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Manifesting New Beginnings with Archangel Haniel

New MoonWe are in the middle of an equinox and also the magic of the moon is all around us!

Haniel, the magical archangel of the moon has come forward to help you with how to manifest and actualize new beginnings during this time.


Establish a connection

We can always ask an angel to be with us any time anywhere and they will be immediately and without question, however they are not obliged to ‘do’ anything for us if we do not ask, they want to and they are waiting however for them they need to be asked ‘hey help me out a little here’

Haniel asks you to ask her to join you when there is a full moon, or a new moon as this is the time that connection is easiest as the veil is thinner, simply going outside looking at the moon and breathing in its beautiful lunar cool and magical energy will imbue with its properties.

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Alternatively imagining the moon streaming through your window and affirming ‘Archangel Haniel of the moon, magic and manifestation be with me now and allow me to know and feel that you are clearing me from any blockages obstacles and allowing our connection to be strong.’

Ask Haniel to allow you to feel her presence, she is is likely to cause you to feel cool or tingly, the air around you may feel lighter these are all signs that she is with you. Holding a moonstone or an opal or even a quartz will strengthen your connection to this magical lady of the Lunar.

Make Magic Happen

Lighting a candle is also a beautiful way of signalling that its time to connect. Imagine her standing in front of you with long blonde hair and eyes of the palest blue, she is often depicted wearing white or cream with a sash of blue or green.

Asking her to bring you resources, solutions or the portal that you need to ‘allow’ situations to evolve or transend current blocks is a wonderful way of allowing her to work with you. By asking for resources or Solutions it gives her the ease and grace to flow new energy your way through many avenues, some of which may be conversations that you over hear or solutions brought to you through the media or introductions.

Testing testing

Angels love opportunities to show they are with you, so asking her to do small fun things is a sure fire way of building your knowing she IS there when you ask. Asking her to show you she is with you and then noticing feathers of purest white, or noting a pale yellow flower or butterfly or even a pale yellow bird are all signs that she is right in your aura.

Noticing a particularly innocent looking child with pale hair and skin is also a sign, as is noticing the moon early in the day time, or seeing the sun coming through the trees in a magical way.

Haniel is great at bringing coins as signs too so even if it is just a quarter or a pound accept it – she knows you know its here and she will be able to get closer with that faith.

Asking her to get you in touch with the right people when you have an issue such as getting through on a phone line really works, as its helping you to get through ques quickly. Shes also wonderful at smoothing over communications and arguments and helping the other person to see your point of view.

Where money is concerned she will show you ways to ask for ‘more’ or ask for your money to go further, so seeing special offers, or being treated to a meal out or someone gifting something to you are all ways that she shows she is helping your ability to receive.

The magic of working with Haniel is that she empowers You, she does not do it for you but opens the door for your self belief to grow so that you become more accustomed to asking and much more open about receiving.

Compliments are another way she shows she is around, accept them graciously and bringing gentle responses from people that are usually not so understanding is another sign of her magic at work.

Animals coming up to you when you are lonely if they are in a field this is often a sign she is near as are white birds or doves or even seagulls just resting where you are near,

Haniel works through trees as well, so if you see a beauitful tree and just feel a desire to walk amongst them this is her reaching out to your through nature

Haniel wants you to know there is So much help out there and if you need instant illumination on someone elses view point, or you need to understand ‘why’ a certain situation is the way it is and cannot see how to improve it a Magical Manifestation reading where we channel Haniels illumination is a great way to open the energy up.

Typically she will show you what is going on in simple terms and will prescribe words and excersises to allow the enregy to flush through and bring solutions and options that were not there before.

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If in doubt, shout is our motto here at ask angels, and with the magic of Haniel at your disposal and also at its strongest round about now, we urge you if there are situations that are feeling ‘stuck’ let myself and Haniel guide the way.

Things can be magical fun easy joyful and blissful, are you ready for double doses of all of those?

With magic and blessings of moonlight,

Sheelagh and The Angels

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  1. I have a picture of the leaves of a tree and there is a special light between the leaves. I took it while my father was sick. Do you think there were Haniel??
    I would like to send you the picture, but I didn’t now how to do it.

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