despite outward appearances of things ‘going wrong' the future is very very bright mankind is capable of great cruelty it is true however we are also capable of great kindness and courage and more and more leaders will emerge from the shadows in smaller less glamorous ways and show others the true beauty of the human soul.
Find out what is coming to you in the new year, we would like you to learn and know how to be responsible for attracting in all that you only dream of at this stage.
Are you ready to make your own predictions come true?  Are you more interested in the way it can be rather than the way it has been?
Order your Special angelic forecast with a personal channeled message from the angels now and find out what fate has in store.
You will be uplifted guided and encouraged to make 2014 your best year yet.

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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