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How The Phases of The Moon Affect You

Do you pay attention to the phases of the moon?

Phases of the Moon

The Moon is the closest celestial body to us on Earth, and it has long been known to have an impact on everything from farming and fishing to personal moods, energy levels, and manifestation results.

It's long been known that emotions and energy levels on the Full Moon runs high… But paying attention to the phases of the moon throughout the lunar cycle, can help you to stay in rhythm with the natural world, and in sync with the divine nature of time.

The energies of the lunar cycle correspond with a complete manifestation period, and so being aware of the current phase of the moon can help you to supercharge your intentions, connect you with energetic support in releasing, and can help you to consciously improve your life.

Technically, the moon goes through eight phases each lunar cycle. But I'm going to simplify things a bit by focusing on the main four phases of the moon, which through awareness, we can each tap into for manifestation.

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These four moon phases are the New Moon, Waxing Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and the Waning Quarter Moon.

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Let's start at the beginning of the Lunar Cycle, with the New Moon. At the time of the New Moon, the moon appears to be dark… and infinite possibilities seem to become available.

The New Moon is a time of rebirth, the beginning of a new cycle, and it offers you a fresh start. This is the perfect time to set intentions and to write out your goals for the month ahead, as well as longer term goals which will take multiple cycles of creation to manifest and complete.

During the Waxing Quarter Moon, from our perspective on earth, the moon is gradually increasing in light. This is the time period between the New Moon to the Full Moon. It is a time of action, initiation, and increasing momentum.

During the Waxing phase of the moon you're supported in starting the process of creation, through taking new action and initiating new plans to accomplish what you intended on the New Moon.

When the moon is Full, and fully illuminated in the night sky, it's the perfect time to really take inventory of your progress towards implementing the intentions which were set at the beginning of the cycle.

moon cycleHow far have you come and how far is left to go? Are there areas which you need to change or adjust in order to more effectively move forward? The Full Moon light seems to illuminate your path, showing you both what has been accomplished and what is possible within the present cycle, as well as further into the distant future.

During the Full Moon is a wonderful time to consciously let go of what is no longer serving you, and that which you are ready to release and move on from as you will be energetically supported in this now.

The Full Moon is a wonderful time to recharge yourself with meditation, connecting with the Divine and with your angels, and it's also quite conducive to charging up your crystals, oils, and any other spiritual or magical objects you own by placing them outside under the light of the Full Moon.

From the time of the Full Moon, until the moon is new once again, it appears to be decreasing in light. This is the phase of the Waning Moon.

When the moon has reached a half way point of illumination, it is called the Waning Quarter Moon. At this time the intentions you set during the New Moon and waxing phase are really starting to manifest. It's better to carry out plans which were initiated towards the beginning of the lunar cycle, rather than starting new projects. This time period is perfect for implementing your plans, ideas, and intentions from the start of this lunar cycle… as well as intentions which will take many cycles to complete.

The waning moon phase is a good time to take inventory of how things are manifesting, and reflecting on your creation process. Are you on track with your intentions? If not, this is a good time to refine your process, and gently correct your course. You may also be getting signals of how your goals and intentions could be refined to better serve. Begin to think about the new intentions and goals you will set with the start of the new lunar cycle, about a week away.

Do you feel tense during the time of the Waning Quarter Moon? This is normal, and with this awareness you can choose to be extra patient, mindful and present so that you are gentle with yourself and others.

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Paying more attention to the lunar cycle can be simple and fun. Consciously notice where the moon is during it's cycle and notice how your energy relates. With increased awareness of the cycles of the moon, and of your own energy and the correlation between you will become more closely aligned with the manifestation power within each cycle, and with the Divine nature of time.

With many blessings of love, light and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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