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Healing Your Inner Goddess Angel Message

Healing Your Inner GoddessI invite you to take a deep relaxing breath and begin to focus within. Open your heart and begin to notice and sense the angels and your guides who are all around. I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible guide or angel with an activation and experience that will most serve all who will listen to this. Please come in, connect, and channel through me now.

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I invite you to take a deep relaxing breath and begin to focus within. Open your heart and begin to notice and sense the angels and your guides who are all around. I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible guide or angel with an activation and experience that will most serve all who will listen to this. Please come in, connect, and channel through me now.

Beloved one, indeed, I am here. I, Archangel Haniel, greet you in this now in a orb, a light, of bluish color that is all around you. Know that this light serves to simply lift you in vibration to cleanse your emotional field, your mental field, and your spiritual field. This blue light dissolves those limitations and doubts and any negativity that may be attached to you in this now. And so imagine this blue orb of light all around you, this is my energy and I am pleased to connect with you now, to assist you in honoring yourself in every aspect of you. You are beautiful, you are a dearly beloved, divine, spiritual being and as you are able to appreciate who you are in this very moment, as you are able to honor the cycles, moods, and rhythms that flow in and out of your experience, you will see that, yes, you will make it through this transition all on planet Earth are experiencing. Yes, you will come out on the other side more connected to your spirit, more connected to your light, and to love.

Consciously open your heart now and again notice the blue orb of light all around you dissolving away barriers, blockages, doubts, and helping you to tune in to your subtle senses, your psychic senses, the full spectrum of your sensitivity.

Beloved one, it is not with your physical senses that you are able to reach into the realms of angels and the nonphysical, it is through the subtle vibrations of love, of compassion, of opening your heart that you, dearest one, that you are able to directly connect with the love, with the well being, with the peace, with the light of source energy, creative source, the one source flowing throughout all that is that you see, indeed, you are a part of, an essential component. And in this moment as you are able to embrace all that you are, take a moment to reflect on this year so far, on your path of awakening, and to fully awaken there must be the willingness, the acknowledgment, that perhaps you have been on autopilot still in some areas, asleep to others. Be aware that essentially there is room for new growth. Acknowledging this within yourself brings you into alignment with being able to flow with the changes happening on Earth. You are supported on your path of improvement and spiritual growth.

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A divine recalibration is happening now on Earth as Goddess energy returns to power on the planet. You are supported in bringing the goddess energy inside of you to the surface. This is true whether you are feminine or masculine as your natural physical state of being on your earth, on your planet, for many decades a realm of patriarchy has resided. The goddess energy has been suppressed for some time and it now reemerges beginning with you and you are able to witness new beginning with the transit of Venus across the sun. (refers to June 2012 event)

Venus representing the goddess, representing love, and moving into direct alignment with the sun, illuminating then the goddess energy, the love energy, tenderness, gentleness, sensitivity. And so while these things are illuminated, the wave of resurgence of the feminine power begins. This is now brought to the surface within you. And so if your goddess self, whether you are male or female, has been injured in this life or others, has been mistreated, has experienced challenges, when this goddess energy comes to the surface, so too do these hard aspects that are still present. And all this bubbles up now for a very divine and a very important reason, it is for you to, once and for all, heal your goddess self.

For men this may be healing the part of them as a small sensitive child that was taught to not show emotion, to be tough, to be fierce, to be masculine. But now honoring your intuitive, emotional, feminine side offers a gift, offers you the ability to tune in more subtly. You are sensitive now and this increasing sensitivity serves you so that you are able to know your direction, know the new project that will bring you more joy and love into your life, that will serve you in assisting humanity, bringing forth new ideas and new ways of relating.

The ability to choose love in every moment comes not from being totally in masculine or totally in feminine, it is important for these two forces to be balanced and so we mentioned the masculine feminine healing. And now for females, what wounds to your goddess nature have occurred in this life, in past lives? Let this come to your awareness, to the surface now. What wounds to your goddess energy have occurred? Male or female, wherever you are in this moment, open your heart. What wounds to your goddess energy have occurred? You may catch a visual, a feeling, a clear memory of something that happened in your past. This density that comes up to the surface does so now that your full light may emerge, but first you must release and so feel this past experience whatever pain or hardship or struggle was brought about from it. And now, once again, noticing that I, Haniel, am with you. Blue light is all around you, many angels are present and loving you, lifting you up, as you now experience this pain, shadow, the memory of setback, abuse… Pain, the emotion stored in your physical body at a cellular level that has been there since the experience and is now ready to go. Let it come up to the surface and release into the light.

