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How To Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts Fast!

Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking lowers your vibration and blocks you off from manifesting what you really want. So how do you STOP your Negative Thoughts in their tracks? Negative thoughts can lead you astray from creating the life you desire. Get out of the negative spiral with this powerful and simple process. You can stop negativity in its tracks when you recognize that negative thinking does not do anything to improve your situation.

The Purpose of Negative Thoughts

There's a little sneakiness on behalf of the ego. The lower ego mind believes that negativity serves a purpose. That worrying about someone is helping them in some way, when in fact this is not true! It’s a trap.

Worry, doubt, and shame lowers your vibration and amplifies more potential situations that keep you locked into a perpetuating cycle of creating negative thinking and challenging experiences. When you have a negative outlook on life, your focus of attention is negativity and that is what you create.

The real secret here is to change the way you perceive your situation, in order to move into cultivating and creating the positive experiences that are possible for you in your life.

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The Power of Positivity

Staying positive is so powerful. There are many references in books and Law of Attraction material that demonstrate how positively changing your thoughts, can change your life. And it makes sense. When you have a positive outlook on the world, your day feels brighter.

But believe me, it’s not always easy to positively change your thoughts in an instant.  I understand that the voice of negativity, fear, doubt, worry, judgment can be so loud.

That's where this simple process comes in to stop negative thinking in its tracks, and take back control over your own mind, so you can start living consciously and joyfully.

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Use This Positive Visualization To Stop Negative Thinking


Recap Of The Process to Stop Negativity

Visualize Yourself Pushing out Negative thoughts

Take all the time you need with this exercise. Stay present in your mental sphere, and ask your guardian angel for help.

If you’d like assistance, ask your guardian angels as they’re more than happy to assist you in pushing out the negative thoughts, pushing them out of your mind, out of your consciousness, and out of the present point in time.

When you push out negativity, it becomes so much easier to peace, presence, and stillness within. Keep tuning into the golden light and angels surrounding you. When your mind feels clear, let go of focusing on this exercise of pushing out, and just feel into the lightness and peace that has always been present beneath the layers of negativity.

When you clear your mind of negativity and all the energies that weigh you down, you open the door to receiving inspiration, uplifting and positivity that uplifts, inspires, and blesses you.

Reset Your Mind With Gratitude

Now that your mind has cleared of negative thoughts, take a moment to re-center in the present moment through gratitude. Fill your mind with gratitude, with love, or with a blessing.

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Instead of worrying or fretting about whatever you've just pushed out, focus towards what you are grateful for.

Make a Gratitude List

Go through a list of all the things you're grateful for. What nourishes you? What energizes you? Name something outside in nature that is beautiful to you. Notice the things you have that have made your life easier! Express appreciation for your loved ones and the blessings you have and can create in life.

Returning to A Magical Experience

Another way to infuse your mind with gratitude is to relive the most magical, positive, beautiful experiences of your life. Remember that place in time, and with your memory and imagination, transport yourself to that magical memory and feel what it felt like. See what was around you, hear the sounds and re-experience that feeling gratitude for that magic. Allow that magic to nourish you, and count your blessings.

Once you start living consciously in gratitude, you change your point of attraction.

End it with a Blessing

Finally, you can choose to send blessings and the energy of blessing to everything and everyone around you.

“May you be well, may you be loved. May you experience kindness, compassion, healing, positive frequency.”

When you push out negative thoughts and return to love, gratitude and the energy of blessing you positively change your point of attraction and bring yourself into alignment with manifesting the blessings and the outcomes you actually seek.

What you want to manifest and create in your life is a vibrational opposite to the negativity that has a way of emerging from the lower ego mind.

So push out the negativity, return to love and realign vibrationally and energetically with your highest possible timeline, with the energy that is in alignment with what you really want.

Give this a try and then comment below and let me know how it goes for you!

With love and bright blessings,



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