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Magic Of The Moon With Haniel

archangel hanielWorking With Archangel Haniel

Here to show you the way is the beautiful angel of Elementals and the Moon, Archangel Haniel.

I first encountered Haniel when Michael stepped to one side, she is almost like his ‘little' more subtle but oh so magical sister. She has beautiful long golden hair (to me) and also has gentle sisterly energy. I work with Haniel with customers to help them overcome their concerns about ‘seeing' guidance and also learning to open and cleanse their third eye.

Haniel's Message to you is that although right now is a time of change and transition, a time where things are coming up from a long time ago to be dusted and set free, it is also a time of promise, potential and magic for those that are truly ready to grasp their role as creators.

Happily, Haniel will assist you through this changeable but enchanted time, she will lead you safely through the maze of fear or frustration that is showing it self to you right now probably on many levels in many ways. Common right now are friendship mis-communications, relationship glitches and also work misunderstandings – but Haniel says Gaia and her moon work in even deeper magical ways bringing in fastly changing scenarios that for those that hang on and in long enough in trust and faith even when there is no evidence of change directly in front of you – somehow you just know its going to work out just fine.

Here are a few ways Haniel and her blue and opal colours can assist you right now.

Clear and Cleanse With Archangel Haniel

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Sit quietly and look at the night sky, ask ‘Haniel I ask you to be with me now I ask that you clear any old limiting beliefs or frustrations that are lingering from by gone days, and allow me to see and learn what I need to embrace and allow fresh opportunities and solutions to flow in thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to grow and overcome and to enjoy my role as creator' and SMILE.

She is likely to take you at your word quickly, so in the next 24/48 hours you may feel as though you are on a tumble cycle but you will also find that your creases and conflicts don't escalate as they may have done or you may have feared that they would and you will find deeper and faster levels of understanding are reached. You will see peoples limitations with love and you will understand why they have reacted or looked at things the way that they have, new perspectives will be formed and a lasting sense of security will follow.

Magic Of The Moon

We hear so much of wishing upon the moon, but you don't have to wait for our silver lady to appear, simply write down what you are wanting to manifest and in the light of the moon read out your wish or do this by placing an opal or a bowl of water upon a window sill and say ‘Archangel Haniel of the moon I ask you to grant me the request written here, I ask you guide me to take the steps I need to take to manifest this outcome for my highest good – I am so blessed and lucky to be living in this magical time and I'm so grateful to you and to the Universe for all my opportunities that are presenting themselves to me one by one'

Saying a heartfelt thank you with a smile upon your face really Does speed things up.

Thanking and Banking

I go through a routine whenever something goes awry I see it as a beautiful way of the Universe showing me what I want more of, I also regularly say ‘thank you!' loudly for every blessing I can through my day, everything from realizing it is a beautiful sunny day when I'm pinning the washing out, to having a conversation with a helpful Bank employee or cash till person. Thanking is like banking, the Universe tots up your balance of blessings every time it hears a ‘Kaching' which is the gratitude attitude so start yelling ‘thank you' internally every day.

Opening Up Avenues

The main reason I love working with Haniel is that she helps you to see the blessings of any situation. You could argue that it would be better if you had no obstacles but the more blessings you see note and find the more you are ‘ordering' She will beautifully help problems to be solved by you handing them to her: ‘Archangel Haniel I give you this problem because I know you are magical and clever and I know that you will know exactly what to do, I may not know how the solution is coming but I know with you taking ownership of this it just is already sorted and I love you for that sister!'

So you see she is like your bigger or littler sister or the one you wish you had, She is loving gentle humorous understanding and simply the best. Who says retrograde and full moons are difficult? They are simply opportunities to find more ways to get what is right for you and being creative with the ways that you ask.

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Life is magical and so are you!

Sheelagh Maria

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  1. What a friendly bright Angel. Thank you!
    On a more mundane note , I have had exactly ten happenings in the last ten days. Five were visits from people from afar who featured more closely then. It was a lovely surprise. Others were positive answers to prayers for which I am so grateful to the Angels for their help.

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