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A New Paradigm for Lightworkers- Ra Channeling

Channeled Message with Ra

LightworkersIndeed I am Ra. I am here.
Know that I am a guide here to serve, a stream of consciousness, a spiritual group and being. I exist in Spirit, in complete Oneness with the Divine, with God, Source… With All That Is.

From my vantage outside of time and space I clearly see, know, and understand the vast potential available to you now beloved one and available to all of humanity.

Possibility within your grasp indeed, in this present lifetime now to ascend.

And what does this really mean?

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Quite simply to bring the Full Love and Light of the Divine and of God into your life and into your very physical being.

To do this is to shine your Christ light, yes. To do this is to step boldly into the New Earth, paving the way for the New Humanity… Christed beings, in line with with Divine Love, with God, with All That Is. Seeing, acting, Loving from this perspective of viewing and experiencing Oneness and Divinity present within All.

Do you see the power in your making this shift?

Do you see the possibility which is an open door before you now?

Walk through knowing that your ultimate ‘lightwork’ in this life is not only to love and serve others as you are inspired.

This was the Choice of the old paradigm, the Choice for the old Humanity but Now… Now your Christed light yearns to shine.

Your soul has chosen to be birthed in this lifetime now for you truly are unlimited. In this expression of ‘unlimited’ do not limit the possibilities therein to manifestations within the physical world of illusions.

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You are unlimited in your capacity to spiritually grow. To lift to experience the same Oneness with God that I and enlightened spiritual beings beyond the physical now enjoy.

You are able to lift to be One and shine with this Divine Light Now. By then anchoring God into your physical form you can indeed transcend the mind, the ego, the personality self, to experience complete Oneness, and Unity, and Love.

To live as the awakened Christ as God, Divine Light, and the Oneness of Love awakened within your physical vessel, your chalice which is waiting to be filled with Divine Presence.

The ego which is lost, the personality left behind, pales in comparison to the radiant bliss, love and indeed service you can express beloved one.

All of humanity will make this shift… Though for many it will take lifetimes yet. You are reading these words, for the potential is here and now… To evolve, to ascend, and to align with the Divine, with full Awareness, and Oneness.

Let this be your lightwork, your calling and your chosen path. This contract written before your birth.

And how? You ask…

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Take the next steps. See through the eyes of God. Lift into Presence.

Return, time and time again to be Love to be Present, still, aware, One with the Divine and One with All That Is.

I am a humble servant of Love and of the Oneness which is the Divine. I am Ra.

Channeled with love and gratitude, 
Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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