Witness this release and we now replace with love, compassion, sensitivity, and joy. Let these vibrations fill the void where pain, where setback, where struggle was. And now, once again, as you are illuminated by blue light we ask your soul and higher self, “what wounds to your goddess self are needing to be released now? If anything else is present for you, let it come up. It may be a memory of being told to be strong, not to cry, not to show your emotion, not to be your true self. It may be words that were said to you that you believed. It may even be a way you have treated yourself, not honoring your full inner light and power. It may even be the vision or knowing of a past life experience. Open your heart, quiet your mind and let this knowing come to the surface. Whatever it is that is ready to go so that the full power of your goddess light from within may shine. For men, this does not mean you’re going to be overly feminine. It simply means that you are coming into alignment with your spiritual body and self. For, you see, in spirit you are not masculine nor feminine. You are connected to all, and in your physical body by balancing your masculine and feminine, by healing your goddess side, your full spirit, your full light is able to exist in the physical realm.

Imagine now before you a pool of light crystalline water clearly glistening in the sun that is shining down above. Notice this water, the smooth calm ripples, the subtle currents as air flows across. Water is representative of the feminine forces of the universe, healing, emotional, of love. And, beloved one, in a visualization of honoring your inner goddess now, we invite you to dip your toe in this pool of water representing the unconscious, representing the goddess. And as you do as if in a dreamlike state, you dip your toe in the flow of life, in the water one oneness, and suddenly the scene shifts around you.

No longer are you standing on the shore of experience dipping in your toe, but now you are in a boat on a river that is calm but wide. Flowing gently and easily but steady, a massive body of water flowing and you are going with this flow, effortlessly floating down the river of life on your boat, on your vessel. Imagine this scene, feel it and open your mind’s eye to see yourself in this flow of life effortlessly moving with the flow of creation. Flowing with the cycles and changes happening on earth, flowing through challenges and struggles, flowing with the earth, with creation, with the goddess energies that indeed are present upon the planet.

And, dear one, as you flow with this force, you are in the flow of life and being in the flow of life brings you into alignment with accomplishing your manifestation goals, with living in love.

Allow your inner feminine wisdom and dynamic beauty to wise to the surface. This force within you, this goddess light whether you are male or female, whether you have been aware of it up until this point or not, serves you. Cherish this sacred power and know that this inner feminine nature that is yours nourishes you and guides you. This is your intuition and your natural instinct. As you become aware of this intuitive side of you, as you take excellent care of this side of you, as you celebrate your inner goddess and your magnificence in the light you merge your a physical being with your true spiritual form and light.

Honor your inner divinity through self care, through movement, through dance, through thought. Your thoughts have the power to heal and when you think, “Self, I love you. I approve of you,” then your thoughts bring you into alignment with the energy of love, and with in the flow of life. Dear one, when you are in the flow of life, life is fertile, opportunities are ever present, all things are possible. When you are one with the flow of life you are able to make the transition into living fully empowered in physical form. You are beautifully unique, honor this, appreciate this about yourself, and love you, for that love will bring you into direct alignment with what you are here to accomplish, and with who you really are. The full truth of who you are is multifold. The essence of your purpose is that you are here to fully know your power to create, your power to impact the world around you, to bring about positive developments and changes that are so needed in a world that often feels tumultuous and challenging in this now. But your love, your love brings you in alignment with spirit and by remaining connected with spirit, dear one, all things are possible.

Your dreams, your goals, your aspirations shall come to be one moment at a time, one step at a time as life opens up and reveal itself to you. Choose love, choose to honor yourself, and choose to flow with life. Not resisting what appears in your reality before you, but accepting all that is and allowing the universe to guide you effortlessly over any rocks, obstacles or challenges on your path. Flow with the oneness of creation. With the force of love you are able to heal your mind, body, and spirit to step into your full light and spiritual power. A part of this being in your light, being in your spirit as you are now is your ability to directly connect with source, with creator, with all that is. By making this direct connection, by returning to this direct connection that is your birthright, serves you greatly as healing, blessings, realignment with your full light and spirit occurs.

The process is simple. Open your heart and breathe and imagine your energy flowing down through the bottom of your feet. You are now at the core of Mother Earth, feel her goddess light shining brightly within. Feel your oneness with earth from which you came, and feel your oneness with all that is, that earth is a part of. Feel your connection with the infinite creative source flowing throughout all of existence, feel this connection, enter into the silence and stillness of the core of the earth feeling your oneness with source here now. And now let this light energy begin to stream up, enter in through the bottom of your feet, and quickly, instantly opening and activating all your chakra energy centers and continuing up, out of your crown, into the light, up above the lights, above all of your higher spiritual chakras, above the universe, above the planes, directly into presence of source. Direct connection with God, with Goddess, with Creator, Source Energy. Feel this.

Feel that you are not separate, you are made of the same stuff which Source is made of. You are connected to this divinity. Open your heart to it, let the love in, and the energetic wave on earth, the astrological shifts that aim to re-calibrate you, realign you with spirit, happen now.

