Opening To Spirit & Self Belief -

Opening To Spirit & Self Belief

Channeled Message From Archangel Michael

By Sheelagh Maria

archangel michael

You are reading this post. This was written by our channel Sheelagh, and She is faithfully transcribing our messages to You at This Time.

It has long been recognised and made apparent that the human kind have an ability to connect and to heighten their vibration, and therefore ability to connect with other non physical realms. However, there is also the belief that only certain ‘talented and gifted and chosen' individuals can do this.

We would have you know this is not the case. Everyone, disregard of their creed, age, sex or status, or belief has the ability inherent within them to commune and converse with us and all of the entities of the Light.

We would encourage you to ask yourselves Why Would We give only limited ability to All, when You All Came and Derived from us?

It could be said or perceived that in matters of confidence or showmanship there are those that excel, however their own path is one that will lead them perhaps out of the spiritual connection for a time if this is what they seek.

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Your own gift is inherent. Indeed you do not require or need funds or even the Internet to access the ability to develop this, even time is only a perception of linear thinking!

So I greet you all to this tutorial and I ask you to ask yourself, Do you wish to delve further?
Are you ready to answer your own questions?

Shall you have more faith in another than you do yourself?
The channel, is being inputted with directions and signals if you will to help others access

their own divine knowledge, birthright and purpose.
This knowledge once known can be acted upon in a way that enables you to attract, develop or manifest the outward ‘show' or proof of success development or experience that you would prefer at this time.

We know that there are those amongst you who feel a yearning an urge to help others, we would ask you to take a moment to heighten your own vibration before attempting to help others heighten theirs.
Once it is done it cannot be undone nor would one wish it to be, for there are only favourable contents and contexts to which will flow into ones life.

Experience may suggest to you that an awful lot of time and money needs, or must be invested in the right ‘teacher' to enable you to take advantage of your gift and its unveiling to the world. However, we would ask that, that which is yours is already apparent and just like the Ugly Duckling it is already evident though perhaps not in the capacity in which it is truly assigned to you, and only a few pointers are needed to unleash the Self Belief and the pathway suddenly becomes Clear.

Indeed if you wish to unveil and deepen your connection to US, we are here, and are ready, have always been ready to facilitate this change.

Our Channel has been entrusted with passing on our individual instructions on how to awaken the Inner feeling knowing, seeing, and hearing that you have always attributed to gut instinct.
We ask you, how would your life be transformed if you had your own mystic, able to help you 24/7 and manage your dreams becoming reality?

This question and many others shall be covered by our channel during the time in which the veil parts.

We leave you now with love and surety that yes this is meant for You too. You can create a soulful and heart centered life and business right from where you are and the biggest obstacle is actually getting out of your own way! We leave you with warm tidings and ask you for a second to Believe to Conceive what is possible, if those steps are taken?

With love your ever present friend

~Archangel Michael

channeled by Sheelagh Maria

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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