Through your willingness to directly connect, through your birthright to directly connect… The healing, the blessings from source are transferred to you now. Whatever you most need on your path now, open to it. Be willing to receive, and witness this blessing you most need coming in to being. If it is something physical you are manifesting, you may feel as though you are turned into a magnet that can now attract all that you need. Or there may be some emotional or mental healing. Whatever it is that you are given now, open your arms to receive and if it feels good, you may want to place it in your aura so that you may return to this place of blessing.

The process is simple, the rewards are great. Connecting directly to source will fuel you. Do not try to get energy from others, this is draining for all. Instead, get energy directly from source and overflow love and blessings to all you encounter. This puts you in a state of attraction where you are magnetizing blessings, that which you desire, more love. Love is truly the force that will bring you into alignment with your dreams, but to manifest your dreams remember that you must fully awaken, claim your power, and start taking action.

The experiences you have had with I, Archangel Haniel, now serve to do just this, to awaken you to your full inner power.

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You are directly connected with Source and from this connection you are able to create all that you want; blessings, manifestations of joy, happiness, and love. It all begins with intention, with planting seeds of thought, and continues with action, with being inspired in a certain direction and taking that next step.

You are divinely supported in this now, in bringing about positive changes into your experience. That which you are not proud of that has happened in your life, you can release. Hand over the hurt, release the disappointment to your angels and into the light, and refocus upon what it is you truly desire.

Now is the time to believe in the power of your dreams, to awaken to the realization that you can accomplish them, and to take steps, action steps, to manifesting your highest and greatest good. You are here for greatness. You are here to co-create directly with the energy of Source. Make the connection, stay focused on what you want, let love be the guiding force in your life, and the rest falls into place. Dear one, you are so loved, you are lifted, you are cleansed. Notice now the blue orb of light around you begins to lift, and now above your head the orb of light sits and a waterfall of light begins to stream down, cleansing your emotional state, your mental state, cleansing body, mind, and spirit. Raindrops of love, a waterfall of light, cleanse and lift. And now bring this increased energy with you unto your day, share love with all you encounter, and love will bring you into alignment with that flow of life. Stay in the flow, and all you need will come across your path.

You are so loved, you are lifted, you are blessed. I, Archangel Haniel, leave you with my blessing, with angels’ kisses, with a vision of you aligning and balancing your masculine and feminine self and fully integrating your light body, and your spirit into physical. Living awakened, living love, and living joy. This is possible, simply take a step, even if they are baby steps at first. Take your next step and then another until the whole picture comes into focus.

All is well, all is divine, go with the flow. Work within, work with source, work with your angels. All things are possible. You are loved, you are loved, you are loved. Goodbye for now.
~Archangel Haniel

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  1. I am in awe and I truly love this meditation. I brings me so much clarity and clarity makes me feel so alive. I love Melanie’s voice, it really showcases her spirit, one of warmth and inspiration. Thank you so much. IT REALLY CLEANSES ME IN MANY WAYS.
    Be Blessed.

  2. Melanie..

    Devine love, and channeled Light.. through frequency.. Thank-you. Namaste, every day.. All the way through your works.. – Gc

  3. Thank you Melanie, what a beautiful voice you have, and thanks also to Archangel Haniel….wonderful meditation. Now I feel so much better….this turned up just when I needed it, as these things are wont to do….thank you One….Source Creator, thanks Melanie for your wonderful selfless work….
    I Love you
    In Peace & Love
    Sylvia x

  4. Dear Melanie,Thank you for this wonderfull Angel Blessing and invocation.Its Wonderful !May God keep you and Blisse you with his illuminated Light for all that WE are together !Manny blessings of Light !

  5. The releasing of of the negative past made me feel less weighted down. The love sent was the purest form that I have felt in a long time. I never wanted it to end. Thank you and Bless you for your gift of sharing.

  6. Melanie, thank you for your gifted messages and ongoing generosity. Thanks to yours and my Angels and guides. “Thanks” seems like an understatement, doesn’t it?. We all need the constant confirmation that what we sense in the deepest part of ourselves is “real” and confirmed in our 3D world. Blessing wishes to all. Agape

  7. I appreciate the Free messages SO much. They have assisted me immensely.

    Was a bit bummed, wanted to listen to this one, but am not comfortable letting social media in on all aspects of my life.

    Would prefer to refer, as I have, to close friends instead of in public.

    I did not post on social media, so I didn’t get to listen, instead I just read through it.

    If that is your new format, I’ll just listen to the previous messages.

  8. Grazie di cuore! Durante la meditazione mi e’ sembrato di guardare in faccia un angelo e di dirgli Ti amo…e’ un momento fragile per me spero che tutto si sistemi presto. Ciao

  9. I usually really enjoy your free angel messages, and was getting ready to purchase a full program. But this one is an old message- apparently from around March 2012! Would have been nice to have a new one if you’re REQUIRING us to share your site on social media.

  10. Thank u so much Melanieand aarchangel haniel. I so needed this message as i have been quite depressed and it makes much more sense to me now. God bless

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